i wonder if the mirror (her own mind...


A/N: The inspiration for this came from Eric Clapton’s ”Wonderful tonight”, one of my favourite songs when I was little. Dean x reader fluff. Of course.

Summary: Dean ponders his feelings for the reader during a hunt that takes them undercover to an art exhibition opening.

Word count: 2455

Dean tried his best not to stare when Y/N stood in front of the mirror, holding up the two dresses. She’d been trying to decide for ages; alternating between the two and frowning each time she changed her mind. They were both beautiful in their own right; one flowing, black dress with a low cut back, the other a quirky, patterned halter neck with a poofy skirt, but Dean knew that she’d look stunning no matter what she chose to wear.

Eventually, she turned to the Winchesters and waved the two garments in the air. “I’m no good at this,” she sighed, tilting her head towards Dean. “Which one?”

Sam lifted his eyebrow and shot his brother a quick glance when he didn’t answer. “I’d say go for the long one,” he said, pointing to the black. “Goes better with Dean’s suit.”

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