i wonder if that tag's ever been used before


Got tagged by quite a few people for stop-drop-selfie over the weekend. I don’t quite remember who, so I’m sorry! I didn’t miss your tags though, just lost track of names. I think @the-fit-geek @wayuptothelight and @dragonfli17 (?) If I’m wrong. HI! 

Still feeling a bit chewed up from my migraine, hive, and menstrual “activities” but it was at least a short-lived “rager” migraine that burnt hot and fast. Now I’m in that hung-over postdrome part.

If you’ve ever wondered why Simone “bleps” so much it’s because she came to us missing three of her bottom incisors. My poor baby! We have to take extra good care of her teeth. Life must have been rough before we adopted her. I know about the previous owner, but I still wonder about before that because her clipped ear leads me to believe that she was captured and released at some point in time. A lot has happened in three years.

I tag @zerocarb @one-forty-five @fitness-my-way @fitnessgeekandcoffeefreak @coffeeandfitblr

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Hey hey so I've been trying to draw people and I've been doing portraits for several years, but recently have been using your style as inspiration for how to draw full bodies better. I was wondering if I could show you what I've been doing and get some constructive criticism on it? Thank you! :))

yeah, sure thing))

(if someone told a 15yo me I’d ever recieve a message like this, a 15yp me would probably laugh for half an hour straight before walking away to draw a “determined” anime eye again. 
p is for progress, kids)

@allisbornagain is just literallty one of the most wonderful and fantastic people I have ever met in my entire life, she means the world to me and with mer I am happier than I have ever been before in my life.

In all honesty I used to be afraid of forever and basically letting myself want or need to be with someone, I was always hurt before and to be honest I had like given up hope of ever really having anything good.

Then on the 3rd of december last year, everything changed , forever. I met the prettiest loveliest mermaid ever, she gave me an expensive gift despite not knowing me because she’s genuinely the most good-hearted person that I know, Even though with everything she’s been through she would be completely justified in not being , but she is and it is wonderful.

I think she needs to give herself more credit for how strong and brave she is though because i know how hard it is to keep going after trauma and she deserves all the credit.

I honestly can’t wait to actually have a life with her together , everything that was once scary feels exciting and good with her. We just get each other, I have literally never felt a mutual understanding like this in my whole life.

Basically I love her with all of my heart and I’m excited we’re gonna get married at some point down this timeline <3

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Hello there, beautiful. Missed me? I miss you too if ever you're wondering. Training has been a bit difficult. I always come home and just sleep from exhaustion. But a hero's gotta be responsible. Tell you what, I'm free for a week after this. Drautos probably figured that we'd die before we even go to the front if this keeps up. We can do whatever you want during my break. Feel free to indulge. Until then the two of us have to be patient. Just remember that I miss you everyday. Your hero, Nyx.

I’ll wait for you however long I need to, my love. I miss you every day that you’re gone, but nothing makes me happier than when you’re here with me. Stay safe, and come back to me.