i wonder who search that


ponds under pyramids

by: paris michael

when we were children
under the aurora of our skyline, i searched your eyes wondering who you were.
when you touched me, your fingertips danced with my chakras and I swear I heard the moon give you a round of applause.
appalled at our nature, the mother of all graced us with soft gazes from starlight and sweet kisses from the wind.
they say that we never truly know who we are, and the point of life is the pursuit.
but what if who I am is you?
do I constantly pursue you or do I grab you and hold tight?
twice I memorized the turquoise in your scalp
and the way your fingers weave through the air like shurikens
and how even your tears fall in elegance.
eloquent with your elegance and precise with your pose
i write prose for a soul I barely even know but I’ll be damned if I don’t watch it grow.
and i did.
i watched it grow into a garden of eden
apples don’t fall from trees but are instead nestled in leaves and serpents sit quietly at your feet
you were the quintessential queen who ruled with quick whispers of dreams that even nightmares sat in awe of.
your tongue dripped drowsy delicacies on the restless and painted pictures on my skin that even Michelangelo couldn’t have thought of
if we rewrote the Bible you would be the prophecy that disciples prayed in sought of
but your presence was blessing enough.
and our auras danced
and your smile still shone
and your curves still moaned in search of reprieve
it seems that we all found our queen valuable
the curses left her lips and how dresses fit her hips
who would’ve know that mahogany is malleable.
and even though i am perfectly aware of your divinity and have inspirations to draw through
I still sit here.
and look in your eyes
my hands gripping your thighs
and I wonder
who are you?

Diana wouldn’t put up with his shit and neither should we 

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Shooting Stars ~ Kim Taehyung {Fluff/Smut} Part 1/2

Group: BTS
Member: Kim Taehyung
Type: Fluff {Part 2 involves smut}
Word Count: 1.458

Summary:  But she ignored a lot of constellations and galaxies just to wait and wish for a single shooting star.

Look at me.

           I stretched the thought across the wide hallway to the lockers on the other side. Or, more specifically, to the boy standing in front of those lockers. He was cursing as he spun a lock dial back and forth, every so often tugging on the latch and then throwing his head back when it refused to budge. I liked the way his muscles moved under his shirt when he tensed up to try again.
           “Thirty-two, thirteen…no, thirteen, thirty two…shit!”
He banged his hand on the locker in frustration, then turned to lean against it, blowing a thin strain of hair out of his eye.
Look at me, look at me.
Not that I had any idea what I would do if he did look at me, but I wasn’t exactly practicing my invisibility. I had pushed my grey ski cap back off my face – not far enough to tease out any curls, but far enough that if he looked my way, he might see my eyes.
But he didn’t. Look that is. And if I had known from the beginning, that his hazelnut eyes meant nothing but trouble, I would’ve stayed away.  
His gaze was focused on one end of the hall instead, his eyes narrowed in a laser-like search. I wondered who he was watching for and hoped, beyond reason, that it wasn’t a girl. And then, he disappeared as soon as the bell rang.  
Alone in the hallway, I squared my shoulders and lifted my chin.
I’m glad he didn’t look at me.
But the problem, with having only yourself to talk to is you always know when you’re lying.

I’ve spent hours after school in the library, hoping it would distract me from the most devastating tragedy any of us ever get to experience, falling in love.
As I stepped out into the cold wind and headed up the empty car park toward my car, thunder rolled in from the east. Soon, it began sprinkling.
Little droplets of water drenched my hair, skin and clothes. The water droplets began growing larger and falling frequently. The light ‘pitter patter’ of rain turned into wet thuds as the icy water raced to meet the ground. The sprinkling turned into a torrential downpour.
I pulled my black hood over my saturated form as I sauntered in the soft rain, small pellets of water spitting on my hands as the remainder of the drops quenched the scattered puddles decorating the asphalt.
In the distance, I could sense a familiar voice. I managed to lift my head up just a bit. I stopped in my step and listened for the voice again. Through the sound of rain hitting the ground with force, I heard a high pitched groan from the direction of the football pitch behind the school, followed by mischievous laughter.
My logical self told me to just turn around, get into the car, and go home. This was my chance to turn away. But once again, I listened to my inner voice and soon found myself heading for the truth.  
I blinked away the drops of rain that sprinkled my eyes, running down a wet strand of hair. The pleading screams for help grew louder, faster, closer and echoed across the pitch.
           I almost stopped breathing, my skin crawling with fear.
It was happening right in front of me, his exhausted body was pulled up by blood stained collar, a punch was thrown at his bleeding face, making the red fluid spill from his mouth but I was so stiff, I didn’t budge.
I let out my breath but stayed pressed into the corner as if I were poised on a ledge on a thousand-foot precipice.
Time passed but I had no idea if I waited five minutes or fifteen. My hands were shaking and my knees wanted to buckle. I put shaking fingers to my mouth to silence an involuntary cry. I watched, motionless as the guy above him pushed his body to the ground, with his cap pulled down, he hid his hair and part of his face.
           He shifted in pain, blood spilling from his lips as he groaned out in pain. My eyes shifted to the guy above him, he was smiling viciously, still enjoying the aftereffects of his victory.
I slowly backed away, as if I dared not to turn my back. Without warning, I bumped into something hard and solid and it hit the ground behind me. I stopped dead in my tracks and stood frozen, eyes squeezed shut as I listened to my heavy breathing.
I didn’t dare to look up.
My heart jerked dangerously against my ribs, my own breath unsteady and erratic. I slowly opened my eyes, his eyes shoot in my direction, with surprise and seriousness.
My breath hitched in my throat and I felt like I was suffocating when he lifted up his head. His eyes glistened, the expression in them angry.
           The same expression I saw in his eyes when I swore he would never do anyone wrong.
           I stared at him longer, my body didn’t move even when my body told me to run and never look back. There was something about his gaze that pulled me towards him.
His eyes were the type of brown that was like sweet chocolate. The chocolate that melts at the slightest bit of heat from love, or happiness. But that chocolate can also grow hard from the cold harsh reality that is apparent in this world. Heartbreak, or the depression that he hid from all those around him so well.
The white shirt framing his muscles perfectly was soaked in dried up blood and reality hit me. I had to get away.
He approached me slowly, cautiously, as though I were a wild thing that might bound away at his first false move. I hastily took a step back, my knees hit the curb and I feel, hard.
White-hot lances of fire shot straight up the side of my leg and I hissed, pain in my eyes that I did not try to hide. I pressed down on my bleeding wound and looked back up slowly.
He stopped and looked at me hesitatingly. Sleepy brown eyes, filled with worry stared at me for a moment before running over quickly.
My eyes widened in fright and I tried to get up, my legs giving in and I groaned out loud.
Making his way over to me, he kneeled down in front of me.
           Our gaze met and heat rushed into my cheeks. I stared at him but didn’t say a word. For the first time, I was able to catch a glimpse of his features, the features that made me fall in love with him in the first place.
He had the kind of face that stopped you in your tracks. I guess he must get used to that, the sudden pause in a person’s natural expression when they looked his way followed by overcompensating with a nonchalant gaze and a weak smile.
Of course the blush that accompanied it was a dead give-away. It didn’t help that he was modest with it, it made the girls fall for him all the more.
           “Are you okay?” he asked with a slightly worried tone and I couldn’t help but wonder if beneath all, laid a gentle passionate lover?
“Get away from me,” I answered hesitatingly, “Please.”
He smiled at my words before slowly replacing my hand with his and I did nothing to fight against it. I just stared at him in silence as he pressed down on my knee, internally screaming as the pain rushed through my body.
His eyes wandered over my lips back to my eyes. “To me that sounds like you don’t want to be alone at all.”  His words might have been faint, but there was conviction behind his words.  Deep inside of me I had hoped that he would stay, despite my desperate begging to be left alone and he did. For the first time in forever, it felt as if I wasn’t alone in this world.
He reached out his hand for me to grab, a smile tugging on the edge of his lips as he looked down at me reassuringly. He pulled me to my knees and steadied me in his arms. My heart skipped a beat as I could feel his minty breath only  hairs-breadth away from my lips. A part of me wanted him to kiss me, to forget what I’ve just seen.
           “Can we talk?” he said and I simply nodded. 
He steadied me over to his truck and let me in before slamming the door shut behind me, getting into the drivers seat.
He looked at me in concern as he held the key in his hand. 

“Don’t worry,” he said, smiling sexily, “I won’t hurt you.”

Cafe Mocha, chapter 2

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Plot: You are a regular patron at a coffee shop in Seoul. Your world is forever changed when you meet a handsome stranger, who happens to be the one and only Xiumin from EXO. Will this crush become more than a once in a lifetime meeting?

Genre: Fluff

Pairing: Xiumin x Reader

I sat down on the train and took a deep breath; I hadn’t realized that I’d been holding my breath almost the entire way to the station. My hands were shaking. I I took a glance at my clothes. Thankfully, my coat had taken the worst of the coffee spill and I wouldn’t have to worry about standing in front of a classroom of students with stains all over my shirt. I thought about Mr. Café Mocha – Minseok – the entire way to the station across the street from the school I work at. I couldn’t shake the scared expression on his face, and how jarring it was to see when I had just seen the most dazzling grin on his face minutes earlier. I found myself worrying about him more than I should be, considering I didn’t even know him. But I have to know him from somewhere…

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You should do a let's play channel! It'd be dope af. I always wanted to do one but I can never find quiet time to record. If you have that time, then screw the rest, and do it! I'd watch it.

wow thank. 

i do think some of my concerns are genuine, but you know what, fuck it all. who cares if you do something badly, as long as you do it, amirite?

I lay here, I.

I, who wonders through the wind, like a ghost searching for a home to haunt.

I, who blows in the breeze, desperate for a safe place to land.

I, who roams across the world, intent upon a life of deep meaning.

As each tear called forth, falls to greet the soft cotton under my face, the weight of my emptiness destroys even I…

I, who was called to be something I am not.

Someone I will never be.

Someone much greater than I.

I cry for her.

She who isn’t.

She who should have been.

She who could have been.

She who longed to be I.

If I Could Make A Man

If I could make a man, I’d make a man that first loved God. A man that didn’t mind calling God up for guidance, instead of trying to escape in times of trouble. I’d make a man who took the time to understand himself, so that he could be open to understanding me. A man who knew how to love genuinely and selflessly, because he understood that a love given is twice returned. A man full of joy, laughter, seriousness and tears. A man who clothed himself in the full armor of honesty to protect my heart, mind and soul. I’d make a man who wouldn’t wonder away from me in search of something he thought was better, knowing that I was the best. A man who looked at me with pride in his eyes, overflowing love in his heart and spoke blessings over my existence. I’d make a man who was gently bold, a man of mercy and grace. A man who trusted me with his heart, knowing that I would guard it with my life. I’d make a man who wanted my unconditional love for him. A man able to surrender his burdens to me during times of defeat, so that as his woman, I could help lift him back to his rightful place of excellence. I’d make a man with a burning fire of ambition, not for what society said he should be, but for what he dreams to be. A man able to pause to regain momentum, but who never gives up. I’d make a man of influence, a man courageous enough to show his flaws, but man enough to fix them. I’d make a man that would change the world without trying, since he was change. I’d make a man that was man enough to be my man.



These will always be the best Panic! photos I have

Poem or reality?

I have this moments….
Even quite often.
It’s normal that you spend time with your friends and family.
You can tell them your secrets, not everyone, and not every secret.
It’s okay if you want to be alone sometimes. It’s understandable.
It’s okay if you are exhausted.
But what bugs me…
Is the feeling that no one truly understands me.
That no matter how long I know this person, what we went through, and what I told her about me, I haven’t met one which got me, a person that felt the same as me, had such profound thoughts, felt it at the same intensity as me.
Then I sit there at the evenings.
I want to talk to someone. Tell them my thoughts.
But I know they wouldn’t understand, no one does.
I am thinking different.
I feel like an alien.
We would talk about random things. Things you can talk about with everyone.
You don’t want them to worry about you, you know how they work, how they react.
You wonder if there is someone out there who feels the same as you.
Who feels like there is something missing in his life.
Searching for the purpose.
Who is standing up every day and wonders if that’s it.
If that’s all that it’s to life.
Empty, pointless.
And you can hide so easily that you are off with your thoughts, that you feel like you don’t belong here. No one notices, no one will point it out. No one will call, they will leave you alone.
I guess I am waiting for something.
But If it never comes, what will happen to me?
I don’t want to exist meaningless.
Maybe I am waiting for someone.
Is this why I am dissociating?
Why I look in the mirror and wonder if this is really my face, and it matches who I am, what I think and what I want.
Why I distract myself, why I am always nervous, why I think that my living and love life would never be as interesting as someone elses.
Why I started beeing so confused and sleepy, but wide awake at night. Why I go out so rarely or listen to music the whole day.
If this is reality I’ll snap maybe.

Is there someone…?
Do I have a…
Is the word I am searching for ‘soulmate’?
Because I am starting to wonder.

Who am I?

Playing Husband and Wife

Prompt: hii! can you do a ten scenario where you’re an idol, probably 3 years younger than him, and you’re together on WGM? thank youu☺

Pairing: Ten/ Y/N

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“Y/N, wake up~ Y/N!”

Someone was shaking your shoulder, willing you to wake up.

“Y/N!” It was your leader.

Sometimes, sharing a dorm with your members can be a pain in the butt.

“Hm?” You opened one eye and saw your group leader’s looming face.

You awake with a start.

“Waaah!” You fell off your bed with a thud.

Your leader merely laughed. The other members also gathered around you.

“Happy birthday, Y/N!” they all greeted.

You rubbed your eyes, wiping the sleep away.

“Thank you!” You smiled widely.

They also produced a two-tiered chocolate cake and made you blow the candles. But then you realized they weren’t the only people in your room.

There were the camera crew as well as staff.

But of what?

Your eyebrows creased in confusion until one of the writer-eonnies handed you an envelope.

You opened it and read its contents.

“What does it say?” the maknae of your group asked. The rest waited for you to read the letter out loud.

“Today is the day you will be meeting your virtual husband.”

‘Ah, We Got Married,’ you thought. You remembered your manager approached you one day and told you that you were participating in the show.

It was a dream come true for you! Of course, you were excited, very excited. You’ve been wondering ever since who your virtual husband was? So, naturally, you avoided all kinds of spoilers.

“He prepared this for you,” writer-eonnie said, gesturing around your room. “He also bought you the cake.”

“He came to our dorm?” Your eyes roamed around and saw teal-colored balloons floating. Tied at the end of their strings were your pictures with your members.

“Your virtual husband must be rich,” your leader joked. The rest of the members laughed.

“You have one clue of who your virtual husband is,” she continued.

“Ah, really?” you said as you continued looking through the pictures. Your members, of course, were also excited at your virtual husband’s sweet gesture and looked through the pictures as well.

“Look through the pictures,” she said.

“I wonder who he is?” the main vocalist of the group wondered while searching through the pictures.

“Ah!” You found one odd picture. It was of a boy wearing red clothes with spiky hair. However, his face was blurred.

Your members huddled around you.

“Hmmm, he’s got style,” one of them commented.

“He’s probably a bad boy,” another said.

“You already got two surprises from him,” writer-eonnie said, after your group’s silence.

“Meaning there’s more?” you asked, surprised.

“He said you should be spoiled for today because it’s your birthday,” she said while smiling.

“Aaaawwww~” your members said in unison.

“He’s sweet,” one of them said.

“Are you ready to meet him?” writer-eonnie asked.

“Very,” you replied, putting your game-face on.

The rest of your day was spent with you following around the clues left by your virtual husband. All the while, excitement was bubbling up inside you that you were afraid you might burst.

The last of the clues led you to Lotte World.

You were carrying his surprises. Of course, constant at your side were the “We Got Married” crew who documented every single of your reactions.

Your gifts were a teddy bear, a book, a box of chocolates, bracelet, necklace to name a few.

Writer-eonnie also emphasized that your virtual husband bought all of these with his own money.

“He really must be rich,” you joked as you got another gift which was a couple headband from Lotte World.

Only, you had no idea who to share it with.

“Are you tired?” writer-eonnie asked you as you paused from walking. Your gifts proved to be heavy after running around and following the clues.

“I’m good,” you answered.

“Don’t worry. It’s almost over,” she said. “Let’s go over that bench.” She pointed to a nearby bench.

You took a seat and sighed in relief. At least, you had an opportunity to rest your tired legs.

“How many gifts have you got?” writer-eonnie asked.

You reached for your bag and counted the gifts inside. “7, 8, 9. I got 9 gifts.”

She handed you another card. You opened it in haste.

“'What comes after 9?’” you read the contents. You stared at the camera with a confused look. “10?”

At the sound of 10, someone emerged.

“That’s right!” His voice was light and happy, and it came from your right side.

Your mind was still bit too slow to process the right answer. “10?”

“That’s me.”

You looked at your right and saw someone you definitely recognize.

‘Ten? Ten as in Ten Chittaphon Leechaiyapornkul? Ten from NCT U?!’

You were freaking out.

“Oh my gosh,” was all you could say.

“Hello, Y/N. I’m Ten, your virtual husband. Nice to meet you.” Of course, he completed his introduction with a sweet smile.

'Get over it, Y/N,’ you berated yourself. But it was difficult because your favorite K-Idol was your virtual husband. You were afraid you might faint.

“Hello, Ten-sunbaenim. I’m Y/N. Please take care of me,” you said after finally getting over your shock. You bowed to him to show your respect, too.

“Aw, we’re too formal with each other,” he commented with a pout.

“Too cute!” you blurted out and you almost wanted to choke yourself.

But Ten merely laughed.

“But maybe we’ll get close in time, right, Jagi?” he said, winking at you. He also draped his arms around you.

You were stunned at what he said that you merely nodded.

“You’re so cute when you blush,” he said, pinching your cheeks.

“Yah! Oppa~”

But he, again, only laughed. Then his expression turned serious.

“But you thought this was your last surprise right?”

“Is there more?” you asked. How could there be more?

If you were being honest, he actually has given you a lot.

“Of course there’s one last gift! Your tenth!”

You laughed. Of course he was staying true to his name. Ten.

“I wonder what it’ll be?”

“It’s for me to know and for you to find out!” he said as he led you running towards a truck.

He got on the driver’s side while you rode shotgun. There were also cameras installed inside the car, and you can’t help but be conscious. The crew followed you two closely behind.

“Where are we going, oppa?” you asked after a few minutes of silence.

“You’ll see,” was Ten’s reply.

Night slowly came and with it came the stars. You looked outside the window and saw that you were out of the city and into the countryside.

Where was Ten leading you to?

You got your answer as soon as you saw a field of flowers.

Ten stopped the car, got out, and opened your door for you.

“Thank you,” you said, smiling at his gentlemanly actions.

“Anything for my wife,” Ten said, flashing you again with his sweet smile.

He held your right hand as he led the way towards his surprise.

In the middle of the field of flowers was a table for two. On it was a candlelit dinner. There was also a butler and a violinist nearby. Everything about it just screams romantic.

“You made this for me?” you asked him. He just made your jaw drop with his efforts.

“Happy 18th birthday, Y/N,” Ten said while holding your hands. “I promise to be a good husband.”

Out of impulse, you hugged him. Ten was shocked at the gesture but soon returned the hug.

“Thank you so much, oppa,” you said.

“Aw, don’t cry, Jagi,” he said as he wiped the tears at the corner of your eyes. “Let’s eat?”

The rest of the evening was spent with you and Ten talking about each other. You even forgot the cameras were rolling. Until writer-eonnie told you it was time to wrap up.

You were whisked away to a van that will take you to your dorm.

“Y/N!” Ten’s voice came in loud and clear in the field.

“Oppa?” You turned to regard him.

“Give me your phone,” Ten said as he held out his palm.

You fished your phone out of your pocket and gave it to him.

Ten typed in his number and saved it in your contacts.

“Oppa give me yours, too,” you said.

“Here.” Ten handed you his phone. You took it with somewhat shaky hands. Finally, you managed to type in and save your number as “Jagi”. You smiled at your little joke.

You locked his phone as you handed it to him.

With a smile, you said, “Thank you so much again, oppa. Have a safe ride home and good night.”

“You too, Y/N. Take care.” And for like the 11th time that day, Ten surprised you with a kiss on the forehead.

After, he immediately went to his van and left you in a dazed.

“Y/N, come on! It’s already late!” Writer-eonnie was frantically gesturing at you.

“Um, c-coming!” You jogged towards the van and got in.

The ride back to your dorm was peaceful.

You thought of texting Ten but then thought against it.

You searched your contacts and almost laughed out loud at what he saved his number on your phone.

“10 out of 10, huh?” you said, smiling.

You were definitely looking forward to making more episodes of him on We Got Married.

Notes: This was a challenge to write. Also, this was assuming that Ten is already 21 and Y/N is 18. :D And again, I got carried away with writing this. XD Ten, why are you such a muse to me? Hahahaha! Hope you enjoy this, Anon-ie~

here is the first part of Taka and Twenty One Pilots translation. i’ll upload the rest of the translation later. sorry i’m too busy to do all the translation at once. sorry for any mistake.

Taka (ONE OK ROCK) × Twenty One Pilots

Artists talk plan from Japan “MTV ONE on ONE with Rolling Stone.”

This is a special expanded edition from Taka of ONE OK ROCK and Twenty One Pilots.

The dialogue on the new breath of next-generation rock feels fresh and exciting.

- First of all, please introduce yourself.

Tyler: I’m Tyler

Josh: I’m Josh. Nice to meet you.

Taka: I’m Taka of ONE OK ROCK. Nice to meet you.

Tyler & Josh: Nice to meet you too, Taka. We are the Twenty One Pilots!

Taka: I know (laugh)

Tyler: I checked the PV of ONE OK ROCK and I liked it very much

Josh: Me too.

Taka: Thank you.


-Looks like Taka is a fan of twenty one pilots. Which part of them that taka like?

Taka: I went to Las Vegas in 2012 and there, I watched their PV for the first time and I was shocked. “Insanely cool! I wonder who they are,“ I wondered and I searched it at once and bought an album after going back to Japan and I got hooked.

Josh: it is the ‘Holding onto You’ PV? Glad to hear it.

Taka: I really love it. Really.

Josh: Really?

Tyler: Wow. I’m moved. Thank you.

Josh:  Most favorite? Wow, we’re so impressed! Thank you! Of course, PV is such an important thing for helping fans to discover new music. You know, we started from the ground up, and we didn’t know anyone in the music industry who helps us getting recognition, so the only thing we could do is building fanbase. There, we realized that music video is such a powerful tool.

Tyler: The proof is, you are originally from Japan, we are originally from Ohio, even though Taka had ever been in Las Vegas, we’ve never even been there. Yet Taka saw the video there and liked it. I think internet and video are such a ground-breaking..


-ONE OK ROCK and Twenty One Pilots Become famous but was there something such as goals or a specific time to start the activity?

Tyler: In our case, I was focused on Ohio at that time of our formation. With our base of local fans and firmly established tours, we did not have to go to several bands since we already have our local base.  I thought that it led to obedient, faithful music and I was able to relax thanks to grace again. Besides, a music industry paid attention to it, simply because a large number of local fans gathered. Though tours came to do it well by now, I concentrated on increasing the number of local fans first.

Josh: Though we didn’t know about how the other bands were, we have  big dreams and visions from the time we met. After all isn’t it necessary to have a big aim and dream from the beginning as an artist? Otherwise the motivation itself tends to reduce.

Taka: I’m also the same. Since I formed a band, each of the members have a lot of ambition such as "this is what we want ” and after all, you know that power comes out of things that motivate you. i think that it (motivation) is an enormously important tool for someone.

Tyler: exactly. But in the world, some people feel a bit intimidated to talk about dreaming of big achievements to but I believe that some people feel like minded band mate is found, a dream, can feel free to be itself, and it will lead to a sense of exhilaration. I would really feel the bond and hard work, trying to realize the dream. Begin with big dreams, and nothing less. Even from the beginning and when you’re feeling unsuccessful, for example in our case, it was the ability to believe in ourselves, thanks to the dream we have always talked about. 

- When you talk about music, some people are immersed in the nostalgic mood, and imagine the old days. What about you guys? Do you look more at the present or the future?

Tyler: Well I’ll write song about what uh, music that I love, and my experience. And after writing it, then I perform it live. Then, I’m going to repeat it each time you play the song. That would help in writing the current or future songs about the past. Music is also about my past, present, and the future.

Taka: Yeah, my life has its ups and downs and they can be very shocking. Every day we have different feelings, suddenly one day, everything will fall into place. One by one, these events will fit into the lyrics. Then, it is possible to look back when he suddenly got lost. I think that when you write everything in a song it is such a privilege things to musicians. So I do think I myself have grown up doing this, you may also be one of the diary. It’s a privilege, and it should stay that way. After all, for example when I  sing in the middle of a live crowd a family song, all sorts of old memories with the family will be flooding back, and it’s going to shape my thinking as a musician, and I think it is  very nice.

Tyler:  That kind of thinking is cool and nice. Different languages are spoken, and prone to illusion, nothing but everything is different, only words are different. I’m here as a motivation associated with the song. The spirituality is the same. I understand how music connects people to another people. People all over the world! I am impressed.