i wonder why life goes by so fast

TYPE: Ghost Shell Recording, PROPOSED EXCERPT 6/5

DESCRIPTION: Journal Entry




Begin recording, Ghost. 

This is Cayde-6, Hunter Vanguard. Not sure anyone’ll ever listen to this. Hope not, at least - Eris’d probably kill me if she knew what I was doing. But if someone does - maybe they’ll find it useful.

Still don’t know what she did down there. Wasn’t thinking too quickly - something in the Thralls that slowed me down, maybe. Whether that was what stole my Light, or whether it was the Ogre - no idea.

She won’t talk about it. Shut up tighter than Zavala’s…Anyway. She’s got that gun. We’ve all seen it. We’ve all wondered at what goes on under that shroud. What the mechanism is that keeps it firing. Why it steals life. 

I saw her use it. I saw what’s underneath. And in her hands, it eats something else - Darkness, maybe, like she said. Same kinda Darkness that hung around her like a cloak, hid her so well even I couldn’t see her. But the weapon feeds her, instead of the other way ‘round. Makes her…more.

Couldn’t see much at all, really. Hard to make out what went on in there. But something killed the wizards. Fast. And then that same something killed the Taken Ogre. Sucked the life - if life’s what it had - right out of it.

I’ve got some theories, ideas I’ve kept to myself over the years. Thoughts that started takin’ shape after she climbed up outta that pit. Dying and coming back - I imagine that does something to a person.

Regardless, don’t think I’ll share those musings just yet - like I said, hard to see what was going on. 

But for a moment, I coulda sworn I saw wings.”


Nogizaka46 Matsumura Sayuri DaVinci interview eng translation

The broadcast of new anime this season has started. The anticipation of which anime you want to watch also risinge. The anticipation which growing bigger within your chest, this lady also feels the same. Nogizaka46’s Matsumura Sayuri-chan aka Sayuringo!

Sayurin, amongst Nogizaka46 members, has the biggest love for anime and game. How much do you love it?

I’m gonna say it energetically “The first episode of animes, I had recorded all of them!”. In the leisure time of my idol works, I dedicate my time to genuinely appreciate anime.

Now, in the beginning of April, based on Sayurin’s observation, she would tell you the best 5 animes. Spring is Easter’s season. And then, with those anime that will be broadcast soon, along with Nogizaka46’s new single, I’m gonna introduce you the “Usaringo” style! (Note : Usaringo = usage [rabbit] + Ringo [apple + which also Sayurin’s nickname “Sayuringo” “Ringo-hime”])

Which animes that grab your attention?

#1 attention goes to “Gochūmon wa Usagi Desu ka?”! “Hidamari Sketch”, “Sakura Trick”, and “Kin-iro Mosaic”. I love Manga Time Kirara series, so I really anticipate it.

Works that has unique fluffy style is so nice. Thinking about why I like that kind of works, I like slow pace. I’m type of person who bad at fast-pace things. That’s why maybe  the slow tempo is just right for me.

And, girl-girl bound, it’s really wonderful. But not to the level of yuri! But, In everyday life, it’s common among Nogizaka46 members to show such feeling.

Among members, kissing each other is something that we can’t openly do. It’s not kissing cheek, I mean kissing lips! That’s why, many of  members’ first kiss are another member. That’s right, it’s the real of “Sakura Trick” world!

That’s a sudden confession, Sayurin. Idols’ bond, I can only imagine them doing kissing. It makes me nosebleed. I’m so jealous! Next time, what another surprising confession that you’ll reveal? Move on, the #2 attention.

I was really into a 1-time broadcast “Love Live!”. Even now, I want to go to μ’s live performance. When you watch this anime, you’d feel that you want to be an idol. I’m an idol, I love idol anime “Wake Up Girls”. I know how it feels. At the sad scene, I watched it while crying. That’s why when I watched live performance scene, I felt that “I want do live performance!”.

To tell you the truth, at home, I’m a dull person. At home, when I recall live performances that I did I thought “I did that?”, I wonder why such thing feels so distant.

Moreover, when doing live performance. It’s not only enjoyment that I feel. I maybe think about the next program show, my head is full already.

That’s why I truly enjoy anime. The feeling of wanting to sing, I feel that there’s dream within idol anime.

In opposite, I almost never see our live performances or shows on TV. I mean, I don’t want to see them. Because that’s embarrassing. For me to learning, I watch the song scenes. But I definitely don’t watch MC ever! MC makes me embarrassed the most!!

I’m a person who have full confidence on the stage, but when I step down from the stage, I’m become a shy person. I really can’t do everything by myself.

That’s why, I feel that I’m type of person who receive strength from other people. Being on the stage or with the members and staff makes me alive. I feel “Guys, let’s have fun? Yeah!”. There’s gap between me on the stage and me in my ordinary life.

After really becoming an idol, there’s 1 thing that really surprised me. There’s no bullying. Someone like me, I was afraid  to get bullied because I’m a slow-pace person. But, that’s really only a fiction, right?

Nogizaka46 already has 2nd generation members, I have fun with them. There are many cute girls, it’s so relieving.

I got autograph from a real idol, I’m gonna pay big attention to idol anime. At any rate, being able to change personality once standing on the stage, that’s idol’s nature quality. She has outstanding talent. And, Sayurin’s unexpected side, will be revealed further at #3.

This is a 2-times broadcast anime, my #3 attention is “Mushishi Zoku Shou”. I’m fine with light dark anime. The anime, there are scenes which show spirit and insect. As long as it’s insect, I have no problem.

The other day, my little sister observed the transformation of insect monster becoming a pupa. In olden days, she kept frogs! My family love to go traveling. When we go to mountain, we usually catch freshwater crabs or frogs.

I have older sister and little brother. One day, we would play with frogs. I opened the insect cage which also contained frogs. After that, 5 small frogs jumped simultaneously out of the cage and ended up moving around inside our room. My mother was really angry at me.

My face shows that I’m a person who won’t kill insect, the truth is Sayurin is a princess who loves insect. Nowadays, liking freshwater crab of frog isn’t something weird.