i wonder where the rest went


Hi! I was wondering if you could do something where your dating Morgan and you were on a case and you and jj went to one side of the house and Morgan went to the other side and jj sees the unsub and shoots him at the same time as he shoots you And jj screams for Morgan and the rest of the team cause your blessing pretty badly and you can take it from there! ALSO SO SORRY THAT IT’S SO MUCH DETAIL!!! ❤

You are fine!  I can try to hit as much of this as possible. I hope that you enjoy your one-shot, because here it is…comin’ ‘atcha!


As J.J. hurls towards your dropping body, the blood pulsating from your neck, she drops to her knees as Morgan scrambles to your side.

“Sweetheart…baby girl…you gotta stay with me, alright?” Derek asks frantically as he peels rips his vest off and begins to peel his shirt away.

“What…” you begin to gurgle, “…did I tell you…abou-”

“It’s alright,” Derek reassures you, “Garcia won’t mind this time,” he coos as he presses his shirt hard onto your neck.

The pressure made you wince as the bullet lodged itself further into your skin.

“C-…co-…ld…” you shiver out.

“I NEED A MEDIC!” Derek roars as Rossi and Hotch come barreling around the corner with a stretcher.

“What happened?” Hotch commands as the medics shoo everyone from your side.

“Y/L/N and I each took a side, and Morgan went through the door.  The unsub, he-…had a gun trained on Y/N’s side…”

The tears that were threatening J.J.’s cheeks caused her to swallow her words.

“Which hospital?” Derek breaths as he scrambles to his feet.

But the paramedics were carrying you away too quickly.

“Which hospital!?!?!?” he roars as Reid’s hand comes down hard on his shoulder.

“Come on, it’s 8 minutes to the nearest one if we cut on our lights and speed through traffic,” Reid reassures him.

Two surgeries.

Two separate surgeries, 6 pints of blood, and Derek still hadn’t seen you yet.

“This is so stupid!” Derek roars as he jumps to his feet, “We’ve been here 11 hours, and we have yet to see her!”

“The doctor is updating as she can,” Hotch tries to reassure him.

“I just want to see her!” he shrieks.

It was the first time the team had ever visibly seen tears trickle down Morgan’s face.

“I-I-I-I…I love her, Hotch…” he chokes out.

“We know,” Rossi says as he comes up behind his colleague, “and she’s gonna be just fine.”

“Agent Morgan?” the doctor asks.

And when Derek turned around, the only thing he could focus on was the sheer amount of blood on her surgeon uniform.

“Yes…?” he breathes as his eyes trail up to hers.

“You might wanna come with me.”

The sheer amount of tubes that were encapsulating your body were enough to knock the wind from his system.

“In ICU, only one person is allowed in the room at a time, and you can’t actually sleep here with her,” the doctor says lightly.

But all Derek could do was stare.

As J.J. slowly walks up to the doorframe, she covers her mouth with her hand as she tries to stifle her sobs.

“Why didn’t I shoot sooner?” she breathes.

“It’s not your fault,” Derek says lowly, his eyes never wavering from your pale form as he takes in just how weak you truly look.

“Her body is still short a pint of blood, but we removed the bullet and were able to patch up the artery it nicked.  She’s honestly suffering more from blood loss and shock than she is the actual wound,” the doctor says.

“So…so she’s gonna be alright…right?” he asks as he turns and looks at the doctor.

“She’s gonna need a lot of rest…” the doctor warns.  “And a long hospital stay.”

“But she’s gonna be alright?” Derek pressures again.

“ICU is always unpredictable,” the doctor begins, “but…if nothing else major happens, she should be just fine.”

And Derek knew that was as much comfort as he would get for now.

Reid had gone and booked his friend a room at the motel across from the hospital.  He knew Morgan was gonna take time off, and he didn’t want Derek driving back and forth in his mental condition.

Derek was so thankful that he embraced Spencer in a tearful hug.

“Thanks, kid,” he choked out.

“Yeah,” Spencer breathed as he wrapped his arms around his best friend, “yeah, no problem.”

It took three days for you to finally peel your eyes open, and when you did you were frightened at everything that you saw.

“Baby…baby baby baby, calm down.  It’s alright.  You’re ok.  I’m right here, baby girl,” Derek reassures you.

“I told you not to call me that,” you smirk as you croak.

“I’m sure Garcia won’t mind,” Derek smiles as he leans in and kisses your cheek.

All in all, you spent a week in ICU before being transferred to a regular room and, per hospital rules, you had to do 48 straight hours with no issues before they could send you home.

Being discharged from the hospital was the biggest relief of your life.

Derek was by your side the entire time.  He helped you home, he helped you inside, and when you got inside you were shocked to find your freezer stocked full of meals and your fridge full of Derek’s favorite foods.

“Courtesy of Rossi,” Morgan smiles at you.

“So…you’re staying?” you ask as you wince trying to turn your head.

And as Derek grasps your shoulders and slowly turns your body to face his, he leans in and plants a slow, long, warm kiss on your chapped lips.

“Until you are fully and completely healed,” he murmurs against your lips.

“I love you so much,” you breathe as tears crest your own eyes.

“I love you, too, baby girl,” he smiles.

“Garcia’s gonna kill you,” you chuckle as you shake your head lightly.

“I’m sure she’ll understand,” Morgan lulls as his thumb lightly graces your cheek.

“You hungry?” he asks.

“More like tired,” you yawn.

“Then let’s get you settled in bed,” Derek says.

“Actually…I was hoping I could sleep on the couch?” you ask.

The request caused Derek to furrow his brow.

“I figured we could watch a movie or something,” you smile lightly.

And as Derek’s eyes searched yours, his heart elated that you were alive and upright, he wraps his strong, warm arms around you as he pulls you close to his chest, closes his eyes, and presses a kiss to the top of your head.

“Sounds perfect,” he whispers into your hair.


Request: Hello. I just went to comic con.And I was wondering if you could do a Bucky/SebastianStan x reader. Where the Avengers or the actors cosplay as their characters(It’s your choice.And no one knows it’s them.They just think they are really good cosplayers)go to comic con for fun(Tonys/RDJs idea).The reader cosplays as female Bucky.She sees The real Bucky(not knowing its really him)and asks for a picture with him.Bucky finds her really attractive.You can make up the rest😊btw love your work❤❤

Blog Tag: @leah5684

A/N: Fem!Reader. I’ve never been to a con, but I’m going in March to my first, so I may rewrite this later when I find out what one is really like or do another one. I’m not sure, yet. Open for a part two if anyone wants one!

Warnings: I don’t know how ComiCon really goes

Word Count Total: 431

Short Imagine #64

Title: ComiCon

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“Across the universe” thoughts: Coran and Black lion

So that was Keith in the black lion we’ve seen in the trailer.

And it seems like lion switching is not that complicated or difficult at all, it’s more like pets and masters kind of relationship other than being a paladin of a certain lion is something that’s just in you or your quintessence and you will always be it’s pilot.

But I wonder why the hell Keith piloting black was even necessary??

Like the lions can move on their own! Black had done that before to protect Shiro when he was in danger! Red even went to find Keith out in space all on it’s own!

So why Black didn’t just help Shiro then? Why Keith had to ask it to do that and then pilot it? 

And I laughed so much at Coran’s aging down but keeping the mustache!

Also a little something about the stylistic age design

Like this is where Shiro is right now

This is where the rest of the paladins are right now

You can see the facial structure and body changes as Coran ages, so I’m hoping if we do get a timeskip at some point 

Keith will actually look more like his hot dad

cuz hot damn


Halloween nostalgia - it defs my favorite holiday as a kid! Honestly trick-or-treating was just the best. I went up until the year before college, but my most vivid candy-grabbing memories were from elementary school. I went with my best friend Marjorie, my crush Sydney, and Marjorie’s weird brother Kieran (I wonder where he is now?) We’d run around without any parents then go home and see who got the best candies (candy-trading was a very important part of halloween) then spend the rest of the night playing Kirby Air Ride or Melee until my parents came to grab me, and not without protest. Good times. I wonder if they still think about me?

Thank you for requesting! I’ll do ikon later~ <3 
And if you guys have any theme requests, feel free to send them in! 

1: He invited you to come along:

2: He was the most excited to go:

3: You sat by these two on the way there: (Pick two)

4: When you all arrived at the beach, he immediately took off his shirt and spent the rest of the day shirtless:

5: While you were all walking to find a nice spot to chill for the day, you and him wondered off together:

6: After you decided on where to set up, these two went to get icecream: (Pick two)

7: when the two came back with icecream, he dropped his icecream immediately:

8: Even though you had your own icecream, he offered you some of his:

9: After you had all finished eating, you and three others went over to the sea, while the remaining four played volleyball: (pick three)

10: While you were paddling in the sea, he came and pushed you over, getting you soaking wet:

11: He couldnt stop laughing at you:

12: He wrapped you in his jacket so that you wouldnt get cold:

13: As it got darker, you all sat around a fire and started telling stories. You sat inbetween these two: (pick two)

14: He fell asleep while you were all talking:

15: He told a really scary story, hoping to scare you:

16: but instead it was him who got scared:

17: He asked you to go for a walk with him, alone, so that he could finally confess to you:

18: But he tagged along and ended up ruining it:

19: On the way home, you fell asleep on his shoulder:

20: And he fell asleep on his shoulder: (pick two)

aglitchandagrump  asked:

Sans pops in, hoping this was Serif's world. He hadn't ever tried to go to a nearly exact alternate's world before and changing the code for that was tricky. He was holding the bouquet of forget-me-nots that Euphie helped him find behind his back. He was worried hiding them in his inventory would crush them. He nervously went up to the cabin door, knocking with his foot.

Looks like Sans ended up in Swap’s world by accident. It took a moment for him to realize where the knocking was coming from. When he did he went to open the door. He was surprised to see his friend. 

“sans! perfect timing! i was just wondering what i was gonna do for the rest of valentine’s! wanna hang out?” 

Wait…was he holding something behind his back? It was a little hard to tell. 

kirnjongdaemn replied to your photo “™¡”

wow venus i was about to ask who is this girl… and then i realized wait i’ve seen this face before… wow you look gorgeous… wow wow wow

Ahehehehe d’awwwwww! Frannnnn, you’re too kind!!! I was wondering for awhile where nunbuchen went and i realised that you changed your URL name hehehe! Love you sweetie ♡♡♡

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you have such a powerful aura. so cool ��

Ahhhh thank you sweetheart. I’ve been told that i have a resting b*tch face but never a kind compliment like that, so thank you! ♡♡♡

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So pretty!!!

*squeaks* thank you sweetheart!!! You are making me so shy rn!!! Sending you lots of loveeeee and i hope you have a great day ahead! ♡♡♡

And i just discovered the magic, that is replying to multiple comments at the same time… i’m such a tech dino heh

Creepypasta #922: The Old Man In The Park

Image credits

Length: Short

I saw him every day. He was an old man, in baggy pants and a threadbare sweater, white hair sticking out in fluffy tufts like downy feathers. He always sat on the first bench to the left, near the park entrance. 

He was there every morning when I went to work, and every night on my way home, sitting on that bench, a crumpled brown paper bag in his hands. He liked to feed the pigeons. They gathered around his feet, heads bobbing, pecking at the seeds he occasionally tossed on the ground.

He never made eye contact. His chin rested permanently on his chest. Sometimes I wondered where he went at night, as I hurried past his slumped, still form. Maybe he didn’t go anywhere. Maybe he just stayed on the bench, endlessly feeding the pigeons. 

I tried to imagine his life, away from the park bench. I knew he had to leave sometime, but in my mind he was as much a part of the landscape as the trees and paths and “Do Not Litter” signs.

One morning I was walking to work as usual, in the fresh early air before the sun rose high enough to bake the city. I entered the park, relishing the cool greenness. To my left sat the old man on his bench, with his rumpled clothes and rumpled bag. 

But the pigeons weren’t gathered around his feet. They were perched on the bench, on his lap, on his shoulders. They were pecking at the bag, tearing it apart with short stabs of their beaks.

They were also pecking at his face, and his eyes. His body rocked slightly as their heads darted forward, metallic feathers shining. I saw a lump of flesh in one gray beak, and leaned over to vomit in front of a surprised jogger.

Feeding the pigeons is no longer allowed in the park. I take a different route to work now.

Credits to: bottlerocket23

1: He invited you to come along:

2: He was the most excited to go:

3: You sat by these two on the way there: (Pick two)

4: When you all arrived at the beach, he immediately took off his shirt and spent the rest of the day shirtless:

5: While you were all walking to find a nice spot to chill for the day, you and him wondered off together:

6: After you decided on where to set up, these two went to get icecream: (Pick two)

7: when the two came back with icecream, he dropped his icecream immediately:

8: Even though you had your own icecream, he offered you some of his:

9: After you had all finished eating, you and three others went over to the sea, while the remaining four played volleyball: (pick 3)

10: While you were paddling in the sea, he came and pushed you over, getting you soaking wet:

11: He couldnt stop laughing at you:

12: He wrapped you in his jacket so that you wouldnt get cold:

13: As it got darker, you all sat around a fire and started telling stories. You sat inbetween these two: (pick two)

14: He fell asleep while you were all talking:

15: He told a really scary story, hoping to scare you:

16: but instead it was him who got scared:

17: He asked you to go for a walk with him, alone, so that he could finally confess to you:

18: But he tagged along and ended up ruining it:

19: On the way home, you fell asleep on his shoulder:

20: And he fell asleep on his shoulder: (pick two)


“So where do you see yourself in 10 years then?” She asked. I quickly replied, saying “Uhh. I don’t know. Probably working, trying to pay off my student loans.” I knew that that was a lie. The rest of that night and the next day, I thought about that question long and hard. After almost two days of think about it, I’d’ve found my answer.
That next day went by, slow as ice melting into water. I just couldn’t focus. I remember sitting in the middle of class trying to take notes, when I caught myself wondering where I would be. That happened about three or four more times that day, so I’d thought I would be best for me to take some time to answer it. When I got home that night I sat up in my room, focused as a fox on its prey. I kept asking myself those words, “Where do I want to be in 10 years?” I sat there for at least an hour before anything came to my mind. It was about 9:15pm when something actually came into mind. I asked myself that question once more, “Where do I want to be in 10 years?”, but this time I had an answer.
I saw myself ten years from now, sitting on a bench in Eugene, Oregon over looking a small but plentiful pond. I was sitting next to my soon to be wife. It was mid March and we were engaged. The wedding was to be in late May, on the 20th. It was so exciting for the both of us, fresh out of college about to get married. She went to a small college out in Portland, Oregon, while I went to The University of Oregon in Eugene. We met a long time before this. In fact, we were very close friends before this. We met at a small festival 10 or so years before, where her boyfriend introduced me to her. They were a cute couple but eventually he got bored and left her. That’s when I was there, to help pick her up the broken pieces of her that he left behind. The remnants of this romantic tragedy left her hurt for years, but eventually she learned to love again. Her and I went to the same high school and were able to maintain a stable friendship. One that would eventually blossom into more than a friendship. We spent the four years together at Archbishop Mitty High School growing together. Once we had entered college, we were sad that we were no longer as close as we always were. Luckily, Eugene was only 2 hours from Portland and I visited every chance I got. After we had both graduated, we decided to get a small little apartment in Eugene because; 1) We had nowhere else to go, and 2) it was cheaper than renting in Portland.
One night she came home crying after going out with an old friend, the guy that left her emotionally damaged. I was back in that place where I had to help her. Later in that week she had told me that on that night she came home crying, she realized that I was the guy for her because no matter what circumstances I was always there to help her in times of need. I had always loved her and imagined her saying something of that manner since I’d met her, and at last that day had come. The very night that she had told me that, we decided we wanted to spend the rest of forever with each other and we got engaged. Now we sat on that bench in the middle of the park across from the building our apartment was in and we relaxed together, knowing that it was only two months from the wedding. Only two months away from the rest of forever, with Ciena Loren Villarreal-Micallef.
For me, that is where I want to be in ten years… with you.

-V. M.

I don’t think Tyr ever saw himself as a victim.  I don’t think he looked as his healing arm and said, this is who I am now.   I don’t get the vibe that he ever wanted to hold onto his struggles, hold onto the new life that was created (albit temporarily) before he recovered his strength.  But, then, what if he did?

I wonder if Tyr ever looked at the training yard and all it represented - his strength, his Duty, the competition and constant vigilance and constant need to improve… I wonder if some mornings he saw all that, and saw the pain it would take to get back to where he was, and all the negative things that went along with being the Best Swordsman, and just… didn’t want to go.  I wonder if his feet grew heavy enough to pause, and ask himself, What if I just didn’t train today?  What if I just rested on this new title: Bravest of the Gods and left behind the title of Best Swordsman?

I know I certainly do that.  What if I just didn’t try?  What if I just didn’t get better?  What if I just let myself stay this way forever?  But the thing is, Tyr did it anyways.  If he felt those things, he moved through them.  After pausing, he squared his shoulders and marched right back in to the training ground, starting his warm ups and getting to work.  This, to my eyes, is why he is both the Best Swordsman and the Bravest of the Gods.

“Where are they?! What if they’re…”
“Don’t worry Olivia, well find them.”

Okay but are we really going to just ignore the fact that Jesse, Petra, Lukas, and Ivor just leaped into a portal without anyone knowing? Without Olivia and Axel knowing?! For all they know Jesse left without a trace and who even knows how long they’ve been gone. They’re probably worried sick. Not to mention that the towns people are also wondering where the rest of the order went and they’re probably becoming reckless and demanding answers. Olivia is probably taking it the hardest and thinking the worse possible things that has happened to her friends when missing. She just can’t deal with the thought of losing them and Axel is the only one there to comfort her and try to help find them.
I just think about this a lot…

Cheesy Mikayuu
  • Shinoa: Love me
  • Yuu: ...
  • Mitsuba: Love me
  • Yuu: ...
  • Kimizuki: Oi love me
  • Yuu: ...
  • Yoichi: love me senpai
  • Yuu: ...
  • Mika: Yuu-Chan?
  • Yuu: *takes out earphones* I was just listening to this song, when'd you get back?
  • Mika: Just now. Why did everyone just leave?
  • Yuu: They left?
  • Mika: Yeah I just walked pass them. Anyway what you listing to?
  • Yuu: A Thousand Years, and don't laugh at me stupid.
  • Mika: *holds back laughter* Can I listen too?
  • Yuu: ...hmph ok.
  • *shares earbuds*
  • *The rest glare inside window wondering where they went wrong muttering curses on our beautiful and very sexy Mikaela*
Georgia Heat, Tattoos, and Car Tuneups

REQUEST: Hi I was wondering if I could have one where Daryl sees my tattoo for the first time and what his reaction would be :)


Before the world went to shit my dad had always made sure I knew about cars and engines. From birth I’d go with him to car shows and the rest garage he owned so naturally I got pretty good at fixing engines. The apocalypse now proves that skill to be handy. I joined the prison group last winter, I was cold and on my own so they took me in. It’s early spring now so it’s time to ditch the long sleeves finally.

“Hey Y/N!” Rick greets as I step into the mess hall section of the prison.

“Hey Rick! Still need those cars tuned up?”

“Yep, we’re going on a run tomorrow, just give them a general check up, we only need two.”

“Alright I’ll get on it after breakfast.”

I hurriedly finish my breakfast then take off for the lot we keep all the cars and tools. I take off my flannel because it was blazing today and get to work on the cars. I’m under one car when I hear boots approach. I slide out and looking down at me was my favourite pair of blue eyes.

“Heya Dixon, what can I do for you?”

“Nah, just done with my chores s'all, came to work on my bike. Where’s the rest of the tools?”

I point to the box on the other side of the car before sliding under again. Once I’m done I go to the hood and change the oil and check everything else out. Boot steps approach again and I lift my head out of the car.

“Get everything done?” I ask him as he sits down by the tire of the car I’m working on.

“Yea, M'bored.”

“Poor baby.” I mock pulling my arms out of the engine and wipe my hands on a rag in my pocket.

“Shuddup,” he says smiling at me, the his face flips to confused and intrigued “You have a tattoo?” I look over at my shoulder and when my eyes hit the permanent black ink I smile. The intricate Celtic pattern bringing back fond memories of my time in my country. Daryl stands and takes hold of my arm, tracing the patterns of the interlaced roots of the tree and the branches with his finger.

“’s beautiful.” He mumbles still mesmerized and I sniffle with a smile. “You cryin’?” His gaze moves to my eyes and his face softened. “Hey, Hey shh it’s okay, com'er.”

“Maybe,” I take in a shaky breath “maybe Ireland wasn’t hit so bad.” He sighs against my head and kisses it.

“Tell me more about your tattoo.” He provokes, taking my mind off my family and my home country.

“It’s a Celtic thing, the tree symbolizes the forces of nature coming together to create balance and harmony.”

“It’s beautiful.” He breathed out staring into my eyes, fingers lingering on the ink that marked my skin.

“Thank you.” I whisper bashfully, I don’t know if it was the heat of the Georgian summer or our proximity and his tender touches or both made the entire moment extremely intimate and the state my cheeks defiantly illustrated that. We stood there for a while, breathing it all in before he cupped my cheek and pressed his lips on mine. We pulled away and smiled both stepping back awkwardly.

“Yea well uh,” he began, scratching the back of his neck nervously “I uh-”

“That was nice.” I blurt out desperate to release some of the awkward tension.

“Yea, yea, it was.”

“Thank god for the Georgia heat, tattoos, and car tuneups.” I say and he grins, rushing to me, and pulling me in for another kiss.

It’s short I know I’m sorry but I hope you guys liked it! sorry these are taking so long, school is beatin me lol x


Promt: Getting Steve to dance with you

Relationship: Reader x Steve Rogers

Rated: PG-13 (?)


You just about chugged the rest of your half empty martini. You stood at the bar and Steve sat on a stool next to you. He looked impressed as he watched you finish it. 

“I went to college for that” You tell him a smile spread across your face. Steve mirrored your actions but he looked down at his drink. It was some kind of beer. You two where at the bar at Tony’s party. It was a SHIELD, Avengers thing. Steve looked handsome in a tight blue button up shirt. You wondered if he should even be allowed to look like that, it should be illegal. 

“So what’s it going to take to get the Captain on the floor” You find yourself saying smoothly. A smile graced your lips as you looked over at the handsome fellow to your right. God he was a little breath taking. He looked over at you with his lady crushing eyes and smile. 

“I don’t dance” He answered taking a drink. His smile and his eyes looked like they challenged you to make him dance. You loved challenges too. 

“We’ll see about that” You whispered in his ear. You earned a mischievous smile. You headed towards the dance floor behind the bar. You swung your hips on purpose since you knew Steve was staring. You heard a whistle as you turned around to face Steve. Tony now stood next to the Steve. 

“If you don’t take her I will” Tony joked. 

“Very funny” Steve said rolling his eyes. You moved your body to the beat of the modern song. Being a dancer when you where a kid was finally going to pay off some. You moved your body in the most sexiest way possible. You ran your hands down your body like you knew Steve wanted to. You looked over at him and you definitely had his undivided attention. You smiled as you ran your hands through your hair a bit. Then suddenly a hand was on your waist and you turned around to see another man. He was handsome with dark hair and eyes. He looked smooth and terribly arrogant. But one thing you knew was this would definitely get Steve on the dance floor.

You looked over at Steve who looked like he was going to shoot the guy with you in the head with his laser eye vision, which he didn’t have. You winked at Steve before wrapping your eyes around the guy in front of you. Steve and you weren’t together, in fact you had no idea what you two were, but that didn’t really matter because in some twisted world you two are together. 

You moved your body to the beat of the new song and smiled as the guy in front of you moved closer and closer to you if even possible. Then all the sudden you felt the guy’s hands around your waist vanish and they where replaced with new ones. You looked up to see Steve. A smirk fell on your face as you looked up at him. You placed your arms around his neck and ran your hands at the nape of his neck. You two swayed to the beat a little. 

“I knew I could do it” 

“Yeah well…” Steve said looking around for the guy that was once hanging around you. A new and faster song came on. 


“For what?” You turned around so your back was to Steve. You grind your ass on his and you feel him stiffen. You ran your hands down him. You felt the ghost of his lips trace your neck. You start to move lower and lower and you can feel his eyes on you. You turn to face him and you move yourself closer to him. Your legs are  in between his and you are practically melted into one person. His hands travel all around your body. You looked up and you hands wrapped around his neck. Steve leaned in closer you could feel his hot breath on your neck and it was chilling. How does he do this to you? How can he drive you this crazy? 

His lips pressed to yours and it was like every scar you had, had magically disappeared. You felt whole, you felt alive. You continued to kiss him adding the same force he did. You were never one to back down. 

“Do you want to go?” He asked breathlessly when you two parted. You nodded and smiled as he took your hand. 

“I liked your dancing” He added as you walked fast through the tower. You laughed as you pulled him into a random room. 

“I always hear stories about the parks like where people detail how a character like Peter Pan or maybe Belle made their day when they were feeling sad. One time when I went to Disney World, I had just had my heart broken from an 8 year relationship. I was wondering around EPCOT when I ran into Alice in an area where there were no people. She hugged me and said that I should keep smiling. I spent the rest of that day thinking about how everyone has their own Wonderland to smile about.”

I wrote this while using my phone and I’m sorry if I only finished it now. Thank you for requesting! It’s the very first I received on the day I opened this blog so I’m very thankful. I hope you enjoy, anon!

xoxo, vienne

There is one thing I hate about moving to another place and it is not the part where I leave my old friends, school, or whatever, but the process itself. The packing and unpacking of things, the back and forth trip from the car and inside the house carrying heavy boxes, the exhaustion from lifting up furnitures, wondering how and where they should be placed, and it could go on and on until I’m dead from going through such a tiring day.

I plopped down the couch and sighed. I’m only halfway through moving all the boxes from my mom’s car but I already feel like sleeping for the next 24 hours.

My parents went off to get some take-out and left me to do the rest of the work. I don’t blame them, though. I was the one moving out, after all, and they were thoughtful enough to come and help me.

College has started for me, and I thought it’d be a lot easier if I lived near the university. Mom and dad found me a nice apartment unit, in which they were happy enough to pay the rent for me, but it was inside a building on the 17th floor.

Now this is why I’m already beyond exhausted. I never expected to be going up and down the elevator, nor would it also be tiring as hell.

I huffed and stood from the couch for another trip in the elevator. When I got inside after clicking the ground floor button, someone yelled, “Wait, hold the doors!”

I jumped a little and scrambled to keep them open, at the same time a boy with dirty blond hair and super long eyelashes came. He got inside and smiled at me widely as I let the doors close. “Thanks.” He said.

Smiling back at him, I nod once. “No problem.”

“You’re the one who just moved here, right?” The boy asked, looking at me intently with his pretty brown eyes, making blink for a few times before answering.

“Y-Yeah, I’m on my way back down to get more of the boxes that were left in the car.”

He chuckled, “Quite an adventure, huh?”

I shrugged, “One that I’d rather not go through again.”

“I know how it feels.” He mumbled. “But hey, I can help, maybe give a hand so it’ll be less exhausting.”

I looked at him, “But don’t you have anywhere to go or do?”

He shook his head, “Nah, I just went out since I got curious who the new tenant was. I kept on hearing a lot of groaning everytime you passed by my door.”

I laughed, “Sorry, didn’t know I was that noisy. But yeah, as long as you’re alright carrying tons of heavy things.”

“It’s cool. I’m in need of exercise anyway.” He beamed and the elevator opened on the ground floor. We stepped out and the boy walked beside me. “I’m Hansol, by the way.”

I looked up at him and he smiled at me, making me gulp. “I’m y/n.” I mumbled, looking away.

Hansol laughed, “Well, since I’m gonna help you out to carry some stuff, why don’t you repay me with something?”

I slightly choked. “Um…”

“Hey, I was kidding.” He chuckled, patting my shoulder. “But we should at least get something to eat right after, yeah?”

“Oh, right.” I smiled, blushing a little and nodded as we went out to the parking lot. “I’ll treat y-”

“Nope.” He said, making a popping sound with the p. “I get to treat you, kind of like a housewarming present.”

I stopped in front of my mom’s car and looked up at him. “You don’t really have to do any of these but thank you, really.”

He grinned, “It’s nothing. I’m happy there’s finally someone my age here. And besides, first one’s free, yeah?”

I gave him a small smile and went to open the car’s trunk. “Yeah.”

“Hey,” he came to my side and nudged me with his shoulder before lifting up one of the largest box in the trunk. “It’ll be fun.”

“What will?” I asked, taking two small boxes in my arms before shutting the trunk close with Hansol’s help.

He chuckled, “This? Us? Hanging out? It’ll be a blast.”

I’m not sure if I’m excited about having a blast hanging out with him or excited by the way he mentioned “us.” But hey, it was a great start.


post fury road fic about toast diving into New Citadel life headfirst and with a ferocity none of the others have seen from her before. and the rest of the ex-Wives wonder amongst themselves where this is coming from, where the laid-back unruffled sarcastic one went, but like. their excursion on the rig just hammered into her that she might be called The Knowing but everything she knows is useless–everything she remembers from before she was captured is too hazy, doesn’t fit in with Citadel society; everything she learned in the Vault, reading, music, artwork, sex, is worth next to nothing out in the desert–and she’s smart enough to make decent guesses about which bullet goes with which gun, and that turning the wheel makes the vehicle move in that direction, but… she’s The Knowing, it’s not enough, it’s never enough.

and furiosa’s always busy so toast steels herself and she goes to the vuvalini, she demands teach me how to drive, teach me how to shoot, teach me how to fight, teach me everything

and they do

the vuvalini have been privately horrified not just at the rape but also that such bright young girls have been locked up with no opportunity to learn how to survive. they’re eager to pass along any and all of their knowledge, especially now that their numbers are so small, to any woman who asks. the girls, the milking mothers, the former Wretched. they’re thrilled at toast’s hunger, they give her all kinds of challenges and she rises to them and demands more

but as this is going on toast is getting more and more frustrated with herself–frustrated that she’s not physically stronger, that her muscles are so small compared with everyone else’s–she sees furiosa working out and starts surreptitiously copying her routine. furiosa notices, of course, and is all like hahaha wait mine is special cause of my arm, you’re going to end up off-balance, you’re going to hurt yourself, let me come up with something just for you.

you got enough fresh produce as a Wife, she says thoughtfully, you should trade some of your rations with the Boys. what you need now is protein.

and part of this is toast wanting to be useful, and part of this is toast loving knowledge, and part of this is toast needing to protect cheedo who’s so young and dag who’s always got her head twisted up in the clouds and capable who never hits first and thinks everything can be solved by talking, and part of this is the dreams where a polecat seizes her from the cabin of the rig and delivers her kicking and screaming to the immortan’s arms and he holds her and forces her to watch angharad go under the wheels and dag and cheedo and capable and furiosa go up in flames because it’s all her fault, she’s too weak, she couldn’t save them, she’s nothing nothing nothing

and i don’t know i just need more about toast in general, and about knowledge being passed down between women, and about the vuvalini finding a shade of their old society in the new citadel everyone’s working so hard to build

but mostly toast tbh

The Common Core Has Not Killed Literature

Contrary to what some skeptics argue, the new standards don’t suck an appreciation for traditional wisdom out of English class.

I’ve taught middle-school English for 15 years. Like Michael Godsey, the California teacher, the shifts got me thinking about the future of American culture. I thought: If I don’t hand these kids F. Scott Fitzgerald, who will? I wondered if we teachers were going to kill any kind of thought or creativity in American society. Am I perpetuating a society where adolescents can’t focus, just read snippets of articles, and get their information 140 characters at a time? Who will write the next great American novel? What will happen to Hemingway and Vonnegut and Lee? I went to college and got a degree in English literature. I spent four years reading, talking, and writing about books. I wanted to spend the rest of my adult life teaching kids to do the same.

Common Core allows me to do exactly that—and more.

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