i wonder if the care about anything else

I wonder what it’s like to be one of those people who’s known far and wide for a single post with a hundred thousand reblogs, but isn’t known for anything else.

Like, they seem to get a lot of randos in their inbox asking about That One Thing for years. Does that turn their blog into a single long term meme, or something? How do they balance talking about stuff they actually care about with talking about crucifix nail nipples or anal sneezes?

I just imagine it must be a super weird position to be in.

I know I’ve been torturing myself for weeks now about you, and what I did, and how I shouldn’t have done it, shouldn’t ever have talked to Camille. I’ve been sorry and I’ve understood and I’ve apologised and apologised, and you haven’t ever been there. I did all that without you. So it makes me wonder what else I could do, without you. It was my fault, what happened. But it was your fault too. I could have learned not to care that you’re immortal and I’m mortal. Everyone gets the time they get together, and no more. Maybe we’re not so different that way. But you know what I can’t get past? That you never tell me anything. I don’t know when you were born. I don’t know anything about your life—what your real name is, or about your family, or what the first face you ever loved was, or the first time your heart was broken. You know everything about me, and I know nothing about you. That’s the real problem.
—  Alec Lightwood, City of Heavenly Fire by Cassandra Clare
Dating Chen Would Include

“Helllooo!!! I was wondering if you could do a dating mingyu(svt) or chen (exo) would include?? Thank uuu love ur work sm!!”

Part 2 of your request! I love Jongdae. He’s such a sweetheart <3

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1016) i really hate how selfish people can be. i also can never respect them choosing their own pleasure that they get from eating the flesh of animals over the lives of the animals. i guess i’ve just run out of understanding for them. telling me that they “love meat” as a response to anything i ask them only proves how self-centered they are, only caring about themselves and nothing else. i wonder how they would react if those baby cows they keep killing were their own children. if they were the ones facing constant fear, exhaustion, pain and suffering. if their lives were forced into the hands of others. i guess it’s true - you don’t know real disappointment until you go vegan.

wow, i am just so CHILL. i wouldn’t even care if i was hanging out with some female friends and they, i dunno, had me play dress up as in frilly dresses, or put makeup on me as a joke
i guess im just really confident in my masculinity and committed to jokes
yeah, im so manly that i don’t have to act like im allergic to girly things to consider myself a man, and care more about comedy than anything else
just a really funny, chill, manly guy
so anyways back to the dress up: i wonder if the girls would loan me- i mean, make me wear, high heels

like who cares about anything else? who cares? in the end, who cares if my dreams happen? if i pass my tests? if i get everything perfect the first time? if a boy loves me back? if i get all a’s? if i get married, if i never publish, if i never reach the beauty i strive for? idk like the closer i get with God, the more i realize stuff on earth is so petty and temporary lol i often wonder if, when God says He stops your anxiety, He doesn’t mean giving you this supernatural peace, but He just knows the logic of it - if you know God, you will be anxious for nothing because He changes your perspective on what’s worth worrying about and that has more to do with lost souls and less to do with if our plans in this life happen. 

I just wanted to thank you.
It’s not your birthday or anything,
It’s not a special day.
But I just wanted to thank you.
Thank you for bringing so much joy into my life.
Thank you for caring about me when no one else wanted to.
Thank you for drying my tears when others broke my heart.
Thank you for being here even a thousand miles away.
You brought wonderful things into my life and I’m grateful for that.
Thank you.
—  A thank you letter for you

hello, my fellow nerds! came by to give you a little thing for all of you guys to do!

i know color palettes are around and about a lot, but i never see any them to try and challenge to make minimalist styles, which is just as important as anything else! so here i am, with my own!

i would love to see these, so if you could tag it as #timeskye palette challenge when someone sends you an ask for it, or if you just randomly choose some for yourself, that would be wonderful! O:

Anyone have some advice about this?

Okay, so, last week I was taking care of this cat while her owner was out of town. Twice a day I’d go over and feed her and water her, and twice a day I’d stay over for around an hour and a half to keep her company. I did not clean the litter box because I have a weak stomach, but she had someone else who came by to do that once or twice before work. (I wondered why she needed me, but apparently they didn’t have time to do anything else besides that so that makes sense).

Anyway, she’s paying me twenty dollars a day, and she’s going to be out of town again and just gave me the money from last week and the rest of the money in advance…it’s money for 17 days in total and adds up to $340. That’s enough to cover my recent D&D splurge and a credit fine I didn’t know I had as well, and will give me the $60 I need to buy this electronic membership I needed for a class but didn’t know about until a few weeks ago. 

My aunt and uncle both think it’s too much, and I don’t know. I’ve babysitted her kid before, and I think it was around $50 each time I did it? She’s the first person I’ve done this stuff for so I don’t really have a lot of experience with what the prices should be. I know she’s at least medium middle class if not upper, and I’m pretty sure a single mom since I’ve never seen another parent either in person or in photos, though I do think I heard her kid mention his dad once. But only mention. I don’t know the behind the scenes stuff, but I do know the kid seems to be taken care of really well and has…well. He has a lot of stuff. A whole lot. 

If they are able to afford all that and don’t have any financial troubles (which again, who knows what’s behind the scenes), I don’t feel like it should be too much of an issue. But I still feel kinda guilty now that it’s been brought up. 

Any advice? Should I try and give some of it back?

bluekitsune  asked:

Mars, Uranus, Moon, Aldebaran, Centaurus, Gemini, Asteroid

thank you for the questions ❤ !!!!

~ Mars: What’s your sexuality?
i’m aro ace
~ Uranus: What’s your hobby?
my hobbies pretty much only consist of sleeping and dreaming since i literally have no energy to do anything else
~ Moon: What are you currently studying/hope to study?
i hope to study a lot more subjects, to at least learn more languages
~ Aldebaran: What’s something you care desperately about?
a lot, my mom, my friends, …
~ Centaurus: Favourite holiday?
~ Gemini: Favourite song?
currently, it’s “oh wonder-lose it (jerry folk remix)” on repeat
~ Asteroid: What does your dream life look like?
living independently, harmoniously & quietly, earn enough to live comfortably, be my own boss, live in another country preferably very far away from where i live now

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Every single one of you are so beautiful. Your stretch marks, those scars, even that acne. Everything on your body is wonderful. It makes you who you are. You shouldn’t be ashamed of yourselves for anything, Don’t be ashamed of yourselves.
It’s okay to make mistakes. It’s okay to not do anything perfectly. Everyone messes up. Just because someone else doesn’t like it doesn’t mean that you should stop. Go do what you want no matter what anyone says or who tries to stop you. If there are people making fun of you then they don’t see your potential, the talent you have, the amazing things that you do. Don’t let them bring you down.
Try new things, learn how to play an instrument, make a video, make a new recipe, invent something.
If you’re confused about your sexuality or figuring out what you want or who you want to be. that’s okay. It should take some time to figure yourself out.
Whatever you do, don’t harm yourselves and especially don’t kill yourselves.
Listen I’m not very good with words but if you really need to talk to someone you can always talk to me.

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So, is it just me..or is anyone else totally unbothered by PW high-giving some chick on vacation? Like seriously, I coulld care less. This is hardly scandalous. I wonder if he was asked to take some heat off PH and the MM drama with a little vacation bonus. I mean seriously? None of us have forgotten about MM or these alleged "saucy" photos. And we're not going to because PW is skiing and drinking with models.

No I don’t see anything wrong with it. But other (people who hat w+k) thinks he should be working or at commonwealth day. I have no comment on if he should or shouldn’t be working. Also people are up in arms because kate is also not there.

Laura Barton is a cool character. I ship Clintasha (and don’t ship Clintlaura) but I don’t think she needs to be erased/demonized/killed or whatever for Clint and Nat to be together.

How about AUs where Laura is Barney’s wife? Clint’s sister in law! 

Like, Imagine Clint looking for his big brother and finding Laura married him (and had two children by him), though Barney has gone AWOL again. Clint befriends Laura and takes care of her and her children (his niece and nephew!!) while still looking for his brother (Laura wants him home and Clint wants to yell at him for having a family with this wonderful woman and walking out on her)

Honestly this is how I see the relationship now, and refuse to accept anything else.

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nothing really nice is happening to me.. i miss having a papa and im feeling useless

No no no baby don’t feel useless!!

Just because you don’t have a carer doesn’t mean you have to stop caring about yourself. You are a wonderful stand alone kiddo and you don’t need someone else to matter. You matter all on your own and you have use all on your own!

If you’re missing the routine you can try setting your own. A diary and a sticker chart would help and you can set your own rules and rewards! (Shoutout to my wonderful sib for that idea!)

If you’re missing the contact you can talk to friends or even me!! I’m always open to listen to anything you have to say! And there’s tons of sweet babies in this comm, just talk around and you’ll make tons of wonderful friends!

If you’re missing physical contact either snuggle a pet or friend or get a hot water bottle, weighted blanket or heat blanket! It’ll mimic that feeling!

I’m pretty sure Plagg was just playing dumb when Adrien and him found the book. I also think he was purposefully ignoring the Peacock miraculous. All for Adrien. You don’t exist for at least 5,000 years and not know anything but it’s sometimes beneficial to play dumb. Would you expect that lazy glutton to be perceptive? If there’s one thing Plagg cares about more than cheese it’s Adrien.  What does Plagg do after making that vague comment? INSIST ON EATING. What weird timing you have my little kwami lol

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Adrien is even more curious at this point. He ends up seeing stuff written about Ladybug, Chat Noir, AND Hawkmoth, wondering why does my Dad have this??? What else is in this book??? Plagg gets even more insistent about being fed as if he wants Adrien’s attention to be elsewhere. He can’t say he doesn’t want Adrien to read the book because that leads to questions that Plagg doesn’t want to answer. He doesn’t want Adrien to find out about the Peacock miraculous in that book because it’s RIGHT THERE in front of his mom’s picture. It’s probably related to his mom but even if it wasn’t, there’s still the issue of why does his dad have it. It comes with the strong implication that his dad knows about miraculouses. THAT OPENS UP A WHOLE CAN OF WORMS RIGHT THERE. Because no one truly knows about miraculouses other than miraculous holders.

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Really? Most of these same critics liked Deadpool, and that one was pretty out there.

“They’re just a bunch of DC Haters! They’ll take anything Marvel dishes up.”

Thor: the Dark World, The Incredible Hulk, and Iron Man 2 would like to say otherwise.

“But these critics are just a bunch of old white men!”

Who didn’t enjoy a movie primarily about white dudes punching each other (Wonder Woman notwithstanding).


Ok so a critics job is to have an opinion about something, a bad review is just their opinion, not something they can be right or wrong about. So if you liked the movie, why the hell should you care about what someone else thinks about it? These critics gave negative reviews because they saw things in the film that did not work, not because of some Marvel conspiracy to make Ben Affleck feel sad.

Enjoy the movie if you like it and stop demonizing critics.

“Still not answering your phone? Seriously? Really, Robin, you’re starting to scare me.” She said as she put her phone back in the pocket of her shorts, folding her arms across her chest as she walked across the beach. She was hoping to find signs of footprints or anything else that might lead them to Robin. Truthfully, Madi sometimes wondered why she was so emotionally invested in this, and the way it actually brought out her caring side was starting to freak her out. All she could think about lately was where Robin was…and if she was even alive. The alternative horrified her and she didn’t want to think about such a possibility.

“What am I even suppose to look for?” She murmured, looking around the quiet beach. The waves crashing against the shore, the chirping of crickets, the light breeze against her face…it would have been a beautiful sight, if it weren’t for everything that was happening.  Almost instantly, she took her phone back out and began writing a text to Robin, letting out a shaky breath.

Robin, if you get this, PLEASE answer. I’m actually really worried about you and I have no idea what to do because I don’t know if you’re safe or not. Please…answer me. Give me a sign that you’re alive.


Should have been funny, but I got emotional.

So, episode 3 Alec:

Episode 4 Alec:

Episode 5 Alec:

Episode 6 Alec:

I see what you’re doing. I fear that we won’t survive the next episode. Taking into account that both Harry and Matt are amazing in their roles and understand their characters so well, and how much thought and care the writers have taken (look how well they are portraying Alec and his struggles! all the details!), I know that they are going to give us something wonderful, and I don’t know if I’m ready. But I also feel like I’ve been ready for this for years. Can it be that this is happening in just a few days?

And then I think about everything else they have planned for these two, and how much angst they will give us until they are truly together. Please, don’t hate on anything new they are bringing in. I truly believe that it will make the story even better. So many people (think about all the young people watching this) can relate to Alec. The fact that in the end Alec will know that there really isn’t anything to be ashamed of and so many people will see and understand that too is making me so emotional. This is so important. I hope that it will be him, in the end, standing up for himself.

 I love this show so much. Not to say that I don’t love every other aspect of it, just, this hits closer than other things. I hope no haters and no lawsuits stop this show from getting more seasons, because I so want to see all my dear characters grow and learn again with them in a better way.