i wonder if she remembers this night


Hey, Luke, it’s me. I know I’m not supposed to be calling, but I am not doing really great right now, and– I was just wondering, if, do you remember in The Way we Were, how Katie and Hubbell broke up because his friends were joking and laughing, and the president had just died, and she yelled at them and he was mad and he was going out to Hollywood, and, I mean, which she hated, and he broke up with her and she was really upset. And she called him and asked him if he would come over and sit with her because he was her best friend and she needed her best friend, and he did. And they talked all night, and they went out to Hollywood, which was a disaster, but it was good at first. With the boat, and uh, putting the books away. I’ve seen this movie a lot, so if you don’t remember the putting the books away scene, don’t feel stupid or anything. I was just sitting here thinking about it, because…

Miraculous Wedding Bells(Part 1)

Hello! This is a story that tells the shenanigans of our dear two dorks through the preparations for their wedding. All that while remembering they had been fake married for about five years and all the shenanigans that came with that. This is on the crack side, in case you didn’t realize it yet.

Marinette was positively floating that Sunday morning. Well, it wasn’t really morning, more like somewhere in the early stages of the afternoon. But given the prolonged night she had, it counted as the morning. Honestly, nothing could ruin the good mood she was in right now. Marinette started humming happily while spinning around the living room and towards the kitchen as if she was the prima ballerina at Palais Garnier. The attire certainly didn’t match, but she loved the shirt he was wearing nonetheless. It was loose and comfortable and…alright, the main reason she loved it was because it was Adrien’s and it smelled like him that mix of musk, citrus, and a faint leather. Marinette had her soft spots(that was most certainly not a pun…goddamit) and the smell of Adrien(along with the rest of Adrien’s whole being) was one of them.

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I see a little resemblance here...

You probably know about the theory that says that Ali has a twin, right? Well, so you probably remember this comparison:

Alison looking a little bit different on flashbacks from That Night. The twins theory says that these two girls are different people.

But I noticed something that kind of terrified me:


Since we’ve never seen Bethany grown up, we can’t actually know what she looked like. But I really see a resemblance here and it got me wondering. 

I learned in biology that twins are prone to be parents to twins too. So if Jessica and Mary are twins, they had a significant chance to give birth to twins too. What if Bethany and Alison are twins?

The show has given us many hints that Alison has a twin. What if, like in the books, one of them was kept in a mental institution (Bethany) and one day escaped?

Nine Years Later

Prompt for @impala-dreamer: “I loved you and you didn’t even care!”

Word Count: 1597

Beta: The oh so wonderful and talented @babypieandwhiskey! What would I do without her :)

Warnings: None… I think

A/N: The amazing @wehunt-monsters-whatthehell help me remember some things that I’m not going to say because I don’t want to ruin it :) Just know she’s awesome! 


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It’s late at night and you’ve turned all the lights off in your house for the night. You crawl into bed and blow out the candle on your bedside table. Your thinking about all the things you have to do tomorrow, as you begin dozing off, when you hear a knock at your door. You look at the clock and it reads 11:28, who the hell is at my door?

You grab the gun in your bedside table drawer and quietly walk down the stairs toward your door. You look through the peephole to see a tall dark, hooded figure on your porch. You rip the door open and point your gun directly at him.

“This is not a house to mess with. I suggest you turn around and go back to where you came from before I put a hole in your chest.”

The man takes off his hood and standing on your front porch, in the glow of the porch light, is Sam Winchester.

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Scratches n’ Scribbles (2)

@theresnosafeharbor4myships and I created another one for you guys! This one was her wonderful idea! We were trying to get this out before The Cell aired but my laptop said “lol nah”.  Anyway, we could all use some fluffy and super sweet stuff right now so here we go!

Daryl had left four days ago, and throughout her shifts of cooking and care-taking, in the few precious moments alone granted her each day, while she lie awake at night wondering if he remained unscathed, and in the dreams she sometimes remembered, she imagined him rolling in through the gate on his bike, hair wind-whipped and eyes searching frantically until they alit softly on her, heatedly caressing her from head to toe. 

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No More Dates

The moment he said those three words to her, things shifted between them.

Shifted in a way that no best friend wants.

I love you changed everything.

Y/N remembered watching Joe’s eyes, the nervousness swirling in them as he waited for her to respond, and she also remembered the broken look when she told him she didn’t feel the same way.

She did love him, but she wasn’t in love with him.

And so she had left that night, wondering if she had just lost her best friend.

The next morning though, Y/N called Joe, telling him that when he was ready, she would help him find a girlfriend. It was the least she could do, she was still his best friend, right?

He had been reluctant at first, but she told him that was fine, to talk to her when he was ready.

Two weeks later, he did.

And now, a few months after that, Y/N regretted the decision.

Joe had been on many a dates, although none had turned into anything serious. Yet.

At first, he had been picky, too picky, until she rolled her eyes and said no woman was ever going to be perfect, so stop expecting her to have everything he wanted.

That changed things, and Joe started to enjoy himself more on the dates, although none leading further then a second or third date.

It was exhausting.

Especially since he kept complaining to Y/N that she hadn’t found him a girlfriend yet.

Her protest had been that she was trying, but he wasn’t making it easy for her.

He simply shrugged and say she needed to try harder.

She threw a pillow at him.

They were in Joe’s bedroom, him getting ready for yet another date, Y/N sat on his bed, flipping through Tinder on his phone, trying to find some more potential matches.

“Does this look okay?” He asked, and she looked up at him, meeting his gaze through the mirror.

“Yes. And so did the other five shirts. Will you just pick one?! You’re supposed to be leaving soon!”

“I just want to look good.”

“Fine. Wear the red one, it makes your eyes pop.”

“Really?” Joe looked at her, over his shoulder instead of through the mirror.

“Yes, now go change.” Y/N rolled her eyes, tossing his phone towards the end of the bed. None of the girls stuck out to her, they weren’t good enough for him.

Laughing, Joe tugged the shirt he had on off, and she couldn’t help it as her eyes scanned the exposed skin, her breath catching slightly.

He was attractive, she admitted, but best friends found each other attractive all the time.

In no time Joe had finished getting ready and he stood in front of Y/N.


“She’s a lucky girl.” She told him, ignoring the way the words tasted bitter on her lips.

“Thanks. Honestly.”

“What are best friends for? Text me after it ends, or in the morning if it doesn’t end tonight.” She winked at him, laughing as he rolled his eyes.

“Lock up when you leave!” He called to her, heading for the door as he pocketed his wallet and phone.

“Will do!”

The emptiness that followed the front door closing was nothing, she told herself.

Except it was everything.

Y/N took her time leaving Joe’s flat that night, not knowing why she was reluctant to leave it. There was nothing here that wasn’t back at her own place.

And she had already stolen one of his hoodie’s, so she had the calming scent of him with her.

Not that she needed it.

When she did open her own front door, pulling the key from the lock, a feeling tugged at the pit of her stomach.

It felt wrong coming back her alone, while Joe was out on a date.

Shaking her head, Y/N went about grabbing a snack and her computer as she settled in for her night of movie watching.

During the third romantic comedy, it hit her.

And it left her gasping for air, it hit her so hard.

Only to be made worse when Joe text her the thumbs up emoji, their sign of saying that the night wasn’t finishing yet.

That made Y/N want to throw her phone across the room. Because it could have been her.

It was supposed to be her.

But she had messed up.

She didn’t sleep that night, tossing and turning, her her found revelation racing through her mind.

And at five in the morning, as the sun started to rise, she threw on some pants and shoes and walked out the door.

There was no point in lying in bed.

With headphones blasting music into her ears, Y/N started walking. Letting her feet carry her body while the music carried mind away. She needed to escape her thoughts.

Hours later, her phone buzzed with a text from Joe.

You up?

Laughing, she typed out a quick reply, falling into a nearby bench. Yup. Been up for a while.


Looking at her surroundings, she tried to figure out where she was first.

Give me…half an hour?


“It never takes you half an hour to get here. And that was actually forty five minutes.” Joe said as Y/N walked in the door.

“I wasn’t home.”

“Where were you?”

“Other side of London.” He stared at her for a moment, waiting for her to either continue or say it was a joke, but she shrugged, leaning against the counter.

“Why the hell were you on the other side of London?” He finally asked, stirring the scrambled eggs cooking in the pan.

“I just started walking, and that was where I ended up. How was your date?”

“Started walking? It’s only half eight in the morning!”

“Been up since five, although not sure I really slept. Your date, how was it?” Y/N asked again, reaching for a piece of bacon to nibble on.

“Are you alright?” Joe asked, and she could feel his eyes on her, but she didn’t look at him, instead watching the steam rise from the eggs.

“Fine. Stop avoiding the question.”

“My date was fine. Not sure if I’ll go on another one though.”

“Why? You’ve refused to go on more than two or three dates with any of the girls I’ve set you up with. What’s wrong with them?!”

“They aren’t you.” Joe replied simply, and this time Y/N did lift her eyes, only he wasn’t looking at her any more. He was looking down at the pan, lifting it off the heat as he turned it off, turning to grab plates.

“What does that mean?” She asked softly, fear and hope running through her veins.

“I know you said you don’t love me back, but I’m sorry. I keep comparing every single one to you.” He put the plates down on the counter, meeting her stare. “I can’t help it. I love you, Y/N. I can’t just get over it. But going on these dates seems to have made things easier for us, so I kept going on them. But they aren’t you, and they never are going to be. So there. That’s why I only do one or two dates with each other them.”



“I don’t want you going on any more dates.”

“But you were the one who wanted to help me find a girlfriend…”

“And I did. Until I realized something last night.” Y/N told him, moving around the counter. Joe watched with widening eyes as she moved closer. “I don’t want you to find a girlfriend with someone else.”

“Then who do you want me to be with?” He asked, and she smiled up at him, reaching up to grasp his shirt, pulling him towards her.

“Me.” She said, kissing him.

“You taste like bacon.” Joe laughed after they broke apart, and Y/N started to giggle as well, leaning into him.

“‘Sorry it took me so long.”

“I’m just glad you did, I was getting tired of letting girls down.” He explained, his arms moving around her.

“At least know all the good date spots.” She mumbled, yawning lightly.

“Hmm, true.” He ran his hand up and down her back. “Want to go to bed? Breakfast can wait.”

“You may have to carry me. I don’t think I slept last night.”

“And then you walked the length of London, you nutter.” Joe chuckled, “Time to go to sleep.”


“Y/N?” He asked, scooping her up as her arms moved around his neck, her face buried into his shoulder.

“I love you.”

“I love you, too.”


“It was Sunday night, June 4th 1972. I remember the date because I had just been to my first rock concert. I was fourteen and my two best friends and I saw the Rolling Stones. My mom thought it was dangerous for us to wait for the bus at night, so after the concert, she drove down the hill to pick us up and brought us back to The Crisis Clinic where we would be safe with her and Ted.  I was baffled by Ted’s refusal to meet my gaze. Ted got up to greet us, and I remember standing there with my friends as my mom introduced us. Someone mentioned that Stevie Wonder had opened for the Stones and Ted asked, “Do they still call him little Stevie Wonder?” He smiled, but he ducked his head and looked down. I was immediately aware that something was amiss… I just thought it was off that he would not look at me.” 

Bundy avoided looking at Leslie as his urges to kill were overpowering. He knew he could not risk harming the daughter of his friend, Anne Rule. Leslie and her friends even had long hair, parted in the middle which was a common characteristic amongst all of Bundy’s victims. 

Although Leslie was astonished by Bundy’s behaviour, she had no idea that he would soon become one of history’s most prolific serial killers. 

-Leslie Rule’s experience with Ted Bundy (daughter of Anne Rule) 


“What was it you said—it would take a river of blood to wash away all my wounds? I saw a video of you the other night. You appeared to be taking all your medicine at once. So I guess that helped. I’m glad.” She remembered him bent over the girl’s throat, balancing his knee on the edge of her chair, covering her body with his. A shudder went through her that wasn’t fear.
“I really said that?” he asked. “It sounds a bit mad.” (…)
She thought about the way he’d kissed her, with blood in her mouth and the sun rising behind her, and wondered if he wanted to kiss her again.

I read that sometimes
when someone receives a heart transplant,
the heart, on a cellular level,
still has memories of its first home.
People suddenly remember directions
to places they have never been.
They can suddenly play the piano.
One man dreamed of his donor’s death.
His body, now fluent in a new language.

And I wonder what my own body will remember
even after it has been asked to forget.
If when I die, if when my body is sectioned up,
half given to the dirt and half given a new purpose,

I wonder, if some stranger with my memories
will suddenly begin to jolt awake in the middle of the night.
Sitting up, her arm outstretched, somehow knowing
She is still reaching for your face.
A King Bows Only to His Queen

.:Imagine losing your virginity to Hux:.

Request for me because I’ve been wanting to write this for a long time so shut up.

Also: His first name in this is Brendol, so, I mean, just remember that before you start complaining to me. Thank you. Yeah, Hux is a little OOC. But guess what. I wanted this to be as fluffy as it could be ok. I’m such Hux trash it’s not acceptable.

Enjoy <3

All through the night of my coronation, my eyes and my mind kept drifting to my fiance, now turned Empress, Y/N. She looked beautiful. I wonder what I did to deserve such an amazing woman like herself. Someone like me, ruthless, cold, and distant. She believes in me. She believes that I can make the whole galaxy a better place. Little does she know, I’m doing it all for her.

The dress she was wearing clung onto her immaculately. The black fabric wrapped around her beautifully, she looked like a goddess. Her H/C looked amazing, showing off her beautiful E/C eyes. I could look into them for forever. The way she walked, hypnotizing. She could have any man she wanted. And she chose me, and I chose her.

After everyone had left, we walked hand in hand back to our shared quarters. I stroked her soft hand. I felt her wrap her arm around mine and lean her head into me. I kissed her on her head. It was just a soft one.

“I love you.” She whispered. “I’m so proud of you.” Y/N looked up at me, I could see tears in her eyes. I turned to her, “Why are you crying?”

“I’m just,” I wipe the tears off her face. She sniffs. “I’m so proud of you. You’re an emperor now, and I can’t believe that I’m engaged to the best.” I couldn’t help but smile as she said that, as selfish as it was. I look at her, and place a kiss on her lips. I could kiss her all day, if only she would let me. Y/N places her hand on the back of my neck. I pull back, breathing heavily. I press my forehead onto hers. We both smile.

I nod. “Come on. Let’s go.” Y/N nods, and we walk back together.

I enter the code to our room and step inside after Y/N. I lock the door behind us. I take off my gloves and watch Y/N. She takes off her dress and steps out of it. She goes over to the closet and hangs the dress up. She takes off her shoes and places them in the closet. Y/N grabs one of my black t-shirts and black sweats. She sits on the bed and puts the clothes on. I get changed as well. Wearing a black shirt and sweats as well. Y/N walks into the bathroom to clean the makeup off her face. I let out a deep breath and run my fingers through my hair, slightly pulling. To say that I was completely calm about me being Emperor was an understatement. I would not show it, but I am scared. I’m nervous as hell. I sit on the bed and wait for Y/N to return.

When she does, she sits by me and leans her head onto my shoulder. “You’re troubled.” She says. I nod.

“You’re right I am. I know what I have to do, but I don’t know if I am capable of doing it.” I reply.

Y/N places a hand on my face and turns me to look at her. “You are. I know you are. Bren, there is no doubt in my mind that you can do this. I love you. You will bring peace to the galaxy. I believe that.” I look down. I feel her place a kiss on my forehead. She lifts my head up and kisses me on my lips. I feel my eyes flutter close. I move my lips against hers, savoring her addictive taste. I slip my tongue from my mouth, asking permission to enter hers. Y/N allows it. Our kiss gets more heated and passionate, I place my hands underneath her thighs and have her straddle me. Immediately I could feel myself harden under her touch.

How little she does for me to be completely under her control, and lose myself. I feel herself grind lightly on me. My breath shudders, she felt so good on me. I knew she had little to no experience in this area, but I didn’t care. I just loved Y/N. The way she is, I wouldn’t change a thing. For her to trust me with herself like this, I don’t think I have ever felt more honored.

I pull back from her and stare deep into her E/C color eyes. “Y/N, we, we don’t have, to… We can stop. Don’t push yourself on my account.” I say quietly. She nods understandingly. “Brendol, you know I know my limits. It’s okay, I, I, I want this… I want… I want you…” Y/N looked at me. My eyes trailed down from her eyes to her lips, then to her neck, her collarbones, her breasts, then, back to her eyes again.

I quickly place my hands behind her neck and slam her lips against mine. We both moan into each other. I reach under her shirt to trace the skin there lightly. She responds by placing my hands on her hips and taking off her, well my, shirt off. I pull away and look at her. She was beautiful. I look into her eyes, silently asking for permission to caress her. She nods softly with a slight smirk on her face. I concentrate on the sight before me. I placed my left hand on her breast. She takes a sharp breath in and I pull my hand away. Y/N leans in and kisses me and places my hand back onto her soft skin. She bites my lip in between her teeth.

I quickly take my shirt off and Y/N grabs onto my arms. I slip my fingers under the waistband of the pants she wore and slid them off, continuing to kiss her. I rub my hands up and down her soft S/C skin. I caress the inside of her thigh, close to her fabric covered core. She moans in my mouth. I pull back, and lay her down, back to the bed. I place kisses along her jawline and neck. I move to her collarbone, I lightly graze my teeth over it. I suck. Hard. Y/N moves her hands to pull at my hair. I moan. I look to admire my work.

She’s now mine.

I continue to kiss down her chest. I suck on her breast, tweaking and licking her nipple with my tongue. Y/N arches towards me, a mewl leaving her swollen lips. “Bren.. Please…”

I shush her gently against her skin. I leave a trail of kisses from in between her breasts to her navel. I reached to her heat. Looking up, I ask permission. “Y/N. May I?” She nods. “Yes.” She says with a smile. I draw my eyes back. I kiss her hipbones, I latch my teeth onto the waistband of her underwear and drag it down her legs. When I reached her ankles, I threw them off to across the room. I settle myself back in between her legs. I close my eyes and let my tongue find its way to Y/N’s body. When it did, I licked her clit softly, slightly nibbling. I lick in between her folds, finally getting a taste. As soon as I did, I was addicted.

I lap my tongue over and over and over. Y/N rolls her hips against me, I moan into her. “Shit!” She moans. I place two fingers in my mouth, wetting them. I look up to her. “This will prep you, love.”

She nods. “Okay.” I run my pointer finger along her slit, and push in slowly, feeling her heat around me. I hear her moan. “Are you okay, Y/N?” I ask worriedly. She nods. I pump in and out of her. I hear Y/N curse and moan my name. My breath became heavy as I felt myself getting even more hard. I add my middle finger. Y/N grabs onto my hair tighter, pulling up. I let out a yelp. Her delicate fingers around my hair felt amazing. I kept them going in and out of her. Y/N bucks up against me. “Bren… darling, I-FUCK” I brought her to her first orgasm. I felt herself tremble around me, her legs shaking. Y/N was moaning coming down from her high. I quickly look into her eyes. “Are you alright?” I ask, was it too much for her? Am I too rough. The last thing I would want is to make her even a little bit uncomfortable. Y/N has allowed me to see her in such a precious way, the least I could do is make her comfortable.

“Yes. I’m fine, just… Keep going please.” She gave me a lust filled smile. I laugh and kiss her lips. She moans, she could probably taste herself on my lips. Y/N reaches down towards my pants, but I catch her hand in mine. “No, my queen. This is about you.” She nods. I felt the sudden need. I needed to be inside her. I need to feel her warmth around me. I just need her…

I quickly shove off my pants and boxers. Y/N sits up and leans her forehead against mine. “Take me, my Emperor.” She whispers. Something about her saying that fired something up inside me. I lay myself on top her, trying to do it in a protective manner. Yes, no one else was here, but, no one else can see her like this. Only me.

“Y/N, this might hurt at first. You tell me to stop at anytime and I will. I promise. If you are uncomfortable at all, tell me.” She nods. “I will. Thank you Brendol.” I give a soft smile. I position myself at her entrance and look deep into her eyes. I slowly push into her. I shudder at feeling her tightness around me. Y/N felt warm and it felt, it felt… Right. I push in further, and she lets out a small scream and screws her eyes shut.

I start to panic. “Y/N. Look at me please, we can stop. Please…” Y/N responds. “I’m fine, I promise. Just give me one second, please.” I wait patiently. I dare not take my eyes off her. “Move… Please, Bren.” I take a deep breath and lean my forehead on hers. I start to roll my hips gently. I pull out and back into her again. Y/N lets out a moan, but that only spurred me to go on. I wrapped my arms around her and had her straddle me once again. We looked deep into each others eyes.

I can’t describe the feeling I have. Having the one woman I love more than anything else in the world give me something so special. There was nothing else I wanted. Our bodies moved with each other, we fit so perfectly together. I could feel her leave scratches on my back, I paid no attention to it. I latched my mouth onto anywhere I could reach, desperate to mark her again. The both of us were nearing the end. My pace started to become sloppy, uncoordinated.

I leaned my head against the side of hers and whispered in her ear. “You’re taking me so well. You’re such a good girl Y/N. I love you so much.” I pause to steal a quick kiss from her lips. “Can you come for me, Y/N?”

I could feel myself coming to the edge. I focused on Y/N, trying to get her to come before me. I thrust into her two more times and I felt Y/N shatter around me. “Fuck! Bren… Oh my-Fuck!” I lost control after that. I scream her name as I feel myself empty into her. We cling onto each other for dear life, catching our breaths.

I leave her warm and comforting body and lay down on our bed, pulling her with me. I hold her close to me. The room smelled of sex and sweat. I kissed her hair. “I love you, Y/N. More than I could ever say.” I felt tears start to well up in my eyes. Y/N looks up at me. “Stop, don’t cry.” She places her hand on my cheek and I lean into her comforting hand. “I just wish I could do more for you. You deserve the whole galaxy and yet I-”

“Sssh. My love, you owe me nothing but your love. You are the most amazing man I have ever met. And I cannot thank you enough for it.” Y/N smiles at me. I smile back. I pull her close and stroke her skin in a soothing way, luring us both to sleep.

How lucky we are to have each other.

Clenched Fists: The Plateau - Chapter 6

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It’s been a little while, sorry about that. I was in a  rut that I need to come out of before I could write. These chapters are really just leading up to Percie running away so bear with and hopefully they don’t feel like fillers.

Warnings: Hal (he has his own warning now since I hate him so much).

Words: 1490

remember my ask box is always open if you wanna request or ask me something. Enjoy!

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sassyhazelowl  asked:

How about Erza from Fairy Tail + Workplace (Boss) for the theme? Remember less is more in drabbles haha!

Erza waits tables! Sort of.  Well, it’s under 900 words this time. 😅  I was having too much fun to stop.  I hope you enjoy it!  😁  ff.net link HERE 

☕️  Coffee and Cupcakes  🍓

Lucy was having a bad day. Her cozy little café was bustling—which was great—but her two employees, Natsu and Gray had gotten into a bar brawl the night before and were home with broken hands and assorted contusions and lacerations. To begin with, she’d been concerned and wondered how they could have gotten so badly hurt, but now she didn’t care and had mentally rechristened them “Idiot One” and “Idiot Two”.

To make things worse, her friend Erza was coming to stay for a few days, and they’d arranged for Erza to come by the café for lunch and to pick up the key for Lucy’s place. Since Erza loved Lucy’s strawberry cupcakes, that just meant baking extra cupcakes—not a problem unless you suddenly had no wait staff or counter staff and no extra pair of hands to make coffee or run the dishwasher.

Lucy somehow survived the morning rush, but when Erza arrived—early as usual—she found her friend sitting at one of the tables with a coffee pot in one hand and a giant mug in the other, looking beyond frazzled. Two customers walked in behind Erza and Lucy groaned.

“Lucy! What on earth is going on here?” demanded Erza, surveying the detritus strewn café.

“Idiots One and Two are out of commission and the students all started back to school last week,” Lucy replied grimly. “Also, hi Erza, welcome to independent business hell.”

Rightly interpreting the reference to Gray and Natsu, Erza immediately became all business. Without bothering to ask any further questions, she went to Lucy’s small office, dropped off her purse, grabbed Gray’s black apron from the kitchen and hurried back to the exhausted blonde.

“Erza Scarlet reporting for duty, ma'am. Shall I bus tables or take orders first?”

Lucy looked up at her with unfeigned relief. “You’ll help? Yes of course you will! Thanks Erza!” She took a deep breath. “Right! Take orders, please. It’s probably faster for me to clear tables and get food and coffee ready, right?”

“Right boss!”

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Last week I went on a road trip halfway across the country to see my long distance girlfriend for the first time, and it might have been the best week of my life. The first night there I drove to her house at 2 in the morning literally shaking with excitement. I remember seeing her standing in the driveway wearing the same jacket I’d seen in skype calls a hundred times, opening the window and asking her if my parking was okay when all I wanted to do was get out of the car and hug her as tight as I could. I was frantic and buzzing with excitement. She smelled just like the blanket she sent me by mail months ago.

We spent so much time that night just holding each other close and murmuring “It’s you………it’s really you……….”

The entire trip was absolutely wonderful, but I think I’m going to remember that first night for the rest of my life.

Losing respek for niggas left and right

Man just the other day i was in class with homeboy talkin bout nothing.

Him: “Oh , you know they’re making a new wonder woman movie with..” *idr who*

Me: *remembering that glorious edit of Serena Williams in that Wonder Woman costume* “Eh I’d love if Serena were Wonder Woman”

Him: “Serena?..”

The look on his face already made me want to gag.

Me: “Yeah… Serena Williams.. Tennis pla-”

Him: “Serena’s too black to be Wonder Woman.”

Me: looking home boy dead in this face thinking bout how he “The Darkest Night of All the Land” would have any audacity to comment on skin tone shades… I’m in awe.
The disbelief sways me.

Me: “Too black?”

Him: “Yea , like she’s too black.. Wonder Woman is from the Amazon.”

I almost drop the topic because this guy is really smart. Like I usually aim to be best in class and dude is always the only thing close to a challenge. And i don’t even know anything about the Wonder Woman Comics because he starts talking about the way it’s written.. but then…?!

Me: “So you’re telling me Hollywood hasn’t changed anything from how things are written in books when they produce the movie ?”

Him: “Not when it’s made to be that way.. like Wonder Woman’s charact-”

Me: “So you mean white people aren’t out here playing Egyptians.. and Scarlett Johansen wasn’t just the whole lead role in a movie about a book that was centered strictly around Asian culture?”
*every image reference clouding my mind of every time the character placement was off*

Me: *remembering he used “she’s from the amazon as a rebuttal* –"And i know you’re not going to sit here and tell me she’s from the amazon .. like black people wouldn’t exist in the amazon when you know black people exist in pretty much every part of land you can think of despite what media will fool you into thinking.”

Him: “The Amazon isn’t real–”

Me: “Oh.. so now you’re telling me Serena Williams is too black to play a fictional character from a place that isn’t real???”

Him: *talking about how its written in the comic or w.e*

Me: *thinking about how Serena is and can be all those things* Ok?

Him: *realizing he fucked up* “You know what _ never mind.. you’re annoying.”

Me: *is annoyed*

This the same dude that’s always projecting to be so pro-black. I thought we were on the same team. I was rooting for you!

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Hi! When did Nas met Cade? For my understanding she didn't know him or even seen his face before. The last time he was around, Nas wasn't even with the team yet. She only knew about him for what the team told her the day they got Jane back. So, the fact that she was the first one who recognized/said his name b4 Jane and Kurt did in last night episode has me wondering. Unless, I missed something.

that'’s a good point. you are right, Nas had not met Cade before as far as we know. But the team does have that big chart of Sandstorm operatives and I believe Cade’s pic could have been on there. Remember when he was after them last year and he was just running around the city, it would have been easy for them to grab a street camera or security footage image of him and kept it on file.

Even if they didn’t have an actual photo, they definitely have a sketch artist drawing of him and since they all more or less met him, it could be accurate.

Or it could just be a continuity error in the writing ;)

I wonder what it would’ve been like from moms’ points of view. Watching your baby fall madly in love with a boy - the look in her eyes, the way she smiled whenever she got a message from him, the sheer happiness radiating from her in all directions. Hearing snippets of late night calls, and shyly whispered ‘I love you’s. Walking into her bedroom one day to see photos of them decorating the walls. Remnants of clumsily made birthday cakes and cookies in the kitchen. Perhaps she had smiled wistfully, remembering nostalgic times of her own. Perhaps she had had a good laugh about it over a glass of wine with her husband.
I wonder if she had also known what would happen afterwards, when the boy eventually stopped loving the girl. I wonder if she would’ve expected the thousands of tears shed behind locked bedroom doors, the endless nights spent on going back over past conversations and looking at photos of them. I wonder if she would’ve expected the pain her daughter would’ve had to go through as her heart was broken for the very first time. And I wonder how she would’ve felt as she saw her daughter mature from the childish beliefs that love really could last forever and ever.

what makes someone real? when i kissed her we both knew it was only for the night. a cut that would heal in the morning. a bruise to flinch about. when she kissed me we both knew it was because we are young and scared of heights. but it was real, wasn’t it? even if it was just for a second. or was it? did you mean what you said when you were too drunk to remember it or were you just playing around because you wanted to pretend. every time i think about us i wonder exactly what we’re supposed to be. was i a game to you. a replacement piece. something to hold you together until you could leave.

The Signs as I Hate You I Love You lyrics

Aries- I hate you, I love you, I hate that I love you

Taurus - You want her, you need her, and i’ll never be her. 

Gemini - How is it you never notice, that you are slowly killing me. 

Cancer - I know that I control my thoughts so I should stop reminiscing 

Leo - Still got sand in my sweaters from nights we don’t remember. 

Virgo- I miss you when I can’t sleep, or right after coffee, or right when I can’t eat

Libra - You ever wonder what we could have been? 

Scorpio - All alone I watch you watch her like she’s the only girl you’ve ever seen

Sagittarius - Wedding bells were just alarms, caution tape around my heart. 

Capricorn - If I were you I would never let me go

Aquarius - If I pulled a you on you, you wouldn’t like that sh*^.

Pisces - If you wanted me you would just say so. 

I’ve been re-watching Gargoyles because I used to watch it all the time as a kid but I didn’t remember anything about it except that there were gargoyles that were stone during the day and came alive at night. I’m into season 2 now and I can’t help but wonder why more people aren’t talking about the main human character. 

In case you’re not familiar with the show or have forgotten, meet Elisa Maza, New York police officer. Not only is she a good person (she shows again and again that she is dedicated to upholding the law and doing what is just and fair for all involved) but she’s also pretty badass. 

She doesn’t always have the brute strength to beat her enemies in hand-to-hand combat (though she can put up quite a fight) but she makes up for it tenfold with her sharp wit. She’s very good at using her surroundings to her advantage, tracking down criminals, and figuring out the plans of the various villains and magical creatures she and her gargoyle friends encounter.

She also survived a near-fatal gunshot wound (I won’t say who shot her, in case anyone wants to go back and watch the series) and was itching to get back on the job very soon after.

Some of you may have already picked this up but Elisa, in addition to being a badass, is a mixed-race woman of color. This is most of her family (her mother, father, and brother):

Her mother is African American and her father is Native American. Elisa, her brother Derek, and her sister Beth interact with the parts of their heritage on different levels so the show also explores, to an extent, what life is like for the kids in a multi-racial, mutli-cultural family.

I think it’s kind of sad that she doesn’t get more attention, especially here on tumblr where I’m constantly seeing posts asking for portrayals of strong women of color. Why aren’t we talking about Elisa Maza?