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I haven't fully caught up to the manga but I was wondering how you can tell which is our ciel and which is the real ciel in the flashbacks when they're children?

There are several ways to tell! We figure out what boy is which by going through the set of criteria and seeing who fits best, it isn’t always obvious what twin we’re looking at though.

Real Ciel

  1. Confident and outgoing, seen as “mischievous” by Pit.
  2. Never had asthma.
  3. The heir to the Phantomhive name.
  4. Usually seen being close to Madam Red or Lizzy.
  5. When kidnapped, has a dark bruise under his left eye.
  6. When kidnapped, has no broken buttons on his shirt.
  7. Will be addressed as “Ciel” by others.
  8. Will be addressed as “Lord Ciel” by Tanaka.
  9. Is killed on the altar.
  10. Hair usually swishes to our left.

Our Ciel

  1. Shy and quiet, scared to speak to strangers and is seen as “frail” by Vincent.
  2. Had debilitating asthma, had to undergo a “medical recuperation”.
  3. Not the heir to the Phantomhive name.
  4. Never addressed as “Ciel” aside from when translation errors occur.
  5. Addressed as “Young Master” by Tanaka.
  6. Usually seen with Tanaka as opposed to Lizzy or Madam Red.
  7. Usually seen inside the Phantomhive manor.
  8. When kidnapped, has no dark bruise under his eye.
  9. When kidnapped, has a broken button on his shirt.
  10. Does not leave the cage until after meeting Sebastian.
  11. Hair usually swishes to our right.

NOTE: the hair direction is not always 100% consistent, however they are “mirror twins” as confirmed by Yana so it’s mostly accurate!

[Above chart is taken from my 2CT masterpost here.]

So there is a lot to choose from. But these are the things I consider when trying to work out who is who, it’s mostly successful! The only time that we’re not completely certain about is this instance here, but even then the hair-partings hold up so I agree with @akumadeenglish in their post linked.


…actually, it’s nightcrawler, but my real name is kurt wagner.

The Group Project

(Jimin is jealous when his best friend and roommate, Taehyung, has a date with the girl Jimin has a crush on.)

Warning: 8000 words and 75% of this is pure smut. MMF sex.  Dirty talking.  Disrespectful name calling.   The usual.

“Fuck you, Kim Taehyung! FUCK! YOU!”  Jimin was livid.  “I’ve never said a single thing to you about all the shit I have to put up with as your roommate!  All the times I’ve had to crash at a friend’s place because you brought some girl back to our dorm room for the night!  I can’t remember the last time I spent a whole week able to sleep in my own bed because of you!  And all those times I woke up to find some chick I don’t know in your bed?  Like you couldn’t just go somewhere else to fuck them? Did you really have to screw them in our room while I was asleep?”  Taehyung opened his mouth to answer, but Jimin cut him off.  “And I wasn’t even asleep for all of them!  What was that one girls name? The one with the short hair? Jungin? Jungah?  Just because you took her into our bathroom to have her suck your dick doesn’t mean I didn’t hear EVERY FUCKING THING that happened in there!  You are so fucking vile!  The things you said to that girl… the sound of her choking on your dick while you called her a slut?  What the fuck is wrong with you?!”

“Some girls like that shit,” Taehyung replied calmly.  “She definitely liked it, that’s for sure.”

Jimin rolled his eyes dismissively.  “The point is that I’ve never said anything to you about how you’ve stuck your dick in half the women on campus.  Despite the fact that you are always inconveniencing me in order to get your rocks off, I’ve kept my mouth shut.  It’s your life and it’s not really any of my business.  But this is TOO FUCKING MUCH!  I thought we were friends?  I never thought you would totally screw me over like this!”

“We are friends!  I didn’t do this to screw you over.” Taehyung and Jimin had been randomly assigned to be roommates in their small single room dorm room their freshman year and immediately became the best of friends.  Taehyung was on a scholarship that paid for his student housing on campus and Jimin couldn’t imagine living with anyone other than Taehyung, so despite the cramped quarters and the arguments frequently caused by the lack of privacy, they continued living together in the dormitory.

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Best friend Jungkook includes:

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  • him being the competitive one in the friendship
  • will literally take anything as a challenge like boy re l a x
  • virtually good at everything
  • meaning he’s constantly making you look bad
  • constantly
  • especially in front of your mum
  • “honey why can’t you be more like jungkook”
  • “mUM”
  • saving the other with a heartfelt nickname on eachothers phones
  • “why the fuck is my name ‘annoying ass bitch’ on your contacts, jungkook?”
  • “cause you named me ‘this friendship was a mistake’ on yours, tf did you expect?”
  • constantly making memes out of eachother
  • and him teasing you 24/7
  • cause lets be real, if you’re not making fun of eachother then what’s the point of this friendship
  • helping him annoy his hyungs
  • “you didn’t hear this from me, Yoongi, but jungkook and I saw Taehyung take your headphones the other day”
  • “no wonder I couldn’t find it, that lil shit”
  • you being his wingwoman cause you’ve finally found something he’s bad at
  • “I don’t need your help with girls, Y/N”
  • “oh really? cause the video I have on my phone of you trying to ask my friend out but failing miserably says otherwise”
  • deadass the friend to leave you on the sidewalk if you trip or something
  • so
  • many
  • inside jokes
  • and 
  • so 
  • many
  • intricate handshakes
  • him insisting on practicing these hand shakes at least twice a day so that you don’t forget
  • he deems all type of physical affection unacceptable
  • which you call bullshit on cause he’s the one that initiates the hugs and arm links 
  • honestly ppl thought you guys were originally dating  because of how close you two are
  • he loves to put on a tough front but really he’s just a soft bunny
  • but even tho he’s a soft bunny, he’ll still fucking b o d y you to the floor when you guys are play fighting
  • thus resulting him getting scolded by the others cause he accidentally gave you a black eye or a bruised arm
  • #nomercy
  • you stealing his shit cause lets be real he’s buff as fuck so all his stuff is like 10x bigger than you making them more comfortable
  • so to get back at you he steals your underwear and leaves them all around the studio and dorms where the boys can see 
  •  you giving him the spare key to your house cause you’re tired of having to get up at like 1 am to open the door for him cause he couldn’t sleep
  • texting you late at night to describe the wild ass dream he just had
  • sending ugly snapchats to eachother
  • karaoke nights that leaves you pissed off cause he’s meant to not take it seriously and sing really badly not outshine you with his angelic voice ffs
  • but his angelic voice is what makes you feel better when you’re feeling like shit
  • as much as you hate to admit it, you take comfort in him singing softly to you on your bad days and low days
  • he may not be good at talking to other girls but he seems to know the right words to say when you’re crying into his shoulder
  • and to return the favour you show up to his door with a bag full of snacks and ice cream and his favorite games if he too is going through a rough patch
  • or if he’s feeling extremely down, you’ll just cuddle up with him with the warmest blankets you can find and watch a film or sit in comfortable silence
  • cause after all, what are best friends for?
“That Idiot”

Pairing: Levi X Reader

Genre: Fluff; Angst

Words: 1374


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           “Levi! It’s them – survey corps!” Farlan announced the moment he spotted the wings of freedom crest on the soldiers’ uniforms.

           “You know what that means.” Levi answered, focused in front of him.

           “It’s the job.” It was Isabel this time.

           Levi didn’t bother to say anything else, they did plan this over and over, anyway. Still, hesitation is creeping up on him. Doing this job meant going to the surface. And going up there meant leaving the underground behind – which is good, except for the fact he’ll be leaving you as well.

           “Tsk, that idiot.” Levi muttered before the three of them separated and began their plan.

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Forsythe - Jughead Jones

Anonymous said:

Can I please have a Jughead fic where Y/n (confident, tough girl) is being playful and making fun of Jugheads real name when they’re at her house and he starts a tickle fight out of revenge being 100% done with her shit, despite thinking it’s adorable.

Anonymous said:

Fluffy & cute af Jughead imagine where you two have always been best friends and jug has been trying to hide the fact that he’s in love with you until he finally confesses his feelings and so you admit you feel the same way 😊 Love your writing btw x

Originally posted by squintlovely

I couldn’t help but combine these two ideas! I hope you’re both okay with this and I’m sorry it’s so short!!!

“What does that even mean?” You asked while grabbing your phone. Jughead spun around in your desk chair to look at you. You were sitting on your bedroom floor still giggling over  how his dad used his full name when she picked him up to come over.. “It doesn’t matter, Y/N, just drop it,” he said turning back to type away at his novel. You let out another adorable giggle that, even though you couldn’t see it, made Jughead smile. “Forsythe Pendleton, it sounds almost royal,” you let out a fake gasp, “Are you a long lost prince?” Jughead turned to look at you while trying to suppress a smile, “Wouldn’t that be interesting, me as a prince.” You let out a laugh, “You don’t have the manners!” He gave you a smile and you typed on your phone.

“According to sevenreflections.com, you are suppose to be kind, hospitable, and friendly,” you let out another laugh. He just rolled his eyes while he looked at his computer screen. The original plan for when he came over to your place was to have you proofread the drafts of his novels. He didn’t bring this up of course, but Jughead also wanted to tell you about how he truly felt about you, his best friend. He had been harboring feelings for you since the 6th grade, and after around four years of hiding, he finally felt confident enough to tell you. Those plans were soon scrapped when you heard his real name. He didn’t mind the teasing, not really, he just had other things on his mind. “I wonder what Pendleton means,” you voice broke him from his thoughts. “Oh this one suits you,” you said getting up to show him the results. You leaned over him, your arm over his shoulders to hold your phone in front of his face.

“You express yourself and your ideas through writings or other forms of art. While you are expressive, you like to keep your feelings to yourself,” you read the first few sentences out loud but Jughead wasn’t listening. He had stopped typing, marveling in your closeness and not hearing a single word. “Sounds like you,” you added and you turned to face him, but only to find his gaze on you. “Uh yeah, sounds like me,” he said quickly, looking back to his computer screen. You walked to your bed and sat against the wall, shutting off your phone. “When you’re done with that chapter, I can read through it.” He nodded and you picked at your nails, somewhat bored. Jughead’s finger were typing so fast, he thought maybe he’d have a cramp. He just wanted to hear you talk again. An idea crawled into his brain and he smiled, “So are you done making fun of my name?” You let out a laugh from where you were seated. “Oh honey, I’ve just started!” He smiled at his screen and listened while you described how a guy with his name should act and how he was the total opposite. “Like I said before, maybe you’re a rich prince,” you paused, smiling widely, “if that’s the case, we should go out sometime.” Jughead fumbled in his typing and hot blushed rose to his cheeks. He thanked God that you couldn’t see the blush, but you must’ve noticed his fingers because you started laughing again. To his surprise you didn’t downplay your proposal with a “I was just kidding, Jug.” No, you didn’t say anything of the sort and a sense of hope flooded over him. He added the finishing touches to his chapter and turned to face you.

“And Jughead Jones the third,” you let out a chuckle, “more like Jughead Jones the turd.” You started laughing, but Jughead couldn’t take it anymore. “That’s it,” he said, standing and darting over to your bed. He leaned over you and proceeded to tickle you. You laughed and screamed, causing Jughead to smile wickedly. “You’re so mean Y/N,” he said, still tickling you, “but not like mean mean, but like annoying five year-old type mean.” This caused you to laugh more, making Jughead laugh as well and loosen up on his tickle attack. You took that to your advantage, grabbing his arms and pulling him down to the bed, where you pinned him.

“You tickle me for revenge, Jones, you get put in time out. Who’s the five year-old now?” He laughed fro underneath you, causing you to smile down at him. “I remember when you were five, Y/N, you haven’t changed a bit.” You raised your eyebrow at him, “Really now, would a five year old have such good taste in choosing you as their best friend?” He stared up at you, taking in your stunning features. “Probably not, kids don’t tend to like me,” he whispered and you smiled down at him. He sat up suddenly, face to face with you as you were straddling his thighs to pin him. “But you like me,” he said, feeling his gut tighten with nerves, “and I was wondering if there was a chance that you,” his confidence wavered as he spoke. “I like you Y/N, more than as a friend.” You looked at him, peering into his green eyes before speaking. “You’re lucky you’re probably a long lost prince,” you said with a smile, “so about that date.” Jughead just smiled at you as you rattled off all of the outlandish things you wanted to do on your first date, that he could afford because of his royal family riches.

He just listened until he couldn’t help himself any longer and pressed a kiss to your cheek. His hand lingered on the other side of your face as he pulled away, using his thumb to stroke your cheek bone.  Your expression suddenly grew serious, “Jug, are you sure you want this? I know I’m a handful sometimes and I don’t want you to leave.” His eyebrows knitted together in concern, and he held your face in his hands. “I’ve wanted you for so long Y/N, even though you a total pain in the ass.” You laughed and so did he, but he wanted to you to believe him. He carefully moved in a pressed a soft and short kiss to your lips. “You’re lucky I’m a long lost prince with the patience of a saint.” You let out a loud laugh, “Sure, whatever Forsythe.”

Business and Pleasure - Part 8

Summary:  Bucky AU. After a major deal falls through, your father’s business almost falls apart. In a desperate attempt to save his livelihood, he seeks the help of his oldest friend, George Barnes, who happens to be the CEO of one of the most influential businesses in New York. He agrees, but on one condition. You have to marry his son.

Word Count: 1,616

Warnings: Swearing

Originally posted by pxggycxrters

“What happened to us, James?”

He was silent then, shrugging off his jacket before running a hand through his hair. “We used to be best friends…”

You stiffened at that statement, shaking your head and biting your lip. He was wrong. Hearing him say that sent a sharp pain through your chest. “No. No. Bucky was my best friend, not…not you.”

He stared at you, carefully studying your face. “Uh, Y/N? Did you hit your head on something? Are you okay? Did you drink too much? You do realize that I’m Bucky, right?”

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Okay, but I really love how the newest BNHA chapter shows the different kind of heroes. (At least to me.)

On one hand, we have Mirio - a bit more experienced then Izuku. A lot of things he does are similar to what All Might would do or would have done - he smiles, he is bright and shining and strong. A bit off a dork, too. He aims high - while his hero name does not cover the “with all my might” or “saving all the people” it still says “I want to save millions of people”. That’s a great and wonderful goal.

And then, there’s Izuku. Izuku who is inexperienced, dorky, determined and still a bit insecure in himself and what to do in certain situations, but still he does it, ad most of the time it works out. He’s not a real hero yet. He is getting there,  but he isn’t there yet, and his reaction to meeting a villain and almost making the man suspicious makes this very clear. He still has a lot to learn.

Both of them are great kids and will be great heroes one day, I have no doubt about it. But there is one thing that perked my interest today.

The way they reacted to Eri, Overhaul, and the possibility of the girl being mistreated or in danger because of Overhaul.

Mirio and Izuku meet Eri at the same time. They both saw Overhaul at the same time. But to both this new (old) faces, the boys reacted very differently.

Izuku lost his cool for a second. He has always been very expressive, his face shows his emotions like a  neon sign, literally screaming Oh my god, we run into the villain we’re looking for!

Mirio, more experienced, more trained, keeps his cool. Puts Izuku’s hood up and starts small talk with the villain.

It shows the difference in their experience. Mirio is closer to being a professional than Izuku is for now.

But then, there is the reaction to Overhaul wanting to take Eri with him.

Izuku doesn’t want to let the girl go. Eri is clinging to him, shaking, scared, and Izuku instantly goes into being protective about her. He is scared himself, he really is, and he knows that he shouldn’t, but instead of keeping the facade up and letting Overhaul take his supposed “daughter” with him, Izuku confronts Overhaul straight out with the fact that there is something fishy going. He doesn’t care that he is endangering their and Nighteye’s mission, or putting himself into danger - all he thinks about is that he has to help, has to not look away.

Mirio would have let Eri go. Certainly with a bad feeling about it and with the thought that they could save her later, when they have more information, when Nighteye has completed his mission. But he literally thought to Izuku “Just look away. Pretend that nothing happened. Keep the facade up.” He wanted to keep the mission going, to play it safe.

It probably saves their lives, that Mirio keeps them from running after the villain. Overhaul certainly would have killed both Mirio and Izuku. But it really points out that for all their similarities, Mirio and Izuku are different at the core. While Mirio thinks rationally and professionally, Izuku - who is a thinker most of the times - just acts on his instincts, puts his fear away and puts all his power into saving and protecting.

It reminds me a bit of what we have seen from Nighteye and All Might and their dynamiques. While Nighteye wants to “make people smile”, even by force and tickling and making them laugh even if they don’t want to, All Might is all about “I will keep smiling for everyone”.

Nighteye and Mirio both symbolize the “take the best plan and route and make the world better” while Izuku and Toshinori are more like “sacrifice myself to protect other’s happiness”.

I’m not saying that one of the two parties is the better one. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. Both are fighting for what’s right. But I’m impressed by how well Horikoshi is portraying that there are different things that can coexist, be right and good and well, without one being better or more normal than the other.

That even goes for heroes. There are different kind of heroes, and that doesn’t mean that one kind of hero is better than the other. They are just covering different aspects.

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Hi! So CoHF it's mentioned that faeries don't allow other faeries to address them by their real name and I was wondering how that works? Like what's the point of someone having a name that nobody uses? And is there a reason behind that? Also in the interview you recently posted, you said that faeries aren't immortal. So is time going differently in Faerie the reason behind them being centuries old eventhough they're not immortal or is it some magic they have to perform or smth?

“The name is the thing, and the true name is the true thing. To speak the name is to control the thing."— Ursula K. Le Guin, The Rule of Names

The idea that faeries do not allow others to call them by their “true names” is part of faerie folklore (which is why you will also find it in, say, Holly Black’s faerie books.) From the Wikipedia entry on True Names:

According to practises in folklore, knowledge of a true name allows one to affect another person or being magically. It is stated that knowing someone’s, or something’s, true name therefore gives the person (who knows the true name) power over them. This effect is used in many tales, such as in the German fairytale of Rumpelstiltskin: within Rumpelstiltskin and all its variants, the girl can free herself from the power of a supernatural helper who demands her child by learning its name. In the Scandinavian variants of the ballad Earl Brand, the hero can defeat all his enemies until the heroine, running away with him, pleads with him by name to spare her youngest brother. In Scandinavian beliefs, more magical beasts, such as the Nix, could be defeated by calling their name.” 

The point of the name that isn’t used is the power vested in it. You can use it, just as it can be used against you. You can demand entrance using your real name, or a hearing in front of the King/Queen, or rightful ownership of a thing. Kieran isn’t Kieran’s true name; “The Seelie Queen” is obviously not her real name either. Kieran is however still his name, it’s what Mark calls him and what everyone calls him. Kieran Hunter when he’s in the Hunt, Kieran Kingson when he’s in the Unseelie Court. 

Faeries are not immortal, but they are very long-lived and age slowly.


Pairing: Nalu

Rating: K+

Genre: Friendship and romance

Summary: The tiny stuffed toy was her treasure - a little demon that had helped her through good times and bad. And suddenly there he was, breathing, walking, talking, emoting. And asking for a kiss. 

Notes: This drabble poured out as soon as I laid eyes on <<this>> wonderful art by @liku-bears!

It was probably the only really meaningful gift from her father in recent times. It wasn’t much — just a tiny little demon plushie. It could have easily been lost in thousands of other dresses and jewellery that he had also sponsored for her.

Had it not been for the fact the toy was a small reminder of happier times. And of her parents’ love.

One of her fondest childhood memories were of when they would all cuddle together in bed while her mother told stories. In particular, one of a tiny demon that saved lost little kids, only to be misunderstood by the children’s parents when they saw him with them. Her father would supply the dialogues for the angry people, while her mother would do those for the little children and the demon.

Lucy felt for the demon, and protested, insisting that she would have done her best to protect it had she had the chance. Her mother had been so pleased with the suggestion, that she would weave a Lucy into the story to do just that - and she would get to do her own dialogues. And they would go on and on until Jude reminded them of it being past bedtime.

Storytime had been her favourite way to spend time with her family - it was the one time her father and mother could take a break from their royal duties and spend time with her.

Her mother’s sudden loss had been very hard on her and her father, and his subsequent attempts to cope had really dented their relationship. Lucy, now at sixteen years, still couldn’t remember the last time she and her father had really spoken.

The plushie, gifted to her on her tenth birthday, two years after losing her mother, was a small reminder that despite all the evidence that went against it, her father really did care.

She had taken extremely good care of the soft toy ever since. It had a special place beside her pillow at night-time and was the last thing she saw when she went to bed and the first when she woke up. She would talk to it every day — share tales of her day, people she met, things she learnt. She would laugh with it and cry holding it. It was her closest friend, and had been for years now.

Even if it never had it replied back.

Not till right now anyway.

Lucy, the ever graceful celestial princess of Magnolia, fell rather clumsily on her bum when it — he — suddenly spoke.

“Woah, there! You okay?” came the tiny voice again, as the now animated toy (person?) leaned over the bed to ensure she was okay.

“Y-y-you’re talking!”

“Hell yeah I am!” he grinned. “Finally.”

“B-b-but you’re a toy!”

“Oi, I’m a demon!“ His face tilted to one side. "And you’ve always told me you’re a polite person. Lies!”

Lucy blinked disbelievingly, as the little toy crossed his arms and huffed.

She crawled on her knees back to the edge of her bed to peek at the toy, see for herself if he really was…real.

And while the demon kept his back to her, pouting sulkily, she brought a finger to poke him in the side.

“Hey,” he warned.


“Hey!” His back still faced her.


“Would you— ” he got cut off as Lucy — in a bid to try and confirm once more that felt had indeed given way to flesh — unintentionally began tickling him.

“S-sorry,” she said, not really that sorry. His laughter was heart-warming.

“Oh, you’re gonna pay,” he said, once he’d caught his breath.

“And what are you going to do about it?” Lucy challenged.

He pouted again and Lucy couldn’t help but giggle.

“I didn’t intend to tickle you, if that helps,” she added.

“You’re mean, Luce,” he grumbled.

Lucy raised an eyebrow. “Luce?”

“Well yeah, that’s what I’ve always called you,” he said, rolling away to make room for Lucy to climb and sit on her bed.

“You were listening the whole time?” she asked in wonder.

“Yup,” he replied.

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Imagine, if you will: 

A boarding school for children who went to magical worlds like Narnia and Wonderland…and came back and now have to adjust to being stuck in the Real World again. Ever wonder what Alice, Dorothy, and the Pevensie kids went through afterwards? It was probably something like this.


The deuteragonist is a trans boy*. His name is Kade; he’s really cool. (He’s a former Goblin Prince-in-Waiting, I want his story so much, come on Seanan McGuire give us a prequel about him). 

There’s also a creepy murder mystery because why the heck not. 

Basically, it’s everything I ever wanted in a book. And did I mention actual asexual representation…I swear, if I’d had this book as a teenager, my life would have been so different. 

And the author is demi/bisexual. 

(The kindle book is like $2.99 over at Amazon right now, if you want to go check it out.)

*(Trigger warning for some transphobist comments made by one character that are refuted by literally everyone else)

  • Newsies Boyband AU!
  • Now first of all I would call them the Newsboys but like…that’s a real band that exists so idk what their name would be
  • But anyway! Boybands! Fun and cute and lots of wiggle room!
  • Crutchie
    • lead singer
    • beloved by his bandmates and by most fans but every once in awhile there’s that one fan
      • Idk I just think Charlie is overrated….he can’t sing that well, Jack has a nicer voice, and I think he only gets to sing lead because of his leg :/ I’m not ableist or anything, I just don’t like him
    • Mostly Crutchie ignores things like that but once in awhile he wonders if they’re true
  • Jack
    • lead guitar/harmonies
    • very much the Hot Onetm but people tend to overlook his talents
    • designed the logo and does all of the shirts and album covers but doesn’t make that public knowledge
    • the Crutchie Bashers usually use Jack as an excuse and Jack is having none of it he’s a master vague tweeter
      • I love all my bandmates and everyone is perfectly suited to what they do, from lights to vocals!
      • I feel like people forget Crutch and I have been best friends since fifth grade and I have videos like this cause if they didn’t they’d ask for more [video of Crutchie singing The Wizard and I at a middle school talent show]
    • he loves singing harmony, and only sings lead if somebody makes him. two songs in their repertoire include him on melody
  • Race
    • the drummer
    • (haha guess who still likes EYDW with all his heart?)
    • he’s the Wild Onetm but everyone adores him because he’s cute and funny
    • Racetrack Higgins Highlights:
      • “So I was like, fuck it-wait shit I can’t swear in interviews-fuck! Dammit, sorry, I-” “Race just stop talking”
      • he broke a snare during a concert once and put it on his head like a hat
      • pictures of him kissing everyone in the band, on crew, and even fans on the cheek but it’s because that’s what he does. In Italy. That’s how you greet people. and it just carried over
      • always wears a necklace with a shark tooth. gazes into the distance when asked where it was from and responds with, “I’ll never forget her.” Actually bought it Wings on a day off in North Carolina
      • changes hair colors every other week. fans go to two concerts in two days. first one he has bright red hair. next day it’s bright blue.
      • slowly acquiring more piercing until one day they’re all gone.
        • “Lmao you though those were real? I cried when I got a single ear piercing.”
      • then people think his tattoo is fake and it isn’t but it’s ridiculous. like literally the word “THOT” on the back of his neck. Spot dared him to.
    • so people love him even though he’s wild
  • Spot
    • designs sound for recordings and live shows
    • most fans only know him as the one goading Race on
    • but once in a while somebody recognizes him in the sound booth and is like “ahh, that’s who he is”
    • also secretly write lyrics sometimes but asks to be credited as “Sam Carlson” so his poetic writing doesn’t ruin his tough guy image
    • which makes people think of all these crazy theories as to who Sam Carlson is and why he writes songs randomly for the band
    • is the only reason Race hasn’t gotten lost on tour in a gas station
    • is the one who set up the Walkie Talkie system that keeps everyone organized
    • the star of Jack’s snapchat story half the time but never caught doing anything strange? people just know he’s awesome and says funny things
    • is the one who adopted the cat and resulted in him being named Asshole but it was an accident
  • Katherine and Sarah
    • managers and lighting designers
    • really cool and really gay
    • every time they’re doing a show around a Pride parade time or during Pride month there are rainbows and other flags everywhere
    • Sarah is also in charge of PR after the Incident of Race accidentally DMing a fan who’s username included Jack’s name something along the lines of “sup fuckface where are you everyone else is here and you’re the one who said he was bringing the good stuff”
      • by good stuff he’d simply meant the Purple Doritos but the fan didn’t know that and it took a while for people to let that go
    • People think Jack and Kat are dating for a long time because they’re always together
    • it literally took like fifty pictures of Kat and Saz kissing before people stopped denying how gay she was
  • Davey
    • plays bass but also violin and other related string instruments
    • sometimes sings a third part but not usually
    • people don’t give him much credit until there’s a new song
    • which starts out really slow and is only Jack singing and Davey playing cello but mid song it picks up and Dave changes instruments really fast like in the space of one beat to violin and goes really hard and the song tops the charts for weeks because it’s like crazy good
      • “yeah I’m a classically trained violinist, I just usually have more fun on bass” “…” “but i like that song a lot, most times I’m on violin it’s slow and boring”
    • that song is also when most of the Crutchie Bashing started because it was the first really popular one that featured Jack on melody since only Jack sang
  • Their shows are legendary for being good like the vocals the instrumentals everything is always good
  • they got their start in college where Crutchie got them into one of the theatres and it was just for fun
  • but Race, the wild one even in the very beginning, realized that they were actually really good and signed them up for some show like America’s Got Talent or something like that
  • and while they didn’t win overall, they did get enough attention to get a record deal
  • and then they just EXPLODED and became the new big thing
  • which kind of freaked all of them out a little bit because what has started as fun music with friends was suddenly paparazzi and crazy fans and people wanting to know “when is it what is it where is it how are you will you” about their songs
  • but they mostly acclimated pretty fast
    • Crutchie had the hardest time because while he’s friendly he’s also a but of an introvert and needs his privacy which was suddenly a lot harder to find
  • like most boybands, instantly there were Those Fans who shipped people
    • the most common one became Jack and Race because they seemed like the ones most likely to like each other
    • really though it was Spot and Race, who balanced each other out, and Jack and Crutchie, who’d been in love for years and only figure it out when people started trying to ship Jack and Race which made Crutchie really jealous, and the people who nobody knew as well like Specs and Romeo, Kat and Saz (at first they became better known later), etc
  • they get a really good rep with people because they’re always willing to take a selfie or like fanart as long as it isn’t creepy, or answer questions
  • Jack hosts monthly Q&A sessions on his snapchat and each time it’s somebody new
    • so like the first one is Crutchie, then Davey, then Race, then Katherine, then Sarah, the Romeo, etc
  • They don’t come out for a long time but one day they’re performing in a town where there’s this big news story about a gay kid getting harassed at school and they know the kid is there because it was the only positive thing they found on his twitter, so they all come out together like the entire band and crew
    • “So we’ve heard about some of the stuff that’s been going on here, and we want everyone to know that we don’t agree with it, at all. In fact, things like that effect us, too. I’m not the most eloquent speaker, but if you’re hurting today because of who you are, of how you’re born, know that you’ll always have support with us.”
    • And Jack kisses Crutchie in public for the first time which leads to Race stealing Crutchie’s mic and yelling something about “get up here asshat we can’t let him show us up!” and then suddenly every single couple involved in the band is on stage being proud of who they are
    • the kid who was getting bullied cried and then they invited him backstage and he cried more and it was really sweet and they stayed in touch
  • After that the Discoursetm is horrible around them for like, months
    • “reminder that Jack is dating Crutchie and shipping him with Race is not cool”
    • “reminder that we can ship whoever we want with whoever we want and it doesn’t cause harm”
    • “stop calling Jack bi when he’s gay, don’t erase his identity” (jack retweets it with the added caption “I’m bi as heck actually everyone is pretty and it’s not fair :)”
    • “they’re just faking it for attention!!!1!!1″
  • after a few years they announce it’s their last tour and people are like “oh no, what happened, did people start fighting?”
  • and their answer is “no but we’re like twenty eight now and honestly just want to get married and settle down”
    • except for Spot and Race who plan on going around the world in eighty days and then getting a dog and doing it again with the dog
    • or at least, that Race’s plan, Spot just honestly wants to stop moving around and settle down a bit, but maybe not get married yet
  • So the band breaks up and people are kinda sad but every time they’re all in one place, which is pretty often since they’re all best friends, somebody snapchat/instagram/twitter/youtube gets a new video of them messing around
  • Jack and Davey out out a solo album and it’s really good
  • Crutchie gets coerced into releasing a Christmas album and it’s funny
  • and Davey makes a Hanukkah album that’s him playing and singing traditional songs that he sang growing up and it’s gorgeous
  • Bonus: Red Carpet Tidbits
    • because I have a lot of feelings about Crutchie’s style
      • Crutchie gets known for never wearing a normal tux like it’s always custom done and never just black or navy
      • also his makeup is always On Point like crazy good and people are like “tell us your secrets” and he’s like “lol cvs and years of practice and makeup tutorials from YouTube”
  • Jack wears normal suites but there’s always a twist
    • the first was the time he actually just spilled paint on himself in the suit bc he’s an idiot but there wasn’t time for a new one so they ended up just going with it and it looked pretty okay
    • and after that he get’s suites from like Macy’s modified to look better on him and to add cool things
    • also his hat game is pretty terrific
    • he’s also a total hipster and people know it
  • Davey wears totally normal red carpet men’s attire but lets Crutchie do his makeup and look absolutely gorgeous
  • Race wears crazy stuff
    • like you know the Great Comet ensemble costume design? probably things like that. formal wear turned into punk style things and he pulls it off and lets Crutchie do his makeup too
  • the best picture of the band is from like, the Grammys or some award show like that where Crutchie is in a purple suit, Jack is wearing a beanie and a jackson pollock styled color splashed suit, dave is looking fine in a perfectly normal suit and SUPER Extra but good makeup, and Race is like barely clothed but still obviously supposed to be wearing a suit like thing and like a foot shorter than everyone

I wonder why they named him “Tim Drake”. Tim is such a common name. It’s the sort of name someone could guess without really trying. Imagine two friends out at a bar in Gotham one night and one of them says, “Hey, what do you think Red Robin’s real name is?” and the other one just says, “I don’t know. Tim?” and Tim pokes his head in through the window and yells, “WHO TOLD YOU?!?!”

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Mafia headcannon that Victor sleep ramble on what's in his mind. He would say how he truely feels. Yuri knows and would likes to listen to him saying things like, "Yuri, you're an angel." "How the hell did I get this lucky, omg." "Yuri, that was thei greatest sex ever." Which causes Yuri to be flustered. At some point while listening to his sleep rambling about his love for him, "Would you still love me if I told you that my real last name is Nikiforov and that I am actually a mafia boss?"

What a way to find out ^^;;;
And what a specific line for Victor to say in his sleep XD
I wonder if Yuri would take a sleep talking Victor seriously o3o

The Worst Day | Mingyu | Oneshot

Genre: Fluff, A little something for Mingyu’s birthday

Word Count: 2,591

Summary: After having a horrible day, you need to get out of the house for a while. When you stumble upon a small restaurant, you find so much more

It is impossible to have a perfect day, and that surprises pretty much no one. There are good days and bad days, amazing days and horrible days, but there is no such thing as a perfect day. There are too many factors that play into every waking moment of a single life for everything to go exactly the way one would want their day to go, and that’s just one person. If a second person was added into the equation, it’s impractical to even imagine a faultless day, so there’s no way any day could be considered perfect.

Regrettable as it is, this is the truth, so it’s not really all that regrettable. Just because the world cannot have a single day where everything and everyone is ideal does not mean that there is a lack of pleasure or joy in people’s lives. Maybe it’s fate or just dumb luck, but people can have moments, days, weeks, months, or even years where their lives are filled with happiness. This emotion can burn like a fire, curving up towards the sky in a wonderful blaze, or it can be like a blanket, holding someone in simple warmth. Sometimes it comes in a pattern, where one day is better than the other, because if all the good things in life are on one side of a coin, the bad things are there too. It’s said that the bad moments make you appreciate the good, right?

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Happy Cas is happy to see me!

Omg at that smile!! Argh!! Some fluff for ma hoe, @notnaturalanahi.

Nini’s 1K Gif Celebration Masterlist

Eyes On You

“Can’t believe they called after all this time, just so they could see you”.

Meg smirked in the backseat, handcuffed and slightly bloody.

“Sorry. Guess Clarence needed to see me. Not my fault he likes me better than you”.

You were so tempted to reach back and smack her across the face again, but the boys were already waiting for you.

It didn’t take long to reach them, pulling up on the road to see Dean and Cas stood outside, Sam in the car.

Getting out, you opened Meg’s door and pulled her out.

“Don’t try shit. Cos I’ve got a bunch of bullets that might not kill you, but they’ll hurt like a bitch”, you warned threateningly.

She smirked at you, sauntering forward as she swayed her hips, winking at Cas.

You shook your head, walking behind her.

You looked up to see a huge smile on Cas’ face, looking at her like she was the most precious thing in the world.

Of course he’d like her. Why the hell would an angel even look at a human, when there was a vile demon bitch right in front of you?

She stopped when she reached them, saying something to Cas that you drowned out, staring at the ground when you joined them.

“You look beautiful”.

You smiled bitterly, wondering how he could find a demon beautiful, no matter the vessel.


Your eyes went up to Cas’ when he called your name, flashing him a quick grin.


“I said, you look beautiful, y/n. I have missed you”.

He walked forward, taking you into a slightly awkward, yet comfortable and warm hug. 

But you stood shocked, tensing as he held you.


He buried his nose in your hair, inhaling your scent.

You looked over Cas’ shoulder to see Dean smirking knowingly, giving you an encouraging wink, while Meg pouted, pissed that Cas showed you his real feelings.

You finally understood.

He wasn’t looking at her at all.

His eyes were on you.

His eyes had always been on you, but you just never saw it until now.

You smiled as your arms snaked around him, hugging him back as the fluttering in your stomach got faster and faster.

“I-I missed you too, Cas. So much”.

You could talk about your feelings later. 

Right now, you were just happy to be in the arms of the angel you’d loved since you met him.

The one who you now knew felt the same. 

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I understand that many Eremin fans are mad over the fact that anime changed some scenes but IF season 2 stays true to the manga, I think it’s possible to make Eremin’s progression feel natural. Now they also have much more source material to take into account while planning the future course of the anime. But yes, we have every right to be worried. Let’s just hope the new director won’t continue the pattern and listens Isayama’s wishes more closely.

I hope so too. A loyal adaptation is all I really ask for, not just plot-wise, but also regarding the character portrayal. I’m constantly on the fence about whether or not that will be the case. 

I don’t remember the name of the new director off the top of my head, but I wonder if this person was also on the production team for the first season? It’s a question of who else accepted Araki’s portrayal of Armin and his relationship with Eren. 

Well if all goes well, then seeing some chapters from the most recent arc animated will be a real treat. (A lot of that will be heart-wrenching but what else is new?)

Maybe there should be a list made for all the Eremin scenes to look forward to seeing animated :D

Reactions / observations - "Run BTS! 2017 - Ep. 11"

1 - Stop everything, girl Yoongi, my life has meaning

2 - First attempt to conquer Miss Yoongi failed miserably (but managed to conquer my heart)

3 - Imagine TaeTae telling you this, oh my heart

But the second attempt also failed (I do not know which girl resisted Tae being cute, but okay)

4 - Jungkook gives the coat to Yoongi, Yoongi throws the floor
(Yoongi might even be a girl now, but the personality is the same as ever, savage)

Yoongi is a girl 2 minutes and already understands all the armys of the world.
All the armys of the world at the moment: strip, strip, strip

But we know this will not happen so soon #disappointed
Jeon Jungkook stop playing with us
(I do not want your shoes, I want to see you shirtless)

5 - As JK failed too, it was Hope’s turn and … Oscar goes to Jung Hoseok * cheers *
Man, what a beautiful act, I’m even crying (from so much laughing)

6 - J-Hope failed, so it was our Prince Jin’s turn, and I really do not know what happened because I had to get my earphones out as fast as I could, but unfortunately it was too late, R.I.P my ears
* I am Yoongi as I tried to take the headset off

7 - Yoongi dancing TT. I’m even seeing Yoongi regretting it in the future.
(I’m now wondering what Nam found out there that was more interesting than Suga dancing TT)

You must be wondering, “What about Jimin? He did not try to conquer Yoongi?” And I reply to you that he does not need it because Yoonmin is real…

or maybe not.

Run, Jimin, run (Now the name of the program makes sense)

I love the fact that Yoongi just said he has a gun and Jimin stays there, stopped with that extremely charming smile on his face. (Jimin = angel)

Super important remark: I think Suga really loved this hair