i wonder if theyll see this

last night 60 minutes did a story about how apps use cognitive science to literally make social media more addicting so youll spend more time in the app. which i think is a given but it’s always jarring to hear specific examples. like how twitter notifications always take a second longer than you expect to pop up. or how instagram sometimes holds off showing your notifications until it comes in a big rush. theres just a lot of little design tweaks meant to manipulate your hormones. you can track near constant rises in cortisol levels related to wanting to check notifications. i wonder if a reason fb and twitter stopped doing feeds in chronological order is in part so that you dont know when to stop scrolling? i find it so interesting. i feel like a luddite sometimes but it’s only cause i personally feel addicted and manipulated. i worry about having kids one day and theyll have phones with them all the time. i cant see how that wouldnt mess with a developing brain.

because i just made that post about a cute kid at hullabaloo

i think you are the one of the cutest things i have ever seen
and im not just looking at your face when i say that
i am looking at and into you
how you carry your insides
and the troubles on your back with enough strength
you must be a descendant of Atlas.
im looking at you and i can see the light that flickers in your chest burns brighter than the flames in your hair
even when the wind around you tries to blow everything about you out
and leave you back in the darkness
you make living seem like its effortless.
youre cute because youre you
and when you smile flowers bloom in your eyes and
i have this childish fascination with things that grow from the earth.
the way you hold your spine says you have poetry written in your veins
maybe i can read them one day