i wont survive these two

  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: Ok, but IS this really the end of summer? I mean, there's way s that it could go on, considering this show has dealt with time travel before. And what exactly does Ford need Dipper's help with. I swear to god he better not be putting that boy's life in more danger. And what about Bill? who is he going to possess? and when? And will that come into play in this episode? And is Ford really gonna force Stan to move out if summer does end? And why are the twins communicating on walkie talkies? And what is their supposed falling out going to be about? And what about the rift? How is that coming into play? And why are Dipper and Ford outside if the only really safe place is inside the shack? And most importantly: WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING TO GO DOWN THAT IS OF SUCH GREAT IMPORTANCE THAT WE SEE DIPPER'S BIRTHMARK AGAIN?