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Blond Skywalker genes, the secret’s out thanks to the little Matt the Radar Technician incident…


im ashamed to say this took me like 26 minutes to make

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I just want to take a moment to thank you for the MLT universe. I've always been a fan of Boba Fett and your rendering of him as a man, husband, and father is masterful.

(2) I am lucky enough to be married to an active duty Marine and Boba reminds me of him SO much. I have heart twinges every time I read about him. Well done. Well done indeed. You have an enthusiastic new fan

Aww, thank you! He’s such a fascinating character to me, and if Disney screws up his spin-off movie I will light myself on fire. 

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I took this today before I realized I still had my work name tag on but now y'all get to peep the sick lizard sticker I put on it 😎👌🏻

Shoutout to the really good customer that was shopping for her grandkids today that wasted 40 minutes of my day toting her around the store and explaining every scrutinising detail about every product she picked up.

You gave this starving artist an excuse to stay an extra 20 minutes past his shift and earn an extra direly-needed 6 bucks.

So i work at a cheap shoe retailer that i’ve been at for roughly three years. I’m constantly getting some characters in here as you can assume. We close at 6 on sundays and were not a very busy store like we have hours where not one person comes in but by the grace of everything that is holy everyone always decides to come in right before closing which is expected. But i was working with the sweetest coworker i’ve ever had and she was there for about 6months at the time.

So it’s 5:58pm and this lady walks in, naturally my coworker tells her “hi how are you maam, just so you know we do close at 6 today.”
The lady looks at her with smoke coming out of her ears and says “what the fuck is that supposed to mean? Am i not allowed to shop? Are you gonna fucking kick me out of the store?!” My coworker stunned is at a loss for words so i look at the lady and tell her “no but it’s 5:58 we close at 6 go ahead and look but she was just reminding you.” The lady walks in a huff without saying a word. Mind you i’ve been at this for years and have very good patience that my coworkers praise me for, my coworker was so stunned and hurt so i told her to go in the back and breathe for 5minutes i just felt so bad for her why do customers feel like they have the right to treat workers like trash? Oh here’s the kicker she left at 6:15 without buying anything and fought the door because it was locked. She hasn’t come back in since lmao


and i ok so ive decided very last minute to make some faun legs for ren fair

ive foudn a bunch of tutorials but honestly a lot of them look crappy

im really a fan of these

and though they dont have a tutorial, theyre a good mix of the cute, fursuit-y style i like, and the actual high-heel, not too cartoony/dramatic look that wont look ridiculous with my natural upper body size

the tutorial that looked easiest used a pair of like, yoga pants as a base, sewn directly onto shoes, so it was a flatter fooot than this one, and not really what i want. i also dont mind having separate shoes and legs

but if i used say, tights, made pockets for the padding and sewed those on, then furred them and made the high-heel-with-the-heel-chopped-off shoe, lined with fur like the one in the pic here, would that work? 

i also kind of want them to clip clop so i might try and find some metal to glue on the bottom, but thatll be an extra thing if i have time/money


Where I work, admission is relatively cheap compared to most other attractions in the area. One of my pet peeves is whenever people walk in, look at admission prices, and walk right back out just because they don’t want to pay, or they complain because they thought they could get in free. I don’t know about you but I know of maybe one museum that you can look at for free, and it’s about the size of a super Mart of walls bathroom.

So at my museum we offer discounts for 3A arp or military, so long as they have the card on their person. The discount isn’t much (it’s like a dollar off each ticket they buy, but if you’re buying upwards of five or more tickets it can be helpful). This lady comes in and I ask if she has any of the programs that qualify her for a discount and she goes “I do, but I’m not going to bother. I’m not going to die over spending one extra dollar like most cheapasses would, especially if it goes to a good cause.” Meanwhile the lady behind her already has her 3a card out and she’s glaring daggers at the woman in front of her. I guess for indirectly calling her a “cheapass.”
Which reminds me of what happened later that day, when I had a family of five walk in. The father was still hovering at the door and the mother walked up and was like “you guys charge? We thought the museum was free.”
I say “no, we charge for the exhibits, but if you wanna browse the lobby displays (which had a fair amount of information on them) or gift shop it’s free.” I also rattle off how she could qualify for a discount.
“What about [other attraction], is that free?”
“No ma'am, they charge about three dollars more than we do for their admission.”
“How about [third attraction]?”
“They also charge about as much as we do.”
At this point wife seems like she just wants to browse our lobby displays, and she turns around to say something to her husband but the guy already turned around and stormed away. Left the kids at the door and everything. Poor woman looked like she was about to start yelling when she saw he left. The rest of the family quickly followed and that was the last I saw them.
I can understand wanting to have a cheap vacation, but going to these places under the assumption they’re free and then just leaving when you see they’re not makes you waste your gas. See if we have a website. Call us before you leave the house. Doing research before you leave is very helpful.

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I know it's way past the date, but what did you guys do for valentine's day this year?

honestly, i dont really like going out on valentine’s day because every decent place is CRAZY busy. so on february 14, me and john just stayed home and watched some movies, ordered pizza, did some cuddling… etc.

but february 15……. february 15 is cheap candy day.