i wonder who kristen is texting

do you SEE what kind of a MESS it makes when young girls are exposed to FEMINISM? they start doing outrageous things like THINKING on their OWN. they start to reject the WONDERS of CATCALLING. they start APPRECIATING female celebrities who have TALENT. what has the world COME to?????

anonymous asked:

I wasn't sure if I should say anything but I have a friend of a friend who is on the Life crew. I asked for any info she could get me. She said her friend said Rob is very easy going but that he is constantly on his phone texting. Like he rushes to his phone everytime cut is called. Hmmm...I wonder why?

OMG…thank you for sharing this!  This reminded me of this pic of Rob.

This is Rob checking his text msg (looks like it anyway) in between interviews while at Cannes in 2012.  What do you all bet that he’s reading something from Kristen?  Look at the look on his face….*sigh*

Why oh, why would Rob feel the need to rush to his phone after every shot?  What would be so important to tie himself to his phone?

Yep, Kristen…I think it’s you girl!  your man just doesn’t like being away from you right now… Especially as you are both awaiting….

your little SweetP….congrats you two!