i wonder what they're looking at

Doodle of the cute dorks…
Hmm, i’m wondering about what they are whispering in eachother’s ears…
Ps: Astrid playing with Hiccup’s hair is the cutest thing ever amirite?

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Heyooo !! May I request b5 with Terra or d3 for Ventus? (ㅅ´³`)♡ your art gives me 5 years life (esp your terra they a Jawn) Hope you find something that makes you smile really hard today!

IT IS DONE !! omg u are TOO KIND !! IM LOVE U OKAY ??? im so glad that u enjoy my stuff ;; A ;;

i havent drawn my boi terra in so long so i am truly blessed v____v

  • *two guys look at each other*
  • The internet: omg!!11! They're sooo in love!1!1!!
  • *two girls actually make out*
  • The internet: wow :// they're rlly good friends :// wonder what their boyfriends look like ://

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Draw my boy Raz being rad

You asked for Rad, but somehow my brain jumped to bring your son to work day two nerds in lab coats. I’m…so sorry;;; I hope you can still get some enjoyment out of it lol

Event: Home At Last

“HOME!” Sylphy seems relieved to see the path to Lavender’s house… no…not just that, Lavender’s home was Sylphy’s home. He was happy to the the path to his home before him. He began to walk slowly, but then began to go faster and faster until he was running. He then halted in front of the door and stood frozen before it.

“How am I even gonna begin to tell Lavie what I’ve been through…. he’s gonna ask…. I look totally different. This is gonna be hard to explain….well… I just can’t hide forever. Lavie and everyone’s probably worried sick over me and Fennie…well time to see your daddy and everyone else.” He shifted Fennel to one arm and knocked on the door loudly a few times and then went back to holding Fennel. He took in a few deep breaths trying to think of how he was going to tell Lavender what happened. Where they went and how he had…..oh stars.


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Since TaeJinSoPe went to watch Cirque du Soleil: KA, RM went on V LIVE (bless him), so I really wonder where the heck are Kookmin?? I hope they're not getting married in a Vegas chapel!!? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

The last time we knew of Jimin’s whereabouts, he looked like this:

…. And Kookmin have not been seen since.

Coincidence?? yEAH, probably. I think n o t.


A few sketches I did during work (I’m able to bring my tablet aw yisssss…. but mostly draw company stuff so–) Some Shimada bros!

I always see people draw Genji based on his younger skin but I’ve always wondered what he’d look like… idk if he aged just like his older brother?? I’ve also been watching “Dragons” way too many times so I noticed the beard on Hanzo’s dragon match his and I thought ‘why not Genji???’ so… I tried :U

Hanzo probs has greying hair out of all the stress lol

[Do not tag as shim///ada///cest ugh]

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I was just wondering, what do some of your pieces look like unedited? Some of your linework looks so detailed and complex that I wondered if you layer images or if it's all on one piece?

Here’s a little wip shot I posted on twitter earlier today:

I had already adjusted the contrast and inverted parts of it. As you can see, the halos are missing, I drew and scanned them separately and put them on their places before starting coloring. It’s easier to keep them cohesive when you don’t have to worry about composition or ruining the existing line work.

This is a submission from someone who wanted to stay anonymous but attempted some lips reading of the Chicago Panel : 

Here are two different video links to the same moment. It’s at 30:33 in link #1 and 29:40 in link #2



This is what it looks like to me:

David: (leaning over to G) Hey Gill(?), wanna come out? [pause] Wanna come out?

Gillian: Wait, what? Who is? [looks off-stage]

David: [nudging her] No, no. [gesturing between them] I’m talking about us.

WHY David was making jokes(?) about the two of them coming out in the middle of a comic con is beyond me, but…I was floored when I saw this. If that’s indeed what happened. So it looks like at least one of them wasn’t/isn’t as reluctant to go public as we thought!

end of the submission.

I’m always kinda skeptical with lips reading, it does fit, but I wonder if it’s because that’s what he said, or because now that’s what we want him to say lol! I’m adding some gifs to the post so everyone can judge for themselves.

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Do you think Yoonmin ever has fights/get mad at one another/etc? They're so cute and happy all the time, it just makes me wonder what it looks like when they're like that 🤔🤔🤔🤔

I dont think they fight a lot but when they do I bet its a lot of eye rolling, impatient sighs, jimin keeping his distance, one of them might even start to raise their voice but stop themselves right away because they refuse to yell at each other no matter how mad they get. after the actual fight I bet its a lot of avoiding each other, not making eye contact, yoongi sleeping in his own bed for the first night in months, complete silence between them. until 6 AM the next morning when jimin walks out of his room (he didn’t get much sleep anyway) and sees yoongi sitting at the kitchen table, looking as tired as jimin feels. and they just stare at each other for a few moments until yoongi stands up and walks towards him, until jimin is eventually meeting him in the middle, yoongi setting his arms around jimins waist and holding him close, jimin pressing his lips to the curve of yoongis shoulder as he hugs him back, both of them mumbling ‘I’m sorrys’ and ‘love yous’

I get that the official art has a fuzzy canon/noncanon status for the Penumbra Podcast, so everything here is to be taken with a grain of salt. But we do know that Mikaela B knows more about what’s gonna happen then we do, and some of that’s inevitably going to sneak into her art.   

So let’s take apart the similarities here, shall we?

  • Similar forehead (O’Flaherty’s hairline is higher, which is typically a consequence of aging), large-ish, and protruding slightly over the eyes. Kind of a heavy brow
  • Similar shape of eyebrow (more slender in O’Flaherty’s case, but that’s either genetics or judicious shaping for the sake of aesthetic)
  • Same shape of nose 
  • Same pattern of facial hair (more carefully groomed in O’Flaherty’s case, more scruffy in Juno’s)
  • Same shape of chin/jawline (though Juno in general has a longer face)
  • Same shape of lips
  • Same basic body type– short, lean, and somewhat broad-shouldered

It’s not something I would necessarily be able to tell if they were actual people, but the similarity is striking, especially considering @disasterscenario‘s art style. This is not one of those “everybody has the same face but with different hair and eyes” thing that you get with some artists. To compare, here are some other dudes in the same series:

Just from the points that I mentioned before– build, nose, jaw, lips, eyebrows, forehead, facial hair– there’s a really marked diversity. For all my trouble with faces, I have no problem telling any of these people apart, or recognizing that they’re probably not related (Kanagawas notwithstanding). 

It’s that diversity that makes Juno and O’Flaherty’s similarity stand out so much.

Oh, and you know the only thing that keeps me from wondering if O’Flaherty is straight-up just aged-up Juno gone back in time for nefarious purposes? The fact that we’ve already been shown what old Juno will look like (and he’s surly and scruffy as always, my darling duck). 

Like I said before, this isn’t 100% conclusive that Juno and O’Flaherty are related– but it does seem to indicate that Mikaela feels they are, and that’s more than enough for me.

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I like how giant river otters are pretty common in 'cute animal' stuff despite not looking traditionally cute in any way at all. While I'd like to think that it's people appreciating weird looking animals, I suspect it's more that they're really just categorized as cute animals because otters are usually thought of as cute. Kinda the reverse of cows and donkeys being considered 'ugly' because of how they're categorized/portrayed in culture despite their traditionally cute features.

I have this conversation a lot when it comes to baby elephants, which I feel if Elephants weren’t a thing and we were shown creatures that look like this:

A lot of people would find them creepy and ugly on face value. But because we know what an elephant is and have positive associations with them and know these are their babies we view them as being *cute* (which I’m cool with cause elephants are wonderful and their babies are great despite being weird looking grubs).

It’s interesting how much our views on something being cute or ugly or scary is heavily effected by presentation and prexisting expectations

The daily suffering of Mikaela Hyakuya:
  • *In the morning after getting up*
  • Mika: "Good morning, Yuu-Chan."
  • Yuu: "Morning, Mika. Wanna drink some blood?"
  • Mika: "N-no, I-I can last a few more days without it."
  • *During breakfast*
  • Mika: "Does it taste good, Yuu-Chan?"
  • Yuu: "Yeah, it's really tasty. Wanna drink my blood?"
  • Mika: "...No, Yuu-Chan."
  • *In the afternoon after an intense fight*
  • Mika: "That was a pretty strong opponent."
  • Yuu: "Yeah, it was. Do you want some blood?"
  • Mika: "No, Yuu-Chan. I'm fine, really."
  • *During dinner*
  • Mika*watching the other's while they're eating*: "..."
  • Yuu: "Mika, what's wrong? Are you not feeling well?"
  • Mika: "H-huh? Oh, I...I do, it's just-"
  • Yuu: "Do you need blood?"
  • Mika: "-.-"
  • *During the night*
  • Mika*watching a sleeping Yuu*: "He looks so peaceful. I wonder what he's dreaming about..."
  • Yuu*in his sleep: "Mika...Drink my blood..."
  • Mika: "WTF?!"





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have you ever wondered if all asuras are actually just from southern parts of south asia? Mahabali was Mallu and Ravana was singhalese, and the way they're depicted reminds me a lot of south indian men. I always thought it was some kind of ancient PIE racism against dravidian populations echoing into the present through my own faith. It hurts to think that maybe I'd just be a demoness in the pages of the scripture unless I was a deity to assimilate.

I’ve noticed that too !!! From what I’ve looked into, ancient southern versions of the same stories are often different. Just to give a small example, according to the 4000 Divya Prabandham, Krishna was not born in Mathuraa but was born in Madurai; similarly, the Radha-figure was replaced with a southern princess named Nappinnai. Kusha, Rama’s son, is who Tamils know as Karuppannaswamy, and Draupadi is a form of the Tamil deity Amman. Ravana is half-Brahmin (this is mentioned in certain mainstream versions of the Ramayana too) and so he is naturally inclined to be a shit, and Bali is painted as a victor in Southern versions because of his submission to God (plus he has his own holiday in Kerala), while Indra is still haughty about how he can “control” God and thus spirals into self-centeredness. 

Northern tellings of stories don’t acknowledge that Narasimha took his Avatara in Andhra, that Parashurama’s mom is Mariamman, and that the Varaha Avatara is Tamil.

There’s definitely racism playing into what we deem “official” scripture because we really don’t know what’s legit and what’s just another Brahmin-centered, Northern revision. (For example, Draupadi was married to the five Pandavas just ‘cus–there was nothing wrong with polyandry in ancient South Asia; the modern “official” version of the Mahabharatha, however, weaves a very complex scheme of how Draupadi is an “eternal virgin” and regains her “purity” after each menstrual cycle. Also…Draupadi is very, very dark-skinned, but in mainstream art she’s usually depicted as pale.) 

A lot, A LOT of modern Hindu scripture has been rewritten and retold through a northern perspective–so it’s definitely hard for southern South Asians to find representation. But looking into southern folk tales and official unaltered scriptures like the 4000 Divya Prabandham (which is a collection of 4000 poems from 12 different saints of different castes and classes) can really provide a perspective on the lost aspects of modern Hinduism. 

  • *Writer's in their English Class, always*
  • Teacher: Okay, your assignment is to write a story
  • Student: *Immediately excited that they're doing something exciting for once* Yes. HELL YEAH THIS IS WHAT I WAS MADE TO DO. BRING. IT. ON.
  • Student: *Sees prompt, immediately starts to get ideas*
  • Teacher: The story must be between 750-1000 words
  • Everyone Else: Awww man!
  • Everyone Else: 1,000 WORDS?!!!!
  • Student: *Panicking* Only 1,000?? Okay, calm down. I'll just...reign it in. It won't be that bad. I won't go over the limit TOO much.
  • Student: *Starts writing, gets really into the story, wondering why they aren't a published author already*
  • Student: *Finally finished* Okay, let's look at the word count!
  • Student: *Looks at word count* *Sees they're nearly 1,500 words over the limit* *Wonders if teacher will be mad or pleased*
  • Student: *Refuses to change anything, won't part with their baby* *Says screw it and turns it in with a 2,500 word count but feeling extremely accomplished*
  • #thewriterstruggle
  • Aelin: *looking through the library* Hmm, A Court of Thorns and Roses, I wonder what this is about.
  • Aelin: Aww her and Tamlin are so cute together. I bet they're mates
  • Aelin: Tamlin you idiot why aren't you fighting for her!!
  • Aelin: *during ACOMAF* Yes!! You go Rhys!!! Go get your lady!!!
  • Rowan: *runs in* What! What is it?!
  • Aelin: *crying* I need the next book! She can't stay in the Spring Court! She needs to be with Rhys!!
  • Rowan: Aelin. It's just a book, it'll be okay.
  • Aelin: *throws book at him* You read it and tell me it doesn't hurt!!!!!
  • The Cadre: Aelin, what's wrong with Rowan? *Aelin and Rowan simultaneously throws books at all of them*
  • Aelin and Rowan: READ THEM NOW!!!
  • *all crying*