i wonder if people will take this seriously

Haikyuu!! Chapter 247: Day 02

I really like the cover for this chapter. It’s a good choice by putting both Kenma and Hinata together. The rivalry between Karasuno and Nekoma are truly important for all of them. Ukai pretty much gets it. (While I cannot help laughing at the snickering Kuroo and stink-eyed Daichi, these two captains probably takes the whole rivalry more seriously than the rest)

It is what motivate them to keep going and aiming for the previously impossible dream. I believe that’s not going to change anytime soon with Karasuno facing their greatest hurdle yet.

Inarizaki High School. Previous runner up of the Inter High and Miya Atsumu’s school. Honestly, the way Ukai describes the team really gives us the sense of how formidable this team is. I wonder what kind of strategy Ukai comes up with. But I cannot help be amused by certain people’s reactions.

Kageyama and his matter of fact explanations and obliviousness to the reaction to his words.

The Idiot Duo™ simplistic and optimistic approach (feat. unimpressed Tsukki, that’s one hell of side-eye).

And surprise, surprise, there are two Miyas!

Are that different hair color and parting line intentional I wonder? What’s up with the twins in sports? Daiya has twins as a battery pair too.

While all of those are interesting, the highlight of this chapter for me is the Ukais. I’ve been wanting to see more of these two. I wonder what the old, experienced coach of a grandfather thinks of his unexpected coach of a grandson, who manages to get to the Nationals in his first year as a coach. Now that put it down in words, Ukai is as surprising as his players. The old Ukai even points out how bad he is as a player, but at the same time he notes how good he is as a coach.

While he’s still rough at the edges, Ukai’s really getting the handle of this coaching thing. He can stand his ground as seen from the above panel. He quickly picks up that Takeda is gonna get steamrolled and immediately intervenes. He is likely the youngest and the least experienced coach around, but here he’s asking an experienced coach to help with their warm-up instead. He’s as gutsy as his players, honestly.

What also catches my attention is the championship bracket.

There should be 6 rounds in total CMIIW, and Karasuno will meet Nekoma in third round and Itachiyama in sixth round or in the finals.

Somehow… I doubt Karasuno will get that far. I’m not being pessimistic, I’m just being realistic. The first round against Tsubakihara has pretty much established how high the level of skill of the high school teams in the nationals. While Karasuno managed to win straight two sets, it doesn’t change the fact that they’re still scraping by (I’d say the same for Nekoma, too). They have the potential of growth, and they have grown through the matches against strong opponents, but there’s so much growing you can do during matches or even a championship. Then there’s that edge gained from sheer stubbornness and persistence usually in form of momentum or luck.

The third round match against Nekoma will be the most difficult match for Karasuno because of what it means for both Karasuno and Nekoma. The fulfillment of a promise, the long-awaited match, the settlement of the score, and the appeasing of the old coaches. There’s so much riding on a single match that I don’t doubt that both teams will give their all, throw their heart and soul into that game. They are not likely to think to play it safe, and to think of long term. They will push themselves to the limit. Whoever ends up winning the battle of trash heap, they will be completely drained. They will struggle to pick themselves up, not only mentally but physically. If they manage to do so in the fourth round, there’s a chance they can forge ahead, but winning the championship? Well….

That’s just a thought really. I trust Terajima-sensei to have everything planned, and so far Sensei hasn’t led us (or probably just me) astray. So I’ll just enjoy the ride. I wonder how good the second strongest team in Japan is.

@zzkatierosezz replied to your photo “i left a somewhat salty comment on Duff’s page today and this…”

I was reading these comments earlier and wondering what her problem was!

where do i start? ive had four people dm me here talking about how this person does this all the time, to everyone! and i read all her other comments (she replied to everyone that didn’t 100% agree with her opinion, even the ones that agreed 98% she came for that 2%), and she goes on and on about how other people don’t realize that IT’S JUST A SHOW! ITS FICTIONAL! LET IT GO! …… she spent the whole day telling other people that they were taking a tv show too seriously…… do ya see the irony

meanwhile im just having some good old fashioned benevolent trolling, didn’t get mad, didn’t insult her, wasn’t rude to anyone. never once acknowledged what she had to say.. four word sentences,,, stupid silly screencaps of jack nicholsons face…. and every time she replied i could just imagine her with that angry pulsing vein on her neck like…. this is the perfect example of everything thats wrong with the Major Crimes fandom (and every other fandom tbh), its not the Rusty discourse its this sort of people who CANNOT tolerate the fact that someone else might have some genuine criticism over their favorite show

stg facebook truly is a hellish place

So… Hanzo attacks Shimada castle annually to honor Genji. After the first couple of times the guys there must have just come to accept the fact that they’re gonna get a guaranteed ass kicking once a year.

Seriously, I could see it turn into a tradition of sorts:

-Some people purposefully try to get that day off.

-Others make sure they’re there.

-I wonder if they take bets on how long they can last.

-Maybe it even becomes a badge of honor. You’re not fully in the gang until you get you shit rocked by Hanzo.

-But there are some that believe that they can win.

This guy has tried for five years straight. He hasn’t succeeded. He is hurting.

Sunshine of Each Girl Group
  • SNSD: All of them
  • SISTAR: All of them
  • GFriend: All of them
  • Twice: All of them
  • MAMAMOO: All of them
  • Cosmic Girls: All of them
  • Oh My Girl: All of them
  • Wonder Girls: All of them
  • AoA: All of them
  • BLACKPINK: All of them
  • f(x): All of them
  • EXID: All of them
  • Girl's Day: All of them
  • Red Velvet: All of them
  • Stellar: All of them
  • Conclusion: All girls are sunshines.

this website. i swear to the good lord above

stop acting like girls are flawless and perfect and can do no harm just because they happen to be girls. stop it. this helps no one and creates a false image of purity that makes people less likely to take violence committed by women seriously.

women can be dangerous and violent too. women can be mean. women can be offensive and say things that hurt people. women can also be kind and funny, and women can be good lovers and good friends.

women are people. not ethereal beings. stop acting otherwise

on another note stop acting like boys are gross and ugly and are all the same khaki-shorts-and-polo-shirts vanilla shortbread frat boys, some boys are mentally ill and some are gay and some are black and latino and asian, boys are just as diverse and just as much people worth loving as girls are.

I mean, I can remember — when you’re a smart kid, or you’re just a very sensitive kid, and you have a lot that you need to say that’s very important to you, people don’t really take you seriously — I can remember being so frustrated, just constantly to the point of tears. I think the thing that I said most in my life for the first ten years was ‘Just listen to me. Listen.’ And even when I say that now, I always have a little flashback from those years, because I had so much trouble being taken seriously. I can remember people saying, ‘You’re twelve, Fiona,’ and just disregarding everything I had to say. All of my very deep, intense, serious worries and fears and wonders were just kind of disregarded because I was a kid and I was crazy and I was weird.
—  Fiona Apple
I’m Applying Screen Protectors to Everything Everywhere


Quills are not styluses! Seriously people, how hard of a concept is it? I’m sure you’re all thinking that they could technically be used as a stylus , which is all well and good, except when the Charms Professor barges into my office with ink covering the screen of his tablet wondering why he can’t access Youtube.

It’s like trying to teach toddlers. I swear I’m going to put on a puppet show teaching pureblood Witches and Wizards how to properly NOT ruin their devices…

Alright I take it back, the thought of a puppet show taking place in Hogwarts is a bit too outlandish for me. It’d never catch on.

T’Pring has been told that the selfie is an important ritual of human culture and she is taking it V. SERIOUSLY. ♥♥my wonderful ladies♥♥ (inktober 18)

So I went and saw Rogue One again. God is it such a great movie. I’m an emotional mess and will probably never recover. 

Seriously though, I wonder if people take away from the movie the same thing as I did, because both times I’ve seen it, the people I went with just saw it as a ‘cool star wars movie’. And while it is that, i feel like it has the potential to transcend that genre. It was a war movie, that’s how they marketed it, but it wasn’t just another war movie either. As a student of Conflict Studies and Human Rights this hit home. Quotes like ‘rebellions are built on hope’ and concepts such as ‘you don’t get to decide when you want to start to care about a cause’, are so important and relevant to the world today. Jyn’s character development, from someone basically saying if the Empire doesn’t effect me then I don’t care, to some one who fights and dies for the rebel cause is amazing. When she gives her speech to the Alliance council she speaks of not standing by and letting terror and evilness consume us and let us back down from a fight that isn’t just about the individual. Dying for the mere hope that their actions could save the rebellion is a message that inspires me. It inspires me to work hard in a world full of adversity. In a world that continues to beat people down and take everything they have. An evil that seems too powerful to ever overturn. 

It reminds me that even the smallest of actions can provide hope for a better future, and while some may see your actions as futile, every individual has an impact on the outcome in the fight for good. You have a choice to either keep your head down or take that chance; take that small hope and make ten men feel like a hundred. 

ex-psychologist buddies

so many Bat-villains worked in psychology. I wonder if Gotham City University just had to start putting a disclaimer on their course: “Warning: taking this class increases your chance of being a super villain by at least 30%” 

Stop blaming Ron for leaving; there was a greater and more complex plot in there!!!

I have been wondering about this for ages. I mean seriously, was there less (unreasonable)Ron bashing in the internet for JKR to have provided fodder for the bad-mouthers, really? Was he really so very insecure that he could not take the life of a runaway as easily as Harry or Hermione did? Was Ron really weaker than the two?

Being an ardent Ron lover, I absolutely refuse to believe any of those and the hundred other foul things people spew about him. But there had to be a justification, right? After all, JKR has literally filled the books with secret clues that still keep cropping up. So was there something that was missing, an underlying clue, a hint perhaps?

Being an author really makes you think of a variety of scenarios, and while I understood that to break the monotony of three teenagers out on the run and completely cut-off from the world, something huge was needed– there seemed to be more to it. 

Look at it this way, the taboo on Voldemort’s name had to be introduced(although Ron had guessed it way earlier), the radio had to be brought into the scene, extra wands were required because Harry’s faithful wand needed to be broken for him to get more curious about the Elder Wand if nothing else.

And one of the three had to go out into the world and come back. Neither Harry nor Hermione had a place they could go to- it left only Ron to help their creator with the plot lines of the story, not to forget, dooming him to years of bashing for that act.

But that is not all. There is a reason and a pattern- a pattern that links each and every Horcrux with the one destined to destroy it.

The story always maintained that Horcruxes were the most evil of all evil objects. And seen with Tom Riddle’s Diary, the soul inside a Horcrux has the power to think, decide and execute plans by clever manipulations. And, by every means, it tries to save itself. How else can one explain why the piece of soul inside the diary suddenly changed its goal from killing Muggleborns to targeting Harry specifically?

My theory is that each Horcrux pulled the person who posed the greatest threat to its existence and tried to kill or dangerously maim him(or her).

Sounds far fetched? Read on for the pointers that support the idea. 

  1.  First Tom Riddle’s Diary- destroyed by Harry- Effects Ginny the most who is going to be Harry’s better half. The 16-year-old Tom Riddles accepts that he was targeting Harry through Ginny. Strange isn’t it? Salazar Slytherin is so adamant about ridding the school of muggleborns that he creates a monster to get his dream fulfilled, Voldemort leaves behind his sixteen-year-old self to finish his noble ancestor’s dream and the soul simply changes the centuries old plan? No, it guides Harry to, what it hoped, was Harry’s death. Because Harry posed the greatest threat to its existence. And it would have been successful if not for Fawkes.  
  2. Marvolo Gaunt’s Ring- destroyed by Dumbledore- Voldemort places the Horcrux with the one Hallow, the Resurrection Stone, that appeals the most to Dumbledore. Had it been the locket that Dumbledore found in the Gaunt house, it would not have endangered his life or affected him like that at all. He would not have been poisoned and would have lived. Dumbledore tries but fails to retrieve any other Horcrux except the one he was destined to destroy, except the one that had the capacity to lure him to his death.
  3. Slytherin’s Locket- destroyed by Ron- Here comes the main part. Although all the three wear it, it affects Ron the most, drives his insecurities to such heights that he leave the hunt, abandons his friends. That in itself is a pointer of what the Locket was doing to him. Ron was the one who was the rock solid backbone of the trio, the Locket makes him behave like someone else altogether. Will it be too far fetched to assume that the locket knew that Ron was the one who had the power to finish it and so tortured him the most to send him away? What if sending Ron away and breaking him from the trio was the sole target of the Locket? From the moment they possess it, Ron’s problems begin, he gets splinched and we know from the book that it was bad. And when they finally get the weapon to finish it, Harry is unable to retrieve the sword. I think, Harry was not destined to finish the locket at all. Otherwise, how was it that Snape found out about their location, not during those five weeks when Ron was away, but precisely after Ron had returned?
  4. Hufflepuff’s cup- destroyed by Hermione- All the clues are right in front of us. Where was it hidden? In Bellatrix’s vault, the one witch who tortured Hermione and almost got her killed. She chose not Harry neither Ron but Hermione. Still a coincidence?
  5. Nagini- destroyed by Neville (okay this one is a little symbolic but still ) - Neville’s greatest fear was Snape, the Head of the House of Snakes(Slytherin). He literally gets most of his injuries the year Snape is the Headmaster, the year the school is under a snake (Voldemort).
  6. Ravenclaw's Diadem- destroyed by Crabbe(Malfoy n Goyle)- They had been literally outside this very room the whole of their sixth year. This room gets the Death Eaters into the school and sets the ball rolling. During the Battle of Hogwarts, they confront Harry here, although it could have been any place in the castle or the grounds. It could have happened when Harry was alone, but no. They wait till he enters the room where the Horcrux is hidden?  It is as if the Diadem literally pulls Crabbe to a place where he meets his death.
  7. And last but not the least- part inside Harry- destroyed by Voldemort- No questions here that Harry was the biggest trouble Voldemort ever had. Had he not been so paranoid about finishing Harry he might have actually lived because no one would find out about his Horcruxes in the first place! Harry is literally like a magnet pulling Voldemort to himself. In all the years since his first defeat, Voldemort manages to find a supporter in Quirrell but as his rotten luck would have it, it's the time Harry starts school. Had it been before, he might have actually managed to get a hand on the stone. The part inside Harry was literally pulling him to itself to finish him.

Ron does not leave because he is weak, he leaves because that is how the Horcrux can hurt him most, taking him away from his best friend, away from the girl he loves.

I was wondering why Overwatch skipped Valentines day, but then I realized...

When you look at the runaway train that is the Voltron fandom right now

When you look at everything SU shippers have done in the past, including but not limited to: driving some people to try and take their own lives and chasing some of the artists of the show off tumblr on the grounds of ‘queerbaiting’

When you look at how seriously this damn website takes the relationships of two fictional characters and the lengths they will go to to justify their own view and shut down others, even if it’s the very creators of the content they love

Is it any fucking wonder why Blizzard took one look at Valentines Day and said 'Yeah, we’re skipping that’

“You’d better remember who’s in charge, ‘cause it’s not you.”

“If you think I’m letting you walk out of here alive, think again.”

"There’s something reassuring about having you on my side. It might have something to do with how much you scare me sometimes. Might.”

“Get ready for the fight of your life, because this is far from over.”

“You let me walk around with this on my forehead? You’re so cruel! Do you know how many people I’ve talked to today? No wonder no one was taking me seriously.”

“Look, I didn’t know the house was haunted when I moved into it. No one ever thinks to mention that to their potential buyers.”

Requirements for Kishimoto to make a pairing canon, after 699 chapters:

- Literally nothing
- You don’t need to have ever met
- You don’t need to have ever had a conversation
- You don’t need to have an established connection
- You need LITERALLY nothing

The “canon” argument is horrifically weak. If you can’t prove a pairing makes sense, using 699 chapters, it’s meaningless. If you ever wonder why people don’t take you seriously, remember this post.

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so I was just curious on what the mods think about the "are you assuming my gender" jokes (made by some cis people). I'm questioning my own gender right now and idk those kind of jokes kinda make me feel bad™, but I can't tell if maybe I'm just overreacting and taking things too seriously. I was just wondering what you thought. thanks!

Those jokes are disgusting and transphobic

I just went on to check my queue and did a literal double take! 3,000 followers?! That’s insane! I remember when I had just started out seeing a Simblr with 3000 followers and I just couldn’t comprehend it! I can’t believe there’s that many people following my silly little sims story, but seriously, from the bottom of my heart, thank you! Being on tumblr and following everyone’s wonderful stories is a highlight of my day, and it’s just a bonus that any of you follow me back! In the two years I’ve been here I’ve chatted with and made friends with just some of the amazing people in our little corner of the internet! So thank you all! (Going to stop here before I get super soppy!) ❤

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Today, I fucked up... by inquiring to Apple about iButt

This happened just now,

A long time ago I installed my Cloud To Butt Chrome extension, which replaces the word cloud with butt, and I totally forgot about it.

I’ve been on the look out for a second hand iPhone for the past few days, and was wondering why so many people were talking about the new iButt storage feature. Every time I asked about it on Trademe they were rather confused and sometimes thought I was just fucking with them. Eventually I got sick of it after finding nothing about this iButt online and decided to contact Apple.

The help desk didn’t take me seriously at all and of course every time they asked if I meant iCloud all I saw was iButt, confusing me even more. I left the heated discussion with the poor lady when it suddenly dawned on my how much of an idiot I am.

Check out more TIFUs: Internet`s best fuck ups are here.

didn’t have much time to work on a big piece for the game i love so much. just take a drawing of the best family♥

i didn’t think a spiritual sequel to the game that i loved so dearly would be just as good, if not better. combat, music, the sprawling continents, the people who inhabit mira.. even now i seriously can’t decide which xenoblade i love more…

on top of that, this has been the best community i’ve ever been a part of. i made friends, laughed, and fought hard when the nemeses came.. if the time ever comes, we’ll all be fantastic BLADEs ourselves. i just know it.

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Ive been wondering what would happen if Tony got de-aged. Not to a child but like mid 20s when he was all cute and pink lips. Because in a lot of the stony and other stories he is self conscious about his age. So if someone say loki came and said heres a wedding present your 25 again, would he be overjoyed or awkward because he has such a baby face?

In my professional opinion (which should’t be taken seriously at all. #notrecommended), I’d say he’d be a little of both, or he might hate it in general. People won’t take him as serious if he has a baby face, or he already went through puberty once he doesn’t want to do it again. 

Could be he really enjoys being young again, at least at first. Might be the awkwardness overtaking the joy eventually. Maybe he’ll be downright giddy about being 25 again in the beginning, feeling the youth and the smooth baby face and even experiment with his flexibility and marathon his youthful libido with Steve. Then as the days go by the awkwardness and insecurities start seeping in. Could be the small things that make him realize those insecurities of his old age are actually founded and he was right to be so self-conscious about the age gap he has with Steve. Someone points out the two make a very handsome ‘young’ couple. Someone doesn’t realize young!Tony is still Tony and without thinking they comment to Steve about ‘finally dating someone his age.’ Someone saying Tony couldn’t keep Steve interested anymore so he went out and got rhinoplasty as a last attempt to keep Steve around and it worked. 

And not even when dating is involved. Just in general someone pointing out the cons of being an old age and how great being young again is for Tony. 

Tony would probably love being 25 again, though it’d take a while to get used to his baby face again. But when everyone starts making it shallow and proving Tony’s insecurities right then it starts all going downhill from there. 

Being young again could be a very good thing and also very bad for Tony.