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fangirl challenge [4/10 television shows]: Boy Meets World

“You’re gonna mistakes, you’re gonna make good friends and Mr. Feeny will probably teach you every grade you’re ever in. And maybe you’ll meet a woman as wonderful as Topanga, how’d you like that? And maybe you’ll make a friend like Shawn. But when you’re not a little boy anymore, when the world taught you how to be this man, you know, you’re still gonna make mistakes. But your family and your friends that you made along the way are gonna help you. Even thought it’ll seem like the world’s going out of it’s way to teach you these hard lessons, you’re gonna realize that it’s the same world that’s giving you your family and your friends, you know? And you’re gonna come to believe to believe that the world’s gonna protect you too. Boy Meets World. Now I get it.“

It was the feeling when your fingers started to intertwine with mine. When my heart jumped so high every time you call my name and showed me your beautiful smile. The time you tell me the most wonderful words I’ve ever heard. When we begin to create precious memories and put them inside a jar with a mix of our love. It was those feelings I want to repeat, to fall for you again and again. You see, I will always want to remember the first time than to dwell on the hurtful last time. Because I knew I could never have them again in my arms. I don’t want to forget, so I’d rather choose all the flashbacks I always wanted to get.
—  ma.c.a // Beginnings Vs. Endings
I looked into your ever-changing eyes and saw the most wonderful shade of brown. You were watching a show, and I decided to watch ahead just so I could watch you as you watched the show. You laughed and your eyes crinkled up, and you looked genuinely happy. I saw some flecks of gold in your eyes, even. And then you turned and looked into my blue-grey eyes, and I couldn’t hear you ask me what I was doing, but I know that face you make. I just shook my head and kept it to myself that I was in love.
—  Excerpt from a book I will never write #1065 // excerptsofstories

Watching Stranger things is one of the weirdest experiences I’ve ever had.

I know it frustrates you, when I constantly look for reassurance that you still love me. I know it feels like I’m dismissing all the times you’ve said said ‘I love you’ and the millions of ways you’ve showed me just how much I mean to you, but you have to understand that I’ve never had love like this before.

The kind of love that leaves me wondering how I ever got this lucky.
The kind of love that’s unconditional, with no strings attached.
The kind of love where just the sound of your voice brings a smile to my face.
The kind of love that makes me wonder how I ever survived without you.
The kind of love I see in the movies.
The kind of love that gives me a reason to get out of bed in the morning.
The kind of love where, every time I hear my phone ring, I’m hoping it’s you.
The kind of love that makes me do crazy things I’d never thought I’d do.
The kind of love that keeps me up at night thinking about what the future could hold.
The kind of love I’ll never forget.
The kind of love I couldn’t bear to lose. And that’s my biggest fear in the world; losing this feeling that gives me life like nothing else.

I don’t want to lose you.

—  the words written on my heart // via where-words-fail

And now here is the thing I’ve been secretly so excited over for the past two and a half weeks or so! This beautiful commission from artist acedrawin who is wonderful and does wonderful work!

So thanks to spaceoperetta coming up with a crossover AU for Ace Attorney and best TV show ever Slings & Arrows, this Narumitsu idea has refused to leave my head. In short, post-disbarment Phoenix goes back to his theatre roots and ends up as a director for a struggling theatre company while dodging rumors that he’s “mentally unstable.” Which isn’t very easy to do when the love of your life won’t stop talking to you and arguing with you about Shakespeare. Especially if the love of your life is a ghost that only you can see and hear.

And one very important thing I think I need to point out here: the dialogue they’re speaking in this art is actually from Hamlet. Okay, Miles’ line is a paraphrase, but Phoenix’s is word-for-word. I am not making this up.

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Hey I was wondering if you could help me draw bunnies? I need to practice for a band cover art I'm about to do

okay this is so late and probably not relevant and also the worst tutorial ever but

I super recommend checking out skinned rabbits if that doesn’t bother you, their musclestructure is beautiful and it helps show exactly how much power is hidden in all that cute fluffiness!

It’s a bit shocking just how quiet clone club has been so far this season. Last year, my dashboard was wall to wall OB whenever episodes were airing and even throughout the week. So far, almost everything I’ve seen this season has just been the official blog posts and reblogs of them. I guess this is what happens when you suddenly treat your LGBT characters like shit and then offend the community at large with careless comments in the aftermath. And I wonder if they even realize it’s happening. 

you guys need to focus on MORE important things like this thursday’s jury segment. i, for one, am wondering how excited da’vonne, bridgette, and zakiyah will be seeing paulie walk into the jury house??? how much will they roast him??? will he admit defeat or be as delusional as ever?????? these are the important questions we need to ponder & look forward to getting answers for