i wont hold this against you

all i could think of was your body against mine. not in a very sexual way but in a protective kind of way. i could think of your arms and how they would hold me tightly so i’d be warm. i could think of your legs which would cling to mine so i wont get away sneakily. i could think of your lips breathing out air slowly over mine so i could remember every second im not alone. all i could think of was how i would sleep like a baby in your arms unaware of the troubles that await me.


Fuel to Fire (4)

Stucky x reader

Notes: fluff, tattooing, some angst, smut (m/m and m/m/f), anxiety, depression, mentions of parental negligence, swearing.

Summary: Living their dream, Bucky and Steve run their tattoo shop ‘American Ink’ together, happily married for several years and business is going well. When a girl walks into their shop and inevitably into their lives right after they’ve received some exciting news, they have no idea how their lives are about to change with some harmless but straight-forward flirting.

Fuel to Fire (intro) Fuel to fire (2) Fuel to Fire (3)

A/N: it gets hot and steamy. And sexual. 

“Where are we going?” Y/N asks as she has to walk a bit faster than she usually does to keep up with Steve. Bucky’s at American Ink, his entire day booked with appointments, and pouted only a little when Steve left with Y/N to run an errand.

“New York museum of modern art” Steve smiles at her and slows his pace to match Y/N’s.

“Is this because I told you I took art classes in college?”

“That’s part of it” Steve smiles secretively, “you remember the first day you came in to the shop?”

“When you were necking with your husband like teenagers?” Y/N grins and mumbles a ‘mission accomplished’ when Steve’s face goes a pretty shade of red.

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hey please don’t go around telling people “i KNEW something was off about them!” when people are outed as abusers. cause that’s just furthering the idea that you should always be able to tell if someones abusive.

the bottom line is sometimes you really can’t tell. and you’re not a terrible person for not noticing. keep the blame on the abuser please, not the fans, not the friends. this is not the time to earn Superiority Points.

I got you anon!

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  • Good lord this man needs his cuddles
  • He is like a puppy
  • Almost begging for cuddles everynight
  • “darlin. Could I hold ya a lil bit?”
  • He will hold you close against his hairy chest as you breath in tandem with him 
  • His Southern voice giving you soft sweet compliments as he holds you
  • You wont be getting out of bed the next morning until McCree

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  • He is really worried at first
  • He may be mostly human but even out of all his gear he isn’t exactly soft
  • “Darling are you sure you want me to hold you? Im not exactly soft”
  • You reassure him you would love nothing more then to be held by him
  • When he finally warms up to the feeling he is mega into it 
  • “Babe lemme hold you”
  • He will nuzzle against the back of your neck holding you close
  • Will whisper sweet nothings in his native language to make you blush
  • A shockingly soft cuddle buddy  

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  • Low key the biggest spoon
  • Wont hesitate to wrap his arms around you just so your close
  • If he falls asleep before you he’ll wrap his arms around you in his sleep
  • If he has a big mission coming up those cuddles may turn a little naughty
  • He will treat you like royalty in bed.
  • Both during sexytime and out
  • If he is gone he will leave you a hoodie to sleep in
Teen Wolf Imagine- What Happened To Y/N?

Part2     Part3    Part4

Authors Note- Okay so sorry if this is confusing, but I’m starting a series where each part is told in someone else’s perspective so the first part is in Y/n’s perspective and the second will be from another member of the pack and so on. All parts follow the story of Y/n and an event that occurred, but each pack member has a piece of the puzzle that they are unaware of. (Isaac, Derek, Peter and Allison are still there so it is all the pack members) x

Y/n’s Pov

“I honestly didn’t mean for it to come across like that” you said innocently with wide eyes. “Come on, you’re a flirt and you know it! The poor boy must have been so confused” Lydia giggled, giving you a light nudge. “I have no idea what you’re talking about, and I never want find out” Scott claimed, as him and Stiles sat their trays down opposite you. “Don’t worry my dearest brother, you’ll never find out” you replied, laughing when you and Lydia exchanged looks. “There you guys are!” Liam panted as he slammed his textbook on your lunch table and flopped into the nearest available seat. “Woah, you look terrible” Stiles remarked to him, as Allison joined you all. “Have you heard the news?” Liam asked, still struggling for breath. ”Enough with the suspense, spit it out!” you said with sarcastic enthusiasm, as he barley finished. Before he could open his mouth to speak, Kira dragged a chair over to the end of the table, you all stared at her as it squeaked the whole way there. “Sorry” she eventually said with an awkward smile. “Anyway, the Beacon Hills High pep rally has been moved to tonight”  he said with such excitement. “This is what you were so desperate to tell us?” Lydia asked with a raised eyebrow. “Yeah, I thought you guys would be interested” he said as he looked at everyone’s bored faces. “Once you’ve been to one, you’ve been to them all” Stiles spoke. “Don’t worry, we’ll be there” Scott reassured, sensing his disappointment. “Right guys?” Allison joined in, staring particularly at you and Stiles. Everyone nod and murmured in agreement, “Wouldn’t miss it for the world” you added, holding your hands up. You felt your phone vibrate in your back pocket, causing Liam and Scott to stare at you, as they were the only others to hear it. “Are you going to answer that?” Scott asked when you blatantly ignored it. “Oh uhm yeah” you mumbled, shrugging off his questioning looks. You pulled out your phone and read all the texts. You quickly shoved it into your pocket again and stood up. “Where are you going?” Allison asked. “I’ve just got to go to…the bathroom” you excused. “I’ll come with you” Lydia offered. “No it’s fine. Everything is fine” you replied too quickly, picking up your bag and exiting the cafeteria. “What was that about?” Kira questioned. “I don’t know” Scott answered with concern all over his face. “Did you pick up any signals?” Stiles leaned in. “Anxiety?” Liam confused. “Fear” Scott corrected.

You stumbled into your house, holding your head. You dropped your bag by the door and tried to sneak upstairs quietly. “Where the hell have you been?” your brother asked, while standing in the livingroom door frame. “Oh hey Scotty, I was just running some errands and I guess time ran away with me”  you lied. “For one I heard your heartbeat rise and I can smell the blood. What happened to your head?” he asked as he moved to the bottom of the stairs. You turned around and gave a weak smile, “We played dodgeball in gym class last period and I was hit pretty hard and-” you began before he cut you off. “Lydia checked, you weren’t in gym class” he pointed out. “Listen, we can do this back and forth, but if we do we’ll miss the rally and we cant let Liam down. Just drop it. I promise I’m fine” you stated. “Hurry up and get ready, Stiles is picking us up in half an hour” he gave a loud sigh. You continued up the stairs. “Don’t think I’ve let this go, we’re talking about this later” he added. You waved him off from over your shoulder and slammed your bedroom door shut behind you. That was a conversation you weren’t willing to have.

You hopped into the back of Stiles’ jeep and smiled brightly at Lydia sitting beside you. “You look stunning” she said with an approving nod. “And you look gorgeous” you returned. “They’re cute, almost as cute as us” Stiles said, as they both turned to pout at you. You and Lydia let out small laughs, as he began to drive. “How come you’re not riding with Allison?” you asked Scott. “She somehow got sucked into taking Liam and his friend Mason, so she made Kira go with her for company” he shrugged. “So how about Isaac?” you asked again. “Him and Derek were sorting something out at the loft, he didn’t really say too much. I think Derek’s bringing him later” Scott replied, reaching to turn the radio up. “Wait, so is Malia coming?” you asked quickly. “Yeah, we’re going to pick her up now” Scott answered once more. “You’re really jittery today, what’s up?” Stiles asked this time, noticing your odd behaviour. “I appreciate your concern-but as I told my brother here, I’m fine” you said, getting slightly tired of repeating yourself. A few minutes later you pulled outside the Tate residency and Malia staggered out of her house, before straightening herself out and opening the car door. You squeezed into the middle seat as she got in. “I like the feather” she smiled casually. “Thanks, I like the boots” you smiled back. You exchanged coded looks for a second, before Lydia joined the conversation. “That’s a cute necklace” She commented. “Thanks, and that’s a really nice bracelet” Malia replied, dazed by it. “Women” Stiles scoffed, while Scott simply shook his head.

When you arrived at the rally you immediately met up with the rest of the pack and said your greetings. All the girls and Mason were in a huddle complementing each others outfits before Liam, Scott and Stiles pulled you away from each other, not wanting to hear any more compliments for the rest of the week- let alone the rest of the night. You all broke off for a while and did your own little things. You, Allison and Lydia were having a few drinks and dancing, taking full advantage of being able to feel the effects of alcohol. Scott was talking to Stiles, well it was more of a shout because they didn’t think to move further away from the loud music. Liam was having a relaxed time, as he introduced Mason to a few of his team mates. While Kira and Malia took full advantage of the free food that was on offer, which many students avoided at all costs. You took a large sip of vodka and looked out of the corner of your eye, seeing a figure, you turned yourself around and watched as it headed towards the bathrooms. You then discreetly made your way out of the crowd, before Allison and Lydia could notice. You quickly walked after the figure, constantly glancing behind you.

After eventually resurfacing, you felt the crisp air on your skin as you walked out of the building. You leant against one of the trees at the bonfire, and listened to the sound of the crackling fire, the hum of students laughing and talking, the sound of coach tormenting Greenburg and the loud music that threatened to block out all other noise. A senior handed you another red solo cup and attempted to hit on you, you gladly took the drink and knocked it back, but even that wouldn’t mildly convince you to show him any sort of attention. You looked up to see all your friends dancing together at this point, you didn’t need Scott’s hearing and sense of smell to tell they were having a good time, even though every so often they would look around trying to locate wherever you had gotten off to. Stiles and Kira were both sort of bobbing to their own rhythm while Malia and Allison laughed. Scott and Lydia didn’t miss a beat and were taking pride in trying to out-dance each other. Isaac and Liam were stiffer than the others but still not as bad as Kira and Stiles. Mason had ran off somewhere with one of the lacrosse players. You shook your head and took joy in just watching them but before you could join them your phone buzzed again. You hesitated for a second, before aggressively pulling it out of your pocket. You skimmed over the messages and let out a loud huff, before storming further out into the lacrosse field alone. Who knew so much stuff could happen in one day?

After about an hour, the party was still raging but it had died down from what it was. Most of the pack had stopped dancing and had collapsed away from the crowd in exhaustion. Stiles was throwing up behind the very same tree you were leaning against previously, while Liam awkwardly pat his back. Malia was sitting against the other side of the tree, half falling asleep while eating one of the freezing cold chicken nuggets the bonfire had provided. Lydia and Allison slightly stumbled over to them with Scott and Kira trying to hold them up. Mason had reappeared with a rather smug look on his face, followed by Isaac with a rather concerned one. “Where’s your sister? I haven’t heard from her in ages and she wont answer any of my texts” Isaac asked, shaking his phone. “Speaking of which, I haven’t heard from her in a while” Allison added, as if she instantly sobered up with worry. “Y/n’s right here, I can smell her” Malia claimed with her eyes shut. “Or she was here” Liam said, biting his lip anxiously. Stiles turned around and wiped his face, showing the same concerned expression as the others. “We’re probably overreacting, she’s probably hooking up with a ridiculously hot senior” Kira intervened. “Y/n wouldn’t do that, something is wrong” Isaac stated quickly after her. “Maybe he’s right, it’s not like her to leave without telling any of us” Lydia agreed. “So we’ll look for her” Mason spoke. They then proceeded to branch off into groups, some looking around the bonfire and the others back around the familiar locations of Beacon Hills.

A Few Days Later

“I knew something was wrong with her” Stiles shook his head. His murder board was now wiped clean, whatever he was researching in the trash. It was now occupied with your case and the leads to your disappearance. “Y/n’s her own warrior, I just wish she’d have let us help her this once” Lydia said glumly. “It’s my fault, she’s my sister and I should have protected her. How did I not even acknowledge that she needed me? For once in her life she needed us to help her, and we all let her down that day” it was clear that Scott was broken, along with your mom. She would put on a brave face, but it was obvious she was hurting. Stiles hadn’t slept since you went missing. He spent countless hours researching and adding your pictures to missing peoples websites, clinging to every last hope. The Sherriff also had a huge pile up at the station, because he made your case a priority over all the supernatural cases he needed to create rational explanations for. Lydia felt like she had lost apart of her. She would often go to tell you something at school, or begin texting you to meet up, before realising you weren’t there to hear it. “I’d never forgive myself if anything happened to her” Allison exclaimed, staring blankly. On the surface, her Argent training allowed her to remain her calm. But dating Scott had brought you a lot closer, you were practically family to her and the impact of your disappearance dragged her down “We’ll find her, I’m sure of it” Kira tried to be positive, even though there was a constant storm cloud hovering above her head, which could begin to pour at any moment.

Meanwhile at Derek’s loft: Isaac, Malia, Derek and Peter stood around the table. “Stiles said something about her getting a text from someone” Isaac voiced. “Who from?” Peter asked quickly. “I’m not sure, he never said. I don’t think he knew either” he added. “So what, she was kidnapped?” Malia was lost in this huge mess of chained events. “Didn’t you two hear anything at the bonfire?” Derek questioned with a firm tone. The two shook their heads and looked down at the ground, feeling that it was their fault for not looking out for you as much as they should have. “We’ll find her, just keep looking” Derek said, a bit more sympathetic than usual. Even the Hales missed your sarcastic presence. They missed the constant contradicting voice that would make meetings like this even remotely humorous. Isaac was also affected. He would find himself staring at the empty seat at lunch, that no one dared to touch, and miss the laughs you’d make, even at Stiles’ dumbest jokes. Malia never gave up hope, every night without fail she would sneak out and look for you. All she had was the scent from the t-shirt you had left at her house. The scent also acted as comfort for her, every time she felt like the odds were against you all.

Mason watched as Liam paced back and forth in his room constantly, biting his nails uneasily. “What if we don’t find her in time?” Liam questioned. “We will” Mason replied. “What if we’re already too late” “We’re not”. “What if-” Liam began to say before he was cut off. “Li, calm down. Y/n wouldn’t want to see you like this” Mason said, rubbing his shoulder for support. “But she’s missing and I think I know who took her-” Liam stated.

Should I continue this or not? Sorry for the non-existent uploads but schools started and I’m struggling to keep on top of things so I’ll upload when I can x

Don’t Leave Me

Request: Brad angst please / Do you think you could do a fluffy Brad smut?

Ask and you shall receive 

Warnings: Smut, A lot of angsty Brad, (Fluff)
Words: 2.8k

Brad is a little short on temper, and in a place where the stress of being in a band, touring the world, and writing music can be a little too overwhelming at times; He’s glad he has you to rely on.

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since forever.

woojin x reader (you)
genre: angst, fluff
warnings: physical bullying
a/n: requested! im sorry this was so shit hriedkmf i just didnt have much inspiration :(((

  • you and woojin were the best of friends
  • because your parents were friends and naturally both of you met when you were very young
  • you played together, and as you got older,,, you started to hang out outside
  • however by the time you both reached high school, woojin had oNE HELL OF A GLO UP
  • like damn boy
  • and he gained a ton of fangirls in school
  • there were always these bunch of girls following him ad giving him gifts
  • and these girls weren’t just anyone, they were the richest, prettiest and most stuck up girls in the school
  • your parents even worked for their parents
  • everyone looked up to them because of their family’s wealth and how gorgeous they all looked even in the morning
  • they were pretty much horrid to everyone tho, especially you
  • because of how close you were to woojin
  • everytime you laughed with him, they would shoot you a glare and “unintentionally” trip you on your way to class that day
  • or when they see you out with him at starbucks and “accidentally” spill their drink on you
  • that didnt really stop you from hanging out with him though
  • finally, one day, when you were walking out of school to meet woojin to hang out at a cafe,
  • they cornered you
  • “yah, y/n, you better stop hanging out with woojin. we know that you like him, but he definitely doesnt like you. if you hang out with him again, your precious mother and father will become jobless.”
  • one of the girls snarled at you
  • you had no choice but to bite back your tears and silently nod
  • im sorry, woojin…
  • you didn’t meet him that day
  • and your phone was vibrating and vibrating from the number of times woojin had called and texted you
  • 3.23pm
  • hey, where are you? ive been waiting for like 20 mins and youre usually nvr late??
  • y/nnnn dont tell me you ditched me
  • 3.28pm
  • ohmygod did something happen to you
  • bhfreduicf aNSWER MY CALL PLS
  • you didnt want your mum asking any questions so you quickly reply him
  • 3.29pm
  • don’t speak to me again.
  • you delete his number and block it, before throwing your phone to the ground and burying your face into your pillow, letting the tears flow down your face
  • the next day you just feel really numb because woojin usually walks you to school
  • so you quickly leave the house like really early
  • so that woojin wouldnt find you
  • and you try to avoid him
  • everytime you see him turning around the corner, you would hide behind your best friend, minjoo
  • “you know, i can beat up those girls for you, they’ll never dARE TO BLACKMAIL YOU AGAIN”
  • “minjoo…you know they’ll get their parents to fire my parents… i can’t let that happen”
  • you laugh at minjoo’s facial expression but suddenly stop
  • you see woojin standing across the cafetria staring at you
  • you panic as you see him walking towards your table and you grab minjoo’s hand, ready to make a ruN FOR IT
  • but before you could, a swift hand catches your wrist
  • “wait!”
  • you tug and mutter
  • “let me go”
  • “i will, if you tell me why you’re avoiding me”
  • “i… just dont like you. people come and go, woojin. i just simple dont like you.” you choke out
  • “lies. y/n, i miss you.” you notice his voice crack a little
  • “woojin….just go, please…” you pull your hand away and tugged on minjoo’s arm, pulling her away
  • woojin watches as you walk away, his heart shattering into little pieces ontp the floor
  • why were you treating him like this?
  • you shake your head and mutter,
  • “no…..he’s just saying that”
  • the whole day you just mope around, spacing out during classes, blanking out when minjoo talks to you, and giving half hearted answers to everyone
  • it was finally the end of the torturous day and you go by the back door to avoid bumping into woojin
  • but you see the girls standing there again
  • “there she is.” she smirks at you
  • “w…what?” you mumble, intimidated by them
  • she grabs a fistful of your hair,making you wince slightly, then whispers harshly to the side of your face
  • “you don’t think we didn’t see your little interaction with our oppa? stupid.”
  • “i-im sorry, i wont-”
  • she laughs and throws you to the ground, causing your head to slam against the wall
  • you grimace from the pain and you feel a hot liquid start to flow down your face, 
  • “you idiot. you better not speak or interact with him anymore”
  • “i already said i wont. stop thinking ill get in the way of your oppa.”
  • she scoffs at your response and raises her hand to slap you
  • you close your eyes and wait for the impact
  • but instead you hear a low growl
  • “don’t touch her.”
  • you open your eyes to woojin holding onto the girl’s wrist, before throwing her to the ground.
  • “woo-woojin, it isn’t what it looks like, she was harrasing me first-i”
  • she starts to fake cry
  • he scoffs and snarls
  • “pathetic. get out of here now and never touch her again, or ill really kill you.”
  • his gaze was so terrifying and she scrambles up, and runs away with her little gang
  • you start to get up but wince from the sudden pain on your head and knees
  • woojin immediately kneels down next to you and tears start to spring to his eyes
  • “youre so dumb. how could you get hurt because of me…. you should have told me.” he mumbles as he grazes his fingers over your wounds
  • “im sorry……. i was really scared..” you look down
  • and in a second, woojin swiftly picks you up bridal style
  • by instinct, your hands fly to woojin’s neck
  • little did the other know, you were both blushing super hard
  • “let’s bring you to the infirmary.”
  • he places you on the bed and kneels down, carefully helping you to wash your wounds
  • as he dabs the wounds, he says
  • “i want to openly protect you from now on.”
  • “huh?”
  • you cock your head, not really getting what he was hinting at
  • he shifts his eyes to look at you and you get lost in his dark brown eyes
  • “you make me want to protect you.”
  • he stands up and bends down, tentatively placing his soft lips onto yours
  • he gently places his hands on your cheeks and deepens the kiss as he gains confidence
  • woojin finally breaks away before placing a kiss on your forehead
  • “i guess that means you like me too?” you smile sweetly at him
  • “since forever, you don’t know how long ive been waiting for this moment.” as he leans in once again.
Jason Todd x Reader (Drabble)

Request: “65, 66, 36. Jason when his s/o is abused by someone she used to know or something like that.”- anon

65 “what are you gonna do about it?”

66 “wait what?”

36 “don’t you dare touch me like that again you creep!”

Y/N- Your Name

Warnings: Swearing and mentions of physical and mental abuse.

A/N/: Soooooooooo, this was requested back in May, but I’m a piece of shit so I didn’t end up finishing it till now. But, yeah! Here it is! Comments and reblogs are much appreciated! Let me know what you guys think! -TeeJ


Don’t you dare touch me like that again, you creep!” you shout as you back away from the man you used to call your boyfriend.

You were talking big, but on the inside you were terrified. He moves towards you, his face contorted into a horrifying sneer.

“So what if I do, bitch? What are you gonna do about it??” he barks back.

You take another step away from him, but this time you feel your back hit a wall. Your stomach drops as you realize that you’re cornered… There’s nowhere to run, and even if there was he was too close now. There was no doubt in your mind that he’d catch you.

“Y/N!” you hear a voice call from off in the distance.

You look around, but you cant find the person who’s saying your name.

“Y/N! Can you hear me?” the voice says again.

But before you can react your ex lunges forward and grabs you, and all you can do is let out an ear piercing scream.

You jolt awake to find Jason sitting on the floor beside the couch with a worried look on his face.

A dream… it was just a dream, you think to yourself.

“Y/N… babe. Are you okay?” Jason asks, wiping the tears off your cheeks.

You hadn’t even realized you’d been crying until he touched your face.

“What happened?” you ask, still a little dazed.

“I could ask you the same thing… I came home from patrol and saw you had fallen asleep on the couch. Decided I’d take a quick shower before bringing you to the room, but when I got into the bathroom you started screaming.” he explains.

You sit up now, allowing Jason up on the couch with you. You pull your knee’s to your chest, and wrap your arms around your legs.

“I had a dream about him…” you whisper.

Jason looks at you, obviously confused.

Wait, what? Him? Him who?” he asks.

“My ex.” you say. “A few years before I met you, I was dating this guy… he was amazing. He was kind, and loving, and perfect… until he wasn’t. It was like a switch had flipped inside him. He became super possessive of me, and jealous. It started with the mental abuse, but quickly escalated into physical. I was so scared… it got so bad, that I was convinced he was gonna kill me.” you say as tears start to well up in your eyes again.

You look up at Jason, finally meeting his eyes with your own. His expression hard to read, somewhere between angry and sad, maybe. He was sick to his stomach at the thought of someone ever putting their hands on you like that, but he also could probably rip someones head off if given the chance. His features soften though when he see’s that you’re looking at him. He reaches out to hold you, but he stops himself.

“Can I touch you?” he asks, and you nod.

He scoots closer to you and pulls you into his arms. You relax against him, and you both just sit like that for a while. Jason playing with your hair, and your head on his chest listening to his heart beat.

“I wont let anyone hurt you like that again…” Jason says finally, and you believe him.

He was the exact opposite of your ex in every possible way, and you thanked god for that every day.

“I love you, Jason Todd.” You say.

“I love you too, Y/N.” he mumbles as he presses a kiss against the top of your head. “I love you so much.”

anonymous asked:

For an imagine. If you could do one where reader finds the group (whichever era) she's about 25 and has dad/guy trust issues. Very independent and doesn't want any help from a man. However you want to take it from there :) smut and fluff would be a huge plus.

Yeah, I hope you like it!

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My Stranger

Daryl x Reader
Words number - 1500
Warning- fluff and little smut

You entered the store to scavenge something to keep you satisfied for the week, you have been on your own for almost a year now, sure its lonely and depressing but its also safe.

It keeps you from getting hurt and betrayed.


something you knew all too well, even though it was right in front of you all these years, you refused to see it. refused to believe that the only person you loved would betray you

Your dad was a drunk, he would drink himself to sleep. Gambling with every cent you earned, even with your mother’s medical payment, he would still use that money you kept aside for her treatment, and well now she is dead and so was he.

He used you for money since you were 14, and now you were 25, yet the horrid memories wouldn’t leave you. you thought with you boyfriend around, he could be your wall, your stepping stone, your backbone that held you up, even though he cheated on you, he promised to never do it again, and being 17 and in love, you believed him.

Until a year ago, when your camp was being attacked by walkers and to save himself he pushed you in front of them so that he could escape.
Sad thing, he didn’t escape and before taking further steps, a walker attacked him and ripped him apart, saving you instead.

you didn’t feel sad, remorse or regret. indeed it was that day that you realized that you dont need any man, or anybody in fact to take care of you. you took care of your mother and drunk father. you damn well could take care of your damn self and didn’t need anyone.

and thats how you ended up alone, for a year.

grossed in your own thoughts, you didn’t notice the walker that threw itself on you, knocking you to the floor, your gun flying away from your reach. Trying to reach for the knife in your back pocket, you couldn’t. the walker was so heavy and was persistant of having a bite of off you.

“Fuck!” you cursed as you tried to push it off of you

You thought you would die, but what you didn’t expect was the arrow that flew, and ended up right between the eyes of the walker.

you pushed it of off you, much easier now that it wasn’t struggling and stood to see a tall guy with long dark hair covering his face, he had a crossbow in his hand and he was wearing a vest and worn out jeans

“I could have taken care of it myself!” you said annoyed, you hated to admit that, a ‘man’ saved you

“Yeah” he scoffed as he turned, he started searching the shelves in the store

“Daryl, we found nothing!” A dark female, with swords on either sides of her back and a tank top appeared, behind her followed a man with a light scruff and grey color eyes

they saw you and drew their weapons, pointing it at you

“Where is Daryl?” the grey eyes man spoke, pointing the gun at you

“I dont know who Daryl is” you said simply as you walked around, not bothered with the gun pointed at you

“Rick” the man that saved you came, through a back door “Dont” he said motioning the grey eyes man to lower his gun and he did

The three of them seemed to have a silent conversation going on between them and suddenly all three approached you

“What?” you asked looking between them

“How many dead, did you kill?” the grey eyes man spoke

“And why should I tell you?” you asked amused

“Just answer him” Daryl said

“I dont count!” you said honestly

“How many living?” grey eyes dude asked again

“Ten” you said honestly

“Why?” Daryl asked

“Why? you tell me why?” you hissed as you tried to move around them, you were done with their games, but the girl with them came in front of you blocking your way

“Do you have a camp?” she asked and you laughed

“I’m all on my own!” you said as you tried to move but she didn’t let you

“Since when?” Rick, you think asked

“A year? I dont remember!” you said annoyed

“How about you come with us, we have camp and everything” Daryl offered and you smiled

“Yeah, no! I dont do well with groups!” you said honestly

“Just come, and if you feel you dont fit, than go back to the road!” the girl spoke and you nodded, you got nothing to lose anyway


All this, took part almost one year ago, you going to Alexandria, meeting and getting to know people, having your own house, a place to call home. something you thought you might never have again.

But what you really didn’t expect was your unconditional growing feelings towards Daryl.

before you knew it, you were in love with him, but you would never admit it. you had your fair share of heartbreak and betrayal and you would be damned if you let anything like that happen to you again. so whenever Daryl tried to get close to you, you would push him away, be rude and mean. hoping it would work

but Daryl could see right through you. he knew why you did all this and he would be damned if he lost you because of some stupid fear you had.

“Y/n!” Rick yelled and when you looked up, you saw a walker launch himself on you, his teeth inches away from your arm.

Before you could react, an arrow landed in the walkers head, saving you. you sighed in relief thinking it was all over now, oh boy how wrong you were

Daryl who just saved you, didn’t notice the walker that jumped him and now he was under the walker’s mercy, Daryl was far you couldn’t get to him on time. he was going to die because he saved you

fucking idiot thinks he can save everyone and now he was going to die

Thankfully, Michonne was there and she swung her sword, cutting the walker in two

You were so pissed with Daryl all the way back home, the bloody idiot thought he could save everyone at the cost of his life, who told him to save you, you could save your own damn self

when you reached Alexandria, you jumped off the car and stormed to your house annoyed

“Y/n!” Daryl jumped right after you, yelling your name, but you ignored him.

you went into your house, ready to slam the door, only for a foot to stop it from completely shutting.

you walked up stairs towards your room. you weren’t going to sit and talk to him, you hated him for defending you, he thinks he is invincible

you went to your room and as you were about to enter, a rough hand grabbed your arms, pushing you towards the wall

“What the hell is wrong with you?” Daryl yelled at you and you pushed him, you hit him hard against his chest, making him stumble a step or two.

“Stupid, Bitch!” he growled rubbing his chest were you just hit him

“You are the bitch!” you spat annoyed

“Whats your problem?“he asked calmer now

"You!” you snapped at him “You are my problem! you think you are superman? news flash Daryl, you bleed!”

“What are you even talking about?” he said honestly confused

“Who told you to try and help me? I dont need your help! I dont need anyones help! i can save my own damn self!” you yelled at him, he looked much calmer now

“Y/n..” he said softly as he approached you and you backed away, hitting you back to the wall

“What are you doing?” you asked breathless, Daryl was incredibly close to you right now

“I like you” he admitted and your eyes were wide “And I know you like me too, and you are trying to push me away” he confessed and your mind went blank

“What?” you breathed

“Just tell me that I’m not reading this wrong, that my feelings aren’t one sided” he said as his nose brushed yours, his lips inches away

“Daryl..” you whispered

“I wont ever hurt you, I promise, you dont have to be afraid when you are with me” he said and you felt his hands on your hips, rubbing small circles with his thumb


And just like that his lips were on yours, kissing you hungrily.

his hand pinned yours upwards as he started sucking at your neck, making you moan.

your hands pulled out of his grip and reached out and grabbed fists full of his vest, holding him to you desperately as his tongue lay claim to yours. It moved at slow and languid pace against yours, yet it was strong and demanding. A groan rose up in your chest as his hands gripped you tight, making you shiver under his touch

His mouth left yours, causing you to whimper, until his sinful lips trailed down your jaw, to the juncture where your neck met your shoulder as he sucked a dark purple mark.

“Y/n!” he moaned against your skin, moving lower to plant reverent kisses on the swell of your breasts. Ripping your shirt open, a gasp escaping your lips. Pushing your shirt off your shoulders and kissing you fiercely again.

Your hands ran along his neck and into his long hair, the tips of your fingers dancing along the long hairs on his shoulder.

Daryl grabbed your ass and hoisted you up, and you to wrapped your legs around his waist. He moved away from the wall, walking you into your bedroom. He threw you on the bed and smirked. He removed his vest, tossing it in a chair before hovering over you, his breath mixing with yours

“You dont need anyone, but I need you!” he confessed

And this night he spent it proving you, just how much he needed you!

Miracle of Life

Pete Dunne x Reader

Requested by @morgancorbin

Prompt: Would you pretty please write a one shot about Pete Dunne, he just one the U.K. Championship and his pregnant wife goes into labor?

Taglist: @logandemico @pandoorii @awkward-walking-potato @ilovesamizaynn @rabidwrestlingfan @dorkyvillain @wwesavedme @princess3733 @spot-of-bother @daydreambelieverx86 @heelturn-timesten @ambrosegirlforever @morgancorbin @eviewatcheswrestling @amaranthine-reign @cute-face-chubby-waist @theelitevillian

Originally posted by samizayn

“Are ya sure you wanna go with me?” Pete stood infront of you with crossed arms infront of is chest.

“Of course! This is your day. And what kind of a wife would I be if I wouldn’t support you during the most important match of your career?” you busied yourself by packing your purse, ignoring the sceptical look your husband of almost 2 years gave you. You loved that Pete was always protective over you but you didn’t see a why you shouldn’t attend to his match against Tyler today.

“You’d be a responisble pregnant wife.” he reasoned, “Ya due any minute, lav. I’m just worried.” he talked on.

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Study Buddies

Pairing: G-Dragon x You Theme: SMUT Word Count: 1853

A paperball hits you in the side of the cheek and you roll your eyes. Seriously? We are fucking college students for crying outloud. You pick it up off of the desk with a sigh. As your economics teacher drones on and on about monopolies and societal revenue, you quickly and stealthily open up the wadded piece of paper. 

“Pssssst Y/N, I need your help studying! I know the test is tomorrow and I can’t fail it! Pllleeeeaaasssseeeee noona?! -Call Me Mr. Fuckin’ G.O.D." 

You roll your eyes, not at the request, but at how he signed the letter. You smooth out the paper and grab your pencil. 

"Ji-Yong Hyung,  1. I am not your noona… You are literally a whole year older than me.  2. Of course I’ll help you study, but you’ll owe me! ;P 3. If I call you anything it’ll be dipshit… -You’re Dongsaeng.”

You gently fold up the paper into a neat little square and hand it to your neighbor. 

“Pass it to Ji-Yong.” You mouth at them. They nod and pass the message until Ji-Yong is holding the note in his hands. 

He opens the letter with little to no discretion, causing you to fight the urge to face palm. He smiles happily to himself and rolls his eyes before grabbing his pencil to reply. A few minutes later the once again balled up piece of paper is laying on your desk again. 

“Dongsaeng, is calling your Oppa a dipshit respectful… Maybe you’ll tutor me in the ways of economics and I’ll tutor you in the ways of mannerisms. I’ll walk home with you mkay? xx- Oppa" 

You bite back a light grin and when the teacher isn’t looking, turn around and flip him off. He glares at you and you stifle a giggle. 

Later that afternoon as the bell rings once more signalling the end of the day, You walk through the crowded halls quickly. You finally make it to your locker. you unlock it and shove the text books you don’t need inside the small rectangular metal box. As you are shutting your locker you look to the right and then to left. This is when you see Ji-Yong leaning up against the locker beside yours.

"Hey there sweet cheeks.” He says cheekily. 

You roll your eyes and turn towards the exit. You begin walking, with your backpack over your shoulders and Ji-Yong  beside you. Once outside of the large college he links his hand with yours.

“What the fuck are you doing?” You ask him incredulously, a dark blush flowing over your cheeks.

“Shut up dongsaeng. I’m only holding your hand. You wont die.” he replies slightly annoyed.  

“It’s just weird! Since when do we hold hands?” You question.

“Hush, I just wanted to hold your hand, but if you’re gonna whine about it then never mind.” He says sounding more embarassed than annoyed now.

“N-no… It’s fine. I was just surprised is all.” Your blush grows darker.

By the time that the two of you reach your home he is swinging your hands back and forth cutely and your chattering is nonstop. Once inside you both kick off your shoes and drop your bags by the door.

“Snack first?” You ask, making your way towards the kitchen. You two had been friends since you could barely walk and so this obviously wasn’t his first time in your home. Before you could make it more than a few steps away he grabs your wrist and pulls you back. You yelp as you stumble back towards him. He chuckles and pins you up against the door.      

“Is everything okay down there Y/N?” A masculine voice calls out from upstairs. Both you and Ji-Yong freeze. 

“Sorry Mr. Y/L/N! I accidentally bumped into her and scared her!” Ji-Yong calls out. 

“Ji-Yong is that you? It’s been a while!” The voice calls out again. 

“Yes sir it has been a very long time,” he begins shooting you a look that gave you chills, “Y/N invited me over to study for our big economics test tomorrow!" 

"Oh that was a great idea on your part honey!” your father calls out to you this time. 

“Yes sir, he is pretty good at the subject and I figured it would be v-very b-beneficial to m-me.” You stutter out as Ji-Yong licks up the side of your neck before beginning to suck on it. 

“Well I’ll leave you two be! I have a big presentation tomorrow so I’ll be up here in my office working on that! Knock if you need me!”

“Will do sir!.” Ji-Yong responds all the while looking at you with a smirk. You both here the door to your father’s office close and you look at GD incredulously. 

“What are you doing?” You whisper harshly. 

“You asked if I wanted a snack.” He replies with a shrug looking you up and down hungrily, “I figured I’d help myself to what your parents made.”

“Ji-Yong, n-no." 

"When you tell me to stop I will, but for now…” He trails off as his mouth returns to your neck. 

“Ji-Yong, s-seriously. My d-dad is l-literally right up the stairs.” You say biting back moans. 

“But your daddy is right here.” he replies with a cocky smirk, lifting you up and wrapping your legs around him. 

You protest in harsh whispers as he walks you to the kitchen and sits you down on the table. 

“Oh hush Y/N.” he says darkly, spreading your legs. 

You push down the hem of your skirt to cover your crotch. He chuckles before grabbing a fist full of your hair and pulling it back. It hurts a little, but it turns you on more. His hot breath fans over your ear. 

“Y/N I’m going to count to three. You better have your skirt lifted up and your hands above your head by the time I’m finished counting. If you don’t this will be a lot harder for you." 

He lets go of your hair and squats down until he is eye level with your crotch. All the while counting slowly to three. His voice has never seemed so sexy to you. You proceed to lift your skirt and raise your hands obediently. He smirks up at you as he hooks his fingers into either side of your panties and gently moves them down your thighs, then down your calves, and onto the floor. You are looking down at him nervously, as he pulls your hips to the edge of the table, his mouth centimeters from your heat. He gently kisses your clit and you shudder. He smiles and proceeds to lick it. You gasp loudly and he looks up at you. 

"You’re father is upstairs.” he reminds you before licking your clit once more. 

You bite your bottom lip and drop your hands to Ji-Yong’s hair. After assaulting your clit numerous times he surprises you by dipping his tongue into your dripping hole. You open your mouth, but no sound comes out, just an face expressing extremely pleasure. 

“You’re so tight Y/N and this is just my tongue. I can only imagine what you’d feel like around my fingers… Or better yet my cock.”

“I-I wouldn’t mind finding out Ji-Yong Oppa…”

He sticks his tongue back inside of you and hums lightly before pulling it out again to look up at you. 

“You’re still a virgin aren’t you Y/N?”

You look away embarrassed by the obvious fact. He chuckles, “Let’s change that." 

You look at him wide eyed as he stands up and unzips his pants quickly. You try to look everywhere but at his obvious erection. 

"You’re so wet I should be able to just slide in. I’ll be gentle with you Y/N, don’t worry.” He looks at you, but this time you see a lot of love in his dark eyes, not cockiness. 

You nod lightly, a dark blush painting your cheeks. He pulls down his boxers and you finally give up on trying not to look at his erection. 

“My eyes are up here ya know?” He questions jokingly, cupping your chin in his hand and lifting your head. He stares deep into your eyes before kissing you lightly. You are the one who deepens the kiss, with a cross between passion and aggression. He raises his eyebrow in a shocked way, but doesn’t protest. As your kiss continues to heat up, you feel his tip brush against your core and you moan into his mouth. He slowly pushes his tip into, while lifting you lightly off the table. He slowly pushes his entire length into you and you tear up. You bite his lip harshly. He groans both at the bite and how tight you are around him. 

“F-fuck Y/N.” he groans out quietly. 

“P-please move Ji-Yong Oppa.” you mumble.

He nods, pulling out and pushing back in. With just the first thrust you are already weak. He is surprisingly vocal; whispering out profanity and a slur of compliments to you. Eventually, his thrusts get faster and his grip on your hips gets tighter. You begin to meet his upward thrusts with downward grinds and when he hits your spot you connect your lips with his harshly. This quieted your moans significantly. 

“O-oppa, I th-think I’m g-gonna… Ahh.” you moan out and he smirks thrusting harder and faster. 

“Do it baby girl. Cum around my dick.” he groans into your ear. 

Right after he says these words you do and he groans. He tries to hold his orgasm in order to let you ride out your high, but he can’t hold it for long and cums. Some inside of you and some on your stomach. You are both panting and sweating. He chuckles and so do you. 

“I never thought you’d be my first.” you say inbetween heavy breaths. 

He smiles widely, “Can I be your last too? And every time in between?”

“Are you asking me out you asshole?”

“Is that a yes loser?”

“Well no shit!” you say as he sets you back down on the table. 

As you try to stand up, you stumble forward and he catches you. 

“So, what you’re saying is I have to carry your fat ass?" 

"Shut the fuck up! You didn’t have a problem holding me up just a few seconds ago!”

He laughs as he pulls his pants and underwear back up. He rolls his eyes and picks up your underwear from the floor and then you. He lugs you over his shoulder and you yelp. 

“TO THE BATHROOM WE GO!” he calls out loudly. 

“Did you kids say something?” Your father calls out from up the stairs. 

You tense up and Ji-Yong answers, “Sorry I yelled in victory. I won our little economics game review!”

“Oh okay! Well, congratulations!” your father calls out once more and then the door is heard closing once more. 

“Nice save douche-bag.”

“Don’t make me drop your ass.” he replies.

You both laugh as he carries you to the bathroom and helps you clean up. 

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Remedy (2)

Bucky x reader

Bucky’s POV.

Notes: trigger warnings! Implications of sexual abuse, mentions of torture, swearing, injuries, cute-ass Bucky who knows exactly how to be sweet and careful.

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Originally posted by pxggycxrters

Remedy (1)

It took a good hour until all her wounds were tended to. Bruce had a pained expression on his face the entire time he was attending to her, probably unwillingly imagining the grim images of what was done to her, just as I had been doing.

“She seems to be fixated on you” Bruce said as he disposed of his latex gloves. “she trusts you; for as far as she can trust anyone”

I sighed, biting my lower lip, a nervous tick that I can’t seem to get rid of. “I noticed. What am I supposed to do with that?”

“I know it’s inconvenient, but you’re gonna have to be the one to take care of her. If she’s ever going to speak, it’ll be with you” Bruce said matter-of-factly.

“It’s not inconvenient” I said all too quickly. “I just..” another sigh left me, “I’m not good at this kind of thing”

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anonymous asked:

I was looking over that "Space and Time aren't the only necessary things in Sburb" post, and while I get what you're saying, aren't there classpects (or maybe just the combination of class and aspect) that really could be considered unnecessary in the grand scheme of the game? Because prototyping can be done by anyone and some aspects and classes (like Heart and Mages) aren't good for fighting, so aren't there some combinations (ie Mage of Heart) that are unneeded or worthless?

short answer: No.
long answer: hell no aint no such thing as a useless person so jot that down
who says knowledge classes arent good at fighting? may i direct your attention to rose’ wands, terezi’s cane swords and the fact that sollux had frequent duels with eridan a prince of hope so he could at least hold his own against him

besides, there can be any number of situations that wont be solved with just fighting?
what if you want to speak with your denizen? make a deal with them? what if you dont understand what theyre trying to tell you? what if the terms of their deal are incomprehemsible or seem impossible to you? that means in order to do this you need a better understanding yeah? or just something they are saying about you isnt clicking?
not to mention, land quests arent just kill quests where you go somewhere and kill enough imps. theyre puzzles too, what if you need some straightforward non sprite “oh my just figure it out” help?
pretty much everything in sburb besides the fighty parts are still important parts of your game that can and will require knowledge and heart classes and anything else you deem “unimportant”

If These Walls Could Talk

Originally posted by rapnamjoon

Title: If These Walls Could Talk

Genre: Smut

Characters: Reader / Kim Jongdae ft. Oh Sehun

Notes: literally just did this today, im like hella depressed and felt like yall wanted a lil sum sum, well heres my bias for ya. cheating on my second bias with my bias? hell yeah. BUT JON GDAES NEW HAIR AM I RIGHT ? this comeback is hurting me. also am i the only band nerd thats having to go through band camp this time of summer? send me an ask if youre a fellow band geek thats burdened with 120 hours of drill setting! (im in the guard but oh well, still a band geek)

Summary: He could never make you feel that way. Of course it was wrong, but why did it feel so right? If those bathroom walls could talk..

Words: 1,162

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What You Do On His Day Off

S. Coups:
• he wouldn’t be so happy at first, leaving his precious gang in the hands of Mingyu
• after an hour or so of sleepy cuddling he would get over it
• he really wouldn’t want to go anywhere except to eat
• so if you wanted to do something fun you would have to beg a lot
• he would always be checking in with the members even if they told him to shut up and enjoy his time off
• the only time he would actually wanna go somewhere is at like 1am
• you wanted to sleep but he insisted that a late night/early morning meal would be the best thing ever
• and maybe it would be if he didn’t make you do it every single night.

Originally posted by minghuao

• another one who wants to stay in
• lots of cuddling
• sometimes you’d wanna get up so you ask if he wants to call Seungcheol or something to check if they need help
• he would deny and say that they don’t need him today so you two can stay right there and sleep the day away
• “hey if you make me some food I’ll love you forever”
• he’s needy and you can’t stop it
• the deviousness doesn’t stop just because he loves you so don’t expect special treatment
• all in all he just wants to have a nice calm day with you because he cant have calm when he’s working.

Originally posted by jeonghney

• he would plan out the most extra day you’ve ever known
• like amusement parks, haunted houses, swimming pools, a festival, cooking lessons, weird dance classes, cuddling,
• “what do you mean we can’t do it all in one day i stole plenty of money just so we could do this”
• you mention the rest of the gang and what if they have an emergency? you two could be hours away at some merengue dance classes and then they’d all die
• “i’ll tell them not to do dangerous deals while we’re out doing the salsa”
• there’s no fighting this, you can’t stop the Joshua train from chugging all over the city
• it’s his day off and he’ll use it to the fullest
• just let him do it because the next day he’s just going to be suffering again.

Originally posted by lovejoshua17

• honestly he would be all over the place with what he wants to do
• he wants to stay in and cuddle or something
• but he also really wants to just walk around with you even if showing in face in many public places is dangerous
• you would mention a few places you could go together but he would let out a small laugh
• “yeah, no, we had a deal there and if i showed up alone they’d probably find someone to kill me”
• that leads to him telling you more stories about his mafia excursions
• there is no end to it, you end up wasting 70% of the day talking about the mafia
• the last 30% you go to some far away town to do some window shopping and eating.

Originally posted by wouhui

• he would definitely be more focused on bossing around the other members from home
• they told him to shut up and go away so a pout becomes stuck on his face
• you try to cheer him up but it’s like he was born with a pout
• “i mean i guess we could go see a movie, get a nice dinner, and go watch the sunset, if you insist”
• except you didn’t mention any of those things
• turns out he can be a sappy little dork too
• once you get home he is stuck on you like glue
• “how about we end off this day with a bang?” no.

Originally posted by fyhoshi

• he would be most content with sitting at home
• reading while you sit next to him
• or cuddling while watching a movie
• Mingyu probably calls him a few times throughout the day but he only answers once
• “hey [y/n] there’s this new documentary on ancient and modern torture can we watch it?”
• the way he asked is so innocent how could you say no
• he gets super excited and you can’t help but laugh even though it’s super dark humor
• or he gets upset that they use things wrong and insists on showing you how things are actually done.

Originally posted by mc-gyu

• he had actually been planning this for weeks, even months
• it really isn’t extravagant, he was just happy to get away from the smell of blood and drugs for a day
• except when the day finally came you woke up to find him planning future deals
• “ah, i don’t know what to do… give me an hour or two and then we can leave”
• it takes about three hours filled with calls from Seungcheol and Soonyoung
• he spoils you because he feels bad for taking time away from your day
• he wont let you say no to being spoiled either
• don’t fight him on it, you’ll always lose against him.

Originally posted by because-they-re-angels

• he wants to walk around with you, to just go anywhere
• like a normal couple who doesn’t have to run anytime they run into a member of a rival gang
• he mostly enjoys sightseeing or shopping
• he even has a big smile on his face when he gets to hold any bags you have because wow this is normal
• “oh Jun is calling me? he’ll have to wait i need to try on these sunglasses”
• he would also want to take a lot of cute selfies
• at the very end of the day he would be most happy just to check on the rest of the members because he cares so much.

Originally posted by luhan-bee

• he would also enjoy just walking around
• there would be no mention of the mafia with him, surprisingly
• except for “not my mafia anymore, not my problem!” anytime someone called
• a day filled with shopping but not much of buying anything
• for food, he’d take you to a new foreign restaurant every time you went out
• also he gives you his jacket or gets you a cute matching one
• even if you look like you’re both in a motorcycle gang
• but like i mean, that’s better than what he’s actually in so.

Originally posted by svnteen-idiots

• you’re either going to a comedy club or a casino
• he just wants to be somewhere where he can smile a lot and have you by his side
•even if he goes to a casino everyday for work
• he’ll be excited to take you out for dinner
• if you went to the comedy club you’ll be eating some club food but you two put it together in weird/fun combinations
• if you went to the casino, he would spend his winnings on a big, fancy dinner
• overall it’s just a really nice and smiley day with no interruptions.

Originally posted by faceofdistaste

• he would firstly stress out about what you’re going to do that day
• “what do you think? is it really worth doing this? do you think there’s any gang activity there?”
• you assure him that where ever he wants to go will be a good place
• but he just sighs dramatically and says that doesn’t help him make a decision
• you end up just leaving the house to see what’s around that would be fun
• “i’m getting a call from Seokmin what do i do?” he asks you because he doesn’t want to interrupt your day together again
• he answers the call while you get a big ice cream cone to share
• everything is alright, and you two just end up walking around and eating ice cream.

Originally posted by strawberryboo

• the first thing he does is ask Seungkwan and Soonyoung to make sure there would be no interruptions
• once he gets that sorted out he goes back to you and (maybe you make it for him ;)) eats some breakfast with you
• everything’s chill but then he’s suddenly like “hey like go climb a mountain”
• at first you’re like no but he somehow convinces you
• a lot of his decisions on off days are spontaneous because he didn’t really plan things
• so you climb this mountain or whatever and then his favorite thing to do is watch the sunset
•always accompanied by a nice little picnic, courtesy of Mingyu and Seungkwan
• when he realizes you’ll have to climb down in the dark he awkwardly gives you a hug to break the news that you cant wait until morning.

Originally posted by sneezes

• you thought he had nothing planned except sitting around and cuddling
• but bam he wakes up and pulls out a whole list of things he can’t do while working, like Joshua
• “ok so at 11 we’ll go to the circus and get some circus food and at 1 we can go laser tagging and then at 3 we’re gonna-”
• there’s no end but he’s so excited, you can’t crush his dreams
• Mingyu calls as you arrive at your first destination
• he proceeds to turn his phone off because he doesn’t want his fun to be interrupted
• but he does get in trouble for it the next day cause they needed some important information from him
• when he tells you he laughs it off because spending time with you was more important than the information would ever be.

Originally posted by theresakk1889

Joe Sugg Imagine || Photograph ||

Anonymous said:

Yow! I love your writings so much 💖 I was wondering maybe you could do one with either Joe or Caspar (whoever you want!) where you two are really close friends and you go to VidCon together like on the plane or something and you two did something really cute and fluffy and some viewers took pics and after that rumors spread that you’re dating and your social media sites went crazy. Sorry if it’s too specific. Depends on you if you’d do it or not! Cheers, thanks love 💕

- - -

“I hate flying so much.” You nervously played with your seatbelt in attempts not to bite your nails. It wasn’t that you hadn’t flown much before, because you had for VidCon, PlayList and of course random holidays, you just got incredibly nervous flying over the large Atlantic Ocean… But then again, you had the bad habit of watching plane crash documentaries on YouTube. So in reality you brought it on yourself.

“Oh calm down you nervous butt!” Joe said seeing you being twitchy as the plane continued to load passengers. “I’m calm!” You said sharply, looking at him, watching him shove his bag into the overhead bin. “Uh huh and I’m the King of England.” He rolled his eyes, his tone dripping of sarcasm.
“Your Highness.” You said in a swift and equally sarcasm tone, giving him a little bow from your seat.

“Jerk.” Joe sat down beside you, clicking his belt together. “Made you stop thinking about flying for a minute though, didn’t I?” He raised an eyebrow and grinned.

“I might have…” You nodded, “you’re welcome.” Joe winked at you.

Having been the best of friends for years, you were glad of all people to be sitting next to you on this flight, that it was Joe.

“VidCon!!” Caspar said walking down the aisle of the plane and several other YouTubers in the cabin cheered.
You couldn’t help but roll your eyes, trying not to laugh at this foolishness. “Look at him, he’s growing up so quick.” Joe remarked, “I know, one minute you’re adopting them from South Africa… Next time you blink … They’re all grown.” You sniffed, pretending to wipe a tear away.

Joe shaking his head, was laughing.

The plane finished loading, and you took off, watching as the ground got farther and farther away, you turned your attention to the monitor on the back of the seat in front of you.

“Good old stop over in Atlanta.” Joe said as he put his headphones on, putting down his tray table and dragging out his MacBook, opening it up. “I love Atlanta.” You admitted, your iPad resting on your lap, as you listened to a  SourceFed Podcast…

The flight was a good few hours in, you left early in the morning from Heathrow and the sky was still dark, you were okay for the longest time but then you started feeling your nervousness creeping back up on you, you looked to Joe who was in a half daze, falling asleep.

You tried to look away before he noticed you were staring at him, but he noticed. “You okay?” He asked, you just shook your head a little bit, “come on… You’re okay.” He assured, sitting up in his seat, he wrapped his arms around you and pulled you close into him, rubbing his hand up and down your arm slowly. “Just sleep… Sleep, like I am and the next time you know we’ll be preparing for landing in America.” He kissed the top of your head.

“I don’t think I’m gonna fall asleep.” You said leaning your head against him, closing your eyes none the less.
“I wont let anything happen to you, you’re alright.” He promised, still rubbing your arm gently, you held your eyes closed, zoning out that you were on a very large flying piece of metal over the ocean.

Eventually you did drift off into a sleep… As did Joe, still holding you, he rested his head atop yours and drifted off to sleep.

Caspar peaking over the seats, noticed the two of you snuggled up to each other, holding up his phone he snapped a few pictures, feeling the need to have some fun on the long flight, he turned back around in his seat.

Opening Twitter, he attached the picture and wrote ’#CoupleGoals’ before sending it off into the world wide web.

“So glad I paid for the WiFi.” He grinned to himself.

Within minutes of him posting that photograph, viewers went wild, retweeting and at replying Caspar, tweeting both you and Joe about it.

There had always been massive speculations Joe and you were secretly dating and keeping it hidden from everyone, so Caspar decided to add some fuel to the fire…

Standing at your gate for your next plane in Atlanta you connected to the WiFi and watched your Twitter notifications go insane. “Whoa.” You were surprised, they usually weren’t that bad.

“I know.” Joe said confused, noticing the same thing about his own profile.

“Oh my god.” You seen all these people freaking out about Joe and you being together, that you guys were finally coming out as a couple, people squealing in excitement via written text.

“What did I miss?” You asked seriously, looking at Joe who looked equally confused.

“Hi love birds.” Caspar joined them, giving a little wave, holding back a smirk.

“Caspar!” You exclaimed, “what did you do?!” You asked quickly.

“Nothing, just maybe… Posted a picture or two of you guys cuddling on the plane.” He said innocently.

“Caspar!” Joe exclaimed now, “are you insane? (Y/N) and I aren’t dating!” He ran his fingers quickly through his hair.

“Hashtag couple goals?!” You snapped at Caspar.

“Well….” Caspar said still pulling the innocent tone, but the look on his face was evil.

“I mean, at least now you’ll have something to talk about in your panel, right?” He pointed out, “see I made you interesting. You’re welcome!” He clapped.

“I’m going to kill you.” You said quickly, taking off your backpack…

A Little Mistake Messenger

Ch. 1 Ch. 2 Ch. 3 Ch. 4 Ch. 5 Ch. 6 Ch. 7 Ch. 8  Ch. 9 Ch. 10 Ch. 11

Summary:  MC has exciting news to tell Zen and the other RFA members. That is until the MC gets a shock from Zen. MC finds comfort in a close friend, Jumin Han.

Rating: M (language and adult themes)

Tags: Mystic Messenger, Jumin x MC, Zen x MC

Authors note: Guys I tried really really hard to make this at least 10 pages long due to some suggestions that my other chapters are short. I had to go back to Jumins route to find pieces that i could incorporate into this story. Expect Smut in the next chapter. It wont be 10 pages long of a post though sorry to disappoint. I actually wrote the Smut first and then work the plot around it, just didn’t fit in this chapter. I love you guys for patiently waiting and reading still you keep me going! 

“I want to be honest with my feelings for you. I had intentions on letting our relationship grow however I ant deny that there is a strong attraction to you. I cannot hold myself back any longer.”


I felt his hand on my chin and he pressed his lips firmly against mine. My mind went blank at his tender kiss. I wanted more. I needed more. But I also needed to breathe before I was consumed in his heat. I looked into Jumins eyes that were tenderly looking into my own. I don’t know how long we stood there just looking at each other. Sarah must have let herself out on her own. Jumins hand placed behind my head. My hands holding tightly onto his shirt. I let my guard down and allowed myself to initiate the kiss again and pressed myself into his warm and soft lips. His tongue tracing around my lip as if asking for permission from my lips.

He was the first to pull away his head resting on mine. “I have been wanting to kiss you for a long time now.” He smiled kissing my head as if I were a child. “Did you mean what you said earlier?”

“All of it.” He just held me tightly against his chest. “I have never felt this much before I met you.” He whispered into my ear and I smiled knowing that he was becoming more open with himself and allowing himself to feel. He pressed his lips against mine as if he was trying to consume the air in my lungs. My lips brushing against his over and over again.

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Scared of love

Oh, look at that, it’s another far too short Tommy one shot! I’ve been crazy busy so I ended up producing this last night instead of the things I’ve been trying to work on. Anyway I hope you enjoy it lads - I’ll have some proper content up soon I promise!! 

‘I can’t stand it anymore Thomas! Coming home in the middle of the night, you acting like I’m nothing to you, I can’t stand it anymore! I just want one fucking complement. One time where you act like you actually care about me. Or I’ll give up Thomas.’

‘You knew who I am, love! You knew who I am, and what I do, when you chose me!’

‘But I thought you’d chosen me to!’

‘I did!’

‘Then act like it!’

We stood, glaring at each other. Both our chests rising and falling uncontrollable, faces red from screaming at each other. I felt the tears prick at my eyes as the anger turned to pure, heart-breaking sadness. The kind you can feel stealing through you, churning up your stomach.

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Sometimes Rain Falls

A BTS Fanfiction

Type: AU/Alternative Universe

Summary: Sometimes a normal life is a good one to lead; its nice…its easy…
But sometimes, normal isn’t the way that things were meant to be. And when you’re chosen as a possible candidate for one of the kingdom’s 7 princes, life isn’t as nice and easy as you always presumed it to be…especially when you catch the eye of more than one of them…



Chapter 12

She looked peaceful.

Her dress floated around her as though caressing her limbs with the lightest of touches, her pale cheeks almost seeming to make her glow and the way her hair curled in loops and waves around her face perfectly framed the cherubic expression mimicking calm.

But it’s the way she stares blankly up at the stars that tells you she was anything but at peace.

A quiet sobbing interrupts you as you stare at the Princess floating in the fountain, the husky, deeper coos of despair calling to you from the grey, blue and black tones of the dream, and forcing you to quietly walk around the stone basin, frowning when you catch sight of the back of someone curled in on themselves behind the fountain, the mop of hair all too familiar to you.


Calling his name has him lifting his head to look cluelessly up at you, his unfocused gaze slowly zeroing in on you until he seems to realize it was indeed you stood before him.


‘Tae, what happened?’ you ask quietly, hurrying over and dropping to your knees beside him, reaching your hand out immediately to pull him towards you and cradling him against your chest as he continues to cry.

‘I-I couldn’t stop him…I couldn’t-I tried to save her-‘ he cries, his voice breaking repeatedly as he sniffles, attempting to get himself under control, and you continue to hold him tightly to you, widening your eyes as you understand what he’s saying, lifting your head quickly to scan the area around you immediately in search of Namjoon.

‘Tae, we should go. If he’s still here-‘

‘I wont let him hurt you, Y/N.’ he cuts you off quickly, a steely resolve entering his eye as he looks up at you, appearing so determined despite the tear tracks on his cheeks, that for a moment you’re taken aback…

…but that’s before you hear the sound of gravel crunching under foot, and you look over to the opposite side of the fountain-

-and you see Namjoon’s blazing purple gaze staring right back at you.

‘I wont let him hurt you, Y/N…’

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