i wont believe until it actually happens

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++++ girl she is went out and cuddled up with someone and that broke Camila even more cuz she believed that Lauren never cared for her... WHICH KINDA EXPLAINS I HAVE QUESTIONS ESPECIALLY IF THEY HAD A FALLING OUT RIGHT BEFORE THAT!!!!!!! Idk I'm dying just thinking about it and wanted someone to tell me if I'm crazy or not💔💔💔💔

I see you have really deep thoughts about it, and thinking what if it’s true hurts you like all of us. We are connected in a deep way with Camren and sometimes what happens hurt us like our relationship. First I know what is it look like but I don’t believe Lauren is a cheater. – Remember Lauren’s posts on tumblr about cheating- And im saying this as a Camila girl. Lauren and Ty looks like together now but that’s not a proof of they were cheating their gf/bf. Maybe they broke up their bf/gf for another reason or they noticed their feelings about each other we don’t know what happened exactly. I wont believe this until I see strong proof about Lauren is a cheater. Thinking that way makes me relieve actually. Because when you start to ask yourself “what if questions” you can trap in your mind with over thinking. And this is hurt you more. Truth will out sooner or later.. and when it happens we will be here to discuss about it.

And we think Camren was a toxic relationship but that’s not mean someone cheated. Sometimes especially when you are growing up –teen problems I remember how I rebel was- it’s harder to deal everything.. I believe when there was lots of pressure on them they didn’t know how to handle and they didn’t surpass. But that doesn’t mean they wont be together in future. I still believe Camren is endgame.  

You are not crazy you have points but remember we dont know everything. Sometimes i feel we are in the puzzle game and trying to piece together. But we dont know if they give us right pieces..

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What happens right before we die?

Nothing much. Your organs shut down one after the other, until your heart and circulatory system shuts down then your brain won’t be getting any more oxygen and after 7 minutes you’re brain dead. All this happens while we’re unconscious so we won’t be aware of it. It’s like falling asleep when you’re really really tired. First slowly then all at once. I don’t believe there would be any pain. It’s a peaceful process, just like deep sleep.

The best thing is that you wont remember it. Actually you wont remember if you died or ever lived. You will ascend into a higher being, namely become part of the nothingness and everythingness that is the universe.

You did not exist before you were born, so not existing anymore shouldn’t bother you much. 

And if i may add a quote since we’re talking about what happens before you die:

  • “Birth is okay and death is okay, if we know that they are only concepts in our mind. Reality transcends both birth and death.” ― Thích Nhất Hạnh

so i went and wrote a college AU for the 100 and yeah

thats a thing i’m doing

the end where we begin

college is a rite of passage. its where new friendships are founded (over vodka and old movies), relationships begin and end, and the occasional class is taken. its the best time of your life, and the arkoses university students try and make it just that. but parties and fun can only hide the cracks in a world on the brink of all out war for so long. [college AU, pre-cataclysm]


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