i wont allow them to

And while everyone’s attention is on Trump, the Romanian government has just overturn an anti corruption law and set free inmates serving sentences of up to five years for non-violent crimes.
This means that about 2,500 people, including several elected officials and magistrates who are behind bars after being convicted of corruption, will be released.
The law allows anyone that has stolen or will stole less than 45k euro to not face charges. The law was approved tonight at 10 pm even though people are protesting for weeks against it and last night 40000 people protested only in Bucharest.
I have always loved my country even though people don’t have the best opinion about us but now, in this moment, I am ashamed, I want to scream and I just want really really bad to just fucking punch them. They have humiliated us, they have ignored us and they’ve approved this law like cowards in the middle of the night.
We will not stop here. We will do all we can to stop them. They are sending us away and just sell the country piece by piece but we will not go down without a fight. Not as long as we are breathing!


Strange Empire | Buckskin Princess

”The women in the cribs, you can feel the grief rising from them like a tide. “ 

psa: just because you can’t afford merch doesn’t mean you aren’t a “good” or “real” fan 

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Heyy!! I'm a fan of your arts and im wondering if it's okay to print them out for personal use (i wanna use them as posters in my room) its totally fine if you don't allow me to tho :))) thanks and have a nice day <3

thank you im glad u like them!! but im sorry but i wont be allowing printing ;0;;;

1. when you have your first heartbreak, i wont tell you that it wasnt true love so it shouldnt hurt. i will hold you in my arms and tell you that i love you and that my love is more important than his. i will let you cry and i will stroke your hair and comfort you when he wouldnt.
2. when you go out and get drunk for the first time underage, i will have to ground you. i will take your phone but i will not read your messages. i will respect your privacy and wait for you to tell me yourself what it is that causes you to drink so much that you cant see straight. i will wait for you to say who’s name made you drink enough to forget your own.
3. i will tell you i love you everyday. i dont care if you screamed at me the previous night, saying i mean nothing to you. i will wake you up for school the next day with a kiss on your forehead and “i love you” on my lips. you will always feel loved.
4. when you wake up on a tuesday and your eyelids are swollen from crying too much and your hair is a mess, i will hold you and make you soup as i call your school and tell them you’re sick. i wont allow you to skip school all the time, but when you are too sad to walk straight i will put on morning cartoons and hope to see you smile.
5. when it’s two in the morning and i hear soft cries and the blows of your fist to your pillow, i will knock softly on your door in hopes that you will let me in so i can dry your eyes and ask what’s wrong. when you tell me it’s nothing, i will ask one more time, my voice soft and caring. if you choose not to tell me, i will nod and rub circles in your back until you fall asleep. i will let you know that i am here.
—  5 things that i will do as a mother

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l i s t e n. i wont allow this. all three of them need to get together and build a polyamory relationship so no one is left out. they're my precious children and i wont. let. them. get. hurt. wTF BRUH MY HEART IS BROKEN AF IM FRIGGIN CRYNF WTFSLKGLVNBFNFDYYY



Damon and Elena shaking their heads in disbelief 
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well i decided to share this because im so happy about it :)

the last 3 weeks i wasnt allowed to workout because of several injuries and infections. i ate clean most of the time but had treats everyday as well. chocolate, cookies, tons of alcohol and pizza on the weekend hehe. but the rest of these days was veggies and fruit and wholegrain and - voila, the fat rolls on my back are gone! wont miss them :>

i was so frustrated that i wasnt allowed to workout but heres my proof again; clean eating just works

oh didnt flex my arms on the right picture now it looks like ive lost my baby definition :< but i havent!


nah yknow what fuck feeling shitty im gonna doodle silly happy cliche things on myself until i feel better nobody is allowed to make me feel bad i wont let them