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Imagine being the first and only girl in the Penetrators Russ bus.

Author’s note: Not requested. Also, not romantic. But if y'all like it, I can write a part two with some forbidden romance ;) so comment on this post if I should continue it.

Update: So the lovely Alyssa, aka @imyourliquor-youremypoison, rewrote my story, fixing the errors and making it less cringy to my beautiful readers. It’s the same story, but with beautiful words, I promise! Hahaha and go check Alyssa’s fics too, she has two about Chris and they’re incredible.

Part 2.

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Hey girl, big fan <3 I was just wondering what you would call the types of haircuts Veruca and Glam have had, I'm interested in maybe getting my hair styled like that but it's a pretty ballsy step for me to take. Do they have a name? Do you have models/pictures/references of those type of haircuts because I'd need one to show a hairstylist :) thanks, keep up the AMAZING work!

aww thank you so  much  ^ u ^ <3  it’s basically a really long deathhawk that’s not spiked up  with V/Bettie Page bangs. I don’t think it has a name though, it’s just a frankenstein of different haircuts put together haha or a safer looking Yolandi. Here are some  girls with hair like Veruca’s ^ u ^! murderotic​‘s old hairstyle in the gif  is basically it (she’s like a real life Ruca * 0 *)
 If you do get  your haircut I’d love to see ^  0 ~ goodluck!

Picnic (Sam Holland)

I couldn’t wait until tomorrow to post this…

Warnings: nothing, just fluffiness so if you don’t like cute stuff, don’t read this
Word count: 1900+
Request: nope

I actually wish Sam would take me on a date like this.

Also, secretly, this is one of my favourites I’ve ever written


You lay in your bed, combing your messy hair with your fingers as you strolled through Instagram. Over the weekend, your friendship group went to the beach so you were just going through those photos. It was meant to be a nice day today as well. But you weren’t motivated to get out of bed yet. That was until your boyfriend messaged you.

Sam 😘💕: Be ready in 20 minutes.

You threw the sheets off your bed and stumbled into the shower to wash your body. 20 minutes wasn’t enough time. You got changed into a dress and some canvas shoes. You didn’t know what else to bring or wear because his text wasn’t very helpful. You grab your sling bag, phone and purse wait for him in the lounge room. You didn’t bother putting on make up because it was warm it was going to sweat off.

“Who are you waiting for?” You mum asks as she dusts the room.

“Sam.” You say biting your nails.

“Aww honey. He’s your boyfriend. Don’t be nervous.” She laughed and there was a knock at the door.

“I’ll get it.” You said before any of your siblings could. You reach for the door and open it. Sam was standing there in a pair of jeans and a top. Okay, you got the causal dress code.

“Is that Sam? Invite him in!” Your father calls out. “I need to talk golf-”

“Maybe next time dad!” You shout back because you didn’t want Sam to suffer ‘golf talk’ with your dad. Although he said he didn’t mind it, you wanted to go. Your dad just wouldn’t shut up about golf. You took Sam’s hand and shut the door. Sam takes you to this car and you hop in it.

“So, where are you going?”

“Have patience my dear.” He winked and you slouched into the passenger seat. He would place one hand either on the back of the passenger seat or on your thigh as he drove. He made a sudden stop at the lights and you head movement in the back seat. You turn your head and spot the small picnic basket on the floor.

“A picnic?” You smile grazing your fingers threw Sam’s hair above his ear.

“Yeah. Is that okay?”

“It’s more than okay babe.” You smile as he beings to drive again. You loved how old fashion he was. You eventually make it to a park. There were heaps of kids running around with their parents, dogs catching balls and elder people holding hands. Sam grabs the basket and your hand and you make your way to the park. You follow him down a track and you find a nice spot under a tree as someone else has taken the gazebo. Sam sets up the picnic rug and uses the rocks near him to lay the mat flat so it doesn’t move when you two hop on it. You sit across from him with your legs to the side.

“This is probably the cutest date you’ve taken me on.” You smile to him kindly.

“I do this for you.” He says and opens the basket and pulls out two wine glasses.

“Aren’t you driving?”

“Yeah. But I brought apple juice.” He chilled pulling out the bottle of juice and some water. He pulled out a bowl of fruit salad, some sandwiches, strawberries sipped in strawberries, candy and some cheese and crackers. It was a proper feast. You were so overwhelmed with emotion. You didn’t even know where to start. Sam plugged his phone into a portable speaker and began to play some music. It was on low so you could still speak to one another.

“I don’t deserve you.” You mumble tucking a strand of Sam’s hair behind his ear and caressed his cheek.

“I don’t deserve you. But somehow, you’re still with me.” He chucked and placed a soft kiss on your lips. You pull away and look at his display of food.

“So, what should we try first?” You ask. He grabs a knife and cuts some cheese and places it on a cracker.

“Open up.” You giggle and open your mouth so he can feed you. “Mhmm.” You say as your cover your mouth with your hand, politely, so you can chew your food. “Tastes good.” Sam picks at the chopped up fruit and and tosses a grape in his mouth. You lay on your side and watch him.

“How’s your family?” You ask him.

“They’re good. Why?”

“I was just wondering. I haven’t seen them in a couple of weeks.”

“Well, they’re good. Mums working a lot more. Dad’s working on some more jokes. Paddy has taken an interest in basketball recently, which is weird because I always thought he was more of a soccer person.” He smiles at you. “Toms busy with work, like always. He hasn’t change. Nor has Harry.” Sam’s says taking a sip of his water. “Although, he’s working more independently recently.” You loved how Sam always praised his family.

“What about yours?”

“Same old, same old.” You smile picking at the chocolate dipped strawberries. “(S/N) has another dance competition this weekend and (B/N) is taking surfing lessons all summer. He’s busy volunteering as a life guard at the local beach. Good for him yeah, doing some community work. It’s part of his Duke of Edinburgh.” You tell him.

“Your brother has grown so much. I remember when I first met him, he was small and scrawny and now he’s grown and muscular. Sometimes I see him, and I wonder if he’s gonna beat me up.” Sam says and you giggle.

“He wouldn’t hurt a fly.” You tell him. Yeah, your brother was going through puberty. Your brother looked up to Sam like a role model and always asked about him. You guys were quiet, eating the food before the ants got to it.

“Mummy? Are they in love?” A little girl tugs on her mums arm as they walk past.

“I believe so.” She tells her daughter and you and Sam’s cheeks turn red. Sam takes his phone out of his pocket and takes a photo of you.

“Let me see it before you post it anywhere.” You say sternly.

“Of course.” He smiles and shows you the shot. You actually liked it. You liked the background behind you, the trees, the lake, the sun shinning in the blue sky. Your hair hung loose, smiling at your boyfriend. You loved how Sam captured this picture.

“It’s cute. Post it.”

“Of course it’s cute. You’re in it.” He laughs and puts on Instagram.

@/samholland1999: 😘 @/yourinstagram

Sam’s Instagram was full of photos he had taken with this family, photos he had taken, photos of himself, with credits to Harry. This was the first photo of you on it. You had appeared in other posts with friends but never alone.

“What’s going to happen when we start college?”

“What do you mean love?”

“Are we still going to do things like this?”

“Of course. Although my college is a bit further away I’ll make the effort for you.” Sam smiles and you move next to him and cuddle him as he places a arm around you. “But for how, just stay present in this moment.” He says placing a peck in your head. You watch the ducks and ducklings waddle up the path out of the lake and walk away.

“Sam. I know you know this, but I really do love you. So so much.” You tell him. He places his hand on your arm and rub it up and down.

“I love you too babe. I never thought I could love another human that wasn’t part of my own family. But I clearly proved that wrong.” He chuckled and you look up at him.

“Do you think I’m the one?”


“Do you think I’m the one for you?”

“Even if I don’t end up marrying you, I’m glad I’ve spent this chapters of my life with you. Mum always told me to take one day at a time, and so far, that’s what I’m doing.” Sam said. He always had a way with words.

Your afternoon was spent, talking about your future, your family’s, your aspirations in life. Sam lay down at one point and you had your head on his lap. His fingers tangled in your hair, making you sleepy and eager for a nap in the sun. Dangerous because you didn’t want to burnt, luckily you were under a tree.

“What would you name your kids?” Sam asked.

“Hmm. I guess I haven’t really thought about it much.” You tell him and he nods.


“I’d like to have a girl. It’ll be different, because I’m so used to guys. Other than that. I don’t mind, as long as my wife would be happy.”

“Sam. Whoever you end up with, you would work wonders with that family and they would be so lucky to have you.” You tell him sitting up. The afternoon was slowly becoming an evening.

“Do you wanna stay the night at mine tonight?” Sam offered as you hoped in the car.

“Any chance to sleep next to you. I’ll gladly take.” You wink and he chucked starting the car. You message you mum to let her know that you’re staying at the Hollands for the night. She always made a joke about ‘don’t forget your passport’ because Holland is a country and you found it so old you no longer laughed at her stupid comment. You arrived back at Sam’s place and you followed him in. Paddy greeted you and you guys did your signature handshake. Nikki offered you a drink and some time to catch up. Sam sat with his brothers outside, soaking up the sun and drinking a beer.

You know you’re welcome over here at any time. Even if Sam isn’t around.“ Nikki told you handing you a plate of scones she had freshly made with jam and cream.

“Thank you.” You smile taking a bite of the scone. Her secret ingredient was lemonade.

“We’re probably going to get take away, if that’s okay with you.”

“Sounds good to me.”

Outside, Sam’s brothers were chatting with Sam.

“You’re really lucky man.” Tom said leaning against the back of the chair.

“Yeah. I’m surprised she is still with you.” Harry teased.

“Cheers mate.” Sam rolled his eyes at his brother. You walked out with a glass of water and joined them outside. You sat next to Sam and he placed a hand on your lower back.

“You know (Y/N), if you ever get sick of Sam, and you want to experiment with someone older-”

“I’m good. Thanks Tom.” You say placing a hand on Sam’s knee and take a sip of your water. Tom blushed red. Maybe you’re the first person to turn him down. “Maybe get an Oscar and then we can talk.” You joke and Harry burst out laughing. Nikki called everyone in to eat dinner which she had ordered and got delivered.

“Pizza’s here!” Paddy shouted passing plates out to everyone. You grab two slices and sit on the ground with Paddy in the lounge room. Sam came and sat with you guys.

After dinner, you lap in bed with Sam.
“This has been the best day ever with you Sam. I really appreciate everything you do for me.” You tell him honestly.

“It’s because I love you.” Sam smiles kissing your temple before shutting his eyes. You look at the beauty in front of you. You thank your lucky stars that night for him.


I kinda hate the end to this, but oh well.

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Missing You Already - Daniel Imagine

Fandom: Now You See Me

Pairing: Daniel x Reader

Today was a really hard day at work for me. My boss made me to work two more hours then I usually do and I had to fill in a lot of papers. Now I´m on my way to home. It´s cold and I put my hands in my pockets to try to warm them a little. A crowd on my right catch my eye and I turn my head to see what´s going on. I see some male magician performing and I think about staying to watch a couple of minutes. I always loved magic tricks, but I always watched from behind, I never wanted to be in the center of attention. I decide to stay so I approach the crowd and stand in one of the back lines. 

As I stand I see that the magician is very handsome. He wears a confident smirk which only makes him more attractive. He shuffle the deck of cards and they suddenly fly up in the sky. In one swift movement he catches them all. Everyone claps including me. 

“Hello everyone, I´m Daniel Atlas. Today I´m going to show you some tricks. But remember, the closer you look…the less you see.” He says pausing for a effect. Then out of nowhere a white pigeon flies out of his jacket. 


Daniel did more tricks and I stayed to watch them all because he´s really good. I didn´t planned to stay this long, but I guess this is somehow contagious.

“Now for my next trick I´ll need someone from the audience.” Daniel says and I immediately step back. He watches through the crowd, some girls are twirling their hair, coming closer, just to get his attention. But…with my luck, his eyes land on me.

“You. With the leather jacket. Would you be kind to come here next to me?” He asks me kindly and I step in front nervously, “What´s your name, love?”

“Y/N.” I answer looking anywhere but at his eyes.

“Y/N, wonderful name. You don´t have to be nervous, I´m not going to cut you in half.” He jokes and everyone laughs, me following. I finally look at him to see him smiling softly, and now he have some different spark in his eyes than he had before.

“Take one card and write your name on it.” He gives me the cards and I pick one. He also gives me a pen and I write my name on the card, two red hearts.

“Now put it back into the deck.” He says and I do as he told me. He shuffle the cards, looking at me. I smile and he winks, I feel heat rising up in my cheeks but I ignore it. He hands me the whole deck and I take it.

“Spread them, but backwards.” He says. I spread the cards and he takes one out, my card with my name on it. He shows it to the audience and they clap, I smile and hand him his cards back.

“And that would be all for today! Thank you for coming!” Daniel shouts and everyone gives him one last applause before they all go in their own ways. I turn around to leave too before I hear him call my name. I turn around and see him coming towards me.

“Hey. Would you maybe like to have a drink with me?” He asks me with a smile.

“Sure, why not.” I answer and his smile widen into a toothy grin.

Daniel and I are sitting in Starbucks, drinking coffee. He told me something about himself, we talked about his magic and laughed. I´m having a great time, especially after a hard day like today.

“So Y/N, what do you like to do?” He asks me taking a sip of his coffee.

“Well I like to listen to music, write sometimes, but I also love magic. I mean I just watch.” I chuckle at the end and he grins.

“You are cute.” He says suddenly and I look at him, my eyes searching his face for any sign of joking. I can´t find any.

“Thank you.” I say looking down at the table with a smile.

“What´s that behind your ear?” He asks and I look up at him confused. He leans over the table and put his hand behind my ear, then he shows me a beautiful red rose. I smile softly taking the rose.

“Thank you, it´s beautiful.” I say.

“Not as much as you.” He says dreamily and I feel butterflies in my stomach. I met this guy half an hour ago and he´s already making me feel wonderful.

“Do you want to take a walk?” I ask him and he nods.


“Thank you, I had a great time.” I smile, still holding my rose.

“I had a great time too, I´m really glad I spotted you in the crowd.” He says and we both smile.

“Can you give me my card for a second?” I ask him and he takes it out. I write my number under my name and give it back to him with a smile.

“If you want, give me a call sometimes.” I say and kiss his cheek. He grins widely and I turn around to unlock my doors.

“Bye Y/N.” I hear him say and I turn around.

“Bye Daniel.” I say back and enter my place.


I enter my house, take off my shoes and jacket. I sit on the couch and after fifteen minutes my phone vibrates. I look at my screen to see a new message and I smile.

~Missing you already, Daniel <3


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Hey Suz, i have a more unusual request: could you do a headcanon for Jim and Pike, because i really loved their father / son dynamic. Thanks :)

I can’t ship them romantically, but here, have some father/son bonding moments:

Jim’s fingers run over his sore nose. It’s no longer bleeding, but he can still feel it. He grunts when there’s a hand on his shoulder, and Pike sits down next to him. “Why is that every time we see each other, you’re beat up one way or another?” Pike asks, and Jim huffs. "I was just trying to get a point across,“ he says. “With your fist?” Pike asks, ordering another beer for both of them. He turns to look at Jim, and he’s no doctor, but he’s fairly sure those bruises would leave him soon enough. “So, your test scores are higher than expected.” “Expected?” Jim asks, turning to look at Pike, “you expected me to fail?” “What? No. But your dad was never as great at showing up to social gatherings and studying for tests at the same time. Tell me, do you even get your eight hours of sleep a night?” Jim huffs at that question, taking a swig from his beer, and he raises his shoulders in a shrug. “A night? No. A week? Probably.” “Jesus, kid. Go home and sleep,” Pike says, “and make sure you get that nose checked out.”

The last thing Jim expects is to find Pike on a Saturday afternoon. It’s weird seeing these people on his days off, even if it’s Pike. And Pike sits crouched in front of a motor bike. It’s on a small parking lot in the city center, but he uses the space like he’s at home. “What are you doing?” Jim asks, and Pike looks up. He’s seen him out of uniform a couple times, but seeing him in baggy jeans and a dirty white t-shirt is still an odd sight. “I’m fixing my bike so I can take her for a spin,” Pike says, and Jim steps closer. “D’you need any help?” he asks. Pike looks at Jim with a small smile, then he tosses him a wrench. 

“Where’s McCoy?” Pike asks when he finds Jim by himself, “seems like you two are attached at the hip sometimes.” “You keeping an eye on me?” Jim counter-asks, and Pike smiles. Jim’s been sitting outside campus. In the park, books on his lap, and he’s trying to study. Emphasis on trying, because while he’s trying to read, he’s mostly just looking at people passing by. “McCoy’s in Georgia with his kid,” Jim says, shrugging, “and anyway, I’m trying to get close to this girl. Long, black hair. Studies Xenolinguistics?” “Oh, that’s great,” Pike says, sitting next to him, “what’s her name?” “I was wondering if you knew,” Jim replies, and Pike laughs. “Okay. No, I’m not giving out student names so you can hook up with them,” he says, “what are you doing?” “I’m studying for Tactical Analysis,” Jim replies, “is this course really necessary? I’d rather take the kobayashi maru test.” “Yeah, you do seem to like failing,” Pike says, “why don’t you read me some of your findings, and I’ll give you feedback?”

“When you called and said it was an emergency, this isn’t what I expected,” Pike admits, seeing Jim lean against a tree near a college dorm. He’s unstable on his feet, the buttons of his shirt are messily buttoned, and his hair sticks out in every possible direction. “It is an emergency,” Jim slurs out, visibly drunk, and Pike rolls his eyes. “Had a good night, then?” “No,” Jim replies, “I failed the test.” “Everyone fails that test, Jim,” Pike says, “that’s kind of the point-” “No, I’m gonna beat it,” Jim promises him and Pike laughs. He grabs Jim’s arm and slings it over his own shoulder, steadying him so he can walk this mess of a boy home. “Kid, you’re gonna be the death of me. To your dorm, then?” he asks, but Jim shakes his head. “Can’t. Roommate kicked me out for the night. Bones is out on a field trip to some hospital… drop me off at the library, I’ve slept there before.” “Me, too, when I was a student,” Pike admits, pulling Jim towards the sidewalk, “but I’ll take you to my flat. You can crash on my couch.”

After graduation, Pike buys them all the beers they can drink, and they sit together in a quiet bar away from campus. Jim listens to Pike talk. About his experiences as a captain. About being friends with Jim’s father in the Academy, And, listening to his stories - about getting in trouble with George when they tried to steal a shuttlecraft for the weekend (”seriously, Jim, don’t get any ideas. I see that twinkle in your eyes”), to introducing George to Winona, to passing that Kobayashi Maru test without winning it, and sacrificing everything for the safety of his crew. His family. 

Jim listens to Pike scold him for the events on Nibiru. He knows Pike is right, but his own ego and his current annoyance towards Spock is stopping him from seeing that. “You lied, Jim, on an official report,” Pike says, and Jim lets out an annoyed sigh. “What was I supposed to do, let Spock die?” “You shouldn’t have sent your First Officer there in the first place!” Pike says, “you broke a dozen Starfleet regulations and nearly got everybody on your ship killed. Come on, son, I expected better from you.” “Don’t ‘son’ me,” Jim says, “you’re not my father.” “Then stop acting like a child,” Pike says, “and start behaving like the goddamn captain you are. I saw a greatness in you when no one else did. I don’t regret that decision one bit, but don’t you start disappointing me now, Jim. Go back to the Academy, get yourself together, and be the Captain I know you can be.”

“I’m sorry,” Jim says quietly, and he finds himself looking down at his feet. “You said I was going to be the death of you, but I never thought you’d take it so literally.” Pike’s grave is off campus; on a clean patch of bright green grass, and surrounded by the graves of other fallen Starfleet officers. There’s fresh flowers on his grave, and a letter in a child’s handwriting. Must be family, but Jim doesn’t remember Pike ever having any kids. The fact that his grave is visited makes him happy, though. “I thought getting Khan would make this somehow easier but it’s not… not really. Anyway, I uh, bought you a beer for your birthday, but I’ll drink it myself. I can already hear you yelling at me for wasting good beer if I didn’t drink it, so. ” He hesitates, because how dumb is this? He’s literally talking to a grave. But then, it does feel nice, and Pike was always a good listener. Even if he’s not talking back, now. So Jim talks about their five year mission into space coming up, and how he feels weird about missing out on birthday drinks with Pike, but Bones has been doing a great job taking over where Pike left off. “Anyway, so… thank you,” Jim ends a little awkwardly, “I never knew what it was like to have a dad, but now I know, and I wish you’d been there a little longer.” Turning around, he walks away. And exiting the cemetery, Bones slides an arm around Jim’s waist and keeps him close. Spock, too, rests a hand on Jim’s shoulder, and the three of them head towards the Enterprise. Jim understood before what Pike meant when he talked about sacrificing himself for family, but he never quite felt it the way he does now, and it’s astonishing how Pike keeps teaching him things, even when he’s no longer there.

Good Girls - MUKE SMUT

photo credit: x/x

Anon said: Prison escape Michael and Luke(Muke!!) where they escape and they end up breaking into your house to hide and it leads to smut somehow please!!

thrust-thirsty said: Can you do a Muke threesome where the boys sexually do stuff with the girl but also with each other? xx💕

Prompted by the good girls music video x


A hand covered your mouth, enticing a muffled scream from your lips. You lived alone.

“Hey, I’m going to need you to shut up.” A low man’s voice whispered in your ear. You stopped screaming but began to shake and whimper softly.

“Mike we can’t stay here long.” You heard another male voice, your eyes snapped left to see a tall bright-haired man in an orange jumpsuit looking out of your front window. Flashing blue headlights and the sound of a police siren whizzed past the window, the man ducked down cautiously.

“If we leave now she’ll squeal.” The man holding you, apparently named Mike replied. You shook your head as much as Mike’s grip allowed you to move. 

“You won’t?” You heard a chuckle from the other unnamed man, he slowly got up and strolled towards where you were on a large armchair. You continued to shake your head.

“I think we need to make sure she won’t tell on us, Luke.” Mike slowly released your head and walked round to crouch on his knees in front of the chair, he knelt at your feet, still managing to intimidate you.

You remained silent. These were escaped convicts, their orange suits were unmistakable. You swallowed nervously, skeptical of how they were going to ensure their safety.

“God, it’s been so long since I’ve had a girl.” Mike smirked and ran his hand over your cheek. You stiffened your jaw at the contact.

You had a chance to study the boys’ appearances. ‘Luke’ was tall and broad, the orange suit was tied by the sleeves around his hips, a scruffy white vest covering his chest. His face was almost angelic, it made you wonder what he had done to wind up in jail. He had a multiple facial piercings, and tattoos covering his neck and arms. ‘Mike’, you assumed his full name was Michael, had wild bleached hair surrounding a stubbly jawline, his face was wider than Luke’s but still undeniably handsome. Michael had piercings as well, his eyebrow and lip, and you saw tattoos scattered around his body, most on his arms, exposed by the sleeves that looked to have been  ripped off where they joined the shoulders, leaving a makeshift vest.

“I’ll tell you what babe,” Luke bent his knees and leaned his elbow on the armrest, “If you give us what we want and don’t call the cops, we will give you what you want.”

“What do you think I want?” You managed to stutter, your facial expression remaining emotionless, trying to work out if they were actually suggesting what you thought they were suggesting.

“This.” Michael inched forward, you raised your eyebrow at his cautious approach, at least he was asking consent, kind of. You willingly let your mouth catch his in a quick kiss before he moves his lips to your neck, sucking harshly.

Luke slapped Michael’s lower leg, making him sit back on his heels reluctantly, forcing your mouth into a frown. Truthfully you wanted more attention.

“We don’t have time for all this lovey-dovey shit, princess.” Luke roughly pulled you out the chair by your shoulder and pushed you on your knees. Both of the boys stood up, towering above you, you had to tilt your neck back to see them fully.

Luke took a fistful of Michael’s messy hair and dragged the boy’s lips to his own. You watched their lips part and connect hungrily, wide eyed at the display. It was having an affect on you that you weren’t proud of, you rubbed your thighs together to create friction and some kind of release where you needed it. You would be lying if you said you didn’t want these boys.

Luke put a hand on Michael’s chest and shoved Mike away from him, he had seen you squirming and decided to satisfy you.

“Fuck your fucking scruff man, I want a lady for a change,” He slouched into the armchair in front of you, but leaned forward, close to your face, “You’re a lady, aren’t you? Pristine and perfect,” His gaze swept your body before meeting your eyes again, “Something we can ruin.” With that he attacked your mouth with his own.

He bit your lip and pulled back before returning to kiss you harder. You felt hands running over your hips, slipping under your top and kneading your covered breasts, Mike was getting restless too.

“Mike you get her this time, I’m fucking exhausted.” Luke tore his lips away from yours and looked over your shoulder to Michael. You then looked back at Luke quizzically, you could see how turned he was though the orange material. “Oh, I’ll get my fun princess. Strip fast, now.”

You obeyed his orders and wiggled off your clothes and underwear quickly and ungracefully. You were suddenly very exposed as Luke had left his orange suit around his ankles, and you couldn’t see Michael behind you.

"Come here princess,” Luke beckoned as your shuffled forward to him on your knees. He sat on the edge of the cushion, with his legs as wide as the material on his legs would allow, pumping his erection leisurely. “Suck.”

You gulped back the lump in your throat and took him in your mouth, earning a groan from Luke. You gained confidence fast and grabbed his shaft in your hand, pumping what you couldn’t fit in your mouth. You sucked gently, letting your tongue run over his tip, as Michael’s hands caressed your back. Michael guided your back into a curve, sticking your ass out before roughly thrusting into you, jolting your head down on Luke, forcing him to hit the back of your throat.

“Fuck!” Luke and Michael groaned, almost in unison. Luke raised his hips to meet your lips as they bobbed rhythmically down on him. Michael began to pound into you, relishing the feeling and letting high pitched whimpers fall from his mouth.

“I’m close.” Luke desperately whimpered as Michael angled your hips slightly and rammed back into you after drawing all the way out. The new position forced a moan out of you, Michael’s fingers digging into your sides harder at your uncontrollable noises.

You saw Luke’s abs tense as his moans were becoming louder and more frequent. You tightened your lips around him but got distracted as Michael’s thrusts quickened, hitting your g-spot every time he slammed back into you. The room filled with desperate whimpers and became humid, the smell of sex surrounding us. Luke warned you he was close before releasing into your throat, forcing you to swallow.

Your legs were shaking as Luke pulled himself out of your mouth and flopped back in the chair. Michael’s thrusts increased in speed and your swears became incomprehensible.

You tightened around his length and your orgasm washed over you, your whole body shuddering at the intensity. Michael groaned and pulled out of you, you felt him cum on your back, slightly relieved he had the decency to pull out.

“We have to go, Clifford.” Luke dragged himself out of the chair, giving Michael no time to recover, and forcing him up on weak legs. They redressed hurriedly, leaving you naked on the floor, panting heavily.

“You were a good girl for us today,” Luke took your chin in his hand, raising your eyes to meet his surprisingly soft blue ones, “We might come back, if you’re lucky.”

And with that, they left.

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Happy x Barista Reader

Requested by @beastinfordisney

Happy walked into the new coffee shop in town. One thing his brothers did not know about him, that besides his addiction to killing, beer and sex he had an addiction to coffee. He walked up to the counter, pulling out his walled and then looked at the person behind the register. He was stopped in his tracks at what he saw. She was beautiful, the most beautiful woman he had ever seen in his life. She had y/h/c hair, pulled into a pony tail, tattoos randomly placed on her arms, pierced ears. She wore a pair of black leggings and a ripped up Pink Floyd t-shirt. “What can I get for you handsome?” She smiled at him, he must of looked like an idiot to her just gawking at her. “Uh… Large black coffee…” “Awesome dark or light roast?” “Which one had more caffeine or does in matter?” “Light does.” “I will take light.” Happy said nodding to her. “1.75″ “That’s it?” “Yup.” Happy took his cup, handing her the money, dropping a dollar in the tip jar. “Thanks hun!” Happy held his coffee up as he sat down. He looked around the coffee shop. It was modern, with wood finishes like a cabin here and there and pictures of wolves every where. He took a sip and almost choked. The coffee was delicious.

It had become a regular habit. Happy came in everyday, sometimes twice a day. He learned a lot about y/n. She had a few dogs and a cat, no boyfriend, drove a motorcycle and sometimes a nice impala. This store is her passion, she said many times. Hell Happy even brought his brothers in to see the place, Tig getting a little to close to y/n. Happy often watched y/n, making the big fancy drinks, pulling the espresso shots, making lattes and cappuccinos. Always smiling when she did. Even making Jaxs, latte. Which all the boys laughed at him for it. It was obvious she loved her job and coffee.

“I told you sir, 1.75″ y/n said as politely as she could muster. Happy walked in seeing a man, drunk arguing with her. He went to slap her. She grabbed the mans hand twisting it and bashing his head on the table. “Listen hear you slime ball, ever walk in here again and you will have a 9mm waiting for you. The whole cafe clapping. “Get him y/n!” The man ran out. “What happened?” “Thought it was free Happy. He had money I am sure, the liquar clouded his judgement. he will sober up maybe and feel dumb” y/n air quoting when she said maybe“It is 1.75. I am aware of excessive spending but this habit is cheap. Especially a black coffee!” “So Happy you want your black coffee?” “Naw, I want a date with you girl.” y/n smirked “Took you long enough Happy, been asked by others and was wondering when I would finally have to say yes since you where not asking me!” “Let me know who asked little girl, so I can kick there ass.” Happy smirked a bit. “Well big bad biker, that one with the blue eyes and black hair who calls me doll. Well everyone doll. Thought I was going to have to say yes, to what is his name? Tig?” “I will kill him..” Happy grumbled.

a year later… 

“Happy, baby! Want some coffee?” “Sure babe, grab little bean so I can give her a kiss.” y/n came out holding there baby. Happy kissing the baby, that had dark hair and y/c/e. “I love you girls..” “We love you too hunny. We are the cream to your coffee.” “Lame babe.” Happy said chuckling.

Despite knowing each other for so long, you and the killer, made a good couple. Like black coffee and cream. ^_^

clack au even with zacks help cloud doesn’t end up getting in SOLDIER so right before he leaves to go back to nibelheim zack asks him out. they agree to have long distance relationship and as zacks raising ranks and meeting all the people that become his superiors/friends (genesis, sephiroth, angeal etc) hes always talking about his “honey” to the point not just their group but other squads around the building are wondering who the fuck caught zacks attention for such a long time

since zack never goes into specifics about cloud (like uh, his nAME, HIS GENDER, HOW OLD HE IS–) and just calls him “my honey”, that leaves everyone him to think about and wonder what this person is like and most of them are imagining this cute, small house wife like girl with long pretty hair and is all soft natured bc of how zack talks about cloud (my honey is so adorable and sweet, oh my god, like?? I can’t handle this my heart hurts and–)

so eventually they get sick of not knowing more about zacks “girlfriend” and are honestly, excited and wickedly relieved that this girlfriend is able to come to midgar when zack has time off– zack is basically freaking out and talking a mile a minute on how happy he is, it’s ridiculous

finally cloud’s arrival date comes and zack literally cannot wait to go get him off the train. like he’s vibrating with excitement. sephiroth is a little concerned and since genesis can’t put a cap on his curiosity, he insists on coming with zack, who immediately agrees because “it’ll be fun”. but angeal is vaguely worried on leaving genesis and zack with no supervision because have you seen those two together?? jesus christ

sephiroth doesn’t want to be left out but won’t admit it so when he’s also invited to the picking-up he tries to be all “I’m only coming to keep an eye on you all” but they all know he’s just as curious as everyone else

a little later theyre all standing at the train station, getting a plethora of looks and being approached because everyone knows who they are (beware of fangirls, b e war e) and the train theyre waiting for arrives and opens its doors. zack is like, gonna blow a gasket. theres a lot of people though so it takes a few seconds to pick cloud out, but when he finally sees him as he’s getting out of the crowd he runs and picks cloud up, spinning him around and pkacing him back down, engulfing him in a big hug and lots of kisses. cloud is a good deal smaller in stature/bulk so all zacks ragtag group can see is clouds effeminate hands and arms wrapped around zacks waist. zack pulls away to get a good look at cloud, laughing that he’s still so tiny, “are you eating enough spike?” and cloud snarks back “you seem to be eating plenty, what are they even feeding you! you’re like a tree!”

zack brings cloud over to his group, who, even sephiroth, are 100% taken aback because for one cloud is a m a n, but is the prettiest man theyve ever seen besides sephiroth, who is yes, very sweet and adorable. zack introduces them to his honey (which the nickname makes cloud turn red). they’re astonished.

zack brings cloud back to HQ. introduces him to all his other friends and co-workers. they’re also astonished.

so, there in and after, everyone collectively decides to freak out.

More 2CT/CieLizzy Angst

Elizabeth hadn’t expected this.

Perhaps she should have known that something was amiss when the first strange happening occured; Ciel showing up to her home and asking her to come with him. Nobody except Paula had seen her go.

Or maybe when Ciel had brought her to him manor, up the stairs and into his room, closing the door behind him. He had reached up and removed his eyes path to reveal–

…just a royal blue eye.

There was no injury, no scar. The eye was identical to the other, both emitting a soft glow in the darkness of the room.

“Ciel?” she asked tentatively, earning a smirk from him.

“At last, I hear my name again. After all, I am Ciel Phantomhive, the real one.

"What, now?”

Ciel reached out a gloved hand, brushing aside a strand of her curly blonde hair. “Poor girl. You’ve been misled for so long, and you trust him so much. He’s quite cruel to have lied to you all this time.”

“What are you on about?” Elizabeth asked, more firmly this time.

“Do you ever wonder what he’s been hiding from you? What had happened to us in that month? Have you ever found it strange that he’s awfully weak and sickly, a lot like…” he trailed off, seeing the girl begin to understand.

Elizabeth’s blood turned to ice in her veins. “There’s no way…”

Ciel, or whoever he was, nodded. “He’s been impersonating me and taking my place for these past three years. He’s been lying to everyone, perhaps even himself.”

He’d lied to her. He’d lied about who he was, and who knows what else Elizabeth’s eyes burned as the truth settled over her like a thick fog..

“Don’t cry, Lizzy. I never liked seeing you cry.” Ciel, the real one, soothed, brushing his fingertips along the side of her fair face.

“And where have you been all this time, Ciel?” Elizabeth inquired, not even trying to fight the quiver out of her voice.

Ciel paused, his charismatic grin faltering for just a moment. “That’s a story for another time, I’m afraid. But don’t you fret, my dear Lizzy, he turned away from her, just as the distant sound of the front door opening broke the silence, "I promise that I will explain everything to you soon. After all,” he glanced back at her with a glinting azure eye, “you are my dearest fiance.” And with that, he left, closing the bedroom door behind him and leaving Lizzy in darkness.

Proper Date~ Hermione x Reader

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Pairing: Hermione x Reader (not gender specific)

Warnings: None

Requested by Anon!

You had failed the past two Potions quizzes. So when Professor Snape slammed your recent quiz on the desk you weren’t surprised at the results. Snape let out a long sigh that can only be described as disappointment. You banged your head on your desk. This was awful. You really couldn’t deal with another howler from your mum.


You jerked your head up to see that girl Potter was always hanging around with. Her long, frizzy hair framed her face like a halo. You had seen her around but had never gotten this close. She was very beautiful. You blinked hard realizing that you were staring at her. 

“I’m sorry, what is your name? I can’t seem to remember,” you asked. 

“So I’ve heard that you’ve been having problems in class and I was wondering if you would like some help studying,” she blurted out. 

“That would be wonderful, but I didn’t catch your name?”

“Oh I’m sorry, my name’s Hermione. Hermione Granger.”

She held out her hand to shake, her face getting red. You have a small smile as you took her hand. 

“Y/N L/N, it’s a pleasure to meet you. Do you have time right now?”

“Yes! I was just about to go to the library to study.”

“Well then shall we?”

You rose from the desk and offered her your arm dramatically. She let her hand rest on your elbow, her face lighting up.

“We shall.”

After making your way through the stairs and the halls you finally arrived at the library. Hermione was reading out loud from the textbook. You were just sitting there, watching her. Her voice was wonderful to listen to, even when she stumbled over the words. 


“Yes, Y/N?”

“Are you seeing anyone right now?”

You could see her freeze. She glanced up but her eyes quickly flew back to the page. The blush was back, creeping into her cheeks.

“Um, well no. I’m not,” she stammered.

“Would you want to go on a proper date with me? I mean I love watching you read but I’d love to go on a proper date. Like where there is food and stuff. I don’t know.”

At first she didn’t look up from the book but the smile that broke out on her face made you happy already. Even if she said no. And when you looked up at you, you couldn’t help breaking into a smile either.

“I’d love to go on a proper date with you, Y/N. With food and stuff.”

reasons why i love transgender ginny weasley

  • molly wanting a girl so badly and knowing this has to be the last kid, they’ve reached the point where the house really can’t fit anyone, seriously. she can’t help but be disappointed when it’s a boy. sure, she’ll love him, but she secretly really wanted a girl. ginny is all of two years old when she starts saying “no, GIRL!” when people say “good boy” or “bad boy” and molly’s like “absolutely i will say ‘girl’ now i am so excited”
  • what if ginny were originally named arthur and then when arthur finds out that there’s nobody named after him anymore he gets super pissed off for like .2 seconds until he’s like “hey, i have a daughter! cool beans! i wonder if, statistically, girls appreciate muggle things more than boys???" 
  • molly watching ginny color when she’s six, wearing the cutest little dress you ever saw, and the sun from the window lights up her long red hair and somehow it just makes molly so happy that the soup she was stirring lifts right out of the pot
  • harry’s never heard the word "transgender” before because the dursleys limited his access to sources of information to the point he had to listen to the news while hidden in the hydrangeas. so when ginny tells him he’s like “wtf i have never heard of this ever” but then he realizes, okay, she’s still ginny and it really doesn’t matter to him. he bugs her about what her name was before. after a few tries he stops asking and backs off. he doesn’t want to be rude. she realizes exactly why he stopped asking and takes pity on him one day–she knows he’s got to be curious still, and besides, he knows everything else about her. he laughs when she finally tells him (“your poor dad omg”) but she has a murderous look in her eyes and he promises never to speak of it again. (he doesn’t. not ever.)
  • also, au where she doesn’t realize she’s transgender until after puberty: fred and george creating a potion that makes your voice high and squeaky for a full hour. they sneak it into ginny’s dinner. “what’s the matter, gin? we thought you were trying to make your voice sound higher!” (after all the snickering– and ginny’s silence for an entire hour–they fiddle around with various potions and spells for months until they find something that raises her voice pitch just the right amount.)

[Shall we date?:We the Girls+ ♥32]

Beautiful ladies, allow me to introduce myself.
My name is Rhett Klynnen, a high school student who happens to be a great American football player.

I’m excited for the new transfer student, been wondering what kind of girl she would be.
She would be my kind of girl if she had long blonde hair and beautiful voice.

It’s funny, but I get the feeling that I am about to meet the girl of my dream so very soon!
That transfer student… Could she be the one?!

Joe Sugg imagine || Skip the question. ||

Anonymous said:

hi darling!! could you write one where Joe and the reader are talking about past relationships (they’re a couple btw) and Joe ends up finding out that the reader is a virgin?? thank you! ☺️💕

- -

Anonymous said:

your imagines are amazing ahhh I literally have you on notifications 😍👌I was wondering if you could write an imagine where Joe finds out y/n is a virgin, and she gets really embarrassed about it. thank you!! 💕

- - -

Sitting in your living room with your boyfriend of a little over a month you had gotten back from seeing a movie and ended up sitting and talking about life and things like that together.

You had both found yourself on the subject of relationships gone by and it had made you feel very nervous.

“I don’t think I have any crazy ex stories.” Joe said in thought about it, he had taken a drink from his glass of water, putting it back down on the table. “What about you?” He wondered and you shook your head slowly, your heart beat getting faster. “No … Nothing crazy or exciting about my past relationships.” You admitted.

“Not even an ex who tried to kidnap you or something, ‘cause you are so beautiful?” Joe asked and your cheeks turned a deep shade of crimson, “Ah … No, none of that.” You assured, you couldn’t even imagine something like that happening to you.

A short silence had taken over you both, Joe ran his finger under his lower lip in thought, waiting for you to come up with a question as it was your turn. “What about … Hmm.” You tried thinking of a question. The longer it took you the more nervous it made you feel, you weren’t sure why.

“How old you were when … You had your first kiss? Like – proper.” You wondered, “thirteen.” Joe didn’t hesitate to answer that one, “after a school dance, a girl in the group of friends I had gone with kissed me.” He was in thought about it and before long, he shook his head, “it was awful.” He laughed, his fingers running through his hair. “You? He asked.

“Pretty much the same story.” You nodded and Joe raised his eyebrow at you, “A girl you went to a school dance with kissed you?” He asked looking amused.

“No, I meant … The same situation but with a guy.” You rolled your eyes a little. “What was his name?” Joe asked casually, feeling like something wasn’t entirely right with your answer. “Uhm, I don’t know – I can’t remember it was ages ago… Mark I think.” You shrugged it off.  “You don’t remember the name of your first kiss?” He asked casually.

“It was a long time ago – why?” You asked, not seeing the big deal about it.

“Because… I remember the name of my first kiss, what day of the week it was and what I was wearing.” Joe admitted, he was pretty sure everyone did, it wasn’t something you forgot.

Even if it sucked, it was still something special. “Oh, well – that’s nice.” You said casually, trying to avoid the subject now, feeling awkward, Joe not believing you, cleared his throat, going to ask his question now. “When did you lose your virginity?” He watched you, watching you tense up a little bit, your cheeks going a little pink.

“Skip the question.” You whispered, nervously and you avoided his stare at you.

“Why? Nothing to be embarrassed about…” Joe said, “I just don’t wanna talk about it, really.” You said, feeling a bit helpless.

Finally catching on, Joe said; “or … Maybe you don’t want to answer the question, because – you’ve never had sex?” Joe raised his eyebrow at you.

You looked up quickly, staring at him as he stared back at you. “Have so.” You said in defence. “I’m not saying it to embarrass you, I’m just saying – if you haven’t it’s not a big deal.” He shrugged now.

“It’s embarrassing anyway.” You muttered, looking out the large bay window behind your couch. “It shouldn’t be, just a yes I have or no I haven’t question, not the end of the world.” He didn’t want to make you feel weird, but it wasn’t a big deal – to him it wasn’t anyway.

“No, I’ve never had sex, okay? I’m a virgin.” You muttered, answering his question the most embarrassed you had ever been in your entire life, “and my first kiss? It was the twenty-fifth of September … A Friday … I was wearing jeans and a black sweater,” you whispered. “… You were wearing a denim jacket… You kissed me at London Victoria station because my bus had arrived early and it was the last one.” You said, now you were extremely embarrassed.

“I was your first kiss?” Joe asked in surprise, not having expected to hear that from you. “Yes.” You said lowly, still avoiding him. “(Y/N).” He said softly seeing he had embarrassed you, which wasn’t his intentions at all.

He got up from his end of the couch and slide down to sit off centre beside you, putting his hand on your knee, “I didn’t mean to upset you.” He said, watching your face.

You turned to look at him carefully. “You didn’t upset me.” You whispered. “It’s just embarrassing, okay?” You suggested,

“it’s embarrassing that I was your first kiss? I’m sure that girl at the dance thinks the same thing right now, too.” He said trying to make you smile or laugh, but you didn’t.

“No, not you … Just that, my first kiss wasn’t that long ago… I have no experience with anything, it makes me uncomfortable talking about it…” You played with your fingers.

“It’s nothing to be ashamed about, (Y/N).” He said softly. “No, I know – but it doesn’t mean I don’t feel stupid about it… Everyone else I know has lost it.” You shook your head. “Can we not talk about this anymore?” You asked.

“Listen.” Joe said, putting his arm around you and pulling you against him even though you fought him a little bit. “Don’t be embarrassed about it, I’m not gonna lie to you… I didn’t lose it myself until I was twenty, that wasn’t that long ago either… And it wasn’t to a flight attendant on a plane either.” He muttered recalling that video he made with Joe Weller and Callum.

“What?” You asked in confusion at him. “Nothing. Anyway – the point is … When you find the right somebody in your life, you’ll know it, don’t go giving up something that is special to someone who doesn’t deserve it.” He smiled at you. “I wish I would have waited, I think a lot of us do.” He nodded. “Do you feel better?” He wondered watching you.

“A little … But can we please change the subject now? Like … Anything.” You didn’t want to talk about it anymore, but you were happy knowing Joe wasn’t weirded out by your lack of sexual experience and was so sweet about it.

“Like … What do you wanna talk about?” He agreed to let the subject go. “Anything.” You shrugged, cuddling into him a little bit. “How about my pet snail?” He asked…

but imagine young Draco Malfoy and Hermione Granger meeting for the first time in the Hogwarts Express.

imagine an 11 year old boy — whose only perception of beauty in his mind is his mother’s perfectly coiffed long, blonde hair and cool, aristocratic tone —  finding this 11 year old girl somewhat cute, with her big, bushy, brown hair and big, bossy voice and thinking she’s not too bad. i wonder what her name is.

imagine him watching her as they wait outside the doors of the Great Hall, only pausing in his observations of her to talk to Harry Potter, to befriend the only person ever to escape the Killing Curse because Father will be pleased if he accomplishes that.

imagine the stinging hurt caused by Harry Potter’s rejection — the first “no” he has gotten in his life because that Potter would rather be friends with a Weasley, a Weasley, rather than the son of Lucius Malfoy — only mildly soothed by the thought of friendship with the bushy haired girl from the train, who’s name he found out, is Hermione Granger.

imagine his joy of being sorted in Slytherin — like he always knew he would be — being replaced with a twinge of disappointment when the Sorting Hat finally announced Gryffindor after three minutes of being placed on her head, him thinking how could he possibly be friends with her now? but that’s alright, i’ll find a way.

imagine his shock and disbelief when, during breakfast the very next day at the Slytherin table, Pansy had told everyone who would listen that that Granger girl is muggleborn, she doesn’t wizard blood and he remembers what his father has said about Muggleborns and “dirty blood” and the last hopes of her ever becoming his friend is crushed and gone for good.

imagine the brief feeling of triumph at seeing the hurt on Granger’s face when he called her Mudblood for the very first time, and him scolding himself afterwards over the unwelcome feeling of remorse because she is only mudblood scum, unworthy of magic and the wizarding world, Father said so.

imagine him running as fast as his feet could carry him during the riot in the Quidditch World Cup, stumbling and slipping countless times over tree roots and rocks in his rush, and not even caring, only that he must get to Granger, he must warn her, he must, he must, he must.

imagine him finding all of that worth it, when months later in December, he watches her dancing with Viktor Krum, safe and laughing, the most beautiful girl that night in the Yule Ball.

imagine the constant thought of Hermione Granger being replaced with fear, and pain, and loss of innocence that came in the form of the inky Dark Mark branded on his left forearm, and with it, the heavy load of his and his parents’ life resting on his shoulders, the grave possibility of their deaths lest he fails in the task the Dark Lord has given him.

imagine him watching Granger writhe and scream on the drawing room floor of his family’s manor, being tortured by his own aunt Bellatrix and he thinks, if he can’t escape physically, he can fade within, the voice in his said shouting, pleading this is not what i wanted, i’m sorry i couldn’t save you i’m sorry i’m sorry i’m sorry.

imagine the feeling of breathing again when he sees her among the survivors in the Great Hall after the Battle of Hogwarts, scarred and shaking, but warm and very much alive, and after thanking all the powers that be for his family’s survival, he chants thank Merlin, thank Salazar, she’s alive she’s alive she’s alive.

imagine him seeing Hermione Granger — no, Weasley now, he keeps reminding himself — at King’s Cross Station on the 1st of September 2017. He places a hand on Scorpius’ shoulder and bids him good fortune and tells him he is, and will always be, proud of him, then he lets Astoria take her turn of saying goodbye to their son.

he stares at his family, these two people who he loves more than anything in the world. his gaze then falls to Hermione and her family for a second, and he smiles a sad, little smile to himself, thinking of lost opportunities.

The Book of Saints and Friendly Beasts. Abbie Farwell Brown. Illustrations by Fanny Y. Cory. Boston and New York: Houghton, Mifflin & Co., 1900.

“EVERY one has heard of Bridget, the little girl saint of Ireland. Her name is almost as well known as that of Saint Patrick, who drove all the snakes from the Island. Saint Bridget had long golden hair; and she was very beautiful. Many wonderful things happened to her that are written in famous books. But I suspect that you never heard what she did about the King’s Wolf. It is a queer story.”

looking for my girl best friend

I’d like to call this an introduction of a half baked plan made at three in the morning.

(an original piece by miraculousturtle)

Hi my name is Casey Dark’ness Alzheimer Blackhole Avenue and I have long ebony black hair (that’s how I got my name) with purple streaks and red tips that reaches my mid-back and icy blue eyes like limpid tears…

actually, I’m not Casey Dark’ness Alzheimer Blackhole Avenue. Just Casey. The resident loser of this blog….

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Breaking Point

Ginny’s giving the treadmill its usual workout when Al calls her into his office. She only hears him over the blaring music of her headphones—Beyoncé because it’s Monday and she needs the motivation—is changing songs. She stops, towels off, then follows him into his office. The AC raises goosebumps on her clammy skin and the look on his usually frowny face makes her stomach tight.

“What’s up?” She manages to keep her tone light but her mind is racing. Did Mike tell him about her damn wrist hurting? Would he really have betrayed her like that? The thought wouldn’t have even occurred to her before— But that was before. She couldn’t say what the new Mike would do.

“I need a favor, Ginny.” Al’s one of the few people who always calls her Ginny. He’d confessed his love of the name under the influence of too many scotch neats at a press function. Apparently his first love had been a dark-haired girl named Ginny. Ginny politely smiled at the story, throwing Mike a panicked look, and he quickly came to her rescue. The memory made her stomach tighter.

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Stay Away

Summary: Reader meets Castiel as a child one night, then doesn’t see him again until she’s a lot older and with the Winchester’s.

Pairing: Castiel x reader

Word count: 783

Warnings: Death, gore, and I think that’s it.

[Part II]

[Part III]

Here you go! Hope you guys enjoy this. Lyrics are from the song Whisper by Evanescence so credit goes to them for that.

I’m frightened by what I see.

A young girl about four years old, creeps out of her room, her long hair stuck to her face. Her bright orbs flash around the dark hallway, wondering what she had just woken up to. Freezing in place, she hears it again. Another muffled scream. The petite child is overcome by a dreading fear, causing her to take a few steps down the hallway out of pure curiosity. She then whispers the name of the only other person that was supposed to be in the small condo currently.


But somehow I know that there’s much more to come.

“Mommy, are you okay?” The small child whimpers again, only hearing a deadly silencing ringing in her ears. She clutches onto a small stuffed animal, her tiny hands curling into even smaller fists. Her face is as pale as the snow falling outside now, a deadly and cold white drained of all colour. Chills running up her spine, the girl walks further to the living room, hearing whispering, which was odd considering she had just heard a scream moments before.

Immobilized by my fear.

Her legs stumble slightly as those of a doll at the entrance of the living room, noticing the small red splotched on the carpet. Her doe-like eyes gazed up into the living room, looking for the woman that vowed to protect her at all times. As much as she wants to turn around and run back to her bed, panic over comes that feeling, as she only wants to be comforted by her mother. Increasing pressure in her throat and behind her eyes caused her to stagger into the open room in front of her.

“Mommy, I’m scared. Where are you?”

And soon to be blinded by tears.

She felt like she was being suffocated. Scratch that. She was in fact being suffocated. Her heart was racing madly in her chest, as a choked sob escaped her lips in pure hysteria. She was scared. All she wanted was her mother to save her. But it seemed like her mother couldn’t do that at the moment.

In front of her, the colour red dominated the room. It was everywhere. Her mother’s body was in the center of the room, dangling lifelessly from one of the kitchen bar stools.

I can stop the pain.

The smell was one of the strongest things she would remember. It smelt as if she had just walked into a slaughterhouse, or a sewer even. Burnt flesh filled the air.

If I will it all away.

She would also remember her mother’s state. Her soft hair was stained with fresh crimson blood, as was everything else. Her face, arms, and neck had blooming bruises that were an array of blues, purples, and blacks.

Fallen angels at my feet.

Then there was… him.

Whispered voices at my ear.

Not at all human.

But appeared to have the form of one.

Death before my eyes.

He was a monster.

A beautiful monster working with the devil himself.

Lying next to me I fear.

That was the only explanation.

How could an all too beautiful monster be so vicious?

So conniving?

So heartless?

She beckons me.

He looks up at her.

The young girl with tears cascading down her soft, pink cheeks.

“Come here, my child.” The monster whispers, extending a single hand.

She shakes her head, a panicked shriek coming from her plump lips.

“You hurt my mommy! Stay away from me, you evil monster!”

She takes three steps back.

Shall I give in.

The monster was as beautiful as a god.

Flawless, pale skin. Illuminating, blue orbs, as bright as the morning sky. He appeared to be a statue. Perfect, yet cold and emotionless.

Upon my end shall I begin.

“Y/N.” The monster murmured, taking a step towards the child.

“I said stay away!”

I rise to meet the end.


A voice knocked you out of your thoughts, causing you to take your eyes off your book, facing Dean and Sam.

“Sorry, what did you say?” You questioned, frowning slightly at the brothers. Dean rolled his eyes, scoffing slightly at what you said.

“We said Castiel is here,” Sam explained before his slightly annoying brother could. “he’s going to be helping us out on a few hunts.”

You nodded, noticing a man on the other side of the room. His head was tilted to the right slightly, as he focused on you intently.

You froze.

The blue eyes seemed so familiar. His storybook perfection seemed so false. Yet, so real at the same time.

You almost wouldn’t have recognized him without the blood matted clothes. But you did.

“Make him leave. Now!”