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Thoughts I Had During The Roswell Q+A

  • I’m not gonna be able to eat and write this post at the same time
  • Shane’s intense gaze… I can’t look away…
  • Ryan’s hair does look super floofy
  • I wondered if Shanes pop socket was new merch fkdks
  • Ryan: starts using “gramtown” me: screams
  • I actually didn’t think Ryan’s forehead was that big??? Or maybe I just didn’t notice it. Ryan I love u and ur big ol doink of a forehead
  • “Grandpa Istoo” WHAT AN ABSOLUTE DORK
  • Shane blushing cured my depression
  • Mouths and dicks,,, Why is that what Shane thinks of first….
  • Bing bing!
  • Ryan’s smile rb if u agree
  • Aliens cruisin thru the desert, probably listening to Danger Days: The Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys
  • … can aliens get drunk??
  • They’re so excited abt the jump cut they’re such nerds
  • Ever since Ryan didn’t answer that tweet about the books being real or not I’ve been trying to tell bc like?? They look real?? But the spines may not be?? Like they’re real books w different stickers on the side
  • I’m trying to figure out which theory is, “the dumbest theory we’ve ever had on this show” bc there’s definitely alien and ghost theories but idk which one they’re referring to
  • “Adored by every single viewer”
  • Take a drink every time Shane says “compelling”
  • Ryan trying to understand what the fuck is going on in the hot daga is a mood
  • Also can I just take a moment to appreciate Ryan’s stubble
  • Why does Ryan look so… flirty, when he talks abt the pickle in the pond thing fjdksl his voice changes n it’s slightly slower and deeper and ??
  • The p r a y e r hands
  • “Do you want something from me?” Love, validation, a hug

Actually I really just want to know if the salespeople know Mark by now.

“Oh, yeah, there’s that idiot that bought all the eggnog last year.”

“Yeah, and the hot chocolate. Wonder what he’s doing this time?”

“..are those….. mashed potatoes?”

“I don’t want to know.”

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So after reading this line: "I think Jon and I, we played with those levels a lot, filming 'Punisher.' There were definitely takes where we went further with that concept and then others where we kept it more contextual," said Woll. Do you ever wonder if maybe some of those cutting room floor takes involved actual Kastle kisses in that elevator?? o_O

I’ve been wondering this A Lot tbh. I don’t think there would’ve been actual kisses though – because that crosses the line of toying with it and actually confirming it?? That’s what I keep coming back to. And Deb’s repeated that bit about not wanting Karen to step on his family’s toes several times, so at ep10 it wouldn’t be the right time either? But I DO think it’s likely that they cut less ambiguous and more explicit ‘almost kisses’. You know the kind – close lips, open and fixated eyes, heads tilted against each other at the temple, noses brushing. 

There is that moment in the scene where you can see Frank tilting that way with his eyes on her lips before pausing and re-aligning the other direction to touch her forehead…despite how she’s kind of leaned back to present her lips before, in-sync and following his lead. So I’d DEFINITELY bet money on there being some takes of just that.

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I wonder how long its gonna take for everyone to realize that ‘All Star’ is actually a love song 👀 its about an ogre who is lost in the swamp feeling lonely and lost until someone found her. Her whole life she felt empty and dead inside but when ever she’s with that donkey she feels alive again shes no longer alone or dead for that donkey brought her to life 😐 that is what that song is about and it angers me that sum idiot made it into a meme now 😒 that song is my childhood right

This is amazing thank you

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Hello, I've been following your social media accounts for a while and they have really improved me as a student! My sophomore year finals are coming up and I was wondering what apps you use to help you study/stay focused or just be a better student ? Thank you for your YouTube videos, they are actual perfection!!!

Glad to hear that I helped!

The only two apps I use for academics are Quizlet for studying flash cards and Forest for a Pomodoro timer/phone blocker.

Anonymous said: So I don’t know if you’re still into Fallen FMA (and if you’re not too busy) but I have been wondering, when did Ed and Roy fall in love with Farris? And when did they start to date? If you don’t mind me asking. (0////0)

…i actually pretty frequently think about fallen fma, i just don’t draw for it, lmao. i have a lot i’d like to talk about! but i always feel like i need to include doodles with it or people won’t be as interested.


ed and farris started exchanging letters after he left for rush valley and dublith; he’s kept much more in the loop of what’s going on in central as a result (including what happens to hughes; he’s aware of it within a couple of days, and knows the officers are lying to him when he asks). what starts as simple updates and correspondence turns into joking quips, friendly advice, research comparisons, and eventually…

(yes i know that’s a fucking sad song but the lines were perfect)

they look forward to each other’s letters, often writing 2-3 times a week. ed’s early ones were short, to the point; nevertheless, farris keeps them all, tucked and filed in a card box. ed keeps farris’ tied together with a string; it’s a lot messier, but he always keeps his stack on him. …he also threw out the first few as he does with any regular work mail, which he kicks himself for once he starts keeping them, lmao.

roy’s a tad more complicated. he and farris didn’t much like each other to start, since farris knows his ‘hero of ishval’ reputation and roy thought farris purposely refused to speak to him, even when they were face-to-face. he actually confronts them about it when questioning them and armstrong after hughes’ funeral; farris’ response was to lower their scarf, show him their throat, and choke, “does this answer your question?”

(riza and armstrong knew farris was injured; neither are particularly happy about the exchange)

after roy and crew move to central and he starts looking into hughes’ murder, it starts more problems for farris, who’s been ordered to take over hughes’ duties–more or less heading investigations. they’re taking a big risk, working through the loopholes of bradley’s orders to help roy, but hughes was a great friend…and farris wants to get to the bottom of it, too.

roy, of course, isn’t fully aware just how much farris is putting at risk to help him, and they develop sort of a…frenemies? type situation. it’s only after weeks of this that riza takes roy aside and lets him know he’s bringing farris up in conversation constantly. he can’t stop thinking about them. and once he’s been made to face that…

he’s indignant at first, frustrated about it and refusing to acknowledge it, but eventually it occurs to him that yeah, he’s got it pretty bad for farris. on asking riza her opinion (and i’ll mention here that riza actually talks to farris much more regularly, is friends with them and also starting to feel more tenderly towards them), she tells him to go slow and be a little less…abrasive with them, see how it goes.

as for dating, hmm. i’m already padding out the timeline as it is, given how tight and cohesive fma runs without much room for fluff–leaving not a lot of room for the ~dating experience~. i think it’s more of…acknowledging being together? which, i always figured farris would end up with roy and riza first, simply for the fact of spending so much time with them. that likely happens right around the time bradley divides roy’s crew.

ed confesses later, farris tells him it’ll be a package deal, there’s more relationship stuff, my ed/roy and ed/riza kicks in, etc. i have a loooot of material i’ve been thinking about…

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I wonder how long its gonna take for everyone to realize that ‘Bring me to life’ is actually a love song 👀 its about a girl who is lost in the darkness feeling lonely and lost until someone found her. Her whole life she felt empty and dead inside but when ever she’s with that person she feels alive again shes no longer alone or dead for that person brought her to life 😐 that is what that song is about and it angers me that sum idiot made it into a meme now 😒 that song is my childhood right

I have two of these in my inbox right now and I like to think they’re from two separate people, sent to me without coordination

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Hi! I just got here, sorry I'm late, but is this still an active blog? And if so, can I ask... what's with the cliffhanger!? In the words of Adrian: what the actual hell!? Anyway, sorry to bother you, just wondering.

Hi yes! Just to inform all yes it’s still active :) I will keep posting, but working two jobs and in the holiday rush kinda makes it hard to find the time :P
My photoshop is on its last legs and I wanted to make a cool digital piece of Damien but the damn thing crashed and didn’t save half way through -.- I also plan to sort out my computer as a whole, so I’m dealing with that too :P I love this story and I love how people are so interested in it! So keep those Asks coming because I will be saving them and when I get a moment and back on photoshop I would like to continue the comic in digital form.
Thanks for the ask and to everyone else thank you for the support! Should be back into soon!

Mona loves you!

(And so does Adrian and Damien

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It wouldve been so easy to just slip in a line about how Scott and Kira decided to remain friends or the long distance wasn't working or ANY REASON AT ALL when he and Malia mentioned Stiles being okay with their relationship. Like, just one little line, and it would've been resolved. It would've been a shitty cop-out of a resolution but at least it would've been something, and I don't get why canon didn't?? Did nobody at the writing desk stand up and wonder What About Kira???

Right? It would have been very easy–and they made telling Stiles an issue, after all. And Malia and Stiles had actually broken up. As far as anyone knew, Scott and Kira were still together. 

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so I'm new to the eighth wonder of the world that is preath and also to the soccer scene in general. i'm learning fast but i was just wondering if you were somewhat aware when preath happened?? i mean what were the first signs that this sublime happening was taking shape? love, a portland native that just went to her first thorns game last year

hey hey! welcome to the wonderful world of woso :)

so fun fact, i actually quit tumblr from like sept. 2015-july 2016 and therefore missed the inception of tc. so imagine my surprise coming back to this:

in july (”posing with teammate tobin heath”)

when i left, the world had a much different landscape (i.e. relationships and things) and i couldn’t believe my eyes, but by this time tc had been on people’s radars for several months (since at least february when, from my understanding, they became more than just a little idea)

so i guess if you’re asking for a particular moment, personally, it would’ve been the body shoot. i was sold from that alone because i mean, how many people go to their teammate’s naked body shoot? (also suspicious how these pics was promptly deleted)

but if there was aaaany doubt left, backtracking and finding this cande lit dinner gem pretty much sealed the deal for me

^taken in your native town :)

if you’re talking generally, i suggest taking a look through dahlkemp’s masterpost. that’s pretty much everything in one place. and there’s a lot of portland goodies :)

anyway hope this was somewhat informative. have fun on your soccer learning journey! if you have any other questions about these two or soccer in general, feel free to ask away

happy thanksgiving and go thorns 🌹

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I wonder how long its gonna take for everyone to realize that ‘Bring me to life’ is actually a love song 👀 its about a girl who is lost in the darkness feeling lonely and lost until someone found her. Her whole life she felt empty and dead inside but when ever she’s with that person she feels alive again shes no longer alone or dead for that person brought her to life 😐 that is what that song is about and it angers me that sum idiot made it into a meme now 😒 that song is my childhood right

Thanks everyone who is putting this in my inbox

Also the original person who wrote the comment on my post deleted it which is hilarious to me

I am thankful for all the fanfic writer who had spent some of their time writing things and put it up there so I can read it and make me forget about my problems for a while.

I am thankful for all who read my story, as it let me know that I can make something that I can share with other people. I am thankful for the readers who leave kudos or comments, as it let me know that what I share is something that other people can actually enjoy.

I am thankful for all the content creator who has made all the wonderful, awesome edits, as seeing their creation never fails to amaze me.

I am thankful for all the people who leave their appreciation on my edit, either by reblogging it or just by clicking the like button, to let me know that no, I didn’t waste my time by doing so, that yes, I can still contribute to the fandom

I am thankful for all the people that I am following, seeing you in my dash has been a wonderful part of my daily lives.

I am thankful for all my followers who still have the patience to keep following me, even though things that I post are sometimes things that they do not understand about.

I am thankful for all the people who tag me in those tag games (even though sometimes I forget to do it, apologize for that), as it let me know that some people want to know more about me through those questions.

I am thankful for all the people who send me messages, anonymous or not, from just some random things to all the encouragement and uplifting words that I have received. There are times when real life is just too much and times when I feel so alone, but you guys show that yes, there are people who still care. Those words are the warm hugs that I need.

I am thankful for all my mutuals, who not just cheer together during the glorious time in the season, but also cry together when nothing happens right and we’re hating the team together but also at the same time loving them so much, maybe a little bit too much than what is good for us.

I am thankful for all the mutuals who share the same passion with me. While in real life people will only roll their eyes or force a fake smile out of politeness whenever I start to talk about it, you guys know, and understand how much it means to me. I am thankful that you will respond with “I KNOW RIGHT????” whenever I say something like “ALL THE FEELINGS I CAN’T EVEN agdfakjfvjhafvldb”

I am thankful that in this goddamn site, no matter how it can be a toxic and dangerous place with all the hating and the discourses, I can still meet the good people from all around the world, that I can still find people like you. I am thankful that the friendship that we share, even though it’s just a virtual one, it’s something that can make me feel better in my bad days, a little light in my dark times, some reasons for me to keep going.

I, am thankful for you, people :)

Billy H Binge: The Pollywog

In this episode we get two scenes with Billy. The first of which is the basketball scene where he’s wiping the court with Steve and further asserting his dominance as the new “king of the school.”

I wonder how evenly matched they actually might be on the court, as Steve is dealing with a lot of emotional stress and hurt from what Nancy said when she was drunk.

Regardless, this scene is hot. 

I rest my case. 😍😍

The next scene lasts only a moment. It’s so short, I didn’t even remember it existed. Basically all we learn is that Billy is hanging out with a girl (who better not be that bitch Carol from season 1…God, give him anyone else but Carol….) and he doesn’t want anyone calling Max his sister; which tells me that they are step-siblings or one of them is adopted and either way there are ill feelings between them.

So, I wonder if this was his date that he had to cancel because of his dad. And I want to know more about their relationship. Is there anything there? Why do they like each other? (don’t let us down, season 3! We want to know more about Billy!)

Also, it’s been three episodes and I still can’t see where all the hate is coming from. Yes, Billy and Max do not have a good relationship. Yes, Billy knocked Steve off of his “king” pedestal. He’s cocky and confident and kind of an asshole, but he’s done nothing truly evil. *shrugs and re-watches the basketball scene*

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1. Part 3

Feeling my bed shake “wake up sleepy head, you can’t be asleep for that long. Wake up” hearing Mel half shout at me, I groaned out “stop!” pulling the covers over me “don’t slap my butt” I whined “mhmmm I think you need to wake up, Jay Brown is downstairs. He wants you back in the studio, were you drinking in the room?” I guess she has seen the bottles “mhmmm maybe” opening my eyes a little seeing the blinds open “the sun” closing my eyes quickly “ok, just get up” feeling my bed shift as she got off my bed, I wonder what time it is actually. I have no idea why I drank again, I was feeling myself and the more Adam spoke the more I drank. We usually are always together but obviously he has work and I have work here, he is feeling a little insecure with Chris but he shouldn’t be. Honestly, I wouldn’t cheat on him, Adam kept saying about me flying out. but no. I have too much to do here. I don’t know if I was dreaming but I swear Adam was talking about marriage, I was dreaming I know it, because why would he want to ask me that. I mean he was asking about stupid things, what I can remember of anyways.

Wiping the sleep from eye looking at my notifications, many of them are from Adam and a text from an unknown number, who is even this number. Unlocking my phone, let me ring Adam back real quick to get him out of the way. I need water though; my mouth is dry “what?” I said down the phone “that is rude, you just woke up now?” stifling out a yawn “yes, I have a dry mouth. Hurry up, I want to get some water” I am such a bitch at times “I called you last night” frowning “yes we spoke, and?” is he stupid “no I called again and you was on another line, it was late I just want to know why?” pulling a face “my mother” I shrugged, I am guessing “oh ok, Chris liked your pictures and followed you. Are you both talking now?” rolling my eyes “he is a troll, ignore him. He liked my pictures?” I don’t remember actually “yeah, I am not jealous but I am not happy that you both arguing? He is a very rude guy, stay away from him” see, I don’t even remember what the argument would have been about “honestly Adam, I don’t know and I don’t care. I will speak to you later, bye” disconnecting the call, I have a headache coming along.

Oh yeah, that weird number texting me. Tapping on the number “who the hell” reading the message.

From: Unknown

To: Robyn

Hope you not too hungover lol

How does this person know that I would be hungover, did I talk too Chris. I think I did “oh shit, I did” I said to myself, that must be him. Let me text it back.

To: Unknown

From: Robyn

Who is this!?

How random though, I mean why would I give him my number. He is a pain in the butt about everything, let me actually get out of bed. The food will make me feel better, right now I feel like death.

Jay Brown watched me silently as I ate my waffles, I am so hungry “you don’t have to watch me eat you know” this is awarkward “well you did say don’t speak to me” he is right, I did say this “so, shall we start doing studio time?” I shrugged not saying a word, my phone started ringing at the side of my plate. That number is calling me “excuse me” getting up from the seat answering the call “hello?” I am sure it is Chris “who is this? Were you really that drunk” of course it was Chris, stupid me gave my number “a little, clearly because I gave you my number” closing the door behind me “that’s rude, hurts my feelings that does. You also said you was going to come into the studio with me, also that we had sex. You left my home and gave me your number” busting out laughing “see, I know your ass is lying. If I had sex with you then my ass would still be in that bed with you, all up under you” my mouth ran with me before thinking, I went ever so silent “all under me? Oh Robyn” I need to not speak to him “go away Chris, it’s too early. Talk soon” if I keep talking then I will say more stupid things “no! Wait!” Chris spat “you going to the studio?” blowing out air “no” I lied “are you lying to me? You said you would do studio time? You said it” did I actually say this “but people will be there” gosh, did I actually promise this “yes you did” drunk mess Rihanna, I hate myself “erm, fine. Come alone, so will I. Give me an hour” it’s only studio time “alright, I can do that. Why no people though?” he questioned “no witnesses when I dick you down?” rolling my eyes “whatever, see you there” disconnecting the call.

Let me finish off my breakfast, maybe I am crazy but what can I do. We are just having studio time, private studio time. I don’t want rumours or anybody there so he can act a fool, when Chris has an audience he can get a little silly so I want him alone, also my people talk too much so it will be just us “so about studio time, I will go in an hour. I just want to go alone, I need to think a little” poking the waffle with my fork “by all means, just let’s get this done and we can be on our way with everything. What do you think to the contract with Puma? You going for it” I shrugged “I need to look over the contract, I want all rights. I want it to be all me and I know how these company be like, I will think on it” pushing the plate away “I guess I will get ready for the studio” smiling at Jay “well look over the contract because they are saying you can do anything, read it again” I need to do that when I am not thinking on how this studio thing will go.

It’s just me and the sound engineer, which is pretty boring but I have started writing myself. He is late or he might not even come which might be a good thing, reading over my lyrics “why window shop when you own this” I sang to myself, this will actually match the beat the sound engineer played. My head shot up hearing the door handle move, the door is locked. A knock at the door, it might be him. Getting up from the chair, making my way over to the door. Moving back the blind from the window, seeing Chris looking to the side scratching his head. Unlocking the door, pulling open the door. He cheesed at me and I couldn’t help but smile back at him “you came” letting him come inside “yeah, my bad I was late. I had to put gas in my car, I parked down the block so don’t worry” he took his snapback off pressing his hair down, locking the door “well I just don’t want the bullshit, you know how it is. People go into meltdown when we are close” he placed his snapback on the middle island, he looks handsome from the last time I saw him, maybe I was loathing him too much, I am not bitter anymore.

Picking my notepad back up “I got a confession” Chris said making his way over to me “what is it now?” watching him walk over to me “what did you do?” I am concerned, he sat down on the chair across me “I lied, you didn’t agree to this but we here now” he shrugged smirking at me “whatever, you can help me now” I should have known he lied “that does mean my name needs to be credited in the songs, I ain’t about that shit” I guess I will “of course, you know I will” sitting Indian style in the chair “how is mother breezy anyways? I miss that women, she is a god send for putting up with you” Chris placed his phone on the soundboard “she good, she in VA. You know I am sorry” I shrugged looking down “like I said, we are friends. Don’t be sorry” looking up at him “Friends forgive” Chris nodded his head “I miss you, till this day I search for you in every girl. Anyways let’s do this, where we at” he took my notepad from me, I am glad he changed the subject. I need to be high for that kind of talk.

It is very weird having Chris sat here with me, it feels like old times. It just feels very weird but yet calm, he is so into his work though. I didn’t expect him to be this calm and quiet, maybe we can be friends which will be a blessing. I have missed him “what have you corrected? Was the writing that bad” looking over at my notepad “I know you ain’t finna want me on this but I think Future will be good on it, that tune and his voice will be perfect” he passed me the notepad back “think about the music and read the lyrics, you didn’t do bad at all. Also you don’t have to credit me on anything on the album, you can keep it between us. My time to you is free, friends” he added, smiling at him looking down at the lyrics “you think you can get Future for me?” I mean I could do it but then I would have to do it through Jay Brown “yeah, I can call him now but obviously then I would be here. I will call him when I go, tell him you want to speak to him. I will say to keep on the low, I got you” I think this song will mean a lot to me “I guess your nigga been stingy with his time huh?” shaking my head “not really, he’s always around usually” turning the page on the notepad.

I am letting another nigga keep my girl warm at night, rubbing my chin hair thinking about the things I could be doing but I am here with Robyn. My phone started ringing, lucky as fuck because she started talking about her nigga and that shit got awkward. Looking at the caller I.D. Why the hell is she even calling me, answering the call “Yo” she don’t really call unless I ask for her “I have the new shipment of your clothing line, I am outside your crib” obviously I am not home “yeah I am not home, give it to Lo. I will get it from him later” I said bluntly to her “wow, who upset you? Don’t you want to see me” clearing my throat “I am busy right now Jessica, I will speak to you soon” I don’t want to speak to her, well I don’t feel like it anyways “bye Chris” disconnecting the call “shall we start recording then, well you need to record that is” we might as well get this show on the road, I don’t want to make it anymore awkward than it is.

Placing my snapback on my head backwards “auto-tune that” I said to the sound engineer, placing the pen down walking around the island “you still rolling that blunt? Shit don’t take that long Robyn” she is still rolling a blunt, how hard is it “shut up” she retorted, towering over Robyn looking down at her. She looked up at me sticking her tongue out to lick the blunt down, she is being seductive or my mind has gone somewhere else “why are you so close” she spat pulling a face “not like you ain’t been in this position before” Robyn gasped and so did I, she back handed me in my stomach “you’re such an ass, here!” she held the blunt out to me “we sharing this, seeing as you ain’t bring no weed” Robyn shook her head, taking the blunt from her “why are you acting like we haven’t swapped saliva before? Stop it, come son!” jumping up on top of the island counter “stop acting prude, you ain’t that Robyn. I know that shit” placing the blunt between my lips “I am not, I just don’t want it ok” she waved me off, she turned her head but I reached my foot over and kicked the chair so it spun around to me “what’s annoyed you? Poking your lips out and shit, come on. You want to light it” holding it out to her “actually yes I do, you taking over” she hasn’t got face on about what I have said but she wanted the blunt first, that is Robyn for you.

The way her lips just hugs the blunt alone, she looks so damn fine. Licking my bottom lip, I want to kiss her lips so much “I am surprised you don’t have a child by your crew of women” look at this, a whole different Robyn “because I only went in raw with you” Robyn stared at me as I grabbed the end of the blunt she is still holding, she finally let go and I jumped down from the island counter top, sitting down in the chair “I made a mistake and I regre it” placing the blunt between my lips “I am sure a couple of girls in your bed is a mistake” she retorted, blowing the smoke out. Sitting back in the chair, lifting my left leg and resting it at the side of Robyn on the seat “my clothes” she said pointing “nowhere near your clothes” my eyes half hooded as I took in another drag of the blunt staring at Robyn “remember when you thought you was pregnant, we was so young. It was nothing though, we would have had it all” blowing the smoke out “you still think about that? I didn’t think you would have cared, I mean to still think about it till this day” Robyn said, why is she acting shocked “does he make you feel like I do?” Robyn shook her head looking away “let’s not speak about him, I don’t want to talk about what we have” she could have just said yes but now that makes me wonder “it’s like me saying does those hoes make you feel like I do?” she said back to me “they don’t, that is the point. I can admit to that with you” placing my leg down from the chair.

Placing my lighter in my pocket “what are you doing for your birthday?” I might aswell change the subject “he is doing a party for me, so I guess a party” she shrugged “big thirty though, does that make you feel a type of way?” she shrugged smiling, that shrug and smile said more, staring into her eyes. I can see the tears forming “I love you Robyn, just know that. You are loved and I want you to make sure you know that, you are loved and you still do have that love from me, I still love you. I know we are lowkey and shit so I hope you have a great birthday” she is hurting and I feel it “I love you too Chris” it was nice to hear that from her “you think I can I see you on your birthday?” I am asking for a lot here “I will have to see” smiling at Robyn “cheer up, you need to be happy as hell. You have achieved a lot Robyn, I am proud of you. Any woman would love to be where you are so be happy” I don’t want her to be down about anything.

the only thing I’m wondering is if that means zed was exiled from the kinkou for something else? if he sought out the form during the war, did he return to the kinkou and get it while killing kusho? did he leave the kinkou of his own free will? was the order of shadow created very deliberately vs the accidental “one day his followers had become an army?”

but I mean

malevolent spirit magic? utterly ruthless and without mercy? sounds GREAT