i wonder when ill ever be serious

Starlight [Sehun]

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I stared at him across the room, watching him playing Uno with his friends. I felt content that he was smiling again. As he was winning at the game, his friends gave him a pat on the back. He held up one card in his hand and slammed it down as if it was a duel. I couldn’t help, but laugh at his little antics. He was mesmerizing to my eyes, even now. The way he crinkled his nose when he’s about to win. I missed it all.

Sigh I guess I was just really happy that he was happy.

“He’s so cute these days,” his cousin, Tiffany, poked me to grab my attention as she set down two cups of iced coffee in front of us.

“He’s been cute,” I scrunched up my nose, “Thanks for asking me to come here with you though.”

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Hi lovely! do you think recovery was easier for you because you naturally restored weight to a thin body? I'm sure it didn't feel that way at the time, but still, many people probably said you looked good when you were recovering/would still say "you're so skinny!" If you ever mentioned wanting to lose weight whereas heavier people don't have that or may be told "you're right!" Idk I'm just wondering if it's easier to preach self love when society already accepts the body you recovered to?

Wow! Holy shit balls, are you serious right now? Absolutely not. I’m sorry if I sound harsh, but I find this question extremely rude. Recovery was an extremely long and painful journey for me, that took up the majority of my teenage years. Eating disorders are a MENTAL illness. They come in all shapes and sizes. And no, they didn’t say that. Yeah I’m naturally thin, but I was extremely emancipated in the past.. Pretty much shouldn’t have been alive. Therefore people told me I looked a lot more healthy as I gained weight. To answer your question, no. It’s not easier to promote self love. It’s taken me a fuck load of practise, ups and downs, challenging, professional health, support ect to get to where I am today. Never judge someone just because of their appearance, be kind always.

Rest in peace, Moyra.  You were such a wonderful member of the The Big Bang Theory fandom.  You personally messaged people after tapings if they had questions, and you gave me a heads up if there was ever something I might need to prepare for in advance.  You kept an eye on the Fanforum board when Roxanne and I weren’t online.  You helped us gather news and taping links for our website.  And you always seemed to understand me.  I knew you were ill, but I had no idea it was so serious.  No idea at all.  I hope you knew just how loved you were.  I never heard anyone say a single bad word about you.  You were a longtime active member of the fandom and even those who didn’t know you beyond Shamy and taping tickets are feeling the loss.  Rest in peace, you wonderful person.  I cannot believe you are gone.