i wont stand for ignorance

in regards to my Tattoos // Piercings // Stretched ears

Honestly I’m so sick of people coming up to me and telling me “why did you do that to yourself, you’d be so much prettier without all that shit” It’s rude and just flat out unnecessary. Would it be okay to walk up to someone and tell them “hey, you’re ugly” NO, and its basically implying the same thing, just because you slipped in a compliment while insulting me doesn’t make it okay.
Frankly, if it bothers you that fucking much, to the point you need to go out of your way to tell me , you need to get a life. If you don’t like it, that’s fine but it is not up to you to tell me you hate it. I didn’t do it for you, I do it for myself. So take your judgemental ass as far away from me as possible because i will not stand here and get insulted for being myself. Body modifications are a form of self expression, its art. You can say what you want but at the end of the day, what i do with my body is entirely up to me. I AM beautiful and you have no right to tell me otherwise.