i wonder the same thing sometimes too though honestly

Anon: As a jimin stan I find it interesting how even other bias stans have jimin in most of their preferred ships (your top 3 ships have jimin fbfhjfvh) I was always told that most stans’ otps are their bias and 2nd bias etc but I guess it’s really not the case, Like jimin is my ultimate bias and tae or yoongi are my 2nd biases (i can’t pick) but my otp is kook/min (honestly who can resist like imo it’s the greatest ship come on). Jimin is just very shippable I guess? love your blog <3

I know of some Korean KM fans whose bias is neither JK nor Jimin but their OTP is still Kook/Min, so it’s entirely possible. I mean, you can’t help with what you like, right? I’ve only recently begun to hang out with more JK/top!Kook fans, and it’s actually really nice even though we don’t all ship the same thing (just kidding, we all still ship KM…We’ve infiltrated that group too and it’s pretty great lmao).

Anon: ur like me!! i see the two major tops as namjoon and jungkook, everyone else is switch, while jimin is a bottom. haha, im glad honestly bc i feel like a lot of ppl in this fandom (well int wise, im not sure if it’s the same within kfans) think jimin’s a top and it is their preference but sometimes they push it too much :/ makes me wonder, is the kfandom in anyway like that? or is it just int who think too much abt positions and dynamics?            

Bottom!Jimin is much more popular in Korea, but there are some people who like switch or top!Min too. The problem that I see here is that people (on both sides) get wayyyy too invested in other people’s preferences and become disrespectful of one another. It’s okay to like top!Min or bottom!Min or whatever else you prefer, but it’s not okay to shame, call out, or otherwise make people feel uncomfortable and unsafe.

We have some bad eggs in the Korean side of the fandom too, but that kind of behavior is almost always corrected and then removed. K-fans have a no tolerance policy towards shitty, disrespectful behavior and that honestly should be the norm everywhere.  

Again, having differing opinions and preferences is okay. Giving each other shit and being straight up dicks about it is not.

If you see that behavior, just block them - it’s not worth your time or effort. If you have the urge to be a dick to somebody, step back and take a breather. If somebody baits you into a fight, don’t fall for it. Just have fun, be respectful, and if everything else fails - block ‘em and go on with your day.  

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It honestly confuses me to no end. Where did all these imaginary sexuality's. Come from? Gay and Straight. It's not that hard.

Hi anon! 

Honestly sometimes I wonder the same thing myself, about like, a lot of things, though. I mean, where did all these imaginary colors come from, you know? Like, idk why people want to label things with words like “red” or “purple” or “blue”. Black and White. It’s not that hard. Lmao, all other colors are imaginary.