i wonder if people even pay attention to the shits i post

anonymous asked:

I'm sorry to see all the shit you're getting, Nadia. I wanted to let you know that the only reason people find the nerve to go on anon and send you those rude AF asks is that they're attention starved shits that feel the need to send messages like that just to get reactions. Don't think that it's anything that reflects personally on you as a person or an artist - I bet those people haven't even bothered to get to know you. They're just finding a wildly popular (rightfully so, since your art is

I hate conflict tbh… And I swear I wasn’t going to address the hate but I got some more rude messages in my inbox, and I just wanted to make some things clear (plus I needed to rant at that time ;o;). But I swear that’ll be it. I’m not gonna pay attention to the rest! 

I was really wary to draw and post anything ota//yuri knowing how awful some people are once they dub something as “”””problematic””””, but you guys gave me so much support, it’s honestly overwhelming (in a good way, ofc :’D ). And the love and support outnumbers the hate easily, and it’s easy to just keep drawing because of that, SO THANK YOU <33 

And thank you so so much for taking the time to write all this ;^; I mentioned before but I had a pretty bad week and it helps to know that there are supportive people like you out there <333