i wonder what papa

rivaereri secret santa

for @liieyn​ - I am your secret santa for the mutuals rivaereri ss!

“Present? For me, sir? But it’s your birthday!”

“I wanted to get something for my favorite maid.”

“But I’m you’re only maid, sir.”

I haven’t decided what’s in the box. A ring? A hamster? Who knows.

anonymous asked:

Hello! I was wondering what you think would happen/they would do on a papa!bucky and little!tony day out? (In a big/little universe.) would he take his baby to the park and push him on the swings and other playground equipment or would they sit in a field of flowers and blow on the dandelions or would they stroll around the city and go to different shops and stuff?

Aww, I think they would go for all of it. Bucky would love to push his baby on the swings, and Tony would probably end up making flower crowns, and it would be amazing. They probably have littles sized parks too, with lotsa fun things to play on.