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#HAPPYBIRTHDAY2ME#170103💜🎁🎉💝🎂 An-Nyeongan-Nyeongan!^^ It’s Jisoo^^ Everyooooooone~ It’s my first birthday after debuting, and to have this many people greet me and send letters and gifts .. I’m so very touched to receive them ㅠㅠ (ched-tou ched-tou) 😭 Thank you🙏🏻🙏🏻 It may be late, but 2017 is a new start, so everyone have a prosperous new year. To receive this much love at the beginning of the new year, I’m very very thankful and happy! (py-hap py-hap…) For the rest of 2017, BLACKPINK will work hard to make everyone happy! We’ll try our best this year too…💕 Hehe 😉 I love you so very much for making my birthday this happy!! ^^ Well then… Nyeongan nyeongan❤️(You-love you-love) 
Ah! Also Lisa please stop talking back at me ㅠㅠ Sob😭(Hate it hate it) Now it’s really nyeongan~~~~~🖐🏻

Trans: black2dpink824

When daddy is a big kid too

Me (at work feeling little) : I wanna be little!!!!!

Daddy: you’re at work princess. Later you can.

Me: *stomps foot and pouts*

Daddy: I’m gonna eat some pie

Me : *face palm* discipline me!!!! I’m throwing a tantrum.

Daddy: mmm. After I eat my pie.

Sometimes daddy has a bigger sweet tooth than I do!!!!! Hehe. I love him so much! 💖💖💖

klarolineforevermine  asked:

a part 2 for your "Klaus and Caroline own a restaurant" AU where Klaus makes Caroline soup because she's sick (or anything really, I love that drabble so much. Well actually anything you write but I'm getting off topic hehe)

Ooh, I like that one too! Thanks, Sara!

Food (And) Fights - Part Two

Klaus is careful to keep his steps quiet, to avoid the creaky spots in the floor. He’s learned the hallway to Caroline’s office well in the last two years and he has a sneaking suspicion that she’s hiding in her office this morning for a reason.

It’s a Thursday, one of their busiest evenings of the week. Their reservation list is full and service starts in a few hours. Klaus hasn’t seen Caroline yet which is something of a first. Her assistant, April, had popped into the kitchen to check on things periodically. Klaus had never thought much of the timid mouse of a girl – she tended to avoid him – but he’d been reluctantly impressed by her stealth. He’d only ever noticed her as she was slipping out the door, if he’d know she was there at all.

It was almost as if she was purposefully avoiding him.

Klaus was fairly certain he knew why.

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I said I would do a full Poth pic, so I did. Hehe. These two are the most adorable beans ever.
Goth by @nekophy
Palette by @angexci

Worked all day on thi-.. its 5am.. eheh.. I’m gonna go to sleep. My index finger feels so sore after swiping on the ipad all day working on this x.x.. but I love how the pic came out! So, can’t complain too much lol. Anyways, rant ending, hope ya enjoy! ^_^

i love you all ;;; seriously how lucky am i to have such beautiful, supportive followers? i didn’t write for three days until today, and I feel a bit energized afterward… which only made me think of this au I wanna work on. hehe but I want to write until it’s finished, though… y’all know me. I am way too excited and feel the need to share with you all immediately. So I wanted to post a preview if that’s okay?

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Brushes & Mini Tutorial

@fishevi asked which brushed I used and apparently my answer was too long  for tumblr asks so I decided to make it into a normal post. hehe I didn’t want to just list the brushes by name since I didn’t feel like that would be especially helpful in and of itself, so I made a sort of mini tutorial to explain how I use them too. :D

For starters all the brushes I use are from Medibang Paint(either preinstalled or from the cloud). They have some fantastic synthetic paint which I love and I can do hi res work form my android tablet which is even better. 

Rough Pencil

I usually start off all my drawings with the rough pencil brush set to med/low opacity.This one is a cloud brush so you’ll have to download it. I love this brush though.

G Pen

I use the G Pen for almost all my line art.Partially because it helps me get something more stylistically close to the Sugimori style for my fusions but also because it looks good in high and lo-res work. :)

Bucket, Watercolor, & Watercolor(hard)

This is the method I use in pretty much all of my fusions. I start a new layer for each color(one for the body, one for the gas cloud, one for the mouth, etc) and then I fill in the base color with the bucket tool. When it’s set to canvas it will only fill in the area blocked in by the lines or other colors. It goes so much faster when you do it this way as apposed to blocking off each section.I also set it to expand 2 so it fills in close to the line art so there aren’t any tiny gaps.

Once the base colors are filled in I set each layer to Protect Alpha(so I stay in the lines) and I add the darker and lighter colors with one of the two water color brushes. I start with a higher opacity setting(usually 80-ish %) and as I blend it in more I use a lower opacity settings. I typically use the hard watercolor brush unless I want a very soft effect.

The watercolor(hard) may be a cloud brush.


So this is how I do most of my painting. I block in the colors on separate layers and block in the shading roughly with the acrylic brush. I like starting with this because it’s set to not blend with the surrounding colors so I can cleanly lay down my colors.This is also a cloud brush.

Flat Brush

I love this brush mixed with the acrylic. I use this brush primarily to blend. It blends colors beautifully. However it can be a little tricky to control since it bleeds in whatever color the brush touches, so it’s easy to smear the wrong color in.

Those are all the brushes I typically use. I have splatter brushes and a few others I use for special effects, but it’s usually just these few. I hope that wasn’t too overwhelming and was some what helpful for @fishevi and you guys. ^-^’

What's up mates haha.

Hi, I’m pretty new to this, my names Kelsey but I go by Kels. I’m 22, almost 23, I work/own an antique shop hehe, although as a kid i really wanted to be an archeologist. I’m a natural brunet, I love tattoos I’ve got a few of them too (before I owned my shop I used to be a part time tattoo arist) .I’m pretty nice. I’m such a dork, see the hat haha? I’m really into art and I’ve gotten into few law problems because of it but that’s a story for another day. If you can tell my style is kinda blah its all over the place. I LOVE PUPPIES and food, I’m sucker for a plate of spaghetti (I make a mean lasagna, its pretty good). I’ve got a pretty bad obsession with neon signs (its really bad I own way to many, does anyone want one?). And also if you couldn’t tell I’ve got quite a green thumb, plants are amazinggg aren’t they, also you can’t tell but I have a gang of freckles hah . I don’t know what to really say from this point oh, I guess location could help huh? Well I’ll leave that for you guys to guess, (hint: its always sunny, well mostly)

And A Malfoy In A Pear Tree
By Organization for Transformative Works

Pairing: Drarry

Warnings: Fluff/Matured Content.

One Shot, ~7K Words

Summary: Draco works in a coffee shop. Harry drops by every day to get his fix. Of coffee, Ron.

Revolving around christmas (though I know Christmas is pretty far away), I really enjoyed the cheekiness of this fic!! It’s so cute how they’re both trying to be “subtle” and “oblivious” when everyone around them already knew what was going to happen. :P Love all the subtle flirtings and jokes the author added in, made me chuckled a lot while reading and it’s a good break from studying too hard :P And Ooooo who doesn’t love a jealous Draco? hehe AND NOT FORGETTING THE BUILD UP WAS SO GOOD.

Dedicated To: winforthelosers

think its been almost a year since i last do a fic rec omg, im terribly sorry but thanks for sticking w me. it’s finals period now but this is a short fic for everyone (my friend recommended it to me)~ hope y'all will enjoy reading xx


SPN Reverse Graphics Challenge 
Prompt: Meg + Yellow Flicker Beat

nightshimmer1  asked:

Aaaaaah I flicking love your art style!!!! It's so soft :3 I have a lil kylux request: Could you maybe draw them sitting on a rose rocking? :3

ahhhh~!!! you’re too kind!!! (o^   w ^o) thank you! thank you so much!!! legit~ my work’s been getting softer and fluffier with every piece i make, i swear! HAHAHAH!!! (^     v   ^) unfortunately i can’t take on requests at the moment because of commissions and personal projects, but the next post coming is, in fact, some very fluffy kylux! (O   w O) so look forward to that! hehe! thank you for enjoying my work and for thinking of me to take on things though! it means a lot to me (-^   w ^-) <3

I got something to say I LOVE YOU GUYS I really do and if I could spend more time with you I would but My honey bun misses me and I …miss him too.
I work from 7 am too 4 pm and it takes two hours to go home, make dinner and do the dishes (longer if I am talking to someone on tumblr hehe)

I am not going to leave but I need that little time between 7 pm and 10 pm with him. So dont expect me to answer quickly alright if you send me something that time okay XD.

eyepatchhaise  asked:

16, 24, 62, 63. always asking a whole bunch hehe


16: How exactly are you feeling at the moment?
Kinda content :) All day I’ve been thinking how amazing the YoI fandom is, I’m getting to know a lot of new adorable people and artists and I feel so so accepted and loved ♥♥♥

24: What is/are/were your best subject(s)?
My best subjects were all those related to arts xD Well, my highschool was an art school :P But I was good at math & physics too!

62: What makes you happy?
Being with friends who I can be myself with, creating works I’m proud of, being complimented by my peers, planning things and actually doing them lol

63: Would you change your name?
For most of my life I wanted to change it because kids would bully me about it (imagine being called after a BIRD- they even made a song to annoy me), but in my teenage days I realized it could be translated to many languages, so I started liking it and now I love it and wouldn’t change it for anything in the world :)

rangdeenis  asked:

Hi Emma, just wanted to say that I'm really glad I found your studyblr! Thanks for all of your hard work that I know must go into each masterpost/printable/post on here :) Wish you all the best with your studies 😄💖💐 xx

Helloo! Welcome hehe. I’m glad you found it too! Thank you for the kind words, I really appreciate you taking the time to send it. Have a lovely day xx

himawari-chi  asked:

(f) this is for my side blog @optomstudies :) congrats on 5K! A song rec is 봄날 (Spring Day) by BTS if you like kpop, and something new that's happening is that I thought of making vocab lists for specific kpop songs because of that song in a new series for my studyblr :) it's working out well at the moment and it's fun to learn new words in Korean and sharing with everyone :D Again, congrats on 5K! I've only just discovered your blog but I love it ^_^

ty!! ^^ waaa i happen to be a BTS/kpop fan ;-)) i’ve heard that song numerous times hahaha thank you for the rec tho! oooo i think collating vocab words based on kpop songs is a rly cool idea! i might try it out next time too >:) i’m glad you’re having fun hehe and i happen to be learning korean atm what a coincidence! (i saw your vocab posts and they’re so nice omg) 

i tried to make it pink-ish haha hopefully this is close to the colour you wanted! c; 

thank you for 5k! 

krla-krdoza  asked:

Hello! first, I want to say that I really love your work! It makes me laugh a lot an it's beautiful, so, thank you for all your effort and talent destined for the SasuNaru, hehe. My question -that's more a question than a request- is: what can you tell us about Kurama and Tomoe's relation? how is it? or what think Kurama about this cute and crazy 'product' from two dorks? Sorry if I'm too annoying and thank you very much for accepting my question

Thank you so much! Super happy that you’re enjoying my work! 

Tomoe first met Kurama after she acquired her sharingan. It was during the time she refused to speak to Sasuke because he had “assassinated” her pet turtle. In order to cheer her up, Naruto invited her to meet Kurama and Tomoe was absolutely blown away by the amount of fluff. She was quite a pest really and constantly wanted to visit him. After a while Naruto had enough and declined her requests to wander into his subconscious, so Tomoe came up with a plan. She sneaked up on Naruto while he was sleeping, poked his eye open and forcefully used her sharingan on him in order to visit Kurama. She was caught in the act though and got a severe scolding. 
Tomoe still visits Kurama rather often and there are some things that she can’t tell anyone but him. (Naruto has agreed to not eavesdrop on their conversations.)
In the beginning Kurama was pretty annoyed by her. He found her obnoxious but after a while he warmed up to her. Apart from Naruto, she’s the only one who actually tried to befriend him and although he’d never admit it, he’s become quite fond of her company. 
I have headcanons about teenage Tomoe sitting in front of him, complaining about teenage stuff and Kurama getting all riled up with her.