i wont get my hopes up to high but

To all my american followers please stay safe and dont lose hope,such a man wont be president for long,I am still in shock this happened but please do keep your heads up high,things will get better and trump may be president but without you all he is nothing,without your support he is nothing,and seeing as he doesnt have it,hes nothing and he’ll continue to be nothing but a mere racist,sexist and homophobe.

i wont get my hopes high but

- sending positive vibes to becky to win this veto

- sending positive vibes to johnny mac to come up w/ a masterplan to save himself and not go to jury (so my queen jackie has a chance if buy back is america’s vote)

- sending negative vibes to vanessa so she loses ha mind and goes apeshit on  austwins b4 the veto ceremony

- sending positive/negative vibes to liz so she backdoors vanessa’s ass and sends her packing and kinda messes up her game by doing it but who cares

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