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Tano and Kenobi: Boarding Party

Previously on Tano and Kenobi

After a terrorist bombing on Raxus, Ahsoka Tano and Obi-Wan Kenobi are sent on their way to Mirial to pick up a fellow Jedi before returning to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. Everything seems to be returning to normal when their Republic cruiser receives a distress signal. Ordering their ship to drop out of hyperspace Ahsoka sees a familiar planet out of the cockpit window. 

The planet Florrum.  And a fleet of ships that may or may not be pirates.

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Ahsoka frowned, her mouth pulled into a thin line as she stared at the small fleet of light freighters and Corona ships that floated in the void of space between her cruiser and the planet Florrum.

She couldn’t quite wrap her mind around the reality in front of her. The last time Ahsoka had been in this part of the galaxy she had been captured by Hondo Ohnaka’s motley crew of pirates, nearly sold into slavery, escaped, and been captured again only to end up facing off against General Grievous before escaping in a bounty hunter’s ship. To say Ahsoka had less than pleasant memories of this place would be an understatement.

Of course that was at least twenty years into the future that she had vowed to change.

“Master? Is that…?” Obi-Wan couldn’t manage to hide the nervous tremor in his voice as he glanced from the ships to Ahsoka and back. “Are they… pirates?”

“It certainly looks that way,” Ahsoka reluctantly said before turning to Captain Avett. “Open the comms. Maybe we can reason with them.”

“With pirates, Master Jedi?” he replied as the co-pilot got to work sending out the message on all known frequencies. “You can’t be serious! The Republic doesn’t bargain with pirates.”

“I don’t know about you, Captain,” Ahsoka shot back, her brows arched, “but I didn’t plan on getting blown out of the sky today. If there’s something we can trade for our freedom, then we give it to them.”

“What if they’re slavers?” came the captain’s bitter response and Obi-Wan’s eyes grew even more round and scared.

“Then you better hope our backup gets here before they ship us off to Hutt Space,” Ahsoka shot back, moving swiftly down the hallway to the comm panel. Obi-Wan hurried after her, his fear and worry radiating outward and she had to take a moment to center herself and prevent her padawan’s understandable fear from coloring her judgement.

“Obi-Wan?” Ahsoka sat down at the comm panel and watched him as he did the same, his hands curled into fists at his side. “I know you’re scared but I need you to focus now. Just like you did on Raxus. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Master,” Obi-Wan swallowed a lump in his throat that was trying to cut off all the air to his lungs. He took a deep breath and nodded to his master, closing his eyes and retreating within himself to find his center.

Almost immediately the panic and fright started to clear out of the Force.

Ahsoka felt the vise on her lungs ease and she sent out a strong feeling of gratitude and pride to her padawan. Master Obi-Wan had been an expert in keeping his emotions under control during tense moments and while her Obi-Wan wasn’t quite there yet, he had already shown a natural gift for handling high-stress situations.

Still it would have been nice to have a longer break between crises. Ahsoka thought as she sent out her own coded message to any Jedi or Republic vessel in the area, asking for immediate assistance. Quite a few frequencies were being jammed by the pirates but thankfully there were still some that were known only to the Jedi and the highest levels of the Republic Security Forces and she focused her attention on those.

Hopefully, their cry for help would get back to the Temple as soon as possible and Master Plo or Master Gallia could be temporarily diverted to rescue them from whatever the pirates had planned.

Assuming they were pirates and not something worse.

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anonymous asked:

After reading the one post about the Chocobros having kids, I was wondering if you could write the goodbye rituals the Chocobros will do with their s/o as well as their children. You know like say they have to go on this really big hunting mission and will be gone for awhile. Like how they would say goodbye and reassure their loved ones that they'll be back and all that. P.S. You're writing is awesome!

Hi nonny! I’m really happy that you like my writing and I really hope that I don’t disappoint you on this one. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it!

ALSO, I SORTA DIED WHILE THINKING OF THIS BECAUSE I just imagined Noct telling his kids that he’ll be back soon but then he heads to the Citadel for the final battle AND I CRIED. That aside, let’s focus on the fluff. Why do I do this to myself.


  • “Now, you be a good girl okay? Help mummy out, okay?”
  • “Okay daddy. Can I stay over at Uncle Prompto’s or Uncle Gladi’s while you’re gone?”
  • “Okay, but make sure you tell mummy first. No cooking without your mum’s supervision and NO DAGGERS.”
  • Ignis’ daughter didn’t really need reminding of her responsibilities, but Iggy still liked to do so. Just because it gave him an excuse to cuddle up with her on a couch. 
  • Every evening before Iggy’s departure is spent preparing a ton of food with his daughter.
  • You take some time off of work and double check Iggy’s bags just in case he missed something. He never does.
  • Once him and his daughter are done cooking, he tucks her into bed and tells her a story. He gives her a long kiss on the forehead once she’s asleep.
  • He drags you to bed to get his fair share of cuddles before he leaves.
  • “I’m sorry for leaving you with all the work, darling.” He whispers into your ear as he wraps his arms around your waist
  • You turn to face him “It’s okay, darling, I’m already used to it… You’re still going to have to make it up to me though.” You wink earning you a sly grin from your husband.
  • You were dead tired from the night’s activities that you weren’t able to give Iggy a proper farewell, your daughter wakes you up with breakfast in bed and a note from Iggy.
  • “I’ll be home soon.” 


  • “Chin up, you’re going to be in-charge of things here while I’m gone.” Gladio says to his eldest while his eldest tries to put on a brave face
  • You watch from the doorway as he gives pep talks to every single one of your children and this happens A LOT. 
  • Long night in the Citadel? Pep talk. Overnight camping trip with the guys? Pep talk. A long period of time without him? Long pep talk.
  • He turns his head to you when he hears you giggle.
  • “Hey kids! What’s your number one mission?” He barks
  • “MAKE MOMMY HAPPY!” The kids shout in unison catching you off guard
  • Gladio fold his arms and gives you a smug look, you wrap your arms around him.
  • He leans in for a kiss when the kids start making belching noises.
  • “Okay okay, everybody out!” He ushers the kids out of the room and he turns his attention back to you
  • “I’ll miss you, i’m gonna be gone for quite a while. Are you going to be okay?” He says in a low voice
  • “Of course I’ll be fine, I’m an Amicitia now, and besides the kids’ll keep me company.”
  • “Do you want anything from the outside world?”
  • “Just come home to me safe, sweetheart.”
  • You both stay locked in an embrace until you hear the kids running upstairs shouting that their Uncle Ignis has arrived to pick up their father.
  • Gladio gets in the car with the Ignis. Camping gear, cup noodles, and a family picture in tow. 


  • Would be super clingy to his kids giving them a kiss every single minute an hour from his time of departure. And yes, this happens every single time. Especially on long trips.
  • Long trips meaning at least a day away from his family.
  • By the end of it all, his kids just want him to leave.
  • “Daaaad, that’s like the 45th goodbye kiss already!”
  • If he isn’t kissing his kids goodbye then his arms will probably be wrapped around you… holding on to you for dear life.
  • “I don’t want to leave my wife aloooone! They can go on without me! I’ll miss you and the kids too much!” He says dramatically
  • “Oh stop it, Prom! You boys need some time off together! You won’t even miss us when you’re there already.”
  • “Please don’t make me go! Don’t make me leaaaave!” He says trying to include the kids in his death grip.
  • When Ignis pulls up to the driveway, they already know the drill.
  • You and the kids slowly shimmy your way out of his grip and lo’ and behold Gladio’s here!
  • Gladio has to literally drag him out of the house EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. because Prompto’s bawling so hard.
  • Your kids will be running after the Regalia stifling cries because they’re sure gonna miss him while he’s gone, and Prompto’s crying while taking pictures of his kids from the back of the car.


  • Noctis’ definition of packing his bags is really just him giving a list to the butler and asking him to do it while he spends time with his kids.
  • You of course, double check if he forgot to put anything on that list and once you’re satisfied, you proceed to help the butler out.
  • Noct would be running all over the Citadel playing with his kids that by the time they get back to their chambers, they’re all plastered with sweat.
  • You send them all off to shower but Noctis sneakily grabs you by the waist and whisks you away to the shower with him.
  • The evenings before he leaves are spent with you and the kids huddled up in your chambers making shadow figures on the walls while telling stories or maybe watching movies.
  • Once you wake up, you’d expect Noctis to still be asleep beside you but ALWAYS to your surprise he’s up and about playing football with the kids on the Citadel’s steps while waiting for the bros to pick him up.
  • “You boys take care of mommy for me, okay?” He tells the boys as soon as he sees the Regalia enter the compound. He pulls them both in for a hug and only lets go once Prompto shouts at him to hurry up.
  • Not really shout, more of wail at him to hurry up because, yes, Prompto is still crying… while looking at pictures of his family.
  • He gives you a long embrace and a kiss. When he pulls away he tells you that he’ll miss you and how much he loves you.
  • “Come home safe and preferably in one piece, Noct.”
  • He chuckles and gives you another kiss “I will.”
  • He’ll be watching you and the kids from the Regalia until you’re all no longer in sight.

If Kai was a vampire from the very beginning who massacred his family (cause, you know, he couldn’t control his vampire emotions or some shit) and he still treated Bonnie the same way in he did in 1994 cause he was a pissed off vampire who wanted revenge…I wonder if the same people who call Kai irredeemable and evil would give him a pass cause he’s a vampire since they do that with every other murdering vampire on the show.

tiniest-jo  asked:

(For Gadget/ Infinite prompts) Infinite being terrified of what he's become and pulling Gadget closer and begging him not to leave, and Gadget being kinda scared but still letting Infinite hold him, and reassuring the latter that they'll get through this together. Head pats ensue.


i wrote over 1000 words whoops

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slenderboobs  asked:

This reminds me of an article I read last (school) year; it's old news but I was wondering if you heard about it? Apparently the Spanish government says they'll instantly oppose any Scottish bid to join the EU, because there were Catalan flags being flown during one of THEIR rallies. They're willing to make other countries suffer in order to keep control of Catalonia. Of course, this applies to the Basque nation, as well.

We heard plenty of how Spain wanted to block Scotland from joining the EU (the Spanish gov wouldn’t stop talking about it) but I hadn’t heard that it was because of the flags. I think it’s just because Scotland would be an ally for us and them winning the independence referendum would encourage us (back then we were having the 9N consult).

“They’re willing to make other countries suffer in order to keep control of Catalonia and the Basque country”, you’re absolutely right.

anonymous asked:

The dog marriage should be interesting, he can't read the sign and probably won't know what to do. I wonder if they'll realize how defenseless he is and decide he couldn't be a dangerous human, even if he smells funny?

They would probably fall and stumble alot, and end up smelling like a strange puppy anyways. Or at least something injured.

[*You discover this dog couple would become very overprotective parents]

anonymous asked:

Hi sorry if this is a bother but I was wondering if you know of any strong spells/things/chants etc for getting rid of nightmares ? I've tried a lot of things and they'll work for a little them wear off in a few days , and my nightmares seem to get more gruesome

i read that flipping your pillow after you’ve had a nightmare will help. otherwise, try drinking a calming tea like chamomile before bed, sleep with amethyst under your pillow, or make a sachet out of jasmine, lemon verbena, chamomile, and a moonstone and hang above your bed. good luck!

Sometimes I wonder if it's like this on the Supernatural Set
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>director:</b> misha you have to glance more emotionally<p/><b>misha:</b> i'm playing an emotionless angel<p/><b>director:</b> yeah but it's about dean!<p/><b>misha:</b> does cas love dean??<p/><b>director:</b> pshh!<p/><b>director:</b> we can't tell<p/><b>director:</b> <i>they</i>'ll hear us<p/></p><p/></p>

just-katarin  asked:

Hi! I'm currently re-reading TRB & TDT to prepare for Blue Lily Lily Blue & I had sort of a question. In TDT, Niall Lynch's will says the Lynch brothers will get $3M when they turn 18. This is obvs a lot of money to ME, but not a lot of money for the super rich. Will this become a plot point? That it's not SO MUCH money & they'll all need real jobs or that it will run out quickly paying for college & such?

“Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world. He who understands it, earns it … he who doesn’t … pays it.”

- Alfred Einstein

Good thing Declan has a head for money.

one direction // preference // he buys you tampons
  • harry: you'd asked harry to buy you some tampons and chocolate, seeing as you were feeling a few cramps and couldn't be bothered to get decent enough to leave the house. harry agreed casually through text, though he had absolutely no idea which tampons you wanted. by the time he was stood in the feminine care aisle, he had a deep furrowed brow as he looked over the vast array of tampons that were available. he was holding a packet and reading the back as he wondered what exactly it meant by super-heavy when his phone buzzed. he pulled his phone out of his pocket and sighed in relief at the photo you'd sent him of the packaging of the tampon box that you usually bought before he picked it up and went to the checkout.
  • zayn: 'erm, babe i really have no idea which ones you use.' he said through the phone, one arm over his chest as he scanned the different, colourful packages of tampons, 'and i really don't want people to catch me staring at tampons. they'll think i'm a creep.' you rolled your eyes, cuddling up tighter in bed as another cramp hit you, 'zayn, its a pink box. the one i showed you before you left.' there was a silence, and then the sound of cardboard hitting the floor - and a curse from zayn that was muffled by the phone pressed to his shirt. you let out a soft laugh as you rolled your eyes, waiting for his voice again, 'i got it, sorry. i dropped a whole heap. okay i'll be at yours in five. love you.'
  • louis: he was heading out to do a weekly shop seeing as you were rather busy with some work. he'd taken the shopping list - and you didn't hear from him for half an hour. until he rang your phone and quietly asked which tampons you usually bought. you let out a laugh as you realised he was probably standing in the aisle, feeling way out of his comfort zone. 'like there's light, and there's heavy, and there's super heavy.. and super heavy plus?' he said, making you erupt into giggles again. 'listen, i'll send you through a picture of the exact ones okay? just remind me to never send you out to buy tampons again.'
  • niall: he chewed on his nails as he stood in front of the tampons, stepping forwards and reading the front of the boxes before stepping back again. it didn't take long for an employee to walk over to niall, asking if he needed any help; the confusion evident on his face. he let out a weak laugh and nodded, 'it's for my girlfriend... i don't know which ones she needs. i thought it'd surprise her with some sweets and some tampons.' niall said, cheeks heating slightly. the employee chuckled and mentioned that he should just ask what you needed - so he pulled out his phone and sent you a quick text. 'i was trying to surprise you, but im an male and i don't know what tampons you use. help?'
  • liam: he listened to your phone ring out again, making him groan and whisper to himself, 'i don't want to wake you up but answer your freaking phone.' he stepped back and looked over the tampons again before grabbing one type that looked most normal before he took it to the checkout. he arrived at your house only ten minutes later, walking inside and into your room. he sat on your bed and kissed your temple as you slept - causing you to rouse. 'sorry babe.' he whispered after waking you before smiling softly, 'i got you some food and some tampons, these okay?' he asked as he handed them to you. you chuckled tiredly and brushed your hair back, 'actually, they're a bit too heavy but.. that's just extra protection right?' you laughed, making liam shake his head, 'yeah, sure.. whatever that means.'
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reading-in-lalaland  asked:

Hey Maggie, I've seen that quite a few people have gotten copies of The Raven King from bookstores that had gotten copies early. I pre-ordered a copy from Fountain, but I live in California, so I'm basically all the way across the country. I know you're going out of your way to doodle in them, but I'm wondering when they'll be shipped? Approximately?

Dear reading-in-lalaland,

I was just finishing doodling the last 1,000 today, while Fountain started shipping the 3,200 I’d doodled in last week. If you put in your order before the 15th, it’ll go out in the batch on Monday, and if it came in after, it’ll be shipped out ASAP — feel free to e-mail them for info on that group. I’ll unfortunately be out of the loop from the release-date-on, as I’ll be on the road for the tour. But I really do promise that the Fountain Bookstore people don’t bite.



varethane  asked:

My worry is not so much that Saitama will become evil as that, once certain people in positions of power realize just how powerful he is, they'll try to contain him in increasingly dangerous ways. Whatever measures they try to take could be what ends up endangering the earth :T

Yeah!! And I can see this happening too cause (WEB COMIC SPOILER ALERT) The HA is apparently keeping strong monsters locked up under the HA apartments?? The ones Saitama just move into?? Like…. Why they doing that…

I can’t help but feel the HA in general is trying to recruit strong people to form a sort of “army” anyway so I wonder what the end goal is?? (Also if you read MP100 This is similar to what’s his face does, recruiting espers to attempt world domination)

If they DO attempt to capture Saitama… Well… The only way to force him to comply would be to like… Capture and torture Genos right? ;-; oh god… But even then Saitama can defeat anything so as long as he could get to him in time he could just kick ass and carry his toaster baby home oh god I need to stop thinking about this Ima cry

scribbleature  asked:

I was just re-reading Prompts for Pie and I was wondering: does Darcy ever get insecure that Harris doesn't seem to take her flirting seriously or is she just confident that eventually they'll end up on the same wave length?

I like to write Darcy as someone who does her own thing and go her own way, and if you’re on board with that, awesome happy funtimes.  If you’re not, well, then, meh to you.  If Harris flat out told her that he wasn’t interested, or was uncomfortable, or wanted her to stop, she would.  But she likes flirting with him because it’s fun, and because she does like him.  The fact that he hasn’t reciprocated, or hasn’t reciprocated in the same way, doesn’t change her enjoyment of the situation.

She’s doing it because it’s something she likes to do, that feels right, and as long as Harris doesn’t mind, she’s gonna keep right on doing it. 8)