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hello there!! in honor of the holidays and my blog’s 4th (!!!) anniversary, i’m finally making my first follow forever!! :’’’) i’m not quite sure what to say but thank you to everyone included in this, whether we’re mutuals, or not or whether we talk or not. thank you for making my time running this blog wonderful and enjoyable!! i love seeing each one of you on my dash and i hope 2017 treats you all well!! happy new year everyone!!

also, if tumblr does the thing and this messes up your notifications, i sincerely apologize :( i’m also sorry if i forgot anyone!! you can find everyone i follow on my blogroll

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Meeting Pride

gif is not mine

Title: Meeting Pride

Pairing: Dwayne Pride x Reader

Word Count: 886

Warnings: FLUFF

A/N: I know it’s late, and I NEVER post this late, but I was encouraged by @cm-ncis-writings / @scribe-of-winchester to try my hand at writing Pride from NCIS: New Orleans (NOLA). I love Pride because he’s just so adorable. Feedback is welcomed and appreciated. I hope I just didn’t butcher this wonderful man omg. I hope you all enjoy this <3 <3

You strolled into the bullpen, tilting your head to the side.  There was someone unfamiliar standing next to your boss.  Every one of Gibbs’ friends was always a pleasure to meet, but this one was different.  This man was handsome; this man had caught your eye.  He had been watching you since you stepped out of the elevator.  

The strange man pardoned himself from Gibbs, making his way to your desk.  Your cheeks quickly flushed pink.  What should you do?  What should you say?  Why were you so nervous meeting this man?  In the few seconds you had, you pulled yourself together, flashing him a warm smile.

The tall man extended his hand out to you, “hello there miss.  You must be [Y/N] [Y/L/N].  Gibbs told me you apart of his team, but he didn’t tell me how beautiful you are.”  He chuckled at your obvious nervousness, “name’s Dwayne Pride, but most people call me King.”  His smile was contagious; you couldn’t help but smile back at him.

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The 2016 reboot of the legendary sci-fi series Voltron has brought with it the birth of a quickly growing fandom. To celebrate the comeback of this wonderful show, and the talent within its amazing fandom, I present to you…

The Voltron: Legendary Defender 2016 Secret Santa event! (#voltronss2k16)

Winter is the perfect time to share love and appreciation, so why not joining to this event? By signing up, you will become a gifter and a giftee! In other words, you will create a gift, and get one in return. Doesn’t that sound nice? (^▽^)

Are you a fanartist or a fanwriter who’s tempted to join? Come and join the fun! Make this Winter Holiday special for someone, as another person makes you happy as well! 

Remember that it’s very imporant to read the guidelines before sending in your application. And if you have any questions about anything, don’t hesitate to ask (IM is also available)!

For reference, the schedule of the event will be as follows:

Aug. 1 – Sept. 30: Application period
Oct. 1 – Oct. 9: Sorting of applications
Oct. 10 – Oct. 15: Assignments sent out
Oct. 16 – Dec. 23: Creation period
Dec. 24 – Dec. 31: Posting of gifts

Imagine: Imagine during an interview someone makes a rude comment about you to your boyfriend of 2 years Tom Hiddleston and as he’s super protective when it comes to his amazing S/O he goes straight to threat.

Tom: “Say one more bad thing about my wonderful partner and I will personally punch you in the dick! Do you get that you scum?”
*You watching from backstage giggles and runs on stage to hug your dork of a knight in shinning amour*
You: “Why thank you sweetheart, you are just to protective! Just remember that as I get to go home to and with you, there is not a single thing anyone can say that can get me while I know you love me.”
*Tom grins and kisses you passionately smiling into the heated kiss, the crowd going nuts at how cute you two are*

Audrey Hepburn Takes Movie Fame Gracefully by Harold Heffernan
excerpted from The Pittsburgh Press ( November 1, 1953 )

“Meet,” says Billy Wilder, “the female Mickey Mantle. She does not know how good she is. Hasn’t the slightest idea. Or, if she has, she never drops a hint about it. I don’t know whether she’s kidding us or not.” Audrey looks up and flashes a big smile. She tilts her head a little as though wondering what Wilder is talking about and why he should be dishing out such praise. She merely accepts it—skeptically but gratefully. “They don’t fool me at all.” Audrey said. “I’m not a star yet, not really. A star is somebody like Jean Simmons. She’s not only good in her first picture, but she has been good in every one of the 20 she has made since. It takes a very good picture to make someone stand out. I know that ‘Roman Holiday’ was a great movie because it had a wonderful story that appealed to all classes. I wouldn’t be silly enough to say that anyone could have played my part, but I feel that quite a few others could have done so. I got a big break, that’s all. If I make good in 'Sabrina’, I will certainly feel a lot more assured of this ultimate success.”

“You think you can hide from me?”
His voice echoed through the thin walls of Eichen House. You could hear every step he took as he descended the creaky steps to the basement. You pressed yourself deeper into the wall, hands tightening around your bat. “I’m going to find you pet. And when I do…”
He was scared. Because he knew. He knew that you felt his every single heartbeat like it was your own, that you heard every single one of his dark, twisted thoughts. Your souls were connected somehow. You didn’t know why, and neither did he.
Because you and him were one, you were the only one capable of controlling him. And the Nogitsune was determined to get rid of you before you gained the ability.
“Come now darling, don’t be stubborn. I’ll make it quick. Not painless of course, but quick.”
You wondered if he could feel the fear emanating from your presence, the way you felt the anger from his. It was loud. It was all you could hear, a loud bellow, broken with rage, screaming, shouting, begging.
With a start, you realized the anger wasn’t that of the Nogitsune’s, but that of Stiles. Your empathy link wasn’t connected to the fox spirit like Noshiko had previously assumed, but to it’s dying host.
“Just another game of hide-and-seek.”
And he was behind you in a flash. You spun around, preparing to strike, but he was much faster.
His smile was haunting, murderous. It was the last thing you saw before the world went black.

There are a lot of things Jesus has done for me. If I tell you one by one, the characters of this post would never be enough. He is a righteous Man, actually He is a Son of God. He willingly and devotedly gave up His glory and came down on Earth to grow and mature as a humble, righteous man. He did that so He could fulfill God’s will. By doing so, I was saved from the eternal damnation of the pit.

Sometimes I wonder why a righteous One would die for me. I never did anything right, I always fall short of glory, I always commit mistakes, I always sin, I boast, I judge, I condemn, I never deserved a second chance but He gave me more than that, He died for me! That is plainly the reason why He did that! I was in need of a Savior who could rescue me from my sins. He loved me so much that He couldn’t give up on me. So there came the ultimate sacrifice of love.

And so, knowing that He died for me, I am redeemed! My sins were forgiven because His blood dripped down at the cross for me. I wanted to make sure that He never died in vain, and so I tell the world that what He has done for me, He has done for you also. Let us not take for granted what Jesus had done on the cross, let us not overlook that gift from Him Who loves us unconditionally.


I found this tumblr blog called @askerrorsans and I LOVE IT… But it kinda makes me sad for Error!Sans so I made this…. I kinda like the idea of an Error!Papyrus hidden among the ‘in-between files’ of the multiversesessss???….

Only he isn’t ignorant or over jubilant…. I imagine he also gained access to the other worlds and upon seeing that in every single one he see’s himself… And always with so many friends and companions. He swears to protect such a wonderful treasure, but also wonders…. Where are HIS friends and HIS brother… Why was he alone. So he sets off and begin searching the in between files to find HIS loved ones.

But as a self appointed guardian of the multiverse it doesn’t take him to long to notice a couple of them going haywire or vanishing all together.

(Inspired by @loverofpiggies )

We live in a wonderful age, an age in which no one tells us to put away our childish things. This makes us think these things never stopped being for us. Take the latest Ninja Turtles movie, for example. It was not a movie for the 30-to-35-year-olds who grew up with the ‘80s cartoon. That’s why if you were one of those many thousands of people across the Internet who posted things like, “They ruined my childhood!” after seeing so much as a trailer, well, I’m so, so sorry to break it to you, but that movie has absolutely nothing to do with your childhood. Adult you watched a kids movie and thought it was stupid. A kid will watch it and think it’s the most spectacular thing they’ve ever seen.

4 Harsh Truths It’s Time To Accept About Modern Pop Culture

request: “ hey! so i really like your blurbs and i was wondering if you could maybe write one about first impressions/how you meet? and maybe with calum?? thanks! ❤️”

thank you bug :-) i don’t write about cal much and idk why but here’s some cal (and this is obviously au. calum doesn’t work at a grocery store)

All you needed was eggs. Eggs were the only thing you didn’t have to make a cake for a party you were supposed to go to that evening for work, and you’d kept putting it off until the last minute, since that was typical of your personality.

When you got to the grocery store, you wouldn’t allow yourself to become distracted like you usually did by sales and bright neon colored signs all over the store. You’d learned in a class once that stores do things like that to keep you in the store longer and to spend more money.

But today, there was something else keeping you in the store longer than you needed to. One of the most handsome boys you’d ever seen in your life was restocking the one thing you’d come to get: eggs.

Somehow he managed to pull off the navy coveralls perfectly. When you made it to the eggs cooler, his eyes met yours. You were flustered at this point, mostly in part to the man in front of you. He cracked a smile, flashing you some of the prettiest, whitest teeth you’d ever seen.

“Hey, what’s crackin’, good lookin’? Oh, shit. That’s not how it goes. It’s just that I think you’re really pretty and I said the first thing that came to mind and I’ve already messed this up all I know how to do is stock eggs apparently.” The boy rambled, almost speaking incoherently.

You giggled at his attempts to use a line on you. You retrieved the eggs you’d come to get and turned to leave, sadly.

“Why don’t you give me your number and I’ll see if I can get smoother.” This caused you to laugh and you pulled out a pen and scribbled your number onto the boy’s outstretched arm. His nametag read “Calum”.

“I’m Allison. Nice to meet you Calum, even if you screwed it up.” You joked, causing him to laugh melodically. You loved his laugh immediately and wanted to hear more of it. 

You and Calum fell in love and he kept working at the grocery store, rising up the ranks until he was able to buy it. You had the cutest little family ever and Calum never made any more jokes about eggs.

Author’s note: I hope this was good. I kinda have writer’s block right now and I’m not sure why. Requests are open if you’d like to make one :-)

Hi everyone! So I just wanted to make an event celebrating our amazing lead female character Clarke Griffin. Why? Well because she is wonderful and A++ of course! And because I’m extra lol.

Ok so since she’s a main character I thought we could do 2 weeks of Clarke awesomeness instead of one. You don’t have to do both weeks obviously or all the prompts. You can even pick to do one week or the other depending on your personal schedules or inspiration. 

This event will go from April 1st - April 15th (yay 15 days of Clarke!)


April 1st - Day 1 -  The moment you fell in love with Clarke
April 2nd - Day 2 - Favorite Friendship(s)
April 3rd - Day 3 - Favorite Romantic Relationship
April 4th - Day 4 -  Personality Traits
April 5th - Day 5 - Emotion(s)
April 6th - Day 6 - Favorite Location(s)
April 7th - Day 7 -  Free Choice  
April 8th - Day 8 - That good earth cleavage (yes it needs a day of its own)
April 9th - Day 9 - Character Development 
April 10th - Day 10 - Favorite Quote(s)
April 11th - Day 11 - Alternate Universe (AU can be crossover or whatever you want)
April 12th - Day 12 - Leadership/”My People” (you can base your edit off either prompt though they’re kind of one in the same)
April 13th - Day 13 - Favorite Outfit(s)/hairstyle(s)
April 14th - Day 14 - Griffin Family
April 15th - Day 15 - Free Choice

I will be tracking clarkegriffinedit and clarkegriffinweeks


“Yeah, we aren’t like that, right?”
         “Of course.”
“I’m gonna go to sleep.”
           “Sorry about all this.”
“You mean, good night.”

Since everyone’s been making follow forevers now so i guessed why not make my own one too! i made a ff not long ago so this one is kinda just an excuse for me to wish you all merry christmas and happy new year. i wish you to reach your goals next year and for it to be full of joy, happiness and health  ❤♡

firstly my wonderful friends. i love you all so much, seriously. you keep up with me all the time and i always can count on you. i can’t believe that i have found so many wonderful people here. you all accept me for who i am and i wanted to thank you for this because you’re still here for me even though i’m difficult at times. thank you and i love you:

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now my favorite blogs/mutuals. thank you so much for making my dash so beautiful. your blogs are so perfect and you guys as people are so amazing. even though i haven’t talked to all of you i still got to know you by you posting your text posts and stuff and i know you all deserve all the best in the world. (in the random order, i love yall the same):

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With the arrival of 2015 and 1000 Days with Exo I thought it a good time to stop procrastinating make my First Follow Forever! This is really a huge Thank You to wonderful people for coming online and running such amazing blogs. Each of you bring quality to my dash, inspire, make me laugh and remind me why I’ve never regretted being part of the Exo fandom. To everyone who has taken time out to talk to me here and those I’ve befriended, I can’t express how much I admire each of you (im potato) but you brighten my day in some way each time and have made my tumblr experience worth it. You are flawless gems 

To those who clicked on the Follow button, I appreciate every single one of you. Thank you for putting up with me and my deer spams lately, half of you probably didn’t sign up for it lol TuT. Come and say hi sometime ^^ I hope good things wait for us all in the year ahead~ Happy New Year!

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