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Answer ASAP, but it's not urgent, only time-sensitive. I'd LOVE to have an Advent calendar and/or wreath, or something of the sort to hype up for Christmas... But I'm not out as a Christian to my family (they'd disapprove), so I'm wondering if you or your followers have any ideas (especially physical ideas - I'm very tactile!) to commemorate the Advent without outing myself?

I love this question! I’m going to post it now in case other folks have ideas they can share, and I’ll keep brainstorming myself.

What I can think of off the top of my head is below, but keep checking the post to see if I add anything else!

– maybe make a bracelet or other piece of jewelry, or a key chain, with green, purple and pink beads to simulate the Advent wreath? Or threads – like one of those friendship bracelets. You can get creative with how it looks! With beads, it could even be, say, pure green and then as each Sunday passes you add a purple or pink bead accordingly. Every time you look at it, you’ll remember it’s Advent. But be careful about wearing it in front of your family if you think it’ll be obvious what the colors are. 

– this one is not tactile, but find an online Advent devotional that you like! if your family ever uses your phone/computer, wipe your history after reading from it each day. 

– if you occasionally light candles anyway, so your family won’t be suspicious if you suddenly start doing so now, you can light candles of any color or size or number and know in your heart that you’re lighting them for Advent. 

– alternatively, you could get small candles – like tea lights or even birthday candles – and keep them hidden somewhere in your room (works best if you don’t share a room). Get a small lighter too, or some matches, and light the candles when no one will disturb you (late at night, when they’re out of the house or busy doing things, etc.) You can get electric tea lights if you’re worried about the safety hazard of a flame – there are even Advent color tealights, though that would be a greater risk if you think your family knows anything about Advent candle colors.

– if you have any friends who are / would be supportive of you being a Christian and whom you trust not to tell your family, you could buy a calendar or wreath and ask them to keep it at their house. Then hang out with them and use that stuff when over there! Also, if you order anything online, having it deliver to a friend’s house is a good idea. 

– if you have a locker or other space of your own at school, that’s also an option for where you could keep a calendar – or even a wreath, if it’s one that doesn’t involve real candles. Here are some craft ideas for no-flame Advent wreaths, or you can do electric candles as suggested above. You could even simply print out / draw some candles and tape them to the inside of your locker, and add a paper flame to them as the weeks go by. 

And when things get hard, or you feel frustrated or disappointed that you can’t celebrate Advent more openly, remember all the members of this Body of Christ throughout time who have also had to live out their faiths quietly. They are with you, supporting you; and God delights in you and is proud of you for worshipping and praying however you are able. Keep safe, and as this period of anticipation and hope comes upon us, don’t lose hope for the future!  

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I don't know why it keeps bugging me, but here I am... despite John's speech to Sherlock in TLD, do you think at one point he'd be salty over the fact Sherlock and Molly ended up in a loving relationship? I just feel like a part of him would always hold Sherlock accountable for Mary's death even though she clearly chose to sacrifice herself. You can answer in a message if you feel this is too controversial to post. I just wondered about your thoughts on it.

Hm, that’s definitely an interesting question. And honestly, I’m not scared of the controversy so Imma go ahead and post lol. 

I firmly believe that IF Sherlock and Molly ended up in an actual relationship, John wouldn’t be salty about it. He’d be shocked at first, no doubt. I don’t care if he did witness the ILY scene, I still think that he’d be all wide eyed and brows raised if they were legit dating. Because even if he believes Sherlock loves Molly, I think he’d doubt Sherlock would do the whole girlfriend thing for real. But anyway! That wasn’t really your question. Beyond surprise, I think his feelings on their relationship would be positive. And I would like to also believe that he wouldn’t still hold Sherlock accountable for Mary’s death, feeling like “I hate that you took my wife from me and now you get to be happy.” I honestly believe John meant what he said at the end of TLD. It was hard to say and it was an emotional moment for him, but I think he meant it. I have a best friend who’s like a sister to me and who I’ve been close to for longer than I’ve known my husband. But if my husband took a bullet for her and died, leaving me and my son…I’m not gonna lie, I’d have a tough time looking at my bestie without seeing that over and over. I’d know in my head that she didn’t do it, but my emotions in connection with her would be compromised to some degree because she would represent something precious that I’d lost, no matter how precious she also is to me in a different way. John might continue to be “basically pissed off,” as he’s expressed in the past when enduring a tough situation, but I truly believe that it’s based on the situation itself and not on his blaming Sherlock for it. 

And I still actually like to HC (which I posted once before) that maybe seeing a wonderful love between Sherlock and Molly would eventually give John the courage and motivation to find love again for himself one day. John did help Sherlock grow emotionally, so I think if Sherlock did the same for him it would be a lovely full circle. ❤️ 

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Is it okay I request an emergency ask? I was diagnosed with cancer and I finished my last round of chemo a few weeks ago and I'm waiting to do testing to see if my cancer is gone so I'm super anxious and was wondering how the Paladins would comfort their s/o in this situation

Oh gosh, honey I hope it’s gone too!!! I hope this helps! <3


  • he’s just as anxious as you are
    • he can’t help the dreadful thoughts that keep him up at night. they plague him every waking moment.
    • but he knows that he can’t let you see that. he needs to be strong for you. he needs to be strong for the strongest person he knows.
  • so he’s outwardly optimistic
    • You know “Not While I’m Around” from Sweeney Todd? That’s his favorite song to sing to you when you’re feeling down
    • he’s also like an overly invested mom and makes sure he can do what he can to keep you at the peak of health, to boost your odds
      • yes, he even takes some cooking classes
      • he’s not bad now
  • “It’s gonna be gone, baby. I know it.” 
    • to himself, a little quieter: “God I hope so…”


  • won’t even entertain the idea that your cancer won’t be gone. he vehemently believes it’s gone, gone forever and it won’t come back
    • the strength of his conviction is so strong you just can’t help but believe him
  • “Don’t worry about it babe. It’s gonna be gone.”
  • “Yeah, but what if it isn’t?”
  • “Don’t. Just don’t.”
  • but for those moments where his blind conviction doesn’t even convince you, he’s all about cuddling
    • tightly
    • dear god keith, let them breathe
    • Keith. Keith! You’re s/o is turning purple!!!! KEITH!


  • another anxious baby
    • bakes, cleans, and builds things when he’s anxious
    • your place is spotless, there’s more food than you can eat (esp on chemo), and he’s leaving projects around like a toddler
  • but he’s got science on his side
    • whenever you start feeling anxious about getting your results back, Hunk is out there whipping out his facts left and right
    • he won’t stop until he can get you feeling better
    • when all else fails he’s gonna make you laugh
    • probably by showering you with ticklish kisses
  • he’s also another massive cuddler
    • he can’t walk by without giving you a heartfelt hug
    • gives you little pep talks during them too
    • “That’s my strong Cupcake, squeeze me tight! Yep! You got this!”


  • also just as anxious as you are
    • jumps and scrambles for the phone with a screech every time it rings, in case it’s the results
  • but he’s trying to do his best not to let his own anxieties worsen your own
    • he’s gotta be your strong boi 
  • keeps your mind off the results by treating you to a spa day
    • he’s got massage oils, he’s got an oil diffuser, he went out and got some hella rad face masks, he’s probably gonna do your nails
    • thing you’re gonna take a bath alone? think AGAIN! he’s gonna give you the scalp massage of a life-time baby
    • also probably has like, a whale noises CD
    • let him touch your feetsies. boy’s got magic fingers

I couldn’t think of anything for Pidge (sorry T.T)

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🇬🇧👋🏼 Morning Cris, what a lovely surprise to wake up to, I have over the year really warmed to Niall and truly didn't expect to like his solo work, but then what do I know. Given how popular he is/was (I read he was the most popular in US with 1d) I do wonder why SyCo and Sony didn't cling onto him like a spoiled child screaming 'mine!'. If you listen carefully enough you can here the grinding of teeth from Mr Cowell this morning.

Good morning Brit Anon!  It’s a beautiful sound, isn’t it?

I keep thinking back to all of those articles about Syco being just about to sign Niall and how he was the secret weapon artist and how excited they were, which went on for a couple of months and then Niall suddenly signed with Capitol. 

So I think they tried, I really do, I think those negotiations went on for months, BUT Syco didn’t really believe what they were telling The Sun. I think they wanted him because they thought he’d do well with existing fans, but I don’t think they really wanted him.  So when Capitol made Niall a really stellar offer that would have cost Syco real money and/or real effort, Syco gave up and wouldn’t match it.

I also think that Modest knew that if Niall left it would destroy their reputation, losing everyone in the band that they “built”, so they worked for it, for once. They pulled out every conceivable stop to get him the best deal possible.  

Whatever happened, Niall has benefited hugely and he’s done SO well and I’m SO FUCKING PROUD of him!  No one saw this coming, least of all Niall, but he has absolutely killed it solo and I couldn’t be happier about it!

A message from your friendly neighbourhood admin Nicola (aka enigmaticpenguinofdeath) -

Hello! Several years ago I offered to do a bit of blog-sitting for a previous Fuck Yeah Mark Gatiss admin who was going to be away for a few months. One thing led to another, and I’ve been sort of running the blog ever since. I now find myself spending less and less time on tumblr, just with life the universe and everything. So rather than let the FYMG blog dwindle away due to lack of attention, I was wondering if anyone else was interested in taking it on? 

While I didn’t set up the blog, I tried to keep to the general spirit of how it was when I adopted it and don’t use it for personal commentary or shipping stuff; just for sharing interesting and pretty posts related to Himself and his work. Ideally that’s sort of how I’d like to hand it on, but obviously it would be up to whoever took it over! You might have all sorts of jazzy ideas for it and hey I say knock yourself out.

So tl;dr if you might be interested in taking over the admin responsibilities for this blog, please drop me a message either here or at my main blog. :-)

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Just wondering, What program do you use to animate your videos? I'm trying to get into animating, but I dont know what to use for it. I thought id ask you because your animations are amazing! Also, keep up the great work!! 💝

dude i use windows mover maker and firealpaca :P there are better programs out there but i cant get them yet because im so damn poor but these two are free and basic :V it’s hard but its a good start i guess lol

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yo , do you think your art is trash or your past art? , because i think my art is shit and i wondered if you thought your past art was fine or you were always good at art?

at the moment i wouldn’t say i hate it but i know i can improve it. i guess my biggest negative thought abt what i do is i’m just bored and trying to find more styles to learn off of so i can change stuff up a bit 

and absolutely i used to hate my artwork. beyond a point that i won’t explain publicly bc this isn’t sob story time. i hated it but i held on tight to the idea that i’d keep getting better and better and better, and that’s still something i hold onto now. my biggest positive period in doing art was when i basically completely reworked my stuff. i used to draw really like…. “moe”?? i guess is the word ?? back in my weeb phase. everything was super round and everyone looked like shiny new babies and it was fun mostly just making everything super sparkly but i was never satisfied with what i did. so idk it was pretty recently like a year or two maybe that i forced myself back to some form of roots and that’s how i ended up with more angular stuff today (based my starting point on tess stone’s Hanna Is Not A Boy’s Name) and now i wouldn’t say i LOVE what i do. i’m just okay w/ it and happy with most of what i do. and i think it’s that content attitude that’s helping me keep going w/ minimal stress. also studying anatomy bc god proportions Fucked Me Up back in the day

i think everyone starts out absolutely hating their art and wanting to improve as fast as possible, but the hard part is dealing w/ how long it takes and how hard it is to reach the point where you can accept the down points and you hit that point of “i don’t like what i do so i’m gonna ‘start over’" in a sense.

hello hello hello ! my name is syd, i’m 19 years old, currently a sophomore in college and reside in the cst timezone ! anyways, i love twilight with my whole heart n soul, so there’s that. uh, that’s about it sooo without further ado, under the cut you can find some information about alec and seb ! if you wanna plot, like this or hit me up !

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Hii sorry to bother you, but I love your fics and the way you write. Youre the only one that really captures the characthers personalities. I was wondering if its too wierd to ask for a Pickle Rick fic. I look everywhere and didnt find one and I think it would be really fun to read. Thank you and keep up the great work

(Anon requests never bother me! I always appreciate it when someone takes the time to read my work and request something. But, I’ll admit this one threw me cause like, the obvious route for this isn’t actually so obvious if you have a vagina. Pickles have aaaaall kinds of vinegar, salt and enzymes and shit on ‘em which are no bueno for the ol’ lady garden. So that left me with one option. Thanks for this anon, it made me giggle like a fool while I wrote it.)

Rick had done some pretty stupid shit in the time you’d known him, but you were convinced this was the most ridiculous. 

Of course, he thought it was hilarious, and he continued to inform you of it even as you rolled your eyes and picked him up from his place on the work table.

“Seriously, Rick? You’re the smartest goddamn human in any universe, and you turn yourself into a pickle to avoid family therapy? If that isn’t some kind of testament to both your ingenuity and your emotional immaturity, I don’t know what is.”

But Rick just laughed, his voice coming out strangely muted thanks to the diminutive size.

“Awww c’mon, baby. Hey, why don’t - why don’t you uh, put me in your mouth. I wanna know if I got the - the sodium levels calibrated correctly.”

You grimaced, but complied, running your tongue along his bottom. You heard a tiny groan and you jerked him back, eyes wide.

“Oh, shit - that - that felt gooood. D- do it again!”

“Rick, no! This is weird!”

But he wasn’t backing down.

“J-just stick me in there! C-c’mon!”

Groaning with irritation, you opened your mouth and placed him inside, his surface rough and salty. You heard another small moan before he instructed you further.

Holy fuck - Ok ok - now - now m-move me in and out, just a little bit.”

But you’d had enough. You spat him out, rubbing your hand against your lips to get rid of the taste of brine.

Placing him back on the work table, you grabbed your things to leave.

“When you feel like being a goddamn adult and not an hors d'oeuvre, give me a call. Till then, you can fuck off you - you.. pickled asshole!”

( nathaniel buzolic, male, he/him ) — i’m pretty sure i just saw garrett entering forks. i wonder what the physical 27 / 237 year old species vampire is doing here? i’ve heard some people around town saying that they’re rebellious and anglophobic, but they are always quick to follow it up by saying that they’re curious and adventurous. most of the time. i know for certain that they’re part of the denali coven, so hopefully they keep themselves in check. 

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hi i just wanted to tell you i think your art is wonderful and i've been following you for a while and you inspired me to start learning how to draw!! your style is so gorgeous i went through your sketch dump and i really love how your lines are kinda soft and wispy!! you're amazing! keep up the good work and i hope you're doing well!!

“you inspired me to start learning how to draw!!”

OH MY GOD??????????? 



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For the random questions: 16, 21, 33?

16. Why do people care about celebrities? Do you care about celebrities?
I guess they care about their idols/favourites because they like their performances and want to get to know them better.
I’d say I care about some, I follow them on twitter, insta and so on, bc I like to know things they are willing to share. I hate it when people’s privacy is invaded, personal stuff is leaked or paparazzi follow them everywhere. They are still humans with a right to keep relationships, or anything else private.

21. List 3 things you like about yourself?
- That I’m empathic
- That I don’t attract drama, my life is so chill
- My butt 😂

33. What have you always wondered about the other gender?
The obvious. What’s it like to pee standing up? And everything around having a penis lmao. I’d like to spend a day as a man just to know what it feels like.

( rami malek, male, he/him ) — i’m pretty sure i just saw benjamin entering forks. i wonder what the 27 / 227 year old species ( vampire ) is doing here? i’ve heard some people around town saying that they’re careless and childlike, but they are always quick to follow it up by saying that they’re confident and compassionate. most of the time. i know for certain that they’re part of the egypt coven, so hopefully they keep themselves in check.

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I absolutely love your 365 days of Sims series. I've been meaning to say that for ages and know the year is almost over, but better late than never! I really admire how you manage to keep it up and post a new creation every day (we'll disregard the very few delays that have happened ;) ).

Thank you so much for this wonderful message. It’s so nice to hear that you’ve enjoyed the series so far… it’s been a real struggle to get a new Sim posted every day (like you said, give or take a few delays) but I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished. (Saying that, I do think I’ve haven’t played the actual game as much as a result so I will look forward to December 31st when the final Sim is posted.) I’m still taking suggestions if you have any thoughts! Big love to you, @mdianasanders - your comment has made my day.

( booboo stewart, male, he/him ) — i’m pretty sure i just saw seth clearwater entering forks. i wonder what the 17 / 24 year old shapeshifter is doing here ? i’ve heard some people around town saying that they’re obstinate and credulous, but they are always quick to follow it up by saying that they’re genuine and personable most of the time. i know for certain that they’re part of the black pack, so hopefully they keep themselves in check.

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This is a video documentary made by a wonderful young lady named Alana. Many of you may have seen some of her photo ops with the cast before. I had to share this because I think it is absolutely beautiful representation of what makes this SPN family work. The cast and crew on this show have managed to open up a world where we are welcomed and accepted for who we are, a place where we are loved, a place that we can call home.

Its hard to find those things in life sometimes and it has always been amazing to me that I found it here, with strangers from all over the world and a group of stars that make me feel honored to be a fan.

Alana, thank you for this! You are a wonderful person and I know you will do great things with your life. Stay Strong and Always Keep Fighting.


The kids and I are leaving for Maryland tomorrow morning as soon as I can drag all of our asses into the car. I’ll have my ipad as always, but I’ll also have my mother screaming every time I touch an electronic device, so there’s that, sigh. ANYWAY. As per usual, if you want me to see something, a tag would be great. I definitely won’t be on enough to keep up with what’s happening.

Happy Thanksgiving to all you guys who celebrate, and a wonderful week to all y’all who don’t!!! The queue is running and I’ll be back to my constantly-posting self next Monday. Now just pray there’s enough alcohol to prevent me from going off on my BIL…

( eiza gonzález, female, she/her ) — i’m pretty sure i just saw sofia ramirez entering forks. i bet the twenty seven year old gifted human was drawn here; i wonder why? they keep it pretty under wraps, but they seem to have the ability of aura vision. i’ve heard some people around town saying that they’re cold and blunt, but they are always quick to follow it up by saying that they’re honest and quick witted. most of the time. i’ve seen them around town working as an er nurse and it seems to keep them pretty busy, and they are aware of the supernatural world. 

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