i wont hold this against you

today in OW i learned:
  • only main mercy if you have the patience of a saint, and are actively looking to cure yourself of basic human compassion 
  •  just fucking play against ai. just do it. just. have fucking fun for once in your life and play against ai. who cares if its weenie hut jrs at least u wont die seven times in one match as mercy
  • if a lv 60 player stumbles onto your team of 20 and unders and is nice, adopt him. he is your dad now. your father is genji. accept it. he is here for you when no one else will be

“What do you mean, no?” Snow yelled, her hand grabbing her arrows and aiming at you - Charming placed a hand on her shoulder to hold her back, however she ignored him “You’re the white witch, you’re meant to help us!”

“Whose side are you on, Ours, or hers?” Charming added, his tone having a mixture of emotions. Confusion, anger and betrayal.  Throughout their little outburst, you remained calm - a soft smile on your face as you looked around the forest.

“It’s beautiful, isn’t it?” You spoke, looking around the forest as the wind brushed against your face. 

“Don’t try and change the subject, tell us why you wont help us!” Snow repeated again.

“I’m not helping, because I’m tired of saving you all” you spoke honestly, “Regina was willing to change, many times - however each time you turned your back on her. And the one person who can change her, a child, he will mend her in ways you thought not possible” You told her, your mind flashing to the small boy who does not yet exist. 

“I don’t believe you” Charming finally spoke up, he didn’t believe for one moment that Regina could be redeemed. “Why would you want to go to a land without magic?”

“Then don’t believe me” You shrugged, going into your side bag to pull out a small blanket. “But maybe its time for Regina to get a shot at being happy, the curse will be broken. You will be reunited with your child, but I’m doing what should’ve been done a long time ago.” You handed the soft woolen blanket to snow, whose eyes were watery “I’m putting Regina first”

Then, you were gone. Leaving behind the two self proclaimed heroes, it took a while for snow to respond to the blanket, and when she did he saw the beautiful ribbon which had Emma written on it.

“Let’s go tell the others” charming advised, placing a hand on snows stomach in a comforting manner “We need to figure out a way to save our child”

i dont give a shit if ur trying to give the middle finger to capitalism, shoplifting will only hurt innocent retail emplooyees who will have to take the fall for you

if ur stealing shit like medicine or medical supplies or food i wont hold it against u if u need it

but if ur stealing shit like makeup, jewelry, clothes etc then you need to be arrested

a good punch in the jaw would probably do you good too


No matter how mad i get or how much im hurt or what i fucking say, this love wont leave my heart. I know youll read thks and write it off as me being fucking crazy and stupid and cowardly and manipulative and sociopathic and it doesnt make me want to express it any less. You manipulate me too. So fucking much. But i dont hold it against you or listen to my friends advice because this is OUR fucking relationship. Nobody can take your place. We are fucking idiots and i dont want to believe it but its like we just threw away the best thing we might ever have. Lets just do what we have to do for him. Ill always fucking love you, you motherfucker. Have a good life

my views on the signs based off experience (Aquarius pov)

Aries: some are either really fucking caring and thoughtful, others can be really aggressive and temperamental. stands up for whats right 110% of the time

Taurus: Stubborn af. Otherwise massive enthusiasts for hugs and peace and have a chilled attitude most of the time

Gemini: so so so bubbly and fun and very easy to talk to, tbh i love geminis

Cancer: most cancers ive met have been arrogant or over dramatic soz

Leo: really fucking loyal and carries themselves with pride. extremely egotistical sorry not sorry but y’all need to chill, we know you’re basically photogenic no need to remind us every 5 seconds

Virgo: tbh ive never really been associated with virgos so i cant really say much sorry

Libra: hella chill and a charmer. always putting others first. actually so sexual and dirty minded like y’all dont even know

Scorpio: most ive met are also egotistical and total asswipes soz, will hold grudges against you for a long time. like if you’ve fucked up, they wont let you forget

Sagittarius: another sign that ive never had much experience with so soz again am sure y’all are lovely people

Capricorn: super caring and very organised, determined. one of the most intelligent

Aquarius: either total sarcastic bitches or will jump in front of a moving train for you there’s no in-between. chooses head over heart too often and usually emotionally stable due to not showing them as often (soz but the stereotypes are deemed true in most cases)

Pisces: ive met 2 types of different pisces’ in my life. one type is quiet, selfless and not a big fan of new experiences, the other type is crazy, artistic, rebellious daydreamers idk man 

(i know it sounds inaccurate but this is just my point of view)

Mage: Okay you know what, we’ve been playing the same campaign for three months now.

DM: Because you guys keep killing important people….

Mage: We need to start over, or start a new one.

DM: You have to finish this one first, that was the agreement.

Rogue: *currently holding two bags of holding* don’t worry, I got this.

DM: Uh….

Rogue: I put a bag of holding into another bag of holding, creating a black hole that starts sucking in everyone.


Rogue: Well, I just did.

Barbarian: Agreed.

Paladin: Four against one, the world is over.

Mage: Maybe on the next go I wont cut my own  head off….

(I joined their first meeting for the new go, and he did cut his head off. With a stick.)

the-musical-introvert  asked:

I know you dont know me and i dont expect you to agree nor will i hold it against you but I am trying to spread the Red My Lips project it begins in April and is for Sexual Assault Awareness Month i would appreciate if you would at least look at the project and if you want maybe reblog (dont do so if you dont want to i wont tell others or send any hate)

I love this project! I suggest everyone to look at it and donate if you can! Here is a link to their website! 


Thanks for sharing!

-The Daily Feminist