i wonder what time period this was


I remember Alan Moore in the late 1980s telling me about a documentary he’d seen on TV about Jack the ripper. And then, over the course of the next few months, telling me about Jack the Ripper books he’d read. By the point where he was asking me to go and find rare and forgotten biographies of possible Ripper suspects at the British Museum, I though it quite possible that a Jack the Ripper comic would be in the offing. From Hell didn’t start with Alan going, “I wonder what I’ll write about today.” It started as an obsession. 

Trust your obsessions. This is one I learned more or less accidentally. People sometimes ask whether the research or the idea for the story comes first for me. And I tell them, normally the first thing that turns up is the obsession: for example, all of a sudden I notice that I’m reading nothing but English 17th century metaphysical verse. And I know it’ll show up somewhere—whether I’ll name a character after one of those poets, or use that time period, or use the poetry, I have no idea. But I know one day it’ll be there waiting for me.

You don’t always use your obsessions. Sometimes you stick them onto the compost heap in the back of your head, where the rot down, and attach to other things, and get half-forgotten, and will, one day, turn into something completely usable.

Go where your obsessions take you. Write the things you must. Draw the things you must. Your obsessions may not always take you to commercial places, or apparently commercial places. But trust them.

– From @neil-gaiman ’s speech given at the 1997 PRO/con in Oakland


Epoch (m) a period of time in history or a person’s life, typically one marked by notable events or particular characteristics.

Words: 11.3k

Genre/Warnings: smut, language and angst

Pairing: Reader x Jungkook

Summary: When Namjoon breaks up with you, you’re left wondering what to do. Realizing you’ve been unhappy with your life, you go off to Hawaii. In Hawaii, you meet a cute desk clerk named Jungkook who saves your ass. (Based off of Forgetting Sarah Marshall)

You were waiting for your boyfriend, Namjoon, to come over. He had just gotten back from New York, where he had a few concerts. You worked with him, you were a lyric writer and producer. He had called you last night, saying, that he would be getting in early and wanted to see you.

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I have so many Anduin feels

Clearly, if you couldn’t tell, and I wanted to write it down otherwise I feel like I might explode from emotions. This entire cinematic was beyond beautiful. Blizzard really went above and beyond in the artistic department - everything looked so damn -real-, which took my breath away. But the main thing that really struck with me is the fact that you can clearly see Anduin’s personality in this moment. So please excuse me, but there’s a lot of pics and a long opinion below the cut.

When we first see him, he’s got the lion helmet on, looking all badass. Even after he’s knocked off his feet, he gets back up and proceeds to go after the troll who tries to kill him, granting us this amazing image -

Looks like he’s channeling Varian to me. He’s standing all, big and trying to be imposing. And almost immediately after, they focus on his face, going from this -

- to this -

Look at him. Look at that face. This isn’t a life-long trained/skilled warrior. This isn’t a battle-hardened paladin who’s fought for years and years. This is a child, a teenager (WoWpedia says seventeen, and we all know how Blizzard is with lore, but it does sound about right), who has been shielded from the harshness of actual war for most of his life. War is brutal; war is dirty and cruel and this world has seen it constantly. And I don’t know how much time will have passed from Legion to this expansion, but regardless.

He looks so sad, almost out of place and worried, and just…-scared-. Like the sudden realization of what he’s in the middle of, of what he’s leading here - not Genn, not his father, him. He’s the one who’s leading the armies of the Alliance, thousands of soldiers against an army equally as powerful. Stormwind and the Alliance could fall in this moment and it would be his fault. And I think it all comes at him at once. This is what his father was talking about, it’s what he was trying to protect him from.

But this is Anduin we’re talking about. This isn’t a warmongering character, we all know how much he would prefer to solve things peacefully, and (I’m keeping my fingers crossed that Blizzard doesn’t totally and completely butcher his character of course) it must have been something to drive him to this point. Look - His mother died when he was a baby, his father was gone most of his life and was only around for a few precious years before he was killed, his ‘aunt’ Jaina has been MIA until lately and Velen is who knows where. I’m hoping we’ll get an answer to that between then and now, but my point is this - Anduin, High King of the Alliance, leader that everyone looks to for guidance and support, really doesn’t have a support system himself. He doesn’t have anyone he can really depend on. The only one who’s been shown to constantly be around is Genn, and whether for good or ill, I suppose it’s something, but it’s not enough. He’s probably been struggling to keep things together for a while. I doubt he’s been eating or sleeping much.

And what does he do, surrounded by death and destruction of hundreds of lives? We see that looks around the battlefield in a moment of calm and is clearly distressed by it. 

It’s in this moment that I think he really shines, no pun intended. We know what his father would do in this situation, we know what other characters would do. But Anduin is different, it’s what makes him so special in this game. He looks at his father’s sword, a sword of legend no less - 

You can see the confusion, the uncertainty, the self-doubt even now. Shalamayne responded to him yes, but you can absolutely see him still coming to terms with it. He still feels like he isn’t worthy of it.  
“I cannot do this father. I can’t be the hero you were. I can’t be the king you were…”

And no, he isn’t. That’s what I love him. He’s his own man, finally able to step up and make his own imprint on history. Because of that, I think it’s important to note the imagery of him throwing the sword back down - 

Something about this really strikes me not only as beautiful but incredibly moving as well. There is some very deep in this shot. He’s beginning to accept the fact that no, he isn’t his father. No, he isn’t a warrior. That isn’t his path. What does he do instead, then, when surrounded by injured and dying soldiers? Do what he does best, of course - 

Heal. Resurrect. Anduin has had an affinity with the Light that few have had before, especially humans. We know this and it’s really beautiful to finally see it in such a wonderful cinematic. I think it’s really touching that if you look closely you can even see tears in his eyes -

We know from lore that Anduin has resurrected his father before, which is something that happens so rarely in canon. Casting such a spell for one person would be difficult enough, but an entire army? That’s practically impossible. We also know that for a character to channel such a spell for a long period of time takes a lot of stamina and strength. It’s exhausting. But he doesn’t give up. He doesn’t stop to take a breather. He stands tall with the rejuvenated army surrounding him once more.

“Stand as one!”

Which just hearkens back to previous cinematics, I think. 

“What am I supposed to do now?”
“What a king -must- do.”

“For the Alliance!”

What I find most interesting is that he doesn’t say ‘For Azeroth!’ like his father in the previous expansion, he says Alliance. Which makes me wonder just what has happened to cause all of this. 

The point of all this rambling is this - Anduin Llane Wrynn has been underestimated both by other characters as well as players for too long. Many people call him names for wanting to find a peaceful way to solve problems and for some reason that’s a bad thing? I don’t understand it, but I’m so happy and proud to see him standing alongside us on the battlefield. This boy does not get enough credit and I’m glad they finally have let him do something amazing. He is much stronger than I think even he realizes, and I would love it if people would finally give him the love and recognition he deserves. 

Anduin is too good for this world and we don’t deserve him.

✨ Mabon Altar Tips ✨

hi, angels! you didn’t think i forgot about Mabon, did you? the autumn equinox falls in September, typically ranging from the 21st to the 24th. this year, in 2017, it is occurring on the 22nd. Mabon is symbolic - it the first official day of Fall, as well as a time to show your thanks and count your blessings - a witch’s thanksgiving, if you will! the days and nights are now equal in length, and it is a wonderful period to celebrate such a balance. this was the first holiday i celebrated as a witch. it may even be my favourite holiday on the Wheel of the Year. Mabon is the pathway to a beautiful season, and the air offers a warm essence. it is full of good feelings: being extra appreciative of what you have, recognizing the potential you have to change, and being inspired to grow. with that said, here are some ideas to incorporate into your Mabon altar!:

🍂 colors. this is always the first thing my mind goes to when creating a themed altar! it is the basis for the whole feeling of your sacred space, and will help to get you in the mood for the season. oranges, reds, gold, browns, yellows, and deep purples are a few good fits. objects such as candles, cloths, ribbons, flowers, or statues in these colors are a few wonderful ideas.

🍂 imagery. for this particular time of year, some things you should incorporate include pumpkins, gourds, baskets, acorns, apple or pumpkin seeds, and corn/corn dolls, all of these things symbolize the second harvest, and should also get you in the right mood for the autumn season. if you like, try adding some collected fallen leaves and sticks, as well. (if you cannot add any of these objects in their natural forms, dollar and craft stores have faux or decorative versions of all of them)! 

🍂 balance. after all, this is a time of year in which light and dark are at their balanced peak.  quartz on one side and obsidian on the other, a light and dark feather, dark and light pumpkins or gourds, a black candle and a white one - try including this symbolism in a creative way!

🍂 candles + incense. what altar is complete without some sort of candle? add ones in the colors of fall, or in yummy autumn scents. if you cannot add real candles to your altar, consider LED ones or fairy lights, spritzing a holiday scented spray around your space. for incense, try to include some scents such as myrrh, sage, pine, frankincense, sweetgrass, cinnamon, and even pumpkin.

🍂 herbs, spices, + crystals. add small dishes or bottles of herbs that compliment the season! marigold, sage, chamomile… just to name a few! citrine, clear quartz, amber, gold, or yellow topaz are a few crystal ideas to get started, as well. 

🍂 food. once the actual holiday is closer, consider adding some fresh offerings in bowls or baskets, or on pretty plates/trays. food offerings may include grapes, apples, nuts, grains, and wine. 

i hope this list is helpful! i absolutely love this time of year and the sentiment that it holds. remember to dwell more on what you have, rather than what you may not. blessed be, and have a wonderful season! )O(

ao3 link

Yuuri is in the kitchen when he hears Victor call it out in question. They had just finished up supper and Victor had cooked so Yuuri was in the kitchen washing up the dishes to return the favor. And he’s just standing by the dishwasher, humming idly and wondering if Victor has picked out a movie for them to watch or if tonight is going to be a night where they watch game shows featuring Victor yelling out the answers that can actually be correct on occasion. It had been a long day at the rink and Yuuri even wonders if maybe they’ll have a nice glass of wine before bed.

So, Yuuri is just minding his own business, not thinking twice when Victor calls out his name. He hums back, expecting a question or statement about leftovers but then…

“What’s yaoi?”

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I was playing TFTBL again today and at one point I had Rhys ask Vasquez how he keeps finding him on Pandora and Vasquez said something really interesting:

Vasquez: Rhys, you’re Hyperion property. Never forget that.

Then, when Jack is pleading for you to side with him he says:

Jack: let me get into your subsystems.

As well, when you first talk to Jack he says “don’t wet yourself you’ll fry something down there”.

Early on Vaughn makes a comment that since Jack’s been dead, the loader bots have been getting smarter.

So needless to say, I’m wondering if Rhys is actually human.

He’s Hyperion property, Rhys doesn’t argue this fact. Plus even before Rhys uses Nakayama’s security clearance, Yvette tells him they’re looking for something in Rhys’s head. Not to mention, what job does Vasquez give Rhys at the beginning? Janitor. There are zero human janitors on Helios. That act is preformed by the various robots up there. Plus, he’s able to access various data terminals and use his ECHOeye and I might be wrong but I haven’t seen other characters with that ability, plus Jack can upgrade him AND physically take control as when Jack uses Rhys body to slap Sasha’s ass.

I think Rhys is a synthetic. I think he was one of Hyperion projects to create an robotic working force that would be obedient and unquestioning of Jack, or Hyperion, authority and survive various dangers and hazards. I think Vaughn, is either his handler (or Bro) or another synthetic created by Hyperion.

This also leaves me wondering if Rhys, if he was a synthetic, if he was designed for another purpose and that was to be an artificial siren (going with the tattoos) because only sirens can charge the Vault keys, but what if synthetics like Rhys could do it in much shorter period of time?

R realistic
H humanoid
Y yielding (throw up your own suggestion if you want)
S siren

One last thing!

Rule #1 of the loader bots: Jack is god.

My fp: ends sentence with a period, doesn’t respond to my text for .05 seconds,

Me: what did I do? did I do something wrong? why is his response time .02 seconds later than usual? does he not like me anymore? what am I supposed to do without him? how will I be able to assuredly live alone, forever, because I will never find anyone else? god i’m such a worthless ugly person anyways no wonder he left me. you know what? fine! fine. I didn’t even like him that much. I don’t need him. he’s yesterdays news and like? that thing he said on August 13th 2015 kind of pissed me off anyways. i’ll find someone else! i’m reinstalling tinder right now. i bet lots of boys will love me. after all have you seen me? i’m beautiful sweaty :) get blocked :)

my fp: hey sorry my mom called!! i just had to let her in the house haha :)

me: so I was thinking a June wedding?

Active Larries

So further to the big boycott list that we periodically reblog, someone wondered a couple of weeks ago whether all the Larries on the list were still active as we’ve seen such a drop in some of the big ones. I’ve found myself with a bit of time on my hands after meeting a deadline earlier in the month, so I thought I’d go through the list and see what I could find. Lucky me getting to click on all those toxic blogs!

16meets18 - this redirects to 16meets18.com, still active, has blogged today
2tiedships2 - active, has blogged today, is a prolific gifmaker but ~weirdly~ enough only makes gifs of Louis from nine hundred years ago
aaronexplainsitall (was aaronbutterfield) - Aaron flounced off Tumblr soon after Louis’ promo started at the beginning of the summer, then wrote this post in August about how he wasn’t going to blog about 1D anymore, has actually blogged about 1D since then, but is pretty inactive. One of the London bloggers who all appear to have dropped off Tumblr 
aboutchopsuey - fairly inactive, the front page of the blog has posts dating back 2 months, dropped off when Louis’ promo started in July 
alw4ys-you (was summer5tars) - on permanent hiatus, last blog is dated 3 months ago. Says they’re on hiatus due to anon hate and needing a fresh start, may have got a new name  
anchoredlou - hasn’t blogged since the end of August 
annalarrie - is the artist for all those fucking rainbow bear drawings that pop up, so may be a sideblog for someone else? I’m not sure. The latest post has tags about how the Azoffs aren’t saving Louis or Harry and how Jeff’s friendship with Harry is a stunt, so that’s how they’re looking 
annulloamato (was thendowncamethelightning) - no longer at this URL, anyone know where they went? 
ashavahishta - hasn’t blogged in a month but that’s not that unusual for Asha, she may be back. Has been really inactive since like February.
astolenchild - now afireforaheart, it redirects though. Still active, reblogging foetus gifs a lot 
bakagamieru - still active, is also a Ziam and has a hilarious post on the front page making some leaps of logic between Liam saying he likes the song Englishman in New York and shading/hinting at his true sexuality 
bananastagram - still Larrying
beautlouis - is now thelovejandles, hasn’t posted in three weeks but one of her tags says “hospital queue” so may well be in hospital (and if so, I hope she’s okay) 
beccasafan - still Larrying, still active 
betterstllbemywindingwheel - still active 
birdonahotdog - still active 
bitofbanter - was active earlier in the week 
blouehjob - now at deepindeniall, still active 
bluemetgreen - still active 
boyfriendsofficial - is no longer at this url 
britishhusbands - still active
bromanceshmomance - still active, although I think she had a bit of a hiatus? 
bulletproofhalo - we discovered this week that BPH has links to Rolling Stone and can make them write articles about the covers Harry plays, but can’t make them investigate Hollywood’s Baby Faking scandl! Gosh. 
bunboyfriend - still Larrying 
buscandoelparaiso - still Larrying, being particularly gross about Briana deleting photos 
business-direction - still pretending to be nice, still a gross Larrie underneath 
certainthingshappened - not there anymore 
claudiyah - hasn’t blogged since August so possibly gone 
claudiyah-art - ah, the above blogger’s fanart tumblr. Hasn’t posted anything 1D related since the beginning of August, may have moved on 
cliffordnlouis - not there 
conscious–ramblings (yeah, 2 hyphens, fam) - had a hiatus for about six weeks I think, just after Louis’ promo started, pleading mental health issues. Has posted a bit, but isn’t completely back. I feel like her powers are diminished since Aaron and Verily went AWOL. 
coolbreeeze - was actively Larrying this week 
curlyhairedcuntandboobear - still has the mantra “THERE IS NO BABY” in their header, where very clearly there is now A baby, regardless of who he belongs to 
dailydoseofziam - still Larrying, still Ziaming 
daysundercover - still Larrying, also reblogging foetus pictures from 900 years ago 
diggingandfluff - Fluff bowed out a few weeks ago didn’t she? Iftheresnolove made sure to post a message from her that said she was still a Larrie, but I’m not altogether convinced. Fluff always seemed the most likely to actually have music industry connections, I wonder if she finally saw the light 
directionereg - still Larrying 
droppedmyburrito - hasn’t been active for a couple of weeks, but was still Larrying then 
droppingtheveilofmaya - oh, still one of the most disgusting humans I’ve ever come across. Tends to get very angry when anyone casts doubt upon all her industry connections 
dunkirknews - now appears to be a spam blog? 
elceeu2morrow - still Larrying 
evenstarsinthesky - still active 
everythingstylinson - still Larrying, posting manips of Louis being on stage with Harry cos that’s not creepy at all 
felicitetomlinsondaily - Fizzy update blog so generally stays away from Larry stuff but I’m sure bigger brains than mine can say why they’re on this list? 
ferninism - is still friends with a lot of Larries, but hasn’t actually posted anything Larry related in quite a while. Still one to blacklist though. 
fireprooof - still active, still Larrying 
fluffyyorkshirepudding - are you kidding me that this woman is 49 years old. Still Larrying, has a wild story in her tags today about Harry glaring at Briana at a show two years ago 
freddieismyqueen - hasn’t posted on Tumblr in almost a year, since November 2016, but I’m sure I saw some Larrie this week talking about a new YouTube video from her, so she’s still out there 
fuckyeahlouis - gone, no longer there 
gaynkles (was lcighade) - no overtly Larry posts that I can see, but, well, they’ve still got that URL 
gaysilk - still Larrying 
gemma-daily - like the Fizzy update blog, I don’t know how they’re a Larrie, but yeah they’re still updating on Gemma 
genderneutralsongs - hasn’t posted since May 
geneticistlarrie - still active 
gigglelou - still Larrying 
goodmorningtoyouuniverse - still active 
happy1days - still active 
happytinylou - still active 
haroldslovebites - still active 
harryandlouisarehappilystrong - still Larrying 
harrysdimplesarethedeathofme - doesn’t appear to have posted about Louis in a while, although I can’t be bothered going back overly far. Is still friends with Larries as proven by the blogroll linked. 
heterophobiclouis (was worththewhiletweet) - still a Larrie 
iamlouistomlinson - still Larrying 
idareyoutotakealook - still Larrying 
iftheresnolove - still gross and disgusting, not even going to say anymore. Still updating her spreadsheets of lies 
intenselouis - still active 
investigatewsrm - redirects to investigaterainbows, still a Larrie 
itsastorm - still Larrying 
itwilltoteshappen - still active, can’t be bothered going far enough back to find any Louis content though 
jhoappreciationblog - is now password protected 
jimmytfallon - still active 
justinjaymie - one of the absolute worst Larries, I hate even going on this blog 
just-kind-of-happened - hasn’t posted in a week but that might be normal 
kindofsharethat - still Larrying
knightchanges - still gross 
lads-laddylads - still terrible, although she seems to be an outlier in the fandom now. She’s had some harassment recently about being straight and writing gay fanfic, and just seems to have some unpopular opinions. I wouldn’t be surprised if she ducks out soon 
lapelosa - has been missing for a lot of the year. Looks like Angela finally gave up fighting the Big Gay War! 
larrienation - used to be kaylornation, so it looks like they’ve got form in other tinhat fandoms too. Lovely 
larryalbum - still a Larrie 
larryappreciation - not a lot of Larry content but still has the URL so 
larryftdua (was vansandburberry) - still Larrying 
larryownsthisass - empty tumblr now 
lattebiscotti - still Larrying, writing posts about how Harry will be “MIA” when Louis is doing pro, they just know it! 
lawyerlarrie - still Larrying, still pretending to be a feminist 
laynefaire - still Larrying 
legohousedea - still Larrying, insisting Louis is wearing a nod to Freddie Mercury when wearing a shirt with a lighhtning bolt on 
lesbianslovelouis - of course she’s still active, the day she gives up I’m throwing a fucking party. Got EVEN CREEPIER in the last few months and has Barbie dolls to act out her creepy fantasies 
lhrry - still Larrying 
lhrryart - fanart blog of above blog, not particularly active this year 
loneozner - still Larrying 
lornasaurusrex - still Larrying 
lostjams - still active 
lottiesource (was lottie-source) - like the other updates accounts for the girls, I don’t know about this one being a Larrie blog, but it is still active 
louisandthedagger - still using the tag “my gay son” to refer to Louis so you know 
louisbravado - still active 
louisea - calling Camilla a trash bag so you know still Larrying 
louissbbtomlinson (was veteranlarrie) - still a Larrie 
loumos (was anchoredlou) - has been to a meet up of several Larries mentioned here (bulletproofhalo, srslycris, anchoredlou, firstmatesheera, olieolieoxnfree, too-old-for-this-ship) recently 
lsanchor - sideblog of janree, appears active 
lucystarkid - currently convinced it’s not Harry’s decision to play the Victoria’s Secret show, so yeah, still Larrying 
lululawrence - still active 
m3llybaby - hasn’t been active since Harry’s Dunkirk promo a couple of months ago 
mellygrant - somewhat active, second post says that she’s been on and off. Appears to be a Ziam tinhat too 
miss-you-sweetcheeks - not very active but sidebar still says they’re a Larrie 
nerds4life - still active 
nsfwtomlinson - still active, says Harry is a gay icon so I’m going to say still a Larrie 
oiiiioiiii - still active 
onmykneesforlarry - sideblog for nauticallyrics, apparently. Hasn’t been active since last December (NB nauticallyrics is definitely still a Larrie)
oopstatt - still active 
organictm - …interestingly, has this post calling out Big Larries…. still definitely a Larrie though 
ot5alwaysinmyheart - still Larrying 
otpwhatever - still active, can’t be bothered to find any Larry on there as it’s not recent 
pass-the-pencil - still active 
paynespider - still a Larrie, also hates Taylor Swift 
paynoisbatman - still active 
perfectionlouis - still Larrying 
proudoflou - still active, nothing overtly Larry on the front page currently 
quietasides - still active 
quirkyharry - nothing at this URL 
rainbowbears - nothing here either 
saracha33 - still active, still gross 
seahorseharry - still a Larrie 
seasurfacefullofclouds - still a Larrie 
sexatoxbridge - extremely sadly still Larrying 
shadyshit91 - one of the worst of the current crop. I feel like she slid into a power vacuum left by Verily, Aaron, Lapelosa etc, and is revelling in it. Also the author of the masterpost about how much Freddie looks like Brett and “is a Clark”. Totally disgusting human 
since-he-was-eighteen - now at pinkhalo, still a Larrie 
srslycris - lol of course she’s still here she likes the power 
sslarrybullship - using the tag “Harry is an LGBT icon” so 
sslarrysettingsail - flounced two months ago during Louis’ promo 
stephaniesoteriou - hasn’t been on Tumblr since last December, but this is th woman who writes for Yahoo, right? I dunno how recently she’s done that 
straightguysdont2 - still active 
stylinsin (was m-rmaid) - still Larrying, thinks the Victoria’s Secret show is a cover for something else 
suitsdirection - still active 
tdoj - nothing here now 
tellmethisisnotlove - of course Gabi is still active, she’s another one I’ll throw a party for when she leaves 
that-regular-chick - flounced in th middle of August 
thetommmo - still active 
theirstoryofevents - still a Larrie 
thembutterflies (was areyougoodwithyourhands/nelligans/handslows) - still active 
thetomlinsondaily - still active 
thesparkleboots - now at styles2017, but that says it’s a saved account with no posts 
thestylinsoncrew - password protected 
thisiskatsblog - is part of Rainbow Direction 
thispigeonisntgivingup - still a Larrie 
thosedamnbears - still active 
tmlinsons - inactive most of the year, not been seen since April 
tmlnsn - still a Larrie 
tomlinsins - not found at this URL 
tomlinsoz - redirects to louistomlivson, but that blog is on hiatus 
tommosgun - still active, reblogging foetus gifs 
tommosloueh - posted recently but before that hadn’t been active in a while 
tommosmiddlefinger - may have flounced today! Gosh 
tommosnips - nothing at this URL 
twopoppies - still Larrying 
unintentionalarry - flounced at the end of June, has a new URL which isn’t given 
urfookinjob - still active 
verily-i-say - Vee flounced at the beginning of the summer, but was back briefly in the middle of September. Not been seen since then so let’s hope she’s fucked off again. One of the worst; Vee is the originator of the “let’s make out like Briana had sex with her stepdad” grossness 
wankingloueh - now thegayankle, which is active 
waitingforthatday - still active 
watchyourattitude - still Larrying 
wellingtontat - is now theageofhaquarius, still a Larry 
whimsicule - hasn’t posted anything Larry in aaaages 
whisperedlouis - still active 
whiteknightonasteed - still active 
withoutacuppateaaa - thankfully, this horrendously disgusting Larrie hasn’t posted since December 2016 
yeezydoodles - still active 
youfuckingloosah - status: dark Larrie 
zenlikejen - still active, still gross 
zourry - still, most definitely, a Larrie 

Phew! And don’t worry haters, I still had time today to paint my kitchen, do som washing, watch a film, make a shepherd’s pie, AND spend time with my significant other! 

Study moods
  • Productive procrastination: having an essay due in a couple of days but reluctantly chooses to do homework instead.
  • Early bird: waking up at 6am and having a nice study session before school starts.
  • Late owl: stays up late to finish that one essay you procrastinated doing earlier.
  • In through one ear and out the other: reading the same paragraph five times and still wondering what it's about.
  • Slow but steady: when I make slow progress but I'm very proud of myself.
  • I don't want to: laying on your bed and continuously thinking that you will start studying in five minutes. Alternatively you stare at your book for a prolonged period of time.
  • The master of the free period: the times that you have a snack and a nice spot in the library and just study.
  • So after coming back and closing the gate do you think El questioned why Mike’s voice had suddenly changed?
  • Like one day, they’re just sat in Hop’s cabin and she suddenly turns and just says “voice”
  • And Mike has to be like “Yeah boys voices change when they’re 14″
  • Which causes El to frown, and she begins to wonder what changes are gonna happen to her
  • or what Hopper’s voice sounded like when he was 14
  • She begins to notice little things about Mike, like he suddenly has cheek bones?? And maybe his hair starts to go a bit more curly 
  • I’m doubting El knows what puberty is, but one day Hopper’s gonna have to explain
  • Im not going into him explaining periods bc I’ve seen it done multiple times.
  • Maybe one day one of the boys turns 14 and she’s confused because their voice doesn’t change instantly like she imagined it would
  • or then she notices Will’s voice change too and just says “puberty” and the party loose it, partly embarrassed bc teenage boys don’t want to discuss that with teenage girls
  • It’s partly funny because she still hasn’t caught onto how to form sentences properly, so every now and then she just says words
  • Maybe puberty is one of her and Hopper’s word of the day 
  • One day she just announces that she likes Mike’s ‘new’ voice, and tries to mimic it
  • They just end up laughing, and probably cuddling, maybe a kiss idk
  • I love mileven
Easy New Moon Ritual ✨

What better time to set out good intentions than during the New Moon? It is a time of enticing mystery, and a wonderful period to ponder what you wish to change in your life… What you wish to create, and to make new. This is also wonderful for new witches, or witches on a budget // tight schedule! ♡

The Ritual:

Ask yourself one simple question: “What do I really wish to change?” This can be something as deep as, “I am hoping to forget about a certain someone / something and move on,” or as simple as, “an overall better attitude.” Write down your intention on a candle. (If the only candle you have access to is in a glass jar, write your intention on a slip of paper and place it in front of or taped to your candle).

If you’d like, it is also possible to “boost” your little ritual with small personal items - safely surround your candle with meaningful photos, totems, herbs, crystals, or trinkets that possess your unique, strong energies, or have a correlation to your stated intention (ex: “I want to put more into my art projects;” try adding a colored pencil). :-) You may also consider adding a simple dish of salt for general protection!

Now, it is time for the ritual itself! It can take place on the night before or the night of the New Moon. Essentially, this is a period of meditation. Light your candle, and sit before it. Why do you feel so strongly about your intention? It’s because it’s something you really want, right? Let this thought sink in… And really concentrate on this change you seek becoming a reality. You are fully capable of pursuing your dreams. Visualize this change as a bright, warm, physical being, encompassing you in new possibilities and positivity. Allow yourself to be flushed of all negative influences; instead, being filled with the strong influence of the New Moon. You, too, can be new.

Once your candle has gone out, let it sit for as long as you like - a day, a week, until the next New Moon, or when you feel that your intention has been fulfilled. Look to your melted candle in times of stress, or stand before it, centering yourself. Remind yourself of your wishes; that they can indeed come true, and - of course… that you are capable of whatever life decides to throw at you. We are constantly changing, just as the moon is - and she’s always beautiful regardless, isn’t she? ♡🌙

10 Things I Hate About You. Billy Hargrove imagine.

(Pictures/gifs are not mine. Credit goes to the owners.)

Warning: Angst, slight dirty talk, a lot of cursing, fighting. 

Pairing: Billy Hargrove X OFC character, Ava.

Word count: 4,110

Requested: No

A.N: The bold text is the lines from the poem, the italic text are flashbacks, and regular text is present time. Also, poem is not mine. It was in the movie 10 Things I Hate About You (my favorite movie), so that’s where it’s from. 

I hate the way you talk to me,

“Fuck off.”

Billy snaps, walking away from his girlfriend, not liking that she was once again trying to get him to open up about what happened at home that made his dad snap at him again.

“Why can’t you just tell me what’s wrong? I’m just trying to help you Billy. You don’t deserve to be treated the way your dad treats you. It’s not okay.”

She follows after him down the hallway to her house, catching him before he walks out the door by the sleeve of his leather jacket. Billy pulls his arm away harshly, glaring back at her.

“What don’t you get, Ava? I don’t want to fucking talk about my feelings and tell you every little thing that’s on my mind. I come to you so I can forget, not dwell on the shit that goes on in my life.”

“I’m your girlfriend, that’s what girlfriends do is help their boyfriends through shitty situations by communicating. I’m not here just for sex, Billy.”  

Ava responds, irritated that he was blowing this way out of proportion.

“Well maybe I don’t want you to help me anymore, you ever think of that? Maybe I want someone who will fuck me to forget instead of fucking talking for hours.”

“Are you serious right now? So what, are you breaking up with me for actually giving a shit about you?”

Billy stays silent for a few seconds before nodding his head.

“Yeah I am.”

Ava’s eyes fill with tears at his answer, freezing in the middle of living room, staring at him with sadness in her eyes. Billy realizes how his harsh words affected her and he could see her break right in front of him, but at this point he didn’t know how to fix the damage he had already done.

“You don’t want my help? You want to fuck whatever has a pulse and walks by you in a short skirt?  Fine. But don’t come to me the next time you get the shit beaten out of you by your dad. I knew you were a waste of my time.”


…and the way you cut your hair,

Billy came into 3rd period English, his trademark curled rocker hair cut down short. Ava looked on as he walks over to his group of friends in the corner of the classroom. He had a curly strand of hair in his face. She knew that he would never willingly cut his locks of hair, part of her wondered what made him do it. She used to love running her hands through his hair, especially when Billy used to sneak into her room late at night and she was trying to calm him down enough to go to sleep.

“Take a picture, slut, it’ll last longer.”

Carol calls out from the other side of the classroom. The other people in the class turn their attention to Ava, laughing to themselves. Billy looks over at her, his blue eyes glued to her, it was the first time he had really looked at her since their fight. Ava’s cheeks fill with redness at the unwanted attention, she looks away from the group and back at her desk. The bell rings, signaling the start of class. Everyone started to make their way to their seats, Billy taking his usual seat in front of hers. He hadn’t been in class since they broke up, so she didn’t have to feel the awkwardness of having to stare at the back of his head for an hour. He slides into the desk without a word.

“I uh… I like your haircut.”

Ava said softly, lying through her teeth. Billy looks over his shoulder, nodding his head and fake smiling, he knew she was lying. She wanted nothing more than to tell him she missed him and she was sorry, even though she really didn’t have anything to be sorry over.


I hate the way you drive my car,

Ava sat in her car behind the steering wheel, her mind still on Billy. She hated that every little thing reminded her of him. Especially her car. They would always take her car when they went on dates because it was a lot roomier than Billy’s Camaro.  But Billy would always drive because he was a total backseat driver when Ava drove, and it drove her crazy, so she let him drive against her better judgement.

“Slow down, speedy. You’re going to get pulled over and my mom is going to kill me if I get a ticket.”

Ava says, gripping the seats. Billy looks over at Ava with a devilish smile on his face.

“Oh come on babe, live a little. Just because you drive like an old grandma.”

Ava laughs, smacking his shoulder playfully, earning a chuckle from Billy.

“I do not drive like a grandma just because I drive the speed limit.”

Even though it irritated her when he would dangerously speed through stop signs or go 75 miles per hour on sharp turns, she missed the trouble they would get into driving around the town in the middle of the night.


I hate it when you stare,

The next day Ava walks into the school building and over to her locker, spinning the lock to open it up. She opened the door and saw a face staring back at her in the mirror. Ava turns around looking at Billy, his back against the lockers of the other side of the hallway. He had a fresh bruise under his right eye. Her eyes grow wide seeing his black eye. Billy slowly walks over to Ava, sadness written all over his face. She looked into his eyes, tears threatening to spill over the brim. He sniffles, still staring at Ava’s soft face.

“I wanted to come to you this morning when it happened, but I was afraid you wouldn’t have answered the door.”

“Why did you want to come to me? If I remember right, you told me that you didn’t want to talk about your feelings, you just wanted a simple fuck. That sound familiar to you?”

Ava fires at him, blowing past him and walking down the hallway to her first class. She can hear Billy following after her, trying to keep up with her fast legs. He steps in front of her, stopping her dead in her tracks. Ava glares at him, clenching her jaw.

“You don’t get to do this, Billy.”

“Do what?”

He asks, trying to reach out and touch her arm, Ava slapping it away from her.

“Treat me like shit and then come to me for comfort when it’s convenient for you. You don’t get to look at me with those sad fucking puppy dog eyes, and expect me to run to you and ask you if you’re okay. It’s not my responsibility anymore. That’s your new bitches job that you decided to dump me for.”

Ava rants, leaving a teary eyed Billy alone in the hallway. As she walks down the hall she detours into the girl’s bathroom, tears freely falling down her cheeks.


I hate your big dumb combat boots, and the way you read my mind,

Ava laid awake in bed, clinging to her sheets that still smelled of Billy. She wanted so badly to negatively think about him, but she couldn’t, she could only think of the good memories they had shared for a year and a half.

“I got you a present.”

Billy beams, handing you a box that was messily wrapped in wrapping paper. Ava takes the box, smiling back at him.

“Why? It’s not my birthday or Christmas.”

“Just because. Open it.”

He says, pointing to the box, sitting next to Ava on the bed. Ava rips through the blue striped wrapping paper until she gets to an all black box. She flips the top open, taking the paper out of the box and handing it to Billy. She reveals all black combat boots, ones similar to his.

“No way! Aww, we’re going to be matching now.”

“I saw you looking at this pair the other day at the mall and you always tell me that you like mine, so I got you your own pair.”

Ava smiles, setting the box next to her and leaning over to kiss Billy’s lips.

“Thank you baby, you’re so sweet.”

“I know.”

Billy teases, shrugging his shoulders with a laugh. Ava smiles at him, kicking her Converse off and slipping the boots on.

“I love you.”

“I love you too babe.”


I hate you so much it makes me sick, it even makes me rhyme,  

Ava sits in the library after school to work on her English assignment due at the end of the week, her headphones plugged into her WalkMan with a mixtape she had made a few weeks ago. She tapped her foot absentmindedly to the beat of the song and brainstorming poem ideas. Her friend, Taylor, comes from around the bookcase, spotting Ava and taking a seat at the table with her. Ava takes her headphones from over her ears, smiling at her.

“Hey cutie. You working on your English assignment?”  

“Yeah. I have some ideas, but I don’t know if I can think of 100 meaningful words by the end of the week. My brain is fried.”

“I don’t even know 100 words to rhyme.”

Ava laughs, skimming through the words on her paper.

“You doing okay? I know it’s been a tough week for you, breaking up with pretty boy and all.”

“I’m not, but I have to move on and get over it. He’s going to, so I can’t sit here and sulk over him, no matter how much I want to.”

Ava responds.

“Fuck him, you can do so much better than that idiot. That’s what you should write your poem about, especially since you’ll be reading it out in front of him. That way he knows how much he broke your heart.”


I hate the way you’re always right,

“Babe I’m telling you it’s a ‘76, not a ‘77.”

“And I’m telling you that you’re so wrong. Look at the grill it’s completely different than the 76.”

Ava argues. Billy rolls his eyes, walking around the car for further inspection.

“You really want to argue with a car junkie?”

“I’m not, I’m arguing with you.”

She says with a smirk on her face. Billy walks over to her, his eyes narrowed, he lightly smacks her ass before pulling her into a kiss.

“Can I help you kids?”

An older lady with all white hair asks, smiling as she sees Ava and Billy separate from each other.

“Is this your car ma’am?”

Billy asks, working his charm on the lady. Ava shakes her head, laughing at him.

“Yes it is. It’s not for sale though honey.”

“Oh no I’m not looking to buy. My girlfriend and I were curious as to what year your car is.”

The lady nods her head, looking over her car.

“It’s a ‘76. My husband bought it for me on our 50th wedding anniversary last year.”

Billy turns around and looks at Ava with a grin on his face. She can almost hear him saying that he was right.

“Thank you ma’am. Have a nice day.”

He says, waving goodbye to her.

“I was right. You owe me a kiss.”

He says, leaning down so he’s face level with her. Ava glares at him, rolling her eyes and giving him a small kiss on the cheek.

“Why do you always have to be right?”

“Because I’m smart.”

Ava laughs, smacking his chest.

“Oh yeah? Alright Mr. Know it All, then tell me what a coefficient is.”

Billy stays quiet while he thinks.

“I’m street smart okay, not book smart. That’s why I have you.”

“Oh, that’s why?”

She asks, fake hurt over his response.

“And because you’re pretty, and you love me, and because one day we’ll have smart and beautiful kids.”

“Can’t argue with you there.”


I hate it when you lie,

There was a rapid knock at Ava’s front door, taking her away from her washing the dishes she had been procrastinating doing since last night. She dries her hands and goes to the front door, opening it to see her boyfriend’s face a complete mess. His bottom lip was busted open, his eye was black and purple, almost all the way swollen shut.

“What the fuck happened to you?”

“I fell.”

Billy mutters, stumbling into her house. Ava helps him into him into the kitchen so she could attempt to clean him up. He sits on a chair with a grunt. Ava wets a dish towel and brings it to Billy’s open lip, Billy wincing.

“You wanna tell me what really happened? Or do you want to keep lying to me, you shit.”

He sighs deeply and unevenly, closing his other eye. She can see him playing with the rings on his finger.

“You don’t want to hear about my problems.”

“Billy, how long have we been together?”

Ava asks, putting her hands on her hips.

“Almost a year.”

“And for almost a year you’ve been lying about why you always have bruises on your face and all over your body. I’m done hearing your bull shit lies. Tell me the truth.”

It was the first time that Billy told her about everything he had been going through with his father. She didn’t know how to respond to him, she didn’t know how to fix him and make him feel better.  Once he was done telling her about the hardships in his life they sit in the kitchen together in silence. Ava takes Billy’s hands in hers, running her thumb over his knuckles.

“I am so sorry you’re going through this. Nobody deserves to be treated that way.”

Billy sighs, feeling better that he finally told her his secret.

“You know you can come to me with anything that’s on your mind. Even if it’s just to hear the sound of my voice. I’m always going to be here for you. But you have to promise me that you won’t lie to me. I can’t help you if you lie to me.”

“I promise.”


I hate it when you make me laugh,

Billy sat behind Ava in study hall where they were supposed to be quiet, but those two together was always a bad idea. He kept playing with her hair that was flowing onto his desk, pulling the curls and watching them bounce.

“Stop you shit.”

She whispers, gathering her hair up and putting up in her scrunchie. Billy lets out a low laugh, running his finger up and down her spine. She sits straight up, goosebumps spreading through her body. He continues to lightly touch her, earning glares from the teacher sitting at his desk.  

“Hargrove, keep your hands off your girlfriend while you’re in my class.”

Ava bites her lip to keep in her laugh. Billy puts his hands up in surrender, placing them on his desk. A few minutes pass and she can feel Billy’s face close to hers.

“You know what I’m going to do to you when we get out of school?”

Ava’s eyes grow wide, whipping her head around to look at him.

“Don’t start.”

She warns, turning back around to continue her homework.

“I’m going to take you in the back of your car, kiss all over your body, make you beg me to touch you. Then I’m going to touch tease your pretty little pussy.”  

He whispers so low in her ear, a loud nervous laugh leaving her lips, she covers her mouth, horrified at how loud her laugh came out.

“Hargrove, other side of the room.”

The teacher says, pointing to the vacant desk across the room. Ava’s cheeks were a deep shade of red. She couldn’t believe that he went that far in class. She watched him sit in the seat far away from her, shaking her head at him, still laughing every once and a while throughout the rest of the class period when she would think about his words.


…even worse when you make me cry,

“Billy fucking stop!”

Ava screams, trying to restrain her boyfriend from punching the little freshman boy. The boy was on the grass, crying and yelling that he was sorry and that he didn’t mean it, but Billy was on a rampage.

“Get off of him you dick!”

She screams again, repeatedly hitting Billy’s back. There was a crowd growing around the brawl outside of the school. Some of Billy’s “friends” make their way through the crowd, pulling Billy off the kid. Ava rushes to the kid, caressing his bloody face.

“Oh my god, I’m so sorry. I’m so fucking sorry. Come on, I’ll help you clean yourself up.”

She says, helping him off of the grass, dusting the strands off of his back.

“Where are you going?”

Billy yells to Ava, the boys still holding him back.

“Don’t fucking worry about me and what I do, dickhead. We’ll talk about this later.”

Ava takes the boy into the girls bathroom, making sure that there was nobody in there before she brought him in. The boy was sniffling and crying, his body shaking.

“I didn’t mean to scratch his car. I lost my balance and I fell into his car.”

He sobs, looking at Ava. Her heart broke seeing him cry over something that he really didn’t have any control over.

“I know, don’t worry about him. I promise you that he’ll never even look at you, okay? Trust me.”

She helped the boy clean himself up, talking to him for a while while she did so. He was a sweet kid, which made her feel even more guilty about what Billy did. Once she was done she walked with him to his bus to make sure he was safe. Once he was on she walked to the parking lot, seeing Billy standing against his Camaro, smoke billowing out of his lips. She glares at him, opening the passenger side door and throwing herself into the seat, slamming the door shut. Ava watches Billy finish his cigarette and toss it to the pavement, going to the driver side of the car and getting in.

“We gonna talk now?”

Billy asks, not yet starting the car. She was beyond furious with him, and she was mad that she could feel tears filling her eyes, hating that she was an angry crier.

“You need to fucking keep your anger under control,  Billy. You can’t be going around and beating the shit out 15 year old kids because of an accident. He didn’t intentionally scratch your car you dickhead. You would have known that if you would have listened to him instead of being an impulsive ass hat.”

Billy looks at her angry before he notices Ava’s crying. He hated seeing her cry, hating it even more when he was the cause of her crying. He leans his head back on the headrest of his seat, sighing. Ava grumbles to herself, wiping the tears from her eyes.

“I’m trying.”

“I know you are, but you can’t go around beating up 15 year old kids, Billy. If you really have to fight someone beat the shit out of someone your size and age. You need to apologize to him.”

Billy sighs, putting his hand on her knee. She looks at him out of the corner of her eye.

“No, you’re not getting anything until you apologize to that poor boy.”


I hate it when you’re not around…

Ava awoke to her ceiling fan turning off slowly. She rolled over onto her back and rubbed the sleep out of her eyes. She can hear hard rain falling outside her window and a strong wind whistling through the wind. The storm outside must have knocked the power out. Ava reaches under her bed until she finds a flashlight, turning it on to illuminate her room. She walks out her bedroom door, her mom’s bedroom door closed still. Ava walks through the house, sitting on the couch and wrapping a blanket around herself. She looks out the window next to the couch watching the lighting light up the night sky. Her and Billy would always stay in when it would rain, they would watch the rain fall from the sky while they were cuddled up on the couch. Billy’s arms wrapped tightly around Ava whenever the thunder boomed, knowing how much she hated it. She wanted nothing more than to drive down to Billy’s house and tell him that she forgave him, especially after the talk they had in the hall earlier that day. She missed having him around all the time, they could be in complete silence for hours and they would be content with their silence. As long as they were around each other nothing else really mattered.


…and the fact that you didn’t call,

It was probably the worst birthday that Ava had in her 18 years of life. The one person she wanted to spend time with was MIA, sure her other friends told her happy birthday and her family, but she wanted Billy. Ava was annoying the shit out of herself all week with the same internal battle.

“I hate him, I love him.  I can’t stand looking at his stupid face., I miss his stupid face.”

She walked into her house after school, hanging her coat up on the coat rack and walking into the kitchen where her mom was cooking Ava’s favorite meal. Her mom looks up, smiling once she enters the room.

“Hi mija, how was school?”


Ava shrugs, giving her a small hug before sitting at the table. She watched her mom frying the tortillas over the stove.

“Did anyone call for me while I was at school, or on my way home?”

Her mom sighs, knowing exactly where she was getting at.

“He hasn’t yet. But he’ll call.”

Ava sighs, playing with the end of her hair.

“Am I stupid for missing him? He pushed me away and told me that he basically didn’t want me anymore, but I can’t stop thinking about him… I’m starting to hate myself for it.”

“No you’re not stupid mi corazon. I’ve seen the way that Billy looks at you and I’ve seen the way you look at him, and I know if you two really care about each other as much as I know you two do then this will pass.”


But mostly I hate the way I don’t hate you,
not even close,
not even a little bit,
not even at all…

“Not even close, not even a little bit…”

Ava blinked back tears as she finished was one line away from finishing the poem. She looked over to Billy, sitting off to the side of the room, tears in his eyes as well.

“Not even at all.”

She choked out finally. She sighed, quickly walking back to her seat, dropping the paper the poem was written on at his desk before grabbing her bag and walking out the front door. Tears were flowing down her cheeks, loud sobs erupting from her chest.


She hears Billy’s voice call out to her. She shakes her head, not bothering to look back at him.

“Ava, fucking look at me please.”

Billy calls after her, his voice echoing down the empty hallway.

“Babe, please.”

“Don’t fucking call me that. You lost that right when we broke up remember?”

Ava stops, whipping her head around. Billy wraps his arms around Ava. She buries her head in Billy’s neck, sobbing openly into him. She missed his embrace, his scent… him.

“Why did you push me away? You told me everything about you and your dad, and I was there for you.”

“I don’t know how to not push people out of my life, Ava. I don’t know how to treat people, especially when they care about me. I’m an idiot baby, I’m so sorry.”

Billy looks into Ava’s brown eyes, his own eyes red and wet with tears of his own.

“I can’t do this right now.”

Ava whispers, pulling away from him.

“You’re not going to be able to fix what happened by sweet talking me. It’s going to take a lot more.”

“I’m sorry, babe.”

Billy repeats himself, trying to touch her chin.

“I know. I heard you.”

She mutters, taking off down the hallway. She hears Billy groan followed by a loud slam against the lockers, not bothering to turn back and look at him.

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Hi Mimi! I'm kind of new to the BTS fandom and I was just wondering about the whole thing with era's? How are they defined and what are they? Thank you so much! Your blog is my new favourite ❤️✨

Welcooooome to the fandom !!! And THANK YOU for loving my blog I am truly thankful & honored  ❤️

BTS ERA:  A  distinct period of time where BTS promoted songs using a particular concept. It is also a system of chronology dating used by ARMYs from a particular noteworthy events that marked BTS in general.

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  • N.O: still fighting the system

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  • Boy in Luv: They fall in love but they are still brutal

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  • Danger: Nevermind they are still angry

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  • I Need U: They did it all and they got depressed

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  • Dope: But they are good looking so it is dope

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  • Run: They decide to run away from everything

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  • Fire: Oh wait they changed their mind … burning it all makes better sense

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  • Save me : Maybe they got sued or something so they started asking for help and …

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  • You Never Walk Alone: They finally ended their sins, realized friendship is very important and hired ninjas to run with them in the mountains. 

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Now that I look back … the boys really came a long way and they are still running. I mean, they are flying now. Hopefully for more successful eras full of great memories for BTS and ARMYs to come^^
by @mimibtsghost

I’m Not Jealous

Warnings: None

Requests: First was literally the most adorable Jeff Atkins Imagine I’ve read. Maybe the first time Jeff gets jealous because other jocks are flirting with you resulting in the first time you make out in front of the student body.

Hi could you do an first when it’s the first time Jeff really got jealous about you pls x x

Requested by: @l-tay and @studyinghelpsheal

A/N: Thank you for requesting! I hope you like it :) feel free to send in more!

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credit to gif owners

“Alright everyone, take your seats.”

                          You follow Hannah up to the fourth row, sitting on the end next to the stairs. The bleachers squeak under you and you wonder how much longer until these things fall apart for good. “Seriously? Another assembly,” Hannah says suddenly, pulling you from your thoughts. “What do you think it’s about this time?”

You shrug. “Who knows. But hey, no fifth period!”

    “True,” she nods. “I like that. I’m surprised you didn’t sit with your lover boy over there.” she looks straight ahead to where your boyfriend sat with Clay on the other side of the gym. 

You scoff. “I’ll sit with mine if you sit with yours.”

    Your best friend shoots you a glare. You loved teasing her about her crush on Clay and vice versa. Actually, Jeff did too. It was like a hobby for the two of you.

“Shut up,” she mumbles and you laugh. “Great,” she huffs. “Look who’s coming up here.”

                               You follow her gaze. It lands on Zach Dempsey, Justin Foley, and Bryce Walker and they’re heading straight towards you. You wouldn’t mind if it was just Justin and Zach, they were actually good friends of Alex’s. You didn’t like Bryce though, he made you uncomfortable with all of his sexual advances and crude humor.

                “Hey _________,” Zach says once they reach you. You know that he’s a sweet guy, even though he acts tough in front of his jock friends. “How have you been?”

“Oh, hey Zach,” you give him a small smile. “I’ve been good. What about-”

    “Hey,” the voice belongs to Justin Foley. “Don’t hog her, I want to say hi too!” He shoots you his sweet smile. “Hi ________, Hannah.”

You laugh. “Hey Justin.”

Hannah just nods.

   “She doesn’t care about the two of you,” Bryce. “I’m her favorite,” he takes a seat next to you and throws his arm over your shoulder. “Right?”


       Meanwhile, your boyfriend watches you from the other side of the gym. His eyes narrow as he watches the other jocks flirt with you. He fights the urge to to break Bryce’s arm for touching you. 

“Jealous much?” Clay says, leaning over and nodding to where you sat.

“I’m not jealous,” Jeff replies. “I could care less.”

“Right,” Clay calls his bluff. “You look like you care plenty.”

        Jeff looks over at the pale boy. “What about Hannah, hm? Looks like she’s getting pretty cozy with Foley over there.”

Clay’s eyes widen. “That’s what I thought,” Jeff chuckles.

His eyes move back to you. He watches as Zach sits in the spot directly in front of you, leaning back on your legs. That’s it, he thinks springing up from his seat.

“Whoa, wait,” Clay reaches for him. “What the hell are you doing?”

  Jeff ignores him. His eyes stay trained on you as he makes his way across the gym. Clay is right on his heels.

You smile widely when you see him. “Hey!”

       He grabs your hand and pulls you up, causing Zach to fall back a little. You follow your boyfriend down the stairs, confused. You look back at an equally confused Hannah and Clay.

“Babe,” you say once you’re standing in the middle of the room. “What are you doing?”

                       “This,” he breathes, bending down and covering your mouth with his. You don’t have much time to react before his tongue slips between your lips, tasting your own. The kiss isn’t like the one you share this morning, innocent and sweet. No, this kiss was wild, and demanding. The way his tongue moved against yours had you weak in the knees. You groan against his lips, hands clutching his shirt for dear life, because god, this kiss was something else and you felt like if you didn’t hold on you would pass out. His hands cup your face, tilting your head back to deepen the kiss.

“Okay,” comes the teachers voice. “Break it up you two. Now.”     

Jeff bites down on your bottom lip, teeth tugging at it as he pulls away. You’re a panting mess, and so is Jeff. His lips are swollen and you’re sure that yours look the same. 

     Your face heats up when you realize what just happened. You just made out with Jeff in front of what was almost the whole school. You look up at Hannah and Clay, both wide eyed and mouths hanging open. 

“Back to your seats.”

Your boyfriend laces his fingers with yours and walks back to the bleachers. He pulls you onto his lap and meets Bryce’s eyes. A satisfied smirk stretches his face.

“Yep,” he says. “I’m not jealous.”

keltic-moon  asked:

Companions, advisors, and romances react to an inquisitor who has absolutely no aptitude for battle (no hand-eye coordination, most fights involve a lot of running away) but is basically a walking encyclopedia of knowledge both useful and not so much. (Can't remember if I sent this already or not)

…So if Mod Sarah was Inquisitor, then?

Cassandra: She quickly keys in to the fact that they’re a civilian non-combatant following their complete lack of skill in defending themselves from demons. She takes the lead and tells them to stay behind during fights, not wanting them to get injured or in the way. Following stabilizing the Breach, she tells them bluntly that they MUST learn to fight, and that either she or Varric or Solas can start teaching them, depending on what class they want.

If she is the one chosen to teach them warrior skills, she and the other warriors in the Inner Circle work them to the bone for weeks, months on end of sparring and hours of working out, but they’re capable of defending themselves, even fighting when they’re done with them. As for their knowledge, she sometimes finds it useful, asking for their thoughts on unknown things they find in the wild, sometimes aggravated if they act like a know-it-all. “Clearly, you were a scholar before all this happened, but now you must be a fighter as well.”

Blackwall: Cassandra, Solas, or Varric have already started teaching them to fight, but they’re still pretty sloppy when they meet him, to the point at which he just tells them to stand aside during the initial fight. If they’re learning to fight like a warrior, he joins Cassandra, Cullen, and Iron Bull in training them, sometimes acting as something like a drill sergeant. “You’ll thank me when you can keep yourself from getting decapitated!” he tells them. He does compliment their intelligence and knowledge, however, and finds it useful when they’re out in the field, or if he just wants to know something he’s curious about.

Iron Bull: He basically punts them out of the battlefield the minute he sees them for the first time and tells them to stay put. When they get to talking, he can figure out a lot about them– scholar, never fought a day in their life until the Breach. He agrees with the others that they have to learn to defend themselves, and if they go for a warrior class, he’s right there working them to the bone like the other warriors. He even has Krem help him teach. If they complain, he grins toothily. “You’ll thank us when you can go close a rift without getting eviscerated by a demon.” He quizzes them a few times on their knowledge, to gauge what and how much they know, and finds himself impressed. “Once you learn how to fight… you could have been a great Ben-Hassrath.” he compliments.

Varric: He’s really patient with them– not everyone can fight, or should fight, and he’s sympathetic to them. He likes to ask them for information all the time when he doesn’t feel like doing hard research when writing his book. If they choose a rogue class, he suggests they just learn how to use a crossbow– it’s relatively easy. That doesn’t mean there isn’t a lot of training involved, but he also teaches them to identify traps and how to make traps– “Given the fact you’re a walking encyclopedia, Brainy, this should be a piece of cake for you.”

Sera: She’s baffled when Cassandra pushes them out of the way during the fight in which she first meets them, and is told they have no fighting prowess. “Ooooh.” she remarks. “Well, we’re gonna have to fix that, yeah? You can’t go around… not being able to fight when there’s demons everywhere and you’re the only one who can fix it.” If they choose a rogue class, she agrees with Varric that they should, initially, learn to use a crossbow for sake of simplicity, but states they should also learn to use a longbow. “Crossbows are good and easy for beginners, but longbows ‘re better by a lot. Come on, I’ll teach you.” Well, she and Leliana teach them, at any rate. Unlike Leliana and the warriors, she’s much less of a workhorse, and just has them come and practice when she’s shooting arrows for shits and giggles. Leliana’s the one working them, but she’s the one who teaches them tricks and fun stuff, which actually helps them learn a lot. She also remarks that they have to learn to be sneaky, which she teaches by having them accompany her during pranks. 

Cole: “Blood dripping, heart racing, I’m going to die, they’re going to die, I shouldn’t be here. You’re learning, but you still don’t know how.” If they choose to be a rogue, he smiles. “It’s okay. Sometimes people have to die. I can help. I can teach you.”

Vivienne: She’s sympathetic, but states they must learn to fight. “Knowledge is well and good, my dear, but in your new role, you must adapt. A healthy dose of fear keeps you alive.” If they’re a mage, she completely understands– not all Circle mages learn useful offensive magic. Many specialize in healing and other fields. “With how smart you are, learning offensive spells should be a non-issue. Learning how to react in a proper fight is another story…” She’s remarkably patient with them if she has to teach them.

Dorian: He’s a little envious of the idea of being allowed to learn and study in peace for so long into life without the barest concern for combat, but that time is long past gone for them, and he pities their loss. They get along as academic sparring partners, and often bounce ideas off each other. If they’re a mage, he offers to teach them practical offensive magic. “Fortunately for you, you now have a charming and talented tutor in the art of combat magic.”

Solas: He finds it a little aggravating, how they trail behind the party during Haven, and how often he finds himself throwing barriers and telling them to stay put. When he actually gets to talk to them, though, he finds himself very pleased and enthralled with the intellectual sparring partner he’s befriended. If they’re a mage, he insists on teaching them himself. “While you have spent your years thus far studying non-combat magic, it’s time for something new,” he says cheerfully, “I believe it will be both a learning experience for you and necessary for future endeavors.”

Leliana: At first, she wonders if they’re faking, but watching them for a little while makes her realize they sincerely have no idea what to do in a fight. She’s nicer to them after realizing they’re a scholar, and admires their intelligence. “Nevertheless, your life has significantly changed in a short period of time. You must learn to defend yourself.” she says. If they choose to be a rogue, she works them to the bone, but they’re perhaps the most prepared for a fight when she’s done with them as compared to other rogue teachers.

Cullen: He voices concern immediately over their incapability in a fight. “Your knowledge is good, but the reality of it is you must learn to defend yourself. I’m afraid your life as a sedentary scholar is over.” He ensures someone’s teaching them to fight in their chosen class. If they choose to be a warrior and have him teach them, like Leliana, he trains them and works them to near-collapse, forcing them to drill with the soldiers, but they come out fully prepared for a fight.

Josephine: She sympathizes with them so much. In many ways, she’s a lot like them, and offers her apologies for what they must endure. Whenever they’re done with a particularly heavy training regimen, she makes sure they at least have a comfortable room to return to with plenty of books to relax with. They become book buddies.

anonymous asked:

Prompt- Lily is on her period and James is sort of uncomfortable with the whole menstruating thing but eventually is really cool and supportive.

  • “oh my god, are you dying?”
  • james finds lily on the floor in the bathroom, covered in sweat and in a loose baggy t-shirt which he realises with a start is his
  • out of respect james hurries out before lily can scream at him
  • he takes out his phone and is ready to diall 999 and call for an ambulence because lily is literally the strongest person he knows and something must be very wrong with her to be in that sort of condition 
  • she looks like hell when she finally comes out. white, ghoulish skin, prominent eye-bags and chapped lips that could do with thousands of sweet, toe-curling kisses
  • and yet she’s still the most beautiful person he’s ever seen and he still gets those damn butterflies every time
  • “do you need me to call 999?” 
  • she’s staggering to the kitchen like she’s an 85 year old pensioner who forgot her walking stick. she’s mumbling something, her cheeks a little flushed as she sits down on a chair. something like ‘eve’s in the house’
  • he knows no one called eve
  • “i’m sorry, i didn’t catch that.”
  • “pardon?”
  • “lily, babe you really need to speak up a bit-”
  • “……..oh.”
  • he has no idea what to do
  • lily is obviously in a lot of pain, that much is certain; she’s just sat in a chair, going ‘bugger’ and swearing like there’s no tomorrow
  • he’s super uncomfortable because well, when he was younger he once found his mum’s tampons and lets just say when she came home they both had a humiliating and mortifying conversation 
  • he’s never had any experience (can he even call it that?) about women and their periods. what is he supposed to do?
  • but then he remembers when lily looked after him two months ago. he had the worst flu ever, was stuck in bed for 2 days, was sweaty, had a runny nose, he lost his voice and ached all over 
  • but lily was there literally through it all. she was there, to listen to him say ‘babe, if i die please dont forget to eat that tuna in the fridge because it’s been in there for two days and it’ll go off’ only for her to snort, chuckle and say that she’d nurse him back to health. and she did. 
  • so now it’s not just that he’s obligated to do the same, but, heck, she’s the love of his life
  • that’s how he ends up in tesco 20 minutes later. staring, half traumatised, at sanitary towels. 
  • does she want ?normal? or those beasts which say ultra night 100% protection? he buys both. and gets neurofen express period pain, buys a bag of maltesers and the newest cosmopolitan magazine
  • the cashier is a middle aged woman and she beams at him when it’s his turn. 
  • ‘your wife is lucky to have you. what a wonderful gentleman.’ 
  • his hand cluctches the small box inside his coat pocket almost insantaneously. he gives it a tight squeeze before smiling and hurrying back to lily’s
  • she’s on the sofa now and as soon as he gets in he rushes to the kitchen and is making her a tea before she can even ask
  • “can i have a sugar though this time, please?”
  • he doesnt even bat an eyelid when he asks how many and she says, oh so casually, “three…. and a half
  • he runs her a hot bath, puts the items on the floor and sits, twiddling his thumbs. he holds the box as he waits, maybe he’ll have to ask her another time… but as soon as he hears the bathroom door open he hides it
  • “you okay?” 
  • he sits with his arms around her, stroking her soft hair and feeding her maltesers as they sit through episode after episode of friends. 
  • she apologises and he says she has nothing to be sorry for. being there for her is the only thing he wants to do
  • she smiles. he smiles. she says she feels a little bit better now, but he still insists on making the next three rounds of tea
  • that’s when he hears her voice ring through the living room and into the kitchen
  • “james… what’s in this box?”
About these ‘Humans are Space Orcs’ thing...

One of my courses in Uni is about Science Fiction and society. We look at how sci-fi reflects the social context of different times and look at the impact it has on our views of technology and science. Seeing all these “Human are space orcs”/“Earth is Space Australia”/“Humans are weird” ideas and short story things pop up makes me really happy. 

Through all these little blurbs and prompts we’re gathering, we could be creating the start of a new period of sci-fi. I will not be surprised if these ideas bleed into full novels and films and mass media eventually.

And I am starting to wonder, what will future sci-fi classes talk about when they discuss the ‘Humans are weird’ sci-fi period that sprung up from the internet? Will they talk about how this might be a way of seeing ourselves as unique and powerful since our world makes us all feel small and helpless and unoriginal? About how we’re looking to show ourselves as awe-inspiring, amazing creatures in media to substitute our lack of any substantial/realistic representation in media? Who knows?

Jughead Jones | Breathtaking

Count of words: 952

Warnings: butt grabbing, self doupt, a couple of offensive comments, ‘baby girl’ mentioned (don’t know if that should be a warning but yeah hehe)





anonymous asked:

If you aren’t busy, do you mind writing a plus size reader x jughead imagine? Like someone(could be anyone) is making fun of reader and jughead swoops in? If not, thats fine!! I love your blog :)

It was just another simple day in Riverdale High. Students filled the hallways with life as they walked to their next class, while you were walking outside to a table. You had a free period and usually you spent those outside, on a table just being creative and all, or with your friends in the ‘common room’. This time you went with being creative. I mean it was a wonderful day outside. Pure bliss, really, to spend your void period closed between four walls. 

All your attention was turned on the paper in front of you while you were scribbling things down, without even thinking about them. It was predictable that, when Jughead and the rest of the gang sat down on your table, you wouldn’t realise. 

“What are you doing, love?” A deep familiar voice asked softly. “Just some stupid sketches,” you replied realising the voice belonged to your loving boyfriend, Jughead. His hand had already found your waist while his other was delicately hooking fries between it’s fingers and shoving them to his mouth. “Can you please stop chewing so obnoxiously in my ear? It’s disscusting,” you pleaded your boyfriend as he just laughed at you and shoved some into your mouth this mouth. “It’s not disscusting, it’s cute. And you look adorable like that,” he joked bringing out his phone and snaping a picture before the fries were traveling down your esophagous and into your empty stomach. “Can I have some more?” You questioned, feeling the hunger taking over. You didn’t have time to eat that morning so you just rushed to school with a coffee in hand. The coffee made it worse. “No,” you heard a bitter reply. It was the sweet blonde that said it, venom slipping from her lips. “Excuse me?!” “I said no,” she once again replied leaving you all shocked. 

You really didn’t know what had gotten into the girl. Just a couple of months ago you were like sisters, but ever since you and Jughead got together she started acting weird. I mean, you could understand that he was her ex but what you couldn’t understand was why she treated you like this.

“Betty, don’t be like this,” Archie invaded, trying to tame Betty’s stubborness and sudden rudeness. “No. I mean, you know me Y/N. I’m honest. So, I mean since everyone seems to hide it from you I think I should help. You need to lose weight,” she explained, making her point look as the most logical explanation. You winced at her words and gathered your things silently, leaving everything behind, your hunger and sketching long forgotten. “Ok, that’s it. You have been acting like this for about four months. Why you treat her like this?” Jughead fired at Betty, feeling his blood boil as he saw your current state. “I don’t understand what you mean, Juggie. I just simply tell her the truth,” she replied with an innocent smile, as if she didn’t cause severe pain to a girl. It was the last straw for Jughead, he couldn’t take it anymore. “Stop treating her like this,” he practically screamed hitting the table. “She doesn’t deserve it Betty. What did she ever do to you to deserve this?” He questioned, his face all red and flashed, as he was struggling to tame his anger. “She took you from me. She distorted, us.” “No, Betty. You distorted us. You destroyed me. I loved you and you broke me even more than I already was. She was there to mend me, and I do the same for her,” Jughead responded frustrated, leaving the scene behind him as he run as fast as he could to catch up with you.

By the time Jughead was close behind you you were almost by your house. Silently, you were mumbling to yourself, things no one thought you would say. You seemed like such a confident person, always accepting your imperfections. Loving them even. But there were times you just couldn’t live up to that expectation, one of these times being this one. “She is right,” you silently voice to yourself. “You need to lose weight. Hell, why’d you even think Jughead likes you. He does that to make her jealous,” you declare a little louder this time. “Hey, hey stop. Y/N, no.” Jughead called, just now realising he is close behind you. “What are you doing here Jug. You should be at school,” you argued trying to stop the boy from going any further with the conversation. “And you shouldn’t?! Baby, come here,” he said pulling close to him. “Betty was not right. She’ll never be. You look breathtaking. Your body is absolutely beautiful and you should never listen to people when they tell you otherwise,” he soothinly, strocking your hair as you finally let tears fall. “She is right Jug. I need to lose weight. I’m to fat. And you deserve better,” you cried out loud. “Baby girl stop! Just stop! You look absolutely perfect. You are by no means fat. Stop using that term. You are thick. And believe me when I say I’m glad that Reggie or his jocks couldn’t and still can not have you, yeah?! I mean, have you seen yourself in the mirror? You have some meat on your bones, and trust me, you are a man’s fantasy. Hell you are driving me insane!” He complimented. You just giggled at his outburst and the sudden public desplay of attention as he grabbed your butt to emphasize his point. “I love your body. I love your cute face. I love everything about you, love. And you are mine. And I love you,” he uttered showering you with pecks all over your face and neck.