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Jughead & Reader: Wake Up Call

Summary: You and Jughead used to be best friends but when he and Betty started dating, the two of you lost touch. One night you get a call that Betty broke up with Jughead and he’s not handling it well. You reluctantly go to help your old friend but realize that you feel something more for him.

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It was hard to imagine that months ago he had been your best friend. He was the one you went to if you were heartbroken, upset, angry, or bored. He was the one who cheered you up, the one who lifted your spirits, the one who made you really feel alive and loved. He cared about you deeply. 

But all of the love and care he had to give shifted to another person. A girl who you thought was more beautiful than you, a girl who was so different from him that it could work, a girl who was everything you weren’t. Maybe that’s what he wanted after all. 

While you were hurt that your friendship faded to casual, meaningless nods in the hallways, you knew there was nothing you could do about it. If you confronted him about the way he was acting, you’d come off as jealous. You were but you didn’t want everyone else to think so. You’d rather bottle it up than confront someone you care about, possibly hurting their feelings. It was wrong and wasn’t fair to you, but it was the road you decided to take. 

Sitting in your normal spot underneath the oak tree that shaded all of the picnic tables, you spotted them. They were sitting together at their own table, smiling and laughing. Jughead just said something funny and undoubtedly witty, causing Betty to roar with laughter. His arm was around her shoulders and she leaned into him with a grin. He kissed her head and let her eat some of the chips he was snacking on. It hurt you to see how happy they were together. 

“You alright?” Val asked when she sat by your side with her music notebook. The two of you sat together at lunch most days because you not only enjoyed one another’s company but because you were both quiet. It gave her a chance to work on her music and you a chance to read and observe the other students at school. 

Nodding your head, you closed your book and looked at her. “I’ll be fine,” you told her. It didn’t convince her in the slightest but she knew better than to pry. If you were willing to speak up about something, you would. 

“I heard them arguing in the student lounge earlier,” she informed you while retracing some faded eighth notes. “I don’t know what it was about but Betty seemed pretty mad at Jughead.”

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Just a Chmergess one shot idea that came to me all of a sudden. I have absolutely no idea where this goes timeline-wise. Could be whenever I guess… 

It was late. After midnight. But Val was wide awake. His mind wouldn’t shut down and he couldn’t keep his eyes closed. And he was lonely. It was sudden and inexplicable. But it was without a doubt loneliness that was rushing through him. So he called her.

“Hello?” Sharna’s voice was soft and tired.

“I woke you up.”

“No. No, it’s fine. What’s wrong?”

“Nothing. I’m fine. Go back to sleep. I’m -.”

“Val,” she interrupted gently. “What is it?”

“I just felt like talking is all. But it’s fine. Really. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

Sharna was quiet for just a moment. Val waited.

“I’ll be there in twenty minutes,” she said determinedly. And she hung up without another word.

Val let his phone fall onto the couch cushion and he dropped his head into his hands. He shouldn’t have called her. But this was how they were. Always there for each other. Always willing to drop everything, no questions asked. She meant more to him than he would ever be able to express to her. Knowing that she was always there was an absolutely indescribable source of comfort.

But he felt a twinge of something else, too. Sure, he felt relief knowing that she was coming over. He just wanted a friend. Someone to be near tonight. That was all he needed. But there was something new. A strange sense of nervous anticipation. It was as if he was trying to recall a memory, but it was just out of reach. Something he didn’t really understand was not quite clear yet. It was an unsettling feeling, but he didn’t dwell on it.

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I really liked Val Velocity, not as a person but how different he is from a killjoy that we usually imagine and I think he was doing what he thought he should do in a situation he thought was spiraling out of control and he's a really good example of what lack of help mentally/physically and what desperation can do to a person and how everyone has different ideas of right and wrong, especially when it comes to how he and the girl perceived things and how things finaly caught up to him in the end

Yeah, I definitely think he’s a good IDEA for a character–the execution was just really poor. I think it would have been way better if they made us wonder if Val was actually right. Like what if they showed Dr. D acting suspiciously, and you started to wonder if maybe Val was right about him? But instead, Val pretty much just flailed around, mouthed off to everyone, and killed people for no particular reason. It sucks because there was a kernel of a good idea in there, but it just didn’t come to fruition.


Everyone has some kind of bucket list

Life Next Door; Chapter 3~Painted

I hope you all enjoy this chapter. Thank you all for the feedback and comments. I see them and I know I don’t always respond, but I appreciate all of them! Please let me know what you think of this chapter! Love to you all! ~Brooke


She wasn’t really that bold. Hell, she didn’t put herself out there too much either. Not when she was with Vinny, not when she was ice skating with Charlie. To be honest, she was really just a quiet girl. A quiet girl who played it safe and followed the rules. Even when it came to doing simple chores. In her mind, there was no need to be extra or spontaneous. There was a reason things were organized a certain way. No need to change it.

That way of thinking was how she ended up organizing her new apartment. At the top of her list: painting. In retrospect, she should’ve agreed to her mother coming to New York and helping her. But she didn’t want help. She wanted to prove to her mom, but mostly herself, that she handle being away from her home, from everything she’s ever known.

Glancing around the apartment, she mentally began a list. Kitchen: plain white. Living room: Tope-ish gray. Bedroom: Blue.

‘We’ll keep things practical,’ she thought, shuffling to the living room where her jacket was hanging. As she slipped it on and stuffed a hand into her pocket, she felt a piece of paper. Pulling out the folded piece of paper, Meryl examined it, trying to think of what it possibly could be. The front read “Meryl,” but unable to recognize the handwriting, she gave up and unfolded the paper.


I wanted to give you my number the night we first met, but I didn’t want to come off as a crazy person. And when we went to the coffee shop, I couldn’t think of a smooth way to ask you for yours. So when you got up to go to use the restroom when we were having coffee, I slipped this piece of paper into your jacket. Hope you don’t mind.


PS. I’ve already forgotten what your voice sounds like, so if I were you, I’d call me. You know, so you don’t have to feel guilty about not reminding me of what your beautiful voice sounds like. ;)

An instant smile rose to her face as she finished reading the note. She suddenly got nervous. Should she call him? What would she say? Does he really want to be called?

After a good five minutes of contemplating how she would start the conversation, a burst of confidence sparked through her.  Sitting down at the breakfast bar, she slowly dialed his number, taking a nervous breath.

“Hello,” a deep voice answered, making her heart speed up.

“Hey Maks, it’s Meryl. I got your note,” she trailed off.

“Meryl!” his voice perked up. “I was hoping I would hear from you! How are you?”

“I’m good,” she replied nervously, toying with her hair. “I uh, I was wondering if you wanted to accompany to the hardware store. I need to buy some paint and I’m not sure where a home depot or any hardware store is around here.”

In the house next door, Maks’ jaw dropped open. His head was spinning. Would he go to the hardware store? He’d go cliff diving with her if she had asked him. Suddenly, Meryl cleared her throat, waiting for an answer.

“Of course I’ll go!” Maks responded quickly. “Can I pick you up in half an hour?”

She began thinking of everything she would need to do in the next thirty minutes. “Sounds perfect! I’ll see you then!” She began to draw the phone away from her ear to hang up but heard a shout from the speaker.

Meryl drew the phone back to her ear. “Yea Maks?”

Voice softening, Maks said, “I’m just really glad that you called me. I was afraid you weren’t going to, or wasn’t going to see the note. That would’ve killed me if I hadn’t heard back from you. So thank you.”

Meryl felt herself melting into a puddle of mush from Maks’ confession. “I’m glad you called too. Because I forgot your beautiful voice as well.” And with that, she hung up the phone only to dash into her bedroom and stuff her face into a pillow squealing with delight.


Back in the apartment next door, Maks paced around nervously in the living room. Val and Alex shared an amused glance.

“Maks, would you relax? She called you! It wasn’t like you called her not knowing if she was even the slightest bit into you. She has to somewhat like you or she wouldn’t have called,” Val spoke up.

Alex nodded in agreement. “She’s definitely into you. She probably thinks you’re some awesome city guy who can protect her in the city.”

Maks smiled at Alex’s remark. That would be lovely, to be her protector in the big, bad city. He had always wanted someone to protect, to make a woman feel safe with him. But was Meryl this woman? he wondered. He stripped off his shirt, tossing it on the arm of the chair and motioned for the boys to follow him.

“What should I wear?” he questioned.

Val and Alex began laughing, tears streaming down Val’s face. “What are we? Fashion experts? You’re going to a hardware store, not a Broadway show,” Val laughed.

“Well, I don’t want to look like a slob,” Maks replied frustrated. “You two are no help. Thanks for nothing.” Turning his back to them, he opened the drawer, rummaging through his multiple t-shirts. He pulled out one that read, “Pardon my hustle” and slipped it over his head.  He walked up to the mirror on the wall, examining himself, sticking out his chest to appear even buffer. Scoffing at himself, he retreated to the living room to join Alex and Val in watching tv.

The next twenty minutes seemed to drag on endlessly. He was nervous he would make a fool of himself and he seriously needed to relax. All it is, is a trip to the hardware store, nothing more, he chided himself. Glancing at the clock for the twentieth time, he realized it read 10:55. Time to go.

“Wish me luck,” he called to Val and Alex, unlocking the door. He stepped onto the doorstep that both of the entrances shared and lightly knocked on the door. Five seconds later, Meryl swung the door open, grinning. She took in his appearance, admiring his perfectly sculpted body.

“Ready?” He asked, smiling.

She laughed, stepping onto the doorstep and shutting the door. “I could use some coffee if you don’t mind,” she said playfully.

He nodded eagerly, “Of course we can grab coffee.” They turned a corner, spotting the Moon Doggie sign flickering from afar. “And will you be having a skinny peppermint mocha?” She looked up, staring at him, surprise apparently evident.
“What? You don’t think I would remember what you had yesterday?”

Meryl was speechless. In all the years of dating a span of guys, Vinny included, as far as Meryl was concerned, none of them ever remembered small details. To Meryl, it was always the little things that mattered most. Her heart skipped a beat at the fact that Maks cared enough to remember something so simple.

“I just never was used to guys remembering the small things,” she muttered. Either Maks didn’t hear her, or he chose not to press her about whatever she meant. Instead, he gracefully opened the door, beckoning her into the coffee shop.

After getting their fix, they continued on their walk. The walk, for the most part, was quiet. There was something to be said about the fact that neither of them felt the need to load up on talking and filling up silence. It was a comfortable silence, something again that Meryl was not used to. How strange it was, to be so comfortable around someone, whom she barely knew. Why did she feel so at ease with him? There was such calmness, being around Maks, that Meryl found so refreshing.

Maks interrupted her thoughts. “So, you’ve never been to the home depot around here? Is that why you asked me to join you? To show you where it is?”

“Weelllll, I saw it once before but I couldn’t remember how to get there. And I figured, you’re a big city guy, so maybe you could show me where to go,” she said slyly.

“Oh so you needed me huh?”

“I also needed a big strong man to help me carry my paint buckets back to my apartment,” she winked.

 “Flattery will get you no where miss Meryl,” he said deadpanned, holding the door open for her.

She stepped in, warming up to the heated building and turned to him, raising an eyebrow. “Common, let’s go find some paint.”

They walked deeper into the store, Meryl rattling off a bunch of colors she had envisioned for the rooms. They turned into the paint aisle, overcome with all the paint. Maks immediately ignored her, grabbing a bright red can of paint, and held it up to show her. “This is what you should paint the kitchen.”

She shook her head. “Maks! I have it all planned out. The kitchen is going to be plain white. Make it simple and adultish.”

“But Meryl,” Maks argued. “That isn’t original. You have to have some color in your home or it won’t be homey. Live a little. You need to be funner. Decorating an apartment should be fun!”

She flinched a bit, hearing Maks say she needed to be funner. She’s an adult, there’s no need to be “fun” or a bit “childish.” She believed her apartment should be a clean slate. Fresh and adult like. After all, that’s all she knew.

“Meryl, no offense, but didn’t you tell me you moved to New York to reinvent yourself? Have a clean slate. Don’t be the same adult who followed the rules and did things normal people would do. Here is your chance to do something outside the box. Paint your apartment with happy colors, it wont kill you.”

Maks’ words stuck like glue and almost impulsively, she grabbed the can out of his hand and put it in the cart. “I’m going to turn more spontaneous if I keep hanging out with you, won’t I?” she glared at him, trying to hide her smile.

“Yes, yes you will. Anyone who hangs out with me is bound to develop a silly, carefree side. And I can tell you have one. We just need to dig a little bit deeper.”

Meryl, not wanted to look up at Maks, stared at another can of paint. Again, he managed to make her speechless. What guy would say that? Clearly, she had been spending all her time in the wrong places looking for the perfect guy. All she needed to do was come to New York City.

After discussing with Maks several possible colors for the rest of her house, she loaded up the cart and headed towards the cashier, with Maks pushing the cart at his insistence.

“Meryl?” a voice called loudly.

She whipped her head around looking for the voice as Maks came to a stop, looking around as well. A girl dressed in a home depot uniform, smiled walking towards her. “Hey! I didn’t expect to see you back so soon? Did you come back for more furniture stuff? And did you like the desk I recommended to you a few days ago?”

Busted. Meryl froze, looking at Maks, praying he didn’t hear. Too late. She looked up at him, only to see him smirking. “Uh, no Millie, I just needed some paint for my apartment,” she motioned towards Maks and the cart.

“Oh is that your boyfriend?” Millie asked innocently.

“Er, no he’s my neighbor….”

Completely oblivious, Millie nodded. “Cool! Well, I gotta go back to work, great seeing you again Meryl. Bye Maks!” she waved, walking away.

Meryl’s face burned, unable to make eye contact with Maks. Silently he observed her. He thought she was adorable, all flustered and whatnot. They proceeded to the check out and walked out the door, each holding two cans of paint.

“So,” he began teasingly, a smirk forming on his face. “You knew how to get there huh?”

“Well… I mean, I couldn’t totally remember…” Meryl trailed off, stealing a glance at Maks’ face. She shook her head, groaning. “You weren’t supposed to know I knew how to get here. You ruined it!”

He bumped her hip gently. “I’m glad you invited me though. I didn’t have anything to do anyway and it would have drove me crazy if you hadn’t called or texted me.”

She blushed, thankful they arrived back home. Unlocking her door, she motioned him to follow her. A million things were going through her mind. He was happy that she called him! Did that mean he liked her? And did she like him? She stole a look at him in his jeans. Would she be able to stay fiends with someone who looked so hot in jeans that it made her want to rip them off him? Did she really just think that? She stole another look at him bending down to straighten up a mess. Yes, yes she did just think that.

Deciding to be brave and take a leap of faith, Meryl leaned against the counter, turning towards him. “Since you said that you had nothing to do today, do you want to help me paint?”

He looked at her, speechless. He really hadn’t expected that she would even ask him to hang out. But then again, she lied and said she needed him to show her how to get to a store, just so she could use it as an excuse to hang out with him. A smile grew upon his face. “I’d love to help. But let me change quickly.” Lifting a finger to motion one sec, he dashed out the door into his own home. 

Meryl busied herself setting the rooms to be painted. And again, her mind was racing with thoughts. The biggest, where did she get that insane amount of courage to ask him to stay with her and paint? Who knows, but thank goodness she did ask him, she reasoned. A knock on the door interrupted her thoughts as Maks sauntered back into her home.
“We can start in my bedroom if that’s okay with you,” she offered. Nodding, he grabbed a yellow can of paint, only to receive a raised eyebrow from Meryl. “Really Maks? Yellow in a bedroom?”

“Be adventurous, miss Meryl,” he replied, grabbing several paint brushes. She led him to her bedroom, silently praying she hadn’t left any bras or underwear laying around. With a sigh of relief, she turned to Maks.

“Okay, should we do a certain pattern? Or should we do half white, half yellow? Or we could paint–”

“Meryl,” Maks interrupted, “just go with what feels right. Don’t always over think it.” She nodded, picking up a paintbrush. An hour and a half later, they finished and decided to move to another room.

“Let’s do my office,” she suggested. “And you’ll be happy to hear that I have absolutely no plans for that room.” Maks smiled, a devilish look appearing in his eyes. “Now, I suppose we could try…” Meryl was rambling again, but he tuned her out, admiring her petite frame. She was tiny, but not too tiny. Her assets were perfect and she definitely knew how to enhance everything she was blessed with. Her hair was like a princess’s hair, as far as Maks was concerned. And he thought he liked her, but did she really? Or was he just imagining it?

“Maks. Maks. Earth to Maks!” Meryl said, nudging him slightly. “So what do you think of those ideas?”

Deciding within a split second, knowing it could go either very well or horrible, he took a chance. Dunking his paintbrush into the red paint, he splattered it against the wall only to end up with a red splattered mark. Meryl’s eyes bugged out, shocked at what he did. Her instinct was to freak out, but the playful, yet intense look stopped her.

“Hey!” she laughed, grabbing a paintbrush and dumbing it into the purple paint, imitating Maks’ actions towards the wall. He grinned and theatrically made sounds of relief. Laughter bounded against the walls as she splattered more paint. Meryl bent over to open another can of paint and without much thought, he splattered the back of her legs, and her upper back. She shot up, whipping her head around.

“Maks!” she shrieked, shoving a paintbrush on his face. What began as innocent painting turned into an all out paint war, as paint flew back and forth in the room. He grabbed her wrists so he could weasel the paintbrush out of her hands and a shock of electricity zipped through their bodies. Pushing her up against a wall, her laugher became mute as instinct began to take over.

“You’re so beautiful,” he murmured, cupping her face with his hands. They seemed stuck in time, as they stared intently at each other. She leaned on her tip toes, gently holding his shoulders as they leaned in towards each other. Lips mere millimeters away, they locked eyes as Maks ran his fingers through her hair.

A sudden bang on her front door tore them out of the moment, as he stepped back reluctantly. She could feel her face flushing, noticing Maks’ flushed face as well as she hesitantly headed towards the door, motioning Maks to follow. Peeking through the peephole, she laughed suddenly.

“Its your crew,” she teased Maks playfully. He groaned, falling onto her couch, covering his eyes. He got back up, walking towards a grinning Val and Alex. After much grumbling, he walked back to her.

“So…” she felt a little awkward on how to pick up on their conversation. Taking the lead, he walked up to her, gently sweeping her hair behind her ear.

“How about I call you tomorrow?” he proposed.

Meryl became shy all of the sudden, smiling timidly. “I’d like that.” Pressing his lips against her head to give her a quick kiss, he inhaled her scent, breathing it in like it was oxygen that he needed to survive with. She rewarded him with a smile that made her eyes twinkle and crinkle, as she let him out of her house. Closing the door, she slid down to the floor, sighing contently.

Maybe this was what her new life would be all about. 

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Prompt; Val and z are actually BFF and decides to live together but things get weird when one of them has feelings for the other


They decided to move in together 6 months ago because why not? Best friends could live together right even if they were the opposite sex.

She has known Val her whole life or at least that’s how she felt and if there was anyone she wanted to live with when she turned 23 it was him. 

Val was older than her, 5 years to be exact and honestly it could never be more perfect for them.

She always felt protected in their friendship and that was actually how they met. 

Being about 5 years old and threaten by older guys was a scary experience for Zendaya but what was when Val stepped in and since then they just knew they would be best friends.

“Have I told you lately how dope our new apartment is?” Val said as they move around the kitchen to make something to eat.

“Yeah V you have for the past 6 months I think I got the meme already.” She looked at him and showed him her tongue.

He just laughed at her as he throw some uncooked pasta at her.

“Hey don’t waste food!” She wagged a finger at him.

Val grinned. “Don’t show me your tongue then it’s rude.” 

This was it. That was exactly them. Every day of their lives. Teasing each other, occasionally flirting but never nothing more than that.

They were best friends. At least that’s what Zendaya thought unil 2 months ago when she actually realized how attractive her new roommate slash best friend was.

It’s not like she hadn’t seen that before. Val was hot and the all ladies that literally drool over him where proving her point.

But living under the same roof and seeing each other a lot in different situation Zendaya realized Val was not only attractive cause of his muscular body. He was even more appealing to her when he casually cook her dinner or when he made sure her favourite ice cream was in the freezer or when he actually asked her what movie she wanted to watch during they movie night or when he asked her about her plans for the night before planing anything.

This was probably the moment when Zendaya fell in love with her best friend or more correctly she realized that the feelings were always there but she just pushed them away.

“Hey Z are you here with me?” She heard his voice.

She lightly shook her head focusing back on him. “Yeah, sorry I was just…”

“Thinking.” He finished for her smiling. “Yeah I saw.“ 

Val was chopping some vegetables as he looked at her. “What got you daze off so much? I swear I saw your brain working.” He teased her.

Zendaya froze for a second before she throw a napkin at him shaking her head that it was nothing important.

Val knew better to push her. He just nodded at her knowing that if she only wanted to talk to him she would and he would be there to listen.

"Okay well you can go do…anything you want cause you are not much of a help here.” He grinned at her.

That grin. It reached places it probably shouldn’t down Zendaya’s body.

“Ass.” She mumbled but didn’t argue with him any further.

She actually was glad to get away from him for a little bit. Her thoughts started to be too cloudy and too loudly for her liking.

She went to her room and grabbed a book she started to read recently. It was a gift from Val (yeah that much from escaping) and she really loved that book.

Zendaya wasn’t sure what happened or how it happened but suddenly she felt a light shaking of her arm.

She slowly opened her eyes and saw Val sitting on the bed next to her looking at her curiously.

“Hey you fell asleep.” He said gently as he knew she was a grumpy woken up person.

“I was reading.” She stretched her body a little bit.

She turned her head to look at the book that was laying next to her on the bed.

“That book must be really interesting then.” Val chuckled lightly.

“It is.” Zendaya said sitting up. “I was just…”

What was she just…what she wanted to say? Well when she looked at him, into those green eyes she was pretty sure she forget what was her name.

Why it had to be like that? Not that long ago this wouldn’t be a problem. But now since she discovered those feelings for him everything was harder for her.

She turned her head away. “You ate without me?” She asked not looking at her.

“Yeah sorry I just didn’t want to wake you.” She felt him getting up from the bed. “But I saved you some, you just need to warm it up.”

He was ready to leave her room and when she turned her head she noticed he was dressed up.

“Are you going somewhere?” She wasn’t sure why she felt jealous.

“Yeah.” Val smiled lightly at her. “I will be late don’t wait up for me.” And instead of leaving he came back to her and leaned to kiss her forehead. “Sort out your thoughts Z I know something is bothering you.” He gave her one last kiss to her cheek and then he left the room.

Zendaya fell down on the bed as she groaned loudly. This was a nightmare. Now even if kisses were different even if in fact they were the same. She really had to sort herself out.

It didn’t go too well for her. It was too much for her to the point she started to avoid Val and when he asked her about it she brushed it off saying she was just busy but they were fine.

She knew she was hurting him. She saw that look on his face anytime she rejected his offer to talk or when he just wanted to spend time with her and she said she already had plans, what was a lie of course.

She was pulling away from him because those feelings she got for him, they were too much.

“I don’t know what to do Dom.” Zendaya said talking to one of her girlfriend. “Those feelings are getting the best of me and I just don’t know how to function with him so near anymore.” There was a lot of sadness in her voice. “I want it to be normal again but I just can pretend I don’t feel anything.”

And before her friend could say anything like on cue Val appeared in her door frame knocking lightly.

“May I come in?” He asked not sure of himself.

“Umm…” Zendaya looked at him. “I need to go Dom I will talk to you later.” She throw to her phone and ended the call.

“Sure what’s up?” She asked trying to sound more cheerful.

“Sorry I didn’t mean to interrupt anything.” He walked in looking very uncertain.

“No it wasn’t that important don’t worry.” She gave him a small smile. “Val is everything okay?” It was now that she noticed how he looked.

He had bags under his eyes and he looked really tired. It wasn’t the same positive energetic Val she used to know.

“No.” He shook his head.

He slowly walked up to her bed. He looked down at her. That’s when a small appeared on his face and it couldn’t be more heartbreaking view, he looked so sad.

“I just wanted to let you know I will be moving out.” Val said moving his eyes to look at the floor.

“What? Why?” Zendaya moved on her bed so she was now kneeling in front of him.

“Well clearly you don’t want me here, you don’t want to have me near and I think I should give you some space.” Val bit his lip.

“What? That’s some bullshit!” Zendaya raised her voice. How could he think like that? Oh maybe because of how she acted recently. Seriously she shouldn’t be surprised to hear that.

“Really?” Val arched his eyebrow as he looked at her. “Is this why you haven’t spent more than 2 minutes around me since about 2 months?”

“I…” She opened her mouth but she didn’t have anything reassuring to say or anything he would like to hear.

“You what?” He came closer so now his knees were touching the bed and they were close, closer than they have been for a while. “What is going on Zendaya and why you aren’t talking to me?”

She looked at him and seeing him so broke and desperate broke her own walls.

“I just can’t be around you Val.” She said quietly.

“Why’s that?” He asked touching her cheek and lifting her head up.

She was looking at him, into those green beautiful eyes and adored so much and that was when she decided to tell him the truth.

“Because I developed feelings for you, feelings that best friend shouldn’t feel.” She wanted to look away from him but his firm grip didn’t let her do that.

He licked his lips and stared at her, she felt like it was going on forever. 

“Finally.” He said after a moment.

Zendaya’s eyes grew bigger.

“What do you mean?” She was confused.

“I was wondering when you would actually admit to those feelings.” He smiled at her and this time it was not a sad smile it was that one she loved the most.

“You knew?” Her voice came as a whisper.

“Daya I am not stupid or blind.” His smile grew bigger turning into grin. “I was just waiting for you to say something I just didn’t think you would pull away from me.”

“I didn’t want to risk our friendship.” She swallowed as licked her lips.

“Well maybe I want to risk our friendship.” He said leaning down closer to her.

“Val…what…” She wanted to ask him what he meant but she was interrupted by his lips on hers.

It was a gentle kiss but it definitely send butterflies to her stomach.

When he pulled back he brushed her cheek. “Don’t run away from me again, talk to me I am still your best friend.” He said inches away from her lips.

“Best friend.” She repeated after him with a shadow of sadness in her voice. 

He just kissed you and you are worried that he called himself your best friend? Her mind told her.

“Yeah and hopefully more too.” He nudged his nose against her.

Her eyes snapped at his as they shone with happiness.

“More.” She nodded her head lightly. “You are definitely more.” She smiled at him before she pulled him for a searing kiss.

And that’s how they ended up making out on her bed, not only this night but for the rest of the nights as well.

Going Home - Chapter 21

Oh Jeez, thank you for the wonderful feedback for the last chapter :) You guys rock!
Now, I really like this chapter because it’s just carefree for once and in a happy mood and definitely a break for Z. I think she deserved this.
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Chapter 21: Crew Love

When I was waiting for Val to finish his paper work before we could start our next training session, I discovered a red head of hair in the crowd of people that were flowing out of the studio. Bella.

I hadn’t seen her since the first time we had met and I had never called her to make up a date we could hang out and dance Hip-Hop, mainly because I had not been able to spend more time away from Jay than I had already been, but now that I was alive again, I felt the sudden urge to meet up with her, to hang out with someone who had never met Jay before and wasn’t prejudiced, someone to start over with.

“Bella, hey, wait up.”

She turned around, surprised at first but when her eyes caught my face she seemed to remember and gave me a huge smile. “Hey, Zendaya!” She hugged me and her small, bony figure reminded me that for the first time in a while I was actually the strongest person in a relationship. “Haven’t seen you in a while, how’s it going? Is life treating you good?”

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