i wonder who taught him that

one day at the musain

jehan asks all the amis about their favourite greek myth, and everyone just there putting their little two cents in with their why’s and how’s and what that particular myth has taught them etc
and then its grantaire’s turn and he’s like “icarus.” and then he’s silent for a beat, letting everyone wonder why it could be icarus (something about him regularly putting himself in danger??? alcohol, maybe?)
and then he sighs, longingly looks at enjolras who is concentrating on a book a few tables away, and says “because I, too, want to fuck the sun”

(enjolras looks up at the uproar of laughter that follows, looking mildly distraught, because he might not be very good at science but this seems to him like quite the alarming statement)



“[On how he overcame racial dogma] I was taught that I had basic rights as a human being. I was taught that I was someone. I knew we had no money, still I was taught that I was someone. We had no electricity and no running water, still I was taught that I was someone. I had very little education. A year and a half, in fact, was all of the schooling that I was exposed to. Still I knew that I was someone.”

‘’I feel blessed to have been the woman who held him deep within my being as he grew from a tiny seed. […] It was incredible to watch River grow. From the beginning, he was a soul filled with passion and a sense of service for others. At a young age, he took on the responsibility of sharing the wonderful gifts that were given to him. He diligently taught himself guitar at 4, sang on the streets from Venezuela to Westwood, Calif., and wrote music and lyrics, seeking to open hearts in a new way. […] River made such a big impression during his life on Earth. He found his voice and found his place.’’

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so like, my grandpa is a 2nd gen german immigrant and his family was jewish. he had a muslim coworker for years upon years who taught him about her religion and he decided to convert to islam. i was just wondering if it's okay for people who weren't born into islam to convert to it?

Subhanallah! I’m so happy to know that your grandpa made this choice, may Allah (swt) guide him and give him a life of success and fortune! And may he find peace and tranquility in his decision, inshallah.

Any non-Muslim can convert freely to Islam, in fact, anyone regardless of ethnicity, sexuality, gender, race, nationality, color and etc can convert!

Because your grandpa belongs to a Jewish household, his heritage is still very important and he should not throw it away, proper respect must be shown to those who descend from Isaac (as) or any other Prophet by Muslims, especially if they descend from Bani Israel, Bani Ishmael or Ahlul Bayt. So despite being a Muslim, his Jewish heritage is of great importance, remember to tell him that.

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I can't imagine Manon asking questions about sex. I wonder who taught her. I wonder about her first time, & how she had no one to talk to after. It's quite sad to think that her time was most likely with some one she didn't even care about, or even talk to. Also, if Dorian & Manon were to be mates, what kind of raw magic might Manon have? I think it's also strange Manon calls Dorian 'The king'. She sets him apart, even tho we know they have a connection. DORIAN HAVILLIARD entered her, not Dorian

Yeah. I think Manon’s magic is her ability to be such a good judge of character. She’s been doing t since we first met her. She saw who Abraxos was on the inside, she saw who elide was, she saw Dorian. And to some degree all of those three “chained things” reflected her in some way. Her character development is heavily tied to her helping those characters and recognizing herself and her situation in them.

I also think this ties into her being Rhiannon’s heir. We know Rhiannon was somehow able to channel Mala’s “essence” into the Lock. So it makes sense that Manon would be so good at reading/seeing people and creatures essence herself. That’s a Crochan magic she’s had all along.

And what makes this so great, is that not only was she able to see Dorian for who he is but behind the mask of the prince, and beneath the collar, but Dorian is also to see her. When she is the “chained thing” on the ship, he is the only one he sees her and knows that she is not dangerous or a threat. Whereas Aelin, Rowan, and Aedion think she’s dangerous and that he’s stupid for wanting her out of the chains.

People missed that too. They thought that Manon and Dorian didn’t form a friendship and that Dorian only acted like the shameless flirt/dark!dorian to her and he didn’t. Only when he came into her bedroom did he put on that show and it was ONLY AFTER he saw how depressed she was. When she turned her back to him as if she were waiting to death. That’s when he turns in the arrogant/dangerous charm. When he’s trying to save her. But after she’s better, he doesn’t do that. They have that moment on deck after the battle when he lets her touch his neck and then he offers her comforting words that hint at the sexual assault he’s picked up in her actions. Then their whole time in the marshes. When Manon earns his trust and he earns hers. She’s the only one who pays attention to Dorian and treats him as if he’s a major player in the chess game. And he treats her similarly.

It’s really subtle but incredibly well done. There is another ask in my box about how Manon and Dorian don’t know one another and I’m like we didn’t read the same book then. Cuz you missed all of how their relationship was built. Of course it will be nice for them to have homey/pastoral getting to know you moments, by they already know and understand one another.

But back to your first question, I think her first time was probably horrible and borderline rape. I think if the Matron didn’t pressure her into bedding a male and then killing him, she could have very easily sold the witches in some sick game of buy the virgin. Or something gross. Where they got money from men for the newly if age witches, the witches has sex, then they killed the men. Like the Matron is so horrible and twisted and I could see her doing that. Especially to Manon. Because she wants total submission. So making Manon feel as if she doesn’t own her own body would be a way to do that. It’s so gross to think about. But yeah. I don’t think Manon had sex for the first time because she wanted to. I could very easily see the Matron having pressured her or sold her.

Letters of a broken girl

If I allowed you to pick me a part
You would find my pieces in the hands of the men i loved
My father
My best friend
Interlocked in the curls of the boy who taught me to hate myself
I am scattered and fluttering within the efforts of their new relationships
When she kisses him,
She’ll get a taste of the blood I bled on his doorstep
He milked his way through me until my skin peeled
I tore myself a part
I hope it chokes her
I hope she gets a dose of my tears
I hope she goes to sleep with tremors in her chest
Reminiscent of the nights I spent shaking out sobs
When she looks in the mirror
She’ll see flashes of my reflection And wonder who she is to him
She’ll smell peppermint and vanilla bean beneath his finger nails
They have chunks of me still in their palms
I made them into the men they chose to be for someone else
I fought so they could love.
I don’t have anything left.

Ghost [Josh Dun]

Word count: 835

Warnings: angst, pining, infidelity, neglect

A/N: It’s been a while. Instead of normal cinnamon roll Josh, we’ve got *bad boy Josh*. 

You know how there’s always those people that seem to have the best of luck? Their life is perfect, all because everything that’s supposed to go right does. Women who want children receive them on their first try, young adults who want to achieve do, girls get the perfect boy they dreamed of having. 

I didn’t, sometimes I wonder if I ever will. Instead of the perfect boy I thought I’d snag, I got a hollow body that never seems to stay longer than a few hours at a time. Nothing I could do would make him stay. 

He was the type of boy every girl was taught to avoid. Tattoos, piercings, dyed hair. Maybe it’s a stereotype, but it’s one he wore proudly. He indulged in being every college freshmen girl’s fantasy. The bad boy that you could take for just one night, your dirty little secret that you tell your friends about over a glass of rosé years down the road. If your life is really that boring. Sometimes I believed I stayed out of hope, or desperation. Often those two intertwine. 

I let him go off with girls, and, most of the time, he came home to me. But there was always that hollow feeling inside of me that I feel he carved out, trying to fill himself. But he was like an abused jar of honey, everything sweet had leaked out through the damage done. Though he never told me where that damage came from. 

Our apartment was small, dimly lit, and constantly dirty. I never cleaned. It was my passive-aggressive “fuck you” to his infidelity and neglect. He always complained about my large collection of shampoo, but although my complaints were bigger, I kept my mouth shut. 

Sometimes I see just a glimpse of the boy I’m hanging on to. I say boy, and not man, because a man would never treat a woman the way a boy does. Sometimes, when we’re completely alone, there’s a happy light in his eyes that I wish I could capture on film. I wonder if he hides it, or it hides itself. Maybe it hides him.These moments never last long, hence why they’ve always been called moments. By the time I’ve woken up the next morning, he’ll be somewhere. I’ve never received a text, or a call in regards to where that is. 

Eventually, both of us had had enough. He took me to a party in a parking lot with his friends. I saw a sculpture from across the plaza, he wanted to stay and drink beer.

I tugged gently on his sleeve, “C’mon, Josh, it’ll only be for a minute. Please?” I pleaded.

He rolled his eyes at me, yanking away. “Go by yourself, if it’s really that important. God, you’re being annoying.” He snapped.

His friends snickered and ‘ooooh’ed. His face paled as he realized how he’d just treated me. Maybe, for a split second, he was clinging to me the way I did to him. I pulled my hood up, trying not to cry.  

“Right.” I mumbled, my voice cracking. I turned and left, but instead of walking towards the sculpture I started walking home. 

He ran after me, now tugging on my sleeve. I yanked it out of his grip, continuing to speed-walk. “Y/N, stop! Just talk to me!” He shouted.

I whipped around, shoving him. The small amount of eye makeup I wore must’ve been smeared from crying. “What?! What do you want from me, Josh?! Because I have nothing left to give you! You’ve already taken everything, and you’ve treated me like trash! I’m so tired of it. I never should have thought that there was any good left in you… I hate you!” I scream, pushing him again before I run off.

After several hours of sleeping on the bathroom floor, I vaguely feel someone pick me up. Their arms are warm and strong. They lay me down on the bed, and plush lips softly kiss my forehead. I can faintly smell cigarettes and Old Spice, and I know it’s Josh. He lays down next to me, pulling me close like he never does. I sleepily cuddle into his chest, opening my eyes.

“I’m so sorry, Y/N.” He whispered, softly stroking my hair. 

I pull my face away, looking at him. “Are you though?” I say, my voice quiet and full of disbelief.

He cups my cheeks, his sad eyes even more sad than usual. “Yes, I am. I spent all this time searching for someone to love me, and I was too stupid to realize that it was you. I hurt you so many times, not even thinking… and I’m so sorry.” He said, tears slipping down his cheeks. He pulls me into a tight hug. “Please, don’t leave me.” He whispered into my hair. 

I nod a little, hugging him back. I know I’m an idiot, but I’m seeing the change in him, and I want to be around for the finished product.

Finally, love him as much as you can, for as long as you can. He is one of the most charming, annoying and intoxicating human beings you will ever meet and he is just so beautiful. Know that you are blessed to have been given the chance to love him and be loved by him. If in the end, however, love ends up falling short and you find yourself at the end of your story with him, gently let him go with a smile on your face and thank him for all the wonderful memories you shared together. You are allowed to mourn over lost love and cry yourself to sleep for a whole week, but know that it gets better. I hope that like me, you can look back fondly at all the times you spent together and know for sure that the happiness he brought into your life was so much more than the sadness that came after. I hope that like me, you will be thankful for that boy with the perpetually sleepy eyes who taught your sleeping heart how to truly live and love.
—  P.G

#3 — To turn hate on another person, you have to think about yourself first.

We tend to judge one another based on our actions and judge ourselves based on our intentions. 

We say that hate breeds more hate.

Sometimes, I wonder if we are prejudice and hate even the people who have been burned or taught to hate in the past.

Are we creating our own monsters?

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This is team Nagoya aka “Hitsumabushi5”! I was a bit worried about the line up at first but it was a very comforting team after all. I want to do promo with this team again! From left to right: Pink Yellow Red Blue Green
くじ引きで決まった時は大丈夫か心配されたけど、非常に心地よく穏やかで柔らかいメンバー構成でした。またこのメンバーでまわりたい。左からPink Yellow Red Blue Green
あ〜ちゃん https://instagram.com/p/BKnth0JjZ1a/

Recording radio comment alone. I got so nervous and I kept saying “we are Perfume!” even though I was alone. LOL I wonder how the other two did.
一人でPerfumeのコメント。ほんまに緊張。最後つい癖「Perfumeでした!」て言っちゃった。笑 二人は上手に話せたかなぁ?
あ〜ちゃん https://instagram.com/p/BKnt99bjl1W/

Last interview was at CBC. This one’s with Era-san who taught us all about being on the radio. I’m sure the other members wanted to see him, too. He was fixing his hair so much before taking this photo. LOL
Next year is the 10th anniversary since “Perfume no Panpaka Party” started. Maybe
we can do it again!
最後の収録はCBCさん。ラジオの難しさと楽しさを教えてくれたエラさんと♪二人も会いたかっただろうなぁーぁ。撮る前すんごく髪型気にしてた。笑 来年はPerfumeのパンパカパーティー10周年なんだって!復活できたらいいな〜
あ〜ちゃん https://instagram.com/p/BKnufNOj1RV/

This one is with Suzuki-san. He’s been helping us with promo for a long time. He doesn’t take cool and serious pics so this is what I got. LOL
We laughed so much and had a fun and relaxing interview.
かしゆか https://instagram.com/p/BKnxhuZDT-Q/

Takoyaki was super yummy so I had a whole pack and a half! Can’t stop! I think I’ll keep eating forever so I regretfully stopped myself…LOL
タコ焼き美味しすぎて1パック半食べちゃった!何個でも食べれるねぇ〜 止めないと永遠に食べちゃいそうなのでなくなく我慢しました笑
かしゆか https://instagram.com/p/BKnxyVRD9OB/

This was waiting for me in the dressing room after promo!! Look at the “11” candles! It was such a wonderful day full of love!
Got to see so many beautiful people. Thank you guys for following us on instagram all day! Perfume goes on!
たくさんの人に会えて愛を感じられてとってもとっても幸せな日だったなぁ 1日インスタチェックしてくれたみんなありがとう!
かしゆか https://instagram.com/p/BKnyNsVjqB9/

SHINee Reaction: when their girlfriend, who is usually quiet, stands up to someone who was talking bad about them.

Jonghyun: “Hell no I’m not gonna stop her. She speaks the truth.”

Key: “I have taught her well.”

Minho: *stil pouting at the person but is listening carefully to his girl who is praising him*

Onew: “Jagiya! Stop this! It doesn’t matter.”

Taemin: *person walks away* “Oh no you aren’t done. Please continue. What was that about my wonderful dancing skills?”


“I was on the field at Marlas,” said Laurent.
    As the words penetrated, Damen felt the world reshape itself around him.
    “They wouldn’t let me near the front. I never had the chance to face him. I used to wonder what I’d say to him if I did. What I’d do. How dare any one of you speak the word honour? I know your kind. A Veretian who treats honourably with an Akielon will be gutted with his own sword. It’s your countryman who taught me that. You can thank him for the lesson.”
    “Thank who?” Damen pushed the words out, somehow, past the pain, but he knew. He knew.
    “Damianos, the dead Prince of Akielos,” said Laurent.
“The man who killed my brother.”

                                                                                       —Captive Prince; chapter three

Nikandros said, “Your back.”
    Damen flushed. Nikandros was staring at him as if he had needed to see it up close to believe it. He knew… he knew there was scarring. He knew it extended across his shoulders, down to his mid-back. He knew the scars had been well taken care of. They didn’t pull. They didn’t twinge, even during the most strenuous swordwork. The smelly salves that Pashcal had administered to him had seen to that. But he had never taken himself to a mirror and looked at them.
    Now his mirror was Nikandros’s eyes, the stark horror in his expression.
    “Who did this to you?”

   “I did,” Laurent said.

                                                                                            —Kings Rising; chapter nine

I finally found a small bit of information on Appalachian Granny Magick, and oh the satisfaction of learning that the hateful family members who have spent most of my life telling me I’m going to hell have been practicing a watered down version of Granny Magick their entire lives calling it “harmless superstitions!” haha!

From what my sister and I have gathered, we have an ancestor who was a Granny for our area, and little snippets of the family tradition survived down to my Great Grandpa’s generation, but according to my Grandpa he was a hateful bastard so our guess is that the tradition truly ended with him. But up until I actually told them I’m a witch, there were little “superstitious traditions” which were taught to us which were absolutely Granny Magick. I wondered why other families in the area had never heard of my family’s superstitions! Lol

The sad thing is, if my family hadn’t suffered from several generations of religious fanatics I would have been trained in a family tradition which is now lost to us.

But oh won’t their faces be priceless the next time they quote the bible at me, and I enlighten them about the origin of their funny little quirks. Cold comfort, but comfort nonetheless.

Pastorwitch’s FAQ

This page is to explain my spiritual path. I am a Christian witch. I study God’s world in order to advance His Kingdom.

1. Doesn’t the Bible forbid witchcraft?

Please read this post by phoenyxangel.

2. What does witchcraft mean to you?

Witchcraft is my cross:

God has been a wonderful parent to me. At times He is nurturing. At times He comes to me with tough love. When He allowed demonic presences to enter my spaces in tangible ways, I was so scared. I had always been taught that God is a nurturer who would never let anything happen to His children. He seemed like a bad parent to me for the first time in my life. But He made it clear to me, that He did not step up because I am fully capable of doing it without Him, and that I knew what path I should pursue to protect myself and others. Anyone else, He would have babied. But not me.

Witchcraft is my freedom of thought. It is my license to interpret and act upon God’s word. It is my fearlessness– fearlessness in that I do not fear being wrong in this journey. The only wrong in a spiritual journey is to stop where you are. Don’t let people judge you for “going back” in your spiritual journey, because you can’t! Once you have spiritual knowledge it does not leave you. Once you have attained Gnosis there is no turning back. The way behind is blocked. The only way to go is forward. Just because it doesn’t look like it’s going the right way does not mean the path is wrong. Keep going! Or you could stop… Don’t stop.

Witchcraft is the answer to my heart’s desire to protect the ones I love. It gives me an avenue to intercede from the power God has vested in me. I can intercede with the power of God’s creation. I can call into the depths of the Earth or cry to the end of the stars for His mercy on behalf of those I love.

Witchcraft is my link to God’s natural world. Witchcraft is my research of how God has invested Himself in His creation. Correspondences to me are simply the power God has given the earth. I understand them by dialoguing with the spiritual energy vested in them. Witchcraft is how I am a good steward of God’s kingdom.

Witchcraft is how I battle the forces beyond our “material” world. Witchcraft is how I fight alongside the angels. And though I am so weak in comparison to them, I will do whatever I can to ease their battle and push the Kingdom of Evil back. When I do a simple cleansing or warding I take back ground from the Enemy.

Witchcraft is my cross. So many people read this as a burden. A cross is not a burden. It is a symbol of our alliance to Jesus. It is a symbol of my place in the Kingdom. It is my honor and my joy. For me, witchcraft cannot be separated from my religion. It is the embodiment of my understanding of God.

3. What do you mean when you say you use witchcraft to study God’s world?

I am a green witch. That means I use creation, particularly plants, in order to perform my spells. Green witches use the energy stored within creation in order to create effects.

We know God has invested power in creation because of the story of Cain and Abel. It is the ground that seems to convict Cain for his crimes. Before Cain killed his brother, the ground gave him strength.

And the Lord said, “What have you done? Listen; your brother’s blood is crying out to me from the ground! And now you are cursed from the ground, which has opened its mouth to receive your brother’s blood from your hand. When you till the ground, it will no longer yield to you its strength; you will be a fugitive and a wanderer on the earth.”

-Gen 4:10-12

Consider also that if humans do not worship God creation must cry out to Him.

But he answered them, “I tell you that if they keep quiet, the stones will shout!”

-Luke 19:40

The power is there. Is it wrong to learn to use it? On the contrary, I find it to be an interesting way to study God. By knowing His creation, I come to know Him better.

Also note that when Jesus was confronted with magick (albeit, religious magick) he did nothing to condemn it. In the story of the healing at the pool Jesus heals a man who is waiting at a magick pool. Whenever the water was stirred it was supposed to be because an angel came and touched it. Whoever jumped into the pool first was supposed to be healed. (I’m assuming it worked, at least in part, for all of these people to be waiting so eagerly for their chance to jump in. The man in question had waited there for a long time and had missed many chances because he couldn’t move.)

Now in Jerusalem by the Sheep Gate there is a pool, called in Hebrew Beth-zatha, which has five porticoes. In these lay many invalids—blind, lame, and paralyzed, waiting for the stirring of the water; for an angel of the Lord went down at certain seasons into the pool, and stirred up the water; whoever stepped in first after the stirring of the water was made well from whatever disease that person had.

-John 5:2-4

If Jesus didn’t have an issue, then maybe we shouldn’t. Also note that sending demons packing is certainly not the Devil’s work as some believe. I think Christian witches need to be judicious in what they practice. I think baneful magick is iffy at best. Jesus wasn’t baneful, so neither should we be. That being said, bindings and curses do not have to be baneful.

4. Are you a natural witch?

I am not a natural witch. I was not born with an affinity for witchcraft. I am not even an empath or a psychic. As a teenager I possessed the spiritual gift of discernment, but it only felt important because the church I was at was spiritually withered. As I hit adulthood I changed to a charismatic church and I became even more of a nobody. My friends prophesied and did faith healings while I barely received words or pictures. Some of my friends even received money post-marked from God just to go on vacation. Meanwhile, I was working three jobs non-stop, trying to pay for my private university. Even though I was a dedicated member of the community, God was not blessing me with supernatural gifts like my friends had.

In fact, He seemed to be giving me the short end of the stick. Demons, overworking, mental health issues, and financial issues had me in their grasps. Of all of these trails, the demons were the hardest and most heartbreaking. I kept asking God why He wouldn’t protect me. As I looked at my friends, I wondered why He didn’t treat me like them. Why didn’t He give me supernatural gifts, especially when I was being attacked by the supernatural? Why didn’t He shower His love on me with gifts? To make matters worse, I had not received a word or picture in almost a year. I was losing what little “cool gifting” I had.

I sat in the middle of our Bible study, so upset. The methods that had worked against demons had been folk magick, something that seemed to be forbidden. Then God came to me, as He hadn’t in a long while. As I sat there and screamed inwardly, “Why won’t you protect me?! Why don’t you give me what I need?!” He clearly answered, “I already have. Only you would have the gumption to tread a path so different from those around you. You cannot be a victim of these demons.”

I am a witch by choice, because even though I am not a naturally gifted witch, God has gifted me with the strength and purpose to pursue witchcraft. I am a witch by choice because God has set witchcraft before me as my path. I am a witch by choice, and that does not make me any less or any more than my brothers and sisters who are natural born. I am a witch by choice, not by birth: any craft done through me is a direct reflection of my Father’s power, not mine. I am a witch by choice, not my choice, but God’s choice.

“Thank you dear, beloved son” by Heart Phoenix.

I think people want to know if River ran his course or if he was taken from the world prematurely.

River was my first born. He introduced me to motherhood and has been the strongest influence on my life. I feel blessed to have been the woman who held him deep within my being as he grew from a tiny seed. I birthed him at home, suckled him to a chubby 2-year-old and then held him in love and awe until his safe passage on Oct. 31.

It was incredible to watch River grow. From the beginning, he was a soul filled with passion and a sense of service for others. At a young age, he took on the responsibility of sharing the wonderful gifts that were given to him. He diligently taught himself guitar at 4, sang on the streets from Venezuela to Westwood, Calif., and wrote music and lyrics, seeking to open hearts in a new way.

Many of you have been able to experience his openness, gentleness, beauty and vulnerability on the screen. He chose characters that reached inside the souls of the audience, awakening long-forgotten feelings. With River’s passing, people around the world have been touched by his loss and once again their deep feelings have surfaced.

The coroner’s report states that drugs were the cause of death. His friends, co-workers and the rest of our family know that River was not a regular drug user. He lived at home in Florida with us and was almost never a part of the “club scene” in Los Angeles. He had just arrived in L.A. from the pristine beauty and quietness of Utah where he was filming for six weeks. We feel that the excitement and energy of the Halloween nightclub and party scene were way beyond his usual experience and control. How many other beautiful young souls, who remain anonymous to us, have died by using drugs recreationally? It is my prayer that River’s leaving in this way will focus the attention of the world on how painfully the spirits of his generation are being worn down.

They are growing up with polluted air, toxic earth and food, and undrinkable water. We are destroying our forests, the ozone layer is being depleted, and AIDS and other diseases are epidemic. The world is a very confusing place for most young people and we need to address that. Drug abuse is a symptom of an unfeeling, materialistic, success-oriented world where the feelings and creativity of young people are not seen as important. Drugs, including alcohol, are used to soften the pain of feeling separated from ourselves, each other and love. We can’t just say “Just Say No”–it’s ridiculous–we need to offer our children something they can say “Yes” to.

I have been trying to make sense out of chaos in relation to the world situation for many years, and with River’s passing I feel more clear than ever before. I feel the answer to our destructive nature, which manifests itself in many forms and our inability to love and care for one another, is based on our disconnection from every natural part of who we are. The universe and Earth is a magnificent system of oceans, rivers, tributaries and streams; of electrons, atoms, microorganisms, plants and animals; of plankton, moss and trees. And we, the humans, believe we can stand apart from this living system and say we are the masters. We act as if all of this was put here for us to use, abuse and profit from. We have separated ourselves from the very essence of life in order to raise ourselves up as the ultimate divine expression on Earth.

River made such a big impression during his life on Earth. He found his voice and found his place. And even River, who had the whole world at his fingertips to listen, felt deep frustration that no one heard. What is it going to take? Chernobyl wasn’t enough. Exxon Valdez wasn’t enough. A bloody war over oil wasn’t enough. If River’s passing opens our global heart, then I say, thanks dear, beloved son, for yet another gift to all of us.

narcissa + occlumency

so i was thinking to myself. how did narcissa lie to the dark lord so easily?
obviously she’s an occlumens of some sort. but… who taught her?
i don’t think she trusted any other death eaters, especially not with the mission she had in mind. She didn’t even trust Bellatrix. She was too devoted to the Dark Lord, she would either rat herself out in an instant or kill her herself.

but what about severus? she trusted him enough to hold draco’s life sacred. 
i would imagine narcissa and severus were very close. i wonder if they helped each other?
perhaps later in the war narcissa figured out what severus was doing, and asked him for help. and she would ask him to teach her occlumency.

and that’s how narcissa lied to the dark lord.

I completely forgot that the manga told us this, but I was reminded by reading the guidebook that Kuchel’s professional name was ‘Olympia’.

The first thing that comes up when I google 'Olympia’ in Japanese is the beautiful painting by Édouard Manet, depicting a prostitute. Apparently 'Olympia’ was a name for prostitutes in 19th century Paris.

What interests me is that in the search results, it also came up with the name of a TV program in Japan that featured this painting. It’s a show that introduces artworks from throughout history, and the title of the program is literally, 'Beautiful Titans’. I wonder if Isayama watched the show because of the title and that’s where he got the name Olympia from or something.

Also, the bottom paragraph of the above page says, “Even now in the SC, the power Kenny taught to Levi lives on in him. To Levi, Kenny is the model of how to live his life, so to speak. Kenny is the existence who gave him power after his mother died. He disappeared all of a sudden, and Levi reappeared as his enemy in battle. Levi could correspond immediately to this 'abnormal situation’ all because of the 'abnormal surroundings and experiences’ he had in the underground city during his childhood.”

To Levi, Kenny is the person who gave him power and gave him life. He is a role-model for Levi. Nice to see that Levi doesn’t just copy absolutely everything from Kenny, since Levi’s not a mass murderer or anything lol. He just learnt the good stuff, although he retains a few bad habits like using violence to express his emotions. Still cute as fuck, though. I wonder if Kenny ever mentioned Uri to Levi in passing, or rather if it was something very personal. Even in his last moments Kenny didn’t say Uri’s name to Levi, so I get the impression it was something he never spoke to anyone about.