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Now or Never (Bias x Reader) Epilogue

Year and a half later

Kara is bouncing on the balls of her feet in excitement. You’re excited, but you’re keeping it in as best as you can. One of you has to. 

It’s been almost two years since you’ve seen him. You’ve kept in touch as promised, learning more about each other. You felt as if you both would grow apart, instead you were his place of honesty and refuge without him having to fear his own vulnerability.

The distance and constant talking to each other formed an emotional connection that went deeper than physical. Both of you tried seeing other people, but he was more cautious. Not as carefree as he was with you, which turned off a lot of women. A few were successful, but as soon as he went on We Got Married the girl couldn’t handle it. You on the other hand avoided that show altogether. 

You had great potential relationships, but they didn’t last very long because the last person you went to sleep talking to wasn’t them. You tried distancing yourself from him, figuring it was delusional to still feel something. You both tried cutting down your time of interaction, but as the days and weeks went on, one of you would always cave in. 

Now you’re back in Korea about to see him. You’ve both changed since your last meeting, matured in a way. Kara already has plans. As soon as you’re out of the airport she hops into a taxi, managing a quick goodbye before taking off. She’s seen other people, but cut them all off once she planned to come back. Their relationship was one of a kind. 

As you drive to the destination he picked out, you resist telling the taxi driver to hurry up. Your stomach is fluttering and you can’t stop biting your lip. 

You get a text from him. It’s a picture of him looking bored, wondering where you are. The taxi drops you off close to B/N’s destination. You wonder if you’ll run into his arms Dear John style, when she runs out of the airport and finally sees him. Will he spin you around or try to be nonchalant about the whole thing?

But when you get closer, you recognize the bench. It’s the same one near the restaurant. The place where you and B/N technically broke up. And on that bench is someone you almost didn’t recognize. 

You pause, feeling nervous all of a sudden. He hasn’t seen you yet. You’re also not quite sure how you look. Has the humidity completely destroyed your hair? You want to rush somewhere to check but you only have your phone and you can’t even check that because he sees you. 

You release a breath and start walking towards him, gripping your bag tightly. He’s gotten to his feet, slowly walking towards you. When you finally reach him, you can only stare at each other.

“Why here? Won’t someone recognize you?” This wasn’t the first thing you’d imagine yourself saying after all this time.

“We’re not staying, but it was a good place to pick you up,” 

You nod, looking around at everything else but him, “Y/N,” he says your name playfully, fully aware of your nervousness, “Please look at me,” 

You oblige him, looking at the face you haven’t seen in so long. He tips your chin with a smile as he takes your suitcase from you, careful not to show too much physical affection incase someone is actually watching. 

He puts your bag in the trunk, opening the door for you. Still a gentleman. When you both sit in the car, neither of you do anything. Your breathing is the only sound you can hear. He’s tapping the steering wheel as you stare at your hands. You bet Kara’s reunion is more electrifying. 

“Your hair got longer,” he notices. 

“So did yours,” 

Amazing. You both couldn’t stop talking through technology but face to face you could barely look at each other. You reach for his hand, the same time he happens to reach for yours. He slips his fingers between them before bringing your hand to his lips. 

“Nothing’s changed,” he whispers and you sigh. You’re not sure what it is about the statement but your throat tightens. To know that he still has feelings for you, or the fact that they never left. You finally look at him, realizing he’s been watching you the entire time. 

He cups your cheek and you lean into him, his palm warm. You kiss him, missing the feel of his lips, the softness of his skin. He shows you how much he’s missed you. 

“It was never easy kissing in the car, remember?” 

You smile, “Or hugging,” 

He sits back, starting the car. You’re not sure where he’s taking you, but it doesn’t really matter. You’re holding his hand when he releases it, hand on your thigh. 

“Still not over my thighs? Don’t you have your own?” 

He shakes his head, “I like yours. They got thicker. And before you snap at me, it’s a good thing,” he squeezes it, getting a better grip, “A very good thing,” The sight of him driving with one hand on the steering wheel and the other on you makes you feel good inside for some reason.

You’re fingers are trailing up and down his forearm affectionately, “Some hold hands as they drive, you…not to much,” You can’t even deny that you like the way it feels. 

The place he takes you isn’t somewhere you’ve been before. You figured it would’ve been that same field to look at the stars, instead you arrive at a small village by the country side. He takes you to a small restaurant with a pleasant mountain view.

“It’s not extravagant, I know. But we haven’t been able to eat somewhere together, and I figure here would be safer,”

“Beats a fancy restaurant with barely any food on the plate,”

You’ve missed food like this, actual healthy food that used more than two spices. It’s a small table so both your feet are touching from where he sits across from you. There’s no table cloth, so when your foot starts to go up his leg as he eats, he pats yours for you to behave yourself. You don’t, of course. 

When dinner is over, you both go for a walk. His arm is around your shoulder, you hand holding onto his. 

“You missed me?” he asks. 

“Eh, not that much,” 

He slides his arm from your shoulders to your waist, “Tell that to the thousand plus text messages I receive a week,” 

“Oh, dare I bring up the time you called me drunk saying, ‘I miss you so much, Y/N. I miss you I miss you I miss you.’ Keep going, I got receipts,” 

That shuts him up, “That explains why my bill gets so high randomly. I didn’t know I called you drunk,”  

You’ve never bothered to mention it. You’d call one of his members to make sure he wasn’t alone as he spoke half nonsense to you, from bad traffic to how much he didn’t want you to go on a date with someone else.

“What else have I said?” he asks.

“You know how people are when they’re drunk. Unintentionally honest,” 

He stops walking and faces you, “Was I being an ass again? Or was it something specific?”

You shrug, “You’ve said a lot of things,” 

“Like what? How I feel about you or…?”

“What are you asking me?” Because you know very well what he’s asking you.

He pauses before shaking his head and you wonder if he remembers, “Never mind,” He’s about to say something when he gets a call from his manager which results in him looking very nervous, “They saw us again,” he tells you, “They have pictures of your face now. I’m so sorry,” 

You immediately search online seeing photos of you both from today. That was fast, “We were careful. I didn’t see anyone,” 

“The restaurant,” 

You’re looking at the pictures and you can’t help it. You both look great together. But the paparazzi has somehow caught the perfect moment of B/N smiling at you and the look of adoration in your eyes. Good luck saying this isn’t what it seems.

“Say I’m your dance instructor. English teacher or something. Remember what you’re manager said. Think about the group,”

He shakes his head, going back to the previous conversation instead, “What did I say to you?”

You’re unsure if you even want to mention it, preferring him to say it when he was ready and coherent. Or perhaps he’s been ready and wasn’t sure if you were, “You said that you loved me,” his eyes go wide and you wonder if he even meant what he had said, “You’ve said it numerous times. But I thought nothing of it because when you’re drunk you sometimes say things that you don’t mean. Didn’t see the point of bringing it up,”

“No, when you’re drunk you say everything that you mean,” His hand is still holding yours, his gaze unwavering, “I meant it. I do love you,”

You squeeze his hand with a smile to mask how fast your heart’s racing, “I know,”

He scoffs, crossing his arms, “’I know’? That’s it? I pour my heart out to you and that’s all I get?”

You take his arm, “Why should I tell you what you already know?”

He’s blushing and to hide his smile, he hugs you, holding your head against his chest, “I just want to hear it,”

You look at him, wanting him to see your face as you say it, “I love you,” 

He can’t stop smiling, “I won’t say it too much, don’t want you to get tired of hearing it,” 

You hold him close, feeling his heart beat against your own, “You can tell me as much as you want,” 

And that is it for Now or Never, thank you for reading guys ^-^