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ahhh anne i just went to the bts concert on friday and i have such pcd :(((( so sad bc they wont come back for kcon I'm assuming, they'll be busy w their tour for sure! do you know how often they usually come back to US cities? miss them so much already :')

hello anon~ I know pcd (post concert depression) is kind of unavoidable sometimes but you’ll get through it!! also just concentrate on how you’re able to see them and watch them perform live ^_^ 


Part 21 of Safe Again !

First : http://lechangenom.tumblr.com/post/150054109642/hell-o-so-more-kedgeup-i-think-im-going-to-call

Part 20 : http://levonolev.tumblr.com/post/153538001361/part-20-of-safe-again-103-pages-first

Part 22 : http://levonolev.tumblr.com/post/154114601421/part-22-of-safe-again-end-of-chapter-two-i

So here some colored pages (3) how do you find it ? Hope you will like it !
See you soon :)

First thing this guy does after being champion for the 16th time is to celebrate it with a fan from the make a wish foundation. 

Meanwhile actual ADULT fans keep booing him and being immature and it’s just  sad because the camera will often show lil kids cheering and then the adults around being complete jackasses.

FAQ - Happy Pills For Joonie Project

How many messages are we allowed to send?

I thought 1 message…short ones…3-5 short sentences. (Remember that your messages have to fit on a small piece of paper which is around 2cm x 6cm) if you have more to say you can send your letter to my mail with the mail subject “Fan letters to Joonie” I will send them as well.

Where do I send my message to?

Please send it to my email: opparsgurl@googlemail.com and use the Subject: “Happy Pills For Joonie”

Wont Namjoon misunderstand these pills for real pills?/Im afraid he will eat them!/Im afraid Namjoon will get in trouble because the capsules look like pills!

You guys seriously don’t have to worry about that XD

1. hes Kim Namjoon and has an IQ of 148

2. These letter capsules are super common in Korea&Japan and often used for Love letters ;D THEY KNOW THIS STUFF

3. I will write tags on it in ENGLISH AND KOREAN saying that they are not edible and that there are letters inside XDDD

How do you send the stuff?

Via normal post~ theres an address from bighit/bts where u can send fangifts&letters to.

I will write namjoons name on it so it reaches the right person.

!!!dont ask me about the address… google is your best friend ;D!!!

Can we also send fanarts etc?

Yes you can send me whatever you want to give/show Joonie :D I will make sure it reaches him ;D Please use the Mail Subject: “Fanarts for Joonie”

NOTE: Im always looking through the messages to make sure there are no inappropriate messages or insulting comments! If I find something like that I will delete it without any notice!

Also please SHARE SHARE SHARE this project!



Work in progress: Isabelle Wildes Offical Story!

Hey everyone! I just wanted to tell you all that i finally have some time to start writing again! I should have the next chapter written by Monday (latest)!😎 Work has been a tad busy so i rarely have time to write when i come out (i often just pass out when i get home 😅 i just wanted to touch on a few things in this post aswell! im aware some people asked when wildehopps would start or why it hasnt already, i just want to say that it will happen, i wont say when but it will happen at some part of the story so please be patient!!! 😂 Thanks everyone, see you all soon!😁 -Nexi0us/Nexi/Jay

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guys lemme ask those of you in the buffyverse/ats fandom something real quick if yall dont mind

why don’t you ship Angel & Fred?? Do you only ship them with a few specific characters? did you just never really give it too much thought? do you not care about one or the two of them? is it just not your cup of tea? do you actively anti-ship it? why? is there something on their canon interactions that keep you from shipping it? 

i have an issue with that “serial killer vs shoplifting fandoms whoever wins gets a new guidance counselor” post

like it implies that the people who practically worship white nationalists/pedophiles/rapists/overall MURDERERS are comparable on the same level as people who steal petty shit from big businesses that have loss prevention. like… theyre not on the same level at all.

hell, i support shoplifting if the person who shoplifts is in need of it and in some other cases. but i wont deny that most people in the shoplifting fandom are bourgeois teenagers seeking thrills and material goods without any motive or justifying reason. im anticapitalist so yeah go ahead but more often than not youre just making yourself look douchey.

but still, these kids arent trying to make an angel out of dylann roof so i really dont like that post comparing the two groups

my favorite and least favorite part about the craig blog: craig is such a private guy that without a third party (stan and kyle) to post about his life nothing gets shown if he doesnt want it said it wont be until its shown in a story post for context
its a really interesting but really frustrating character element that i wish i had the skill to surpass without being transparent
but there will be updates more often soon when he goes to visit his mom and itll be more like a blog scenario (craig being an aspiring journalist/photographer having something to do with that) and craig will blog actively about a whole developing thing over the summer mostly
but for now he stays in his dorm parties on the weekends and is normally so tired he forgets to update his own dang blog so we get to deal with that until about may or thereabouts

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im an gay trans boy whos been called a cishet girl for being an inclusionist, and im worried people wont believe me bc it sounds like one of those fake tumblr posts

Honestly, I have no problem believing you. I know a gay nb boy who has been called a cishet for being inclusionist, and I’ve been called cishet for being one as well, and I’m pan ace nb.

Aphobes and exclusionist often throw around the word “cishet” as a buzzword/insult, regardless of their gender or orientation. Many of them just don’t care–if you disagree with them, you’re cishet.

It’s not unbelievable at all, anon, but it is super shitty and gross, and it needs to stop. I’m so sorry that it’s happened to you.

–Mod Mercy

callout for bon enoshimo


previously/also known as:


probably some others i dont know

alright to start off- i know bon has stated not to publically call her out but all the issues i’m going to talk about have been brought to her attention and she refuses to even listen much less apologize for them (that ive seen, if she has in fact apologized for anything here let me know). 

shes even ignored anons (i know because i’ve sent some) about issues or answered in the format of a post without the ask (’@anon i really dont want to talk about that because of drama it will cause’ ((not a direct/actual quote, just an example)) ) which is often used by people as a way to avoid drama/being called out because no one will know what the ask said and therefore wont know about the persons shitty behavior. 

bon also usually deletes drama off her blog shortly after it happens, purposefully making it very hard to hold her accountable for things she says as theres no proof directly on her blog.

so i feel its important to let people know about stuff shes done thats not okay since she wont see that its wrong and wont apologize. she wont be civil about it and right her wrongs and people have a right to know. so here we go

also i’ve never written a formal callout before so if this sucks im sorry lol

getting onto the actual callout. its pretty long, so there is a tl;dr at the end. but please, if you can, read the whole thing. its important and provides a lot of evidence. also all the images are transcribed.  

topics/tws: racism, ableism, guilt tripping, manipulation

Keep reading


@autopsy-juice I LOVE YOU ♥ 
And here in my timeline, it’s already your birthday so… TAKE THIS! 
I’m sure you will find a use for them. @v@ 

A bunch of Sanzu’s emoticons @cursetale

Anyway, I’ve never been really good at expressing myself, it’s even worse in english. But I really want to add more words (HOW2WORDSFUK #Ifeelyousanzu) on this post.
You deserve so much @A@ 

I knew you since more than an half year now and I wonder how I’ve been able to busy my day before to know you. (this is crazy)
My heart is always wanting to spend more time around you! I wish I don’t need to sleep often, ahaha. Or better, I wish that I dont leave so far away beyond oceans! 

Anyway, even if we knows eachother since this little amount of time, I know that you are now a whole part of my life and I wont be able to be the person I am today without you. You have such a great influence on me just by being yourself so, never change dude! You’re cool. And I love you.

(is that cheesy? I never know when I am °v° Anyway, just take this, it’s been made with all my love for you)

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It is cute that you use gifs but sometimes you spam the dash/artworks and it gets a bit annoying when scrolling on mobile since you can't quite skip to the next post like when you are in desktop, maybe if you use a tag that people can blacklist when you do your gif wars the other anons who get seriously annoyed will tone it down?

While this could be true (everyone isn’t really liking mobile since the update anyways >-<) what’s the difference between the gif wars and the long posts that people do? i.e. long art tutorials, fanfics, a compilation of artworks they do, and reblogging that “if you reblog this you’ll get money” stuff. If you are that annoyed with it you can always unfollow me, it wont hurt my feelings. But if you aren’t going to get annoyed at other long posts then you kinda don’t have the right to get mad at what I do considering the gif wars don’t happen that often. I appreciate your thoughts on the matter though lovely anon! I hope you’re having an awesome day!! <3 <3

Cheeky Sasuke and the kiss.

While i’m drowning myself in the Sasusaku tag, I often stumble across an Anti discussing their thoughts about the scenes below: 

I usually see responses like, “Oh my god, look how “IN LOVE” they are!” or “WOW HE WONT EVEN KISS HIS WIFE. OMG. NEVER BEEN KISSED LOL @ SAKURA”, or my personal favorite “hE’S Never LiKEd her.”

I rarely feel the need to respond to these types of posts, but I felt incredibly compelled to share some of my thoughts about what I think these scenes represent. I’m not forcing my ideas on those who don’t feel the same, nor am I telling people that they’re wrong. I’m simply just sharing what I gathered from them, so feel free to agree or disagree with my opinion. 

Let me first start by saying that I think Sasuke Uchiha is one subtle and cheeky motherfucker, so don’t be fooled by his poker face when it comes to Sakura. 

I also think it’s best that we start from the beginning.


We all know about that iconic Sasusaku scene.

You know, the one where this happens:

But, I’m not here to talk about the “Thank You” in particular, though we can talk about that later, but everything before that. 

Remember when Sakura tries to remind Sasuke of this little gem?:

And then he pretends to have absolutely no recollection of that happening. Which is then followed by the emotional standoff between the two of them. 

All of a sudden, this smooth motherfucker whips this shit out: 

First off, how dare you play with our emotions like that.

Second, I don’t know about you, but I found this to be INCREDIBLY flirtatious. Not only is this his way of reminding Sakura that he CLEARLY remembers what happened between them, but that his emotions towards her have changed and he wants to make that clear. 

Also, that smile. Are you shitting me?! I don’t need to say more.


I’m not going into full detail about this scene, but maybe another time? 

But what I think is important to recognize is the TIMING of when he says this to Sakura. He knows he’s leaving, she knows he’s leaving, and he decides to have this be their last interaction for a long time. He knows damn well that this is an intimate moment between the two of them, and that it is something that they’re both going to remember. So I think he takes advantage of the short amount of time he has, and leaves her subtle hints about how he feels. I think it’s also important to note that HE is the one with the last emotional parting words. Sakura had her moment of declared love for him, and this was his way to reciprocate that to her in his own unique Sasuke way. 

Not to mention the fact that she never was able to question WHY he lied about remembering, or WHY he was thanking her. After knocking her unconscious to make sure she didn’t follow him and get hurt or ask him questions he wasn’t ready to answer, he knew that this moment would always be on her mind until they met again not to mention, something that he would remember too. He knowingly leaves behind a mystery about his true feelings toward her, and where their relationship stands. 

Cheeky Genin Sasuke.


This scene is almost identical to what happened between them only a few years ago, just with an audience this time. 

Not only do we have Sasuke leaving again, but Sakura also passionately shares her feelings for him and he takes the time to listen. 

I would also like to point out the fact that she DOES think about the last time they had said goodbye. Therefore, Sasuke did make the impact that he was striving to achieve.

I want to note that his foot literally fucking SHAKES in hesitation at her words. Again, we can do another analysis of this later.

But just like last time, after her powerful declaration of love for him he whips this out shit out again:

Oh. LoRD. Where do I even begin?

Once again, this is Sasuke’s way of showing Sakura that he STILL remembers what happened between them so long ago, just like she does. I also want to emphasize the word “damned” in this part. In my opinion, it seemed like this statement held even more emotion than before. To me, this is when they shared their genuine love for one another. And that despite all thats happened, they are still on each other’s mind. And this was his cheeky and subtle way of showing it to her. 

After the second time he called her annoying, I believe he was reciprocating the blossoming love they had for each other. But for this third time, it’s like “I feel the same way about you. But, I’m going to tell you in a way that only you and I can understand.” Not only in the way of HOW he says it, but the color that surrounds him. I felt like it was just tunnel vision for the both of them, and everything surrounding them didn’t matter. The only thing that mattered was this moment between the two of them. 

Then in typical Sasuke fashion, he leaves her unconscious to protect her but this time to leave her with that lasting impression in case something were to happen to him. Almost like, “If I die or something else tragic happens, I just want you to know that I still thought about you and all the moments we shared.”

Ugh, Sasuke. PLS. 


Without a doubt, my favorite Sasusaku scene of all time.

As always, we have Sakura asking Sasuke not to leave again.

Let’s not even begin to talk about the pained expression on his face as he tells her she can’t come with him.

However this time, we have Sasuke explaining to Sakura about why he’s leaving. Which I’m sure we can all agree is a pretty big deal, because he never likes to “explain” himself. 

Low-key: What’s been bothering you Sasuke? Is it your relationship with Sakura? hmMmmmMmmmMMMMMm.

Now, time for the biggest moment in Sasusaku history:

First off, the forehead poke. Again, we can discuss this another time.

Not only does he promise to see her again, but the fact that he once again referenced what happened with them the very first time he left. He simply could have just left after the promise which was already huge in the first place, but he took the time to remind her that he still remembers. But this “Thank You” is something that is completely different than the others. To me, this is was his cheeky nod of affirming his feelings for her once again. 

He’s going away for a long time, she wants to come with him again, he won’t let her, so he painfully leaves her with a loving gesture and a promise goodbye. Once again, I think Sasuke’s timing on this moment is incredibly important. Just like before, he would leave her with unanswered questions about their relationship. And let her have this moment replay in her mind until they were able to see each other again. And thats why I’ve always thought that this was the moment that really drove her to seek him out later on. She was fed up with not having the answers she wanted, and refused to wait until Sasuke came back.

Obviously, things worked out for them due to where they are presently at. They would eventually meet up, travel together, become husband and wife, and have Sarada. 

Fast forward to Gaiden, and the reason why we’re talking about this:

I’m saving my rant about their relationship in this part of the series for later, but let’s only talk about this little section in their recent goodbye scene:

Don’t even get me started on the fact that she packed him a lunch, and that she still blushes this much around him.

In my opinion, having Sasuke not kiss Sakura at the moment was showing flirtation. 

In typical Sasuke fashion, he leaves Sakura with a moment that will leave a lasting impression. He knows exactly what she wants, as you can clearly tell by the looks on both of their faces, but he won’t let her have it. I also found it to be almost erotic before you get all weird, let me explain. To me, it was almost like he was teasing her in a super nonchalant way, and makes her wait by not giving it to her when she asks. As usual, he knows that Sakura will be constantly thinking about that moment until they see each other again. And as he walks away, you can see a smile of amusement on his face. He knows exactly what he did and how Sakura will react, and that actually pleases him. That cheeky son of a bitch. That type of interaction between the two of them is something that is unique only for their relationship, and is almost like a game the two of them play with one another. I also think that Sakura tries to do the same to Sasuke, but he’s much better at it. And in that moment by denying her that kiss, he had won that round. 

I also would find it incredibly out of character for Sasuke to act in a way other than how he did. Of course, the Sasusaku shippers would love to see such a thing happen, but we understand why it doesn’t. So these small gestures Sasuke gives Sakura are incredibly special and hold an extraordinary amount of meaning to him. He doesn’t need to make out with her in public to show that he has feelings for her. Not to mention the fact that he probably doesn’t want to do something that intimate in front of his daughter. 

Sasuke rarely shows any type of affection for anyone, and doesn’t like to show his true emotions. Due to Kishi regularly hiding features of emotional Sasuke, in particular the eyes, the audience is never fully able to understand what he’s thinking. But I think that if Kishi HAD shared all of Sasuke like he does with the other characters, then a lot of these Pro and Anti arguments would be different.  

Now onto the whole “Sakura’s never been kissed” issue.

Just because Kishi doesn’t draw it, doesn’t mean it hasn’t happened. Kishi leaves pieces like this open for the audience to use their imagination. He didn’t need to draw any of the Canon couples having sex to prove that they had children. So why does he need to draw Sasuke and Sakura kissing to prove that they’re together? He doesn’t. You don’t have to have PDA to prove that you are in love with someone, that can be shown in different ways. 

Which is what brings me to another point, remember this?: 

Here are a couple things I noticed:

1. Sakura looks SHOCKED at the question, not “afraid” of it. I think anyone would be caught off guard by such a question. Not to mention, being asked such a thing by your incredibly young daughter.

2. I think that she looks sad BECAUSE she hasn’t seen Sasuke in such a long time, let alone be intimate with him. And I feel like anytime Sarada brings Sasuke up, Sakura can’t help but get emotional due to missing him so much. I don’t think this has anything to do with “not being kissed”, just a genuine reaction to missing someone she loves.

3. Sakura is thinking about something more meaningful to share with her daughter, rather than a kiss. In my opinion, a kiss is something that can be given without any sort of emotional attachment. Of course, young Sarada wouldn’t understand that at the time, so Sakura shares this instead:

As expected, Sarada didn’t understand that a “kiss” isn’t the only expression of love that one can give. The reason why I believe that Sakura chose this was due to the meaning it held behind it. First, it was a promise from Sasuke to Sakura that he would see her again, but it also stands as the ultimate expression of love that he could ever give to someone else. And that kind of emotional connection is something that he couldn’t give through a simple kiss. I also thought that Sakura used this as a method to connect Sasuke to Sarada. In the hopes that an older Sarada would be able to understand this, rather than at that time. 

Of course, we know that Sarada DOES eventually figure out what it means: 

For me, I didn’t think that Sarada fully understood what “love” was until that moment. Not only did she get to share a moment like that with her father, but finally understood what her mother had told her so long ago. That there are more ways to express unconditional love to someone, rather than just a “kiss” or publicly stating it. 

If Sarada is able to understand that, then why can’t others do the same?

Mass Effect Hiatus

Just a quick update for now until after the 23rd, with people now playing Mass Effect: Andromeda and posting things about it I’m going to be sparse on the majority of online sites I frequent. If you need to send a message feel free as I’ll check them every so often and my queue will carry on running but i wont be actively the reblogging or looking at anything on here until after Andromeda come out in the UK.

Hope everyone is good! Catch you soon.

I’ve been thinking of maybe writing longer one shots. I wont do it often, probably, and I wont be taking requests for it either. I don’t think I’m any good at writing longer stuff though. So go easy on me if I ever post anything. The longest thing I’ve ever written is the one shot on my Archive of our own account, but I want to practice writing longer stuff. This is just so you know if I ever post anything longer that is not a headcanon request.