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Scenario time! A little orphan girl about the age of 3 is found in the Sakamaki garden wearing a dress shirt 10x too big for her. How will the Sakamaki bros react?

Ayato: Uh Reiji.. Why is there a little girl in our garden?

Reiji: What are you talking about? *looks out the window* …What on earth?

Ayato: …Is she our new sacrificial bride?

Subaru: No, you dumbass!

Kanato: *glares* Who’s that ugly human and what is she doing here? What makes her think she can roam around our property as if it’s a playground!? Maybe I’ll dispose of her the proper way!!

Subaru: Dude she’s just a little kid!!

Shu: *groans* Why all the noise? *gets up and looks out the window* …What the hell?

Laito: Why are you guys making such a big deal nfu~ Aw, it’s just a little human girl who seems to look lost and scared. I think the right thing to do would be to help her~

Reiji: Alright, but she better cooperate with us!

-they both go outside-

Laito: Hey there sweetheart! Aw, you’re trembling~ Don’t worry, there’s nothing to fear. We’re here to help you~! *grabs her hand*

Reiji: Can we reach your parents anywhere? *she shakes her head* No? Well, perhaps she’s from an orphanage. I’ll contact them immediately. 

-The rest of the boys observe from inside-

Ayato: Wow.. They’d actually be good parents..

Who is in Control - Part 10 (NSFW)

Word counting: 1200+
Chapter Summary: You and Bucky have some action.
Notes: Keep in mind: Age of Ultron Never happened here. Gifs are from google or tumblr.
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Mutant!Reader; OMC x Mutant!Reader
Present characters: Female Reader, Bucky Barnes, Clint Barton.
Chapter: 9/??
Chapter name: I never played a fair game
Warnings:  NSFW. Oral sex. Dirty talk. Unprotected sex. Finally some action. Huh… A bit of a twist. Don’t hate me. 

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So go on and challenge me
Take the reins and see

It took Y/N a few seconds to regain the ability to breath.

“So do it, Barnes.” She looked up, challenging him. “Prove me you’re not all talk.”

Bucky’s expression changed quickly and he returned to press her mouth with his, using his arm to lift her body up from the floor and blindly lead them back to his room. Every time he pushed her into a wall the air would escaped her lungs and their bodies brushed harder against each other, sending shivers throughout Y/N’s skin.

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rivaereri secret santa

for @liieyn​ - I am your secret santa for the mutuals rivaereri ss!

“Present? For me, sir? But it’s your birthday!”

“I wanted to get something for my favorite maid.”

“But I’m you’re only maid, sir.”

I haven’t decided what’s in the box. A ring? A hamster? Who knows.


family’s love and encouragement helped tao pass through the harsh training period

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I wonder what Maki's biological papa has to say about Papachika.

Nishikidad: “so you are the one who’s trying to claim my daughter as your daughter…what makes you think i’m going to allow that”

Eli: “sir while you’ve been busy not existing in our universe, i’ve been working my ass off to stop any nicomaki action from happening”

Nishikidad: “….shit you’re hired, here’s a key to my car and a key to my beach house just take whatever you need”

Prompt: Naruto gets emotional

A feeling of dread settled at the pit of Sakura’s stomach when her husband marched into the kitchen with tears in his eyes.

“S..Sakura-chan…our son…” his voice quivered and a tear fell.

“What is it? Did something happen to Shina-chan?” Her brows met. When she left the bedroom a few minutes ago, Naruto was playing with their son, both of them laughing like they don’t have a care in the world. The shift in mood was so sudden it scared her.

“Shina-chan….he….he…” his lower lip shook and more tears fell. Sakura grabbed his shoulder with trembling hands. “What happened?” she demanded but Naruto just sobbed. Unable to wait for his reply, she rushed to Shinachiku’s room, her thoughts a jumbled mess, her heartbeat, a pounding crescendo in her chest.

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I know you changed from slybooby so I was wondering if its okay to ask if what papa-chrom said was actually true?

Yes what halley aka papa-chrom is true. I was recently given the link to the post when a friend saw it and notified me. I already made amends??? with koujackie but I guess it’s fine so I’ll just clarify some things up while im here

The ‘hate’ i got wasn’t exactly clear. Here’s what essentially happened.

  • I got really upset one night because of the whole changing Aoba to female but keeping one of the boyfriends male thing. It just really felt gross to me meaning it gave me a lot of anxiety of my own gender, and I had explained this in asks I received after posting it. It was mostly about just making her completely cis female and changing his personality to be more 'femine’ it just bugged me and a lot of friends so I said something about it. However, when I went to draft it, it got queued instead by accident. Keep in mind I was sick with the flu at the time and it was very late.
  • When it posted, a few bloggers, who shall remain nameless, started?? i wouldnt really call it arguing but more of disagreeing with the whole thing.
  • After awhile their follwers started attacking me so I deleted most of them. However they went of sprees of posting things that Koujackie reblogged among others, giving me an anxiety attack.
  • At that point I just wanted it to end. So I went to koujackie for help since she was one of the main people reblogging that sort of thing from those bloggers, and simply asked her to start tagging them because I added their urls to my tagsaver + blacklist, ect… and just wanted to be done with it, and seeing them gave me anxiety for that time. Note i never asked her to stop being friends with them or any sort. Just to simply tag what she reblogged from them so I wouldn’t see it. 
  • After she said okay, I got more hate because one of the bloggers had posted basically the thing I told Koujackie. Which is a big no no to honestly do, and did not even look to see what was being said or going on, or even try to intervene people attacking me, or others attacking me about my dysphoria + depression, aka a minor with serious ptsd and suicidal/self harm tendencies because of those things at the time. All I had let her know I had at some point or another. 

After that was done I gave up and deleted my blog and remade this one. However after they found out who I was, people still attacked me saying it was 'unfair’ for me to stop being friends with her for no reason because I didn’t publicly say why.