i wonder what's gonna happen after this

Boruto: Do you ever wonder what your last words will be before you die?

Mitsuki: ….No?

Boruto: I think about it all the time.

Mitsuki: Why would you need to think about that?

Boruto: So it can be quoted on my grave.

Mitsuki: ..what would your last words even be?

Boruto: Finally after all this heart ache now it’s happening.

Mitsuki: Oh thank God. I thought it was gonna be something like, “Keep my goofy old man away from me.”

Boruto: Those are gonna be my SECOND TO LAST WORDS.

Mitsuki: N O

I’ve been thinking all week what I should say the last night of the last show… When I met Josh I- I- We don’t- We don’t tell many people this because we don’t want it to come off the wrong way, but I want you to learn something tonight- If you can, if you can. This is what I want you to know: You cannot put a ceiling to your dreams. You just can’t. When Josh and I met, we would say to each other, ‘Arenas… Arenas, man. We wanna play arenas.’ You have to understand maybe now looking around it’s like ‘Yeah, sure.’ But at that moment, when Josh and I would say that to each other, we didn’t tell anyone else because we thought they would laugh at us. We would take these little songs, this little keyboard stand thing I’m playing now, that beat up piano show over there- That same exact beat up piano show. We would go around and we would just show people our songs. And you know we’d be playing in front of just a few people at a time, afterwards we would just say 'Greetings. We’re gonna do this.’ You cannot put a ceiling on your dreams, guys, and we are living proof. You also can’t do it alone. You cannot do it alone. Living proof of that, would you please give up for my very good friend, Josh Dun on the drums! And even in this room right now there’s so many people in here who could take a little chunk of this thing and own it and know that it wouldn’t be possible without them and that includes you guys right here. You guys have set the tone from what a Twenty One Pilots concert and show and movement feels like and looks like, so thank you so much for making that happen. I want you to know that what happens after this… There’s a lot of- lot of questions. You know, if I’m being transparent. I’m not really sure. But when I was- when I was putting on my persona for the very first- last time in the green room right before the show, I wondered: Is this the last time? But we’re not gonna quit. I want you to know that we’re not gonna quit. We’re gonna take the things we’ve learned, and if you would just give us a little room to grow with you guys, we wanna make music and we’re gonna be thinking of this room right here when we do. I promise you that. So way back when, when we were playing in front of just a few people at a time, Josh would go over to a- a rickety old circular bar table and he would back flip off of it in front of three people, and I though that was kind of weird. Same piano show over there, these same songs… We saw you guys in our heads the whole time we were doing it, man! And we always ended our set- We always ended our sets with this song here, and we would like to invite you in our little tradition of closing out this concert with this last song with us.
—  Tyler Joseph, Tour De Columbus, Last Show of the Blurryface Era Trees Speech, 6/25/17
The Tenth Floor pt6

Min Yoongi had gone through 34 secretaries in the past 24 months, and each one of them left in tears. This fact alone should have warned you against taking the job, but the pay was too good to pass up. Surely you could put up with a billionaires temper-tantrums, right?

Yoongi x Reader & Taehyung x Reader

Genre: Fluff, humor, probably some angst

Warnings: Strong language at times, maybe some slight smut eventually

Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

“You’re going to get me fired.” You hissed as Taehyung made his way over to your desk. You could feel eyes on you as he approached, and you wanted nothing more than for him to turn around and leave

“Why do you think that?” He asked innocently, sitting down in one of the chairs in front of you. 

“Look, Taehyung–just.” You couldn’t quite figure out what you were trying to say to him, too bewildered at his sudden appearance. “If you want to talk, we’ll talk. But not here–”

Taehyung raised an eyebrow as you spoke, his head tilting to the side. “While I do want to talk to you, that isn’t why I’m here.”

“What?” You said weakly, feeling your cheeks begin to burn with embarrassment. “Why then?” 

“I’m here to see Min Yoongi.” Taehyung replied, holding up a suitcase as some kind of proof. “I have some questions.” 

Questions. Namjoon said Taehyung would ask questions, and he was right. 

“About?” You prompted.

“I don’t think that concerns you.” Taehyung stood. “Now if you’ll excuse me…” 

“You can’t just walk in there!” You objected, hurrying in front of him. “I’ll… Tell Yoongi you’re here. Wait outside.” 

Taehyung being there wasn’t good. Yoongi didn’t like him, so not only would seeing his face likely put him in a bad mood, if Taehyung said anything about you, you were as good as fired.

You knocked only once on Yoongi’s door before stepping inside, and unsurprisingly Yoongi didn’t look up from what he was typing. “Kim Taehyung is here to see you.” You said, trying not to sound as nervous as you felt. Yoongi looked up at that, glancing from you to over your shoulder. Taehyung had followed you into the office, and was standing there with a smile. 

“I’m busy.” Yoongi said after a moment, looking back at his computer. “Tell him he’ll have to wait.” 

You realized after a second that you were actually expected to relay the message, and turned awkwardly towards Taehyung. “He says he’s busy at the moment, but I can look at his schedule and set you up an appointment.”

Taehyung looked from where Yoongi sat typing back to you. “Tell him that whatever he’s doing can wait, I have matters to discuss with him.” 

Yoongi snorted, but didn’t respond. Taehyung nodded for you to tell Yoongi, and you resisted the urge to roll your eyes. This was absurd. “Taehyung says that it’s important.” You abbreviated, knowing that Yoongi had heard full well what Taehyung said.

“Tell him I said too bad.” 

You sighed, looking back to Taehyung. “He says–” 

“I heard what he said.” Taehyung snapped. “Look Min. I know you’re a busy man, but so am I. So take fifteen minutes to answer my questions, or answer to the board.” 

“Is that a threat?” Yoongi sat back in his chair, studying Taehyung with a slight smile on his mouth. He thought this was fun, you picked up somewhat belatedly. 

“More of a fact.” Taehyung sat down across from Yoongi. “Now lets talk business, shall we?” 

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Normani VS Camila Girls, Lauren and Ty Dolla Sign Drama

You know, maybe in Europe it’s still dawn, while in the US it’s night. But here in Asia, it’s already in the morning, on the next day. I actually went to sleep at 2.30 AM, which means I was still awake until 8 hours ago. This was happening right when I was about to sleep, but since I never see my timeline anymore, I didn’t really know what’s going on until I woke up. No, I didn’t stalk Twitter right after I woke up. I just happened to join in a lot of group chats and these are what I found. You know, it was not a pleasant thing to wake up with these trolls, and it just took me 1 second to get my mood ruined.

Seriously, I’m so enraged. As Harmonizers, you must know that we tend to associate Ally girls with being sweet and unproblematic. But, what makes me disappointed even more is that one of these fans is Ally’s stan. I won’t mention which one but you can check it out by yourself. So, Ally girls are sweet? Bullshit! Every -izers are the same. They just care about their favorite ones without caring about others. Note: I’m speaking this as a general. It doesn’t mean all of you are like that if you are one of them. And I do know that there are people who still respect the other girls even if they only stan 1 or 2 girls.

What makes me frustrated even more is that I followed one of these people. So I checked one by one and I unfollow that account. So, my decision has been right not to see my timeline anymore. It’s full of hates.

Honestly though, we know who are the object of hates here and who got the most hates. I’m gonna say it out loud, it’s Camila. Now that she’s even out of the group, it’s even easier to just throw shades and hates on her. But, here I’m not gonna defend anyone in particular cause the last time I did it, I’ve got a lot of question whether I would do the same for the others. I was even questioned, “Where are you guys when Ally got bodyshamed? When Lauren got bodyshamed? Or when Dinah was accused of being homophobic?” You don’t know me here. What I do is nothing but supporting and defending all the girls. Even right now, I should be working, but I put my time aside to write this.

That #ApologizeCamila hashtag is so disgusting tbh. I thought as a fan, we should have understood by now not to pit women against each other. The girls have been saying it over and over again. As #Harmonizers we should have known this better than anyone else in this world. If you really love the girls, you will know all about their interviews, what they have been promoting, and their advices as feminists. Should i remind you about what they said about what they have been promoting, watch this!

If you idolize these girls, then you should follow them by example. I still don’t understand how people admire someone as a person, inside and outside, physically and characteristically, but not follow them by example. Then what are you stanning? Only their sexy bodies? Their beautiful voices? Their boobs? Their asses? You wanna get inside their pants and you get horny watching them dancing around? I’m sorry, but that means you are drooling over them, NOT idolizing them. I know some of the fans are like that, but these girls are more than just their sexy bodies and their voices.

Please keep in mind that these girls are HUMAN. THEY HAVE FEELINGS. Confronting them out of something they didn’t do is stupid! Who started the war? US!!! Now, let’s trace back. Things have gotten really worse when Normani’s face was cropped and lynched. Who started it? Answer by yourself! We might not see it or we might see it sometimes, but Camila has been crying over all the hates she gets. Now who started it? Now, let’s not blame each other over WHO did it first. You keep saying, “Camilizers started it.” or “Normani girls started it.” WHATEVER!! Basically we are the ones who makes everything worse. We are the ones who started the war. And not to mention, we ARE the reason why the girls are hurt. Are you heartless or what speaking about them or even confronting them out of something that they don’t even do? Before you speak all those disgusting words, THINK, PUT YOURSELF UNDER THEIR SHOES, AND THINK ABOUT HOW THEY FEEL. Are you happy being called a cunt? A whore? Or every other negative words flowing out of your mouth so easily. We are all the same in front of God, cause we are ALL THE SAME: HUMANS. So, if you call them those words, then it goes the same with you (I have said this on my posts waaaaayy long ago). You call Normani a monkey, then you are also a monkey. You call Camila a camel, then you are also a camel. Now are you happy being called like that? ……………EXACTLY!!!

I’m not telling you who to stan or whether you should be an OT5 stan. Some of the people in the fandom indeed only stan 1 or 2 girls. Some of us are OT4 stans. Some of us are Camren shippers, but don’t really know about Fifth Harmony. Whoever you stan, please have respect to the other girls. Do a research about them as a person, what they have been promoting, and keep in mind that the world is much better if we just spread love instead of hates. You have a big platform: Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, YouTube. Some of you might have only 100 followers, some other might have more than 1000 followers, some others have more than 10K followers. Use those platform for something good, NOT for something bad. Now I’m asking you this question: IF YOU USE YOUR PLATFORM FOR SOMETHING BAD, YOU HURT PEOPLE, YOU THROW SHADES AND HATES HERE AND THERE, AND YOU SPREAD NEGATIVITIES, ARE YOU EVEN PROUD OF IT? Ask yourself this question whenever you wanna start spreading negative words and throw hates. I’m speaking this to the general fandom, NOT only to Harmonizers. I’m not a fan of her but her wisdom is also something I admire. Lucy worded it well here.

Now if you have nothing to do, or if you have a lot of free time, use your platform to support the girls instead. Vote for awards. Compliment them for what they do. Show them love. Keep reminding them that we support them no matter what. Be there for them. Cause there have been a lot of drama in these girls’ lives since 2014. Imagine yourself in their position and your lives are out there being spoken, talked, and posted anywhere. Some are true, and some are even made up stories. They have got enough drama, and don’t even add up more dramas to their lives. This is the example of the current drama.

So, that girl is Ty’s ex. Perez Hilton even makes it worse by making it like a love triangle. *rolls eyes*

Honestly though, this is more like a “love rectangle” (I’m making up a term here lol) cause Camren shippers are also going crazy out there. But I don’t believe this guy. Ever since the Fifth Harmony drama especially about the leaked picture of Lauren and Lucy, I don’t believe in media anymore. For God’s sake, he might even get paid for this.

Honestly there have been a lot of drama involving Lauren and Ty Dolla Sign before this one, but let’s focus on what happened in the past 24 hours. Otherwise, we are gonna write a novel about the girls. But, let’s see their indirect tweets about their reaction.

Ty Dolla Sign has been teasing by tweeting and deleting. And his ex also did the same. Have you ever wondered why this happened after the Camren denial? I keep wondering why drama has been put to our faces over and over again.

Now enough with the drama about Camila leaving the band or the questions like “Is Camila leaving the band?” cause she did. Ever since the leaked photos in October 2016, who are the center of all of these dramas? Other than the side projects or solo projects that have been going on, now trace back and focus on what the media has put on headlines that blow up all over the world. Everything revolves around LAUREN. Lauren’s leaked photo with Lucy, Lauren got caught in weed in the airport, Lauren tweeting about something during the Grammy that made the media put on headlines “Did Lauren Jauregui diss Camila Cabello?”, Lauren’s photoshoot with Lucy, Lauren’s denial about Camren, and now Lauren and Ty Dolla Sign dating rumors. I’m sorry, did I miss something here? Cause, it’s hard to put up with all the drama. But, have you ever wondered why it has to be Lauren being put on the spotlight of medias and headlines? The scandal is always about Lauren so far.

I’m gonna leave it there though. I leave rooms for interpretations and I leave you to believe what you wanna believe. But, I want you to keep your mind open. Have you ever wondered why they keep teasing by deleting tweets? Was it a mistake? Or are they playing with us? Are they playing with our minds? Are they playing with our hearts? If they know, it would blow up and get themselves being in the spotlight, if they don’t like it, why would they do it? They know people will focus on the deleted tweets.

I just wanna remind you this thing. Lauren is a VERY PRIVATE person. She doesn’t like her private lives to be talked in public and being posted all over the place. She keeps ranting about people talking about her private lives. Then, why all of a sudden, all of these are put on our faces like it was some kind of shiny treasure we have just found out of the clue we have been given and we are all mesmerized by it?

Anyway, I don’t wanna get delusional but Lauren tweeted that during the #ApologizeCamila was trending. Honestly, those tweet could be anything. It could show that she low-keyly supported Camila or she could be tweeting about things in general or she could be talking about her own personal lives and the headlines about Ty and her. But since we are so caught up with the whole Ty and Lauren dating rumors, we only perceive those tweets as her reactions towards it. Meanwhile, there might be other things she is implying to that we will never know what it is about unless she answers some of the fans’ replies.

Ever since the drama in 2016, especially that goddamn cursed Dec 18th, 2016, I never really believe in media, headlines, tweets, posts, NOT even the girls’ accounts. I only like Snapchat or Instagram stories since it seems like those are the only ways we can see something behind the scene. But, even now Snapchat can be staged, like the 7/27 Tour Spain when Camila was actually in the bus, but her face was not there. We could hear her teaching the girls Spanish, but then we still found only 4 girls in the camera. Sometimes, these girls just CAN’T pretend. Lauren also admitted herself that she has another Snapchat account, which means that she has a private Snapchat account and I’m sure the other girls do too.

What I’m implying here is no matter how much we wanna know about what happens behind-the-scene, WE KNOW NOTHING. No matter how much we think we know what’s going on in their lives, we know nothing. We can only watch their body languages and their expressions now as those are the most sincere language they can communicate to us, NOT some bullshit written interview or headlines on the media.

Keep your mind open and respect the girls, guys! And keep supporting these girls endlessly. They need us, especially Lauren. I can’t imagine being in her position where dramas keep haunting her life one after another.

I’m not sad, I’m happy. I feel like I’m happy because I’m at peace with the way that things are. It was difficult for me when I was, I don’t know … for a long time I was lodged in my head, wondering how things were gonna turn out, if things were going to be hard forever. And on a philosophical level, I was consumed with the idea that … what happens? Why are we here, What happens to us after we die? I did have a darker filter on sometimes, but that slowly lifted through doing a lot of different things. And finding true love is something that really did inspire me, lyrically. Because I felt so much the same for so much of my life and then when you find someone exciting, you don’t know that you could actually feel differently than you did before. I was inspired.
—  Lana Del Rey

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A/N: oh wow a tour fic. new laptop is working all nice and cool and i love it so whoop heres a fic. i might not have anything out for a few days bc i want to start the two long fic ideas i have (those will be up on my ao3 eventually bc they are klance lolkjhgkjfhg) but ill finish requests up soon. enjoy!

my ao3 if u want it: http://archiveofourown.org/users/yikeyway

It wasn’t the best idea. It was time consuming, a bit of a hassle, and definitely not cost effective, but you’d never claimed to have good ideas. A part of you rationalized that this was only the first leg of the first tour and that eventually they’d drag their shows to the east coast, to Maine, and you could just go then. But another part of you refused. This was the /first/ tour. It was special, it was scary, it was new. You wanted to see that, not only for yourself but for Ethan. So after a short battle with your impulse control that ended with your silly decision triumphant, you bought a ticket to the show and a flight to Detroit.

A few weeks later, you stood outside the theater, hands stuffed in the pockets of your jacket as you rocked on the balls of your feet. The doors opened and as people were led to their seats, you couldn’t help but smile. You’d seen a few videos and pictures, all of which the teams hard work and dedication practically radiated out of. There was also a strange meta feeling seeing as you’d listened to Ethan’s distressed rambling about them. A video of a certain dance and you remembered the 20 exasperated texts from him, groaning about how he just couldn’t get it right.

Your phone buzzed and brought you out of your reverie. You looked at the screen to see Ethan’s name, followed by a frighteningly long list of blue emojis in luea of a last name. You’d never understood people using their friends full names for their contacts. It was professional, yes, but /so boring/.

Ethan: Holy shit. Oh my god I’m gonna DIE

Ethan: Is it possible to die from nervousness and excitement at the same time? Bc that is what’s about to go down

Ethan: It’s the last show, y/n. What if I fuck it up? What if something absolutely terrible happens? WHAT IF SOMEONE DIES THAT WILL RUIN IT

You laugh to yourself as the texts come, one after another.

Y/N: Eth, calm down. You’re gonna do fine, I guarantee it. The shows have been wonderful so far, what makes you think this will be the one that sucks?

Y/N: Actually don’t answer that you’ll just freak yourself out more. Don’t worry, Ethan. It’s gonna be amazing, I know it.

You smile as you message him, and consider telling him that you’re there. But you planned to do it afterwards, as more of a surprise. You missed him, though, and were itching to see him in real life again. The last time you’d seen him had been before he moved to the opposite coast months ago. Every time he’d been close to being back home, you hadn’t been able to catch up. Conflicting schedules had forced you from seeing your probably-best-friend in almost a year.

Ethan: Okay. Okay yeah you’re right. It’s gonna be fine totally

Ethan: Alright shows starting soon I gotta go. Love you bye

Y/N: Love you too. Good luck, Eth. Don’t worry, hun, you know they’ll love it.

You got a barrage of hearts interspersed with a few other strange emojis in response. You laugh to yourself and press the power button on your phone. A few minutes later the lights dim and you’re swept up in the cheers of the crowd as the show starts.

It’s strange, but wonderful. There’s music and dancing and silly bits. They play games and laugh, changing costumes and bringing the audience into their fun. At one point there’s a q and a portion and you’re oh so tempted to ask a question to see if Ethan will realize what you’ve done.

You think you’ve blown your cover once when Amy, a beautiful blonde girl who Ethan introduced to you once over Skype and who dropped in on your conversations often, passed your seat at the end of your row. Her eyes passed over you, snapping back and filling with surprise. She obviously recognized you, but you just smiled and pressed a  finger over your lips to tell her not to say anything. Her surprised expression turned mischievous and she turned away to find a questioner, smirk on her face.

Near the end of the show, the boys got weepy. There were tears and hugs and so much emotion flowing through the room that you felt yourself tearing up too. You were so immensely proud of Ethan and what he had accomplished.

As they left the stage, you swallowed thickly and pulled out your phone. So far Ethan had texted you after every show, excited messages with more words misspelled than not, but you expected he’d be celebrating with his friends backstage right now. You open your conversation with Ethan and type out a message.

Y/N: You did wonderful, Eth. Your singing has really improved but the dancing could use some work. Especially liked the part where you tripped leaving the stage.

You pocketed your phone, moving into the crowd that was now flowing out of the venue. A few minutes later you were outside, cool night air refreshing on your skin, when your phone buzzed.

Ethan: ???????

Ethan: ur kiddin rihgt?

Ethan: Howd do you know that happened excuse me

Ethan: y/n…. Y/N


Y/N: That she saw me in the crowd? Because she did. I’m outside, dumby.

You didn’t get an answer for a while as you edged around the crowd to stand by the side of the building. You wanted to see if you could wait it out and finally get to talk to Ethan in person again. You leaned against the wall, fidgeting with you phone. Suddenly, from farther down the alley a door slammed open. You jumped at the noise but barely had a moment to react before you were being knocked backwards by a speeding bullet of clothes and blue hair.

Ethan was babbling and hugging you tightly. You laughed, hugging him back.

“Oh my god! I can’t believe you’re here what the fuck?” Ethan was still teary from the show and it made his eyes shine.

“What are you even doing here? What the hell oh my god.” Ethan was out of breath, laughing giddily as he grabbed your face in his hands.

“I just… wanted to come see you. I know how much you’ve worked for this and I just couldn’t wait to see you again. The show was wonderful, Eth.”

Ethan’s face flushed at the praise. “Thank you. I’ve really missed you, I’m so glad you’re here.”

“I missed you too, Eth. So much.” You sigh. There’s a warmth in your chest and you feel so content. Not even the fact that you’re both in a cold, dank alley with a crowd of people right around the corner can ruin the moment. You’re hugging your best friend again and you’ve never been happier.

Ethan’s breath leaves him suddenly and his eyes widen. His grip slackens as he looks at you. He opens his mouth, then closes it, then opens it again. He breathes deeply before trying to speak again.

“I think I just realized something…”

“What?” You ask quietly, smile tugging the corners of your lips.

“I love you.”

Your brain short circuits and you blank for a moment. Then it’s spinning out of control again, like fireworks are exploding against your eyes. You can’t think of anything to say but you want to say everything.

You love him too.

Instead of trying to formulate a coherent response, you surge forward and press your lips against his. He makes a surprised noise before leaning back against you. You’re still hugging so you’re so close you can feel how fast his heart is beating. It’s like the world has frozen around you because nothing else matters. Nothing except Ethan.

When you pull away, he leans his forehead against yours and laughs. There’s a moment of silence before the sound of people clapping bursts into the bubble the two of you created. You jump back, looking around to see the source of the noise.

By the door Ethan burst out of is a group of people. You recognize them immediately as Ethan’s friend and tourmates. They’re clapping and whooping loudly, one of them, who you recognize as Mark, even whistles. When you look at Ethan he’s flushed all the way down his neck and glaring daggers at his friends.

“Fuck you.” He spits at them.

“It’s your fault for leaving the door open.” The tall one, Tyler, says.

“It was like a romcom. I could practically hear the fireworks.” Kathryn, a girl you’d taken a special liking to because of her kind words and snarky comments, puts in.

You laugh loudly, heart swelling with happiness. You have Ethan. You have this. It’s strange and complicated, but you wouldn’t have it any other way.

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Hi I was uh wondering what inspired you to make this AU? It's so wonderful and cool! How where you so confident about posting it?!

Honestly, I never planned on making Luresong XD I had so much fun drawing the first post of it and people seemed to enjoy it too, so I made some more. The ideas for what to happen just kind of came to me while I took walks and listened to Lilo and Stich music, and after the third post I decided if I was gonna keep drawing it I should give it a name (so people aren’t like whats that one mer au??)… So the Luresong tag was born! 

Don’t be shy to give your au a name and just start flooding your own tag with your drawings. Its pretty fun actually, and don’t wait till everything is perfect or planned, just start posting your work!

February 14th, 2016 :: Posted at 5:30 PM

KYLE: Hey, Cartman.

Ha, you’re uh, probably wondering what this is. Or, I don’t know. Maybe you already figured it out. Either way, it’s up to you whether or not you want to post this on the blog. It’d be your decision too, after all.

After all this crazy shit happening, I thought about a lot of things. I thought about how much it changed me to go through that, and how thankful I was that we were okay. That we were all okay. And that you were okay.

And what happened–what Stan ended up seeing… that’s gonna have to be addressed, you know? I was thinking about how… how stressful it’s going to be to just do that. 

But I want to. I want to be upfront with Stan.

And I decided, I’m gonna cut out the middleman while I’m at it.

 I’ve been trying to avoid judgement for so long. It wasn’t for a dumb reason or anything but… I’m just not used to being this dishonest.

When I feel like I have to hide something, I subconsciously start to resent it, in a weird way… like I have to be ashamed of it. 

And I don’t want to be. This time what I’m hiding is the last thing I want to resent.

So I want to stop hiding it. I want you to post this on the blog. I want to get this off my chest entirely, and just be open with it. Not just with Stan. With anyone who I know, who cares about me and wants me to be honest.

With the blog, that number’s kinda bigger now… but I’m okay with it. I’ll be okay with it. Sooner or later, they’ll get it. Or even if they don’t, at least I’ll have told them.

[Sigh…] so to everyone who bothers to look at this…

…Cartman and I are together.

[huff] There, I said it. I finally said it. The blog was right, the rumors were right, congratulations.

And for clarification, because we know people are going to ask, we’ve been dating since October 26th, 2015. I’m not going to answer any overly personal or intimate questions and hopefully Cartman won’t either. That’s not for you guys to know about. I’m sure you’re gonna ask anyway, but those questions are going to be completely ignored. You know the ones I’m talking about. I’m not a fan of showcasing my relationship to the world. Our relationship is for us.

Hah- I mean I kind of am right now but that’s just– 

–But I mean– Well it IS just for us, but at the same time it’s not gonna be a secret anymore. What I mean is, the details are just for us. And well, if anything we do is boyfriend-y, that’s fine, it’s just incidental. I’m okay with that part being known because, ugh, I just… I just want to stop faking and resisting reactions. Like… I wanna smile at him without feeling guilty about it, I guess, I mean, that sounds… ugh..

Where was I? Uh! Valentine’s Day! Hope you have a Happy Valentine’s Day, Cartman! And everyone really! Happy Valentine’s Day!

💚 Ask The Main Four A Question ❤️

Seeing people complain about the CW’s lack of positive female rep and in particular female friendships is great. Seeing them complain about Arrow especially is even better.

Seeing them complain about it without mentioning Laurel Lance though, is WILD.

“Felicity’s so isolated, she has no female friendships”

“The new team has no women”

“What happened to women supporting women”

“Why are there no female friendships”

like, man, I dunno, it’s like they all disappeared for NO REASON I WONDER WHAT HAPPENED

anon asked: oooooo what would got7 do if you randomly sat on their lap and snuggled up to them? love your writing btw

thanks babe


Mark would melt. As you climbed onto him and wrapped your arms around him, he’d smile radiantly and laugh a little before hugging you back. He’d bury his face in the crook of your neck and you would feel sigh contentedly jesus i love him and would definitely not let you go for a long time. Expect him to trace little circles on your back, too. If it were later in your relationship, though, and this was a common occurrence, he would position himself to make you more comfortable and go back to doing whatever he was doing lmfao


Jaebum would’t know wtf you were trying to do at first, but when you snuggled into his chest, a big smile would take over his face. He’d wrap his arms tightly around you and sort of sit quietly because he isn’t the best at conveying his feelings but moments like this, where the both of you are safe and in each other’s arms, let you know how much he loves you. He’d totally run his fingers through your hair, too, and lean back so he can see your face better because jesus he just loves to look at you let him live


Jackson would act so excited as you sat on his lap, but as soon as you hugged him he would start loudly proclaiming that you were hugging him too tight and he couldn’t breathe. When you pulled back to smack some sense into him look at him questioningly, he’d wink and make some remark about how you obviously couldn’t get enough of him, joking of course. That said, he’d definitely hug you back, but it would be very very tight and you’d probably have to ask him to calm down a little. Jackson’s totally the type to kiss the top of your head once he’s done being a little shit, though. Cute. 


Ok so Jinyoung loves you and thinks you’re precious, but he wouldn’t really like you sitting on his lap. His legs fall asleep and he just thinks it’s uncomfortable overall, which is why he’d let you have your fun for a minute or two, but then would suggest you two move into a better position. Then, of course, he’d cuddle all you wanted, running his fingers through your hair and listening to you talk about your day. 


Youngjae loves it. He’d smile so wide you’d wonder if it wasn’t hurting him. He’d definitely find these types of moments to be one of the best parts of your relationship because he could hold you and bury his face in your neck or your hair and just joke and talk with you. And you’d love these moments, too, because you got to see this beautiful human being up close and personal 


Piece of shit. When you buried your face in his chest and couldn’t see, BamBam would immediately take a selfie of the situation with some cocky expression on his face.That said, he’d definitely snuggle up to you, too, but if you wanted peace and quiet, you weren’t gonna get it. BamBam would tell you every little thing that sprung into his mind and it would get very weird very fast. I think he’d get bored after a while, too, and would try to get you to go shopping or something with him he loves shopping ok


Like Jaebum, would wonder what the hell you were trying to do when you climbed onto his lap. When you snuggled into him, though, he’d happily give in and weave his long ass limbs around you. He’d smile constantly and talk about something weird that happened with the other members. Speaking of the members, though, if one happened to walk in for some reason or even just call him, Yugyeom will push you off his lap. Piece of shit #2

Kuroo Tetsurou - Relationship in 5 Steps

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∠ words - 3k

∠ genre - fluff

∠ summary -  Do you want to know what it’s like to be adored by one of Haikyuu!!’s characters? Do you want to know five easy steps they would use to make you theirs? Read to find out.


∠ yep, this is a new series, but I won’t post five separate chapters for every character, but just one. I hope you will enjoy, I worked hard for it. It is a piece of my heart - treat it well.

Bokuto Kouratou ver. | Oikawa Tooru ver. | Sawamura Daichi ver.

being noticed

Kuroo closed his eyes, desperately trying to bury the unsettling feeling that welcomed itself into his life a few days ago, on the day when he laid his eyes on you. At first, the sudden attraction had seemed to be just like one of his previous quirks, which were easily forgotten the day after and not remembered since. Although, you surprisingly, were some kind of anomaly, which rooted in his subconscious immediately and didn’t exactly want to leave.

He was strangely okay with how the situation was going on, however, the only con was the fact that you didn’t know who the hell he was and the plan to get closer to you became ten times more complicated than it already was. Poor Kuroo was so deeply into his little crush, that it was hard for him to sit still with his growing excitement upon seeing you for the first time that day.

He secretly eyed you, giving you silent kudos for the jewelry choice. Your rainbow-shaped earrings made a nice contrast to your official, school uniform and even though, you probably didn’t want to stand out of the crowd - to him, you were the only shining star in the room. He couldn’t focus on anything, but you the whole time.

Lessons were long and usually boring, so he couldn’t help but steal a few glances at you from time to time, cheering happily inside that no one saw his growing obsession with the way you put annoying hairs behind your ear.

“You got it bad, prince charming.” Scoffed Yaku, turning to face him when the lunch break began.

“I don’t have anything.” He replied smoothly, clearly failing to assure his classmate that he was wrong. “Does it show that much?” He quietly asked after a minute of silence between them.

“Yeah, it’s almost too obvious to handle.” They didn’t bother to continue their conversation after that.

His time at school was finally moving towards its end and since he didn’t have practice later, he could just walk lazily home and then relax with a hot drink and a good movie in the background. His knee was bouncing up and down, aching but still going like crazy and the quick looks he was giving you, became even more frequent and lingering. Not that he minded.

But it was just his luck that in the moment when the last bell in his day rang, signaling long desired freedom, you turned to him catching his curious eyes, which were observing your smaller form. His insides froze along with his limbs and will to live and when he was finally ready to perform seppuku in front of his class - you sent him a big, toothy grin. Then you and waved happily and skipped towards the door like nothing had happened. Like you hadn’t made Tetsurou the happiest man alive.

He has been just noticed and it was the best feeling in the whole world.

being friends

The black-haired and also very bored Kuroo Tetsurou was aggressively flipping his biology book, giving it no mercy. The colorful pages tore in some places, crumbled or even left the book for eternity. He tried to care about it, he really did. However, it’s been ten minutes since the time you had said you would call him and he was slowly going bonkers in his freshly cleaned room. He didn’t want to mention that he had already cleaned it five times, trying to pass hours quicker.

Since that memorable day, when you had finally acknowledged his presence, you two have grown closer with each day and now he could proudly admit that you two were friends. Not want he wanted, but more than he expected. Kuroo finally knew much more about you, not only your looks. If he was being honest, he would describe your personality as a very similar to your earrings choices: shiny, funny and that kind, which made you feel good about yourself.

His main hope was that you saw him in a good light too, it was one of his the most important matters. And just when he wanted to dig deeper into the thoughts that kept his brain hostage, the phone laying directly in front of him lit up and let out some famous song. He clumsily took it and hesitated for a mere second before picking up.

“Hi!” You both yelled at the same time and then laughed loudly at how stupid your behavior was. He relaxed after that and let himself be filled with your lovely voice, swallowing every word as you told him about your day and today’s events. His turn to rant came way too quickly, but it didn’t stop him from whining about the fight he had with his mum about the habit of not picking up his gym clothes from under his bed and patiently absorbed your advice about the problem.

“I think I’m going to hit the shower now because school is tomorrow and I don’t want to be late like last time when we stayed on the line for too long.” You giggled at the memory and he slightly smiled, preparing for goodbyes.

“Sure, I’m not stopping you.”

“But you kinda want to, right?” You asked quietly.

“Yeah.” He heard you sigh from the other side. It was a shame you were so far away, he really wanted to see the emotions on you face in that moment.

“Talk to you tomorrow, Tetsu.” You said eventually, making loud kissy sounds and eventually hung up, but he didn’t register it. There was only one thing he could focus on.

You called him by his given name for the first time and he didn’t want to forget how your voice sounded with it on your lips.

 asking out

“This movie is shitty.” You stated seriously, shooting him a glare from your spot on the couch. He only winced and gave you a silly smile in return, already regretting listening to Bokuto. Your eyes went back to the screen, as your hand dived into a bowl full of popcorn.

“Sorry, sorry. I will choose better next time.”

“There won’t be next time Tetsurou.” Unknown words stucked in his throat before they could leave, eyes wandering around the room in disappointment. He couldn’t believe you were THAT angry. “You will never choose a movie again, I swear to God. It’s my turn forever, don’t even try to argue.” He nodded in agreement, hoping you didn’t see how he breathed out in relief that you weren’t really mad.

To be absolutely honest, the movie wasn’t all that bad in his opinion, but he wasn’t an expert and probably shouldn’t be asked about it. Volleyball ate a lot of his time and he preferred to spend the free one with people he loved, so that was it. If they wanted to watch something, that’s alright, but it wasn’t a frequent request.

However, you seemed to be crazy about it. Some days, you couldn’t last more than ten minutes without talking about some new film or actors he has never heard about. Although in exchange, he could talk about his practices, so it was very nice.

And about his dirty, little secret - he was able to control his feelings for you easily now. No one, who already didn’t know wouldn’t catch on - including you. After the weird incident with the phone call, when you started to call him by his name, he tried to calm himself a little and not behave like a lovestruck idiot. Kuroo would literally kill himself if he made you uncomfortable or repulsed. And also he didn’t really have any occasion to give much thought to his infatuation because your birthday was approaching and his gift must be the best one that year.

There was going to be a movie marathon of very old productions, some of them were even black and white. It’s streaked his interest immediately and since he didn’t hear a word about it from you, he was right to believe that you were simply unaware something like this was happening in your hometown. He has bought two tickets, packed them nicely and waited for a good moment to give it to you. Unfortunately, despite his best efforts, something just had to go wrong.

“Tetsurou, did you tell f/n-chan about these movies or something?” His mum, who has come back from work five minutes ago, yelled from the other room not realising her mistake. You ears seemed to perk curiously at the newfound information and you quickly sent him a questioning look.realising her mistake. You ears seemed to perk curiously at the newfound information and you quickly sent him a questioning look.

“You gonna tell me about it or what?” You asked, standing up and sitting closer to him after he didn’t respond to your silent plea. He decided to just give up before puppy eyes appear on your face.

“Yhm, I kind of - bought two tickets to movie marathon and was wondering if you wanted to go? I was supposed to your birthday present, but-” He wildly gestured towards the place him mother was in. “-this happened.” You smiled somehow differently, ruffling his already messy hair, making his heart race.

“It’s so cute, Tetsu! It’s a date then.” You winked and came back to your previous spot like you just hadn’t changed Kuroo’s entire life.

But it’s a date then, he guessed.

 first kiss

‘What the hell is wrong with you?’

'I’m just frustrated f/n, I’ve told you to leave me alone.’

‘'But I don’t want to leave you alone in this situation! Please, accept my support!’’ He sighed and covered his face with a sweaty hand. His team had been destroyed in today’s match and he couldn’t do anything to change it. Some of the most important players hadn’t attended, because of reasons and this made them almost unable to play. His teammates had fought like hungry animals, but unfortunately, it wasn’t enough. The aftermath of the match left him unsatisfied and not easy to communicate with, however, you tried anyway. It was greatly annoying, but he also couldn’t help but appreciate your soothing presence.

He drew a deep breath, which seemed a little shaky at the beginning as if he was ready to cry, but quickly collected himself. His now dry palm slowly fell from his face and moved against his will towards your form. You looked uncertain for a second, before enveloping it with your bony fingers and hugging it tightly to your chest, right next to the heart. Kuroo felt its fastened beating and immediately felt guilty for causing you so much stress, especially since you didn’t deserve any of thing. You weren’t his punching bag, but a person he held deep feelings for.

‘'I’m sorry.’’ He whispered, closing his eyes as his shoulders dropped a little.

'’It’s okay Tetsu, I understand.'’ Your lips kissed his knuckles and then you cuddled your cheek to the back of his hand, clearly needing comfort and affection. His heart melted at the sight but it didn’t erase that swallowing disappointment, which was still following him after the brutal loss he experienced today. You noticed it faster than he anticipated and opened a mouth like you wanted to say something but closed it, deciding not to. Maybe the silence was the best medicine for now.

Half an hour later, the volleyball team was ready to leave and you all headed home. They bluntly ignored the heavy atmosphere between you and Kuroo after your exchange of words and both of you were thankful for it. They didn’t need that kind of burden right now. Your relationship, your problem.

Everybody was slowly leaving, going their own ways until finally, you two were alone again. Kuroo didn’t utter a single word for a long while and you thought that it would be smart to give him time and wait until he was ready to clear the air between you. Although it was awkward you still held hand as Tetsurou walked you home.

When you arrived, you didn’t look at each other not knowing exactly what to do. It was the first time something like this happened and the unsureness of how to behave in such situations was very visible. You obviously still explored one another and the boundaries surrounding you, which obviously could cause some major misunderstandings. However, nothing good came without a little pain and proper fight for it.

‘'So-'’ He started and you in a mere second looked up, staring at his face with such insensitivity your eyes almost fell out. ‘’-are we okay?’’ He asked, scratching the back off his head. That gesture always made you smile, because it made his hair even wilder. He was very handsome with that look.

'’Of course, Tetsurou. Nothing bad happened in the first place. This day just sucks.’’ You laughed loudly, coming back to yourself after hours of being grumpy and feeling rather out of place.

'’It sure does.’’ He repeated after you and your doorstep soon became a place full of giggles and chuckles Kuroo didn’t know how desperately he craved for the whole time without them. Things were fine.

‘'I like you very much, you know?’’ You said, enveloping his slim neck in a warm hug, which he returned not even a second later.

‘'I really like you, too.'’ He breathed into your ear, before giving it a butterfly kiss. You stayed like that, not leaving the embrace that gave you the security you deserved and absolutely loved.

The way you turned and hopefully will turn Kuroo’s world upside down was indescribable. In such short time, you were able to brighten his days without much work. You were incredible. The only one in this universe who had him for every command. He wasn’t even ashamed to admit it, more like proud of being stupidly in love.



‘'Could you close your eyes for a second?’’ That whispered question honestly threw him off of guard, you didn’t plan on slapping him or something? He kinda liked his face, a lot actually. He would mourn if something terrible happened to it, however, as a good slave, he followed your request.

And waited. And waited. What did you wa–

‘'Ah, screw it.'’ You hissed before something hit him. Right on his lips. Probably your own pair. Warm, plump with flavored lip gloss on it - apples, he dared to guess. He was stunned for a while and before he could react or so much kiss back, you departed from him.

‘'You didn’t like it?'’ The hurt expression on your face hit him hard and fast. You totally didn’t understand his intentions or rather the fact that he was too frozen to do anything.

'’That’s not it! You just surprised me, I didn’t expect that’.’ He pecked your lips quickly as a sign that everything was more than okay and you relaxed against his body.

'’I’m glad.’’ You said and skipped happily to your door. ‘'Good night, Kuroo Tetsurou. Next move is yours to make.’’ You shot him a teasing smile and disappeared behind your doors, leaving him to the cold night and lonely streets.

He would never say it to anyone, even himself that the fact you were the one to take the lead turned him on, a lot.

 being a couple

“Will you tell me why am I getting a silent treatment?” The question left his mouth for the third time that week, less angry than before, but more desperate.

Although you gave no answer just like you had done previously, you eventually sent him a tired look and sighed. It was a better response than he expected and it made him satisfied for a little while. Which lasted approximately two minutes.

“Okay, I didn’t flirt with anyone, didn’t say anything mean, remembered everything important and even bought you food this week!” His hands fled dramatically to his black hair, tugging it in every direction. “Am I being to nice to my own girlfriend?!” Then he dropped to his knees, faking sobs and loud cries.

“I’m not your girlfriend.” You icy cold voice broke his focus on feeling sorry for himself and he stared at you, suddenly terrified. His hopes and dreams shattered, and pieces of them started swirling in his head, bouncing against the walls and finally falling onto his imagined ground in his mind, defeated.

“Yet.” You added grimacing, but your eyes shined with amusement upon noticing his small breakdown. “You’ve never asked me, baby.” And with that Kuroo almost laughed, almost.

“You, young lady, need to stop with this stupid, unnecessary breaks between sentences and words, because honestly, they suck and well, they are going to give me a heart attack someday. Thank you very much.” The Sun was slowly leaving your side of the Earth creating an artwork of the sky. Pinkish and reddish colours reflected on your face, showing him a side of you, he hadn’t had a pleasure of meeting. Open windows welcomed warm breeze into your home, which moved your earnings, shaped as sunflowers. You laughed softly and he was one hundred percent sure he was never going to love someone as much as he loved you right in that moment.

His hands, unlike his body, were cold as they made their way to yours. You flinched, but didn’t push him and both of you knew there was no turning back. Your eyebrows raised slightly in anticipation, however, you tried your hardest not show how long you’ve waited for what was to come. He cleared his throat and took a deep breath.

“S/o, will you do me an honour and–”

“Are you proposing?” Your mocking voice interrupted. “Because if you are I have to say no, we are too young, baby.”

“How about you shut up and let me finish?”

“You go, tiger.” Let’s just say that romantic atmosphere has been brutally murdered.

“Okay, you have to be my girlfriend, because I said so and you destroyed my beautiful proposal, so you owe me.” He said on your breath, smiling. It was the smoothest thing that came out of his mouth, now they can seriously call him a master of love and sex.

“Yeah, sounds great.” You answered, without much thinking and reached out for a phone. “So pizza toning or what?”

“Yeah, pizza is good.” Maybe he was lame, or even you both were. Maybe even your love was lame, but he wouldn’t have it any other way. You deserved each other, fought for each other and hopefully will be with each other forever.

(Or at least for the next two hours, because he was broke and someone needed to pay for the pizza)

Something I noticed

After watching the promos people have been wondering what the hell happened to glossaryck, but if you look closely you can see the strings and notice that this glossaryck is made out of cardboard. Some speculate it’s a trap, but it looks like it’s part of the episode “face the music” with that little princess puppet we where shown in it’s promo

We don’t know what’s gonna happen to glossaryck though, he mentioned he “doesn’t have a side” but still we can never be too wary

Ludo: Glossaryck?


Summary: Hateful words were spoken and now you were in this situation. Leaving the tower was not your first thought but it’s the best one for you.

Warnings: Language and Pissed Steve

A/N: The words on the gif have nothing to do with this. It’s just the one that popped up for my search. 

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You were laying around in your apartment, trying to ignore everyones calls and texts. It had been weeks since anyone, including your boyfriend, has seen you. You didn’t care either, rejecting everyone’s pleas to come back. They all made you feel like shit and you didn’t want it anymore. You may not have had been on the team, but you were still their number one supporter. Which played too much with your own feelings. They never cared about you, and they made a point to prove it. The words they spoke, the glasses they threw. Steve was the worse one. Just the thought of his terrible words raced through your head. You wipe away the slow tear and return back to the two weeks notice you were typing up.

They may have thought you were acting crazy over this, but that doesn’t matter. The fact that they felt the need to tell you that you were completely worthless to their organization. Over a simple paperwork mishap. The fact that Steve got in your face and called you a waste of space and an oxygen stealer, only broke your heart more. It’s not your fault Vision doesn’t know how to file his paperwork properly. Yet it still became your problem the moment they weren’t happy. You weren’t their slave, yet that’s how they viewed you.

The hot tears are streaming now as you are pounding into your laptop keyboard. You finish your two weeks notice and are soon printing it. You knew it was better to hand it in yourself. You fold it perfectly and place it in a envelope. You pull your hoodie over your head and pull your sneakers on. You grab your bag, slide the notice in it and grab your keys. You are out the door within seconds.

You were officially standing in front of the tower, taking in a few calming breaths. You stand there for a few more seconds before pushing the door open. You huff as you make a beeline for the elevators. You enter an empty one and press the button for the lab level. You stand silently as it makes it’s way to it’s location.

Once the elevator reaches its floor, you step off. You rub your face and make your way down the hall. You turn the corner and instantly spot every single team member in the lab. You sigh and roll your eyes, contemplating if you should just jump out the window. But your legs say other wise and they carry you to the door. No one notices you at first when you open the door. You thank Friday for that mentally and slowly creep towards Tony’s main desk. But Friday was one step a head.

“Welcome back, Y/N.” Friday says, interrupting everyone’s attention, causing you to retract your thanks. They all search the room till each pair of eyes lands on your face. You feel all the color drain from your body, making eye contact instantly with Steve.

“Um.. Thanks Friday..” You mumble as you look away, the memories all ripping the wounds open. Everyone stands silently, the tension easily cut with a knife. You chew at your lip before you finally reach into your bag. “I was just gonna leave this on your desk, since you seem busy Mr. Stark.”

“What is it?” Tony asks, looking at you with pleading eyes because he knew full well what it was.

“My two weeks notice…” You mumble, playing with the envelope flap. The room once again goes silent. Everyone is searching their brains for the right words that would make you stay. But they all knew they crossed the line the moment the words that tore you apart, crossed their minds. “So yeah..” you say, finally crossing the lab.

“Y/N, you don’t have to do this…” Tony mumbles, shaking his head as you push the envelope at him. You shake your head as well and leave the envelope out to him. Everyone watches this awkward encounter before Steve finally steps in.

“Y/N, please don’t do this. I love you, please, Stay!” Steve says, reaching at the envelope. You snatch it away just before he could.

“Do you really?” You snap.

“Yes, of course baby.” Steve answers, reaching his arms out to you. “Please forgive us. We were hateful people who don’t deserve you, but please, give us a chance.” You shake your head and place the envelope down on the table sitting in the middle of the group.

“Thanks for the job opportunity Mr. Stark. I learned a lot under you but i feel my use would be valued somewhere else. I hope you can give me an amazing recommendation letter, If not, i will respect that.” And with that, you were making your way towards the door.

“Y/N, don’t do this. Talk to me.” Steve’s words wrapped themselves around your body and brought you to a halt. You sigh and turn around.

“You want to talk? Fine, let’s talk. In front of everyone, because this is the last time you will ever hear from me.” You spat, turning to face him. He stands there completely clueless and hurt. “There are people, who have made it very clear that they could not careless about me in this room. Now there are people in another building who value me the way i deserve to be.”

“Y/N, you know we value you the way you deserve to be! So, what is this really about?” Steve asks, stepping closer to you, causing Bucky and Sam to tense up.

“Steve, i believed in you. I believed in all of you! I wouldn’t have been here for so many years if i didn’t. I believed in all the ten thousand men that you are. I believed that you would eventually come through. The fact of the matter is Steve, that i wouldn’t be here right now.” You start to explain. Everyone starts to shuffle uncomfortably, giving Steve and you some space. “I believed in you and yet you still walked out the door. You still tore me apart. You knew things about me that i never told anyone that you used against me! You were my best friend. It never took anything to convince me to believe in you.”

“Y/N, please! You sound crazy! Just stay!.” Steve yells, reaching for your two weeks. Bucky grabs it just in time, handing it to Tony. “Seriously you two!!” Tony just shrugs.

“Don’t we get to be happy, Steve. At some point down the line? And, if i’m cheering on your side, why can’t you ever support mine? I did my time here. But clearly it was not worth it.” You say, trying to keep your cool.

“You are literally insane! I have supported you just as much as you have supported me! You don’t think that i had to give up things i loved just for you?”  Steve spits at you.

“You know what i think? I think you’ll be fine Steve, you waited 70 Years for someone. You can wait more if you need to.” You say blankly.

“You are a seriously gonna treat me like that? After knowing what happened to me? God you really are heartless. No wonder everyone hates you! God i wish you wou-”

“WILL YOU LISTEN TO ME FOR ONCE IN YOUR DAMN LIFE? NO ONE DESERVES TO BE TREATED LIKE THIS! I WILL NOT FAIL SO YOU CAN STEP ALL OVER ME! I WILL NOT LOSE MY DREAM BECAUSE YOU LOST YOURS IN THE ICE 7O YEARS AGO!” You finally erupt. The room goes completely silent, other than your deep, angry breathing. The tension reappears once again as you turn back for the door. But a simple thought stops you once again.

“Just leave Y/N, you always do anyways..” Steve mumbles, turning to face the windows.

“I believed in you, and this is where we end, so much that i stood in front of all of these people and vowed you were the one thing i couldn’t lose. Yet, you lost yourself. If i hadn’t believed in you, i wouldn’t have loved you at all” You mumble, reaching for the door. You open it and step out into the hallway.

“Leaving, Y/F/N Y/L/N.” Friday comes over the speaker. That is the last time any of the guys heard your name spoken by Friday.  

Meant to be

Daryl Dixon Imagine

You ran away with Carol and build yourself a new home outside of the Kingdom. When you start doubting your decision, fate comes knocking at your door…

word count: 2146

approximated reading time: 11 minutes

I didn’t want to go back. I had promised myself to stay out of all this, to keep to myself and stay human. I had lost grip of what others might have called humanity and I wasn’t willing to let go of it completely. I had seen what it did to people… Losing your humanity was like.. losing yourself. I couldn’t let that happen and more importantly I couldn’t let the others watch it happen. I couldn’t do that to Daryl. Knowing him he would have done anything to stop me, to bring me back and even though I knew it was wrong to leave him behind like that I had to do it. I had to in order to protect them. Or so I kept telling myself while I sat in front of the fire eating what little food I had left. Ezekiel came over every now and then even though I had told them not to. He brought food with him every time and I would lie if I said I wasn’t grateful for it.
Still, there was one thing I couldn’t deny: I was longing for Daryl. Leaving him behind hasn’t been easy but staying away from him was even harder. Especially these days…
My hands wandered down to my belly. It wasn’t just me anymore and wouldn’t it be unfair to keep this away from him? Or.. maybe it was the right thing to keep this away from him. He would dash out and fight Negan head on if he knew about the life growing inside of me, wouldn’t he?! That’s who he was, that’s whom I fell in love with…
I sighed deeply, unsure what to do. Was there a right thing to do? And if there was… what the hell was ‘the right thing’?!
A knock from the door brought me back to my senses. I stood up and straightened my clothes before I went to open the door expecting Ezekiel to be my guest. I expected his shy smile, explaining that he didn’t mean to bother me, that he happened to be around and decided to at least knock. When I opened the door I was surprised to see Morgan standing in front of it.
“Morgan?” I smiled at him. “What are you doing here?”
“I’m sorry to bother you… I just thought you’d like some company.”
“I told you, I don’t want to see anyone…”
“I know and I didn’t mean to bother you, as I said. It’s just…”
I sighed deeply. “What is it? Did Ezekiel send you? I’m not coming back to the Kingdom. I already told him….” I looked down the street to Carol’s cabin. “And I’m not convincing Carol to get back to him either. We’re not some happy little family anymore.”

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Do you ever like, wonder, in life and strange, and oxenfree, how are the survivors ever gonna lead a normal life after all the fucked up things that happened? I’m reviewing the epilogue and I’m just? Damn, these teenagers need a lot of therapy. Some of the baseball team dies, the rest of their team mates are heartbroken, but life goes on. Some of them move to other states for college but they keep in touch. Some of them stay back in Oregon and chill for a while. I think like, at first they’ll think about What Happened everyday. And then eventually they’ll put it in the back burner. But honestly, how do you live a normal life after something really Fucked Up happens?
Hopefully I can get an update out by the end of the week.

How many people would lose their minds if Mashima did a Fairy Tail spin-off high school AU after the manga ended? 

usha [ jin ]

verb : to enjoy looking at the opposite other ; appreciate their beauty by staring.

knock knock. who’s there? two idiots who are in love with each other.

pairing: kim seokjin x reader
genre: fluff
type: hogwarts au
word count: 2,380 words
warnings: none
author’s note: it’s been over two months since i had last written anything, and last night, i was reminded again of how intrinsically rewarding and absolutely wonderful writing is after talking to @jheartseok, so thank you again, ave ♡ this is based on bits of my own dreams and how i see #seokfie aka @syubits and jin in a hogwarts au ily elfie even though i know you love jimin most but you refuse to admit it still

As one of the Hufflepuff prefects, you are making your rounds around the basement floor in the hallway opposite from your house’s entrance. You had passed the barrel fifteen minutes ago, now strolling down the kitchens corridor. It is quiet, which is the usual noise level down here. Hufflepuff students tend to stick to curfew hours more so than other houses, so you rarely find them sneaking out. Any clamor made by the house elves in the kitchens is sealed away behind the massive painting of the fruit bowl. You have not seen The Gray Lady floating by, so you assume she is haunting a place elsewhere tonight.

 A soft melody stuck in your head, you hum quietly and loosely hold your wand in hand, rhythmically tapping the tip of it against the side of your thigh as you continue your stroll. Suddenly, the edge of a heavy metal painting frame makes its way into your peripheral vision, and you quickly scamper away before you can suffer from a possible concussion, or a future visible bump on the forehead at the very least. 

Your eyes are met with the outer corner portion of an ebony cloak first, then the golden lining stitched inside of it, and finally, the rather handsome side profile of the perpetrator is brought into view. Moments later, you can clearly see the man you caught red handed, who is still hastily attempting to shove something beneath his robe—Merlin’s beard, is that a two layer, frosted, decadent chocolate fudge cake with all the works?

“Seokjin, what the heck?”

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Seventeen Reaction: Describing you to other members

Request:  How would the other Seventeen members describe you to the others? (If you want do all the rest, just do the hip pop team) Sorry for any bother!

A/N: I actually already did this for S.Coups and Wonwoo as well as Woozi and Joshua: You can find this here: 

Describing you to other members 

Hi there! Sorry to bother but I really loved the ‘scoups, woozi, Joshua (and someone else I can’t remember) bragging about their s/o to the other members’ and I was wondering if you could maybe do it with the rest of seventeen? Thanks ❤️

@squishyminyoongi now I would usually only do 4/5 members or a unit but since I made you wait so long (sorry >_<) I’ll make an exception <3 

I hope this fulfills both your requests!


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Jeonghan would be very proud to call you his to the point where talking about you would almost become like bragging. ‘You know that new dance? Y/N is really good at it.’ ‘You like that flavour of ice cream? So does Y/N.’ ‘Have you seen Y/N’s new SM post? Damn… I mean how lucky am I?’ he would gush.


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I feel like Jun would be very smug, after all why shouldn’t be he be when he was with someone like you? If ever you achieved something or made him proud, whether it was something small or a big deal, the boys would know about it instantly. ‘Did you guys see Y/N’s new haircut? Her hair always looks so pretty, the hairdressers always say they could be a model, don’t you guys think?’


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Why describe you to the other members when he could show them? Oh you uploaded a new photo? Better make sure everyone’s seen it! You upload a dance cover? Best believe every single member has to like it! I mean, you’re already his phone wallpaper so they could see how gorgeous you were but god help them if they looked too long, that was when the wrath of Hoshi is unleashed.


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Classic gushy boyfriend. ‘Honestly guys I can’t wait for you to meet Y/N, she’s honestly so sweet and funny and kind. Not to mention beautiful. She has this look that just makes me melt sometimes and when she laughs, she has this little way her nose crinkles and urgh she’s just so adorable. I know you guys are gonna love her.’ 


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He would describe you to the boys in a way that complimented your personality and talents. ‘I dunno guys I just really like her. There’s just something completely different about her, she’s not like an idol; she’s real. She can lighten a room with just her smile and when she looks at me my heart beats so fast I’m going to explode…’ Woozi: ‘Mingyu you’re blushing!’ ‘Am I???’


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‘Guys you’re never gonna believe what happened today! Y/N complimented my hair! I’m never going to change it again… gosh she’s so sweet…’ He would come home after every date with you babbling to the others about how wonderful you were and how you made him feel. ‘I wonder if she thinks of me like I think of her, well she is very thoughtful…’


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You made him a little nervous to the point where he’d just babble to the other boys about how amazing you were to him. ‘Did I tell you how good Y/N looked on our date the other day? She was wearing this outfit that just made her look so beautiful and her hair just seemed to flow so perfectly and the way she walked towards me with this shy smile, I thought I was going to faint honestly…’


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He would be such a sweetheart I think, constantly writing raps about you and just generally being thankful to have you in his life. ‘You know guys, I’m really thankful to have Y/N. She just makes all my hard work worth it, you know? When she tells me she likes a rap or compliments me on my dances or outfits I feel like she really gets it you know? I hope she stays with me for a long time…’


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If Dino had told the boys a story about you once, he had told it a thousand times. ‘Guys did I tell you about the time me and Y/N went to the cinema and-’ ‘Yes.’ ‘Ok, well the other day Y/N and I went to Han River and there was-’ ‘We know Dino.’ ‘Last weekend Y/N and I went to get ice cream and-’ ‘you laughed so hard you dropped yours and ended up sharing hers. We know!!’

The Pity Party

Simon x Reader

Prompt: You spend Valentine’s Day with Simon even though that was NOT the plan.

Note: I’m starting a Simon Miner hate club because this took me so long to write okay join pls. Also thanks to @pettyacosta and @sdmntokyo for helping me with this and again to Ayu for this beautiful gif I’m still crying

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