i work there too hehe i love it


When daddy is a big kid too

Me (at work feeling little) : I wanna be little!!!!!

Daddy: you’re at work princess. Later you can.

Me: *stomps foot and pouts*

Daddy: I’m gonna eat some pie

Me : *face palm* discipline me!!!! I’m throwing a tantrum.

Daddy: mmm. After I eat my pie.

Sometimes daddy has a bigger sweet tooth than I do!!!!! Hehe. I love him so much! 💖💖💖

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idk if this has been done but how about mc lyric pranking the rfa+v+saeran? can be sfw or nsfw!

Saeran: Little Did You Know by Alex and Sierra 

You: Little did you know...

Saeran: Don’t tell me you ate my ice cream. 

You: How I’m breaking while you fall asleep, Little did you know… 

Saeran: Muffin, what are you talking about? Tell me, please remember no secrets between us 

You: Im still haunted by the memories…. Little did you know I’m trying to pick myself up piece by piece…

Saeran: Look I know I don’t deserve you okay but please tell me how can I help you because (y/n) you helped me pick up my pieces please babe please let me know how to help you… your scaring me…

You: Underneath it all, I’m held captive by the hole inside, Ive been holding back for the fear that you might change your mind…. 

Saeran: Please.. don’t tell my.. my biggest fear is coming true… please.. noo.. lets talk about this when I get home… please..

You: Im ready to forgive you but forgetting is a harder fight 



Saeran: @$#%! HDFGJQN GD^!*@ 

Jumin: Ego by Beyonce 

You: Aw, baby, how you doing? You know I’m gonna cut right to the chase, huh? Some women were made But me, myself? I like to think that I was created For a special purpose, You know? What’s more special than YOU? You feel me?

Jumin: Continue Kitten

You: It’s on, baby let’s get lost, You don’t need to call in to work ‘cause you’re the boss, For real, want you to show me how you feel, I consider myself lucky, that’s a big deal, Why

You: Well, you got the key to my heart, But you ain’t gonna need it, I’d rather you open up my body, And show me secrets you didn’t know was inside, No need for me to lie

Jumin: Keep going my love, you have my full attention *he exits the limo* 

You: It’s too big, Its too wide, its too strong, it won’t fit, its too much, it’s too tough, You got a big ego, such a huge ego, I Love your big ego..

*you hear the door open and then you felt your back lightly hit the couch* 

*You see jumin licking his lips and suddenly you felt his hot breath tickling your neck* 

Now now my kitten, lets see you stroke *grabs your hand and puts it on his crotch* this ego and lets make it fit shall we? 

Seven: Acquainted by The Weekend 

You: Baby you’re no good, caused they warned me bout your type, got me ducking left and right

Seven: You got that right ;)

You: You got me touchin on your body, to say that were in love is dangerous, but seven I’m glad we’re acquainted 


Seven: Oh and if I was you, I would pick a song that we didn’t fuck to :) love you see you in 10 mins!! 

V: Gotta Catch em All - Pokemon Theme Song 

You: I want to be the very best, like no one ever was 

V: Hello my precious angel :) I hope you can accomplish your dreams and be the best in your field! Know I love and support you always! 

You: To catch them is my real test, to train them is my cause! 

V:  …… 

You: I will travel across the land, searching far and wide!

V: Teach Pokemon to understand!!!! The power that’s inside!!!! Pokemon, (gotta catch them all) its you and me!!!!!!! I know its my destiny!!!!

You: Pokemon, (gotta catch them all) its you and me, I know its my destiny
Pokemon, oh, you’re my best friend!!!!! In a world we must defend, Pokemon, (gotta catch them all) a heart so true!!!Our courage will pull us through




YOU: POKEEEMOOOON !! I never would of that the amazing, carefree, would know the Pokemon theme song! I never knew you liked those stuff :

V: I like to be a bit mysterious… it goes with me.. Me and Jumin use to battle each other all the time..We still do…. I started with popplio.. he started with Rowlet… 

You: Dont fuck with my litten.

Yoosung: Burn by Usher 

You:  Its going to burn for me to say this but its coming from my heart 

You: It’s been a long time coming, we da been fall apart 

Yoosung: Baby do you need me to call an ambulance!! ARE YOU AT THE APARTMENT A HEART BURN SOUNDS SERIOUS 

You: I really want to work this out but I don’t think you’re gonna change

Yoosung: Have I done something wrong? :( I know you are out of my league, I hear my classmates whispering how can a pathetic guy like me have someone so beautiful as you :( 

You: I think its best we go our separate ways… 

Yoosung: I always dreamed of this day coming.. first… sally left… then Rika… and now you… I… respect your wishes (y/n).. can you please.. just wait till my last class is over? May I have permission to buy you your favorite flowers and food because if this is going to be my last time seeing you, I want to have a good memory of you….

You: *dies* *guilt* *his heart shattered* *your heart is shattering* YOOSUNG IM SORRY IT WAS A JOKE A LYRIC PRANK IM SORRY!!! YOU KNOW IM IN LOVE WITH YOU!!!! IM SORRRY 


Zen: Pullin me Back by Chingy 

You: Every time I try to leave….something keeps pulling me back, Telling me I need you in my life

Zen: What do you mean ‘leave’. Define it and use it in a sentence. 

You: It was meant to be, You were meant for me, So that means we gotta make it work

Zen: I am legit confused. This is worse than an unpolished script. So you want to break my heart but then you want to make it work. We are talking about this when I get home. Im leaving practice right now. Just look at a picture of me and just remember all the good times we have. Please. 

You: It was all good at first, Spending money, going shopping, Eating at the finest restaurants,And then from club hopping

Zen:  So when you think and see a picture of me, all you think is materialistic things! REALLY! Wow, Jaehee was right about you, you were just using me. I’ll help pack your things when I get to my house. Thanks for breaking my heart. 


Zen: *sends winks face selfie* Cute how my acting skills even work on you ;) I love you too baby, don’t ever think about messing with me ;) 

Jaehee: Come and Get It by Selena Gomez 

You: You ain’t gotta worry, its an open invitation 
Jaehee: Did you open my mail? 
You: I’ll be seating right here, real patient, All day all night, I be waiting standby 
Jaehee: Please (y/n) don’t stay up for me, Mr. DickHead has me working over time :( I don’t want you to sacrifice yourself for me :( 
You: Can’t stop because I love it, hate the way I love you, All day, all night, maybe I’m addicted for life, no lie.
Jaehee: You speak beautiful words hehe *3* thank you for making hell more bearable :) 
You: I’m not too shy to show I love you, I got no regrets. I love you much, too much to hide you, this love ain’t finished yet.
Jaehee:  What do you mean show me……. 
You: *sends nude* 
*jaehee in the office* 

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Never Have I Ever (Victuuri)

A/N: Yuri on Ice!!! (Victuuri) -  1. “I want to hate you. I should hate you.” - Oops I kind of got too creative with this one, and it’s so looong and fluffy and teaaasy. Big special thanks to @ticklygiggles for helping but that’s nothing new on this blog! Lots of love! ♡  

Summary: Yuuri and Victor are out drinking with friends, and eventually get dragged into a game of Never Have I Ever with Phichit (and Chris). During the game Yuuri is caught off guard and oops, did he just admit openly he likes to be tickled? 

I used to play this with my friends and I would like to say it wasn’t always sex-related but too bad we were naughty little shits.

Word Count: 3065

Kampaaai!” Victor chirped the Japanese word in his funny accent, and he took a few sips before sighing in relief.

“That is nice. I needed that,” he said, sounding very refreshed and relieved. Yuuri chuckled at his tipsy older boyfriend and shook his head.

“It’s already your 5th, Vitya. Are you sure you needed that?” Victor was close to passing the line from overly tipsy to drunk, while he was taking it easy with just his cheeks getting a rosy color.

“Yes, Yuuri! I needed that!” Victor poked him and Yuuri giggled playfully, but then looked at the skaters who sat across from them, snickering at their behavior.

Vitya hm?” Phichit said, sharp as always, and Yuuri blushed. He had to judge the younger male as probably the only one who was still sober. Next to him sat Chris - what was he even doing here - and he was probably the most drunk of all, well, all who remained. 

The others had gone home already, leaving Yuuri alone with his tipsy self, drunk Victor, super drunk Chris and sober Phichit.

“I know, I know! Let’s play a game of never have I ever!” Phichit suggested, and Yuuri blushed. Not that

“Hehe it’s alright, Phichit-kun. These guys are too drunk to play,” he tried, but it was already too late. Victor raised his glass and blurted out:

“Nonono I can play! Never have I ever wanted Yuuri to call me Victor-kun!” He downed the glass by himself, and Yuuri watched him with a blush.

“T-that’s not how it works, V-Victor..kun?” Hearing this, Victor made a squeaky hiccup sound, and Yuuri blushed when he got pulled into a tight alcohol smelling- hug. 

“I love you Yuuuri-kuuun!” he whined. Chris was up next, with his eyes closed, a goofy smile on his face and a burp to introduce his line:

“Never have I ever jacked off on the ice ri-” Phichit slapped him playfully, causing him to spill his beer.

“Yep Chris, that’s yours only, drink. Let’s play this without Chris,” the Thai figure skater suggested happily, and Yuuri giggled. They played a couple of rounds, doing their very best to ignore Chris’ drunk and horny remarks in between, but they had fun and laughed a lot.

At one point Victor even yelled: “What have you done Phichittit?” because no matter what silly things they tried, they only got him to drink rarely, and they all laughed because of drunk Victor’s inability to pronounce his name right.

Eventually both Phichit and Victor ended up teasing Yuuri by saying things only he had done in his life, just to let him drink more. Even saying things such as:

“Never have I ever been coached by Victor Nikiforov. Never have I ever had a family that owns an onsen! Never have I ever been born a Japanese!” So unfaaair. Yuuri felt his cheeks burn a little as he took another sip. He shouldn’t drink too much, at least one of them should be healthy to get both of them back to their hotel room safely.

“Never have I ever enjoyed being tickled!” Ah, that was him too, and Yuuri drank again. He drank… He draaank! He choked on his beer and coughed, turning to watch Phichit’s mischievous smirk and Victor’s amazed sparkly eyes.

“P-Phichit-kun!” Yuuri cried out. He was so offended. He had been very wrong and stupid to trust his good old friend to keep that stupid little fact a secret. That was some veeery confidential information and oh nooo Victor wasn’t supposed to know?!

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gttk0000  the 8th anniversary of legendary singer AJ hehe Thank you to many people who congratulated me!! Being placed first too makes me feel really really good and it’s such a commemorative day!!!! I’m happy because of all of you, thank you!!!! ✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽

Got7′s Jackson commented:

jacksonwang852g7 I started dancing because of AJ, hyung…. 😔 I'ts been 8 years huh ㅠㅠ ❤️ 

Kikwang replied:

gttk0000 Thank you always Jackson ^__^~~ Hyung will work even harder!!!! 👊🏼👊🏼👊🏼👊🏼👊🏼

tr. by haetbitmark

Prince Jeno

Request: Prince jeno would be such a great au and I think you’d be great at writing it so that is my request

A/N: thank you for having such high hopes in me im sjdkdn

  • okay but im really bad at prince au’s and im shookt that y'all are actually requesting for more??
  • my second post of jeno for his birthday!
  • i hope i don’t ruin it with my bad writing oh my
  • okay i’ll try my best to make this as entertaining as possible
  • let’s go

  • so, your father works as a driver for the royal family

  • your mom, one of the cooks in the castle
  • and both of them are well loved by the family
  • and has been there ever since jeno was born
  • your mom even helped take care and look after jeno for a period of time because the king and queen trusts her that much
  • they even offered them to stay in the castle, together with you
  • and they had no choice but to agree
  • which is why you met jeno when y'all were like 5/6
  • he was already really attractive at that time
  • but your mom always told you, “he’s the prince!! remember to respect him”
  • which is why you tried not to have feelings for him
  • which failed in the end anyways
  • really kind and innocent!!
  • as a kid he loved playing so he’d always go up to you and play
  • you remember how he’d always knock on the room of your door
  • “y/n!! want to come play with me?”
  • “mother said that i can go the garden with you!”
  • “me?”
  • “yes! come on, let’s go”
  • and he already had his eyesmiles™ and cute little smile which always made you so happy
  • eventually y'all got closer, and became bestfriends
  • as you grew older you start to realise how wonderful it is because
  • you’re best friends with a prince???
  • such a good looking one to be exact??
  • but jeno has never seen himself as someone who is of ‘high authority’ just because of his status as a prince
  • so he’s really casual and laidback
  • you even forget that he’s the prince at times
  • except when he gets all serious and mature, during discussions involving the country
  • or when he needs to represent the queen at meetings or occasions
  • and it’s all when he looks most attractive
  • loves adventure a lot!!
  • so he drags you along to go visit the woods & forests or town
  • “sometimes it gets really hard being a prince, it’s tiring”
  • “aw jeno, i know. but everyone loves you though!!”
  • “haha yeah, but i need a break sometimes”
  • “-and i’m thankful for you, thank you for being my best friend ever since we were young”
  • “not a problem at all, my majesty”
  • “stop that haha”
  • “hope that made you feel better, i’m thankful for you too”
  • prince haechan and mark often comes over to hang out with y'all
  • and for some reason haechan would always tease the both of you
  • “hey y/n, ever thought of becoming the next princess?”
  • “perhaps.. princess lee?”
  • and you’re just blushing there, confused
  • “haechan, don’t tease her”
  • “aw someone’s protective”
  • and you turn over to see a blushing jeno too
  • until one day he drags you out for another exploring session
  • into a small little park/forest
  • and he takes a deep breath
  • “you know how haechan always says those things? it’s true”
  • “what-?”
  • “i mean, would you like to be my princess?”
  • “i’ve had feelings for you for a long time now”
  • and you’re literally shaking and too shocked and happy to say anything
  • “i like you too jeno but-”
  • “but?”
  • “idk if this will work out, i mean you’re such an important figure and im just-”
  • “don’t say that! i’m sure we’ll be happy”
  • “what’s more, father said he’d support us”
  • “you asked the king? oh my”
  • “yes!! hehe so, are we together now?”
  • “yes i can’t believe this”
  • and when y'all go back to the castle,
  • your parents are just shookt and speechless to say anything
  • but they’re happy for you too
  • same for the king and queen
  • they had always knew jeno had feelings for you
  • and they both love you a lot so!!
  • tries his best not to show too much skinship in front the guards and servants
  • but at times
  • he’d lowkey give you a peck on the cheek
  • and also slip his arm around your waist
  • probably loves riding on the horse with you,
  • going on small little rides down the town or around the castle- honestly he’s more like a friend than a prince?
  • he’s really kind-hearted and sweet too
  • which is why almost everybody loves him
  • one time he was in the town just waking around casually
  • he gave up his sweater for an old lady, and even offered to help her things
  • which gained quite a lot of attention because everyone’s all like
  • “look at how kind the prince is!!”
  • “prince jeno, thank you for your kindness”
  • “bless you, my child”
  • and all that
  • which is also one of the reasons why you love him
  • he’s just great as a person
  • i’ll stop here ahh
  • this is so short im sorry!!
Screwed Up

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Request: heyyyy did you see ethan’s ikea livestream? you should do a fic similar to that where a female y/n is helping ethan build furniture and when he gets frustrated she tries to put his mind on something else also ALL OF THE FLUFFYNESS thanks ;)

Summary: Boyfriend Ethan just can’t build furniture, Fem!Reader tries to ‘help’

A/N: Hello, go drink some water, that is all. Enjoy!

Wordcount: 644

Request some more children!

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sailorbettery  asked:

4 8 and 12 for a known reason

4. how often do you draw?

I usually don’t have time with work (I have to be on the go a lot for my job) so I dedicate the weekends to drawing, like right now. Lately I’ve also been working weekends so I’ve been trying to sneak in some drawing for my comics during lunchbreaks hehe :D

8. show us at least 2-3 drawings from 1-2 years ago.

You can check out my previous answer for this too, but here’s another one for you my dear from last year:

(Original full link here)

12. draw one of your favorite characters in 15 seconds.

Sorry in advance my love hahaha!

[FANCAFE] 170325 From. IU - Evening Letter

Hello Uaenas!!

Did everyone spend the first day of weekend well?

The pre-release track ‘Through the Night’ from my 4th full-length album was released yesterday.

All of you have listened to it right?!

As you all know, I collaborated with Kim Jaehui, who has been working with me on ‘Heart’, ‘The Story Only I Didn’t Know’, ‘The Shower’ and many more, as well as Kim Heewon who I got to know through this chance for the song ‘Through the Night’ with the lyrics written by myself. (Both are younger than me but have amazing sense and sensitivity, they’re good at singing too… I hope they’ll become musicians that are known by more people and others want to work with them) It’s a relatively slow line-up, I decided that this song must be a pre-release track as soon as I heard the short demo from Jaehui! It’s also a song that has stolen my heart. Hehe. In the midst of writing the lyrics, I couldn’t write it at once… So I turned on only one yellow light and went through all night! I composed it like writing a love letter. I spent a lot of time on setting up the title… At first, it was ‘Through the Night’ but there were opinions saying that people will not listen to it during daytime. I also thought of ‘I will send it’, ‘At your window’, ‘Mirage (Recommended by Yoo Inna!!!)’ and many more. At the end, I just went with ‘Through the Night’! (That’s because I like that!!!) It’s a relief that many people said they love the title after watching the teaser, (Even so, please listen to it lots during daytime… Because it’s daytime for many countries during our nighttime…)

The configuration of the song sounds interesting right? a-b-c-a-b-c (Or b-c)-d-c is the most common ending. One of the special features of the songs that Jaehui writes is that it’s very free in configuration! After a-a’-c, he boldly skipped the 2nd section, went over part ‘d’ and ended it with chorus. The configuration is so Jaehui-like. I thought it was indeed interesting. The song duration is over 4 minutes, quite long but maybe that’s the reason why it feels so short compared to it.

I think it is a song with steady charm that strangely doesn’t make you feel tired about after listening to it intimately. Also, I thought of our Star candies will like this song too ☆

Since the song is released after a long time, I wanted the first greeting to make you feel happy! Also, thank you for accepting it happily.

The 2nd pre-release track will be a totally different sentimental song compared to ‘Through the Night”, it’s also a slight attempt from my position…  OH, but it’s not a dance song! I attempted to use the voice that I’ve never used well before (?) rather than the voice that I’ve used a lot hehe. Also, the song is a collaboration with a male singer who possesses the vocal that I like. (Oh Hyuk Oh Hyuk)

Since I will now reveal the outcome that I’ve been holding tightly in my hands one by one, I cherished them and have many regrets too. I will not get excited or miserable for that, and work diligently until the end! Uaenas who have waited for it more than anyone else, listened to it without missing out one single breath of it and feel it, I just want to let you all have a slight listen to the story of ‘Through the Night’.

As this is a post about music, I wrote it more genuinely than usual! Anyways…

Yesterday and today, seeing the fans loving (the song) makes me feel…so… happy!

Hahahahah feeling so good, really…

Now the night has arrived again

I will send the firefly to East river, West River, South river and North river.

As well as today!

Wishing all of you have a good dream.  ♡

Translated by IUteamstarcandy


Don’t Break This Deal AU, where Wirt tried to trick Bill, the demon underestimated Wirt, and both of them ended up sharing one body! Part 6, plot thickens. Please, read previous parts in order to understand this. In short: Wirt’s mind is sleeping, so Bill has a full control over the body without Wirt knowing.

Parts: | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7


Summary: just a lil one shot based on Perfect by the man Ed himself,from his Divide album. ((plus is still my fav album from him lmao))

pairing: isaac lahey x reader

a/n: i know i said i was gonna try posting more but 2017 hasn’t been too good for me and i’ve been working alot bc yo gurl needs to save for things and yeah life is just hectic af. sorry if it isnt too detailed but i hope this makes up for it and u enjoy this!! feedback is appreciated hehe thenks frands

I found a love for me. Darling, just dive right in and follow my lead

Well, I found a girl, beautiful and sweet.

Oh, I never knew you were the someone waiting for me.

Cause we were just kids when we fell in love,n

ot knowing what it was.

Isaac never knew that you would be the one that everyone kept talking about. You first knew Isaac from history. You saw him grow. He started out as that shy kid that no one really paid that much attention to. Then suddenly he became this complicated hotstuff,who thought he immediately was superior to others. Before returning back to his old self.

He approached you to help him with his history since you were one of the better students in class. There were the top students,so you had no idea why he picked you to be his tutor.

Countless of study sessions later,it was finally time for the exam. Time to see if all those tutoring sessions was worth it at all.

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Sense of Wonder - Kaji Yuuki’s 1st single

First of all, I’m so sorry for the lack of updates! I’m not quite alright lately, but just managed to calm myself down so I’m partially okay by now. I’m long to show you guys this newly-bought merchandise of mine, so here I go! Bear with me I’m gonna rant a bit okay…

Finally, after living for 17 years, I could get something so luxurious and precious for my life – Kaji Yuuki’s first single! Ever since I know him and how talented he is within the music world, I have put this as my to-buy-list. Several days ago, I achieved it. A package signed with my name arrived. I instantly know, it MUST be Kaji’s Sense of Wonder. And yes, it was. Well, actually, it was my mom who received the package, I’m still at school the moment this package arrived. She kept quiet about this and wait till I came home and let me saw it by myself cause she knew that I’ll go a bit crazy. I really was, haha. I jumped and screamed when I saw it, then immediately unwrap it. 

I can’t explain the beauty within its inside anymore. The songs included are totally my taste, and since then, I always put these songs on repeat. Each of these songs have their own qualities and meanings, which are really awesome towards me.
First song, Sense of Wonder. Ah, I instantly fall for it the first time I saw the video. It gives such a cute impression at first, and the lyric is ultimately encouraging us! That’s why I often play it on my mind whenever I feel sad and yes, it makes me feel better, to be very honest. A must-see for those who love cute stuffs! 
Second song, Yoru no Mahou (夜の魔法). I do not quite get the translation of this song yet, but I could understand tiny bit of it, and oh my, no, another song to get my heart! I think this song suits my personality really, really much, assuming from its lyric. I’m not a night person to be honest, as I really am weak when the night comes, but really, night is magical in some ways. I’ve experinced some of them. And since I am a quiet and gloomy (quite…) person in life, I could relate so much to this song. 
Last but not least, the third song, HOME. Same with Yoru no Mahou, I still didn’t get much of this song’s lyric, but I could understand some parts. My first impression: not again. Just how many times have I fallen in love with Kaji’s songs!? This one beat me also, again. It instantly makes me homesick! I could imagine my home being so lovely like described in the lyric. To be honest, I also imagine how it feels like if I have Kaji as my family and like described in the song, too, hehe. 

So! The point is, I love this single. I really am satisfied with it! I have no regret buying this, even though it has been quite a while since its release. NOW LET’S WORK HARD TO THE SECOND SINGLE!! //NOOO //MOM WON’T ALLOW YOU ANYWAY INVIII

Responses to {Final Chapter: Part 30} I Won’t Stop You // Jeon Jungkook, Vampire!AU Asks~

Please ‘Keep Reading’ to find my response to your ask ^^ As always, I have copied and pasted all asks into this post in regards to last night’s chapter to avoid clogging up people’s dashboards and to avoid spoilers for those who may still wish to read the chapter. Thank you ^^

ALSO THIS POST IS REALLY LONG YOU GUYS REALLY PUSHED THE BOAT OUT YOU SENT IN OVER 120 ASKS AND I ANSWERED THEM ALL MY FINGERS FEEL NUMB! Seriously, you guys made me really emotional with everything that you said. I’m so thankful to all of you, from the bottom of my heart ^^

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Winston: hehe… good morning world!!

*phone rings*

Winston: hmmmmm??? ohh! hello?

Pip: Winston! I’m glad you picked up. :)

Winston: :o me too!! how are you???

Pip: Haha, I’m good, I’m good. I was um… wondering… would you like to go out again this afternoon after I get off of work? There’s a great few places to visit in the old Windenburg square…. if.. you’d like to go that is.

Winston: :o i’d love to!! it’s a date. :D umm… come by my house later??

Pip: :) Alright! I’ll text you when I’m leaving work. See you later tonight!

Winston: :D

anonymous asked:

aside from tda and yyb what styled models would you recommend?? I want to use/edit something other than tda & yyb since I feel like I use them too much ;-;

HI YES I HAVE!!!!!!!! a Good suggestion and its my personal favourite except i rrrrarely use it aside for anime edits……

and that’s kio………. LIKE IK KIO IS SUPER OLD-SCHOOL and lots of ppl r kinda like ew kio but i rly love kio so much…… it’s so malleable and you have so much to work with like?? you can go super real w/ kio or you can go super anime (as i have hehe) and play and imitate many many styles and its gREAT like??? for e.g. these edits:

all of them originated from a merge of two kio faces!!!!!! isn’t that wILD????? AND KIO has like 50 editable models i lov kio

OTHER THAN THAT u could also go koron-style if kio is a lil bit like everywhere and u rather a specific style (like yyb or tda) which i know is always suggested by everyone in the world but i lov koron as well hehe (altho i do think koron has a lot more vertices to work w but its similar to yyb in terms of faceediting imo)

AND OTHER OTher than that other suggestions i wish i worked more w (but i also think r vvvv good) are gency (good for animu edits bc i used gency for my kuroshitsuji edits like 50 years ago) and my personal fave which is nakao!!!! but that’s all the suggestions i have honestly lmao i have like 0 experience in editing nowadays im so old and lame idk whats new anymore

Brushes & Mini Tutorial

@fishevi asked which brushed I used and apparently my answer was too long  for tumblr asks so I decided to make it into a normal post. hehe I didn’t want to just list the brushes by name since I didn’t feel like that would be especially helpful in and of itself, so I made a sort of mini tutorial to explain how I use them too. :D

For starters all the brushes I use are from Medibang Paint(either preinstalled or from the cloud). They have some fantastic synthetic paint which I love and I can do hi res work form my android tablet which is even better. 

Rough Pencil

I usually start off all my drawings with the rough pencil brush set to med/low opacity.This one is a cloud brush so you’ll have to download it. I love this brush though.

G Pen

I use the G Pen for almost all my line art.Partially because it helps me get something more stylistically close to the Sugimori style for my fusions but also because it looks good in high and lo-res work. :)

Bucket, Watercolor, & Watercolor(hard)

This is the method I use in pretty much all of my fusions. I start a new layer for each color(one for the body, one for the gas cloud, one for the mouth, etc) and then I fill in the base color with the bucket tool. When it’s set to canvas it will only fill in the area blocked in by the lines or other colors. It goes so much faster when you do it this way as apposed to blocking off each section.I also set it to expand 2 so it fills in close to the line art so there aren’t any tiny gaps.

Once the base colors are filled in I set each layer to Protect Alpha(so I stay in the lines) and I add the darker and lighter colors with one of the two water color brushes. I start with a higher opacity setting(usually 80-ish %) and as I blend it in more I use a lower opacity settings. I typically use the hard watercolor brush unless I want a very soft effect.

The watercolor(hard) may be a cloud brush.


So this is how I do most of my painting. I block in the colors on separate layers and block in the shading roughly with the acrylic brush. I like starting with this because it’s set to not blend with the surrounding colors so I can cleanly lay down my colors.This is also a cloud brush.

Flat Brush

I love this brush mixed with the acrylic. I use this brush primarily to blend. It blends colors beautifully. However it can be a little tricky to control since it bleeds in whatever color the brush touches, so it’s easy to smear the wrong color in.

Those are all the brushes I typically use. I have splatter brushes and a few others I use for special effects, but it’s usually just these few. I hope that wasn’t too overwhelming and was some what helpful for @fishevi and you guys. ^-^’


produce 101 season 2

kwon hyup from maru entertainment has decided to change his route from idol to actor and left a handwritten letter to fans:

Hello National Producers (?) – no, just everyone who’s been cheering me on with love and interest! It’s Kwon Hyup. It was meaningful for a trainee like me to compete in Produce 101. Mm… More accurately, it became meaningful as I began to see there really are people who are cheering me on. So it’s really been meaningful to me. Unlike what you might think, I read everything on social networking sites. I want to make sure I’m not missing anything so I read the negative feedbacks as well. 

They said to lose weight, so in the last episode, I cut down to 59 kg in hopes to look good. I didn’t know I would really get eliminated, haha… Twitter, Instiz, Produce gallery, Instagram, Facebook, Naver TV, etc. I saw everything pertaining to me, and could feel your love and hope behind each comment that you wanted me to see. I love you all so, so much. I have a lot to say to you too, but I will be concise! All the gifts and letters you sent me, I got them all. I read them before bed, I wore them regularly, and I used them before bed! I also shared some of them, hehe.

Thank you for your trust. I will work harder so you can say confidently: “Hey! I like Kwon Hyup.” Hehe. In the short amount of time, thank you for your interest in me… And going forward, hehe… I still have a lot to show you.

My love for you is ineffable <3 Thank you!

Day 5: Ten years later

Whew, so late but here he is! I’d imagine Natsume would start working in perhaps some office job but not too far from his home. I doubt Madara would yet be willing to part ways with Natsume :D

For @natsumeweek

anonymous asked:

so i saw that ask someone sent you an ask about how your art style is perfect for a webtoon, but you said you did't really have any stories. I've actually seen that on a few webtoons, the author of the story is a different person than the artist, and they like collaborate and stuff to make the webtoon together... idk really know how that works, but u do get paid, so if you're ever interested u could look into that:) btw i absolutely love ur art

Hi, sorry for repplying so late hon, I’ve been thinking about it since I got that ask hehe. The main problem is “me”

I mean, ofc I would be blessed to have a talented writer working with me! 

But as I know myself, I would end up being a disappointment to said writer because…  I can’t stick to a project for too long. I tried and I get bored easily, lose interest on things easily too. I don’t want anyone to suffer because of that and so I thought that, if I ever start working on a webtoon comic, it would be me and only me. If I fail, I fail alone…. I don’t want to drag anyone with me into failure^^… 

omg this sounds so gloomy!! sorry!!