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Hey Cassie! I can't wait for lady midnight! I'm absolutely excited and when I mean I can't wait I really do mean I can't wait. I was just wondering when specifically it comes out? And is there going to be a special edition with something like the timeline from tid or the drawing in tmi?

It’s out in March, 2016. I actually don’t have the exact day. The first book of the Last Hours remains unscheduled at my request.

We are going to do something special for Lady Midnight. I wanted to sign the first print run, but at 500,000 copies plus, it’s impossible. My hand would come off. So we’re taking a page out of Suzanne Collins’ book and having a stamp designed with my signature and artwork specific to the book. The first print run will be stamped, because stamping is a lot less likely to make your arm come off! If anything else special will be included, I’ll let you know.

This comparison makes it more clear that Han and Chewie are looking at the cockpit of the Falcon, but it’s still not totally clear if Han is calling the cockpit “home” or if they are looking out the window at a planet.

BUT…Chewie raised his bowcaster as they walked in, so who was already in there?  I’m wondering if Han lost the Falcon at some point after ROTJ and he’s just now getting it back from whoever has it.  

So who has it?  I’m thinking it must be Rey, because there is one scene in the trailer where we see BB-8 on what appears to be the Falcon, and since it’s looking like BB-8 is probably her droid, then she’s probably on the Falcon with him (her?).  

But if Rey has possession of the Falcon and Chewie is raising his bowcaster at her, does that mean she stole it or something?  Otherwise, why would Chewie consider her a threat? And if she did steal it and was considered a threat, then that would make it seem unlikely she is Han and Leia’s child.

So I’m not sure what to expect.  Maybe I’m overanalyzing it, but if so, overanalyzing it is fun to me!

Wow, guys! Thanks to you, I have reached another huge milestone! Gosh, you’re all so wonderful and sweet to me! You all make me so happy every time I check tumblr, and your comments and messages make tumblr so much fun! Please know that each and every one of you mean the world to me!

For a long time, I was trying to think of something to do to repay you guys, somewhat of a gift for you all! It’s not much, but I want to happily offer gif requests to you to show my appreciation! (Get it? GIFt requests?!?) I’ll stop… So please feel free to message me with a game, a scene, a character, a pairing, or anything else, and I’d be so happy to make a gifset dedicated to you and your request! It’s the least I can do to pay you back for being so sweet to me, so don’t be shy!

Again, thank you all for making tumblr a wonderful place for me!♥

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This was a small moment but I LOVED how after Oliver and Diggle's big blowout, Felicity ran to check on John before she went out to deal with Oliver. The Arrow Trinity feels was so real last night, I'm still flying!

That whole scene, from the confrontation between Oliver and Diggle, the shoving match, and Felicity rushing over to Diggle was so intense. When I first saw it, I wondered if there was something else going on. It was odd to me that Felicity and Diggle wouldn’t be moving heaven and earth to get Roy back for Oliver since he clearly could not do it himself.  But I didn’t put it together until Roy was stabbed and realized, no, this is a fake out.

Once we found out what they had done, that moment took on a different meaning for me. In the blink of an eye, Felicity seems to say, “Hey, let’s keep it together…we knew he’d get angry and frustrated, but he can’t know what we are doing. He needs to be kept in the dark so his reaction to the news of Roy’s death is genuine. He’s a terrible liar, we both know that…it’s almost over."  And Diggle was all, "Yeah, I’m cool. Boy puts his hands on me again, though, plan or no plan, he’s going down.”

It was just one of the many great Original Team Arrow moments in the episode.

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I realize that this game is (obviously) fighting-centric, but I'm also wondering if you're trying to do your best for story to? I mean, I'm not expecting The Last of Us or Bioshock 1 in terms of story, but a good story mixed with fun combat is something I love.

LOL. Actually, the game is very story-centric, but a lot of recent posts have focused on the combat because people were worried that the game wouldn’t have enough action (and we’re still working on the combat engine, so it’s hard to give people a good idea of what it’s going to look like).

What we’re shooting for is exactly what you described: a good story mixed with fun combat. You’ll get a very detailed look at the lives of Peggy, Betty, Doris, and Sylvia as their world collapses around them. Each one has a very unique personality and family-life, so you get some very different reactions to a zombie apocalypse. And we don’t skip over the tough spots, so you’ll have to deal with lots of heartbreak and tricky morality. And people have cried over just the synopsis, so that’s something to look forward to.

I can’t promise that this will be the greatest story ever told, but we have worked very hard on it and the people we’ve shared it with love it. To me, video games should exist to tell stories, and everything else (combat, art, graphics) should exist to serve that story.

I’m thinking of making another self sustaining aquarium. 

I made one back in my sophomore year for my marine bio project, it was just a one gallon thing with a handful of fish and snails, but I had the most successful one in the class (my fish were even the only ones to grow) and it lived for awhile after the projected ended (we moved and I didn’t have a way to safely transport it so I just released everyone back into the pond I got them from). 

But, dad has a 50 gallon tank sitting in the living room, and I think this time I can even get fancy with it and bring in a ton of cool plants, and maybe add some frogs into the mix (thought then it wouldn’t be as self-sustaining but I guess some crickets and bugs thrown into the mix once a week or so isnt a big deal.) 

I mean dad is already making me landscape his yard cuz I’m a horticulture nerd so while he’s dishing out some money for the yard hopefully he wont mind putting a little extra out for a terrarium?? Esp as low maintenance as they are. 

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How would they react to the following situation : They are stuck in a Starbucks (or else) because of weather (i don't know, something like huge rain or wind) and they can't help but talk to you because they're bored and think you're cute. The funnier the better :p

Xiumin :  If you are wondering, I am just dizzy because of loud voices that 11 dudes do. What did you say your name was ? * sits in front of you and stares, when you look at him casually begins to talk *

Luhan : What ? What do you mean 16? Do I have to show my ID to prove I am 25 ? Excuse you –  * when you mistake him as a high school student *

Kris : * stands in front of you and acts like he is looking around and when you look at him * Oh sure, I can sit with you. * grins and immediately sits next to you *

Suho : You think being a mom is easy. Try to have 10 kids and I will see you again.

Lay : “ I swear to high, I am not God. “ * realizes his mistake *

Baekhyun : Are you a Honeydew, because fruit you know how fine you look right now? * waits for a second * Why I feel like I messed the lines.. * hums to himself *

Chen : I was feeling a little off today, but you definitely turned me on. * party mode on *

Chanyeol : I seem to have lost my phone number. Can I have yours? * tries to act cute since he is wearing a wolf hat *

D.O : What a nice song, right  ?  * dances Gangnam style with coffee cup between his hands *

Tao : * when you look at him for a seond *

Kai : I was not staring at your boobs. I was staring at your heart. * looks down feeling shy * 

Sehun : You look so familiar… didn’t we take a class together? I could’ve sworn we had chemistry. * moon walks towards where you are sitting *

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Hey, I was wondering if you could help me. I'm 14 and I've recently accepted that I'm pansexual. Do you think it's to early for me to know for certain? I mean, being pansexual is being attracted to hearts not parts and that's what I feel I associate with the most, but I don't want to tell people and have them say it's just a phase because of my age. Any advice? Thanks a bunch.

No you’re never too young or too old to figure yourself out. Honestly the thing that sucks about idneitfying as something other than gay or straight is that no matter what age you are someone is going to try and suggest it’s just a phase. Sexuality is fluid, it can change over time even multiple times over the course of a person’s life, but that doesn’t mean it always does. Your likelihood of your sexuality being fluid and changing really doesn’t have anything to do with your age. If someone suggests that it’s a phase or you’re too young, tell them that it’s really none of their business this is who you are right now and how they feel about it isn’t going to suddenly change your mind because you’re still who you are.

I’ve eaten almost all the food in my fridge (besides staples, condiments and pickles you know) which is really exciting because that means I ate everything I bought which is cost effective and all I really have is a lot of frozen fruit for smoothies and a lot of potatoes. Several kinds of potatoes. And lots of tortillas. I think I can get away with going to the store and buying like 18 eggs and some beans and bread and cheese and some greens and eat only variations of hash for the next ten days and that would cost me less than $20.


“I’m afraid of many things Josie..” His eyes wandered up to the blonde, his lips curled up bitter. “Why?” Evan wondered out loud, why was she even questioning such a thing. “I don’t mean being afraid of some spider or something. But I am afraid for the shadows from the past, love, people. Why should I trust them?”

“You’re too pessimistic. The world can be a beautiful place if you allow it. The shadows of the past disappear when the sun sets for the day, every day. Love can be beautiful. People can be good. You just have to find the right ones to trust. Why shouldn’t you trust the good ones?”

Разве это не сказка?

Okay, so, according to the subtitles (from both my memory of the English ones and looking at the Italian ones from the bootleg), Aleksa and Maximillian’s first conversation goes like this:

What the hell are you doing?
Isn’t it wonderful? Tonight the sky is completely full of miracles.”

But I was messing around with Google Translate earlier, trying to find out how to spell “Что, черт возьми, ты делаешь?” for fic purposes, and it turns out that the subtitles aren’t strictly accurate. Aleksa does say “What the hell are you doing?”, but Max actually says something else.

Full disclaimer: I don’t speak Russian at all. I think I know like two words in Russian. But I can tell the difference between замечательно (sounds like zamechatel'no) and сказка (sounds like skazka). “замечательно” means “wonderful,” and that’s not what he’s saying at all.

What he’s actually asking is “Isn’t it a fairy tale?”

I can’t find the meta right now, but there was one that pointed out that Jupiter Ascending is ultimately a fairy tale. It’s more overt in some places than others (the allusion to Cinderella when she’s with Catherine, for example), but the structure is also not the hero’s journey, but the fairy tale. The three Abrasax siblings, the magical quality of the technology, the seriousness with which it handles its fantastic plot: all of that is more fairy tale than standard story structure. 

Jupiter Ascending has been criticized for, essentially, not poking fun at itself - how dare people put weird things in a movie and not spend half of the movie pointing out how weird everything is? But it’s not that Jupiter Ascending isn’t self-aware, it’s just not self-critical. We know it’s a fairy tale, but isn’t it awesome?

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You and Natalia are beautiful and sexy and talented and great people. You have nothing to be depressed about.

Yes Natalia and I both have privileged lives but that doesn’t mean we can’t have depression. Depression is an illness, it’s not something you choose to have and can’t turn it off and on, it’s literally chemical imbalances in your brain that you have no control over. Depression can be caused by something or it can just happen. Also a wonderful and lovely part of depression is feeling a lot of guilt from it or thinking that you’re making it all up in your mind. We realize how privileged we are and that there’s “no reason for us to be depressed” and it makes us feel extremely guilty and adds to the self loathing that’s already there thanks to depression. You don’t tell someone who has diabetes “you have no reason to have diabetes” and you don’t tell someone who has asthma “why do you have asthma? Just breathe normally”. So we don’t need people telling us that we have nothing to be depressed about because we realize that and it makes us feel like shit already.

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Hi!! So I'm new to this anti-cap community, and I'm seeing a lot of posts about enrichment for killer whales and I'm wondering if you could just tell me what that means?? Thanks a ton xoxo

Hey :) no problem!
Enrichment for a captive animal is basically just something to stimulate their mind and/or body.
Good enrichment encourages natural behaviors that the animal would perform in the wild. For example, a zookeeper might hang toys filled with treats and grass in a tree to encourage an elephant to forage in the trees for food. Captive apes usually have jungle gyms and ropes to encourage swinging/climbing.
Enrichment is a really important part of a captive animal’s life, because it helps keep them healthy.

Unfortunately, what SeaWorld and other marine parks call “enrichment” is pretty pitiful. The whales are given toys like balls and plastic barrels, and sprayed down with hoses. Sometimes trainers draw shapes on the glass with shaving cream for the whales to look at.
I’m sure the trainers mean well, but….Not only do these things not encourage any kind of natural behaviors, but the whales also get bored of the toys quickly because they are very intelligent animals and their minds need to be challenged on a daily basis. Especially since captive cetaceans live in empty tanks that don’t resemble a natural habitat whatsoever.

Rewatching G-revolution and realising how much of a jerk Tyson was being to his teammates. 

Yeah sure they were going to leave but no reason to be a dick about it! 

He called them all selfish. 

Plus Tyson took it way too hard. 

I mean if I was in Rei or Max, hell even Kai’s situation I would probably leave. 

Come on Tyson the first time you heard about the tournament you were all like I wonder who my partner will be. Will it be Max? Rei? Or even Kai? 

Yeah but what about the others that don’t get picked? You won’t them to sit on the sidelines watching you play something they all love just to stay as a team? 

Tyson you couldn’t stand not being picked for the match against the blitzkrieg boys, imagine that feeling but the whole world championship! 

Just sitting there watching. 

Every match. 

It would drive anyone mad (unless you’re Kenny) 

Where once again you will become world champion. 

Hell I mean everyone was crowding around you like you were a god or something in the firts episode, however you do remember V-force right? BOTH you and Max won the title. However it all you! 

…I think you’re the one who’s  being selfish Tyson. 

Mini Rant Over!  

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Umm...I was wondering what 'nezushi' was so I watched No.6 and now I'm very, very sad.


please forgive me for being the cause of this horrible pain you’re suffering from. i wish i could tell you it gets better. but i cannot. even if you write more than 200 fics. but i mean that’s not from personal experience or anything what who said that

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You aren't trying at all. You lasted half a fucking hour with the ask turned off, you blog constantly whilst you're AT SCHOOL and wonder why you're failing. If I was your Mom you'd have no internet, no cellphone, nothing until your grades picked up significantly. That's not being mean, it's good parenting, something your parent's are clearly lacking in.

wow so ur a regular hater . r u the one telling me to kill myself and get raped, too? bc if u are, or if u even associate urself with them, then ur opinion means nothing to me. and i am trying rlly hard omfg WHAT IS UR GOAL

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So I honestly just had the most terrible day and it's pushing me over the edge because I was already very sad before. But I don't know why your post that said I love you dear made me cry. I guess even if it wasn't really directed at me I still needed so see something like that. Thank you. Stay wonderful.

Aww that means a lot. I’m here if you need anything. 


Don’t Be Mad *Raphael Varane Imagine Tease*


“Babe, come on you can’t be mad at me” Raphael said getting on his knees

I stayed silent, “Y/N please just talk to me”

I just turned my head not looking at him.“So you don’t want to talk to me?”

He smirked walking into the bedroom. You know at first I had wondered what he was doing but then I remembered I was mad at him.

Just then he walked back in. The only thing was he wasn’t wearing anything.

And I mean anything.I thought my eyes were going to pop out, but I had to keep my ground I was mad at him.

“What? Don’t you have something to say to me Y/N?” He said as he stood in front of me

I turned my head to the side. He sat next to me, a chuckle coming out of his mouth. “You can’t stay mad forever”

“I can sure try” I muttered

He smiled, and scooted closer to me. Running his hands up and down my arm, I felt as he shifted and I could feel his dick touching my side

I moved,“Ah so I’m getting to you?” He said as he stood in front of me

He walked into the kitchen grabbing a box of cereal, and eating from it.“You want some?”

I threw my head back, and groaned going into the bedroom. I can’t stand this, this was why I hated being mad at him. I closed the door laying down under the covers.

I closed my eyes, and heard the door open. “Psst!You sleeping?” He asked

“Obviously, not” I said

I heard him chuckle and come in behind me. I had to hold in my breath as I felt his dick close to my butt and his hands travel & roam my sides.

I could feel my breathing, hitch as he whispered in my ear.“How about you stop being mad” As he licked my neck.

I turned and faced him,“No I’m still mad at you” I said

His stupid dork smile that I love was on his face, as he touching my legs that had no shelter from his attack.

I shivered under his touch, and he came closer. Kissing my lips, he brought his hands to remove the shirt I was wearing. He unclasped my bra, and managed to take off the rest of my clothes.

He moved us so he was on his back, and I was on top. Still kissing, he kissed down my my breast. He moved into me, and made me forget exactly why I was mad at him.

When we finished, I laid on top of him. “So are you still mad?” He asks


“Great, then I can do this all day long” He said kissing me

A noona fan called in, not telling who she was a fan of at first. As she described the member she likes, one of the things she mentioned was “his dad ran a bakery”. While the other members didn’t know who, Sehun was the only one who immediately looked at Jongin and knew who she was referring to (and that tiny smirk on his face as the other members wonder who bYE). x