i wonder what secrets your body kept from me

Imagine signing up to carry an Alien Fetus to term ...

(All characters 18+)  

Part 1         


“You’ve got to be fucking kidding me, right? HAVE YOU GONE COMPLETELY FUCKING INSANE!!!” Doug yells at you across your master bedroom. You sigh deeply and scrape back your quiffed locks. “Sweetie…”


“Doug, this is something I really want to do!” You plead with him to see your side.

“At what cost John? We’ve never had secrets!” A sharp intake of breath kept Doug’s tears at bay for now. “You got me back from the brink of cancer! All those long and painful days as my wounds healed, the physiotherapy, the horrible days of my looking at my mutilated body with you holding me and comforting me, the uncontrollable grief at no longer feeling like a true man. Then you’re asking me to marry you. Our wonderful life so far! I may have only lost my testicles and half my lymph nodes but I’m beginning to seriously worry that you’ve lost your damn mind! I thought I knew better of you than just springing this on me!”

There’s a very long painful pause as tears fall singly from each of your eyes.

“I …….. I just don’t know you anymore!”

Doug sobs as he grabs a bag and storms for the door. The lamp causes your wedding ring to shine into your field of vision and you cringe into your sobs as the door slams behind you. Shuddering at the sound, you look over at your picture on the bedside table, slumping down the wall in tears at your now suddenly very quiet and very lonely apartment.

The sunrise pulls you from your thoughts as a new day begins. It’s been 13 hours since Doug left, you quietly pick up the receiver and dial the number of your mother in law. It rings several times.

“Hi, you’ve reached Kathy and Robin. We’re sorry we can’t come to the phone right now but if you’d like to leave a message we’ll get back to you.” BEEP …..

You breathe slowly ….

“Kathy, its Johnny. Doug and I had a fight. If he’s there could you please, please get him to call my cell. I start work in an hour. Thanks honey. I love you all ……. Bye!”

Leaving the bedroom you notice Doug has taken his keys from the dish and you are a little more settled in your mind that he intends to come back.

Arriving at the clinic, you look as bad as you feel, big dark circles under your eyes, your skin has taken a pale and pallid appearance. The blonde and always chipper receptionist, Debbie, warmly greets you as you place your camera case upon the counter.

“Morning John, Doctor Graham is in the Suite but he asked me to direct you to the side viewing room. It’s along the corridor, third door on your right. A security guard will verify your ID as you enter.”

“Thanks darlin!” You say quietly.

Upon entering the viewing room you are waved to by Mac, clad as always in his green medical scrubs, hair cap and surgical mask. His gloved hands held ready for the latest arrival. You hear cries of pain and repeated shouting of the word “No!” as the latest pregnant lad is hustled into the Suite. He looks to be in his early twenties and with a Hispanic heritage. This one has one ripe belly indeed, gown opened to observe, the unborn fetus thumping visibly against and distorting the tightly curved skin. He is sweating profusely amidst being restrained by guards on both sides, his hands are pulled from his belly and held behind his back. They soon strip him naked and get him on his back, arms shackled and legs tied together ready for summoning the pains of birth.

Mac walks around to him as you set up to begin filming. The lad sobs to him. “Doc, I can’t do this! It’s huge, everywhere it pushes out or moves it hurts. It bites me! I’m so scared! Oh shit, Please Doc, don’t make me do this! Huuuuuuuuuurhhhhh!” he lets out as he pushes his stomach up towards the usual delegation on the upper viewing gallery.

Mac rests his latex clad hand on the naked belly and moving his mask aside he looks into those striking eyes.

“Son, we have to do this. It’s only gonna keep growing until you rip open or it decides to eat its way out. You’ve gestated longer than the rest as we needed to see how well you perform. This is the final hurdle for you, you knew what you were signing up for. The money is there for you when all this is finished and you can start afresh! Just one final hurdle of pain and effort and it’ll all be over. I need to inject the Pitocen to encourage your womb to start labour and contractions alright? Don’t worry I’m here and the best hands you can have!”

The lad breathes heavily as he is poked just below his herniated bellybutton with the needle and injected with the drug.

Within minutes he hisses through his teeth, panting into a guttural cry of agony as his stomach visibly tightens and quivers in a strong first contraction that ruptures his sac, allowing the thick, blood tinged and slightly green amniotic fluid to burst out of his tight hole between his cheeks. The fetus awakens abruptly and thumps around in his belly, earning shrieks of pain every time it thrusts outward. The lad sweats almost immediately and his exposed skin is soon slick with it. Mac takes up position over the great belly and places his stethoscope in every conceivable place to observe the fetus directly.

Contractions come fast and hard as the lad struggles to weather the pain and audibly let’s the entire congregation know just what agony he is in. Mac soon has his legs untied and strapped into the stirrups as he starts pushing and screaming, Mac holding his belly with both hands, positioned between his sweat soaked, quivering thighs as he grunts and bulges up his belly with the efforts of pushing.

You notice this time that his hole is bulging outwards, stretching open around something large.

A full hour later, filled with screams, pushing and bulging, your orgasm contained by your shorts, the lad has screamed himself hoarse and slaps his belly back down onto the table as he stops his latest efforts, Mac fumbling around between his legs. The squirming and bouncing around in his belly is the strongest it’s been since the onset of labour and he begins breathing rapidly and thrashing around, trying to escape as a set of teeth begin to dent outward on his slick skin to the left of his bellybutton. He finds his voice as the jaws try to bite downward. Mac, observing aghast at what is happening, rushes to his aid and slaps his belly where the teeth have positioned themselves. They suddenly disappear back within the womb but it’s already too late. The lad has passed out and is laying limp, belly still swollen up into the air as his vitals flatline. “Ahhhhh shit, it’s torn his womb! He’s bleeding out! CRASH CART PLEASE!” shouts Mac as he quickly grabs a scalpel and wastes no time in opening the huge, jumping belly and womb. The blood is obscene as it pumps out of the mangled belly onto the floor, Mac pulling out the aggressive alien as nurses begin resuscitation attempts. The thing tries to attack Mac as he slashes its umbilical cord with the scalpel, leaving bloody whack marks on his scrubs as he successfully gets it into isolation behind a glass partitioned holding cell. The nurses immediately begin chest compressions and rescue breaths as Mac administers a continuous blood transfusion. He then sets about repairing the poor, traumatised body before him, grimly having to perform a complete hysterectomy as the nurses rejoice at regaining a faint heartbeat. Mac wipes the sweat from his brow, leaving a smear of blood as he starts stitching up.

It’s another twenty minutes before Mac, bloody and exhausted sends the poor lad into Intensive Care and pulls off his blood splattered mask and cap. The angry alien newborn still jumping around aggressively, blood from its hosts belly still splattering the glass. Mac presses the cryogenic button and it’s instantly frozen solid with liquid nitrogen. Jaws agape and fiercely sharp teeth in a permanent grin.

You leave your camera stationary on its tripod, turned off. You walk to the door and let yourself into the Suite. The mess is awful. The metallic smell of congealed blood in the air is nauseatingly strong as you gag. Mac slams his fist down on the sweat soaked bed.

“His name is Jimmy, kicked out by his folks for being gay, he was hoping to start a family of his own one day, if he ever got off the streets!” Mac states as he grimly fingers the tattered remains of the shredded womb within the metallic organ dish. “Never gonna happen now ….” he breathes quietly as he turns back to stare at the frozen newborn in the cell then upon the congregated officials still standing sentry over the wrecked delivery Suite.

A male General pressed the comm button and spoke.

“Doctor Graham …. *sigh* …. I don’t know where to begin. We all agree that you performed magnificently. We are all in agreement that you did what you could and the fact that he is still alive is one true accomplishment. Your skill and performance under pressure really shone through today. To thank you would be patronising, so please take these words as the true compliment in that they are intended.”

A female surgeon wiped tears from her eyes and left the room first as they all took their leave, leaving Mac and yourself alone in the Suite. You both stand before the blood splattered glass of the holding cell.

“Jesus Christ Mac, its grotesque!” you say unable to take your eyes from it.

“It nearly killed him!” Mac says gently as he snipped the cell and nutrient rich cord from the placenta ready for analysis and processing. “It wasn’t fully matured to term, he still had a few days to go!”

Mac removed his gloves and placing a hand upon your shoulder, turned you to face him.

“Are you sure you really want this? Jesus John, think about this!” he pleads as you stare at him in complete shock.

“I have Mac! My god, Doug has left me, I’ve just witnessed the most harrowing delivery of my life and I’m still resolute in going ahead. The cells and research we can gain and my participation in this is what I want. I can’t wait to have one growing in my own belly. I can only hope Doug forgives me and comes back to me!”

Mac nods slowly and you both leave the Suite together. “You’re not the first guy to get off on having or playing with a preggo belly dude, I saw your dick the other day!” Mac states with a slight smirk. “Trust me mate, I’ll do everything I can to ensure you make it!”

“I know you will!” You say as your cell rings out in your camera bag.

Part 3 coming soon … :-)


Prompt #11 No, no. You don’t get to ask that

Harry was doing this because he loved her. Even though the act caused him physical pain, he would gladly endure it if would make the girl he loved happy. Even if it meant that the girl he loved was going on a date, with a man other than himself. You see, Harry loved her, but she didn’t know. Well, in a way she did. She knew Harry loved her as a friend and she loved him just as much back. But Harry wanted her as more than a friend. Loved her as more than a friend. Their friendship was special, rare even, but Harry couldn’t help but want more.

Y/N was slightly nervous before she left Harry alone with her little brother for the evening. She smoothed her hands over her unnaturally curled hair and checked herself out in the mirror one last time.

“You look beautiful.”

A light pink blush tainted her cheeks, and Harry shuffled his feet. Did he say the words aloud? He hadn’t meant to, but he meant what he said. Since when had this become so complicated? He guessed it was when home went from a place to a person. And that person was her.

“Thank you,” Y/N said quietly. “I already warned Benjamin about being on his best behaviour. He’s a good kid, he won’t give you problems, but just in case, call me. I already gave him supper. He might want a snack, that’s fine as long as it’s not ice cream. It gives him stomach aches. There’s crackers in the cupboard and yogurt in the fridge. Emergency numbers are on the fridge, and…and am I forgetting something?”

Harry’s arched eyebrow was sexy. Everything about him was sexy.

“Yes. You’re forgetting to breathe.” He placed his hands on her shoulders, steadying her. He had that effect on her.

Y/N visibly relax. “Thank you, Harry, I owe you one,” she breathed.

“Hey, you know I’d do anything for you,” Harry said gently. And be anything for you, he wanted to add but didn’t.

She mashed her lips together and Harry found himself wanting to run his tongue along the flat line.

“I better get going,” she said.

Good idea, Harry thought. No, bad idea actually.

“Bye monkey, be a good boy,” she said, kissing the top of the little boy’s blond head. “I won’t be too long, Harry, but I won’t be home in time to put Benji to bed. Bedtime is nine.”

Harry nodded, assuring her that everything would be fine. With one last wave, Y/N left her apartment. Harry got the sick feeling that he just let the love of his life walk out the door without so much as a backwards glance.

“We’re going to have to wash your face before bed bud. You have evidence all over your mouth,” Harry laughed.

Benjamin’s spoon froze mid-air as he listened to Harry speak. The little boy idolized him. He nodded and happily slid the spoon into his mouth.

“I know. Y/N always helps me wash my face. She bought me this cool blue soap. Spiderman’s on it,” Benji spoke excitedly.

Harry lightly touched his fingers to his lips. “Your sister takes good care of you,” he said fondly. Of course she did. She just had a nurturing soul.

“Oh yeah, she’s awesome,” Benji announced, digging into the carton of chocolate ice cream.

Harry grimaced, checking his phone. It was nine thirty and he was feeding her little brother ice cream. He had broken two rules. But he saw so much of her in Benjamin he couldn’t bear to tell him no. He was also like his sister in that way.

“Harry,” Benjamin spoke suddenly, pushing the carton away from him.

“Yes, little man?” Harry said, placing his hands on his knees and leaning forward.

The little boy wiped his mouth with his pajama sleeve. “Do you like my sister?”

Harry’s head cocked to the side at the random yet sweet question. “Of course, I do, she’s my very best friend.”

“I think you like her as more than a friend,” Benji decided.

Harry nearly choked on his own saliva. He reached for his bottle of water. “Is that so?” he asked after taking a swig.

“Mm hm,” her brother said.

“What makes you say that?” Harry asked, curious as to how this boy could read him so easily.

Benjamin yawned. “Because you look at her and touch her like my daddy does with my mommy. And they love each other very much.”

Harry inhaled sharply. His heart was hammering in his chest, and he had no idea what to say.

“Well, little man, you’re right.” He leaned forward and whispered. “But can we keep this a secret between you and me? I don’t want your sister knowing yet.”

Benjamin yawned again, the words barely registering.

“Come on, buddy, time for bed.”

Where the hell were you? Harry wondered. It was two in the morning and you weren’t back from your date. Anxiety coursed through his body like blood and every reason he came up with for your absence was worse than the last. His silent phone taunted him and he kept waiting for the key to jiggle in the handle of the door.

His hands in his hair, Harry paced the apartment, careful not to wake a sleeping Benji. When two became two thirty, Harry decided he had enough. Fuck it, he thought, grabbing his keys and jacket, he was going to look for you.

He threw open the door and almost collapsed with equal parts shock and relief. Her face was a mirror of Harry’s surprised one as she stood in the hallway.

“Harry, Harry what’s going on?” she asked him, stepping into her home.

He was so relieved she was okay that the anxiety settled, making room for anger.

“Where the hell were you?” he asked harshly, ignoring her question.

Her eyes widened as she took in his unfamiliar anger. “On a date, you know that.”

“All this time? I don’t think so. I need answers,” Harry crossed his arms in front of his chest.

Something within her snapped. “I’m sorry, but who do you think you’re talking to? I don’t have to tell you anything!”

Harry gripped the tops of the armchair. “Yes, you do. I was about to go out looking for you, I was so afraid. What was so important that you couldn’t call me or answer your fucking phone?”

“God, Harry, I was busy!”

Busy doing what? Oh God. “Were you fucking him?”

Her jaw dropped to the ground. “No, no. You don’t get to ask that. That’s none of your business, Harry. Wait, you were going to look for me?”

Harry’s eyes softened. “I was worried, okay?”

Y/N opened her mouth to speak but a small figure in the doorway caught her attention. “Monkey, what are you doing up?” she asked her brother.

Benjamin rubbed his eyes. “My tummy hurts.”

“Your tummy hurts?” She shot daggers at Harry. “You gave him ice cream, didn’t you?”

Harry backed into the corner, her protectiveness intimidating him.

“Stop yelling!” Benji said with tears in his eyes. “I can hear you guys fighting!”

Her heart broke. “No, Monkey, don’t cry,” she said.

Harry walked over to the child and squatted down to his eye level. “Your sister and I are okay, little man. We’re just…talking.”

“No you’re not. You’re yelling at her! You’re not supposed to yell at her, you love her!” Benji covered his mouth immediately, knowing he shared Harry’s secret. The one he asked him not to tell his sister. The little boy ran back to his bedroom.

She stood there, hand over her chest which was rising and falling rapidly. She knew she should go after her brother who took shelter in his room, but something about the way Harry’s face paled kept her feet in place.

“Harry?” She swallowed. “What did Benji mean?”

Harry sat down on the couch, his head in his hands. “He meant what he said,” he said, his voice muffled from his hands.

“You love me?” Y/N asked, heart rate exceeding a billion beats per minute. “I mean, we’re best friends, obviously we love each other.”

Harry lifted his head and looked directly into the eyes. The eyes he knew he was in love with.

“Not like that, Y/N. I love you as more than a friend.” Harry’s throaty voice was thick with emotion.

She could feel her heart grow in size.

“I’m in love with you, Y/N. I think I always have been,” Harry admitted.

She gripped the counter for support, eyes wide and dazed as she stared at the ceiling. “Driving,” she said suddenly. “That’s where I was all this time. Just driving around, trying to clear my head.”

“What for?” Harry asked, trying to ignore the fact that she hadn’t returned his affection.

She shrugged, as if what she was about to admit wasn’t that big a deal. “Just trying to make sense of the fact that the entire two hours of my date I was wishing it was you sitting across from me instead.”

As soon as her words hit the air, Harry sprang to his feet and walked over to her. She hadn’t said what he expected, but she said so much more.

Harry cupped her face in his large hands and stared into her eyes, searching for her soul. “I don’t want to be friends anymore,” she sobbed. “I love you, Harry, I love you so much.”

Harry’s heart flipped in his chest, barely containing his happiness. Slowly, he leaned forward until his lips locked on her parted ones. His tongue danced on her lips before plunging into her warmth.

One taste wasn’t nearly enough. He needed much more.

“Shadows I Live With”

Sherlolly Appreciation Week 2016
Day 2 Monday Mar. 07 - Canon Compliant/The Sherlock Special/TAB


“Hello, I’m Mrs. Hudson. Mr. Holmes’ landlady,” The attractive older woman with kind eyes said, as she greeted Molly and Holmes at the foyer of two hundred twenty-one B Baker street.  Molly stood straighter as she took off her bowler hat and prepared to respond in her lower, harsher octave.  She detested every moment that she had to pretend to be a man.  She dreamed of the day when women would never have to resort to such horrible deception to live a fulfilled life.

“Mrs. Hudson, this is Doctor Hooper, Scotland Yard’s Pathologist. He will be sequestered with us, for extra protection, while I solve his case.”

Molly knew the moment Holmes “told” her that she would be staying with him for the duration of the investigation, that she was in for a lot of trouble.  How was she going to live side by side with the infamous detective and not give up her secret?

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