i wonder if in the original form of the story

This is my entry for @sterekreversebang!

This piece was claimed by the amazing @fandom-madnessess, who created the perfect story I could’ve got. This attempt was my very first one with my very first sketch pad - sorry for all lack of human anathomy, since than maybe I made some progression so I could’ve re-draw, but I chose to post it in its original form - and I’ve never expected something this wonderful would be the result, because secretly I believed no one would claim it. So I still can’t believe how lucky I’m, because it was fantastic to working with you, and I can’t express how happy it makes me that my art inspired you and this beuatiful story.

You can go, and read the story here, in AO3.

The Course of True Love Never Did Run Smooth by hazelNuts

Derek loves being an actor. He gets to meet and work with a lot of amazing people. So when he lands a job that has him working with Stiles Stilinski, his celebrity crush, he’s a little scared, but mostly excited. Especially when he and Stiles really hit it off, at first…

Derek doesn’t take his eyes off Stiles’ face as Stiles steps into the bath. Stiles’ smile is soft and a little mischievous, his eyes a deep brown in the candlelight. Derek holds his hand out to help Stiles sit down, but before he can grab Stiles’ hand, Stiles slips and lands heavily on Derek’s chest. 

‘Ooph!’ Stiles huffs. 

‘You okay?’ Derek chuckles. 

‘Haha. Laugh it up, big guy,’ Stiles grins at him, gripping Derek’s shoulders for leverage as he sits up. 

Derek slides down a little, slinging one leg over the side of the tub, careful that he doesn’t knock over any of the candles, and folds his other leg into a seat for Stiles. It’s not the most comfortable position, but with Stiles hovering over him, hands braced on Derek’s chest, exactly where he should be, comfort doesn’t really matter.

Me: Vegeta was conditioned from birth by a violent and war-based culture to believe that strength in battle and the ability to kill were the only things of value. He then had his entire race wiped out bar a few stragglers and was reared by the one who did in, raised to be a tool of destruction for a sadistic emperor who groomed him to be a weapon while also doing his best to keep him down because he feared what he could become.

The only thing that kept him going in the first thirty-ish years of his life was the knowledge that if he kept going, if he kept getting stronger, he could ascend to become the legend that Freeza feared so much, and avenge his people. But no matter how strong he got it was never enough, and even the weaker members of Freeza’s army considered him contemptible.

And then, when it seemed he was close to achieving that which he’d fought so long for, he gets his chance ripped out from under him by a low-class warrior who bests him at every turn, and loses the chance to avenge his people himself, becoming secondary in the eyes of his culture, which he alone must remember in the absence of anyone else.

The rest of his life is spent in constantly seeking to surpass Goku, but no matter what, once more he can just never be enough. Even though he finds a new home, adopts a new family and finds love, even then, he must always find himself in second place, as even his son admits to his face that he’s not strong enough.

Speaking of his son, it’s no wonder he’s a terrible father; he has no frame of reference of how to be anything else, and is at the same time struggling with feelings that his culture, the culture that he alone must keep alive, would consider a form of weakness to be purged.

Vegeta’s story is both a tragedy and a triumph, and I would not for one moment object if a reframing of the original were to be written that focuses on his journey from orphaned prince to proud king.

Also me: Vegeta is a punkass bitch.

‘Double Black’ and ‘Sheep Song’

I really feel the need to appreciate how the creators of ‘Bungou Stray Dogs’ have used the poetry/prose of the respective authors to influence their ability. Some high quality analysis must have been put in to create and translate this onto paper. Please forgive this rant, I’m an English student and can’t help it…

The character of Chuuya has a chant that comes from Nakahara’s ‘Sheep Song’, everyone knows that, but the rest of the poem almost describes the effect of corruption after it has been nullified. For example, when we know the line ‘O acquaintances, grantors of dark disgrace,do not wake me again!’ activates corruption the rest of the poem becomes more interesting. The narrator describes his arms, which are ‘seeming already useless.’ and his eyes that ‘open doubtfully’ and ‘stay motionless for a while’. This is reflected in Chuuya’s exhaustion after corruption is finished. The writers of BSD have done a great job translating that into their own character of Chuuya, with corruption having it’s physical effects that will kill him if not nullified. 

Similarly, there is important insight into the character they have created from looking at the original works of the author, personality traits are reflected in the newly created characters. The narrator in ‘Sheep Song’ says his heart ‘believes in others more than itself.’ and this also, has been very cleverly translated into the manga as seen in Chuuya’s trust in Dazai to stop corruption when he has no control. The poem ends on a sombre note, with the narrator saying ‘I enjoy nothing anymore but my wretched dreams.’ Loneliness seems to be a bit of a motif in Nakahara’s poetry, and to an extent, this was also translated into BSD when Chuuya’s character was left without the person who can eventually stop him from destroying himself, or maybe the character is just very lonely.

To conclude, I appreciate the writers of BSD for analysing these wonderful author’s works and translating them so well into a form for the modern generation to enjoy. I hope this gets others into reading poems and literature from both Asian and European/American authors, as the original works are amazing, and in my opinion, this manga has done a great job to almost immortalise these authors and their works, and translate them into a story all can enjoy. BSD creators, I salute you!      

Wonder Woman (2017) Review

Wonder Woman is the latest entry in the DCEU, the first to have a female protagonist and also the first to be directed by a female, Patty Jenkins. Wonder Woman was first introduced in Batman vs Superman in a supporting role and she was by far the best thing in that movie. So of course the pressure was huge, since so far all the movies got mixed-to-negative reviews. Did Wonder Woman save this universe? In short, hell yeah!

The film is told as an origin story, focusing on Diana’s childhood life on Themyscira, home of the Amazons, her first contact with the world of men and her first battles. The contact with this strange world comes in the form of Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) a spy in World War I who crashes with his plane on her island. This is the catalyst for the start of her hero’s journey. We also meet some of the amazons, in the form of Antiope (Robin Wright), Diana’s aunt and also her trainer and Hyppolita (Connie Nielsen) as Diana’s mother. Even though they’re secondary characters they make a huge impression right from the start. There’s an action sequence right in the first minutes that looks gorgeous.

In my opinion, setting the film in World War I was a stroke of genius. This was the first time in history where you had this conflict of such big proportions. It also worked very well for Diana’s development as a character, the horror and bleakness of this brutal war contrasting with the beauty and serenity of Paradise Island. This type of cultural shock was necessary for the character to grow. Kudos to Patty Jenkins for directing the hell out of this movie, and also to Gal Gadot for bringing out a performance that will remain timeless.

Honestly, there’s not many bad things to say about this movie. It’s really worth your time. The action is very well directed, there will be scenes that will blow you away. The acting is also spectacular, especially coming from Gal Gadot. She portrays Diana with so many layers, from naïve and innocent, to fierce and powerful, she gives everything. Chris Pine plays the typical Han Solo-type, the funny and charismatic hero who works very well with a female lead, not stealing the spotlight but at the same time having memorable moments. The supporting characters who form Steve Trevor’s unit also do a very good job in portraying men who are stuck in this ugly situation, yet surviving however they can.

I know I’ve been praising the hell out of this and make it look like the ultimate experience, but there are also some minor problem I had. I felt the villains, especially the Danny Houston-Elena Anaya pair were a little too much, bringing a weird cheese factor to the tone of the story. Also, without giving away too much, the third act falls a little in the traps of every superhero movie out there, with lots of destruction and an overuse of CGI. But these are minor problems and they don’t hurt the movie that much. Having said that, Wonder Woman is fantastic and deserves a solid 9 out of 10!

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Hello :) I was wondering if you could maybe give me a reading list for Captain Marvel? I really want to start reading about her but I dont no where to start. Thankyou. Love your blog x

If you’re extremely invested and want to start right at the beginning then read Captain Marvel Vol 1 (1969) issue #18 which is her origin story, followed by Ms Marvel Vol 1 (1977). Then read Uncanny X-Men Vol 1 (1982) issue #164 which features Carol’s first appearance in her Binary form. Then read ‘New Avengers’ Vol 2 (2006) which really sets her up to be Marvel’s primary female superhero. Then read ‘Civil War’ (2006) where she plays a major role and that leads directly into Ms Marvel Vol 2 (2006).

However, I would just start at Captain Marvel Vol 7 (2012). It gives a nice tidy flashback of her origin, explains her binary power, and is where she officially becomes Captain Marvel. This is essential reading and it’s a great jumping on point. 

After that definitely read Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3 (2013) issues #15 onwards, Captain Marvel Vol 8 (2014), A-Force Vol 1 (2015), Captain Marvel and the Carol Corps (2015), Ultimates Vol 1 (2015), Captain Marvel Vol 9 (2016), A-Force Vol 2 (2016), Ultimates Vol 2 (2016), and then The Mighty Captain Marvel (2017) which is currently at issue #4 and then you’re all caught up. 

Note - Skip ‘Civil War 2′ (2016) as the writer just messes up her character completely. 

Ep 15 thoughts:

¤If you make a well thought out plan , even if she is pissed, Miiko will appreciate it. You will be in deep trouble but you’ll have her respect!

¤The scene with Karuto slamming onto the floor was funny.

¤ Ashkore is sneaky.

¤ He has an insider for sure.

¤ He steals Eel’s food  even though Eel tells you more than once that their food rations are low AND even if they magically prepare a lot of food for Huang Hua in ep 11 and are back to reminding you of the low food rations, Ashkore still managed to steal food –I mean, where the hell did you find it !?
Is there a magic hole out of which you can pull out an infinite amount of food?

¤It takes at least two hard hits with a frying pan-on the head- to knock Valkyon out.

¤ Ashkore likes to pet his frying pan.

¤ He is also very chatty. 

¤Karuto’s kitchen is magical . The floor from the canteen and the floor from the kitchen are not the same.

¤Eavesdropping leads to nothing good: you either hear something you shouldn’t have or you hear only parts of conversations which leads to misunderstandings. Karenn will still do it. It’s Karenn.

¤Alajea’s sister ,who seems weaker than Enthraa, whiped the floor sea bed with her . To be fair, Enthraa was taken by surprise so…

¤Enthraa’s kind and Alajea’s kind are apparently cousins.
Hey cousin, remember that time I almost killed you? Good times.

¤We never get to see Alajea in the actual water if we don’t count the flashback. We know the story BUT she is not over the trauma.

¤Kraken seem to love mermaids…As food.

¤Karenn,MC and Alajea actually carried a mermaid to the beach. They had a legit excuse on being exhausted. A mermaid in original form weights a ton.
Miiko and the rest ran all the way to the beach without carrying anyone and they were out of breath. What is your excuse?

¤It seems the high ranks of Eel lack stamina . No wonder they can’t catch the masked man. I sense trouble.

¤Ykhar apologizes for wanting to burn you for destroying all the library books. I definitely exaggerated this.

¤I want to see how the other two nurses who helped Ewelein look like.

¤I want to see Cameria’s companion.
I want to see Enthraa’s companion.
I want to see Ewelein’s companion.

¤Preferably I also want to own all of them.

¤ On that note I need to see Ashkore’s companion. And own it.

¤Huang Hua is the boss.

¤ And yes, take MC away. X episodes out of Eel sound great.

¤ Everyone knows what happened in ep 13 now!
¤ Ezarel got slapped by Ewelein. Yes…There is definitely something else going on there…

¤ Alajea has a dark story, Lefitan has a dark story, EVERYONE has a dark story! *looks at the main character * Will you have the darkest of them all?

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Hi there! I saw your post about males being witches and that it is gender neutral. Would you be able to elaborate (probably bad phrasing but can't think of better) on that for me, as I always thought that witch was for female magic users and warlock or wizard was for males. I don't want to upset anyone or be a dick by insisting wrong information.


This post came off as super harsh, and it wasn’t directed at you @drimeth-of-bag-end, I promise! I am sorry if it seemed like I was belittling you or getting mad at you for asking this question, because I was not. It is just a very personal issue to me, and I get really invested in stuff like this, and just got way too… I can’t think of the word. But I was not mad at you, was not accusing you of anything, and I’m sorry if this post felt like an attack toward you, it wasn’t meant to be one. I just took the question as an opportunity to get this all out, and oh boy has it been needing to apparently. I hope you understand where I am coming from, and I hope I didn’t offend.

I don’t know what you mean by elaborate. Witch is gender neutral, and always has been. Only in more recent times (16th century) has the word been used to describe a female practitioner of any kind of magic; not to mention, the use of it being extremely geared towards women magic users in pop culture and modern media has not helped in any way.

Let’s start by saying that a lot of people are confused about the origin of the word to begin with - there are many possible ways it can be derived from a lot of old language, from all over the world.

When you look at [the history of the word], you see that it can be seen to derive from Old English - wicca /ˈwɪttʃɑː/ “sorcerer, male witch” and wicce /ˈwɪttʃeɪ/ “sorceress, female witch”. So, right there, inherent in the word “witch” is more than just “female,” more than one gender. When you look past that (because yes, still only two genders, but old language can be awful like that), the majority of the other origins have nothing to do with any gender at all

Not to mention, there is no solid origin as I’m sure you can see, which to me means there is no solid definition. We can’t accurate say where the word came from, so who are we to really say that there is only one way to use the word when we can’t even pin its origins down?

NOT TO MENTION AGAIN. When you look at language in general, saying a word is “masculine” or “feminine” [doesn’t actually have anything to do with gender]. It is a way to classify words based off grammatical characteristics, like how the last syllable is pronounced (hard, soft, neutral, etc.). So, just because a word has an origin word that was feminine, doesn’t mean it was used to describe the actual gender of the people. So, is it not possible that the terms “wicca” and “wicce” were given gender characteristics based solely on their grammatical characteristics, and had nothing to do with the actual genders of the people they were being used to dictate?

[Another page] states: “[…] the earliest recorded form of witch is Old Engl. wicca (masculine) “man practicing witchcraft”; it first occurred in the Laws of Alfric (890). The feminine wicce surfaced in the year 1000.” Yep, so the term “Wicca” originated from a masculine term. I wonder how that makes Dianic Wiccans feel.

[Long story short]: 

“The word “witch” derives from the Old English words “wicca” and “wicce” (masculine and feminine forms, respectively).  This later became “wicche”, in Middle English, which meant the same thing as “wicca” and “wicce”, but didn’t distinguish between the genders, being used to refer to both men and women.  However, over time, using “wicche” to refer to men became less and less common, being replaced by synonyms such as “wizard”, “warlock”, and “sorcerer”.

“By the 16th century, the spelling had changed from “wicche” to “witch” and, by this time, the word was almost exclusively used to refer to women, as it still is today.  However, in the Wiccan religion, it is now once again somewhat common to use “witch” to refer to both men and women.”


“The origin of the words “wicca” and “wicce” isn’t entirely known, but it is thought the words themselves originally meant “wise one”, with the earliest references to these words in Old English always seeming to be associated with fortune telling and “teaching”, based on that foreknowledge.”

So how can anyone tell me the term “witch” is exclusive to women? Some of the origins of the term itself have both feminine and masculine counterparts which then delved off to be gender neutral (but fell out of use because it wasn’t used as often); while other origins don’t even talk about gender or people at all. 

Uses of a word change over time all the time - GREAT EXAMPLE, look at [the modern definition of “literally”] (because of how people use it for exaggerated effect), and tell me that doesn’t piss you off. And then try to say that we can’t use “witch” to describe ANY magical practitioner, and confine it to only one gender, and an overdone stereotype that wasn’t even accurate (men practiced magic in the past as well, it isn’t a new concept).

I did so much research for this - I was not fucking around on this post. I have like 20 tabs open. And I have to go to work soon, so this is all I can do for this post, but I hope I’ve made my point.

Writing Prompt #166

As I looked in the mirror, staring incredulously at the silver laced through my hair and the caverns forming in my cheeks, I could do little more than wonder how everything happened so fast.


Just stop what you’re doing! GET ON NETFLIX NOW!!! Oh my gosh guys!!!! As someone whose never read the books, watched the original movies or even seen the play let me just say something in the form of an expression I hate. But damn it … I AM SHOOK THERE I SAID IT. But everything in this show is wonderful and amazing, and Goddammit if Netflix doesn’t accounce a season 2 I don’t know how I’ll go on! The actors are wonderful, the story is amazing, the flashbacks *faints* both incredible and heartbreaking, and I just need more!!! So if you haven’t already…. GO WATCH ANNE WITH AN E!!!!

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Madohomu is Canon!

Ok Guys, listen up!

This ship is canon

Madohomu is canon. It’s the only ship in PMMM that has the most potential, a complete background, it has a perfect and strong basis. Moreover. The “What” and ‘When” of the Madohomu moments have perfectly explained, “Why” and How”.

Everyone needs to know that if you are going to give a what and when, be sure to give a why and how. Please be perfectly clear that “what” and “when” are born from “why” and “how”. There can’t be a “what” and “when”, without a “why” and “how”. But also know this, some “why” and “how” are also born from “what” and “when”. But these “what” and”when” are also born from other “why” and “how”. Just because sometimes we don’t know the “why” and “how”, it doesn’t change the fact that the result, “what” and “when” were not born from them.


What: A baby was born.

When: On X day, at X hours, in X year.

Why: A man and a woman fell in love, or any other VALID REASON.

How: By the process of reproduction in humans.

Please be sure to give why and how when we are discussing what right and what’s wrong. Give sources and links.

Now, onto the main topic. Why is Madohomu canon? One of the members whispered that the feeling they have for their lover is Love. Let me make it perfectly clear that there was never any obsession to begin with, and still isn’t.

In the Anime, it was only about keeping and fulfilling her promise to Madoka of the third timeline.

In the Rebellion, it was about coming to terms with her true feelings of love.

Proof for why the feelings are not obsession was said by Nagisa Momoe herself during the dethronement scene.

In the manga, she explicitly asked “is it obsession?”

This was said by Nagisa.

So there you go, it’s plain Love, love has many faces, shrieking “obsession” in the face of love doesn’t mean that’s the kind of love it is. Obsession of any and every kind, NOT PRESENT FROM THE BEGINNING. This “Love” is the purest form of love. Do you want to know why?

Because in the ending, madoka is with her family

And Homura is all alone,

This is why I call this ending a sign of true love. The truest form of love is not to get in bed with the person you love, it’s the moment when you are simply content with the fact that they are happy and secure, as well as even breathing.

There are many canon reasons for the dethronement part, not just AI YO.

Here they are.

There are many canon reasons for why the Love Homura has for Madoka is anything but Sexual, or non consensual.

Here they are.

I also have explained why it isn’t abusive or unhealthy up there.

There are pictures and sources present about Urobuchi signing Homu posters with “Homura is the best girl”. “Homura did was nothing wrong” was what he signed as well. Now we don’t know whether it was asked or he did it himself, that is up to you. 

Also, people say the relationship is going to be unhealthy and abusive. 

Shut up. 

Once again, where is your “why” and “how”? 

The only evidence that Magica Quartet slapped in our faces to imagine the post rebellion world is by giving us official art of the post rebellion world.

Here it fucking is.


Hope to redeem your best friend or never giving up until getting your best friend back, is included in that. Please don’t forget that Madokami will keep trying, because this story is basically about “HOPE”. 

The only character to have whispered “It’s Love” is Homura.

The MadoHomu ships is already half way to island Canon. We just need to hear Madoka Kaname’s answer.

Her voice actor herself said about Madoka’s probable answer in the future regarding Homura’s feelings for her. It was ”No matter what form you take, Homura-chan is Homura-chan. Falling in love wirh someone is wonderful, so don’t call yourself the devil. I love you”.

Here is the original page.

Homura hates herself :( , that’s why the clara dolls are present. 

But just because she hates herself, doesn’t mean she’s not happy.

Urubouchi stated in an interview that the ending of Rebellion was atleast Happy for Homura. He said “atleast”. “Atleast” means that more than Homura, there are others who are happy as well. The others?

But Homura is also happy. Like I stated, she’s happy that the person she loves is finally living a normal life she wanted. Yes, Madoka did want to live with her family, she never wanted to leave them, it was the circumstances, because of which she had to put her personal wishes aside, Otherwise, she would’ve never left her family and friends. 

In this scene

(My God, just look at all the love!)

The things that Madoka said were all true! Please read Shinbou’s interviews as well, one of the translated one states that these were the true feelings of Madoka. This is one of the reasons for the dethronement part. I have given the link above.

So yeah, this pairing is canon. It’s awesome, 

it’s touching, 

it’s unique, 

it’s sad,

it’s beautiful, 

it’s tragic, 

and it’s love in it’s purest form. 

Where you’re ready to shoulder any burden, 

any sin, 

anything, just for the person you love 

and make sure they’re happy, no matter whether it KILLS YOU 

in the process.

But who cares right? 

Since the one you love is happy and secure, that calls for some celebration right? Come on guys get up!

And let’s not forget to invite the one who has been screwing with you since the beginning!

Let’s party!


So between everything else I’m writing, I have Readers: Origin Story, which will detail what happened when the Barrier broke for the second time (Underswap) and Readers were introduced into the world. It shall hopefully answer plenty of your questions, such as: 

  • What are Readers?
  • Where do they come from/How are they formed?
  • Where did the sweaters come from?
  • How did they get the name ‘Readers’?
  • What rules govern Ebott City?
  • Is there really a secret Reader colony in the woods?
  • Where are the humans?
  • And more!

Also some questions you may not have wondered, such as: 

  • Why does a female deer monster have antlers?
  • How did Rivet & Mob Sans meet?
  • How have Rivet & Mob Sans not killed each other yet?
  • No seriously, how the heck did you guys start low-key shipping Rivet and Mobsy? That was totally not intentional…

If you have any other pressing issues about the origin of Readers, the shelter, or Ebott City, let me know! I’ll also be re-vamping the sweater charts! 

There was little to do but drink when the end of the world came. We had our beers upon the shore, and watched a fading sun set, and wondered aloud what would come next. Would there be some form of prize, perhaps, for lasting until the end?  
If not, then this entire affair would be a bit of a disappointment, I said, and the others laughed. 

The number of empty bottles grew as the sky went orange, then purple, then grey. And we were drunk when the next life came – empty bottles all around us, and our tongues thick and foolish in our mouths. Stars span and the dark sky above opened into a maelstrom of all colours and none. 

Then all we knew was gone, save for each other. It seemed impossible to comprehend what was before us. And so, at the dawn of our second lives, we were drunk, and the only thing we could say was this: 

“What the fuck?
—  Madeleine J, Shards: 3/?

I’ve been tagging my original long-form stories so they can be found but I wonder if I want to start tagging anything else. Some of the other original stuff like my more popular text posts and conversations, and/or short captions? Maybe some of the stuff I’m sharing from others, hypno / spiral / BBC / sissy / daddy / etc? What do you think?


Kikaider 01 is such an odd series. It was pretty clear that they were operating at no budget whatsoever, as many monster costumes were recycled from the previous series, just painted differently. And then they came up with such bizarre villains like King Indian. This series had some sort of a identity crisis. The first Kikaider series was very formulaic, but it understood what was important about the story it was trying to tell. Here, the series start as a loose adaptation of the second half of the original Kikaider manga. But instead of following with Jiro’s story, they decided to make Ichiro the main character.

And that was a problematic decision, since manga Ichiro was short-tempered and impulsive, and above all, he didn’t cared about protecting human lifes or fighting for the sake of the others, he just do that because he thinks it’s fun. So, not a great role model for the kids watching. The solution was to give Ichiro a complete conscience circuit, making him a perfect robot more advanced than his younger brother (so why Komyoji even bothered creating Jiro in the first place?). And so, Ichiro is a perfect super-hero as he has no weakness, no internal conflict, nothing. He’s pretty boring, actually. If it was not for Shunsuke Ikeda’s tremendous carisma, there would be no reason to care for this character at all.

It didn’t help that Jiro was often there to help during the first episodes of the series.Then, they decide it’s time to let Ichiro shine on his own. Briefly, there was plans for adaptating the Armageddon God arc of the manga, but there was no money to spend on scale models or even a decent costume for it (just look at the live-action version of Gattaider and you will know what I’m talking about.). So, as the whole idea was dropped, writers started getting all crazy with surreal and outlandish plots as we see Kikaider going to the moon or feudal Japan, and sometimes fighting indians, explosive ink and deadly kimonos. But still, there was no story to tell, no reasoning behind all that stuff, it was just about creating the most absurd situations the writers could think of.

So, a miracle happened. At first, it seems that there was no hope for this mess of a series (but still so much fun it should be illegal), but they introduce two of the greatest characters in tokusatsu history: Bijinder and Waruder. Yeah, they were in the manga version as well, but as completely different characters. And what a wonderful pair of characters they were! Bijinder is probably my favorite tokusatsu heroine. She’s introduced first and is a very complex character, but at the end, you know she wants to do good. And she’s also a fearsome fighter, not needing 01 at all, which is far from what we can say about Tackle from Kamen Rider Stronger. She’s one of the few characters that I believe the tokusatsu version did better than the original manga. For some reason, Bijinder’s human form was called Mieko in the original manga, but here, she’s Mari. She was played by Etsuko Shihomi and she did a wonderful job. If the series was all about her instead of 01, I would probably have liked it better.

Then, there’s Waruder. He has no backstory, no reason to exist, you don’t even know from where he came. He just wanders around and one day is contracted by Shadow to kill 01. He has one one of those Albert/004 type of face, but the bald head and samurai-motif made me think of Ichi, from Sabu and Ichi’s Detective Stories. In the manga, Waruder was Bijinder’s robot brother, he has only a human form (absent from the live-action version) and probably one of the weakest characters in the series. In the 01 series, however, Waruder falls in love with Bijinder as they’re not related at all (you don’t even know who the hell created Waruder). Yet, he’s a morally ambiguous villain that often does more good than bad things. As you can see, he’s afraid of dogs, but has a good reason for it. I could spend hours talking about this character as he’s another one of my favorites, but for the time being, I think that’s more than enough. Those two alone made this series worthy.  


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Hi there! I'm a huge fan of T&S and I was just wondering what changes will be made to the work. Thank you!

hello - names and general appearances and details of the characters will be altered to make their origins less obvious and bring a freshness to the story that is more accessible to other kinds of audiences. we are prepared to follow whatever advice our editor encourages. the general plot will be very much the same! that is very important to us. all the emotion will be intact (it may even be better! raven and i have both improved as writers).

the fic will probably be less explicit than it was in its original form, but those scenes may be altered or replaced with new ones, which we hope is exciting. 

we are also working with a very dear and extremely talented friend for some illustrations, which may help everyone get into the novelization’s new look and introduce the characters better to the audience who is used to seeing them in one particular way <3

The Celestial Origins of the “Yin Yang” Symbol:

A while back sangha member probablyadragon asked:  There’s a bit of a story behind this question, but I wanted to ask: What is the traditional meaning and symbolism behind yin and yang? I have always wondered exactly how wrong I got it…

by  Saṃsāran

☯ The “Yin Yang” (Taijitu)  is a well-known Chinese symbol. Sometimes it’s called Tai-Chi symbol from I-Ching the “Book of Changes”. The I-Ching is the well spring of all Chinese philosophy. This unique and elegant form flows from the observation by the ancients of the change and flow of the natural phenomena of our universe.  

People can more easily grasp the concepts of harmony, change and dual nature of the observed universe within the framework of the cosmic unity by talking about the sun (Yang), moon (Yin) as symbolic of the male and female, positive and negative, active and passive nature of being.  We see the harmony and balance of the cosmos and it flows directly from the ratios upon which the universe is built.

The ancients, seeking to understand the harmony of the cosmos first observed the night sky recording the positions of the constellation known as 北斗 “Beidou” in China or “The Big Dipper” in the West and watching the shadow of the Sun from a standard Chinese measuring post, an 8-foot pole, they determined the four directions. The direction of sunrise is the East; the direction of sunset is the West; the direction of the shortest shadow is the South and the direction of the longest shadow is the North. At night, the direction of the Polaris star is the North. They noticed the seasonal changes.

When the Dipper points to the East, it’s spring; when the Dipper points to the South, it’s summer; when the Dipper points to the West, it’s fall; when the Dipper points to the North, it’s winter. When observing the cycle of the Sun, ancient Chinese simply used the measuring pole and posted at right angles to the ground and recorded positions of the shadow. Then they found the length of a year is around 365.25 days. They even divided the year’s cycle into 24 segments including the Vernal Equinox, Autumnal Equinox, Summer Solstice and Winter Solstice, using the sunrise and Dipper positions.

Brilliant in its simplicity. The astronomers then inscribed six concentric circles, marked the 24-Segment points, divided the circles into 24 sectors and recorded the length of shadow every day. The shortest shadow is found on the day of Summer Solstice. The longest shadow is found on the day of Winter Solstice. After connecting each lines and dimming Yin Part from Summer Solstice to Winter Solstice the Sun chart looks like familiar figure above. ☯

☯ Samsaran ☯

anonymous asked:

hey hey hey, is there a particular reason you chose to tell a long-form story vs. several short ones? I really like Witchy and I wonder how you manage to stay jazzed about it as your writing or drawings skills improve.

Hey! first of all this is a super good question, thank you. Witchy was actually originally a much shorter story than it has become, because I got super caught up in the world and all the complexities that arise from hair = power. It wasn’t really a conscious decision to go long form over short form, It was just a matter of me becoming connected with the ideas and characters in this world. However, even though Witchy is long form, I think of each chapter in an episodical sense. Imagining these chapters as short stories that join to create a whole helps to not… completely overwhelm me with the scale of this project. 

as for the second part of your question - staying jazzed - the key for me is that… I haven’t written a script for Witchy. Apart from the end, which I have planned, and 5 or 6 goal markers on the way to that point (both of which are vague and leave me with a lot of room to grow), I have no idea how Witchy might turn out. the joy of creating Witchy for me is seeing the story I planned evolve as the characters grow and make certain choices and decisions. I’m constantly excited about what the future will hold! If I plan a scene that won’t happen for a year, by the time I get there a lot will have changed in the way it’s delivered. For me, it’s a much more natural way to tell a story, at least in this stage of my life, because I’m still learning so much about telling a good story. The latter half of chapter 3 is something I’ve had planned since the very beginning, but even within the last month a lot has changed about it, for the better. I think when writing a long form webcomic it’s good to not tie yourself down too much.

With art, I’ve never really been one to feel self conscious of old drawings. For me, they’re just a sign that I’ve improved and that I continue to grow. I look back on the early pages of Witchy with pride because I can see my improvement between then and now. If im feeling down about a page I’m working on, looking at those old pages makes it a little easier to sit down and work on a mediocre page. (although I have made some design choices that i have to stick with that I kind of regret, ie; jung’s staff. you can expect that design to slowly evolve over time, heh)

From the beginning, Witchy was a project that I told myself it’s ok to experiment on. It’s ok to fuck up and do bad drawings one week, because there’s always next week. I just have to keep moving forward. I started witchy with the FULL knowledge that it’s not my opus and I’m not going to treat it as such, I’m just going to enjoy the process.

anonymous asked:

1/2 Ideas on an AU where Beast's curse is similar to Fiona's from Shrek? Where he's human during the day and Beast at night, or like Swan Lake, where he's Beast at day and human at night? I realize a lot of the fun in the original comes from the


I’m with you about it being sort of important in the original story that Belle doesn’t know about the Beast’s curse or that he’s actually a human, but this is still a really, really interesting AU to play around with. 

I could definitely see her falling in love both with human!Adam and with him in his Beast form, feeling conflicted, wondering if her feelings for the prince are real or if it’s just that he reminds her so much of the Beast–not realizing they’re actually the same person. 

I think in this situation it would have to be that the curse doesn’t allow him to just tell her what’s going on (otherwise that’s too much of a plot hole). Adam wants to just tell her everything, because he can see that it’s causing her distress, but he can’t seem to find a loophole in the spell no matter how he tries.

Maybe Belle eventually realizes they’re the same person because they’re talking and he makes a passing reference to a conversation they had while he was in Beast form and he’s not at the moment, and she’s just like….wait… how do you know about that???

Maybe in this universe the curse never does get broken, because Belle loves him whatever he might look like at the moment. And they can still have a semi-normal life together in the daytime when he’s a human, but he’s also kind of glad to be a beast some of the time, so he feels like he can protect her better (and leap off balconies like the drama queen that he is). 

I’m so glad you sent me this AU, because for a while I’ve been toying with a similar idea and couldn’t quite get it to make sense. I thought, what if Belle didn’t see him transform, and thought that the Beast just died, and a similar situation occurs where she falls in love with him as a human, not realizing it’s the same guy all along. 

However, your version is less depressing for poor Belle, haha.


The King story - drop coin story from 恋cafe (Parfait story)

King: “I will give all of this world to you”

Writer note: This is the King own story, it’s free to get from 恋cafe drop coin. However, drop coin is terminated in 恋cafe. This is a rough translation, I tried to translate it close to the original story but sometimes it’s impossible for me to do that.

This is a fan-translation, please do not repost without my permission.

Part 1

Story undercut

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