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So, just to be clear, that post is a critic to the reporter, not to Sam, right? Because that would be unfair, in my opinion. He works really hard for his charity and deserves every accolade for it. He never complains when journalists snub him and his work, it's the same thing here. Sam and Cait are a team on and off set, they're each other's biggest fan, and are very proud of each other's charitable and acting work. It wouldn't be fair to start some sort of negative competition between them, no?

Yes, the post is complete and total criticism of the journalist and the promotion of the series. All the love for Sam and what he’s created and through his organization raised for Bloodwise. I think that all her promotion of MPC is wonderful, but *in addition* could we maybe get something about Outlander or Caitriona Balfe, the lead female in the show. So far we’ve gotten so many “see me, see me” posts from her, including a picture of her dinner that she’s eating for Sam, her plank that she did for Sam, and something for Tombraider, that it’s become a bit of a joke. Or maybe the journalist in general is a bit of a joke…

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Am I the only one who didn't buy Victor's seemingly insta-love for Yuri? I was really struggling with that aspect at first; until we get some background in episode 10. I mean, Victor already seemed to be in LOVE with Yuri when he came to Japan and I always found it too far fetched that simply seeing the viral video would have brought that about. But with episode 10 and the video it finally started to make sense to me. Just wondering what others thought about this part of the story.

Personally, I think Victor fell in love mid-season 1. Not immediately after the banquet scene from the GPF. There was romantic interest - most likely a crush - but not actual love. That came later. (And how.)

My in-depth Victor meta covers what I believe he was thinking about while he was watching Yuuri’s viral video, but I’ll recap parts of it here.

To me, Victor looks kinda ticked off in this screencap. He doesn’t look like he’s having romantic thoughts.

My interpretation of this look is: “Why wasn’t Yuuri at the World Championship? He’s talented. He can skate. He’s skating my gold medal routine, and he should have been on that podium with me. So what’s the problem here? Does he have a bad coach? Does he not have enough support at competitions? He wouldn’t have asked me to coach him if he was getting what he needed. I hate this. I want to fix it. Fine, I’ll do it.”

When Victor arrives in Hasetsu, he is extremely flirtatious with Yuuri. And rightly so because at the GPF banquet, Yuuri was extremely flirtatious first. He likely thinks Yuuri will not only be okay with his forwardness but that he’ll reciprocate.

This is not full-blown love. This is Victor saying, “Hey, I’m into you, and I think you’re into me. Tell me more about yourself. That will also help me better understand how to help you as a coach.”

When Yuuri rejects him more than once, Victor gets confused with the mixed signals, and he ultimately backs off.

This moment at the beach was a major turning point for both of them. It marked the start of something that wasn’t a romantic relationship but a willingness to open up on a deeper level.

If you want to read more about why I think Victor fell in love with Yuuri in the first place, you’ll find that in my in-depth character analysis. It has a lot to do with what Yuuri says in that screencap above.

When Victor poses the question to Yuuri - What do you want me to be to you? A father figure, brother, friend, boyfriend? - understand that he doesn’t know his full place in Yuuri’s life. Victor is told to just be himself - and for someone who has constantly reinvented himself for other people and burned himself out in the process, that has to be wonderful to hear. 

The ending credit pictures show us the deepening of Victor and Yuuri’s relationship off the ice. We see them laughing and having fun together during the summer.

Some of the falling-in-love likely happened here.

But this is the moment. Right here.

This was when I first sat up straight in my chair and thought, Oh, shit. Victor is in love.”

Victor takes far more joy in seeing Yuuri succeed than he does in his own success. Let’s compare the smile above to the smile of the Five-Time World Championship Gold Medalist.

Look how miserable he is and how FAKE that smile looks. Now scroll back up and compare Victor’s joy over his own success to his joy over Yuuri’s.

YEAH. Victor is in love in Episode 6. Sure enough, he kisses Yuuri in the next episode, which takes place the following night.

So to answer your question, I think Victor fell in love with Yuuri somewhere in between Episodes 4 - 5.

By Episode 6, the boy is head over heels.

Sometimes I think about the fact that Shockwave was physically capable of wrecking the Wreckers and I wonder what else he can do. It’s my personal theory that “conservation of energy” actually plays into this scene… typically he is very slow-moving, but here we saw his speed and agility both massively ramp up. I think he deliberately expends the least energy possible in day-to-day tasks just so he can kick in that extra bit of effort when something like, say, his creation being bridged to the arctic happens.

hajime hinata sprite ratings

sore wa chigau yoi’m here today to do a comprehensive rating on hajime’s sprites from super dangan ronpa 2. without any further ado, let’s begin. 0 = i love my boy and 10 = im crying right now he’s so perfect

a classic! shows his personality. he’s serious, and he’s ready to solve some mysteries. however, he could smile a bit more. >:O. 9/10 

deep in thought. i wonder what he’s thinking about. don’t disturb his pondering. 6/10

he’s startled! mildly disturbed. he might have just encountered the death of a friend. oh no. however, he still has gorgeous eyes and perfect eyeliner. his face is soft, he has the look of a friend. :O 8/10

whatever you just said might’ve made him somewhat uncomfortable. please apologize. 8/10

sore wa chigau yo! 10/10

he looks quite unhappy. not as A Friend as other hajimes. he’s frustrated. 6/10

an angery boy. however, he is still soft and despite the fact that he looks like he’d punch you, he’d probably only swear at you for a couple minutes and then chill out again. 7/10

like if you would ask him what’s wrong….. repost if you’d wipe away his tears….. in all seriousness, though. this hajime does not deserve to be sad…. 1/10, only because it hurts me for me to see him sad

that is one loud boy! he’s in Super Shock/Horror! D:< 6/10

this boy is about to tell you why exactly everything you just said is wrong. and honestly, i’d let him. another classic hajime. 8/10

:O?! this is one creeped out boy. he is still very cute though. 9/10

Hajime’s In Denial. however, hajime… as they all say. denials just a river in egypt. on the other hand, this could be him shutting you down after you said something incredibly stupid. 7/10

hajime “what the fuck” hinata. 9/10, please help him. he’s about to go off the deep end- you can see it in his eyes. that does not make him any less perfect, though.

the most despairing sprite. please, help him. please. 2/10

the context of this sprite is that he’s in the middle of a very important exam and he’s not even halfway through and he just heard the teacher say that there is 30 minutes left. he’s under pressure but he remains determined. >:o  7.5/10

a pure, good hajime. beautiful sprite, one of the only one where he’s genuinely smiling- where you can see his angelic smile. 15/10

hajime, while thinking, also accidentally does a nya. >:oc…. 9/10

look at this photograph. it’s so beautiful and pure. he’s so happy. he’s grinning joyously- his smile is like sunshine after 1000 years of rain. it lights up my life, im crying right now. he’s too good. hes … too good. .. 20/10

why is his mouth like that. he’s clearly in distress, as evidenced by his spikey hair and clenched teeth, and upset eyebrows. 6/10

he’s thinking but people all around him are yelling. he can’t think straight and nobody will shut up. he’s still nyaing. >’:Ic 8/10

“ehehe.” this is one of my personal favorites. it might be because i too make this face a lot, but look at him. there isn’t much to say about him. he’s just beautiful. 10/10

shh…. be quiet…. he’s thinking. he’s thinking or he’s really fed up with you and your bullshit. either u_u or -_-. he could also be resting. 9/10 let him rest 

sweaty . not nyaing anymore. 7/10

something puzzling has just come up! he’s confused. “what the hell” he thinks. >:o???? 8/10

i started watching the seoul music awards not expecting any yoonmin but then i see the crowd shots and here jimin is with his arm resting on the back of yoongi’s chair like it’s the most casual thing. even when jimin was standing and enjoying the performance he kept his hands on the back of yoongi’s chair. he even rested his head on yoongi’s shoulder?! it’s always moments like this with these two that makes me truly wonder what is going on with those two. It wasn’t just for a moment they were like this the whole night

now i’m just thinking about them sneaking out to the movies for a date and jimin wrapping his arm around yoongi. or when they’re at the dorm and jimin sees yoongi watching tv so he sits beside him, swiftly wrapping his arm around his shoulders. when they go to bed and yoongi is so tired he just curls into jimin’s side enjoying the warmth of his arms around him - like… they both seemed so comfortable with the position i wonder when this started being their thing? 

i mean of course maybe jimin just likes resting his arm on the back of chairs idk but let me have my moment okay?

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21 and Sam? ❤

21. “You knocked on my door at 1 in the morning, to cuddle?”

(gif is not mine)

Sam was about to shut off the lights, when he heard a faint knock on the bunker’s door.  He wondered who could be here this late at night.  The only reason he was awake was because he couldn’t stop thinking about you.  When he opened the door, he almost had to do a double take.  He couldn’t believe you were standing right in front of him.

“[Y/N] what are you doing here,” Sam asked, looking past you to make sure you were alone.  “Is there something wrong?”

“No, everything’s fine,” you informed the younger Winchester.  You stepped past him and into the bunker.  “I just wanted to cuddle.”

“You knocked on my door at 1 in the morning, to cuddle,” Sam questioned, raising an eyebrow at you.

“Yup,” you smiled, facing the Winchester.  “Now are we gonna cuddle, or are you gonna make me drive all the way back home?”

Sam let out a small huff of laughter, shaking his head.  He shut the bunker’s door, putting a hand on the small of your back.  He led you to his room, where he cuddled you all night and half of the morning the next day.  He was glad you came to the bunker.  He missed you.

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seeing that robert sean leonard comparison made me wonder since he is such a wonderful actor: what do you think are the most well acted moments of skam? (personally my favorite is the phone call scene in 3x09. that was extraordinary, so natural, i really felt like i was the one calling and the nerves would destroy me.)

Hey, sorry, I was thinking about this question for a while! It’s so hard to choose because the bar is so high. Also, I’m just watching this as a layman without any technical knowledge so separating what I love because of the production choices vs what really features the acting can be tricky. I’m probably biased towards the moments that really feel like a punch to the gut too? My simple answer: “anytime Tarjei’s face (or even the back of his head, really) appears onscreen and also Henrik really getting to dig in during episodes 8-10 and also all eye contact they have together because that can tell their whole love story”. But I tried to do a top five, since you asked!

Honorable mentions: Tarjei in 6.10 part 3 - Kan du varme et til meg også, Henrik in 8.10 part 1 - Tenke det du føler, both in 5.10 part 1 - Hjernen er alene, both in 9.10 part 4 - O Helga Natt.

5) Henrik in 5.10 part 4 - Pause. I love love love that such a quiet scene is so pivotal and that it really only gets its significance from what they aren’t saying. They’re both good here but I single out Henrik because he goes through a complete emotional rollarcoaster in four and a half minutes. He’s nervous, then maybe the most simply happy we’ve seen him on “I’m not sad!”, then alarmed… resigned… saying goodbye. The first time around though… I didn’t see it all. This was second clip that aired after I started watching the show in real time and at that point, I still hadn’t figured out what was going on with Even. So, my first watch through, I was taken in by the way Even forces himself to remain casual and thought it was empathy for Isak rather than a personal reveal. Henrik in this scene is so good because there was just enough there, it was only when I watched it a second time that the alarm in his initial reaction and the moment he looks down clued me in that something was wrong here for him. When I watch it now though, I can almost see the thoughts flitting across his face the whole time as if he’s actually speaking them. It’s a love being built up and then suddenly slipping away right there in that locker room.

Standout detail: When he averts his eyes and takes a second to process:

4) Tarjei in 9.10 part 3 - Sees fredag. Already mentioned in the ask but this scene is done entirely through watching Tarjei go through different emotions in a room by himself. You don’t need to do anything but watch him to get how nervous he was: how he holds the phone to his heart, how he was steeling himself and running through his opening words in his head, how he closed his eyes and chanted silently “pick up, pick up” no matter how anxious about this conversation he might be. And then on the phone with his dad, how he sounds so defeated but he doesn’t break until he has to deny he’s upset… and then all the emotion just comes flowing out. I don’t think anyone could watch this scene without relating deeply?? I think everyone has had phone calls where you’re heart is beating out your chest like this, everyone has burst in tears just like that before. He nailed it.

Standout detail: When he just cracks as he denies he’s upset:

3) Tarjei in 6.10 part 5 - Vært litt spess i det siste. I’m just retreading what’s already been said here but I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more true-to-life coming out done? I’m getting a little teary just thinking about Isak on that bench, steeling himself to make that leap. It’s the sheer reality of this moment that has this so high on the list. Really, kudos to Julie and to Tarjei for getting it so right and putting this on screen. It’s such a universal experience for people who’ve lived this but I’ve never seen it done quite this well. All the little moments of waiting, the tension he’s holding as they go get food first, how nervous he is the whole time as they circle closer and closer to it, the overwhelming RELIEF after they’ve started to laugh about it. It’s just… pitch perfect.

Standout detail: When we cut back to his face as he’s waiting anxiously for Jonas’s reaction after he said “It’s not a girl”:

2) Both of them in 10.10 part 1 - Minutt for minutt. I cryyyyyyyyyyy. First of all, I’m in awe of how Henrik’s face looks completely different in this scene?? He’s getting help from makeup and lighting and camera angles but it’s amazing how different he looks having turned off that light in his eyes. He’s fallen open in a way that we’ve never seen. We’ve caught him turned inwardly, seeming to struggle or be wiped out by something, for brief snatches of time before but now, he doesn’t have the energy or motivation to keep any sort of guard up and you can see it all. He portrays the weight of depression so well too, the physical exhaustion he can barely speak through. How he believes what he’s saying but he doesn’t want to… I’m just really impressed by how well he plays it. And Tarjei, he’s always great, but I especially love the self-consciousness in what he’s doing in this scene. Like how when he reaches out to hold Even and stroke his face, it doesn’t come to him easily, he’s a little stiff at it. The shaky resolve of his voice. And his determination, the fire in his eyes in contrast to the blankness of Even’s.

Standout detail: Henrik’s face when Isak first denies the ‘truth’ he’s telling him and Tarjei’s slight clumsiness as he reaches out and holds Even’s face:

1) Both of them in 8.10 part 4 - 15:15-01:01, from 5:28 to 8:58. I still haven’t rewatched this clip in full, it was almost too effective, but this part is the very heart of it for me. Tarjei’s face as he’s starting to put together that something isn’t right here… my heart is in my throat. And I just never can say enough about how well Henrik played this. I think it would be easy for what happened to be something shocking, something off-putting that puts distance between the audience and characters, even increases the stigma about someone going through a manic episode. But I never felt like that, I felt like the audience was Isak here… it slowly dawned on us. The emotional impact of this scene hinges on both seeing Tarjei slowly putting it together but also Henrik walking that fine line where you can almost think nothing’s wrong at first, but you’re talking yourself into it… it’s just a little too much… and then it gets to the point you can’t ignore. We’re alarmed because we know Even and we know something is off. The way they intercut this with their conversation on the bed, which is another great performance, that’s about things they’re not saying creeping closer but in a much quieter and more intimate way, Even realizing he needs to backtrack and adding “I’m just kidding” and how much both of their eyes are saying there…

I can’t really put it into words. I think the editing and sound help create a lot of the fear you feel with this scene but the empathy, what keeps you with Even and with Isak’s worry for him, what keeps this from ever seeming like a spectacle but instead deeply personal, comes from the performances the two of them gave here.

Standout detail: When Even starts talking about the wedding and it’s just not… hitting… right and the complex mix of emotions in Tarjei’s eyes here, the fear and concern and knowing:

Stealing The Bite Pt. 4

Word Count:

Genre: Angst, Smut

You swiped a finger through the mess and tasted it, “Hmm, delicious. I’ll have you cumming in my mouth next time.” He groaned and leaned down to kiss you but you pushed him off, standing up and heading for the adjoining room, “I expect you to be here tomorrow morning with the details of the person I will impersonate.” You call out, not sparing him a backward glance. He was left to collect his wits and adjust his clothes, thinking about what he has gotten himself into, as the sound of running water and your soft humming floated to his ears through the closed door.

You were perched on a seat in the far corner of the colossal celebration hall, observing everything around you with wide-eyed wonder. The guests hardly batted an eye at the extravagant decorations, but you on the other hand have never seen such splendor before in your life. You wanted to shake them out of their haughty stupor and make them acknowledge the splendidness around them, have them say that, yes, they too are astonished.

Everyone present was a mixture of every color and form, all wearing rich fabrics and lavish jewelry. Clothes of every shape and design, styles you’ve never even heard of. You yourself weren’t any less striking, clad in a dress soft as a lover’s caress, the satin showing not a hint of a crease. The color was that of the purest emerald, Taehyung’s favorite, and clasped around your neck was the magnificent spotted coat of a black panther that Taehyung had hunted down himself.

You were assuming the form of the Lady Tiye, a noblewoman whose roof Taehyung had stayed under during his six month visit to the Amarna lands. She was the perfect disguise. The king and queen knew of her enough not to question her presence, but not enough to know her face or much else about her. Taehyung had come to your room early this morning and stayed there, describing every detail of her and making sure you immolated her perfectly. He left before anyone could notice he was missing. Left alone in your room, you stood in front of the mirror, staring at your new form for a good while, awestruck by the woman’s beauty. She had silky flowing black hair, dark piercing eyes, and luscious full lips. Her body was a perfect hourglass figure, her breasts ample and her legs long and slender.

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The Problem with being a Fan
  • Mom: *in our family group to her sisters* during sherlock weeks it's really hard to keep up with Zahra I'm glad sherlock is just three episodes.
  • Them: why? 😂😂😂😂
  • Mom: because she just won't stop bragging about how genius that show is to every living thing near her and nobody knows what she's talking about cause nobody watched it.
  • Me: I'm right here mom!
  • My Sister: all I know is that she thinks Sherlock Holmes is gay 😂😂😂
  • Them: 😂😂😂😂
  • Me: yup still here btw, Hello!
  • Mom: *to my sister* you should've seen her crying till the end of this week's episode 😂😂😂
  • Niece: OMG she's completely obsessed I can't understand how she made a tv show such big deal?
  • My Sister: nobody does! I tried watching the show with my husband and he said this guy is as mad as your sis no wonder why she likes him.
  • Aunt: She NEVER CRIES!
  • Mom: You guys won't believe it, she turned the volume up and Sherlock is screaming "STOP LAUGHING AT ME" OMG
  • Me: well i'm a high-functioning sociopath who's obsessed with things that sound clever and it seems like these walls have higher IQ then anyone near me so I'm talking to them now bye.
  • *Leaves the group chat*

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rant about Shirabu more because I also love him ❤️

you are testing me right…. here we go.

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And have this gif again. Because it’s basically what I’ve waited for all year. My reason to live.

marvin: what would i do if you had not been my friend?
me internally: this is such an important line. here, marvin finally acknowledges that he cares for whizzer, really cares for him, and not just as a sexual object whos only duty is to please him. he finally let goes of all his fears about thinking of whizzer as someone who he deeply cares about and loves. only when hes dying does marvin finally think about each wonderful aspect of their relationship, especially the parts he tried so hard to ignore
me externally: Lol Friendzoned

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I watched YOI after all the episodes was aired so...Could you please tell us more about what fandom thought about Otabek and his connection to Yuri??

I joined the fandom I think after Episode 9 aired so I was here for all The Beginning of otayuri. Here’s what I remember (if y’alls remember more, please add on!)

In the Ep 10 preview in Ep 9 everyone literally flipped the fuck out about Otabek and his motorcycle. He went from “look another cool guy” to the fandom darling in a matter of hours and it was wonderful. Everyone also enjoyed Yuri’s reaction to Otabek swinging by in his motorcycle and lots of people started shipping it. I seriously remember seeing fanart of Otabek and Yuri literally in a matter of hours too. We didn’t have much to go on but Otabek’s bad boy image and Yuri’s impressed expression was enough reason for us to ship them. 

In Ep 10, shit went down. This was one of the episodes that literally inspired hundreds of meta posts, fanfictions, fanarts, rants, shitpost, and basically everything in the fandom. Everyone started making memes like “find you a boy who’ll remember how your eyes look in five years” or started poking fun at how extra Otabek was. This was also the episode where Yuri’s “Fairy of Russia” and Otabek’s “Hero of Kazakhstan” nicknames became All The Rage. Everyone was also super weirded out but thankful at how absolutely calm Yuri is when it comes to Otabek and started screaming when they became best friends. We all felt that Yuri treated Otabek very differently from everyone else. ALSO THE COFFEE DATE KILLED EVERYONE. Smiling Yuri? SMILING OTABEK? We were 800% blesSED. We were all Mari and Minako right there and then.

In Ep 11, Otabek’s crush was revealed omg. The fandom didn’t expect Otabek to think about Yuri during his skate…BUT SIKE HE DID OMG. And then this was also the episode where the “thumbs up” + “davai” became code language in the fandom for “I love you” and is basically the sIGNATURE thing for otayuri. And Yuri’s smirk while watching Otabek was screamed about for days. 

In Ep. 12, everyone died and went to heaven when Otabek yelled “davai!” at Yuri and Yuri mirrored it with a thumbs up. Everyone also flipped THE FUCK OUT at how tenderly Otabek clapped and smiled at Yuri when he was skating. 

A Quiet Night at Dreyar House
Duke Dreyar, 20, Duchess Heartfilia, 16, and Secretary Freed, 18.

tfw you’re too lazy to write the fic but you find time to draw the fanart

Here’s a little scene from the FT Riverside AU that I’m still struggling to actually write haha. I’m really fond of the interesting relationship between Laxus, Freed and Lucy in this fic, so here’s a really short sneak peek.

Laxus lounged on the divan, gazing boredly at the fireplace, while Freed sat on the lush carpet by his feet, busy reading a book. Lucy had tucked herself on the other end of the couch, up until then a quiet observer.

She wondered what Laxus was thinking about, with a face frowning so intently like that. Freed didn’t seem to notice - or if he did, he preferred to leave his master to his thoughts.

Maybe she should do the same. But Lucy could never really keep still in these moments, still too restless from the day’s events to go to bed.

“Laxus?” she asked softly. Laxus slowly turned his head to look at her.

Proper etiquette would be for him to at least ask ‘Yes, Lucy?’ but proper etiquette was never a concern for Duke Dreyar. And anyway, Lucy’s mere presence in the house, at a place and time like this (and in her nightgown to boot) was hardly proper in the first place.

“Is magic real?”

Freed looked up this time, blinking up at her, and then looking at Laxus.

“Why are you asking me, of all people?”

“You’ve been to Alvarez.” she said. “To Vistarion. You once went with your grandfather to visit, right?”

He thought about it for a while. “I was ten.”

“You don’t remember anything?”

“Their Prince breathes fire.”

Lucy’s eyes widened in wonder. “Fascinating.”

“You believe me?”

“Why not? Are you making it up?”

Laxus opened his mouth to speak, but he looked down when Freed gently leaned against the side of his leg. The young man didn’t say anything, but his lips quirked in a smile. Laxus frowned. “Not you too.”

“Of course him too.” Lucy insisted, and shifted just a tiny bit closer. “Do you remember others?“

“Yes. A bit.”

“Tell us!”

Laxus sighed. Then, he told them.

The fic is a dump of several little scenes right now, but I’m working slowly but surely on it! Will keep you guys posted when I finally put something up!

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Phil never talks about his sexuality or being attracted to men. What if he's straight?

the only label he’s ever embraced publicly is bi, though he’s stated he doesn’t prefer labels. he’s also stated how pretty he thinks dan is multiple times. and here’s a limited list of some of his other male attraction mentions. but also,,, i’m just wondering why it’s so many people’s instinct to say someone is straight unless they have some sort of like 300-page essay with footnotes and citations giving evidence otherwise? why assume someone’s sexuality is something they’ve never said it is?? i get that phil is a bit quieter with expressing attraction to men than, say, dan, but he has done so a few times. why choose to just write those instances off as though they never happened? and even if, hypothetically, he had never made any of these comments about male attraction, why should the default assumption always be “straight” unless proven otherwise? 

{fic} What We Wanted

Word Count: 5.3k
Characters: Elain/Lucien
Summary: Lucien’s first Fire Night as High Lord of the Spring Court puts he and Elain’s fledgling relationship in an awkward position.

I think I’m technically a day late? but done for Elucien week! Based loosely on prompt 4, Betrayal/ Loyalty. Just some angsty Calanmai-based smut, unrelated to my other fics. here on Ao3

Elain doesn’t realize until the day before. She wonders if he was keeping it from her deliberately, so she wouldn’t worry, or if he just doesn’t know how to bring it up, but when she asks Alis what the frankly excessive amount of firewood being stockpiled is for, it’s a rude awakening.

Feyre had told her all about Calanmai, of course, long before Lucien ever became High Lord of the Spring Court, and before Elain had, with obvious ulterior motives, volunteered to move from the Night Court to help him with his new postwar duties. She’d been at the spring court for almost two months now. Admittedly, if anything, she made Lucien’s job harder by constantly stealing him away for picnics and rides through the forest, but he never seemed to mind—quite the opposite, if his enthusiasm kissing her is any indication. She hasn’t offered him food yet, although she has long since decided she someday will, so it feels certain, and comfortable, to learn how to fit with him. They’re enormously good at affection—she’s sure an hour doesn’t go by without him kissing her hand or her cheek or her temple, or without her curling up at his side or resting her head against his shoulder. Things like that are like breathing now, but Elain is not sure whether she’s frustrated or grateful that he consistently draws back from anything more sexual than tame fully-clothed groping. Certainly, Elain feels a little silly in the face of his three hundred odd years of experience, but she and Grayson hadn’t exactly been angels when she’d been human—she knows what she wants from Lucien. From her mate.

And she doesn’t mind waiting, until the realization of Fire Night sends the whole concept of sex with Lucien into a panicked tailspin.

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A Lightened Soul

Prompt from @limax25: First of all, LS is one of my favorite stories EVER. And that’s saying something. So well done you! I was wondering how and why Jamie found himself up on that rooftop the night he met Claire and if she ever asked him about it.

Hi guys! Hope you all like Jamie’s pov of their first meeting. Let me know what you think and feel free to send me anything you’d like to see. I’m not writing the story in a linear fashion anymore, so literally anything :) Enjoy. Side note, I didn’t edit this a lot, so there may be errors

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“Hmm,” he hummed against her damp neck, kissing a drop of water away.

They were snug in the small tub at Murtagh’s flat. The air was heavy with steam and the vanilla candles Claire had bought were scattered around the room, giving it a nice romantic feel. His legs were bent and toes smashed at the end of the porcelain. Claire fit snugly in between his thighs, her own toes just reaching the end of the tub. He buried his nose in the nest of curls atop her head while their fingers played together, twined tightly.

Murtagh had been so kind as to let the (semi) newlyweds have the flat to themselves for the weekend while he made the excuse of visiting friends in Glasgow. 

Jamie had gotten the news yesterday that their now mold-free flat would be ready at the end of next week. Tonight was a celebration of sorts.

“You never told me why you were up on the rooftop the night we met.”


“No, I think I would remember,” she teased, her eyes glowing in the candlelight and vanilla air. 

He cleared his throat in preparation for the story and she snuggled back under his chin.

 “Ach, well, it was after a long night at the bar and I needed to clear my head, ye ken?”

Jamie took a big gulp of air as he finally opened the door to the roof. It finally felt like he could breath again. Too much time in the city wasn’t good for his mental health. He missed green things. He missed open landscapes with no buildings but land as far as they eye could see. He missed home.

Jamie knew it was ridiculous, but he felt some sort of comfort when he looked past the lights of London and to the north. It was the way home.

 It had become somewhat of a habit for him to go up on the rooftop. The bar he worked at to fill up his time was right across the street. And it was one night that he just walked in, took the elevator and found his way. Perhaps not the most legal thing, but he wasn’t bothering anyone. The roof was always empty. He found that no one noticed him slipping in after dark and he cherished his private retreat. A home away from home in a way.

Jamie felt a stab of pain in his chest thinking about how that home was so changed since the last time he had been there and the humiliation of not being able to muster up the courage to go back.

The thought of seeing his father’s grave filled him with so many emotions, he had to clutch the knob of the rooftop door to keep himself steady.

He was about to turn around and go back when he heard a noise. A sniffle? 

Jamie squinted in front of him in the dark to see a figure standing by the edge of the building, clutching the cement for dear life and the force of their sobs shaking their whole body.

Christ, were they going to jump?

A gust of wind came around him and the stranger and he noticed that thick brown hair twirled around the person. A lass, then.

 He struggled for a moment, thinking the best way to approach her if she was thinking about jumping. Should he just run up and grab her while she isn’t expecting it? Or just talk to her?

Well, if she isn’t suicidal, she’ll think ye one draftie if ye run up and grab her, he thought to himself.

 He tentatively took one step towards her and spoke softly, “excuse me, lass?”

 She jumped about a foot in the air when she heard his voice, causing him to panic even more. The lass turned to face him and even in the dark, he could see her red face, wet with tears. Another pain struck his chest like a lightening bolt, but this time, it wasn’t from pain.

She wiped her blazer’s sleeve across her face, trying to hide her discomfort.

“I’m sorry. I thought…I didn’t realize anyone else was up here.”

Calculating his next move, he carefully edged a few feet closer to her. He didn’t think she was going to jump, but he still couldn’t be sure.

“I come up here sometimes to clear my head. It’s peaceful, ye ken?” He spoke in the most soothing voice he could muster, but what did he know about comforting distraught lassies?

A few feet more now, she was almost in reaching distance. He read her face carefully, but saw nothing but simply curiosity towards him, not alarm. Good.

“My name is Jamie,” he said with a smile, reaching his hand out to her, slowly.

She stared blankly at him and his hand for a moment until a flash of comprehension and then horror washed across her face.

“Oh, I wasn’t going to…” she waved her hand out towards the city and the ledge, “I wasn’t thinking about jumping, I just needed air.”

Her voice broke on her last sentence and he could see the silver tears beginning to flow down her face again. She turned slightly away from him to hide them. 

Jamie felt something inside him, deep and powerful, as he saw her crying. It was an emotion that he didn’t recognize at first because he had never felt it in this way before. Something he couldn’t understanding feeling for a stranger he had just met not but a few minutes ago.

 But all the sudden she was in his arms. He wrapped his arms tight around her, as if to protect her from the pain she felt. To protect her from feeling that isolating feeling he intuitively knew she was crying about because it was all too familiar.

She melted into his arms and she fit like she was made for him. Her brown curls tickled his nose as he whispered Gaelic into her ears while she cried into his chest.

She wrapped her hands tight around his body and suddenly home didn’t seem so far anymore.

“That’s when I first kent I loved ye,” he whispered into her ear, coming back to the present as the story ended, brushing away a few stray bubbles from her chin. 

“Oh, Jamie,” she whispered, turning around to look at his face. “Oh, I do love you.”

He leaned forward to met her lips, running his tongue across her bottom lip, cherishing her taste.

She pulled back and wrapped her legs around his hips, making the water ripple around them and the candles on the edge flicker in the dimness.

“Turns out that when I needed home the most, home is what showed up,” he tapped her one the nose, making her giggle.

Her eyes filled with tears, but tears so different than the night they met, and he knew exactly what she felt inside. A feeling that words fail to ever describe.

“I ken, Sassenach,” he said softly as she wrapped herself around him in a promise that he echoed. To never let her go. “I ken.”

The Greatest Valentine of All

Summary: A simple trip to the toy store sparks some nostalgic feelings–and plants an idea in Dan’s mind. Is Phil ready for his proposition? Or, the one where seeing a bunch of kids’ toys makes Dan really, really want a child.

Word Count: 2.1k

Genre: Pure Fluff

Extra tags: Valentine’s Day, Domestic

Warnings: none

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A/N: dnp are in love. That is all. I hope you enjoy!!

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lance: *breathes*

keith: oh my god, oh my fucki- did he just? oooooh my gOD. why are u doing this to me. i’m a good person. I tried to find shiro, i’m the reason we even foUND THE GODDAMN LIONS AND NOW,,,, THIS IS HAPPENING. honestly fuck this entire situation. this CUTE ASSHOLE had to come here THREADING HIS NEEDLE and now we’re here. I don’t deserve this. I wonder what he’s thinking. I know what he isn’t thinking about. the bonding moment. did you know we had a bonding moment? because he sure as hell doesn’t. this piece of shit, this eNDEARING GARBAGE PEDDLER here, he doesn’t even know???? he doesn’t even fucking know?????????  how could this happen to me, I made my mistakes, got nowhere to run, the night goes on, as I’m fading away, i’m sick of this life, I just wanna scream, how could this happ

Jehan: Well…there is someone

Jehan: He’s really sweet in…his own weird way.

Jehan: A lot of people don’t like him, but I just don’t understand. Sure, he’s a little gruff…and I know he gets on Enjolras’ nerves.

R: Everyone’s nerves.

Jehan: But, he is really, truly wonderful. And, honestly theres plenty of poetry written about him.

R: Sickening poetry.

Jehan: Oh you want to talk about sickening? Let’s talk about Enjolras and Grantaire.

R: Jesus Christ, not this again…

Jehan: Have you even said hi to him yet?

R: Believe it or not, sometimes I choose not to torture myself with Enjolras’ righteous, blinding… everything.

Jehan: See? Sickening.


Jehan: Y’know, R, I think this needs to be remedied.

R: What?

Jehan: *clears throat*


R: Hey wait-!

Enjolras [offscreen]: Oh! Sure, Jehan, just give me a second!

Jehan: Sickening that, Grantaire.

R: Fuck.

As always, here some thoughts about the newest episode of The Walking Dead : 

- Negan needs to fucking understand that fear and respect are not the same thing. Sure some of his men respect him, but the rest ? Those people we saw ? They’re afraid. That’s it. 

- Two seasons ago I never thought I would love Father Gabriel so much. He is freaking amazing and Spencer is, indeed, a tremendous shit

- I wonder how it is possible - after this episode - to think that Negan is not a rapist. And it sincerely worries me that some people think that what he is doing with his wives isn’t rape. THIS AIN’T CONSENSUAL SEX. It’s not consensual sex when you sleep with that person in order to stay alive or in order to keep someone you love alive. Sherry is only with him because she does not want the man she loves - Dwight - to die. That is literaly the only reason. And if you think that this is healthy, that this is a consensual relationship, you’re dead wrong and it’s worrying. 


- Carl crying when removing his bandage broke my heart for real. All in all, he was very interesting in this episode. More depth of character I would say. 

Daryl being protective is what I live for. He is so selfless. He’s so good and deserves so much better than what he is given.

Dwight helping Daryl. Fucking finally. For once I can’t wait for the next episode. 

- Negan is a bloody sociopath. There’s some serious brain damage here. And enough with the sexist joke thank you. 

- Rosita, I love you and I know you’re hurting but so is Eugene

- Ninja Jesus is my favourite kind of Jesus. 

- I miss Carol.