i wonder what this would even look like


So I was wondering what it would be like if Kanan ran into one of his ex-girlfriends, so I wrote it down.


It was a busy day in the streets of Lothal. Kanan, Hera, Zeb, Sabine and Ezra were in Capital City’s biggest market looking for some much needed supplies. They had been eating ration packs for the past few weeks and everyone was sick of it. Well, everyone except Hera. After all these years Kanan was still surprised at how delighted she would get when any type of food was put in front of her, even if it made the rest of them want to puke, and they were no strangers to hunger either.

Kanan scanned the different fruit and vegetable stands looking for the ingredients necessary for a stew he hadn’t had in years. For some reason, he was really craving it recently. It went back to his days as a bachelor, working on some diner in a backwater world. He wasn’t a bad cook. People seemed to really like his food and, hey, he liked it too.

He was going through the recipe in his head when Sabine’s voice interrupted his train of thought.


It came from behind him, turning around to look at her he found her staring at him with a strange pleading look in her eyes.

“Yeah?” he responded.

“There’s an art store there” she said, gesturing towards it, “Can I go check it out?”

Oh of course. Art supplies. As if she doesn’t have enough already, he thought musing to himself. But he was in a good mood, and Sabine was a good kid. She deserved it. “Sure”

“Can I go with her?” Ezra said.

“Yeah, sure. I’ll go with you guys. Zeb! Hera!” He called back “Keep looking for the supplies we’ll be right back” At Zeb’s grumbling response they went on their way.

The art store wasn’t much. It mostly had traditional paints used for Lothal folklore art (Kanan was surprised the Empire hadn’t cracked down on that yet). It also had drawing pencils, sketchbooks, water paints, etc… Pretty regular art store if you ask him, but, of course, Kanan was never much of an artist.

As soon as they got to the store, Sabine launched herself into the place. Her eyes glued to the different materials in the various shelves. While, Ezra mysteriously stayed at his side staring at the store from where they were both standing. Silent. Huh

“So…” Kanan ventured, raising an eyebrow.

“So what?”

“Aren’t you gonna go take a look?”

“Oh no…” He shrugged “I’m not much of an artist. Besides, I just wanted to get out of the streets. My hands get itchy when I’m around big crowds”

Kanan hummed and nodded in understanding. After years in the streets, pickpocketing was as natural to Ezra as breathing, he had needed it to survive. Shaking the habit must be tough, but he was still making the effort, which they all appreciated. The less attention drawn to themselves the better.

“You should still get something” Kanan insisted, “You could use a hobby”, which was true, Ezra was a busy kid. Between missions and training, Kanan wondered what he did whenever he did have time off.

“What do you mean?”

“I mean something to do in your spare time, you’re really busy. You could use something to help you cool off you know?”

“I already have hobbies”

Well, that was a lie if he’d ever heard one.

Really?”, Kanan said, incredulously, “Like what?”

“Uhhhh… I clean the ship”

That’s your hobby?”


“And you actually enjoy doing it?”

“Yes” Ezra said, with as much fake confidence as he could muster. Crossing his arms across his puffed chest.

“Then why do you whine every time Hera asks you to do it?”

“Uhhhh… it’s… you know…”

“Ezra” Kanan interrupted him, Ezra had clearly lost this battle “Go pick something, I’ve seen you doodle I know you like it”

“It’s fine, Kanan” He said, in an exasperated tone, “It’s money we could spend on something else”

Kanan sighed, So that’s what this is about then. The kid still had trouble letting other people take care of him, but this was an old argument. He pinched the bridge of his nose, took a deep breath and released it.

“Ezra”, Kanan said, slowly and patiently “We’ve talked about this. It’s no trouble”

Ezra sighed then looked up at him “Are you sure?”

“Yes!” He responded, chuckling slightly “Go!” he encouraged Ezra by pushing him slightly with his hand on his back.

Before Ezra went to explore he turned around “Hey Kanan?”



The made him smile “No problem, kid”

The minutes ticked by as the kids went through apparently every item this store had to offer, leaving Kanan alone. He rested his back against the wall and closed his eyes. Today was a good day. It was just him and the kids and no one was going to attack them. Today was a luxury.

He smiled to himself. They really were like a family. He did consider them his kids.

“Oh my gods! Kanan?” A familiar voice cut him out of his trance and made him open his eyes.

The sight was of a dark skinned woman with deep blue eyes and a curly long hair. One that he recognized.


Before he could say anything else a sharp pain struck him across the face. Yep, he was pretty sure he was gonna be walking around with a handprint on his face for the rest of the day. He instinctively reached up to grab it, trying to soothe it.

“Ok,ok” he muttered, putting his free palm up in defeat. “I deserved that”

He did. He really did.

“Yeah you certainly did” She said, as if echoing his thoughts. “After what you did to me I’d say you deserve more”

“What did he do?” Sabine’s voice came from behind him. He turned around to see her and Ezra standing right behind him, art supplies long forgotten. Great, he thought. Just perfect.

He had kept drunken past mostly hidden from the kids. He wasn’t proud of it. It was a dark time in his life. And now his past was staring at him in the face, in the form of a very beautiful woman who he had slept with a few alcohol-fueled nights then left behind as soon as he could. Although, in his defense, he had thought that she was a little insane at the time.

“Well, for starters, he…”

“WOW WOW WOW”, he interrupted her as soon as she started speaking, he doubted anything she was going to say was appropriate for the kids. His breakup with Jadah (or, well, his leaving Jadah) was due to a horrible misunderstanding. One that he did not want to explain in front Sabine and Ezra, “They don’t need to hear it”

“They don’t need to hear WHAT, Kanan?!” She snapped “The fact that you propose to me then left without so much as a note?”

“Ugghh” he groaned. Rubbing his face with his hand. He really wished the kids weren’t here.

“Wow Kanan” Said Sabine behind him

“I didn’t propose” he muttered into his hands

“What?” Jadah said, clearly annoyed

“I didn’t propose!”

“Oh yeah right now you’re just denying it!”

“No, I am not!”

“Oh yeah? How was I supposed to interpret ‘I want to marry you?’ huh?”

“I said COULD, I COULD marry you!” then he leaned in a spoke between clenched teeth “And considering the situation we were in I wouldn’t have taken it very seriously”. They had been together three nights the ‘incident’ happened in the last one.

“Oh so you’re saying I’m the fool for thinking you loved me while I had my lips around your…”

“Can we PLEASE not do this in front of the kids?” He interrupted.

“WOW Kanan” Said Sabine again, this time there was a slight chuckle in her voice.

“Sabine!” He said warningly, shooting her a look. Ezra looked puzzled. She just looked amused

“Who are these kids anyway?” She questioned, frowning as she said it, “Are they yours?”

“Uhhhh….”He hesitated, looking back at them. They just shrugged “Kinda?”

“What? How old were you when you got her pregnant? 13?”

“I’m taking care of them.”

“Who’s dumb enough to entrust you with their kids?”

“I’m a different person now.”

“HA! Like I would believe that”

“I am.”

“Really?  What sort of life changing decisions have you made since we last saw each other?”

“I quit drinking” Karabast, the kids would now know he was a drunk. Great. Just fantastic.

Jadah was taken aback, her eyebrows flew up in visible surprise “Wow” was all she could say. They hadn’t been together for that long, but she knew the type, the drunk drifter. Who spent all the money they won on booze. But she had given herself to him in hopes he would be different, she was thoroughly disappointed.

“Yeah” He said, grabbing his neck with one hand, looking down. “It became a real issue”

“Well what changed?

As if on cue Hera’s voice cut his response. “Kanan are you in here? What’s taking so long?,” As she saw the scene before her there was a slight pause and the she asked “What’s going on?”

Kanan sighed, then “She did”. Zeb was right behind her. Now everyone would see him humiliate himself. Great!

Hera walked over to Kanan’s side, put an arm around his waist and gave him a questioning look. He just gestured to Jadah in response, he was red. She then raised her free hand towards Jadah, inviting her to shake it. “Hey, I’m Hera”

“Jadah” She said, accepting the invitation.

“So… you and Kanan are… what exactly?” She said, a slow smirk tugging at the side of her lips.

Kanan turned to glare at her. Of course she knew what they were. She was probably enjoying this.

“Someone who he owes an apology to”

“Huh! I bet he does” She laughed and gave Kanan the do-this-or-no-sex-for-a-month look, at that point he didn’t have much of a choice.

“Listen, Jadah. I’m sorry, I really am. I was an asshole back then and you deserve to hate me. I am a different guy now. Hera and I have lived together for six years now and we have our own little family. I don’t deserve your forgiveness, I know, but… I’m still asking for it” He meant every word.

Hera’s arm tightened around his waist, she looked up at him and smiled. There was pride in her eyes. He smiled back.

“Wow, so you have changed.” Jadah said in disbelief.

“I have” He shrugged.

“Apology accepted.” She smiled.

He reached away from raise his arms in invitation for a hug. She accepted and hugged him then pulled back

“Have a nice life, Kanan”

“You too”

And the she walked away.

They all watched her leave and then Kanan sighed and buried his head in his hands. That had been embarrassing and a reminder of the time of his life when he was wandering pointlessly around the galaxy hurting people in the process. It was not a nice reminder. The one thing that made it better was when Hera put her arms around his waist again and nestled by his side. “You did good” she whispered. Yes, he would always be grateful for her. Without her he’d probably be dead in a ditch somewhere. Death by alcohol. Or drugs. Or worse.

He leaned his head against Hera’s and their foreheads touched. He closed his eyes and focused on her presence, that always managed to calm him down. They were both enjoying the silence Sabine’s uncontrolled laughter broke it.

“YOU…” She said in between breaths “You… proposed…while… while… SHE WAS GIVING YOU A BLOWJOB?!” and now everyone was laughing. Even the store manager who, apparently, had been listening to the whole thing. Kanan wanted the ground to swallow him up, or a lighting to strike or really anything at this point.

Hera was doing her best to contain her laughter but some giggles slipped out. She gave him a sympathetic grin and said “Come on, luv. Let’s go home.”  

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Hi. Just wondering if you ever wondered what Zuko's character development, if any, would have been like if we never knew or if he didn't even have, any kindness in him. Like, yeah, he was always an antagonist but never evil and that was obvious. What if we never had that to go off of is my question.

Oh, I looked forward to answering this question, because I’ve thought about various aspects of this au. 

Usually, my answer is: Zuko would have been Ozai jr., or worse than Ozai–maybe going mad with power, or something…but it’s honestly kind of hard to say how bad Zako would be. 

Violent and more aggressive? Yes. Merciless? Yes. And, I guess one major difference between this Zuko and canon Zuko would be that this au Zuko would have no problem committing acts of violence with no hint of remorse, whereas canon Zuko–even when he tries to be more like his dad, or tries to be the merciless guy the Fire Nation demands him to be–either finds it hard hard to that person, or ends up regretting it. I also wouldn’t be surprised if he tries to constantly impress his dad by being the brattiest little shit he can be (like just a few notches below Joffrey Baratheon). 

This Zuko would probably have no problem with using fresh troops as bait though–that’s my thinking. 

I can’t see him being sexually aggressive and using sexual violence the way I headcanon someone like Zhao or Ozai doing though. Trying to convince himself that what he’s doing is totally fine–sure. But, that’s about it. So…maybe? It depends on context though, and what’s going on. 

However, there’s also the very real possibility that Zuko would just get eaten up by the court. He’s aggressive, but he’s not cunning. Not the way Azula is, so I can see someone like her easily overpowering him if he wasn’t careful. 

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I've been thinking about the conversation I had with my friends about Skam and how they think it's wrong that season 3 is getting more attention than the other seasons "just bc of the gay storyline". And I'm so angry now. Shouldn't they be happy for me? Like, shouldn't they tell me that it's great that a gay character gets to be the main chatacter for a change and that Even's and Isaks's relationship is portrayed this beuatifully? But no, they're like "don't forget about the straight characters"

I’ve been wondering what the homophobic discourse surrounding this show would look like – vs. a queerbaiting show – and I think this is predominantly it. Be angry, anon.

Oh wow, that’s… these two are not just friends, they are extremely close.

This is something that only people who know each other very well do, joking about the stuff that’s a deep issue for them. I usually joke around with my friends telling them how gay they are and stuff like that, but if someone else, someone who didn’t know us, said something like that… it would be extremely awkward and upsetting.

Those types of jokes are only reserved for either people who are in the same boat or those you trust a lot.

And that comment was a setup. It wasn’t a joke to put Pearl down, but to allow her to reassure herself that she is not a slave anymore.

I like Bismuth already.

See? Same thing with Garnet. I doubt she’d let anyone else joke about fusion like that.

Man now I’m wondering what a fusion between these two would look like.


“Your Ruby is showing”


USUK fanfics

It’s funny how in fanfics Alfred is like this super confident smoothtalker who’s totally open with his sexuality (like Francis) and just goes up to Arthur like “what’s up cutie ;)” without wondering if he doesn’t swing that way for even a second.

But in reality Alfred would more likely be the most “no homo” person ever.

Alfred: *currently undressing Arthur with his eyes*
Matthew: If you want to bang him so much just go talk to him.
Alfred: What? No he’ll think I’m gay or something.
Matthew: *looks into the camera like he’s on the office*

Everyone wants to give a writer the perfect notebook. Over the years I’ve acquired stacks: One is leather, a rope of Rapunzel’s hair braids its spine. Another, tree-friendly, its pages reincarnated from diaries of poets who now sit in cubicles. One is small and black like a funeral dress, its pages lined like the hands of a widow. There’s even a furry blue one that looks like a shag rug or a monster that would hide under it— and I wonder why? For every blown out candle, every Mazel Tov, every turn of the tassel, you gift-wrap what a writer dreads most: blank pages. It’s never a notebook we need. If we have a story to tell, an idea carbonating past the brim of us, we will write it on our arms, thighs, any bare meadow of skin. In the absence of pens, we will repeat our lines deliriously like the telephone number of a parting stranger until we become the craziest one on the subway. If you really love a writer, [make love to her] her on a coffee table. Find a gravestone of someone who shares her name and take her to it. When her door is plastered with an eviction notice, do not offer your home. Say I Love You, then call her the wrong name. If you really love a writer, bury her in all your awful and watch as she scrawls her way out.
—  Megan Falley, “If You Really Love a Writer”

alright look I know a lot of people argue about how romione was barely hinted at and that the lead up was weak

but listen. we are told the story through Harry’s eyes. Harry Oblivious Potter. The fact that Harry even realized AT ALL that Ron and Hermione loved each other says so much bc listen it takes a LOT for Harry to notice stuff okay

Like tbh they could have been shagging right in front of him and he would be like “Ron and hermione are fighting again, Quidditch is good though and I wonder what Malfoy is up to”

Does “Love” and “Forgiveness” Apply to Abuse and Trauma?

@sakuramautoki asked:

When we Christians use words like “forgiveness” and phrases like “True love keeps no record of wrongs,” I find myself wondering how that would apply to certain contexts, namely with victims of abuse (sexual, physical, emotional/mental)? I wonder if we should even be using these words when speaking with victims/survivors of abuse and how it might come off as to them?

For example, when we say to forgive an abuser, what does that look like? Does that mean we forget the harm they did and pretend like everything is okay? Do we welcome them back with open arms? The same questions also apply to phrases such as “love keeps no record of wrongs”. I ask because as Christians it would be good to be mindful how these words and phrases can sound like and that we tend to throw these terms around much without thinking. What is your take on this?

Hey dear friend, I truly appreciate your heart and care in this question. I am with you absolutely 100% here. The Christian culture so easily falls into a martyr syndrome that unnecessarily risks our safety, and it so often assumes that “church people” have no pre-existing baggage that makes “love and forgiveness” an extremely painful endeavor.

The thing is, love must absolutely include truth, wisdom, boundaries, and grace for yourself. Love is not enabling, pampering, coddling, or letting someone off the hook—or it wouldn’t really be love at all. 

For those who have been abused or traumatized: Forgiveness doesn’t mean friendship. No one should ever be rushed into forgiveness for the sake of “getting right with God.” We need healthy boundaries. We need to recognize patterns of unrepentant abuse and gaslighting and manipulative language that will only guilt-trip you back into a vicious cycle. We can never mindlessly open the door again on an abusive relationship.

Many well-intentioned Christians try to act the part of a psychologist or social worker or therapist and have absolutely no idea about the real dangers of abuse, codependency, and compassion fatigue.

The other thing is that “Christian love” is overly romanticized, where if we just love enough, then we get the Hollywood montage of reconciliation and hugs and high-fives. But having been at the deathbed of many, many patients in the hospital, I hardly ever see it work out that way. Abusers will use up good will and spit it right out. Survivors of abuse have tried again and again to reconcile, only to find out that opening the door to their heart is no better than unlocking the cage of a pack of wolves.

It’s absolutely atrocious that preachers harp on forgiveness without listening to the stories of their churches. And still, Christians are slammed with the Bible to “forgive” because “it’s the Christian thing to do,” without any nuance for individual situations and without, you know, reading the rest of the Bible that says a lot of other stuff about abuse and trauma. God is for the victims, for the abused, for the survivors. God is for the exile, the foreigner, the despised, the despondent who crossed the Red Sea. Jesus told us to be as pure as doves and as wise as snakes. Pure, but wise. Wise, but pure.

There’s a destructive idea in Christian subculture that breeds a martyr-hero syndrome, at the expense of yourself, and eventually everyone else. I spent too many years consumed by the “sacrificial radical love” model of Christianity, which required that I pour out more than I had—but it only scooped out my guts and left me bitter and resentful and exhausted. I had to remember that only one person really did love all the way to death so that we wouldn’t have to.

My friend once asked me, “Are you trying to be like Jesus, or are you trying to be Jesus? Because you can’t be crucified for all these people. He already did that.” I had to re-work my idea of love and forgiveness to include self-care and proper distance.

When Jesus was dying on the cross and said, “Father, forgive them,” let’s notice that Jesus did not say, “Father, help me forgive them.” It was very specific wording. In other words, Jesus was concerned that his murderers would find forgiveness from God, but not necessarily that Jesus would “feel forgiveness” towards them. Jesus was deliberately not condoning the murderers’ behavior, but also concerned for the destiny of their souls.

This is a perfectly balanced love that cooperates with truth. Of course, Jesus did offer forgiveness to them, and to everyone else who was ever born, and we’re called to work towards such divinity. But no, we’re under no such illusion that we must befriend those who have hurt us or hurt the ones we love. Jesus may pour out unlimited grace from a cross, but each of us are finite beings, with limited resources, who must go to Jesus who says, “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.”

Since I’ve started working alongside social workers and psychologists, I was at first surprised how blunt and to-the-point they were. But they’ve seen hundreds, maybe thousands of abusers and victims, and they’ve heard all the excuses and rationalizations. They know that victims feel obligated to stick up for their abusers and that abusers will hijack language around forgiveness to be taken back. The medical staff’s sole goal here is to advocate for the victim. That requires tough talk, no bull-crap, no beating around the bush, but actual love that’s as sharp as surgery, for both sides. The victim needs to know it’s okay to call the police and get a restraining order and defend themselves. The abuser needs to know they’re actually an abuser and that “forgiveness” is not some cheap ace-card that glosses over all they did.

In that kind of love, people are held accountable and responsible, because that sort of love is for the very best of each person, not to trap them or trick them, but to help them heal. So for the abused, it will mean empowering them with boundaries and the ability to say “no.” It will mean re-framing their religious obligations to “forgive.” It includes safety and boundaries and self-care. And perhaps one day, it includes the hopeful possibility of reconciliation, whether on this side of life or the other.


Oh wow… that episode left me shocked. I’m honestly telling you that I did not expect this…
I just had to draw Betty or Bete Noire. Even tho she killed Sans.

I still can’t believe Sans died. But if he really is dead, he will stay like that. I don’t think Frisk will reset. That is not what Sans would want. And they know that. Even tho we like it or not.
(but of course I could be wrong, and I would be really happy if I was)

Glitchtale © @camilaart

Text from Eskild, 21.11.2016

Dear Isak. Just a little greeting from your guru, or Genie in a bottle. i find it so wonderful that you came to me yesterday. Hope I didn’t break your heart. But anyway, this guy. Even. He’s just one of many who’ll show up in your life. I promise. What happens, happens, que sera sera. But look out for yourself, because I mean, it’s so shitty to be hurt or feel like you’ve been used. Either way I think you’re brave. Buut, If we have “boys’ night” we’ll go out and find a new guy for you to fall in love with? Know that many in my squad would find you totally adorebelle. I’ll let you borrow some tights and mascara from me.


Gee, thanks EasyE

Look, here’s the thing, Wilde:

Rabbit snouts are short.

Yeah I know you, Nick.

Had you been talking with a vixen, you would have “accidentally” bopped your nose with hers.

She knew what was up, though. Even if you awkwardly tried not showing your disappointment that your “accidental” plan failed…

In fact, she kept wondering what will it feel like kissing that wet nose of yours…

One thing for sure, she’s now interested in “checking out the whole package”

(sorry not sorry)



So I was wondering what Season 3 of Skam would have looked like from Even’s perspective and this is the result. While mostly an experiment, as someone who IDs very heavily with Even (which we all know, peep that BP thread), I thought it’d be interesting to try and shift the view from Isak to Even; I wanted to see if I could realistically portray his viewpoint by catching some of his more nuanced moments and really bringing them to light.In regards to editing, I kept things relatively simple.
I didn’t want to add any SE, to detract or distract from the relationship itself. Skam is shot in a simple way and I wanted to keep up with that aesthetic because it felt most fitting. It’s less of an edit and more of, like, a retelling, if that makes sense.
The title is obvious. Yeah, the video is technically focused on Even, not Isak, but it’s about what falling in love with Isak was like through his eyes and, well, isn’t that the whole point?
For Rory.

This video is absolutely beautiful, especially with the music!

I’m not crying, I’m just allergic to feelings

I’m wondering if I should start making posts with pdf links to certain books within academic fields and shit for people if they want to learn about random things like math, sociology, biology, physics, etc. because I could definitely find quite a few pdfs for at least mathematics for everyone to read if they were interested, like yeah of course anyone can look this shit up, but a lot of people don’t even know what things to google to find it? 

Like many people don’t know which mathematics courses come after calculus but would still be interested in it. I think this would be a cool thing to work on idk what yall think. 

I think I’ll test make one for mathematics and if anyone wants to help me with other fields, like linguistics, history, computer science, political science, economics, etc., you should message me and we could collaborate to make some posts with lots of reading material for these fields. 

So - American Wizarding has gotten a lot of feedback in the last couple months both in expectation of and in reaction to JK Rowling’s Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. I won’t lie to you, loyal followers, we have been sort of dreading the release of this movie for a lot of different reasons. While we have never claimed any sort of ownership of Harry Potter or the vast, wonderful, wild world of its Fandom, we hope you can understand that we’ve spent years working together to build what we think is the most accurate and “realistic” interpretation of what the magical population of the United States of America set in the Harry Potter universe would look like – for probably more than a decade before this blog even got off the ground. It’s been a labor of love, and I hope you can understand and forgive how we have grown very attached to these ideas and head-canons. And why, after viewing Fantastic Beasts, we won’t be giving any of them up.

So I guess that’s the first official announcement: American Wizarding will not be altering any of its head-canons to fall in line with Fantastic Beasts. This blog will continue more or less unaffected by JK’s new Canon, and will stand as an alternative for anyone who wants to join us in our sandbox, or use our ideas along with some invented by JK or other fans to create their own marvelous, wonderful worlds of American Wizarding (we certainly hope you will share with us in turn).

The rest of this post will be a response drafted by yours truly (Admin. John – Laveau Academy – Class of 2006, Juris Doctorate of Magical Law, The Randolph-Poythress Institute, Class of 2010) to Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. Please note this review will be about as SPOILERIFFIC as you can possibly imagine – hence the jump cut below and the tags. Please also note that this will not be a critical review of the film on the merits of cinematography or from a filmmaker’s perspective – I greatly enjoyed the movie for its own sake, and thought it was a lot of fun and well worth seeing and discussing.

No – this review will be solely a response to JK’s new canons about American Wizarding Society and the new magical elements for the wider world introduced in the film or, more specifically, the many, many reasons we won’t be adopting them and what we disliked, and liked, about the ideas. This will, of course, touch on what we consider some plot holes and problems with storytelling, but as I feel there are a hundred critics better equipped than I (including my own co-mods whose opinions were of course taken into consideration when drafting this)  to give you feedback on the film itself, I won’t be doing so.

So! Spoilers beneath this lovely cut.

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I suddenly wonder what the Class 1-A characters plus teachers would look like if they would wear bandanas.

Like, the kids start to wear bandanas and headbands and Toshinori gets dragged into it. Aizawa tries to resist, but not even he can say no when there are approximately twenty pleading gazes directed at him.

What can I say? I like bandanas. Also, group picture with all of them in bandanas and doing silly poses. At least one of the boys takes it further and wears an eyepatch - “Like a pirate!”

It has suddenly occurred to me that darling Tony IS in fact watching a screen…he does it when Caitriona is talking about Sam. He isn’t interested in watching Caitriona in front of him which is odd…why would he do that…it’s actually very off putting when someone you know and love turns their head away when you are speaking…but what if Tony is far too curious to see how SAM is reacting to what Caitriona is saying?? What if the little sweetheart is fully aware of the situation and can’t help but watch how Sam is coping? The only reason he would watch the screen would be to see what is going on behind him…he doesn’t want to make it obvious and turn so looks at the screen to see Sam’s reaction even though it means turning away from Caitriona. It tells me he CARES… he cares about Sam and perhaps like us loves to watch the LOVE this man has for his Partner in Crime…I wonder….

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Anxiety On Ice, or Unpopular Opinion Time

Victor and Yuuri are not on the same page. They aren’t even playing the same game.

YES I want this show to show a real, LGBT relationship. I want it to not be queerbait SO BADLY. In fact, the realness they have shown throughout the series is the reason that I feel the way I do about the current state of Victor/Yuuri.

Ep 11 spoilers under the cut, but seriously, WHY HAVEN’T YOU WATCHED YET

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Hello, I am a baby sapphic (figured out why my stomach would flip flop when I saw a pretty girl about a month ago) and I was wondering if I can have like a 93% preference for girls and a 7% preference for boys and still be sapphic and bi?

yep! preferences are fine, even if they’re large. however, it’s worth looking into compulsory heterosexuality just to be sure that’s not what you’re experiencing!


“I painted stars and the moon and clouds and just endless, dark sky.” I finished the sixth, and was well on my way sawing through the seventh before I said, “I never knew why. I rarely went outside at night—usually, I was so tired from hunting that I just wanted to sleep. But I wonder … ” I pulled out the seventh and final arrow. “I wonder if some part of me knew what was waiting for me. That I would never be a gentle grower of things, or someone who burned like fire—but that I would be quiet and enduring and as faceted as the night. That I would have beauty, for those who knew where to look, and if people didn’t bother to look, but to only fear it … Then I didn’t particularly care for them, anyway. I wonder if, even in my despair and hopelessness, I was never truly alone. I wonder if I was looking for this place—looking for you all.” 


For @secretpoet21…kind of a part two to this imagine. (Also, have an angry Draco) Enjoy!

“Hey Y/N,” a boy in her year jeered, “Are you a bit cold there?”
She quirked a brow. “Why would I be?”
“From hiding under your brother’s shadow,” he mocked.

Y/N clenched her jaw and turned away. The group of Slytherin boys laughed. She didn’t want to deal with this right now. Obviously, the boys who were teasing her had other ideas.

“Look at that. It’s like she needs her brother around to even talk.”
“Wonder what it’s like riding on a coattail.”
“How many passing grades did ya get just from bein’ related?”
“Has he scared all your dates away?”
“Shut it,” Y/N growled quietly.
The main one halted his laughter. “So she speaks.”
“I said shut it,” she repeated a bit louder.
“Oh, and what’r’ya gonna do? Get Harry over here to shoo us away?”
“Why don’t you all just shove off,” a new voice called loudly.
The main mocker scrunched his eyebrows. “Calm down, Draco. It’s just the lesser of the Potters.”
“And she said to shut it,” he added quickly, “I suggest you do so before I get someone else involved.”

Y/N just watched with surprise as the three boys stood and began to leave. After they had left, she shifted her eyes to her boyfriend. A smirk painted itself onto her features. Draco came and plopped down next to her.

“I never thought I’d see the day a Malfoy defending a Potter,” she teased.
He smirked back. “All I saw was someone defending his girlfriend…Are you alright?”
She gulped and nodded. “I should be.”
He kissed her temple. “Well, don’t listen to them. They just can’t see how wonderful you are as your own person.”
She gave a small chuckle. “Their insults weren’t even original.”

Draco joined in. Y/N gently laid into his chest as he continued to comfort her. Even though they kept quiet about their relationship, they still managed to watch out for the other. She interlaced her fingers with his in their quiet moment of solitude.

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