i wonder what he's hoping to accomplish here

Taken [Chapter 16]


Pairing: Suho x Reader

Warnings: Language; may have triggering situations including sexual situations, abuse, violence, etc.

Summary: You were just a normal girl. You were just trying to get by. Until a rather unfortunate relationship brought you to the hands of Suho, the leader of the greatest mafia in the country.

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Junmyeon hangs lifelessly by his chained wrists, his body littered with cuts and bruises from torture.

A chuckle bubbles from his lips. “What do you hope to accomplish by keeping me here, Luhan?”

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For the rest of your life.

Authors Note: Hey my lovelies, I hope everyone had a lovely day!! My ask is always open if anyone ever needs to talk or just wants to talk to about anything, nothing is off limits. My blog is an open and safe space! Anyway, here is another blurb, I am doing my best to keep up with these. Enjoy! :) xx

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It was no surprise to you when Harry decided to come to you with a proposition of leaving the city for a little bit and relaxing without the excitement of constant buzz, traffic, and the go-go-go lifestyle. He needed a break from the city life, he needed time to himself where he didn’t have to wake up, check his phone, and fight constant traffic and the bustling hustle of busy sidewalks.

You and Harry made the five-hour drive up to Cheshire and just in good timing, you two were left to house sit his old neighbour’s little ranch. It’s a charming and cosy little ranch that looks as though it is straight out of a perfect country style magazine. The air is flawlessly rich and fresh, the grass seems greener and everything just has a different sense of clarity and calmness, there is something it offers that the city doesn’t that you just can’t put your finger on.

You sit on the back porch with a blanket draped over you, a warm cup of tea cupped to the form of your hand as you and Harry rock back and forth on the cosy white swing. The night is sullen but lit up with thousands of stars, something you tend to miss in the city— there are never as many out there as there are here.

“Do you think about the future?” Harry questions softly, distracting you from the abyss of the country air and feel.

“Mhm, do you?” You ask curiously.

You always think about the future and what it may hold, you wonder about where you’ll be, how well you’ll be in your job choice, the house, the kids. It’s something you’ve always managed to think about. From a young age, you had thought about the future, always picking out different things you had hoped your future would have.

“All the time,” he nods, “being out here has me wondering a lot more.”

“How so?” You question, tugging at the blanket as you feel the cold air swirling around you.

Harry lets you slip the blanket off of his legs and allows you to hog it before he clears his throat, “jus’—, it’s easier to think out here with the quietness and no phones, I wonder what’s next, I’m twenty-six and I feel like there’s more I want to accomplish but I can’t quite put my finger on what it is.”

“You have three solo albums, more awards than I can count, you have been in movies, Harry. I think you’re successful and well accomplished.” You chuckle, unsure of what more he could want, he has his dream.

“There’s something missing,” he shrugs, “do you ever think about us?”

“What about us?”

“I don’t know, I guess children? Do you want kids?” He asks and you nod. Of course, you want children, you have it all planned out, somewhat.

“I want two, but I could do three. What about you?”

“I’m fine with two, always pictured myself looking out the back door that leads to the garden to see the two children chasing each other through the early morning breeze, kinda like in a backyard like this.” Harry gestures towards the open space of land that is large enough for twenty children to run around in.

You smile to yourself, a vision of sitting on a back porch and watching children play rushes through your mind. There is nothing else more delightful than children’s laughter as they play felicitously outside in the garden, running, jumping, and just enjoying themselves. You can see them smiling as their father, Harry, (hopefully), teaches them how to ride a bike or kick a ball. You can see him playing tea-party with his little girl on a warm summer evening— you can see him dancing around with you in the backyard when the children are sleeping— nothing but bliss filling the two of you as your feet dance amongst the delicate lawn.

“Harry, can I ask you something?” You softly question, wondering why the two of you are stuck in the city when there is more contenement out here.

“Only if I can ask you one too.”

“Why don’t we leave the city? You seem more content out here.”

“Both of our jobs wouldn’t allow that, love.” … “Y/N,” he breathes out, standing up and offering his hand for you to do the same.

You press your hand with his and stand to your feet, as he guides you down the steps to reach the garden. “Have you made plans for the rest of your life?” He whispers, taking your other hand and gazing into your eyes.

You smile at him and shrug, unsure of what to say. Right now you plan the rest of your like includes him, but nobody is for sure on how life will plan out.

“When you think about the future, do you see me apart of it?” He challenges and you are unsure of how he doesn’t already know the answer. You haven’t invested five years with him for no reason.


“Y/N, when I think of the rest of my life, I think of you, I think of you standing by me, supporting me, and growing with me. I ask you if you’ve made plans because I want to be apart of those— I want to love you for years to come— to cherish you and to hold you. I desire to eventually grow a family with you, no matter how big or small we choose. My mum told me to marry the girl that I’d want to raise children with, to marry the girl that I’d want to wake up every morning next to and still find her as beautiful as the day I first met her. She told me to marry the girl that I wouldn’t want to see dancing with anyone else. I want to raise children with you, and I hope they get your sweet personality and loving soul. I pray they get your gorgeous eyes that I fall madly in love with more and more every damn day. Nothing is for certain in this life, but what is certain is the love I have for you, it can’t be measured nor tamed.” He slowly gets down on one knee, his right hand leaving yours and digging into his pocket. “I love you to the ends of this earth and I’d walk to the end of the earth just for you, darling. Even if we get old and senile and our hair turns grey, How would you like to spend the rest of your life with me? Will you marry me?” His words are sincere and heartfelt as you find yourself holding onto each word that escapes the lips you have kissed for many years.

You gaze into his eyes and your lips curve into a wide smile, there’s no other answer that could possibly fall from your lips, “yes!” You enthusiastically respond, probably a little too vehemently, but you don’t care.

The second he stands to his feet, you find your lips pressed to his, your arms encircling around his neck as he kisses you sincerely.

He stretches away, “you haven’t even looked at the ring,” he chuckles, bringing the box back into view.

“You know I wouldn’t have cared if it was a keyring,” you smile, wiping away a few tears before he takes your left hand and slides the engagement ring to nestle perfectly over your finger.

Stunning, absolutely stunning. He definitely has a good eye for diamonds.

“It’s beautiful, thank you. My plans for the rest of my life are with you, but can we hold off on the old and senile part?” You smile, leaning up and pecking his lips a few times.

“Oh, definitely,” he nods, “Although, I will love you even when you’re old and sick of me,“ 

“I could never get sick of you, have you had this planned?” you curiously ask, taking his hand and walking back towards the white swing. 

“Eh, I brought you up here to specifically ask you, but I didn’t plan for it to be right here, it was meant to be over the bridge that overlooks the lake, but the moment arose here.” ….

“I love you, this was all I needed. Should we go next door and tell your Mum?” You question with a smile, already eager to show off the ring and plan the wedding with his Mum and sisters help, you can just imagine the two of them taking you all around to find the perfect flower arrangments.

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June 27, 2016 (Day 2)

Rick stares at his wife’s perfectly rounded butt as she stands on their balcony overlooking the shallow, blue green water that surrounds their hut.  They’d taken a cruise line to this remote little island and will spend three wonderful days here on the water and he is loving every minute of it.  He never imagined that getting married again would feel this good but he is happier than he can ever recall being in his life.  She brings out the playful, adventurous side of him and he wants to explore everything with her.

He continues to lounge in bed, gloriously naked, hoping the heat from his stare will draw her attention back to him.  When that doesn’t work, he quietly gets out of bed and makes his way to her, wrapping his arms around her with a squeeze, delighting in her giggle and her gasp when she realizes he is naked.

“Rick.  What are you doing?”  She can’t help the laugh that bubbles up.  Her husband has absolutely no shame.  She doesn’t know if she should be annoyed or completely turned on.

“Wondering why this water is so fascinating when you’ve got a naked man in your bed with a raging hard…..”

She turns to face him, placing a finger against his lips.  “Didn’t I just leave our bed?  There’s no way you’re….”  She trails off as he thrusts into her and she realizes that he is indeed ready for more.  “Oh….”  The shape her mouth forms is just the invitation he needs as he places his lips on hers and slips his tongue inside.

He allows his hands to drop to her butt and palms her before lifting her up, her legs circling his waist, and carrying her back to bed.

Hours later, the sunlight is waning and she realizes they have spent their first official day on the island in bed.  She looks over to her resting husband, wondering if he has finally tired himself out with that performance he recently put on.  She understands that this is the number one activity on most honeymoons but Rick has been like a man on a mission.

She gives him a gentle shake.  When he gives her a soft ‘hmmm’, she tells him, “I’m going to prepare dinner now.  You know food, sustenance.  We do need to eat.  And tomorrow we’re going horseback riding on the beach.”  She makes a move to vacate the bed but he grabs her, burrowing his face between her breasts before latching on to one.

“Oh no you don’t.  You were just sleeping and I’m hungry.”

“Me too,” he answers as he moves lower.

She laughs.  “Don’t.  Stop it right now.  I’m serious.  We need to eat…..food!”  She grasps his face with both hands, lifting his head.  “What has gotten into you?  Do you realize we’ve practically made love nonstop since we got here?”

“Really?  How many times?”

She rolls her eyes at him.  “I’m not saying.”

“I know you know because you’ve counted.  Only you would keep up with stuff like that.”

“Whatever!”  She scrambles out of bed and makes a mad dash for the bathroom, locking the door as she hears the knob rattling.  She breathes a sigh of relief fathoming she just did make it inside.  His ass was actually in pursuit.  She takes the time to shower then walks into their bedroom moving straight to their luggage that she hasn’t had the privilege of unpacking yet.

Her husband lies back in bed, watching her with ‘come hither’ eyes.  She avoids his gaze.  “You may as well take a shower and get dressed.  We’re going to have dinner in a bit.  Ok love?”

“Ok.”  He stands up, making a spectacle of himself as he stretches long and soundly.  He walks toward her slowly and retrieves a couple of items from the open suitcase.  Her heart races as she watches him, wondering how he can still affect her at this level after all their time together.  She gives herself a little shake and with the closing of the bathroom door lets out the breath she didn’t even know she was holding.

She dresses casually and hurries to the kitchen to start dinner.  Anything to occupy her mind because he is going to regulate her to a nympho at this rate.

Almost an hour later, they are seated at the dining room table and she is trying her best not to laugh.  He entered the kitchen sans clothes after his shower, asking if there was anything he could help with but she politely declined and told him he could look over the brochures and help plan their day out on tomorrow.  Now he sits across from her still naked and she can’t carry on a conversation without wanting to laugh.

“I can’t take this any more.  What are you hoping to accomplish by walking around naked all the time?”

“Am I making you uncomfortable?  I don’t get to do this at home so why not here on my honeymoon where it’s completely expected?”  He answers.  “You know you could always join me.”  His lips tremble as he tries to hold back a smile.

“So what are we doing besides horseback riding tomorrow?”

“I suppose we could do a little sightseeing, take a boat out to swim or parasail.  How does that sound?”  He asks.

“It sounds wonderful,” she returns, happy that he finally seems to be on the same page as she is….with some things anyway.  Curiosity piques again and she hates to bring the subject back to that but she has to know.  “So am I just that desirable or are you just that horny?”

He lifts his brows with a comical expression.  “Both.  Plus how awesome would it be for you to get pregnant on our honeymoon?”

She gasps.  “Pregnant?!”

“Yes pregnant.  Don’t you want a baby?”

She blinks several times, trying to comprehend the conversation.  “I mean…..yeah.  We talked about it but I thought you meant later on.”  Visions of his insatiable appetite as of late materialize in her head, resulting in a rising temperature and her body readying itself for his.

“I told you.  I want to share everythang with you and wouldn’t that be the ultimate adventure?”

She swallows with difficulty as she tries to hold her emotions at bay.  “Rick Grimes, you are changing my mind about everything.  You always….surprise me.”

“Is that a good thang or a bad thang?”

“It’s the best thang ever,” she answers as she lifts to a stand and pulls her shirt over her head.  She slowly removes an article of clothing as she makes her way to him just as naked as he is.  He pushes his chair back and she straddles him right there at the table, lowering her mouth to his.  “Let’s make a baby.”


“Live now at Sayazagi Academy! We at SDS News have recieved a tip that a group of students here are planning to open up not only an idol group but a host club as well!! A daunting task indeed~ Look I believe here’s one of their member’s now!!

“Hello there! You’re a member of the new idol hostclub group here correct? Could you tell us what your name is?”

“Correct, I am! My name is Kaiya, and I’m very pleased to meet you! *bows*”

“Wonderful! So why exactly did you want to join the club?”

“Well, uh, Etto heard me singing one afternoon after school and approached me with the offer to join. He said it would be a good way for me to relieve stress and even make some money!”

“Is there something special you personally hope to accomplish in the group this year?”

“In addition to making money to support myself so I don’t have to completely depend on my parents, I’d really like to make some friends! Especially with my fellow club members!”

“I see. So final question, what would you like to tell your fans?”

“Gosh, I don’t think I have anybody who would call themselves a fan of me, but I guess I’d have say just “If you can’t say how you’re really feeling, sing it!” and also please come to our performances, we’d love to sing for you!”


To the Four of Us (Part Nine)

premise: modern AU chronicling the squad as they make their way through college and deal with general life things.
words: 2,282
warnings: drinking, swears, homophobia  
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Even though it was a bit cheesy, Alexander would be the first one to admit that he loved Thanksgiving. No matter what, his family was his top priority and he was glad to be able to spend time with his father. It was pretty much just the two of them, plus a couple family friends, but it was, in Alexander’s opinion, the best time of the year.

When Alexander first saw George waiting in the Arrivals terminal, he all but ran into his father’s arms. George was the type of father who, upon looking at his son, got teary-eyed and said, “Look at how much you’ve grown up! I’m so proud of you, son.”

Alexander rolled his eyes, but smiled in spite of himself. “I missed you, Dad.”

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