i wonder if i'm teasing his real name

First Day of School // Claude + Calli // Friday Morning (7 AM)

Claude stifled a yawn. He hadn’t gotten much sleep last night, having odd dreams about exploding men that were somehow exploding because of him. It had been unnerving to say the least, and it reminded him too much of other things for comfort. With a shrug he kept the thoughts deep within himself, he had never given much heed to dreams and something like that was only natural after all. Having a man that could very well destroy the entire city under the same roof was likely to give bad dreams to anyone. Claude didn’t know exactly what it was, the man named Lucas had been ‘average’ enough, at least to someone like Claude who had seen similar cases. It was almost as if the hairs on the back of the invisible man’s neck stood up, warning him of some unseen danger. He couldn’t exactly see it, but something just didn’t feel right about it. God I’m sounding paranoid. 

He checked his old watch absently. If Calli didn’t show he could always go back to sleep, his sleeping patterns were a mess anyway. He sat down on a chair, allowing himself to turn visible. Reaching into his pocket he pulled out an old pocket knife with an olive wood handle. It was a singular piece of work, age only increasing it’s beauty. Claude smiled fondly at it, as memories came flooding back as his fingers moved softly over the initials  M.S.B. carved into the handle.