i wonder what's actually on this

with every new chapter, it really seems like furudate is gonna give us a fukurodani vs karasuno match during nationals

..but it breaks my heart bc it’s basically a set up for karasuno to win anyways. the one match that i didn’t want to think about :’)))

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Hihi, this may have been obvious to most people, but I was wondering if Saiko's declaration that she "loves Urie" had romantic implications or was platonic/familial?

Don’t worry, it’s actually not obvious what she means. When Saiko says that she loves Urie, she uses the word suki (好き), but the issue is that this word can be used both for romantic and platonic/familial love (we saw something similar at the end of TG when Akira stated that she loved Takizawa and Amon). Personally I think she meant it in a more platonic way, as she thinks of the Qs as her family, and she hasn’t shown any sign of being attracted to Urie romantically.

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just wondering have you ever met a celebrity and if so what did you do when you saw them

i haven’t met a celebrity per se but i have met hank green and hes really cool and nice! i just said hi but it was after a concert so a lot of ppl wanted to meet him so i just said thanks for his videos and took a pic with him. if i actually had time with a “celebrity” i would just wanna have a conversation i feel bad for everyone that is famous and people only want them for pictures and not actually for their personalities and intellect 

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So where do you stand on all this, FYDG? (And you know what I mean by "this.")

Not surprised at all. It was a matter of time. I do wonder, scientifically, how their Era of Mutual Singleness played into the “new incarnation” of their friendship, but the best way to test out my various research questions is to observe new situations.

As for fan reactions, I’d add “just ignore and exclude the dum-dums from all your fandom activity,” but they’re part of the reason my engagement waned, so, I can’t talk.

True question: will she sing with him again at his show in Vancouver? It’d no longer be try-everything-once. It’d be for gratuitous funsies. Or some other reason. Like the recurring need to embarrass oneself in a safe, accepting environment.

I was tagged by @mischaetc to do the thing!

Nickname: I’ve had many throughout my life but the one that prevails the most is my sister calling me “Laurie” (she’s the only one who does and she almost never calls me Lauren. It’s either “Laurie” or “Little One”

Zodiac: Aries

Height: 5′8″

Last thing I Google’d: …”destiel fic recs”, please don’t @ me

Favorite musical artist: Actually impossible to choose but: Sondheim, The Wailin’ Jennys, Damien Rice, Matt Duke, Janelle Monae

Song stuck in my head: “Arsonist’s Lullaby” by Hozier

Last movie I saw: Wonder Woman

What I’m wearing right now: a comfy dress

Why did I choose my URL: (@)laurenshippen was taken (I actually have it now) 

Do I have any other blogs: There’s I think at least…eight? blogs on tumblr that I’ve made throughout the years but the only ones I run now are this one, @thebrightsessions, @worldaccordingto, and @chloeturnerart

What did your last relationship teach you: That I shouldn’t try and be someone I’m not.

Religious or spiritual: Meh?

Favorite color: Green

Average hours of sleep: 7.5

Favorite numbers: 16 and 7

Favorite characters: Will and Lyra from His Dark Materials, Ron from Harry Potter, Leslie Knope from Parks & Rec, Lorelai Gilmore from Gilmore Girls

How many blankets do I sleep with: 1 and a million pillows

Dream job: Earning a living from telling stories


“It isn’t until he’s half an hour away from Samwell, truck rumbling beneath him, that he wonders what in the world he’s actually doing. He’s driving but there’s no destination in mind. There’s just a burning need to get away.”

A month into his senior year, Eric Bittle leaves Samwell behind for beautiful Las Vegas skies.

posters for @shipped-goldstandard ‘s fic EASE (because I love this fic with all of my heart). I can’t stress enough how much I love this story and how it strikes such a chord with me every time I read it??? Tbh I legit cried the first time I read it. And there are so many great moments in it, it was so hard to pick just two quotes. 

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Hello :) I was just wondering what Kanji dictionary you use because it looks very usefull. Thanks :)

I use Essential Kanji.


I actually like another kanji book better.


I lost it a year ago so I got the one above and finally, I just found it recently! I like the way the info about kanji is given better and the order. I believe this book is newer than the essential kanji one.  Although essential kanji is a good size, easy to carry around in a purse while the second is a more normal sized book. I’m too far into the kanji book I'm using now to bother going back. I would have to find the page unfamiliar kanji start then.

Your welcome!

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Ok so serious question about wonder woman: what were your thoughts about the end ares scene? One if the people I watched it with said they would have preferred there was no ares at all and it actually was just the people doing it

i liked it. if you’re going to introduce a demigod superhero like diana, you need to have a villain that’s just as/more powerful for her to fight.

however, if it had just been him over all forcing everyone to do what they were doing, i would have disliked it. because he was merely giving people ideas and letting them do what they wanted with them i think it didn’t absolve mankind of their responsibility. 

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What's amazing too, is I am a real person who dresses up as Belle for birthday parties. The children recognize me as and believe me to be Princess Belle. I'm not as thin as she is. I'm a REAL thin person (who actually has a bit of a gut lol) and I have large eyes but I certainly don't have eyes that take up half my face. Yet, they still believe me to be Belle. Children aren't dumbasses. Child-like wonder and innocence=\=stupidity


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I know Cybertronians don't do to well in extreme cold, but I wonder how you feel about extreme heat my lord? What is extreme heat on Cybertron?

Bearing in mind that we can bear greater extremes in either direction than humans can, extreme heat actually affects us faster and more severely than extreme cold. 

Heat slows our processor function and many other systems throughout our bodies, while colder temperatures actually allow us to function most efficiently. At temperatures well below freezing our fuel and lubrication lines may harden or crack as we move, and if our core temperature drops too low our fuel systems shut down. That takes a long time and that kind of exposure is quite rare. 

Overheating doesn’t take much at all, and once our temperatures begin to rise they can rapidly get to dangerous levels. Our bodies produce a great deal of heat on their own, and additional environmental factors can tip that balance against us. If our processor temperature goes up, from stress or activity or external heat, our systems will shift to a lower power mode and focus on dumping heat. This includes pumping coolant more rapidly and increasing fan speed to carry the heat away, and non-essential systems begin to turn off to slow power consumption and heat output. This usually manifests as slower, less coordinated movements, less detailed vision, weapon systems offlining, and even disorientation and temporary memory loss if it gets too severe. At that point it can be only a matter of minutes until processor shutdown and stasis lock. If the bot collapses in a hot place, they likely wouldn’t recover, but in a cooler place where they could radiate off some heat once powered down they would possibly come back online.

What qualifies as extreme heat for us varies by frame size and type, and even by what mode we are in. For example, I can tolerate severe heat on my plating in alt mode, since my surface heats to around 900 degrees when I reach my top speed, and can spike higher if I’m returning from orbit. In root mode that would severely injure me, since the mechanics in between my armor would be directly exposed, and my head would be hot. Seekers’ frames are designed to dump heat very efficiently, using the large surface area of our wings. We can even do this to some extent in space, where overheating is a constant danger with no air to draw off our built up heat. You’ll notice that when a Seeker lands from a flight, they keep their wings spread and hot air will blow from their fans for a long time, until their internal temperature drops. Unlike most grounders, Seekers cannot run their engines in root mode to warm themselves up, and our wings can make us lose heat too quickly in very cold air. I was miserable in Antarctica while Optimus was nice and warm, and it wasn’t helped by the fact that I was too underpowered to generate excess heat, due to starvation.

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Hello! I was just wondering? What was Tae's first reaction to Namjoon when they met for the first time (assuming they've met)?

Let’s just say that if he ends up hurting Jiminie or making him do something without his actual consent? I will not hesitate to get rid of him..


yeah alright, that’s a fair question, heh… so here’s a rough setup preview for you! <3

it’ll be animated, and it’s actually missing 2 characters here. there’ll be (at least) 3 gifs in total, mocking some ‘dialogue’ and ‘game movement’ as i’ve been vaguely referencing it as in my head. hmmm i wonder what’s going down in this scene… >v><3

… also, these colors are definitely not final, haha… gah i cannot wait until i can properly gauge what colors i’m actually selecting, thanks grumpy old laptop;;

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Hey, Squigg! I finally wrote my fic for you! Just wanted yo check if it reached you! I did tag it Squigglydigglydoo and squigglydigg in the first tags, but because Tumblr is weird, and I have the worst luck getting my messages to reach other people I was wondering if you could confirm? PS. Please don't feel obligated to read it immediately! Please do when you actually feel like it and have the time! (That... Kind of sounded passive aggressive, haha, but I do mean it!)

No no, I got what you meant!  I’m sorry for not seeing it right away – when I’m at work, I don’t actually have all the add-ons to my XKit that I do at home, and so I don’t see my tracked tags on my sidebar.  I’d have seen it when I got home, but now I have it saved to my drafts to read when I get the chance.  Thank you so much for tagging me so I could see it! :D

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I have an insane question. I've actually always wondered, what are Leo's known for? What are their character traits? (Side note: Are they known for having a bit of a high sex drive? Because that would explain a lot.) I've tried to research it but all I get are these extremely vague facts that don't make sense and leave me even more confused.😲😵


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Hello! I just read your Jikook timeline and I really like your opinions, I hope you will continue doing it. Anyway, as I've just watched the game they played with the lie detector at Dope era, Jin asked Jk "within the hyungs, do you dislike Jimin the most?" and he didn't answer, just kept silence, or actually I noticed he did blink his eyes, I wonder was it his answer? cause "silence means agreement". And Jk got that question twice, even the hyungs weren't sure abt the answer. what do you think?

Hello anon… I am already working on it. I just have to sit down one cozyafternoon and put it together. To answer your question. Jungkook has also been given similiar question later when they were doing Vlive in Thailand and he answered without any pause and doubt that “Of course I DO like Jiminie hyung” And he looked even quite offended that he is always given this question. I think during that lie detector skit he was silent cause he wanted to tease Jiminie because all of them were teasing and making fun of each other at that time. I would not take that interview as Jungkook being silent because he agrees or something like that. I hope my answer helped u :)

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1. Haleb. I used to ship them. I loved Caleb and Hanna. That was before the time jump. Caleb, Hanna and Haleb are ruined for me. After what they did to Spencer. (I still like them pre-time jump though. But it’s just not the same anymore…)

2. Wren. I NEVER cared about him. Thought he was boring as fuck and I reall really really didn’t want him to be A. I got convinced by theoires of course, (hey you Wren theorists are amazing, no wonder!)  but l did really really relly disliked the idea of him being A. but now I’m actually EXCITED for him to return and I would like him being in the A-team. I do not want him to be the mAster though. IF he was though, and it all made perfect sense I would not mind.

3. I never liked Ezria. Not an unpopular opinion or something, obviously lol. I would only ship them a bit if they were an evil couple, if they were -A together. EzriA. (This is something I’ve said before and not too shocking huh; ) My no. 1 pll dream and dream teAm is Ezria. Since both of them have been on my suspect list for years and all.

4. Ezra. I’ve never ever liked or trusted him. I only liked evil Ezra. Dark Ezra. In season 4b. HE IS SUCH A GREAT VILLAIN. OBVIOUSLY I WANT HIM TO BE AD. (This is not an on-unpopular opinion either but yeah.)

5. Aria. As for Ezra… I never cared for her tbh. Or… I CARE about her shadiness and A-ness and darkness and all OBVIOUSLY, but I don’t really like her, nor do I dislike her. Except when she “was” #DarkAria. She is A, okay everyone. She is an unoffical villain. She is for sure my favorite when they’re really showing off her dark sides! I LIVE for her sketchiness. Oh, wait she is ALWAYS shady, I don’t trust her for shit… I’m actually obsessed with the Aria is A “idea”. so… I guess Aria is my fav after all then??? OK, just because she is evil. Does this even make any sesne?

6. Emison. I do ship Emison. Because of tumblr. The tumblr pll fandom made me. <3

7. The only way I will actually feel SAD AND BETRAYED (we will all be sad no matter what alright, pll is ending, disapointments of all kinds…. etc) would be if Alison is AD. Becuse I genuinely like Ali. I truly believe she’s changed since her Queen bee days, I wish all good in life for her… but the THOEIRES ARE SO ON POINT. SO LOGIC AND CONVINCING AS HELL… They really do make sense and are honestly quite genuis. But I do not want her to be A. Not really. Just because my heart would sort of break.

8. I wish DEATH for the liars. And Ezra. That would be the perfect ending. (I know they will not die but let a girl dream.) But I think want Mona to live tho. I feel too sorry for her. But on the other hand… I do not wish death upon Ali. nor do I want Spencer to die… or maybe EVERYONE could just die. Yvonne did not dserve to die at all, she and Toby could have lived happily ever after (moving away from Rosewood) while the others got killed and buried in Rosewood… yes. That would have been a good ending…

Now what are your confessions about this stupid-ass yet wonderful but terrible show?

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you must like to watch a lot of romantic comedies then

No I don’t. Actually if you read my tags you might have noticed how I especially hated the fact that they forced this bullshit romance down my throat - it was completely unnecessary. Everyone who’s always complaining about the ‘girl must become love interest and die so boy awakens superhero powers and saves the world’ trope but loves what happened in Wonder Woman is a hypocrite, because they did the exact same thing just with reversed roles and sorry, but that’s not enough to call it ‘revolutionary’. I am glad little girls will now have a woman superhero movie to watch but for me personally I wish I could get my money back because I feel like it was wasted.

I forgot that you cannot dislike something openly on tumblr that the majority loves without someone to come anon with a passive aggressive retort in your askbox. Thank you for reminding me.

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welcome back!! i've spent the past year rereading all of your dc fics, and was so excited to see you had posted a new story! ^.^ this was mentioned a long time ago in a different ask, but are you still working/planning-to-work on an omegaverse batlantern fic? if not, what would have been some of your headcannons? sorry for the random ask, but your writing and omegaverse aus are two of my favorite things, and it'd be wonderful to hear some of your thoughts on the trope in regard to bruce and hal.

The omegaverse fic is actually second in the upcoming queue, after my post-apocalypse fic. I haven’t finished it yet, is the thing. So I don’t want to share any of my thoughts on the trope, for fear of giving away the plot. I’m a little nervous about it, because I’ve only ever read evilpixie’s omegaverse stuff, and I’ve sort of absorbed her way of seeing things. So I’m not super well-schooled in all the ins and outs of the trope, is what I’m saying, and I don’t want to disappoint. But I love my little story, and it will see daylight soon, I promise. :)