i wore flowers


// I, personally, have a very soft spot for the Robbers video, so the pink floral shirt is definitely a signature Matty thing, especially since he used to wear them all of the time! //

Credit: These photos are not mine in any way, shape, or form. 


My philosophy on dresses is that if you’re going to wear one, you might as well look like a god. In this case, Persephone.

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eyyyyy i wore a flower crown today too and someone in a working in a "witchy" shop(they had tarot cards and stuff like that) said they loved it and i said i loved their flower crown good times good times

ok but can u believe we have matching gay flower crowns? what kind of #goals are we?

but also that so fab heck yesssssssssssssss

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top 5 ways you style your hair

I don’t have to style my hair, it’s naturally perfect, but…I suppose it’s nice when

  1. Marlene braids it
  2. Ponytail for quidditch 
  3. I once wore a flower crown. Gotta say it looked better on me than any of the birds.
  4. NEVER wear a hat.
  5. Perfectly

advanced flower crown placement (◡‿◡✿)

DIY | Flower Crown
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WhatIWore: Looking for a fun and easy project for your next day at the park or festival? Try a flower crown!! I made my first crown a week ago and since I’ve made…eight of them, including the one featured here, which I’m giving away (read on!) Here’s how to make your own:


  1. Florist Tape
  2. Florist Wire
  3. Florist Stems (thick gauge)
  4. Assorted Faux Flowers
  5. Wire Cutters (or old scissors)

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Start by picking out your flowers. I think smaller blooms work best but you can definitely go bigger if that’s the look you’re going for! I look for blooms that have varigated coloring and a realistic stamen/pistols.

External image

Let’s start with the shape of the actual crown. I use two floral stems formed to the shape of my own head and joined together on each side by wraping them in wire. Once I’ve tried on the crown to ensure it’s the correct size (just a bit bigger than your head circumference so its comfortable), I’ll wrap it in florist tape.

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“When spring came, even the false spring, there were no problems except where to be happiest. The only thing that could spoil a day was people and if you could keep from making engagements, each day had no limits. People were always the limiters of happiness except for the very few that were as good as spring itself.”
― Ernest Hemingway, A Moveable Feast

Wedding Day - Newt AU

A day of make up, heavy dresses, stress and relief. I never I thought that this day would happen in my life. I wore a big white princess gown and white sparkly heels that I didn’t know how to walk in. They kept my hair down in princess curls, but half of it was up in a half-ponytail. I wore a white flower crown that matched the lace, floral sleeves of my dress.

This morning, Newt and I broke the number one rule for when you get married. We met before sunrise, accidentally. We sat next to the cliff, the ocean below us.


“You know,” I started, “We’re not even supposed to be seeing each other. It’s bad luck.” I told him.

“I thought that was just for when you’re wearing your wedding dress.” He smirked.

“Whatever. Still. I am the unluckiest person in the entire world, we can’t risk anything.” I half-joked.

“The unluckiest person?” He repeated. I rolled my eyes.

“Except when it comes to you. In that case, I am very lucky.” I smiled at him. He kissed my forehead. I sighed, staring into the horizon. “I kind of wanna write your vows for you.” He laughed.


“Yeah.” I grinned. “But I want to give it to you right before the ceremony so you can’t read it.” He laughed. “Just so you choose not to read them.”

“Fine then.” I looked at him. “Only if I can write your vows.” He bargained.



I took a deep breath. Any minute now, I was going to walk out and see him at the end of the isle. I breathed. I looked at my sister Teresa. My maid of honour.

“What if he’s not there?” I asked.

“He’s going to be there.” She groaned. This was the third time today I was asking the same questions.

“What if he isn’t?” I asked. “What if he changed his mind?” I asked.

“Stop it.” She told me. “He loves you. He wouldn’t do that. If he did, he’d at least leave a note.” She assured me. I shrugged one shoulder, letting her know she had a point. I looked forward. Then I looked at her again.

“What if I get there and he changes his mind?”

“Y/N-” She began.

“Right. Right. I should stop worrying. He wouldn’t do that. HE wouldn’t do that.” I assured myself. Just as about she was about to leave, I grabbed her hand. “Wait!” I told her. She stopped. 


“What if I trip?”

“Don’t trip.” She told me before she walked out. I nodded, breathing. I was finally alone. My parents died a few years ago, so nobody was giving me away. I felt like crying and hyperventilating and having a panic attack. I took a few deep breaths and grabbed my bouquet.

“I won’t trip.” I told myself, repeating the same things my dad told me during my graduation and saying the things my dad would say. “He won’t leave. And if he left, someone would tell me.” I convinced myself. “If things go awry, I’ll be fine. I’ll live.” My heart raced. I was doing this. I could do this. I walked out, at first nervous, but my eyes locked with his and suddenly, all of my nerves were gone. I was doing it, and nothing was going wrong. I practiced walking in these heels all day long and the only reason I would fall is because this time, I was walking on grass. I controlled my breathing as I walked down the isle, smiling at him and grinning like a fool. I saw Newt smiled back at me and wipe away a tear, which made me want to cry, but I remembered that I had make up on.

I finally got there and gave my bouquet to Teresa and Newt held my hands and squeezed them, assuring me that nothing was going to go wrong.

The ceremony went by quickly, then we got to the vows. Newt’s best friend, who was his best man, Thomas, gave Newt the vows I had written for him. He looked at them and chuckled, rubbing his chin. I smiled.

“You know,” Newt began, “This morning, we ran into each other before sunset and she told me that she wanted to write my vows.” The people laughed. “So, I let her and in return, I’d write hers.” He added. “I haven’t been able to read this until now and I’m thinking that I should have thought this through.” People laughed again. “Y/N,” He began.

“Yes?” I urged, making him chuckle.

“Y/N, I promise that I will not interrupt you when you’re reading,” People began to laugh even more. “I promise not to think you’re crazy when you’re fangirling.” He chuckled. I grinned. “I promise to buy you books when you run out of books to read. I promise to get you food and pass you the remote, even though you can reach it, without complaining.” He sighed. “And I promise to watch every chick flick with you and love it.” He smiled, folding up the letter. He grinned at me. Teresa passed me the vows Newt wrote for me and I unfolded it and covered my mouth, trying not to laugh.

“I-” I stopped, because I broke out in laughter, causing everyone else to laugh with me. I took a deep breath. “Do you know how hard this is? I’m like in six foot heels I don’t know how to walk in when I standing on a flat floor, much less balance on uneven terrain.” I half-joked, making everyone laugh again. I calmed myself down. “Okay.” I told myself, stretching my neck a bit, focusing. I looked at Newt, who smiled down at me then I looked back at the note. “I promise not to force you to watch chick flicks with me.” Everyone laughed. “I promise to cook you really good food and bake you really good cakes.” I smiled. “I promise not to forget to thank you for all the books you give me and for giving me the time to read them and ignoring my loud cries that I cry when my OTP breaks up and or dies.” I laughed. “You’re giving me some real challenged here, love.” I commented, making people laugh again. “And I want to thank you for just giving me the pleasure of standing in front of you and your god-like appearance.” I laughed, folding the note. “I have some actual vows now, can I say them?” I asked. He nodded.

“I have some too.”

“Do you wanna go first?”

“You can go first.” He told me. I gave him the microphone, making the people laugh again. “Typical.” He joked. I laughed. “Y/N, I promise to love you. I promise not to sleep when we have an argument. I promise to always tell you the truth, unless I can’t. I promise to stay with you. I promise to accept you. I promise to appreciate you. I promise to be your friend, above all.” He put the ring on my finger.

“Aww.” Everyone smiled. I looked up at the sun, taking a deep breath, trying not to cry.

“Your turn.” Newt smiled, giving me the microphone. I took it.

“I’m trying not to cry because I have make up on and I don’t think it’s waterproof.” I half-joked, making other people laugh. “Okay.” I took a deep breath. I looked at Newt. “Newt, the whole morning, I had been panicking.” I admitted, his eyebrows furrowed. “Not because I wasn’t sure if I wanted to do this, but because I was scared that you would finally realise that I’m a very weird, awkward person when you deserve someone who is absolutely perfect. I thought that you would realise that and leave me and change your mind, but now, this whole thing, I realise that you’re too thick to do that.” I half-joked that last part, making him laugh. “I was scared, but you followed through, like you always do. I looked at you and I knew that you are mine. And I know that I’m far from perfect. I know that you deserve better, but I would love to be yours. I would very much love to be yours. Forever.” I smiled, trying not to cry. “So, Newt, I promise you, in front of everybody, that if you would follow through this, that I will forever be grateful. I promise you that I will love you even when I hate you. I promise that I will never run away from you or stop fighting for us. I promise that I’ll be honest. I promise that I will fight for you and prove to you that we are worth more than a couple of fights. Every chance I get, I will prove to you that I’m worth it. That we are worth it.” I smiled. I heard a few sniffles. “And I promise that I will bake you the best cakes in the world.” I half-joked, causing him to laugh. I put the ring on his finger.

“And I now pronounce you husband and wife, you may now kiss the bride.” Newt put his hand on my cheek and kissed me. I kissed back, putting my arms around his neck. I did it.


Later that night, we had the reception. Then, a line of people went up on the stage with their glasses. They got everybody else’s attention. The first person that came up to the microphone was Thomas, who sighed, looking at me and Newt. I smiled.

“Okay, look, I’ll be honest, Y/N, I didn’t like you at first.” He admitted. I laughed and nodded.

“I know.” I said, softly, but loud enough for him to hear.

“I didn’t like you because I thought you’d hurt him and change him into something he wasn’t.” He admitted. “I was scared for him.” I nodded. “But when he got into that car accident, I saw that you were screaming at a doctor.” He chuckled. I grinned.

“You did what?” Newt whispered in my ear. I shook my head.

“The doctor told you that there wasn’t much he could do and that he probably wasn’t going to make it.”

“You didn’t tell me that.” Newt told me.

“Shh. Listen.” I told him.

“Then you yelled at him, ‘you better find something to do! Go through all of your medical textbooks, contact all of your colleagues, find something! Or you know what, after you have your little review, make something up! Or I swear to god, if you let this man die, I will find you and I will skin you alive and eat you for breakfast!’ You screamed, jabbing at his chest, which I found was hilarious, considering you’re so tiny.” He laughed. I gave him a look. “Anyways, you were pretty sane considering the state of myself. I remember I was crying and praying that he’d live when you were telling me everything would be fine. You told me that if he wouldn’t come out of it alive, we’d pick up the pieces. You told me that you and I would hunt down that doctor.” He laughed. “That’s when I knew that there was nothing to hate about you. You were perfect for him. If not for you, I would probably had run away that night and gone away to Australia doing something stupid.” He chuckled. “You did change him, but you made him better and you were never mad when he had to go out in the middle of night to run off and hang out with us. You were understanding and that’s why, finally, I had approved of you going out with Newt, who is like my brother. Cheers.” He smiled. I rose my glass, nodding my head, taking a sip of the drink. I felt Newt kiss the top of my head. Then, my sister went up to the mic.

“Newt, I have to tell you, when she met you, she would come home and she would not just shut up about you.” Teresa said, I buried my face in Newt’s chest. I felt him laugh. “And trust me, Thomas, when I got there the next morning, she was not as badass.” She smiled. “Anyways, Newt, I trust you with her. I know you will wake up in the middle of the night because she saw a spider, because she screams really loudly that if you can sleep, it’s a miracle.” I heard laughter all around me. “And if you screw things up with her, I don’t know how you did because she is the type of person to give a hundred second chances. And Y/N, I don’t know how you would do it, because you are like the nicest person I know that if you screwed it up, you must have had like a gun on your head or a gun on his head or my head.” I laughed, prying myself away from Newt to look at my sister. “I know nobody’s mentioned this and I really don’t want to make my sister cry in her waterproof make up-”

“It’s waterproof?” I asked. She glared at me and I smiled at her.

“Anyways, I know that mum and dad would be really proud of you.” Tears began to well up in my eyes. “Dad used to talk to me about you getting married and what I would have to do. And I remember we’d talk about our ideal weddings and you’d talk about how dad would give you away.” I sniffled. “And today, you had to walk down that isle alone and I can’t imagine how hard that must’ve been for you.” A tear fell down my cheek. Newt held my hand. “That’s why I think that they’d be really proud of you and that’s insane. And you were panicking like crazy this morning and I couldn’t even calm you down, but Newt did just by looking at you.” She chuckled. I smiled. “He’s good for you, so please, to both of you, don’t screw it up.” I rose my glass. The other speeches were from Winston, Sonya and Aris.

Newt kissed the top of my head and wiped my tears. I was so glad I married him. I was so glad that I didn’t mess up. I was at my happiest.

I keep thinking of you

Our first date
Awkwardly watching frozen and then you used the line
“if you were a pirate and had a parrot, would you put him on this shoulder, or this shoulder?” To put you arm around me
We kissed, softly, in the photo booth.
And held hands as we walked around.
You shook with nervousness and I couldn’t see how anyone would be made nervous by Me.

The 1st of February, 2014
The day after your birthday
We watched Texas Chainsaw Massacre
Then we kissed closed mouthed
And you asked me to be your girlfriend

Valentine’s day
Flowers, I wore a skirt,
We both wore red.
I’d never had a valentine.

Making out
Your room
I’d never kissed anyone for this long

spring break orchestra trip
New York, New York
My chaperone group became the Avengers, but you were in a different group.
We all got characters, you got Spider Man.
Not officially in the group, but you should’ve been.
Kissing at the top of the Empire State Building at night
Kissing in front of our friends for the first time
Holding hands, lots of pictures.

My dance performances
Always proud
Always eager to say
“My girlfriend got (list any award) She was amazing”

My mother’s birthday
My family, around us
My cousins in awe of the new boy
Exposing you to Mexican culture

My birthday
You dressed up for me
Bought me a journal, because “my poetry deserved a better place than a falling apart spiral notebook”
You got me a cookie cake, with ballet shoes made of icing, flowers too

My house
I was sick with mono
You came and held me while I slept
Told me I was beautiful
With no makeup on
Hair in a bun
Sweatshirt and shorts
Sick and tired

Orchestra Banquet
Cutest Couple Award
We were matching after searching for a tie the same shade of teal as my dress
Braum’s afterwards

My room

Your dad’s house
Never more comfortable than hanging out with you

M’s house
Boys vs. Girls war
Later that night
My room
You held me close from behind
We took a nap together

Your car
Singing to the radio
Sweaty from summer heat

So so many hours

my house
Before school began
Making mums for homecoming
The next friday
Wearing them to school and the game

My room
You told me
“you are the most beautiful girl in the world”
and for once
I believed it

On the phone
90 million times
Me whispering
And falling asleep
“Goodnight and I love you”
“I love you too”

Me in hotel
You at home
Skyping to watch our weekly movie
Mocking their accents

My house
We argued over a halloween costumes
I won
We were native americans

Christmas time
Exchanging gifts at dinner
Then the nutcracker
And you told me I was beautiful

New years eve
Kissing at midnight
Cuddling on the way home

Our 1 year
my house
Kissing as much as possible
Cuddling on the couch

13 months
Holding hands
Gentle kiss

On the phone
Saying goodbye
I cried
You didn’t
And it was over
In 8 minutes