i wonder if someone has made this post before

okay, so my heart has quite literally broken, and I know that sounds dramatic, but fuck. it’s been no secret that robin has got some awful comments in the past, and not even just about gotham/nygmobblepot but just aimed at the fact that he’s a gay man (married to another man) and it seems, from what he’s said here, that he receives hate of various kinds and it’s awful. thankfully he has the option to turn off comments on instagram because it means he can still continue to enjoy the platform and continue spreading love and positivity, and bringing awareness to important issues.

I will never, ever understand the kind of hate levelled at robin (or anyone else). they don’t deserve it in any capacity. robin has been nothing but nice and kind, and it’s crazy to me to think that people genuinely send him hate of any kind. 

we need to remember as well that robin doesn’t have the luxury of turning off twitter (yes he can block people, but that’s a one to one thing with no mass result) and I hope this shit stops, and most definitely doesn’t get worse on there. I don’t even know if robin bothers reading through tweets he’s been @ in anymore, perhaps it’s too much. I just don’t know.

either way he’s handled this really maturely, but also he’s clearly angry or upset even if he doesn’t say so (and he’s absolutely right to feel that way) and it breaks my heart because robin is nothing but inspiring and a wonderful person to look up to.

and if you’re someone who has ever sent robin any kind of hate, I don’t care how you justify it, quite frankly, fuck you.

edit/update: something which I wish I put before is that robin’s instagram post was made because of his political posts, however, the fact that he’s now also getting hate for those prompted me to make this post about him getting hate in general and how it’s wrong for him to get the kind of hate he does, at the level he does.

this post isn’t about one specific source of hate, but just the unnecessary hate/negativity being sent his way in general.

anonymous asked:

To your previous post... what about Camila ? Yes Lauren came out, but both parties have to be bi/lesbian or whatever to be in a relationship with another girl. And Camila acted less "gay" than Lauren. So what makes you so sure ? Just curious is all

Right. Ok well the thing with camila is actually the opposite. She acts more “gay” than lauren, she always has. You can see videos, whether its interviews or just random videos of the group. She also hasnt been as defensive as lauren.

You know, most of us always had a feeling that Lauren was gay, even after she denied it. And after all we were right. And its the same with Camila. You just cant hide what you are forever, especially when you’re in a crystal box.

And now lets talk about Camila’s eternal love. And you would only understand this if you’ve been following her on tumblr for all these years, or if you’ve taken the time to go through all the posts, but i mean ALL. Camila has been in love with ‘someone’ for 4 years. This love has made her the happiest girl in the world, but it also broke her, completely. But she’s still in love. She fell in love with this person SO hard that i would say 70% of her posts are about them. Happy and sad posts. And you can tell how much Camila still loves this person. But who could this person be? Austin Mawho? they dated for like two days, sure. Before and after Austin, there has been no boy around Camila, well at least as a boyfriend. So this makes you wonder who are those posts about? She hasnt been in a long and deep relationship, like ever. Or has she? with a bandmate, maybe? someone we’ve seen her shared so many moments with, someone shes looked at like shes the world.

I mean, who else could it be that person shes posted so many posts (and tweets too) about if its not Lauren? But back to what you said, about camila acting less gay. Theres a bunch of not so straight things that shes said and done. I dont really keep track or just dont remember rn, but heres a few things: “girls are magic”, “im lesbian for you baby”, lauren is her celebrity crush and wanted to kiss her under the mistletoe, likes to lick girls, kissed and smelled random female interviewers, once tweeted a link to a camren.. fic, she followed the author of a camren fic (apparently out of nowhere), when asked about dating or crushes, shes said it it could be a guy or a girl. Well thats a couple of things.

Camila just seems very comfortable and chill with the gay things lol and with being affectionate with girls. There are things that don’t necessarily need confirmation, thats camila and camren’s case, at least to me.

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I don't know if thats a weird question, but the sleep-deprived thing made me wonder, what the signs are like actually sleeping?

I did a post about sleeping positions once here. Here are a few other generalizations:

Aries- Doesn’t get worn out easily, might move around a lot when they sleep, might not cuddle before they go sleep but can find themselves cuddling with something or someone in the middle of the night.

Taurus- Has a tendency to oversleep (not just sleep in, can easily get too much sleep), is definitely a bed hog, is all about comfort when sleeping, and will probably sleep in the same position every night.

Gemini- Might be prone to talking in their sleep, doesn’t need a lot of sleep (none of the mutable signs do), is someone who can change up their sleeping position a lot, and could have short-term insomnia when they have a lot of stress or get bad dreams from stress.

Cancer- All the water signs can be associated with being night owls but when Cancer sleeps they are OUT, might be a snorer, dreams containing people they know in real life are common, and just needs a good blanket to sleep.

Leo- Snoring and talking in their sleep is common, might kick or punch in their sleep, can be a bed hog, and might actually drool or suck on their thumb.

Virgo- Doesn’t need a lot of sleep, can have a hard time falling asleep, needs to watch out for night terrors, and can be very particular of what they need to fall asleep.

Libra- Is associated with trippy dreams, wants a comfortable place to sleep, might want a nightlight or soothing music, and can actually look good or cute when sleeping.

Scorpio- Is practically nocturnal, needs to watch out for sleeping disorders, insomnia, and sleep walking. Sex dreams are going to happen frequently for these guys and always needs to wind down before going to sleep by reading or watching tv.

Sagittarius- Doesn’t require a lot of sleep, can move around a lot when they sleep, might have that “falling feeling” frequently right when they are about to go into slumber, likes their space, and can easily be woken up.

Capricorn- Nightmares are associated with Capricorn along with night terrors. When they don’t get a good nights sleep you can tell!

Aquarius- Can fall asleep anywhere yet has an association with insomnia and sleep walking, doesn’t need anything or anyone to cuddle with, and hates it when others wake them up. Let their alarm do the job.

Pisces- Doesn’t need a lot of sleep, is associated with having crazy dreams and plenty of sex dreams, is very prone to having a sleep disorder of any kind, might really like to sleep to soothing music or sounds, and loves to cuddle in their sleep.