i wonder why life goes by so fast

TYPE: Ghost Shell Recording, PROPOSED EXCERPT 6/5

DESCRIPTION: Journal Entry




Begin recording, Ghost. 

This is Cayde-6, Hunter Vanguard. Not sure anyone’ll ever listen to this. Hope not, at least - Eris’d probably kill me if she knew what I was doing. But if someone does - maybe they’ll find it useful.

Still don’t know what she did down there. Wasn’t thinking too quickly - something in the Thralls that slowed me down, maybe. Whether that was what stole my Light, or whether it was the Ogre - no idea.

She won’t talk about it. Shut up tighter than Zavala’s…Anyway. She’s got that gun. We’ve all seen it. We’ve all wondered at what goes on under that shroud. What the mechanism is that keeps it firing. Why it steals life. 

I saw her use it. I saw what’s underneath. And in her hands, it eats something else - Darkness, maybe, like she said. Same kinda Darkness that hung around her like a cloak, hid her so well even I couldn’t see her. But the weapon feeds her, instead of the other way ‘round. Makes her…more.

Couldn’t see much at all, really. Hard to make out what went on in there. But something killed the wizards. Fast. And then that same something killed the Taken Ogre. Sucked the life - if life’s what it had - right out of it.

I’ve got some theories, ideas I’ve kept to myself over the years. Thoughts that started takin’ shape after she climbed up outta that pit. Dying and coming back - I imagine that does something to a person.

Regardless, don’t think I’ll share those musings just yet - like I said, hard to see what was going on. 

But for a moment, I coulda sworn I saw wings.”

Christmas Tree >> Jackson, You (Drabble)

Christmas special. Look forward to other members ^^

Rubbing your hands together, you blew into your hands for more warmth. It was cold and white smoke came out of your mouth as you breathed.

As you were standing under the huge Christmas tree, waiting for your boyfriend, suddenly, strong arms wrapped around you from behind surprising you. You jumped in your place as you turned quickly to see who that was. You would never know what drunk people would do.

Seeing your surprised expression, Jackson chuckled as he patted your head.

“You scared me.“ You pouted, giving him a small push.

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