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Namjoon Scenario: Failed Attempt.

Request: i would like to request a scenario of namjoon helping his girlfriend study for a big test but they keep getting distracted.

Genre: Fluff

Finals week was a pain. That was a thing in which you thought everyone could agree on. The stress and the millions of pages to read and concepts to learn were huge, but in order to pass the semester it had to be done. So you organized yourself to study and do well in all your tests, everything was going as smooth as possible, but when that math test approached you new trouble had arrived. Math was your weak point and in this one you knew you had to try the hardest, all those operations and formulas were just too much.

Lucky for you, you had a ridiculously smart boyfriend to help you with that.  

-I don’t know how I’m going to do Namjoon! – You said the moment he arrived at your house, he had his glasses already on and was dressed in comfy clothes, well as comfy as jeans and a t-shirt can be. Namjoon always looked so stylish with those long legs and broad chest. –I think I’ll lose my mind-

Namjoon hugged you tightly and kissed your forehead. –No one is losing anything, I’m here to help-

You settled on the dinning table, all your study tools already arranged on it. The calculator, notebooks, multiple pens, pencils and erasers and of course your precious highlighters because, how could you study without a bit of color here and there?

Namjoon brought his iPad and was now watching something on it. You’d told him that you were going to read the theory first and then he could help you out with the exercises but seeing him being so interested on the little gadget you couldn’t help but wonder what he was doing.


He lifted his gaze from the iPad’s screen and smiled. –Tell me jagi-

You smiled back at him and pushed your chair closer to his. –What are you doing? -

-Oh I’m glad you ask- he said eagerly, it seemed like your weren’t the only one who wanted to talk. –I need your help-

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