i wonder what song she's singing... thats up to you i guess

Ed Sheeran sentence starters
  • "I saw a shooting star and thought of you."
  • "You were lying next to me, I looked across and fell in love."
  • "If you wanna put this on me, that’s fine, I never blamed you for anything at all."
  • "The world looks better through your eyes."
  • "It's only been one night of love and maybe that is not enough."
  • "If I fall for you, would you fall too?"
  • "It's not a homeless life for me, it's just I'm home less than I'd like to be."
  • "I haven't slept for the past week, two hours ain't enough for me."
  • "I'm drunk off last nights whisky and coke."
  • "You can stay with me forever or you could stay with me for now."
  • "Outside the day is up and calling, but I don't have to be so, please go back to sleep."
  • "Never been better since all the therapy."
  • "And you know, if I let you go, I'll still keep you safe."
  • "You are the one I fall asleep with but never wake up to."
  • "The worst things in life come free to us."
  • "I wanna be drunk when I wake up on the right side of the wrong bed."
  • "What didn't kill me, it never made me stronger at all."
  • "I know I'll never hold you like I used to."
  • "I'll be drunk again to feel a little love."
  • "I know you'll never love me like you used to."
  • "I found your hair band on my bedroom floor, the only evidence that you've been here before."
  • "I don't drink like everybody else, I do it to forget things about myself."
  • "There's no chance that we'll work it out."
  • "I said that's fine, but you're the only one that knows I lied."
  • "Everybody said we'd be together forever."
  • "Everything's great and everything's sure, but you live in your halls and I live in a tour bus."
  • "Pain is only relevant if it still hurts."
  • "If I was gonna go somewhere, I'd be there by now."
  • "I should ink my skin with your name."
  • "I should run you a hot bath and fill it up with bubbles."
  • "You should never cut your hair 'cause I love the way you flick it off your shoulder."
  • "You will never know just how beautiful you are to me."
  • "Maybe you're hoping for a fairy tale, too."
  • "This is the start of something beautiful."
  • "And it's dark in a cold December, but I've got you to keep me warm."
  • "I'm out of touch, I'm out of love."
  • "I think I love you better now."
  • "Playing a different show every night in front of a new crowd."
  • "Let me sing and do my thing and move to greener pastures."
  • "You need me, man, I don’t need you."
  • "Never be anything but a singer-songwriter, yeah."
  • "People think that I’m bound to blow up."
  • "I haven’t got a house, plus I live on a couch."
  • "They say I’m up and coming like I'm fucking in an elevator."
  • "Settle down with me, and I'll be your safety, you'll be my lady."
  • "I'm falling for your eyes, but they don't know me yet."
  • "Give me love like her, 'cause lately I've been waking up alone."
  • "All I want is the taste that your lips allow."
  • "Give me love like never before, 'cause lately I've been craving more."
  • "It's been a while but I still feel the same... maybe I should let you go."
  • "Another love that's gone to waste."
  • "If I kissed you, will your mouth read this truth?"
  • "Darling, how I miss you."
  • "You made me scream, but then I made you cry."
  • "Maybe you should learn to love her like the way you wanna be loved."
  • "I never told her that I liked the way she dances slightly out of time and pretends she knows the words to a song she's never heard."
  • "You’re not her, though I try to see you differently."
  • "I will try to find another one who suited me as well as her."
  • "We never even tried, we never even talked, we never even thought in the long run."
  • "Whenever it was painful, whenever I was away, I’d miss you."
  • "I didn't mean to break your heart."
  • "Everybody falls apart sometimes."
  • "I know you've found another one, but won't you just hold me tonight."
  • "They don't know we don't speak anymore."
  • "I will stop trying to fall in love again... it never works out anyway."
  • "But I am not anything like I was."
  • "I don't wanna lose a lover and friend in one night if that's alright."
  • "I shouldn't have fucked with your mind and your life too many times."
  • "I never meant to sleep around, I was just lonely."
  • "When I see my future, it is with you."
  • "We're not friends, nor have we ever been."
  • "If they find out, will it all go wrong?"
  • "We're not friends, we could be anything."
  • "Friends don't treat me like you do."
  • "Tell me that you turned down the man who asked for your hand 'cause you're waiting for me."
  • "I know, you're gonna be away a while, but I've got no plans at all to leave."
  • "Just promise me, you'll never leave again."
  • "Just promise me, you'll always be a friend."
  • "Everything changes, but we'll be strangers if we see this through."
  • "I've been sat with you for most of the night, ignoring everybody here."
  • "Don't you worry if I disappear."
  • "I'm not really looking for another mistake."
  • "I was never looking for a friend."
  • "Maybe you could swing by my room around ten, baby, bring a lemon and a bottle of gin."
  • "Baby, if you wanted me then you should've just said."
  • "Maybe we'll go together and just figure it out."
  • "Trust and respect is what we do this for."
  • "You didn't need to take him to bed that's all."
  • "I never saw him as a threat until you disappeared with him to have sex of course."
  • "It's not like we were both on tour, we were staying on the same fucking hotel floor."
  • "I wasn't looking for a promise or commitment, but it was never just fun and I thought you were different."
  • "This is not the way you realize what you wanted."
  • "It's a bit too much, too late if I'm honest."
  • "Getting high as two kites when we needed to breathe."
  • "I'd disappear, you'd call me selfish, I understand but I can't help it."
  • "So we can either deal with the pain and wait to get on a plane."
  • "You should go, 'cause I ain't ever coming home."
  • "I've been livin' on the road, but then again you should know."
  • "You won't ever be alone... wait for me to come home."
  • "Loving can heal, loving can mend your soul."
  • "When I'm away, I will remember how you kissed me."
  • "How'd I get so faded?"
  • "I feel the chemicals burn in my bloodstream."
  • "I've been looking for a lover, thought I'd find her in a bottle."
  • "I'll be feeling this tomorrow."
  • "You look so wonderful in your dress, I love your hair like that."
  • "We are surrounded by all of these lies and people who talk too much."
  • "You got the kind of look in your eyes as if no one knows anything but us."
  • "All that you are is all that I'll ever need."
  • "Just don’t expect me back this evening."
  • "I love him from my skin to my bones but I don’t wanna live in his home."
  • "I was raised to keep quiet."
  • "I don't wanna hate you."
  • "I kind of knew you liked the dude from private school."
  • "I knew he had his eyes on you."
  • "He's not the right guy for you."
  • "Don't hate me 'cause I write the truth."
  • "I would never lie to you but it was never fine to lose you."
  • "I'm just disgusted with the skeletons you sleep with in your closet."
  • "Fact is you're mad at me because I backtrack so casually."
  • "You're practically my family, if we married then I'll guess you'd have to be."
  • "Tragically our love just lost the will to live, but would I kill to give it one more shot? I think not."
  • "I don't love you, baby, I don't need you... I don't want you anymore."
  • "I'm not cut out for life on the road 'cause I didn't know I'd miss you this much."
  • "I guess I'm not the man that you need."
  • "Ever since you went to uni, I've been sofa surfing with a rucksack full of less cash and I guess that could get bad."
  • "When I broke the industry, that's when I broke your heart."
  • "I was supposed to chart and celebrate, but good things are over fast."
  • "I tend to turn you off and switch on my professional features, then I turn the music off and all I'm left with is to pick up my personal pieces."
  • "Success is nothing if you have no one left to share it with."
  • "I know you have a day job, but mine is 24/7."
  • "I still love you and I need you by my side if I could."
  • "The irony is if my career and music didn't exist, in 6 years, you'd probably be my wife with a kid."
  • "I'll die from a thrill, go down in history as just a wasted talent."
  • "Eventually I'll be fine, I know that it was never meant to be."
  • "These things happen for a reason and you can't change shit."
  • "Take my apology, I'm sorry for the honesty, but I had to get this off my chest."
  • "I will be loving you 'til we're 70."
  • "People fall in love in mysterious ways."
  • "I fall in love with you every single day."
  • "For four years I never had a place to stay."
  • "At 16 years old, I moved out of my home."
  • "I tattooed the lyrics onto my arm."
  • "I'll hold ya and you'll think of him."
  • "I'll never trust you again, you can just be a friend."
  • "If we should die tonight, then we should all die together."
RFA reacts to you cooking and humming/singing a random Disney song

because I had to do it – bonus points for guessing the songs

spoiler free-


  • He just comes home after work he already smells that you are cooking.
  • Its so sweet of you to cook for him.
  • He comes in and he hears you humming a melody
  • Awww so cute he tries to guess to guess what you hum.
  • He is not hundred percent sure what sing it is till you start to get really into it.
  • Well, anyway let me say you’re welcome .For the wonderful world you know
  • Zen finds it so cute that you sing like that and he really can´t help it but to giggle sightly from your cuteness.
    You notice him standing their and looking really happy so you continue on
  • Hey, it’s okay, it’s okay You’re welcome! You smile and wink at him and he comes over and kisses you.
  • He loves you so much its so cute how you randomly sing like that you never tell him that the song somehow reminded you on him.


  • He comes in to see if he can help you.
  • He hears you are humming a song thats so cute.
  • You are way to cute while cooking and then you are humming too.
  • Yoosung is really blessed to have you.
  • That is when you start to sing out loud Sha-la-la-la-la-la Don’t stop now  Don’t try to hide it how
  • You wanna kiss the girl
  • Did Yoosung just heard that right is he imaging thinks now ?
  • Well its not wrong what you are singing
  • Sha-la-la-la-la-la Float along Listen to the song The song say kiss the girl You continue on.
  • Well if the lyrics tell him to kiss you he will do it he has no choice right ?
  • So Yoosung kisses you on the cheek.
  • You are quite surprised and drop the spoon in the pot you can save it.
  • Yoosung feels awful about that but nothing really bad happened
  • You are not mad at all you find it ever nice when he kisses you.
  • Yoosung Asks you to sing some more for him and so you do.


  • She comes a bit after you home.
  • You are already cooking she comes to the kitchen and she hears you are humming a song.
  • It sounds familiar but she cant really pin it anywhere.
  • Jaehee feels really blessed that she came in while you are singing.
  • It sounds so pretty.
  • You then start singing out loudLa da la da la ahahahahah
    But if I know you I know what you do Jaehee recognizes the song right away
  • You’ll love me at once
  • Jaehee decides to join in when the prince does The way you did once upon a dream
    You are surprised but you are really happy to see her and its so cute how she joined you.
  • You not even knew that she loves that movie so much.
  • You feel happy about that you ask her if she wants to sing some more with you.
  • She agrees but first she gives you a kiss.


  • You are cooking for him.
  • He just comes in and wants to greet you.
  • You are humming something s he listens .
  • He wonders what you are humming and he thinks how cute you look with that apron on.
  • You start to sing a bit louder time is racing towards us till the huns arrive. Heed my every order and you might survive.
  • You then see Jumin and you feel a bit embarrassed.
  • “So I guess the Han did arrive hm my Love ?” Jumin is smiling at you and you turn red.
  • “Its actually H-U-N-S  but I am glad you are home.” You laugh and continue to cook.
  • “Will you finish the song for me ?” Jumin finds it really sweet how you sing while you cook.
  • “Of course my love.” You nod and finish the song for him.
  • He really loves it when you sing and cook for him it really makes him feel at home.


  • You cooking for him alone is a blessing for him.
  • Then he hears you are humming a song.
  • How does he deserves to be that happy ?
  • You then start singing A whole new world A dazzling place I never knew
    But now from way up here It’s crystal clear that now I’m in a whole new world with you.
  • You then notice him staring at you like he just discovered a new species.
  • You stop singing and smile at him you tell him that dinner is almost done.
  • He feels like he is dreaming or something he asks you to keep singing.
  • So you do he feels truly blessed.
  • He loves you so much and when you happily cook for him and sing he truly feels so happy

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Oh, Where Is My Hairbrush

Pairing: Sam x Reader
Words:  983
Requested by @smandrews3:  Okay idk if you’re taking requests (and if your not thats totally cool) but I was wondering if you would do something with the reader getting veggie tale songs stuck in her head (like the water buffalo song or I love my lips or something like that) and one of the boys catches her singing it? Love your work btw ❤️❤️ 

A/N: Please do not post my writing on any other site.

          You got out of the shower, put your hair up in a towel, and got dressed. As you walked into your room, you took your hair down and started towel drying it. You looked around to find your hairbrush and immediately started seeing, “Oh, where is my hairbrush? Oh, where is my hairbrush? Oh, where; oh, where; oh, where; oh, where; oh, where … is my hairbrush?” you giggled to yourself about singing the Veggie Tale song. You had loved the Christian cartoon videos as a kid and sometimes the songs still came into your head. “Oh, Where Is My Hairbrush” had always been one of your favorites.

           Because you were now singing Veggie Tale songs, you decided to reminisce about ones you remembered from your childhood.

           Once you located your hairbrush and sat on the bed brushing your hair, you started singing through “I Love My Lips.”

           "One day while talking with Dr. Archibald, Larry confronts one
of his deepest fears …“ "If my lips ever left my mouth, packed a bag and headed south, that’d be too bad, I’d be so sad.”

           As you continued on with the silly song, you heard someone clear their throat behind you. You jumped and cringed when you saw Sam standing there, “What are you singing?” he asked.

           “Veggie Tales,” you admitted.

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anonymous asked:

Hi, I'm Fluffy! I just read ur Jumin post and love it T^T I ended up gasping dramatically from shock lol anyways I saw that your ask was open and was wondering if I can ask for a RFA+V and Saeran(if ur ok doing all) reacting to an MC that's like a hard core fangirl(could be anything like anime, books, musicals, etc, ect) and cosplay, does fanart, writes fanfics/hc and when she talks about her obsessions, like most the time doesn't even makes sense?? I hope that wasn't too specific! Fluffy out!

Hi fluffy! Wah, it’s an nice request, thank you for sending it in! I think I accidentally made Jumin’s part long whoops!

~Admin Jiyeon

RFA + V & Saeran with a fangirl MC


  • ‘Zen, they’re called fanfiction’ ‘Still’ 
  • Do not write smut around this guy i stg the beast 
  • Will fight anyone who hate comments “babe, chill” “Wym chill somEONE NEEDS TO APPRECIATE YOUR WORK!”
  • He’ll help you with your things! Like plotwist, some character names and such
  • babe can you put me there
  • will cry at romantically sad scenes of your stories and you just stare at him like ‘babe what the fuck’


  • He probably found out by accident that you were a hardcore Luhan fan
  • “Hey MC, could I borrow your phone? Mine got broken and I need to call Seven.” 
  • And when he saw the screen, he only saw a smiling Luhan selfie
  • He was a bit confused. who is this girly dude that is here
  • After the call, he was stuttering to MC because he was so shy to admit so“M-MC, who w-was the guy i-in your phone?”“..Oh, that’s my idol!” 
  • A bit jealous, so he was all pouty until she realized lol 
  • “Yoosung.. are you jealous?” “No.” 
  • “Aw, it’s okay, Luhan be my idol but you’re always my number one!”
  • blush blush blush~


  • same, probably 
  • She would love listening to your theories about The Maze Runner, Harry Potter and some Percy Jackson . 
  • Since she can read some chapters and so, she’ll probably add some theories too with you
  • Theories about Zen’s musicals, coffee, some nice breakfast? Sign her up!
  • She’ll comfort you when your favorite character would die *coughNEWTcough*
  • “It’s okay, MC, yes, he didnt deserve it, i’m sure.” “BUT STILL! WHY DOES HE HAVE TO DIE!”
  • She would use some of the OST of the movies to calm you down after a bad day and it works. For her, just put in some Zen’s musicals and boom.
  • Overall, very supportive, sometimes would correct you in a good way, points out your mistake and adds a better one politely
  • Ah, loveher


  • what is fanart?
  • MC.. who are those men you are drawing? why are you not drawing me?
  • “Oh, Jumin, honey, they are my favorite characters! They are from FREE!
  • Free? What kind of business- “Dear it’s an anime-”
  • What is anime?
  • Although he does not understand what you mean, he still supports you!
  • “Jumin what are those heavy shopping bags?”
  • “Oh? These are art materials.” 
  • “Okay then.”
  • “…”
  • “..?”
  • V mumbling in the distance: “He almost bought the whole store..”
  • Whenever you have art block or get frustrated and want to rip your hair out, he’s always there for you, trying to cheer you up. Keyword: Trying.He’ll give you Elizabeth 3rd to pat, give you some tips and lovely wordsHe’ll also hire some artists to help you with some things you are struggling with such a bab
  • He wants to take a photo of your drawing and when it was blurred, he called V over lmfao

Saeyoung / 707:

  • He would join your cosplays proudly. Crossdress or not
  • Giving makeup tips 
  • He totally acts like a girl when he crossdress and you’re impressed
  • Probably dragged Saeran to cosplay Rin and Len Kagamine with him and you’re Miku/Kaito 
  • Somehow, he’ll also win some Cosplay Contests with you guys and so
  • So, he always joins you and gets scolded by Vanderwood
  • Worth it though lmfaoo
  • “So.. MC…” “Lemme guess, we need to cosplay something again and you will crossdress?” “No, we cosplay as Ciel and you cosplay Elizabeth.” 
  • He’d look good as Ciel omg yas. 
  • “Yoosung you join us.” ;)) 
  • Overall, Supportive baby!

V/Jihyun Kim:

  • Let’s be real, if he found out you love Luhan, he’ll probably sit you down and say, “Darling, I figured you love this guy named Luhan and I got some photos of him when I went to China.” 
  • “Ahh! He’s so adorable! Oh my god, Jihyun I love you so much thank you!” when you pounced on him and peppered his face in kisses, he was so happy omg yes, mc, please make this baby happy he deserves it
  • “MC, Jumin has a photoshoot in China for a week soon and I’m the photographer, would you like to go?” 
  • “YES!
  • He’d buy you some tickets to his concert. 
  • “wait.. honey.. but-”
  • “Yes?”
  • “..Some of his songs..are.. uhm.. just.. not decent.”
  • “Its okay! I can handle it!”
  • And when Lu came, boy was scarred for his life.
  • “I’m sorry, Jihyun..” 
  • He just grinned and kissed the top of your head. “It’s okay.”
  • But when you’d feel bad because it seems like you’re overshadowing him, you’ll sing a Luhan song on his birthday (DO NOT SING LU I STG GET AWAY FROM THIS MAN IF YOU WANNA SING LU HE”S INNOCENT DONT DRAG HIM WITH IT)


  • The fuck is this
  • THe fuck is that
  • Edgelord is not impressed lmfao 
  • He’d still try to be supportive of your crazy anime things 
  • But when he saw Kuroshitsuji, he totally joined you
  • Merch? 
  • He just loves the thought of Kuroshitsuji, 
  • Loves the plots and murder scene
  • now edgelord is very very impressed 
  • Ice cream, Kuroshitsuji and cuddles? He’ll love them very much! 
  • He just loves those dark animes he really doesnt like anything else lmfao

anonymous asked:

Okay so my lovely gf and I went on our first date in awhile tonight (she dislocated her shoulder playing soccer and has had to take it easy) so we went to see Wonder Woman and we were driving home at about 10:45. We were both tired and ready to get home and lay down together, it was pouring rain outside. And suddenly she slams on the brakes and gets out of the car. I was so confused I was like "babe where tf are you going" and I see her jog down into this ditch that's more like a creek (1/2)

And she leans down into knee deep water and at this point I’m getting out of the car and chasing after her. I can’t see her very well because it’s raining so hard and it’s dark but then she’s calling for me and I move towards her and she’s covered in water and mud (Note: She’s wearing a vry expensive baseball jersey that is like her prized possession and it’s soaked and dirty and I can’t believe she would be willing to do such a thing in this jersey (2/4) ps Im guessing on numbers at this point

And she’s lifting up a plank of wood that’s fallen over into the water and she’s like “Help me move this” and I’m like “babe what the fuck you’re gonna hurt your shoulder worse” and she’s just like “just help me I’ll be alright” so I do and we set the plank aside and then I see it. There’s a German shepherd stuck in the water and my gf doesnt hesitate to reach down into the water and lift the dog out. It kinda whimpers but she just whispers trying to calm it down & carries it to the car (¾)

She gets in the backseat and lays the dog against her in a way that’s obviously going to be painful for her and she starts quietly singing Hallelujah (her favorite song) to it and petting it. And she gives me directions to the emergency animal clinic and I look in the rear mirror and I see the way she’s looking at this dog and I just go “Hey babe? I’m in love with you.” And she smiles real wide and says “I was in love with you first.” (4/4) Ps the dog has a dislocated hip but should be okay

@suprcorp this person asked me to tag you (and elly) in this and omg

Niall AU - Part 2


Originally posted by heauxforhoran

(Sorry for taking over your dash, I’ll put a read more in when I get home, I can’t on my phone anymore 😭)

“She just caught your eye and you were love drunk” I mocked, batting my eyelashes.

His face turned pink as he chuckled, showing small signs of embarrassment, “she was cute, I was into it” he shrugged.

“You know she’s not, like, looking for a boyfriend, she’s just trying to fuck her frustration out” i shrugged, playing with the straw wrapper.

“What do you mean” he asked with his eyebrow furrowed together.

“Her boyfriend just broke up with her after 2 years, so she’s gets wasted every weekend and takes another guy back to the dorm, and then I get locked out” I half smiled with a shrug, acting like it didn’t bother me.

“I’m guessing that bothers you” he mentioned, eyeing you.

I shrugged and stayed silent for a minute, carefully wording what i was going to say, that way if it ever got back to her, she wouldn’t hate me.

It only bothers me because I’m locked out of the room" i stated simply, “ I just don’t think it’s the right way to get over a guy, but what ever floats her boat”

“How would you get over a guy then?” He asked, looking at me like he was trying to prove a point.

“I mean..” you started, staring at the table, Ben suddenly pooping in your mind, “I kind of am”

His eyes softened as I met his gaze. Clearly whatever face I was making, made it obvious to him that I was upset.

“Who broke your heart, doll” he asked, a smirk on his face as i let him get away with the pet name.

“His name was Ben, I only dated him for like 6 months but…” I trailed, not really sure where to go, it was only 6 months… “I don’t know, I guess I’m just pathetic”

“Nah, I don’t think so..” he shrugged, taking a sip of his water. His eyes flashed to the side of me. I turned around to see our food coming… finally. My stomach was growling so loud I’m surprised Niall didn’t say anything about it.

“So whats your craziest fan experience?” I asked, digging into my pancakes like I haven’t eaten in weeks.

Niall’s eyebrows went up, watching me dig in. Hopefully that meant he was impressed that I didn’t care what he thought about me. I mean, I was already sitting here with a boy I never met, who hooked up with my roommate, with no make up and sweatpants, what more do I have to lose?

“Changing the subject?” He asked with his eye brow cocked.

“Kind of, I rather not talk about Ben, I’m glad I’m not with him anymore, just sad things had to end so badly” i said, my mouth full of pancake.

“Am I allowed to ask what happened?” He was digging into his omelette now, stuffing his face full of it too.

“Answer my question first” i demanded. I guess I’m starting the game of 20 questions.

“Fine” he said, swallowing the food that was in his mouth, “I was in Boston, Massachusetts, just walking around, and a girl tackled me when I was in the park, and then she asked for a picture”

“Did she get the picture?” I laughed out.

“No” he chuckled, “if she wanted one all she had to do was ask, not tackle me”

“Got any battle scars?” I asked, hoping he would forget the whole question game, after all, his life was far more interesting that mine.

“I believe I asked you a question, love” he said with a wink and yet another pet name.

“Niall..” you pleaded, not really wanting to talk about it.

“A deal is a deal” he shrugged, a smug smirk on his stupid face.

“Fine” I said through gritted teeth. Taking a deep breath, I started, “he cheated on me over the summer when we were dating, with a girl he told me not to worry about. I worried about all summer until and then told myself I was just being paranoid. Turns out I was right”

The sad look returned to my face as I finished talking. I looked down at my food and cut my pancakes slower than usual so I could avoid meeting his pitiful gaze. Hell probably think I’m pathetic as well.

When I finally looked up, after feeling his eyes on me for what felt like an eternity, his face was set in a hard frown.

“What?” I asked, concern dripping out. He wouldn’t answer, he wasn’t even looking at me, instead to the side of me to what seemed like the kitchen, but nothing was going on when I looked back his eyes were on me.

“What!?” I asked a little harsher, wanting him to answer me.

His gaze softened, “someone cheated on you?”

“No I made it up” I rolled my eyes sarcastically.

“That fucked” he said, digging into his omelette again, “I’d never fucking do that”

“Maybe I should’ve dated you instead of Ben” I joked, a smile blooming on my face.

“Well were on a date now, forget about Ben” he waved his hand with a sly smirk on his face.

“Oh this is a date now?” I asked cocking my eyebrow while shoving more pancake in my mouth.

“Boy and girl out to breakfast, I’d consider they a date” he winked, reaching over his plate to take some of my hashbrowns.

“Hey!” I exclaimed, hitting his fork with mine, making a small ting, “get your own”.

He just stared at you for half a second, before reaching over real quick and taking the entire plate, mumbling “greedy” with a small smirk on his face.

I just squinted my eyes at him, he was paying after all, “besides”, I decided to continue, “I’d look a lot nicer if this was a real date”

“I told you you look fine” he said through my hash browns in his mouth, putting the plate back down on my side.

“Fine is not jaw dropping gorgeous” I informed, knowing I could get real dolled up for a date, Ben used to take me out all the time.

“I don’t know” he shrugged, “I’ve always liked down to earth, natural beauty over a girl plastered in make up”

“Yet you hooked up with Ashley, who always plasters her face with make up, she’ll be late to class because she didn’t wake up early enough to put on make up” I told him, rolling my eyes at the thought.

“Yeah my drunk goggles didn’t see that” he chuckled.

“Yeah?” I questioned, “what did they see then?” At this point, I wasn’t even eating anything, I was kind of full, but also kind of just intrigued on why Niall hooked up with Ashley.

“I saw a girl, who was as drunk as I was, I didn’t really see her face to be honest” he shrugged simply, shifting his eyes to his hand that were now in his lap.

“Is that the kind of guy you are? Just hook up with random people?” My opinion of him was slowly decreasing in value, I never pictured Niall to be a saint, and I always knew he hooked up with girls, but if that’s what he was like, and if thats what she would be to him after this, she didn’t want to be part of his life.

“Not really” he said evenly, like he knew I was judging him, “I rather a relationship, but that’s impossible in my position”

I shrugged, understand a little, but at the same time, every relationship he’s ever had, has been kept so far on the down low, that not even the craziest fan knew who has broken his heart.

“Why?” I decided to ask.

“Did you see when I went back home to see my nephew get christened?” He asked, annoyance and slight anger flaring.

“I did” I assured him, remembering those posts on Tumblr.

“I got swarmed, couldn’t drive a car, couldn’t leave the church” he shook his head, memories causing him to remember the frustration it caused, “I barely got in the church, and to bring a girl into that mess, just seems irresponsible”

“I guess there’s a lot more to being famous than I would’ve thought” I confirmed, not wanting to get him all flustered again.

“I’m surprised I haven’t been seen yet” he shrugged, but didn’t seem very concerned overall.

“You guys play stadiums, I don’t think anyone is looking for you near a college campus” I replied with a small chuckle, “your fan base is a bunch of 16 year olds”

“And you’re how old” he eyed me with a smirk, waving a quick thank you to the waiter putting the check down.

“I’m the exception to the rule” I informed, leaning over to see how much the bill was, but Niall slapped down two twenty’s before you could even see anything.

“You’re not paying for our date” he shook his head, “good to go?”

“Yeah” I said quickly, moving out of the booth, “that’s enough for a tip right?”

“Yeah” he said with a questioning tone, “it was like a 9 dollar tip”

“Good, also that wasn’t a date” I said, remembering what he said.

“I don’t know, El” he charmed, opening the door for you to get into his Range Rover. Closing it when you got in and settled, then quickly ran to the other side, “kind of feels likes date”

“And here I was thinking you were just being a gentleman” I said sarcastically, rolling my eyes at him.

“What if I sing for ya” he winked, backing out of his parking space.

“I don’t know if that would make it a date, but I’d consider going on one if you did” my heart was thundering in my chest, this was the most nervous I’ve been with Niall all morning.

“Alright, you pick it” he said, getting the auxiliary cable that was dangling on his side and handing it to me.

Not know which song to pick, i settled on a One Direction song, knowing we would both know the words. Night Changes started playing through his car. He shook his head a little saying “it didn’t have to be one of our songs” and before I could reply, he was already singing along, and I’m pretty sure he could hear my heart beating.

He turned the music down was done, taking a second to regain his composure, and then taking a sip of water from a water bottle in the cup holder, “how’d I do?”

It took a lot for someone to render me speechless, but at this moment, I really wasn’t sure what to say, or how to compliment him on his angelic voice. It was so different hearing his voice in real time, sitting next to him, than it was in a solo on stage or a CD.

“Umm…” I spoke, trying to find the right words to put together, “that was amazing. Like… holy shit, I knew you had a good voice but, I didn’t think… just wow”

I looked over at him, wondering who gifted him such talent and also wondering why he was ever in a boy band in the first place, he could’ve gone solo if he really wanted to. His face was turning a light shade of pink and I wasn’t exactly sure if I embarrassed him, or gave him such a compliment that he was also speechless.

“Thanks” he said shyly, a smirk on his face, but not looking at you.

“Sorry, I had a fan girl moment” I blushed, thinking I just ruined everything.

He chuckled loudly, glancing out the window, making sure it was okay to turn into campus, and then over to me, “I’ve never had a reaction quite like that, but then again I don’t sing to a lot of girls”

“I guess I’m special” I said dramatically, putting my hand over my heart like it was the greatest gift a human could give me, which don’t get me wrong, it was, but I couldn’t show another fan girl moment.

“Does that mean I get a second date?” He smirked at you, moving his hand over and laying it down on your leg.

“There was never a first one!” I said exasperated, trying not to show to much attention to his hand on your leg.

“Fine” he huffed, “first date then.”

“How long are you going to be around here?” I asked, unsure if I wanted to play this game at long distance, even if it was Niall.

“I have nothing to do, but work on my own album right now” he smiled cheesily at me.

“And Ashley?” I eyed him carefully, not sure if that was a deal breaker.

“Trust me, she doesn’t remember my face” he chuckled lightly.

“That’s better” I said sarcastically, rolling my eyes along with it.

“Like you said, I was a hook up, she’s not gonna care” he charmed again, moving his hand to your hair.

I shrugged my shoulders, it was unclear if he was doing this for a hookup, or because he was actually interested it me and it was throwing me off, I didn’t want this to be another Ben situation and I definitely didn’t want to be one of those girls all of his fans make fun of.

He was giving me a weird look when I looked over at him, and gave me a sad little side smirk, “it’s okay to say no” he assured me, causing me to give him a weird look.

“It’s not that I don’t want to” I started, this is why I hated college, everyone things everyone parties and hooks up with each other, but that simply wasn’t me, I’m at college for school and I don’t want to be that girl that hooks with everyone, “I’m not interested in just a hook up, if that’s what you were going for”

He gave you a hard frown with furrowed eyebrows, clearly offended which changed as fast as it got there, now looking at me with soft eyes.

“I told you earlier that’s not what I want” he sighed.

“I just don’t want to look stupid, I guess” I fiddled with my thumbs, unsure about how I’m going to save this situation.

“And never do that to anyone” He informed, still gazing at me with soft eyes.

“Well I feel stupid now” I chuckled embarrassed, “can I still save this?”

He laughed and returned his hand to stroke my face.

“Of course” he said at the end of his fit of laughter, “here”.

He gave me his phone, even told me the passcode to unlock it and put my number in. No shocker that his background of the phone was his family. I quickly sent a text to my phone so I would be able to have his number as well, an handed it back to him.

“I’m only a short drive away, at a hotel, so if you ever want to do anything, just give me a call okay?”

“Absolutely” I agreed with an cheeky smile.

He unclicked his seatbelt and got of the car. About to follow him, he made it around to my side and opened the door for me.

“I’ll text you later, okay?” He asked, giving me a beautiful hug when I got out of the car.

“Can’t wait” I said with a wink, making my way back to my room.

Niall got back in his car, driving by me real quick and honking his horn, causing me to jump and flip him off.

When I got back to the room, Ashley was back from class, cleaning the clothes on the floor that she stripped away from her night with Niall.

“Hey” I said happily, glad to see she was alive.

“Hey!” She greeted matching my excitement, “Sorry about last night, I’m done with hooking up with random guys, as great as he was”

I could feel my face go red, clearing my throat that suddenly went dry, “do even remember who it was?”

“Nope, no idea” she shrugged, throwing all her laundry in the basket beside her desk, “did you see him though?”

“Yeah” I said, clearing my throat again “before he left he couldn’t find his pants”

Ashley bust out laughing, jumping up to her bed, “cute though” she shrugged again.

“Yeah. Very cute” I said while remember him singing to me in the car.

…good thing she didn’t remember.

trueblue80s-deactivated20170708  asked:

Hi! Can I have an imagine where the reader is married to Josh dun (2 years) and she's a famous YouTuber and they do a husband and wife tag!

Hey there! Yes you can! Here we go :)


Josh Dun Marriage Tag Drabble 01

Josh x Reader couple tag

(Y/N/N - Your NickName )

You are scrolling down the comments on your last video as you had asked your viewers what they would like for you to post next, you start to notice a theme, everyone wanted to see your husband Josh with you in a video.

You had never thought about asking Josh to do a video with you, you don’t even know if he would want too, he had been behind the camera many times, helping me with vlog’s and when he isn’t touring he likes to help you with your weekly truth or dare videos.

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TWD - Negan Imagine ~ "Hearts still beating"

An imagine about the midseason finale of season 7

I’m following the storyline of the TV show, so I wrote parts to the other episodes as well that are connected.
BUT they are all written the way that you can read them separate without having read any other part!

part 1 is about the final scene of season 6
part 2 is about the first episode of season 7
part 3 is about the readers arrival in the sanctuary (for 7x02)
part 4 is about 7x03 “The Cell”
part 5 is about 7x04 “Service”
part 6 is about 7x05 “Go Getters”
(7x06 was left out because the timeframe between the episodes was too short)
part 7 ist about 7x07 “Sing me a song”

Originally posted by dancing-at-the-funeralparty

The sun was shining, birds sang happily their songs and the wind rustled softly through the trees standing in Alexandria.
Without looking at the circumstances Alexandria seemed right now like a one of the most peaceful places on earth.
Well, that wasn’t the case.
You were sitting on the porch with Negan, Judith on his lap and Carl next to him.
Negan had taken you with him after the line up and since then you lived in the sanctuary knowing that somewhere there they would torture your brother Daryl.
And now you were here again only short after you had seen this place at the first visit of the saviors.
It wasn’t the same, but you still felt better being here. 
You liked it here.
You had seen Negan somehow soft while he had Judith on his lap or even when he saw Carl crying, the way you guessed before that he wasn’t even able to be that way, what had surprised you, but anyway it was still Negan and with that also the cruel killer you had experienced in this one night…
“You know what? I got an idea”, you heard Negan suddenly say chuckling.
Great one of his amazing ideas again.

As you were standing in the bathroom you looked questioning at Negan while he rummaged a cupboard, Judith was sitting on Carl’s lap on the corner of the bathtub, who looked the same way at Negan as you did.
“There it is!”, said Negan triumphant holding a razor up.
“You, my dear Sweetheart, gotta help me fucking shave”, he said grinning placing the razor in your hand.
You huffed annoyed while he began lathering his beard. He turned around to you, half of his face covered in soap.
You had problems hiding a grin, to be honest he just looked ridiculous.
“Alright lets go”, Negan said chuckling before you finally put the blade on his skin and began shaving sighing annoyed.
You felt how he put his hands on your waist winking at you before he earned a glare.
“Gentle… and always against the grain, that’s important Kid, you better listen”, chuckled Negan while you kept going.
Negan hummed some song, chuckling here and there and obviously enjoying what happened.
“Now look at us, don’t we look like some oldass couple, kid?”, Negan chuckled as Carl just glared at him, what lead to Negan chuckling even more.
“I’m done”, you mumbled as Negan smirked at you and turned around eying his face chuckling.
“Good Job Sweetheart”, he said smirking before he cleaned his face with a towel, turned around to Judith and Carl And picked Judith up.
“Lets make us some fucking Food!”, he called chuckling teetering Judith slightly. 

You found yourself standing in Ricks kitchen.
“Kid youre gonna make the fucking dough. Thats some big task so feel fucking honored that I fucking give that to you”, Negan said grinning looking at the glaring Carl.
“Well kid, you have to get the stuff”, Negan continued and had to repeat it before Carl went getting it.
Olivia was in another room with Judith, what meant that you were alone with Negan in the kitchen who looked smirking at you.
“Been a fucking while since we were alone, huh?”, he asked smirking as he stood close before you, his hands again on your waist a shiver running immediately through your body and you could see that Negan had somehow noticed that.
“Yeah”, you just muttered with an annoyed undertone hearing Negan chuckle. 
His intense stare was back again, what made a weird feeling you couldnt define come up in your stomach area staying there next to the shiver.
“Too bad that Carls gonna come back so quick…”, he said chuckling earning a glare of you.
“You’re still the one thats hard to get, right?”, asked Negan smirking as you swallowed and kept looking at him.
“I’m not gonna be your puppet”, you muttered staring into his eyes.
Negan chuckled and came even closer to you as you felt how another shiver run through your body wondering what he would respond.
“And you know what, Sweetheart? I fucking like that”, you heard him whisper in your ear while you could hear his smirk through his voice.
You felt how he pressed his lips slightly on your neck before backed away still chuckling, while inside you didn’t know what to do with the weird feeling his touch had left.
And you were relieved as just moments later Carl finally entered the room keeping you company again, breaking the weird atmosphere that had created in the room.

“It needs some some herbs. Where do you keep them?”, asked Negan Olivia after a while after he tried the sauce.
“They stand in the garden…”, answered Olivia looking slightly frightened while teetering the sleeping Judith in her arm.
“So would you fucking get us some”, asked Negan grinning stepping closer to Olivia.
“Uhm…yeah”, She answered while searching for a solution what she could do with the toddler on her arm.
“I can get some, if she moves Judith around now, she’ll wake up again”, you said walking closer to them.
Negan turned around to you grinning.
“Alright”, he said smirking before he looked over to Carl who was finally done with the dough.
“Why don’t you help her, Kid?”, Negan asked smirking.
You walked together with Carl outside, a bit relieved that you got a pause of Negan.
“Don’t know what he wants to achieve with that shit”, Carl muttered as he began ripping some herbs off.
“They are taking even more…I saw them at the gates…”, added Carl upset.
“As if they didn’t already have enough…”, you growled before you raised your voice again.
“You know…We have to keep on fighting…but on a way that won’t get anyone else hurt or killed and without giving him even more power than he already has…you saw what he did with all the guns…I want us to grow stronger not weaker..”, you mumbled.
“Yea-”, answered Carl but couldn’t finish because of Negans voice that sounded outside.
“Where are my herbs?”, he asked chuckling.
“We’re coming”, you answered sighing before going inside again, where Negan finished his sauce proudly with the herbs you got him
He placed it on the table and sat down on the head of it.
You took the bread and went over placing it on it on the table while you felt Negans stare on you.
“Sweetheart why don’t you take a seat, I guess Carl and Olivia can fucking do it themselves”, he said chuckling while you eyed him hesitating.
“Come on, I mean… if you want to you can take my lap as a fucking seat. I’d be more than fine with that”, he added grinning.
“I actually prefer a chair”, you said back glancing in his eyes as you let yourself fall on the chair next to him.
Negan shook his head slightly while he chuckled as he told Carl to put one more pair of fork and knife on the table in case Rick would arrive.
It was just weird how you sat there, at the table eating spaghetti with Negan.
Like…a family.
While you ate you thought about Daryl.
What he had to go through right now, back again in the dark small cell.
You couldnt even speak a whole sentence with him after this one horrific night and all you wished that you could finally do that again.
You just wanted to give him a hug and talk to him.
But not even that seemed realistic right now.

You finished the meal while Negan leaned chuckling back in his chair until something outside got his attention.
”Whats going on there?”, asked Negan standing up walking over to the door opening it.
”Don’t be an asshole, Arat, Let the man in”, you heard Negan chuckling say while you saw Spencer walking up the porch.
He was dressed up like he was going to a sundays brunch and held a bottle of liquor in his hands.
Whatever he was planning you assumed he had planned it without any other person knowing because you saw how confused Olivia and Carl looked.
”Sweetheart, why don’t you come outside”, you suddenly heard Negans voice ask as he opened the door again looking smirking at you while you hesitated.
”Come on. Its fucking beautiful out there. Not as beautiful as you but still..”, he added chuckling.
Thinking about that you could get to know what Spencer was doing there you finally walked to Negan outside.
He sat down in the Rocker, in another one sat Spencer who poured some liquor in the glasses.
”Sit down and enjoy”, said Negan grinning to you patting the rocker next to you.
You huffed slightly and sat down listening to Negan who talked about how much he liked Alexandria.
”The only thing missing is a fucking pool table”, said Negan sipping on his liquor.
”Theres actually one in the garage in the house there”, said Spencer pointing at the house towards you.
”Oh Spencer, you may just be my new best fucking friend”, you heard Negan euphoric say.

The Saviors began carrying out the pool table as you stood next to Spencer in the Garage.
You didn’t trust him.
“What’s your intention with that?”, you asked as you watched how a few men placed the pool table on the street trying to get it into the right position.
“What do you mean?”, he said while you turned around to Spencer looking annoyed in his eyes.
“What are you trying to achieve with this game?”, you repeated.
“Gonna get close to him so we can strike up against him”, Spencer answered not really persuading.
He was lying, he was definitely lying.
“I meant the truth”, you said a little bit more urging.
If he would fuck this up he could get others killed and you knew that he was against Rick and probably the most of your group in general.
Spencer took a deep breath and looked at you, anger in his eyes.
“Since you all are here, since Rick is here…everything is going downhill. My mother died, my father died, a whole bunch of people died and its Ricks fault”, he said quiet but upset.
“Spencer are you kidding me? Rick…we all saved your damn asses more than once! Your mom was a good leader but it’s not Ricks fault that she’s dead, same with your father. I won’t say everything Rick did was right but he’s trying his very best to help and he’s doing a good job here”, you said angry.
“Rick is the goddamn hell”, Spencer spatted.
“You know what the hell would have been? If we and Rick wouldn’t have been here when the wolves attacked, same with the herd of walkers. You would be all fucking dead if we and Rick wouldn’t have been here with you to fight together! In this times we have to stand together and not work against each other!”, you growled glaring at him.
Spencer looked at you shaking his head.
“I’d be a better leader than Rick”, he growled.
“Really? So why did your mom put Rick in charge?”, you asked, Spencer glaring hatefully at you.
“If you wanna get more power that way Spencer, then you’re a deceitful coward. And if you get anyone killed just because you can’t get enough, I promise you, that I’m gonna make you pay for that”, you growled before you heared heavy footsteps sounding through the garage.
“Any problems?”, you heard Negans deep voice say as he walked over to you.
”No everything is perfect, is the pool table ready to play?”, asked Spencer suddenly again with an innocent smile on his lips.
”It is, and Sweetheart? You okay, you look a little upset?”, Negan asked grinning.
You turned to Spencer looking warning at him.
”Yeah, I’m fine”, you answered then.
”Great, then we can finally fucking play”, Negan said grinning clapping his hands.

You walked outside while the saviors placed themselves around the pool table, their guns ready.
You decided to walk up the stairs and watch whatever would happen now together with Carl and Olivia.
You looked down to Negan who just noticed that you were up there.
“You wanna watch that game so far away from me? Wow Sweetheart, that’s really hurting my feelings”, said Negan chuckling, placing his hand dramatically on his chest.
You answered with an uninterested glance and saw how Negan smirked to himself. “Could have taught you some shit about that”, Negan added grinning before Spencer slightly cleared his throat.
And you hoped for him that he wouldn’t mess this up.
“Oh of course. Thank her for that delay, she destracted me once again”, Negan said winking up to you before he turned completely to Spencer and the pool table.
”I could never do that with Rick. He would just stand there giving me that fucking annoying side eye he’s always giving me”, Negan said smirking while Spencer bought the balls into the right order.
”Thats actually what I came to see you about”, answered Spencer while your glance turned into a glare.
Fuck you, Spencer.
“I get what you’re trying to do here, what you’re trying to build. I’m not saying I agree with your methods, but I get it. You’re building a network. You’re making people contribute for the greater good. It makes sense. But you should know that Rick Grimes has a history of not working well with others”, said Spencer.
Now you also saw the disbelief in Carl’s glance.
“Is that so?”, asked Negan sipping on his liquor.
“Rick wasn’t the original leader here. My mom was. She was doing a really good job of it. Then she died, not long after Rick showed up…same with my brother, same with my dad”, explained Spencer walking around the Pool Table.
He really said that, he really did.
“So, everything was fucking peachy here? for what? years? And then fucking Rick shows up, and suddenly, you’re an orphan? That is the saddest fucking story I’ve ever heard”, Negan said, the grin off his face while he looked eyed Spencer warily.
“Good thing for you he’s not in charge anymore”, Negan added sipping on his liquor once again.
“Doesn’t matter. His ego’s out of control. He’ll find a way to screw things up, to try and do things his way, to take over. That’s what he did with my mom. That’s what he’ll do again”, Spencer said and you first thought that you couldn’t believe what you had just heard.
He was straight up betraying and you weren’t sure if Negan saw what Spencer was trying to do there.
“What exactly do you want to be done about that?”, asked Negan stepping closer to Spencer.
“I am my mother’s son. I can be the leader she was. That’s what this place needs. That’s what you need”, said Spencer.
No Spencer, you can’t be a leader you can be a little lying bitchy asshole not more and not less, you thought to yourself.
“So I should put you in charge…that’s what you’re saying?”, Negan asked testing.
“We’d be much better off”, answered Spencer.
From the outside you probably looked completely calm, just glaring.
But on the inside you were furious.
He was risking the peace between the people in Alexandria, probably also their life’s with such a move just to get his way.
Like some toddler crying because it wanted the toy another kid had.
“I’m thinking how Rick fucking threatened to kill me, how he clearly hates my guts. But he is out there right now, gathering shit for me to make sure I don’t fucking hurt any of the fine people that live here”, Negan said grinning walking closer to Spencer.
“He is swallowing his hate and is getting shit done. That takes guts”, added Negan chuckling.
“And then there’s you The guy who waited for Rick to be gone so he could fucking sneak over and talk to me to get me to do his dirty work, so he could take Rick’s fucking place”, Negan said chuckling pointing at Spencer.
You were sure now that he had seen what wrong game Spencer played, but you asked yourself what he would do now.
“So I got to ask …if you wanna take over, why not just kill Rick yourself and just take over?”, Chuckled Negan stepping even closer to Spencer whose glance got even more shocked.
…he played himself.
“What..no…uhm”, stuttered Spencer looking frightened at Negan.
”You know what I am thinking? Cause I have a fucking guess”, said Negan his face moving even closer to Spencers.
”Its because you got no fucking guts”, you heard Negan say and suddenly saw how he took his knife and burried it in Spencers stomach.
Spencer stumbled as you looked unbelieving down to the scene that was playing there.
You felt yourself jolt up and gasp as you saw how Negan ripped Spencers stomach with his knife open, his guts treading out of his body.
”How fucking embarrassing! There they are! They were inside you the whole fucking time! You did have guts! I’ve never been so wrong in my whole fucking life!”, called Negan as Spencer sunk to his knees holding his gut in his hands, his blood pouring outside him.
Of course you couldnt stand Spencer but that still shocked you and let a shiver run down your back. 
You looked over to Carl and Olivia.
They were as shocked as you and you could even see their bodies tremble.
Your glance stayed on them until you heard Negans voice again.
”So someone has to clean that shit up”, said Negan grinning leaning against the pool table.
Deadly silence.
”No one?”, Negan asked chuckling.
Again no one answered.
”Alright anyone wanna finish the game? I was winning”, Negan asked grinning looking into the crowd where no one answered from.
They just stared shocked and disgusted at him, before he turned around in your direction.
”Sweetheart! Come on! We two can play together how about that?”, Negan asked grinning. 
You shook slightly your had as your shocked glance turned into a glare.
”Turning me down again. What a shame! That would have been so much fun!”, Negan chuckled before he looked back to the crowd.
”Now anyone? Don’t let yourself be distracted by Spencer over here. He finally has his guts he’s more than fucking alright!”, chuckled Negan before you saw how Rosita stepped forward, took her gun and a blood freezing  shoot called trough the air.

“Shit! What the fuck?! Did you try to fucking shoot me?!” Negan screamed, your heart making another step while he uncontrollably stamped towards Rosita while Arat wrestled her down.
He looked upset at Lucille, the thing Rosita had hit instead of Negan.
Negan took a step back breathing heavily obviously trying to control himself as he saw something on the ground.
“What is this? What the fucking fuck is this? This little bad boy made from scratch? Look at those fucking crimps….This was fucking homemade”, Negan said still angry but more calm holding a bullet in his hand.
“You may be fucking stupid, darling, but you showed some real ingenuity here", he said walking closer Arat and Rosita
“Arat, move that knife up out on that girl’s face” ordered Negan while you gasped hearing Carl and Olivia doing the same.
“Lucille’s beautiful, smooth surface is never gonna look the fucking same, so why should yours?! Unless…Unless you fucking tell me who made this
“It was me. I made it”, you heard Rosita spatt.
“You see, now I just think you’re lying. And you lying to me now?! Such a shame. Arat’s gonna have to fucking cut up that pretty face”, Negan said grinning Rosita trying to assure that she made the bullet while Arat cut the first line into her face.
You didn’t have to think a lot about it to know that Eugene must have made it…and of course Rosita wouldn’t extradite him.
You listened up again as you heard Negans voice.
“Good have it your way”, said Negan and you felt how a cold shiver run down your back. 
You knew what that meant.
“Arat, kill someone”, Negan said as you felt yourself gasp.
Not again.
The woman looked up, pointed in your direction and a loud shot sounded through the air.
You felt something brushing against your arm and pain and adrenaline shooting through your body.
The pressure let you stumble a few steps back.
You saw how Negan hit the pistol out of the woman’s hand, his face even angrier than before.
“Fuck! Arat are you fucking kidding me?! Who the fuck shat in your fucking brain that you get the fucking idea to fucking shoot her?!”, screamed Negan.
The woman that seemed so tough looked now shocked up to Negan, her lips trembling.
“I’m s-sorry…But…you said someone”, she said almost unhearable for you.
“God fucking damnit! You are so fucking lucky that you didn’t fucking hit worse…”, Negan yelled.
“(Y/N),…are you okay?”, you heard Olivia’s voice. You looked at her as she glanced concerned at you. Behind her Carl looking the same way. “She didn’t hit me. I’m okay…I’m okay”, your shocked voice said as you looked down on the wound the bullet that had brushed you had left.
It was just a small wound, it wasnt even really bleeding.
But only a few centimeters more and you would have been dead.
You had goddamn luck.
The shock was still stuck in your body, leaving you trembling while you heard Negan still growling at Arat.
Olivia handed you a tissue that you pressed on the wound and looked again over to the scene.
You realized that this all wouldn’t be over, Arat didn’t hit you but that didn’t mean that no one else would die.
You’d lose someone again and it could be anyone.
And that made your heart pump faster than it already was.
“Sweetheart come over here”, Negan said as looked at you waving you over. You first stood there, not moving an inch.
“Come on”, he said in a more urging serious tone.
You breathed out, and began walking down the stairs…who knew if he’d kill not just one but two when you would resist.
You glared at him as he pulled you next to him in the puddle of Spencer’s blood he was standing in. 
The smell of the blood travelled up your nose and let another shiver ran down your back.
“So Arat, once again. Now. Shoot. Someone. And don’t fucking fuck it up”, Negan growled.
He was standing now with his back to you but you just kept glaring.
The one who would die would be completely innocent and again you could do nothing against it.
You just felt so helpless.
As helpless as in the night you lost Glenn and Abraham.
Rosita screamed again on the ground that it was her.
You looked over to Carl and Olivia seeing the fear and shock in their eyes as another shot sounded and you felt your body cramping immediately as you saw who sank to their knees.
“No”, came cracking out of your mouth.
Why Olivia?
That just seemed unreal, she was one of the most innocent people you knew and now it was her who had to pay for it.
You saw Carl looking up over to you, shock and disbelief in his glance.
You heard some loud panting as you suddenly heard Ricks voice.
“We had a deal!”, he shouted.
”Rick! Oh look everyone fucking Rick is here again! …Ah, your people are making me lose my fucking voice doing all this yelling”, Negan said chuckling at Rick.
You looked behind Rick and saw Aaron standing propped by Eric looking like he was beaten up.
God, what the heck did they do to him?
Why became this situaton even worse and worse?
“Rick how about a “thank you”? I mean, look, I know we started this fucking relationship with me beating the holy fucking shit out of your friends, and because of that, we’re probably never gonna fucking sit around and braid each other’s hair or share our deepest, darkest secrets, but how about a little fucking credit? I just bent over backwards to show you how fucking reasonable I am”, Negan chuckled.
“Your fucking kid”, he pointed at Carl “he hid in one of my trucks and fucking machine-gunned a bunch of my men down, and I brought him home, safe and sound…. and I fed him some fucking spaghetti!”, Negan said grinning.
“Another one of your people. Well, he wanted me to fucking kill you and put him in charge. I took him for you!”, Negan continued and talked about Rositas try to shoot him.
“Now you have one fucking mouth less to feed and I mean I guess that mouth did some fucking damage…I personally wouldn’t have chosen her but Arat”, he stopped while chuckling “she just didn’t trust her, you know.”
“What did you do to her?”, asked Rick looking concerned and angry at the now blood soaked tissue on your arm. “A damn fucking mistake of Arat over here”, Negan said glaring at Arat.
You mouthed an “I’m okay” to Rick trying to calm him down.
Your wound wasnt bad, it would heal itself pretty fast and Rick had already enough sorrow and problems, your wound shouldn’t be one of it.
“Don’t worry Ricky boy, she’s gonna be alright”, Negan said smirking.
“I’m gonna take fucking care of her”, he said grinning walking over to you slinging his arms around your waist.
You shifted slightly away as you felt his touch turning to him and glaring in his eyes. Negan looked chuckling at you before Rick raised his voice.
“Your shit is waiting for you at the gate….just go”, growled Rick.
“Sure thing I just gotta know who made this fucking bullet”, said Negan holding up the self made bullet.
You heard Tara scream but your glance just laid on Eugene who stood sniffling there. “It was me..it was me..”, sobbed Eugene as you hold your breath seeing how Negan turned to him.
It made you feel horrible seeing how Eugene desperately tried to explain how he build it, sobbing and sniffing uncontrollably until Negan stopped him. “Shut up, I believe you…listen Rick I’m gonna relieve you of your bullet maker and whatever is waiting for me at the gate”, said Negan grinning before he laid his hand on your lower back pushing you with him.
You looked back to your friends, the glance in their eyes reminding you of the one you had seen in the night Glenn and Abraham got killed.
And that made your heart cramp.
You hated that every time you got to see them again it was connected with them suffering or someone getting hurt or killed.
You just wanted them to be safe.

As you came to the gates of Alexandria the saviors began loading up the stuff they had collected and pushed the still sobbing Eugene into one truck as Negan suddenly stopped.
He looked at you, his glance turned into a little bit softer a somehow concerned one while it wandered from your face to your arm where you still pressed the tissue on your wound.
“Let me see”, he mumbled taking the tissue of the wound eying it.
“Shes gonna have to work her fucking ass off to make just roughly up for that”, he muttered serious and more quiet but still hearable.
The same guy who had just minutes ago first ripped someones body open and then let someone else who was innocent get killed as punishment looked actually somehow concerned about a small wound on your arm.
You sighed while Negans glance wandered up again to your face, his glance mixed between his signature smirk and this slight softness you didn’t know how to interpret and that seemed so unfitting for him.
“Boss we’re ready”, some man shouted out of one of the trucks.
“We’re coming”, growled Negan just.
You looked back at Alexandria, not knowing when you’d come back and what would happen if you did…
But who knew what the future held for you?
For Alexandria?
For your group?
For your brother?
And for that weird thing, whatever the heck it was, that seemed to evolve  slowly between you and Negan…?

part 10 (all other parts)

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GOT7 reaction to you being a rapper!

Anonymous said to reactionsthatigot-7:

Can you please do a reaction to you being a rapper ( with a really confident attitude)? Love your blog 💜💕💙

I was going to do these after work, but it came in so quick and it such a good idea I just had to.


You were waiting to perform a newbie to the circuit, you was going to go on just before Got7 preformed. you couldn't believe it! You were too stressed to sit so you found a little corner to practice. Thats when JB heard you rapping. 

You had your headphones in and facing the wall so you didn’t see him staring, but when you turned around, he saw the you was a girl. a girl rapping with all that swag. He instantly admired you!


You were close friends with youngjae, but when you he heard rapping in the dorm he just thought it was BamBam trying to rap like a girl, but he walked into the room and saw you rapping!

Mark: “BamBam why are you putting on a girls voi….”
Youngjae: “Mark hyung listen to Y/N rap, she's better than Jackson hyung”

Mark: “yeah lets hear….”
Truthfully he just couldn't believe it! he had to see it. You put on a little performance with your best moves and mark was amazed and felt like he had some good competition!


It was JB who set you the little rap battle between you and Jackson, and of course Jackson said yes thinking he would win. But when he saw you walk out shyly behind JB he felt bad, he had to be chivalrous and polite. 

He tried to get out of it, but there was no way JB was going to pass up this opportunity. Jackson had to battle you and JB already knew you’d win, he just wanted to put Jackson in his place. You start rapping and now he didn’t know what to go, your good at this, great actually!

It was Jacksons turn to rebut in the rap but he couldn’t, he spent all the time staring at you in shock that he didn’t  think of what to say. he just stood there with all the aegyo he could muster, hoping you'd wouldn’t think bad of him


Now it was Jacksons turn to tease Jinyoung, he tried doing the same as what JB did to him. Jinyoung was smitten with you, everyone knew he had a little crush on you. You walked unto him, in your cute outfit, and just start rapping. Jinyoung was so taken aback he didn’t know what to do!

You keep going and he just loves it more and more. He can’t stop staring at you, like a christmas present that just keeps giving.

Then Jackson had to go make it awkward. 
Jackson: “Don’t stare too much Jinyoung, you might scare your girl away”

Queue all the screaming in the world!


You were a fan that was called up on stage during a fan signing to do some rapping. You got on stage, stood in front of the boys, fixed your outfit, and started rapping, pacing up and down the stage, owning it. Youngjae was just in the background when you preformed and he actually loved it 

Then you call out JB, and start soft dissing him, obviously the boys loose their minds, now way JB could win this battle.


When you was introduced to BamBam, he immediately thought. ‘Well I guess I lost my cute crown’. He was beside himself when he saw you all dressed up for your performance!

You start to practice your rap, and honestly, he didn’t know what to do. You were so cute a second ago, and now… and now you was so many levels of sexy to him. Your attitude and presence as your rehearsed was just mind blowing.

So you were cute/sexy and a rapper…. All he could do was fight you on being the cutest person on stage… But even he knew he was going to lose, but he didn’t care.


You were close with yugyeom for a while and asked him if he would review some of your work. He didn't hesitate for a second he always wondered what your sing was like. The song starts of rather slow and sweet…

it then changed when the beat dropped and he was pracitaly in a coma! His cute little friend rapping! Rapping way better than him!

He couldn’t believe it. So he demanded a live performance, he had to see for himself. 

Yugyeom: “Come on Y/N. Show me what you got.”
You: “be careful what you wish for gyeomie”

He loved how you was afraid to challenge him, and he was going to savour this moment for as long as he can.

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Hi guys! Here is a little future Xmas fic! I hope you enjoy! xD

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Just in time

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Love Yourself

A/N: Hey Guys! Guess who’s back? I wrote this one listening to Justin Bieber (pleeeaaassseeee don’t judge me, his new music is so good though) and this fic just kind of wrote itself and for once, I’m actually really happy with it and proud of it and I hope you guys are happy with it and like it as much as I do. So thank you guys so much. 

Song used: Love Yourself - Justin Bieber (also I do change one word in the song, but that’s not important tbh)

Prompt: It’s the time of year for Big Weekend and (Y/N) is a famous musician performing and she pulls a Taylor Swift and writes a song about her’s and Dan’s relationship, but it isn’t a nice song.

Genre: tbh idek (can someone like send me a list of fanfic genres just so I know what I’m doing, that would be much appreciated ty)

Word Count: 1625 words

Third Person P.O.V

“Please help me with welcoming (Your/Full/Name) to the stage. Ladies and Gentlemen, (Your/Full/Name)!!”

The intense crowd cheers for the next artist coming onto the stage this year at Big Weekend. The chilly UK air whipped pass (Y/n)’s face as she made her way onto the stage. As soon as she came into view, the crowds screams and cheers intensified greatly. She sat on the pedestal in the middle of the stage, with her acoustic guitar. Although (Y/n)’s facial expressions and body language could’ve fooled anyone with how happy she seemed bouncing around ecstatically and the fact that she couldn’t get rid of that huge grin on her face, that could’ve fooled anyone in the crowd, because as she looked out into the crowd, looking happy and strong, inside her heart was broken, but it was also quickly mending itself.

But the thought of having her ex-boyfriend, Dan Howell, standing on the side of the stage, about to watch her perform made her feel sick inside, like a pang of guilt just stabbed right through her stomach and heart. She looked to the side of the stage to see him standing there next to Phil, smiling at her nervously. She looks away from is gaze and averts her attention back to the crowd in front of her, waiting for them to quiet down, and it gave her time to think, time to think about the first song she was performing on her short set list, and the story that inspired this intriguing piece of music. 

The song was written about all of the downs in the relationship (Y/N) and Dan had, the song was basically one of those ‘hahahaha go fuck yourself!’ kind of songs, but put into a deeper and more meaningful way. The song basically wrote itself and she was extremely happy. This song tells a story of an unhealthy relationship on the rocks, it tells a story of vulnerability, (Y/N) felt extremely vulnerable throughout the whole relationship. 

But Dan, Dan was portrayed as the bad guy in the song, and he would soon find that out. Dan had heard rumors circulating that that (Y/N) had written and was performing a song about him, and he didn’t know how to feel about it. But one emotion that was very clear to him, he felt scared. Dan would only hope that the song would be about all the great things they did together and all the great times they’ve had together, but knowing (Y/N) as well as he did, Dan had a feeling that it wasn’t going to happen. They had so much issues and problems in the relationship, that it was actually so difficult to count all of the good times that they had together. Everyone wondered how they managed to stay together for as long as they did. Dan and (Y/N) claimed it was because their love was like the sun, extremely intense and so bright. But looking back at it recently, they both know that it wasn’t like that. Their love wasn’t like the sun, and they now know that, but except, it was like a flame on a candle, fragile and easy to burn out. There was a line that was crossed one night and the amount of profanities yelled at each other that night was impossible to count.

Their hearts were broken, but they’re dealing with it in different ways. (Y/N) is able to channel her emotions into writing songs as a way of getting over their break up, or at least coming to terms with it. Dan on the other hand, he would lay face down on the floor wondering what he could’ve possibly done differently.

They both knew they weren’t meant to be together, their personalities clashed too much. (Y/N) had a personality that seeked some sort of dependency, she had a personality that needed stability and for everything to be well organised, planned to perfection and for absolutely everything to go according to plan. Dan was basically the opposite, he’s a free, independent person who enjoys his space and privacy, and he is also a very spontaneous person, who doesn’t usually have a plan for anything.

Dan and (Y/N) were so lost in their thoughts, that Dan didn’t realize that he was now full on staring at his ex lover who was on the stage, about to perform, and (Y/N) hadn’t realized that the crowd was now awaiting her performance. She goes red out of embarrassment, not knowing how long the crowd had been waiting. (Y/N) clears her throat into the microphone and starts tuning her guitar whole trying to think of a mini speech to say, so she could introduce her newest song

“Hey guys. So this is a new song about a relationship that I was in, and I hope you guys like it” Short and simple she thought. She started playing the chords by picking her acoustic guitar. She was nervous. She knew that Dan would be there, but she just didn’t think he would actually listen to her set-list. She thought that as soon as she was introduced, he would’ve left to go somewhere else, but he didn’t. He was right there, he was supporting her.

‘For all the times that you rained on my parade. And all the clubs you get in using my name. You think you broke my heart oh boy for goodness sake. You think I’m crying on my own well I ain’t’ She sung her heart out, gaining this new found confidence. This song was her life, this song was personal, but for some reason, she felt like she was sharing her side of the story, the story that she’s never been able to hear.

'And I didn’t want to write a song, cause I didn’t want anyone thinking I still care, I don’t but you still hit my phone up. And baby I’ve been moving on, and i think it should be something I don’t wanna hold back, maybe you should know that, My momma don’t like you and she likes everyone. And I never liked to admit that I was wrong. And I’ve been so caught up in my job, didn’t see what’s going but now I know, I’m better sleeping on my own. Cause if you like the way you look that much, oh baby you should go and love yourself. And if you think that I’m still holding onto something, then you should go and love yourself.’ There was a lot of harsh truth in this song, like when she explained how her mother didn’t like Dan. He didn’t know that, but I guess now he does. The crowd applauded her throughout the song, and it felt so good for her, finally getting her side of the story out in the open. And she meant every word she sung in the song. At some points in the relationship, Dan could make her feel so small, but everyone was sure that he didn’t mean to, he could just be very strongly opinionated at times, and made her feel like her opinion didn’t matter.

But as Dan was hearing every single word she was singing and his heart was going into over drive. 'Is this how she really felt?’ He thought to himself. It felt like a dagger was just going straight through his heart and it felt like it was breaking. Dan wouldn’t make this known to many people, because he thought it would ruin his strong mindset he’s been working so long and hard to get back after the break up, but he was hoping that there was a chance that they could re-kindle their broken relationship and sort all of their issues out because Oh God did he love her. He loved her to the moon and back and after months of denying his feelings towards her, he finally managed to come to terms with how he felt.

And now he felt broken. Extremely broken after the performance of her song and that’s all he can think about, even after her set is finished. The words never leaving his head 'you should go and love yourself’ He wanted to run to find her after the next artist had been welcomed to the stage and even if that means running all over the grounds that the festival was being held at, then we would do it. Because thats what love is right? Love is a feeling and when you’re in love with somebody, you would go to the ends of the world to make them happy, even if they dont want to be with you. Because that’s what love is right

fabulousinfamous  asked:

Oh, my love! What about scenario where you are trainee or your group just debuted a while ago. And you openly say that you have a crush on Suga. And he knows it, but he seems to not give a fuck, actually he says openly that he's not interested, etc. But then he sees you getting closer with other BTS member (like Jungkook or someone else) and begins to be jealous, because he thought that he's the only person you can like. Sorry for requesting so much, but i just love your creations, sweetheart!

Heya sweet! I’m so sorry for the long wait but its finally here, I hope I did your request justice and I hope your having a fab week! (How are u feeling after the we like 2 party MV, the bromance feels were too much >.<) ~~


Yoongi heard a familiar perky voice shout, he rolled his eyes an internal battle taking place on whether he was going to turn around or ignore her. Don’t get him wrong, its not that he didn’t like her, she just wasn’t his type, she was a bit too loud and little too bright, if he had to describe her he would have used the words sickly sweet, almost exactly like sugar which was ironic in itself since that was essentially his stage name.


He cursed under his breath, he had been called many things in the past, abrasive, unapproachable, pessimistic even rude but never anything resembling cruel and he wasn’t about to get a new name today. He could hear her lights steps as the she bounced over to him with a wide smile on her face.

“What are you doing right now?” She asked placing a light hand on his arm.

He cleared his throat and ran a hand through his hair casually brushing her touch of him.

“Going to the practice room, we have our comeback soon” Yoongi replied flatly.

Yoongi had known her since the beginning of his trainee days and for someone who had always been small for her age and painfully shy, she had clung to him like her life depended on it, always following him around like a little duckling begging for guidance so even if he hated to admit it deep down he finally accepted that he had developed a soft spot for her dimpled smile and soft eyes (not that he’d ever admit that to anyone) but his patients could only stretch so far. He had heard about your infatuation with him from Jimin and Taehyung who had come bouncing into the practice room one day with gleeful smirks as they began to taunt him about how she was “In loooooove with him” knowing that telling him something like that was his worst nightmare. He in no way indulged her childish crush, Yoongi being  a few years older than her concluded that she was  probably just confusing her feelings of gratitude for his secret kindness with those of affection and he wasn’t about to add another complication to his already hectic life.

“Oh yeah, Hoseok Oppa said could I come watch”

He frowned as he watched her lips turn up into a smile at the mention of Hoseok’s name.

“Shouldn’t you be rehearsing for your debut” He asked feeling the unpleasant feeling of irritation scratching at his skull and making its way into a growl in his throat.

She flashed him a toothy grin and gave him a subtle wink “We got the day off”

“Then why would you want to watch 7 sweaty guys rehearse instead of going out”

She gave him a playful push and started walking down the corridor “Hoseok Oppa made me promise to come see him, he said he looks really cool in the new concept”

Yoongi stuffed his hands in his pockets and scoffed “Since when has he ever remotely looked cool”

You cocked your head to the side feigning ignorance as he pushed the door open to let you in first “Since the beginning I guess?”

Yoongi was about to involuntarily  protest the obvious untrue praise out of his natural habit for calling people out on their bullshit only to come face to face with Hoseok pulling her excitedly into his arms. He clicked his tongue in distaste at the display of obvious affection and he coudnt help but wonder when they got close and why the hell he hadn’t been told about it.

“You jealous” he heard a sing song voice tease.

Yoongi gave Jimin an aggressive push “Do you wanna die?“

“It’s weird to stare at people hyung”

Yoongi ignored his comment and began to make his way towards Hoseok in long purposeful strides, for someone reason today in particular his obnoxious laugh was really beginning to  piss him off and he could feel it trying to illicit a headache from him. Neither one of them seemed to notice him steadily approaching them as they laughed at something the other had said. Hoseok was touchy by nature and the fact that she didn’t seemed to mind only egged him on further as he reached out to play her dainty hand trailing his fingers across her palm telling her he was going to predict her future.

“You shoudn’t be slacking off so close to our comeback” Yoongi interjected swiftly breaking their skinship “Do you want it to be a success of not?”

Hoseok’s face dropped and he looked like he was about to say something back when she cut in bowing apologetically “I’ll sit down now, sorry Yoongi ssi” she smiled at Hoseok and gave his arm a squeeze  “I’ll be watching you Oppa, you better do well”

Yoongi got into his starting position ready for the attention to be on him as he introduces the song. Yoongi purposely looking in her  direction as he began to rap only to come face to face with not her eyes looking at him intently like they normally did but her profile while she stared at Hoseok covering her mouth trying to stifle a laugh as he pulled faces at her. Yoongi turned his head in the opposite direction of what was part of the original part of the choreography to try and get a better look at what she was mouthing at Hoseok, when he heard a booming voice jolt him out of his thoughts.

“Yoongi! pay attention to what your doing, your meant to be one of the older ones you should be setting an example” Namjoon reprimanded him after stopping the music a stifling silence filling the room.

When he was in leader mode which was normally dictated for music shows and rehearsals Namjoon never used honorifics and Yoongi being one of the members that rarely got shouted at primarily because he wasn’t stupid enough to mess around a few weeks before a comeback could feel the color rising to his cheeks, not with embarrassment but with utter rage for letting himself be distracted by probably the biggest moron he knew and thats saying something considering he’s constantly surrounded by 4 of them all day every damn day of his sorry life.  For the rest of the rehearsal it took his everything in his will power not to surrender his pride and look over in her direction. Yoongi was the superior one in the situation, he was the one who had made it clear he was wasn’t interested and probably never would be but it just pissed him of that she had moved on so quickly. How she even get close to him in the first place? it felt like they had snuck around behind his back and the thought of Hoseok touching her in anyway without Yoongi being present made his blood boil, she was delicate and needed to be handled with care and more respect than just roughly grabbing her hand like she belonged to him.

Most of the members had left and she waited patiently as Hoseok excused himself to the other side of the room  to make a call. Yoongi pretending that he was looking for something so that he could stay back and confront her casually about Hoseok.

“You can’t come to our rehearsals again you just distract everyone” Yoongi stated crossing his arms.

“Oppa but everyone else seemed fine it was just you who kept making mistakes” her lips turned upwards into a testing smile as she leaned closer to try and make eye contact with him “Do I distract you?”

He cleared his throat feeling his jaw tense at her sudden closeness “No, you and the moron kept messing around, it was pretty hard not to notice”

She looked over at Hoseok so seemed to be talking very animatedly on the phone and then back at Yoongi, her eyebrow quirking upwards, something bright flashing past her eyes a little too quickly for him to catch “Me and Hoseok? we just happen to get along great, he’s my most beloved Oppa since he always treats me very well”

The vain was protruding from his neck as his jaw seemed to clench so much she thought it might break “Really?” He said through gritted teeth, it was like he was reverted back to being a 5 year old and he suddenly felt like a child that didn’t like to share.

“We’re going out to eat, I’d invite you but Oppa looks tired” She said reach out to put his shoulder “Please rest well”

He unconsciously grabbed her wrist when she tried to walk in Hoseok’s direction “Its late, you can’t go out with out with someone as irresponsible as Hoseok, especially not so close to your debut”

She could see the fire set ablaze in his gaze and it took everything she had not to jump up and squeeze his cheeks.

“But I haven’t eaten yet! and besides who are you to tell me what I can and can’t do” You tested seeing how far you could push.

He snorted “Because I’m your favorite Oppa obviously, everyone knows that” he pulled her along  “I’ll buy you food and then take you home, now stop whining”

She was about to halfheartedly protest when Hoseok came over only to be reprimanded and sent back to the dorm on the orders of his hyung but not before he slapped the hand that was behind her back and gave her a subtle knowing smirk.  

“Where do you want to eat?” He asked with a sigh.

“I don’t mind, Oppa should choose since your treating”

As Yoongi talked to her with more enthusiasm than he would have liked, not forgetting to tell her off for befriending Hoseok she realized he still hadn’t let go of her hand a smile impossible to hide finally surfacing on her face as she made a mental side note to plan a thank you event for Hoseok’s genius plan which had been dubbed ‘Operation give the Tin man a heart’

A Timeline of the Events in A Gentleman's Guide to Love and Murder

Olivia comtessedechagny and I montynavarro got together to make a timeline of the events that happen in GGLAM. We had to assume a lot of factors, so this timeline is not 100% concrete and correct, but this is what we ended up getting. We hope you enjoy! If you think an event may not be correct, let one of us know, and we’ll be happy to look into it and see if we need to change anything!

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anonymous asked:

Free to be me is awesome! you've got to continue. Cos I'm hooked :)

You asked for it, Sunglasses.


'It wasn’t a question, dumbass.’

'Well that’s a reply for you in anyway.’ Steve replied, ignoring his sister’s incessant requests.

'Do you want me to tell mom what you were actually doing last Saturday night?’ Gail said in a sing-song voice. Damn, she was saving that one for something important. Well, this was important.

Steve narrowed his eyes at her. She must be bluffing.

’ I heard that you almost got caught at the bar with all those fake -’ Gail continued, knowing her brother would have to surrender now.

'What. Do you want.’ Steve muttered through his teeth. He was going to have to be more discreet the next time.

Gail smiled. Now, this was going somewhere.


Gail spotted the brunette at the top of the benches in the grounds. She never understood what the brunette did there for so long, every evening of the week. She did spend most of her time reading and Gail wondered why she just didn’t go to the library instead.

Of course Holly didn’t text her. And Gail didn’t really know what to make of that. It had been 2 weeks since she slipped her number into Holly’s locker, and the brunette hadn’t done anything at all. Gail was miserable. This woman wasn’t going to go easy on her, and she going to have to was pull out all her best tricks.

Gail had tried her best to not spy on her, but it was hard. Especially today. She expected the brunette to be swamped with hoards of people today, but it was just like any other day. Holly just went about her day as usual. And that really fascinated Gail. A lot.

She took a deep breath before walking to the bleachers. She knew she was going to have to play it cool. One last check of her satchel, she made sure her leather jacket was alright and her hair wasn’t a mess and she was good to go.

'Nerd!’ she called out with wave, climbing up to the top of the benches. She saw the brunette rolling her eyes at her, but that wasn’t going to stop her. Nope. Not today.

'If it isn’t 'Smoking’ hot.’

Gail took a seat next to the brunette, not caring what she thought of it.

'If you must know, I am on chocolate now.’

Holly laughed at that, ‘Chocolate’s better for the lungs.’

Gail nodded at the book, ‘You would know that, Holly.’ emphasizing on the name.

Holly eyed her with confusion, trying to remember if she ever told this annoying blonde her name.

'How did -’

'Text book, Nerd, Text book.’

Holly looked down and realized she had written her name on the cover of her textbook. Points to the blonde.

'Are you spying on me?’

Gail scoffed at that, she would have dearly loved to know more about Holly, if only she could. Her brother had told her only 2 things, and as hard as Gail tried, she could only pick up a few notes on the brunette.

'No Sherlock, saw it the other day at the coffee shop.’

Holly nodded hearing that. Clearly she had underestimated this blonde. Now she had to beg the blonde to get her name. Drat.

'And since I’m on chocolate now, why don’t I get my daily fix?’ Gail continued, carefully pulling out a little box out of her satchel, hoping nothing was too badly squished. It was a box of chocolate donuts, which surprisingly had only 2 . Gail took one and offered one to the brunette, who eyed her with suspicion.

'They’re not laced with nicotine - or sleeping powder, Scouts honor!’ Gail promised, thinking that perhaps she hadn’t thought through this plan enough.

'I was just wondering who buys 2 donuts instead of a dozen or two.’ Holly replied with a smile. Gail internally groaned at that. That had been the original plan, but she didn’t have much money left over after her big purchase.

'Just take Nerd, it won’t kill you.’ Gail insisted, and heaved a sigh of relief as the brunette took the donut. Atleast something went to plan.

Holly took a bite of her donut, and suddenly laughed.

'How am I Sherlock?’

Gail looked back at Holly with a mouthful of donut, an eyebrow raised at the brunette. Ok maybe the brunette wasn’t right in the head.

'You got my name off the book. That makes you Sherlock.’

'And yet, you’re the nerd.’ Gail finished taking another huge bite of her donut, which seemed to help calm her nerves.Holly grinned at that and took another bite of her donut as well. This wasn’t as bad as she expected it to be. Atleast she wasn’t fainting yet.

'When’s your birthday?’ Gail blurted out, swallowing the last of her donut, as innocently and laid-back as she could manage.Holly looked at Gail in surprise; it seemed like such a random yet eerily planned query.

'If you must know, it’s today.’ Holly replied as casually as she could, though she couldn’t help smiling a little. She wasn’t big on birthdays, not one for huge parties and get-togethers. She just loved having a day as blissful as anyother. Fact was not many people knew it was her birthday, and Holly wasn’t one for advertising the fact.

'Wow, Nerd, a happy birthday I guess.’ Gail replied with a happy smile on her face. Gail had thought the brunette would have been as elusive as ever and she was glad she finally got a reply from her that wasn’t a comment to hit back at her snark.

'Thanks, Sherlock.’ Holly laughed, finishing her donut and gearing up to leave home. After all it was quite late in the evening.

'And thanks for the donut, but I’ve really got to get home.’ Holly started, packing up her books in her bagpack. Gail hadn’t thought of that in her plan, however. Next time I’m getting a party planner.

'Well I’ll walk you home.’ Gail blurted out again, desperately racking her brains to think of someway to complete the plan.

'To spy on me?’

Gail rolled her eyes at that. Damn this woman was really such a paranoid person.

'See Nerd, spying on you would be me calling up the Security Council and getting your number and your address.’

Holly chuckled at that. ‘So, thank you for not spying on me, but I think I can get home just fine.’ getting up and walking down the benches. Gail grabbed her satchel and climbed down behind the brunette. Elusive mode back on again I suppose.

'Come on Nerd, no one should walk home alone on their birthday.’

Holly smiled at that. Maybe she was going too hard on this blonde. After all, she had given her a donut. And had wished her a happy birthday, inspite of the death-wish she had given her a few weeks back. She waited till the blonde was at the bottom of the bleachers, and the two began walking to the brunette’s home.

'Dare I ask why you were smoking that day. Or attempting to smoke?’ Holly began, slowly walking with this blonde. Damn it’s too weird to ask for names now.

Gail groaned. She wasn’t exactly comfortable about her little escapade that day.

'I was trying to piss off my mom.’ Gail replied in a flat tone.

'And giving yourself cancer would do that how exactly?’ Holly shot back, wondering if this blonde did actually have any sense of self-care.

'I don’t know! Seemed a cool idea to begin with. Which reminds me - what do you suggest I do to piss off my mom?’

'Why are you so intent on annoying your mother!?’ Holly wondered out loud.

'She so badly wants me to be the model kid. Just as she’s the model police-officer.’ Gail replied, recalling all the times her mother brought up the 'police officer’ talk.

'Police Officer? You’re Steven Peck’s sister aren’t you!’ Holly gasped in surprise, it all made sense now. The siblings were notorious for their ideals of rebellion.

'Look who’s Sherlock now.’ Gail replied with a bitter smile. 'So, what do you suggest I do then?’ she continued, hoping to take the conversation back to the list of things she could do to irritate her mother.

'What exactly did you have in mind?’ Holly asked, not exactly aware of the lengths this blonde was willing to go for revenge.

'I was thinking of flunking science - ’ Holly stopped in her tracks to glare at her.


The glare was still on her face, not a hint of a smile there.

'I guess talking to a nerd about flunking school isn’t appropriate.’

'Nope.’ Holly replied, starting to walk home. 'What else you got?’

Gail sighed, she was running out of options of which Holly would approve.

'Last resort was dyeing my hair black.’ Gail sighed, sure that Holly would start on a sermon about all the chemicals in the dyes and so on.

'But I like you blonde.’ Holly replied with a soft smile, stopping outside her house, putting an end to their evening stroll.

Gail had been so surprised at that answer, she almost didn’t realize she had reached Holly’s house. Holly smiled and left the blonde who was staring at her she walked up to the front porch. For some reason, she loved leaving the blonde hanging on her last words as she did.

'Bye.’ she called as she walked up to the front door. Before she could press the bell however, Gail had already rushed to the porch as was standing next to her.

'What do you think you’re doing?’ Holly whispered, afraid her parents might hear them. They wouldn’t exactly mind, but she was sure she wouldn’t be able to bear all their prodding questions.

'I just wanted to wish you a happy birthday again,’ Gail whispered back, following Holly’s suit. 'And give you this.’ Gail fished out a book which was gift wrapped and Holly stared at the blonde in disbelief.

I don’t know if you’d like it and I certainly didn’t want to see your face as you opened it so here,’ Gail finished, thrusting the gift in Holly’s hands and sprinted off into the night. Holly for once, was tongue tied and stared the tag on the present.

'Happy Birthday Holly, From Gail.’ it read. Holly smiled at that. Got her name now.

Taking her present to the privacy of her bed room, she tore off the cover - wondering what on Earth could Gail have gotten her.  She certainly hadn’t expected this.

 A hard back copy of Grant’s Dissector.


Gail rushed home as quickly as she could, hoping to shake off her nerves in the mad dash. When she got home, she noticed the message on her phone and heaved a huge sigh of relief.

'Loved the book Gail.- Holly.’

Gail felt like she could have done a victory dance.She had managed the brunette’s number. At last.

Imagine: Harry left you for someone else, and months later the lads and him see you at the club. Completely different.

Its been five months since Harry Styles, my three year boyfriend, left me for some blonde bitch. Honestly, at first I was devastated. Until my best friend, Amanda introduced me to the party life.

I was never a party girl. I was that girl that sat in the silence reading a book or studying to become a lawyer. If anything, I was a nerd and a dork. I hated my life but I couldn’t do anything about it. I never wanted to become a lawyer, read books, nothing. My parents never really asked me what I wanted to do with my life and assumed that I wanted to do everything they did. Oh they were so wrong.

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Imagine: You and Dean not seeing each other for a couple of weeks cause of a big fight. When he finally sees you he remembers all the things he loves about you.

Dean pov:

I loved her. I still love her. Yelling at her and saying things that I didn’t mean to say. I never even got to tell her sorry or that I always have and always will love her. She was gone before I could fight for the love of my life.

I was walking around the bunker, looking for something to take my mind off of her. I walked passed Sammy’s room and I heard I’m talking to someone. I peered through the crack of the door to see him talk on the phone with her. I was gonna step inside but I wanted to listen in first.

Sam: how are you doing?
Y/N: umm…I guess I’m ok…it just hurts, ya know?

———the night of the fight———

Y: You asshole!

D: Keep talking, princess! Nothing you say matters anyways!

Y: I’m always here for you, dean! And you still treat me like shit! I thought you loved me?!

D: Well you guessed wrong! I don’t love you! Never have, never will! You should just leave since, I guess I just made the mistake of loving someone like you!

I saw that tear rolled down her face…I didn’t mean for any of this to happen. I didn’t mean what I said. I tried to walk up to her and caress her cheek but she pushed me.

Y: *she sniffs* I guess so. I’m sorry I’m not beautiful enough, or strong enough, or perfect enough for you, dean…

D: Y/N…I didn’t mean any of that I-

Y: Don’t…its okay…umm I’m gonna go to sleep…I’ll see you in the morning…

She walked to her room and closed the door slowly and locked it. I felt horrible…she’s the best thing to ever happen to me and I ruined it.

Next morning I woke up early to see her. I ran to her room and it was open…the room was empty…she was gone. I walked inside to find a note on her bed.

I’m sorry I wasn’t enough for you. You deserve better than a piece of shit like me. I’m sorry I’m not like the girls you hooked up with before, I’m not beautiful, or smart enough for you. Thank you for being the only person to make me feel beautiful and loved. And sexy. And wanted. Thank you for all of it. I love you always.

——–present day——-

Sam: I know and I’m sorry…hey, how bout we go out for drink tomorrow night? We both really need a brake from everything.

Y/N: umm….yeah ok. I’ll meet you at the bar across the street.

Sam: okay. Sounds good. Goodnight, Y/N.

Y/N: goodnight Sammy.

I walked away from the door before Sam could even realize I was there. I laid in my bed that night. Thinking.
That’s it! I’m gonna get her back! Shes my baby girl. And I’m gonna fight for her.

—–next day around 7 pm—–

Sam grabbed his keys and left. As soon as I saw his car leave I ran to the Impala and followed him. When he got there he got out of his car and ran inside. I got out of my car as well. I walked in making sure Sam or her didn’t see me walk in. I sat in the far corner of the bar and order my beer. I saw her hug Sam. God, she’s so beautiful. Her smile that made dimples light up, I fucking loved her smile especially when I was the one who made it appear in the first place. I loved making her smile because I knew it made her blush and I loved it when she felt beautiful. And her eyes, her eyes could put the stars to shame. And her body, her body is so sexy. She always complained that she wasn’t skinny enough or pretty enough, but god damn she had an amazing body. I loved tracing my fingers along it and cupping her face in my hands to pull her in for a kiss. She’s always been and still is gorgeous.

It’s been at least an hour.
I saw Sammy nudge her toward to the back of the bar where there was a karaoke stage and a DJ. She was a bit tipsy but walk to the stage anyways. She whispered something in the DJs ear and he smiled and nodded. She turned around with the spot light hitting her perfectly. She look absolutely amazing with her light make up, even if she looked incredible without it, her shiny light pink eye shadow and dark mascara. Her skinny jeans made her ass look so fine. And she was wearing a my ACDC shirt with a denim shirt to hang over it. She looked so good.

She waited for the song to come on. And then thats when the music started and she starting singing. She had amazing voice, it was so sexy. Thats when I realized what song she was singing.

You know I’d fall apart without you
I don’t know how you do what you do
‘Cause everything that don’t make sense about me
Makes sense when I’m with you

Wanted by Hunter Hayes…it was the song I played on our first date. It was our song.

When I wrap you up
When I kiss your lips.
I wanna make you feel wanted
And I wanna call you mine
Wanna hold your hand forever
And never let you forget it
'Cause, baby, I, I wanna make you feel wanted
As good as you make me feel
I wanna make you feel better
Better than your fairy tales
Better than your best dreams
You’re more than everything I need
You’re all I ever wanted
All I ever wanted

As the song started to come to an end. She saw me.

And I just wanna wrap you up
Wanna kiss your lips
I wanna make you feel wanted
And I wanna call you mine
Wanna hold your hand forever
And never let you forget it
Yeah, I wanna make you feel wanted
Baby, I wanna make you feel wanted
You’ll always be wanted

She finished and it was so good, but I realized she was crying. I wanted to run up there and hold her but I couldn’t.

——-readers pov———

I saw him. I saw him smiling at me and at the song I chose. But as the song was coming to an end, I let tears fall from my eyes because the song was ours and after everything he told me that night…I couldn’t face him.

I quickly walked off the stage. Sam stopped me. I turned to see where Dean was sitting, but he wasn’t there. It was all in my head, I guess. That is until I heard his voice come from the stage.

Dean: ok so umm…I want to dedicate this song to the only women on this earth that I will ever love.

He pointed at me and with those gorgeous green emerald iris. Everyone looked at me and clapped and awed. I smirk a little and blush but I was still hurt.

Dean: I was so stupid to let you go. And all those things I told you. None of them were true. Y/N, I love you. I always have and I always will. But I know that this lame ass apology isn’t enough but maybe this song will explain with the words that I can’t express…this is for you, baby girl.

A tear rolled down your cheek and you smile and chuckled a little. He whispers something to the DJ and nods.
The song started.

I could stay awake just to hear you breathing
Watch you smile while you are sleeping
While you’re far away and dreaming
I could spend my life in this sweet surrender
I could stay lost in this moment forever
Every moment spent with you is a moment I treasure
Don’t wanna close my eyes
I don’t wanna fall asleep
'Cause I’d miss you, baby
And I don’t wanna miss a thing
'Cause even when I dream of you
The sweetest dream would never do
I’d still miss you, baby
And I don’t wanna miss a thing

I don’t want to miss a thing by Aerosmith. This is the song you guys made love to the first night Dean asked you out. Your heart swelled and fluttered. You smile big at him and he was looking at you the whole time, so listened.

Lying close to you feeling your heart beating
And I’m wondering what you’re dreaming,
Wondering if it’s me you’re seeing
Then I kiss your eyes and thank God we’re together
And I just wanna stay with you
In this moment forever, forever and ever
I don’t wanna close my eyes
I don’t wanna fall asleep
'Cause I’d miss you, baby
And I don’t wanna miss a thing
Don’t wanna close my eyes
Don’t wanna fall asleep
'Cause I’d miss you, baby
And I don’t wanna miss a thing

You loved him so much it hurt. Another year fell from you cheek.

'Cause even when I dream of you
The sweetest dream would never do
I’d still miss you, baby
And I don’t wanna miss a thing

He got on both knees and exaggerated the notes. He smile and chuckled a little and so did you.

I don’t wanna miss one smile
I don’t wanna miss one kiss
Well, I just wanna be with you
Right here with you, just like this
I just wanna hold you close
I feel your heart so close to mine
And just stay here in this moment
For the rest of time, yeah, yeah, yeah!
Don’t wanna close my eyes
Don’t wanna fall asleep
'Cause I’d miss you, baby
And I don’t wanna miss a thing
'Cause even when I dream of you
The sweetest dream would never do
I’d still miss you, baby
And I don’t wanna miss a thing
I don’t wanna close my eyes
I don’t wanna fall asleep
'Cause I’d miss you, baby
And I don’t wanna miss a thing
'Cause even when I dream of you
The sweetest dream would never do
and I’d still miss you, baby
And I don’t wanna miss a thing
Don’t wanna close my eyes
I don’t wanna fall asleep, yeah
I don’t wanna miss a thing
I don’t wanna miss a thing

As he sang the last notes he walked off the stage and stepped closer to you. Your face was inches away from his. And he cups my face with one hand while the other held the microphone and caress my cheek to wipe off the tears with with his thumb. I closed my eyes with the warm and gentle touch of his fingers. He used his finger to pick up my head up so he could leaned in to kiss me. Our lips crashed against one another’s. The kiss was passionate and soft. That’s when you realized everyone was clapping and cheering. You laughed and so did he. We lay our foreheads against each others. You stare
at his beautiful green eyes.

Y/N: I’m sorry for everything. I love you, dean. I miss you so much. But I understand if you don’t want to-

He shuts you up with another kiss. And leans to your ear allowing the stubble on his cheek tickle you and send a chill down your body.

Dean: You have nothing to be sorry for. I was stupid for letting you go and pushing you away. For not fighting hard enough to make you stay. For not saying sorry. And the things you wrote on that letter were wrong. You, y/n, are so absolutely beautiful, and gorgeous, and sexy, and smart, and brave. Your personality is amazing. YOU are perfect.

He faces you again to see you had shed another tear because of his words. He wipes them away again.

Dean: I love you…Always, Y/N.


FTISLAND、「The Album ‘To Cry, To Laugh, and To Sing’」Interview

NWU FTISLAND is the long awaited 6th album that will be released on April 6. We heard about this album that contains songs that are all written by the members, and except for the lead music, are also all self-composed.

─ First of all, could you please explain the meaning of the album title『N.W.U』, and whose idea is that?

Choi Jonghoon

Jonghoon: Its mine! Everyone’s opinion is put together into it. “I dont know anything like that” or “What does that mean” or “What is that” I want people to think like that. It has been planned that we will ask our fans to participate in “What do you think NWU is?”, they came up with a lot of things, it was fun. It has the meaning of N = Naite (to cry), W = Waratte (to laugh), U = Utatte (to sing). Human’s emotions are all connected to a song, therefore we bring these emotions to a song to sing. 

─ It has a beautiful meaning. This album’s title track, “You Dont Know Who I Am” is written by Hongki-san. The feeling drawn from the song is that of a boy that falls in love with a girl. Its a spring-like, refreshing song.

Hongki: Isnt that so? When I wrote the song, I had a feeling “I want to love~~”. Just like a magic, the song ended up bringing such a feeling too. 

─ But Hongki-san is nicely acknowledged with people from all over the world enviably wanting to love you. So, the problem is with you, isnt it? (laughs)

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Here are some questions about specific fics that have us stumped. If any of you recognize these, your help would be great appreciated! Also, since we have asks disabled for the moment while we catch up on our messages, if you need to answer anonymously, please do so here :)


Anonymous said: Hii! Any fics where peeta died in the first games? Also I’m looking for a fic where that happend and Katniss got addicted to drugs. She lives in the capitol but has a really shitty life?


  witneyrose said: It was where peeta pulled Katniss into his office and confronted her about acting weirdly whenever he was around and ended up having sex later on the story peeta doesn’t want to be in a relationship with Katniss but he ends up developing feelings for her,and goes after her and Taps on her windows car after she ran out of his office

Maybe this one?

The Executive Agreement - lulubee1234


  Anonymous said: I have been looking for this fic for such a long time now it’s where katniss ends up commiting suicide after she kills coin and peeta is in the hospital really depressed and ends up basically just dying… Do you think what I’m talking about?

Love, if it’s Torture - atetheredmind aka muttpeeta


Anonymous said: Hi I’m looking for a fic that I read years ago based after the war during the rebuilding of Panem. In it Coin was exposed and instead of being label crazy Katniss was again hailed as a heroine. I remember that it had many chapters and there was a plot with Flickerman trying to overthrow the new government.

Maybe this one?  Interview With the Mockingjay - kiwiwriter47


Anonymous said: is a fanfic where katniss this one in twelve pregnant, waiting for the return of Peeta (I think it’s after the war) and Gale is there :( when Peeta comes back, I think also the mom of katniss and she wants to take the baby or something, you hope you can help me thank you!

White Winged Dove - HordeFighter


Anonymous said: Hi! Do you know the fic where Peeta is cooking pasta sauce and Katniss suddenly asks if they can have sex and change it to white sauce for the pasta and Peeta gets really shocked that she used sex and pasta in the same sentence? Thank You! :)

untitled ficlet - meadowlark27 aka the-peeta-pocket


Anonymous said: Hi!! Trying to place this one particular fic I can’t remember… I believe it takes place in 13, during the revolution.  Katniss has spent a lot of time with Gale they day they find out about the deaths in the bombings at home when she realizes she should have spent it with Peeta, because his whole family is gone. Haunting guilts her when she gets there, saying he stayed the night because he didn’t want Peeta to wake up alone? I know this is really specific, but please help!!

The Greatest Sacrifice - Ronja aka ronjar


Anonymous said: Hi, I was wondering if you know the fanfic where Katniss crashes her friends’ fiances bachelor party as a stripper to spy for her friend and ends up hooking up with Peeta that night? I’ve been literally looking for this fanfic for a year and I can’t find it anywhere

The Dare - Pure_jitterbug (It has not been updated since Jan. 2013)


Anonymous said: Hi do you happen to know this fanfic where Katniss’s grandfather (I think its either snow or haymitch) have this exotic pet auction and peeta accidentally buys a lot of animals? Ik it sounds super weird but it was really good

The Dare - Pure_jitterbug (It has not been updated since Jan. 2013)


setoutwithme said: Hi again! I’m looking for a fic where Katniss was a victor by herself and I think(not too sure) was in relationship with Peeta. Then Peeta and Prim were reaped together but Prim ends up dying at the very end of the games. Peeta freaks out and blames himself. When Katniss finally goes to see him, he breaks down and apologizes but she holds him. Thanks!

Destroyed - authoresskika


nevergiveupgirls said: I read a long time ago one where katniss and peeta get married by force of the capital on their honeymoon hey go to a resort and they go for a walk alone but then katniss leave him in i think was the wood thats all i remeber of the story

My Fake Marriage To Peeta Mellark - Dream-Runaway


Anonymous said: Hi, I forgot the name of a fan-fiction the plot is … Katniss is in highschool with  all the other hungergames characters. She likes peeta and gets into a singing  competition with finnick and sings the song ‘you belong with me’ by taylor swift. Thank you so much if you can answer this. :) !!


Anonymous said: Do you know this one-shot/drabble/fic (i don’t remember ><) where Peeta is best friend with Gale and they’re at a party (in gale’s house i guess) and it’s implied that Mrs. Mellark is an abusive/drunk person? Rings any bell? Sorry for the messy question :)