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An Angel’s Promise

Characters: CastielXReader

Word Count: 230

Summary: 1K Follower Celebration drabble request by @narisjournal-blog – prompts for fluff, pining/longing, and reunion inspired by TKG poem #9. Something short, sweet, hopeful, and wholly influenced by the SPN season 12 finale (I believe any relation to the finale is vague enough to not warrant a spoiler warning).

My eyes are the cloudless expanse of vivid blue sky stretching to the limits of the horizon. Tilt your gaze Heavenward if only for an instant to perceive the warmth of my sunlight reverence upon your flushed cheeks. Lose yourself in that endless sapphire sea as you are so often wont to do.

I am here with you.

Stay with me a while longer. Twine your fingers idly through the smooth lush grass, radiant with heat, Earth firm beneath your fingertips. Observe how I kiss the gathering clouds with a million fiery shades of golden hue. These are all the ways I love and miss you; this is the passion burning at my very core.

I am everywhere.

Rest with me now as the sky darkens to midnight, enveloping you safely within shadowy wings. Feel the gentle caress of the rolling breeze, goosebumps prickling your skin as you shiver in recognition of my tender touch.

I promised you forever, and forever doesn’t end.

Lay with me a moment or two more – close your eyes, and hear me. My voice is the deep rumbling thunder resounding eternal devotion across the hilltops. Listen carefully to my words.

This is only the beginning.

Once upon a time I flew.

Once upon a time I fell.

Once upon a time I failed.

And once upon a time I found my way back to you.

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// i see you //

I am finally back! A levels has finally ended and I feel more chill than ever. The entire 1 week of break was pretty much spent with my friends; eating bingsu, watching movies (I watched Moana twice because wtf, that movie is legit my kind of movie. I would definitely watch it again!), binge watching Running Man, cleaning my room, updating my art journal, finding part time job and catching up with my secondary school friends. It has only been a week and I pretty much spent all my money already. How to survive next week??? :(

i’m   gonna  kermit. 

I just kinda wanna clear up some stuff? Say some things really quick? Q vQ I fist wanna thank everyone that still follows this blog and the new people I’ve been getting as well! I really appreciate that you’ve all taken time to look through my art and liked it enough to want to see more! But this has kinda been making me feel a bit guilty considering how inactive I have been here     Q AQ

I just wanna put out there that I’ve recently started up my old art blog again- if you wanna go follow me there, I’ll begin to post there for now. At least more often than I do here.

I wont be deactivating this account or anything like that- I may come and draw for it when I get that Mana craving www but lately I just haven’t been up for it (being an animation major I have to focus on drawing other things and so on–) I hope you all understand and aren’t too disappointed Q vQ

Thanks for reading and following and being so patient with me u vu I hope to see you all soon~


Welllll. I go back to school in a week (ugh) so I decided to do one of these follower appreciation posts! Since school is starting up, I wont be on here as often, but I still will post and reblog things! So here it is: Thank you all for following me, it means more then you’ll ever know ^~^ Thank you for liking, and reblogging and giving me notes and making my dash a wonderful, wonderful place. And even though I don’t talk to some of you, just know I APPRECIATE YOU <3 So Thank you my peeps  \( ^ o ^ )/ 

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ALSO: good time to mention im changing my URL to: pipebombprincess

so if you see that name its me :D thank you, have a nice day y'all !!!!

Yello everyone! I decided to do this last minute since I have school tomorrow and i wont be here as often as i have been for the past few months. Also, I’ve met/followed alot of really cool blogs lately and i wanted them to be a part of this list to show that I really do appreciate them. I love every single one of you and all of your blogs are something special to me. If you guys dont follow these blogs below here then idk what you’re doing!! Ok I could go on but let this list thingy begin! :3 (thanks again to Ewelina for the edit shown above).


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