i wont be here often


Here it is! The request that Joe had for me on Club Penguin’s twitter, is now done! I spent a few extra hours on this, so I hope you like! :3 First image is the initial sketch of Rookie and JPG, and the final drawing is on the bottom.

buuuuuut heeeyyyyyy if you like to see more of my art, go check out and maybe follow my main blog, Maxkay123, where you might find more quality art that isnt fandom trash galore (well, maybe not), and you wont be spammed by my reblogs! :D (but i dont post that often so  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)

hi i want to delete

anonymous asked:

i wasn't even aware you were leaving the phandom. please don't, i really love your blog and content and :((( i'd feel sad not seeing you on my dash:(

i needed a little break and i wont be posting exclusively dnp content or as often, but im still here <3


Welllll. I go back to school in a week (ugh) so I decided to do one of these follower appreciation posts! Since school is starting up, I wont be on here as often, but I still will post and reblog things! So here it is: Thank you all for following me, it means more then you’ll ever know ^~^ Thank you for liking, and reblogging and giving me notes and making my dash a wonderful, wonderful place. And even though I don’t talk to some of you, just know I APPRECIATE YOU <3 So Thank you my peeps  \( ^ o ^ )/ 

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ALSO: good time to mention im changing my URL to: pipebombprincess

so if you see that name its me :D thank you, have a nice day y'all !!!!

Yello everyone! I decided to do this last minute since I have school tomorrow and i wont be here as often as i have been for the past few months. Also, I’ve met/followed alot of really cool blogs lately and i wanted them to be a part of this list to show that I really do appreciate them. I love every single one of you and all of your blogs are something special to me. If you guys dont follow these blogs below here then idk what you’re doing!! Ok I could go on but let this list thingy begin! :3 (thanks again to Ewelina for the edit shown above).


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