i wore a lot

coran: whoo, it’s hot out here!

allura: you think it’s hot out? i have seventy pounds of hair on my body, weighing me down, making me sweat. you wouldn’t know real heat if it yelled at you.

coran: princess, i think…it would be best for you to go inside. 

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Calm and modest for the pokemon types ask.

calm: i’m gonna say Entei, i loved pokemon 3 as a kid and wore that tape out lol

modest: i don’t have a lot of merch actually! most of the stuff i have is at my parent’s house, so the only thing i really have is a pikachu backpack i got a six flags last summer
(please forgive my messy hair i need a hair cut so bad)

- Mod Hau 

the freckle in the corner of dans eye and the one on phils collarbone is actually what keeps the clouds floating but thts just me

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Is there a story behind the blue jacket?

kind of. 

besides me being a fashion bombshell, even in the midst of wwii, the jacket was nice and warm and full of pockets. which is always a nice thing when you have to literally carry everything you need with you everywhere you go.

but on top of that, i grew up with tiny pre-human-lab-rat steve. among a very long list of medical issues which fueled his must-punch-everything attitude, steve was colorblind. (in a very typically steve move, he decided to become an artist, despite not being able to see half the colors out there.) 

 the modern term for what he was is ‘protanopia’ which is a type of red-green colorblindness which meant his ability to see the color red was not so great. pretty much everything in the red spectrum got toned down to taupes and greys, and yellows and greens were kinda muted. but his ability to see the color blue was basically unimpaired, so blue things stood out in his field of vision. back in the day, i wore a lot of blue because it was easier for steve to spot, and somewhere along the line it just kinda became my favorite color, and i tended to pick blue clothes out of habit. 

these days steve’s favorite color is red, just for the novelty of being able to see it.  

  • if you did something purely for the fun of it today i am proud of you
  • if you treated yourself to your favourite food today i am proud of you
  • if you bought something pretty for yourself today i am proud of you
  • if you remembered to take your meds and eat today i am proud of you
  • if you did your laundry or made your bed today i am proud of you
  • if you read or painted or wrote something today i am proud of you
  • if you wore your comfiest sweater today i am proud of you
  • if you drank lots of water or took a walk today i am proud of you 
  • if you told yourself you look good today i am proud of you 
  • if you treated yourself with kindness today i am proud of you
  • for all the small achievements that no one else sees i am proud of you, and i hope you are, too.






Fun story, someone tried the anime hand wall thing on me once. It worked for precisely two seconds before I ducked under it and kept going. 


For a moment I thought he was sitting on a giant fortune cookie and I was incredibly excited. 


She’s not going to be able to do it, but more importantly, damn Yuuko what are you wearing that’s incredible.

YEAAAAAHHHHHHH BOIIII!!!! FINALLY TODAY IS THE DAY where burstale start posted at my FB n certain UT group XD ~ n it has reached 1 year (actually so does Epic since we both start at the same time)

Soooo cough cough// Firstly I wanna say thanks to all burstale readers that has read me n @amachi-blaze works for this series!! Without you guys I think I wouldnt go this far xD n Burstale was planned to have 3 chapter where its just a generic story of Chara n Sans fight to death ~ I know its stupid but I just want to try make short doujin of UT but it ended up so complicated but good with machi story,I never thought of putting gaster as a medium for Burst ability at first XD yet it goes so well with my artstyle

Burst was actually inspired by my favourite singer NANO n if checked her out they both wear black hoodies XD n most of NANO MV she wore hoodie to conceal her face ~

Hurmmmmm I have a lot of problem during designing Burst special characteristic at first but the as the story goes I keep changing the design n machi keep going crazy xD its fun to have our character keep going ~ n if some people think Burst is evil n yes she is ~ she have her own reason ok?xD

As the story may go slowly cuz im busy with works i’ll try to keep working on it!! N I know some of u guys keep waiting for the next update XD im sorry for my tight schedule n alot of commission im getting

Idk what to say anymore XD n THANKS FOR READING BURSTALE TILL NOW! Eventho we dont have much fan but I appreciate the small number cuz me n machi can still talk n communicate with u guys ~ <3

Special thanks to - @huroki @yugogeer12 @tehrogue without these 3 I would ended up stop at chap 1 xD hahahahaha

Thanks to
@doge-genesis for few awesome fanart that we rarely get XD
@deusn for who keep asking me how to make more plot n I learn myself from there too
@xxmileikaivanaxx for also the fanart XD
@n you all readers n some fanart that you guys give us, I truly happy with the fanar some of you guys give!!! Im sorry if I didnt mention anyone here

Have my present for Burstale 1 Years old

Today my AP World History teacher burst out laughing in the middle of our exam because one of his students from last semester emailed him a picture of Vladimir Putin swimming shirtless. He had frequently joked about this student being a Communist because he wore a lot of red. Another time, I walked into class and there was a Communist flag draped over his podium. He was like “yeah this just showed up here this morning I didn’t even see anyone do it”

I never really did like the way my glasses looked on me. But you told me I looked really good in them. From then on, I always reached for my glasses, thinking they made me look better.

When I put on lipstick, I remember the way you said “that looks good on you” so I would spend time trying on different shades of red, wondering what you would think of them.

The way your eyes lit up when I put on the black dress, and when you told me I looked so great it in, made me think I looked my best in that dress. I would put it on and stare at myself in the mirror, thinking of when your hands were wrapped around my waist and your eyes were staring into mine.

Every time I put on that one shirt, I remember how it was your favorite. You loved the way I looked in that shirt. I wore it a lot, for you. I still wear it a lot, hoping you’ll notice me in it.

You always made fun of me because my socks never matched. Now when I put on a matching pair, I want to show you. I know that sounds weird, but it seems like a thing between us.

You’re everywhere. Everyday. How can you forget about someone when they’re everything you see? How can you lose feelings for the person whose name is the definition of every feeling you’ve ever felt?
Tell me, please someone tell me, how to stop this pain. Tell me how to stop thinking of you. Tell me how to stop making my life about you.

—  {via cheerupsavvy}

when i was very young i was a lot darker than i am now and i was small for my age and i was completely obsessed with the idea of having an enormous white clydesdale. like the world’s biggest, clompiest unicorn.

i think even at the time i was like “you know what would be awesome? the contrast between a tiny brown girl and a huge, white horse.” obviously it never happened but looking back, i had a pretty good sense of aesthetics for a six year old. good job, me.

Nine Months Or So

Pairing: Jensen x Reader 
Words: 779
Requested by @scxrchy:  Hi! If your requests are open, would you write a Jensen x wife!reader where they are at a convention, and reader is a returning character on the show, and the reader breaks the news to the fans that she won’t be able to be on the show for a bit p1/?P2/? Reader announces sure won’t be on the show for the next season unless the writers and producers come up with some weird stuff, and Jared asks how long she won’t be on the show, and that’s when the fans realize reader and Jensen are extracting a Child, and could it be super cute, and a little fluffy? I don’t know how else to word this, sorry p3/3 

          You were really excited to be at the large panel with the cast members of Supernatural. You couldn’t wait to get to talk with fans, tell stories, and answer questions. You loved these times.

           “Hey, Beautiful,” Jensen came up behind you, putting his arms around your waist as you waited to go on stage with everyone.

           You leaned back against him, “Hey, Handsome.”    

           “You ready to hang out with everyone?” he asked.

           “Always,” you nodded.

           “Come on, Ackles’,” Jared said, “It’s time to get out there.”

           You laughed, taking Jensen’s hand in yours. The two of you, along with Jared, Misha, and Mark.

           The audience was so excited to see all of you walk onto the stage and sit behind the table together. You couldn’t stop smiling as you looked out at everyone and how happy they were to see you and the guys.

           “Hey!” you all waved.

           “So, you guys look amazing,” Jensen said, looking out at everyone, “Thanks for coming out today.”

           “Who wants to start?” Jared asked, “Anyone have a question?”

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okay I might actually cry because of the oral fixation post. thank you for life. what do you think of jimin's extreme case of Heart Eyes TM @ a certain jeon jungkook throughout the graduation bomb (he even wore glasses and still couldn't Conceal Don't Feel)

I had a lot of fun writing that ㅋ I dislike it when my blog gets too straitlaced(?), you know? Shipping is supposed to be fun, so I like going full ham every once in a while (so…like always then). But for real tho, JK’s fixation with Jimin’s mouth is Very Important and a topic that’s close to my heart..

As for Jimin’s Heart Eyes.

Um, Jimin could never conceal his feelings. I think it was RM? Or somebody who said that he and Hobi were very good at expressing themselves and weren’t afraid to share their feelings (good or bad). If Jimin is angry, you can tell. If he’s sad, it’s obvious. And when he’s happy and melting with adoration… that shows too.

I don’t know. It’s just.. satisfying to see Jimin being so happy. And to know that Jungkook can make him feel that way so effortlessly even after all these years is heartwarming.