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Chance of A Lifetime - Tom Holland Imagine

Request: Anonymous - Hi!! I’m new to your account, but I love it! So could I get a Tom Holland imagine where the reader wins the RDJ contest and that’s how they meet? And could it be where the cast becomes protective of reader and fluff? Thx :)

Warnings: Fluff

Word Count:  1,244

Pairing: Tom Holland x Reader

A/N: This request was a lot of fun to do. : ) There was many places that they would be filming so I chose the first set they did which was in Georgia. This was long overdue I apologize.


Hang with Robert Downey Jr. on the Next Avengers Set.

Our lucky contestant is posted down below so be sure to check it out to see if you’ve gotten the chance to meet Iron Man himself:

“The lucky winner of the our contest is Y/N L/N”

You couldn’t believe your eyes. You had to re-read it several times to make sure this wasn’t just a dream. You were going to meet the one and only Robert Downey Jr. You have now gotten the chance to meet Iron man himself in person! Even if you were just 20 years old, you still fangirled all the way. To anyone else it would have looked like you were having a seizure or just gone crazy. Since you lived alone, you could act any way you wanted, and right now you were over the moon. 

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anonymous asked:

Do you know the Survival Hunter? Aka Angus? I was just wondering cuz I wanted to see him drawn in your style! ^^; E1 looks like a good expression lol

I actually know a little bit about him :P The forgotten hero :v xD
So here he is, hope you like him! :D
And so very sorry for waiting for that long anon friend ;-; 

Hey, Angus! You saw that cool agressive bear over there?
Yay, I destroyed the pose :v xD
Fun fact, I don’t think I’ve ever drawn Jack with his natural brown hair before xD And i didn’t draw Angus before as well so hope he looks okey C:



Prompt: Oh my gosh your writing literally gives me liiiiife ❤❤❤❤ could you please please please write some negan x plus size reader??? I’d owe you my life honestly 

Ships: Negan x Reader
Words: 1,118
Warnings: Making out, swearing, mild body shaming (But Negan puts that to rest)

“He’s expecting you to wear that?” Sherry asked in a cold voice, a mean smile played on her lips.

You were standing in the middle of the room that Negan kept all his wives. The room was well decorated with colour and it had everything a girl could need: pretty mirrors, make up, comfy beds, the whole package. You had just been minding your own business in the corner reading when one of the Saviours came in and dropped off a package for you.

You had some scepticism but you had taken the package onto your neatly folded bed. You were sitting cross-legged, leaning against the cold stone wall. You had looked at the box as if it were a bomb ready to explode.

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Let me just start by saying that I seldom let myself become negative about the show, but there are some moments, like today, where I just can’t help but vent out my frustrations. This has some spoilers from last night, so beware. It’s basically a mixture of reviews from the season, my thoughts… and just venting. I swear I’ll lighten up after this, I just need to rant.

I was scrolling down my homepage and I came across Daryl gifs from season 3 and season 4 while they were still at the prison, and my heart began to hurt. Like my stomach literally squeezed into a knot at the reminder of how TWD used to be, and how our characters interact with each other, and I couldn’t help but feel heartbroken over it. I’ve watched the first three episodes of this season, and although it doesn’t let up on the action, the character development (for me) is suffering right now. There is so much potential for each and every character on the show, but the negligent writing and dialogue are just destroying what TWD used to be. All the writers care about right now is the plot line. Aka Rick vs Negan, and they are bringing all of the characters into that story line, sometimes unnaturally so, so that it could fit their image of what they want to show on screen. 

What I’m trying to say is that I miss the old days. I miss the days where Daryl had more than a few sentences that weren’t inarticulate mumbles. I miss the days where the original group was together and actually interacting with each other. I miss the days when the fandom wasn’t crazy enough to bully actors off social media. It feels like a runaway train that AMC doesn’t know how to correct or steer, they’re just glad it still makes money.

It just seems like the writers have completely disregarded the characters, and have created unnatural arcs for them so that it could fit the story line. For example, Carol’s isolation in season 7. The ONLY reason I could think of for that to happen, for her to abandon everyone, is that Gimple wanted her out of the equation in regards to Negan b/c he knew she wouldn’t bend to him. She would see right through his bullshit, and Gimple would’ve had a more difficult time writing the first half of season 7 as dreary and hopeless if Rick constantly had Carol in his ear telling him to grow some balls again. Although many have argued it was a weird arc for Carol, it didn’t matter, b/c her story line had to be written away from the main plot so that the main plot would work. That’s all the writers care about, is the main plot

I miss the days where Daryl was a “good man” and not a hot headed wildcard, when he was loyal to his family and there for ppl who needed him. Now I’m not saying he isn’t loyal to his family now, but Daryl seems so focused on revenge that he is disregarding everyone else’s feelings and heartaches. Daryl has every right to be angry and vengeful, but it’s gotten to the point where I’m just tired of it. Last night, I would’ve at least expected Daryl to show some sympathy to Aaron. Maybe a small smile and a nod, or even a hand on his shoulder before he walks away, but he didn’t. The writers spent half of season 6 developing a friendship with Daryl and Aaron and then showed absolutely none of it last night. 

Again, problem with the writers, but we didn’t get to see Daryl voice any concerns over how Carol was doing. If she was okay with fighting, or if she needed to talk. Daryl didn’t tell Carol about Abe and Glenn b/c he didn’t want to destroy her, that’s yet another plot hole that hasn’t been filled, and that should’ve been filled on the first episode, or even the last episode in season 7. 

The writers have basically made Daryl into a vengeful, angry mute, an attitude that has spanned three seasons now, and it makes me wonder if we’ll ever get to see a smidgen of the season 4-5 Daryl again. I mean, what is their plan with Daryl after this, how will they write him after the war, b/c this vengeful attitude will have to end sooner or later. At this rate, I feel like Daryl will become just a different shade of Merle by the time the war ends. Either something so drastic happens to Daryl that he lightens up (Carol?) or he gets killed, b/c his attitude is just not going to work for a life after a war. 

I feel like the writers are taking short cuts so that the character’s storylines could fit into the main storyline, and now we’re stuck with weird endings to story arcs, or no endings at all. Morales, for example, was like Gimple cheated his way out of filling that long awaited plot hole. I’m sure he used it for shock value, and it’ll fit in with Rick’s character arc, but that’s exactly my point. Gimple uses other characters, sometimes unnaturally, to fit into Rick’s story. And it leaves us scratching our heads, wondering why that felt so anticlimactic.

I’m a Caryl shipper, first and foremost, but I also recognize the need for good romantic buildup. I fully expect moments between Carol and Ezekiel throughout the season, but personally, I don’t think Carzekiel will actually happen. Be that as it may, if they have the entire season flirting with the Carzekiel ship, only to have the Caryl ship go canon in the end of the season (just a theory), that’s disrespectful to both ships. Not only would the Caryl ship not have the natural build up of a possible romance, but the Carzekiel ship would have all this build up and then a huge slap to the face. I’m not saying this is what’s going to happen (and God knows I will believe Caryl is endgame till the day I die), but I also think that Ripley is right too. AMC is going to use every single potential ship they have to get ppl to watch the show, and I don’t expect any actual canon for any ship till the end of the season. 

I’m not trying to be negative on purpose, I just had a moment where I needed to vent. I hate how badly the writing has become on TWD, I hate the mundane dialogue, I hate the half assed filling of plot holes, I hate watching potential for character interaction and it doesn’t happen, and I hate how they’re neglecting the main characters (aside from Rick). I don’t know if Gimple’s plan is to try and close up plot holes at the end of the season, or use those ‘flashforwards’ to show what will happen in the future. Lord knows war isn’t a good time to start a relationship, but at least give the audience what they want to see. Give us interaction between characters that have chemistry. Give the characters the respect they deserve. Obviously what Gimp wants to see isn’t working, so why not actually listen to the audience?

PS. On a random note…

Did anyone else find Carol’s smile to Ezekiel just a little bit strange? I don’t know why, but her smile just seemed forced or unnatural to me. And I swear up and down on my life I am not saying this b/c I’m biased about Caryl or threatened by Carzekiel. I want nothing more than to see Carol actually smiling again, and if it takes Zeke’s antics, then so be it. But her smile at the beginning of the episode was kind of weird to me. Her other smiles towards Zeke were what I would more likely expect from her. Cautiously optimistic, still suspicious of Zeke, but letting her guard down just enough for a small smile. But that first smile… I don’t know, it just was weird to me, especially when Zeke pointed it out, and she kept smiling. Anyone else?… Or am I the one that’s weird XD

Anyways, rant done. Thank you for listening!

Water Girl- T.S. Imagine:

Requested- Nope 🙈
Reader x Trey Schafer
POV: Readers
Word Count- 946
Warning- some language, sexual content and a portion of teasing

I was the basketball coach’s daughter which meant spending time with the team. My dad made me team water girl, which meant not only was I in charge of water, protein shakes, and team laundry but I was hanging with the team.
“Hey y/n.” said the long-haired captain of our team
“Hey Trey.” I said filling up the water cooler on the side of the gym.
It was always hot as hell, so I had on shorts, a team shirt and my converse with my hair in a braid.
“Let me help you.” said Trey
“No no go get warmed up.” I laughed carting my water and Gatorade cooler to the gym.
“Let’s go let’s go let’s go everyone line up.” My dad yelled at the team
“Gordon, Schafer get in the game.” My dad yelled
“Sorry coach.” They said in unison walking away from where I stood at the side lines, filling up the bottles and making Trey’s special practice drink.
“Y/N get off the court.” My dad said chucking a plush basketball at me while laughing
“Okay okay.” I giggled shaking Trey’s Gatorade bottle
I watched as my dad made the boys run suicides, tossing the balls back and forth, running the court, running the bleachers, push-ups etc.
“Thirty minute cool down, then head back to the locker room.” My dad yelled as the boys swarmed to grab their drink
“Here you are Mr. Captain.” I said
I really tried my best not to flirt with Trey because I knew he was kinda seeing someone but it was hard because he loved the chase.
“I love your necklace.” He says
My necklace was a cubic zarconium basketball with the number 3 on it because that was my dad’s basketball jersey right up until the NBA when he got injured.
“Me and a few friends are going to a Pacers game you should come.” said Trey chugging his drink
“That sounds nice but I have stuff this weekend.” I lie pushing the loose hair behind my ear
“Stuff? What kinds of stuff?” He asked
I watched his lips form words, every now and then his tongue darting out to lick them.
“Oh shoot Dad, I left my gym bag in the locker room.” I said
“Go grab it and I’ll be in my classroom.” He says
My dad was a math teacher as well as the basketball coach and a student dean, which meant I always behaved.
I walked back into the empty lockeroom or so I thought.
“White Iverson, when I started balling I was young.” I heard a voice sing
I walked over to the locker my dad let’s me keep stuff in and out in the combination
“Hey y/n.” says Trey, his hair dripping from the shower, and his jeans slightly undone at the top
“H-H-hi Trey I-I d-didn’t think no one was here.” I said stuttering as my eyes scowled his body
“You okay?” He asked
I felt the puddle starting in my nice new panties but I couldn’t let him know I was digging him
“F-fine.” I stammer again
I watch as he bought his body closer, I bought my lip in between my teeth and chewed on it
“Do you ever just get so turned on by someone, you can’t help but wonder how they moan?” He asked his body striding closer
“C-can’t say t-that I do b-but I’m s-s-sure it happens.” I say my back now against the lockers
“How do you moan y/n? Do you ever touch yourself and think about it?” He asked his warm minty breath fanning my face
“Uhm sure lots of times.” I whisper, not necessarily lying but not telling the truth
I feel his cool hand snake down the front of my shorts and panties
“Do you play with your clit and imagine someone’s tongue, tickling it, tantalizing it?” He says his lips edging closer as he fingers pinch the lips of my heat
His lips slowly work over mine as his fingers rubs small circles on my clit.
I lean my head back as he kisses my neck, taking my shirt of, his hips pinning me against the locker as his fingers rub.
My mouth so bad want to tell him to stop because it’s wrong but my body is telling him keep doing it, don’t stop.
“Do you want me to touch you?” He whispers
I nod and gulp, almost choking on my saliva from the intense pleasure.
My shorts and panties are off my body quickly as he drops his.
“Be quiet, if your dad hears us, we will be in trouble.” He growls as he slams my front on the lockers, lubing his tip with my wetness and sliding in
His hands cover my mouth as he slams harshly in and out
“Quiet baby girl.” He says as he moves his hand
“Fuck Trey, omigod.” I moan as his stubbly pelvis touches my ass
“It feels good to fuck my coach’s daughter, especially how you prance around in those shorts and jerseys acting innocent.” Trey growls
“I’m close, right there.” I moan louder than expected
“Y/N!” I hear my dad call
“Y-Yes sir.” I say trying not to moan
“Where are you?” He asks
“I’m in the restroom, girl time.” I lie as I feel him twitch inside me
“Okay baby girl.” My dad says leaving as my body quakes and I cum simultaneously with Trey.
“Asshole, my dad almost heard us.” I pant
“Well he should know I gave his daughter the best orgasm of her life.” Trey smirks

The Writer and The Jock-Anon Request

Hi, guys! Its me again (obviously).

So I am back today with another imagine, (once again written on my phone but I’m finally on a computer as I write this!).

So this time, I decided to combine two requests because they were quite similar in a way. And its extremely long, 7 full pages from Word so I hope you guys enjoy it.

-Love, Sarah

‘Could you please do one where it’s like girl crushing on a popular kind of arrogant guy and they sit next to each other in a class and like low key flirt with each other but in other classes, he kind of ignores her and then one day something changes? You could kind of do anything with the changes part but ya…’

‘Can I have an imagine where you’re a writer and your crush is a jock, so you shouldn’t really mix but you do and no one thinks it’ll last but it does?’

(c/n)=crush’s name (y/n)=your name (f/n)=friend’s name

Today is a beautiful day, for quite a few reasons:

-its a Friday

-the weather is fabulous, not too hot, not too humid. Just perfect. The sun shining, the birds are chirping.

-and last, but not least; my trip to the hair salon yesterday where I got my hair cut. Nothing too fancy, its just a few inches shorter but my favourite part would have to be the cute pastel coloured highlights running through my hair. A very subtle (ok not so subtle), but beautiful pale pink colour was applied to many strands of my hair with the ends being completely pink.

With a newfound confidence running through my veins, I entered the school with a small smile tugging at my lips. With summer being just around the corner, the hallways are buzzing with excited students making plans for the weekend, which, according to the weather channel would extremely warm and perfect for a dip in the pool. Or something like that.

I roll my eyes when I spot my friend (f/n) taking selfies, her head cocked into very odd angles as she leans against our shared locker. I stop walking, standing a few feet away from her to see if she’ll notice me. After hearing her phone snap pictures multiple times without her even glancing away from the lens I push her out of the way so I can gather the books I’ll need for my first classes.

“Hey, careful where you-“ A loud shriek escapes her lips and I then feel her hand running through my hair. “You hair looks a-ma-zing! Very hot. (f/n) approves.” She says, giving me a thumbs up.

“Thanks,” I respond, smiling widely at her while tucking some lose strands of hair behind my ears. “I was a tad bit anxious of how it would turn out. Turns out I was worried for nothing, huh?” I slam our locker shut before grabbing her wrist and tugging her along to our first class of the day.

We finally get to our classroom, the subject being biology-which I’m not too fond of-and I scan the room, looking for my assigned seat. Now, most people in my class constantly complain about getting assigned to a seat, but I don’t. I mean, sitting next to your crush can’t be that bad, can it?

“I love what you’re wearing by the way. The shoes matching the hair, very clever. (f/n) approves once again.” I roll my eyes at her before glancing back at my assigned seat, currently occupied by the feet of a jock, and my desk sitting under some girl’s ass, which is covered by a very tight skirt. I can only hope she’s able to breathe.

“Thank you. But please stop referring to yourself through the third person. Its weird.”

She shrugs before patting my cheek and flashing me a smile. “(f/n) must now retire herself, the teacher has arrived.” She winked at me before skipping to the back of the class and plopping down on her seat. I shake my head, a small chuckle escaping my lips as I make my way over to my seat.

“What are you laughing about, freak?!” (g/n) scoffs, walking past me and intentionally bumping her shoulder onto mine as she does so.

I ignore her, simply rolling my eyes as I slide into my seat next to a very good looking (c/n). I’ll never know why this girl is so dedicated to hating me the way she does, I think to myself as I glance away from (g/n).

“Hi, (y/n).” (c/n) grins at me while pulling his material out of his backpack. I smile back, hoping I don’t look stupid and get on with taking my material out of my own bag.

Our teacher’s loud and very annoying voice booms through the classroom and I refrain myself from rolling my eyes, knowing the class is guaranteed to be boring.

I lean back into my chair and open my notebook, pretending I’m taking class notes when really I’m jotting down some ideas for a short story I’m currently working on. Writing is a hobby of mine, and has been for a few years. Its slowly turning into a passion and (f/n) has assured me, countless times, that I’m very talented. I just hope she’s not saying that because we’re friends. I don’t think she is, but yeah.

I feel something tickling my left shoulder and I whip my hair in that direction just in time to see a hand pulling away. I slowly turn towards (c/n) and raise my eyebrows at him. He shrugs and frowns, what he hopes is an innocent frown, making me roll my eyes. “Real subtle, (c/n).”

“What did I do?” He whispers, unable to hide his smirk.

“You know what you did.” I shoot back, focusing my attention on my notebook and not on his very nice lips.

“Well,” he continues and I feel his arms around my shoulders. “I couldn’t help myself. Your hair looks very cool.”

I smile to myself, biting down on my lip to keep myself from smiling too widely. I rack my brain for an answer, which in normal times should be simple but I’m feeling very giddy because (c/n) noticed my hair, and he thinks it looks cool.

“Thanks.” I finally answer, and quickly glance to my right to find him smiling at me. He winks at me I quickly advert my gaze back to my notebook; desperately hoping I could fan myself at this instant.

For the remainder of the class, I’m unable to focus on:

1)     Coming up with ideas for my story

2)     Even less on what our teacher is babbling about, which is, I’m very sure, boring and useless for my future.

And that is because (c/n) thought it was a great idea to play with my hair and stroke my shoulder. Well, okay, it was a great idea but I wouldn’t admit that to him, or anyone. He just made it impossible for me to focus on anything else but the feel of his fingers against my skin. Every minute for so, I would glance to him and he’d just be sitting there, looking completely… cool and relaxed. And he was actually paying attention to the lesson and taking notes.

As the shrill sound of the bell makes its way to my ears, I can’t decide if I’m happy because my heart will finally get to rest, or if I’m sad because I won’t feel (c/n) fingers on me, 100% ever again in my life.

“Didn’t do much note taking, huh?” (c/n)’s voice snaps me out of my thoughts and I look up at him before looking back down at my blank page. I blink a few times and look back at him.

“Yeah,” I shrug and start to gather my things. “Just, hum, I’ve got a lot on my mind.”

His frown disappears so quickly that I wonder if I simply imagined it.

“(c/n)! C’mon, leave that dork already.” (g/n)’s voice reaches my ears from somewhere behind me and I roll my eyes before letting out a deep sigh.

“Don’t pay attention to her,” (c/n) brings my attention back to him and I nod, smiling at him. He returns it, bids me a two-finger salute and trudges out of the classroom.

When I’ve finally gathered all of my things, I notice that the classroom is completely empty except for the teacher, who’s glaring at me. I quickly exit the classroom and make my way down the stairs to my next class of the day, hoping that I make it on time.

The rest of the day drags on-very slowly, might I add-and I can’t wait for it to end so I can go home and immerse myself into my writing, and a little bit of homework-but mostly writing-for the whole week end. The day is two classes away from ending and I sigh as gather my trash for my shared lunch with (f/n) and throw everything down a nearby trashcan.

“Hmm, sorry I couldn’t wait for you after Bio,” (f/n) mumbles distractedly while typing away on her phone. She looks up at me after a few seconds and raises her eyebrows at me before nudging my ribs. “I was on my way to get you but you were flirting it up with (c/n). And I couldn’t afford to be late to English again, that woman would’ve killed me.” She winks at me before pushing the door of the cafeteria open.

I roll my eyes as I follow her down the hallway to our next, and last shared class of the day. “I wasn’t flirting with him. I can’t flirt to save my life.” I laugh and its (f/n)’s turn to roll her eyes.

“So what was his arm doing around you the whole hour.” I feel my cheeks flush under my friend’s suspicious gaze and I shrug.

“I don’t know.” I raise both of my hands in defence as we take our seats not to far from the door.

“Well, (g/n) was getting pretty fired up because of it.” (f/n) smirks and I sigh before taking out my notebook and pencil case.

“That has nothing to do with (c/n). That girl hates me and I have no idea why. I never did anything to her.” I write the date on the top right hand corner of my paper to distract myself. When I glance at (f/n) she’s looking at me in disbelief.

“What did I say?”

“C’mon (y/n). Everyone knows she’s jealous of the attention (c/n) gives you. She’s obsessed with him. Crazy bitch.”

I roll my eyes at her, laughing quietly as to not bring any attention to us. “Jealous of what? I think you forget that (c/n) doesn’t reciprocate my feelings.”

“Whatever.” (f/n) sighs before we both focus our attention of the teacher.


(f/n) and I part ways at the end of that class, her being done for the day and me still having one more class to battle through. She promises she’ll be waiting for me at her house, with loads of candy. I can do it, for the candy, I will survive, I say to myself as I enter my last class of the day. I scan the room for available seats and settle on a chair for the middle row right next to the window. A few minutes later (c/n) and his friends burst through the door with only a few seconds to spare and all scatter around the classroom in search of a seat.

(c/n) ends up sitting next to me and I smile tentatively at him.

“Hey.” I wave with the smile still on my lips.

He completely ignores me and it’s as much of a blow to the face as it is a wake up call. I feel stupid and so embarrassed I can’t wait for the class to end. Not even the thought of stuffing my face with candy alongside (f/n) can cheer me up. I sigh inwardly. God, I’m so stupid. I don’t know, I-what is wrong with me?

I can dream, that’s all I can do. (c/n) is this popular, unreachable-unless you’re part of his crew-star soccer player. Me. I’m just plain ole me. Ugly, to a lot of people, a nobody and just… me. In my dreams, that’s enough for (c/n), but that’s all they’ll ever be. Stupid, hopeless dreams.

I sigh and drop my chin into my open palm while my free hand doodles on top of my blank page.

So stupid.


Another Friday rolls in. The end of the year is just three weeks away and the students are more excited than ever.

Like every Friday, (f/n) and I part ways after our first class of the day. I smile to myself as I watch my silly friend skip away and shake my head before making my way inside of Maths class.

I quickly take my seat at the back of the classroom and pile the things I’ll need on top of my desk. I scan the loud classroom-well its mostly (c/n) and his friends being real loud, but whatever-and cross eyes with (g/n). The smile she has quickly flatters and in a matter of seconds, her eyes are shooting daggers at me.

“Freak.” She coughs-not so subtly-and I roll my eyes before focusing myself on the well-organized notes I’ve been taking for my story.

I smile to myself, ignoring the teacher as his loud voice booms through the classroom and quickly scribble down a new idea on my notebook. (g/n) wasn’t so bad after all, I had the perfect character mapped out for her in my story. I wasn’t going to use her name or anything, just mildly use her attitude, and oh so loving personality for one of my lady characters. One of my favourite things to do in my writing was use people and places from my life for inspiration. It always worked out pretty well, sometimes with a little more ‘made up’ than real. Only sometimes.

The sounds of the bell startles me and I sigh as I speed write the rest of my idea down. Once I’m done, I scan the full page proudly and snap my notebook close before fleeing out of the classroom and towards the bathroom. Thankful for our ten-minute break, I drop my things on the bathroom stall’s floor and quickly do my thing before walking up to the row of sinks and settling on the first one.

The door creaks open and I roll my eyes as (g/n) sends me another of her infamous glares. Three of her friends follow after her and I sigh. Just great. I wash my hands as quickly as possible while they’re all busy checking themselves out in the mirror. When I’m done, there’s about five minutes left to the break and I hold back a groan as (g/n) and her friends follow me out of the bathroom.

“I’m just warning you, you little freak. You better leave (c/n) alone.” (g/n)’s obnoxious voice makes me cringe and I roll my eyes-this girl is making me roll my eyes too damn much, if they fall out I’m suing her-as we round a corner. I’m dodging students in the busy hallway and (g/n) and her friends are making it everything but easy.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about. I haven’t talked to him in weeks. So just, piss off alright?” I turn around and they’re all glaring at me. I flip them the bird before speed walking towards the stairs. I glance up at a clock and groan, only two minutes to make it to class and I don’t even have my things.  

Now, there are a lot of crazy people in this world, and I know for a fact that (g/n) is one of them. I just didn’t think she was this crazy.

“He’s mine, bitch!” Are the words I hear before two hands grab my shoulders and push me down the stairs.

I try to grab onto the railing but it’s too late. The first thing I see are my books flying out of my hands, papers scattering everywhere, for sure making the scene look very dramatic. Then it comes, the familiar dip you feel in the rollercoasters hits me just as my arms slam down on the middle of the staircase. I scream as I keep tumbling down the stairs, my head being the next thing taking a blow, followed by my legs and for the grand finale my face slamming down on the ground, as well as my chest which causes the air to be knocked out of my lungs. Not too easy on the boobs either.

Tears well up in my eyes faster than you can say ‘shit’, I’m gasping for air, my head is pounding and everything hurts. I’m paralyzed on the floor, I try to move but it hurts too much and I scream louder. I’m sobbing and everything around me is just a loud buzz.

(f/n) very freaked out face comes into view and she disappears for a second before her face is back in front of mine. She’s stroking my hair back and she looks both angry and worried. Her lips are moving but I can’t really hear anything. I squeeze my eyes shut and I’m suddenly lifted off of the ground. The pain is worse than anything I’ve ever experienced-yes, worse than period cramps-and I cry out again.

“Fuck, I’m sorry.” I can finally hear clearly and the voice sounds familiar but I’m too distressed to pay real attention to it.

The person carrying me starts moving and I hear screaming behind them. I focus on that voice and I make out (f/n) cursing loudly slowly fading away.

“Everyone back to your classes, (g/n) in my office! Now!”

At that point I’m tired, too tired to keep my eyes open so I let my head fall against my ride’s chest and let the darkness take over.

When I wake up, a bright light blinds me and I groan in disapproval before shielding my eyes with my arm. My muscles immediately scream in protest and I feel tears burning behind my closed eyelids, God I need some painkillers.

“(y/n), can I get you something?” A voice I don’t recognize questions and I frown in reply.

“Am I at the hospital?”

“No, this is the nurse’s office.”

I frown, now this voice sounds familiar. “Can I… I’ll just have some painkillers please?”

“Of course dear. Will you please help her up?” The voice I’m not familiar with belongs to a woman and she sounds very nice. But all this talking is making my headache even worse.

“C’mon (y/n). I’m gonna help you sit up, alright?” At that point, I decide to open my eyes and I’m 100% sure I’m dreaming.

I blink a few times and glance around the nurse’s office before settling my eyes back on him. “(c/n)?”

“You look like you’re about to pass out do you want some water?” I cock and my head to the side, frown still etched onto face and shake my head.

A frowning (c/n) then proceeds to help me into a sitting position, which results in me crying like a baby because everything hurts so much.

“I feel dizzy.” I blurt out and clutch onto his forearm while he helps me swallow down two red pills.  

“Do you wanna lie back down?” (c/n) proposes, looking genuinely  concerned.

I shake my head slowly. “No, it hurts.” I say, sniffling loudly. (c/n) reaches for something behind me and its a tissue. He helps me blow my nose and I giggle.

“What’s so funny?” He asks, eyebrows raised.

“Its gross. You blew my nose.” I’m surprised to see (c/n) break out into a smile before he shakes his head and wipes his free hand down on his pants.

I wonder where the nurse is, but I keep that to myself. I’ve never talked to (c/n) for that long and you’d think I would be incredibly nervous but I’m not. I just feel really at peace with him sitting next to me, an arm supporting my back while the other one-the one I’m still clutching onto-lies still on his lap.

“I can’t believe she did that.” (c/n) says after a few moments, his voice echoing into the room.

“Oh.” Is what I utter after I realize what-or who-he’s referring to.

“ I’m sorry. Jesus, that girl is fucked up.” I giggle and (c/n) glances down at me with an amused smile.

“She is. Very crazy. I think she needs help.” I giggle again and (c/n) frowns.

“ You alright?” I nod and he nods back, very slowly, seemingly unsure of my response.

“Where’s the nurse?” I finally ask.

“I think she’s talking to your parents, outside.” (c/n) smiles at me and I advert my gaze to my lap.

“Am I gonna have to go to the hospital? I don’t like those.” I shudder at the thought of having to go there and hope that I won’t have to.

“That’s up to your parents.” He answers, his hand doing small circles on my back. Very soothing.


I glance up at (c/n) and he’s frowning, seemingly lost in his thoughts as he stares off into space. “Are you alright?” I ask and he looks down at me, unfazed by the fact that our heads are very close right at this instant.

“Yeah,” he frowns. “I mean, I feel bad that you’re in this state because this bitch is obsessed with me.”  He shrugs and sighs. I nod in approval.

“She’s one crazy bitch indeed. My parents are probably gonna want to sue her. They’ve got these cool lawyer friends.” I chuckle at the thought. My parents must be furious right now. And its not a pretty sight, let me tell you.

“Do you want to? I think you should.”

I shrug. “I don’t know, I’ll see how I feel later.”

“Well,” (c/n) chuckles. “ The one who we really have to worry about is (y/n). I think she would’ve killed (g/n) if my friend hadn’t stopped her.” (c/n)’s shoulders are shaking with laughter and he looks adorable.

“Ahh, (y/n). She’s a crazy bitch but I love her.”  

We sit in silence, well not completely; the only sound being heard is my weird breathing technique. I spent the last 20 minutes developing it so my chest doesn’t hurt too much when I breathe. But apart from that, the room is completely silent.

(c/n) then informs me that (y/n) is in class right now and that he’s here because he’s the one who carried me to the nurse’s office.

“Ah, thank you. My saviour.” I try to wink at him but even that hurts. I hope he doesn’t notice.

He smiles and I think I imagine his eyes focusing on my lips before he looks away with a frown.

At that moment, I’m half convinced that I imagine what happens next.

Out of nowhere, and I mean, very out of nowhere since I never saw it coming, (c/n)’s lips are on mine and they’re even softer than I imagined them to be.

He’s being so careful-and it’s adorable-as we kiss so he doesn’t make me move too much. We’re still kissing after God-knows-how-long, (c/n) has one hand cupping my cheek and everything feels perfect. Despite the injuries and all.

He finally pulls back, leaving me breathless and utterly confused.

(c/n) smiles down at me and I know for a fact that I’m mirroring that same smile.

The End

So there it is, I hope everyone enjoyed and that there aren’t two many mistakes.

That’s all for now.

-Love, Sarah

Trapped at the pool-Anon Request

Greetings earthlings! How’s everyone doing :D

So yeah, still haven’t seen TFIOS or 22 Jump Street, the two movies that I desperately need in my life right now. Ugh.

Anywhooo, I’m back with another request, took a little bit of time to write this one because i was busy watching 3 seasons of Baby Daddy in two days, needless to say I was heartbroken when I realized that the season finale was 5 days away.

And I also started rewatching all 3 seasons of Teen Wolf in order to prepare for season 4 premiere next Monday :D I finished season 2, now season 3, only 24 more episodes to go!

Okay you guys probably don’t care about my life so enjoy this imagine. I like it, hope you enjoy it Anon :)

-Love, Sarah

(Y/n)=Your name (C/n)=Crush’s name (H/c)=Hair colour

‘Hi I was wondering if you could possibly do an imagine scene at the pool just you and him no one else Cheers xx’

It was perfectly normal, right? I mean, these kinds of things happen all the time to everyone, right? It’s not like I’m the person to ever get stuck at the pool, alone. I groaned before pulling on the lock again, desperately trying to get it to open. I sighed and banged my head against the metal fence.

‘’Hey, don’t hurt yourself.’’

I jumped away from the fence and swirled around, a hand over my heart as I searched for the owner of the voice in the dark.

‘’Who’s here?’’ I asked, walking back until my back touched the fence. I heard footsteps on the concrete approaching me and I shut my eyes tightly.

‘’Please don’t hurt me.’’ I pleaded, with my heart beating out of my chest.

‘’Me? Hurt you? I would never.’’ The guy chuckled and I screamed when I felt him grab my hand.

‘’(Y/n) realx,’’ He chuckled and I frowned before opening my eyes. ‘’It’s just me.’’

I could finally make out his face in the darkness. He was smiling down at me and his (h/c) hair was still wet from when he jumped in the pool earlier before we got locked up. (C/n) laughed again before dropping my hand and taking a step back.

‘’We’re locked.’’ I pointed out after a few seconds. I frowned as I looked back at the fence; it was impossible to climb over so that was out. I looked back at (c/n) and he shrugged before holding his hand out to me.

‘’I noticed but-‘’

‘’Hey you’re a lifeguard don’t you have the keys!’’ My eyes widened as I grabbed his forearms, gripping them tightly as I shook him back and forth.

He laughed before pulling his arms out of my not-so-tight grip and pulling me along with him.

‘’No, I don’t. Not yet. The boss doesn’t trust me enough because I just started.’’ My eyes travelled down his bare back as he spoke and I shook my head when my gaze lingered for a bit too long on his ass.

When we stopped walking, we were back at the pool, next to his lifeguard chair. He sighed before dropping my hand and sitting down on the concrete. I looked down at him with a frown.

‘’What are you doing?’’

It was (c/n)’s turn to frown as he looked up at me. ‘’Sitting down?’’

‘’You cannot sit down! We have to get out of here!’’ I yelled, my arms flailing behind me.

(C/n) got to his feet and gently grabbed my shoulders. ‘’There’s no way we can get out without a key. You’ve seen the fence; impossible to climb.  And that’s the only way out. I’m sorry but we’re gonna have to stay here all night.’’ (C/n) looked worriedly at me as he explained to me that we weren’t leaving this place any time soon.

‘’Can’t you call your boss?’’ I asked, almost whining as I looked up at him with pleading eyes.

‘’Phone’s dead. Can you call?’’

I shook my head before slapping a hand on my forehead. ‘’Also dead.’’

‘’Don’t worry,’’ (c/n) pulled me into his side and rubbed my shoulder gently. ‘’I’m sure someone will come back for us. Your parents know where you are right?’’

I looked up at (c/n) and shook my head before leaving his side and dropping down on a beach chair. ‘’No, they’re out of town.’’ I groaned before looking up at him. ‘’Please tell me your parents are home.’’

‘’Sorry.’’ He sighed before sitting down next to me and for some reason, I felt like he wasn’t sorry at all.  ‘’Looks like we’re really staying here all night.’’ He added as he bumped his shoulder into mine.

I swallowed as I felt my heart beat pick up. It was only then that I started feeling incredibly nervous because I was going to spend a night, alone, all alone with (c/n), the guy whom I was completely in love with. I smiled nervously and stood up only to be pulled back down right away.

 ‘’Hey, where are you off to?’’ (C/n) was now sitting incredibly close to me and I could only hope he wasn’t able to hear the furious beating of my heart.

‘’J-just my bag’s still over t-there.’’ I cleared my throat as my voice cracked slightly because of how nervous I was.

‘’Leave it, no one’s gonna steal and I’m pretty sure it doesn’t have legs so it won’t run away.’’ (C/n) grinned down at me while squeezing my hand gently. The next thing I knew, I was hanging down from (c/n)’s shoulder with a very nice view of his butt.

‘’Wait, (c/n) where are you going?’’

(C/n) only chuckled before squeezing my thighs tighter.

My eyes widened when I caught a glimpse of the pool from in between (c/n)’s legs as he walked.

‘’(C/n)!’’ I started pounding on his back as my legs flailed behind me. ‘’Put me down! Do not throw me in that pool I swear to-‘’

A scream escaped my lips as I was thrown into the air and into the pool. I squeezed my eyes shut as my body hit the cold water. I opened them after a few second as I held my breath and swam back up. I gasped loudly as I emerged from under the water. My eyes immediately found (c/n) who was crouched over, laughing his ass off.

I swam up to the edge and put my best helpless girl face. ‘’Can you help me out please?’’

(C/n) stopped laughing and looked down at me with a worried look. ‘’Oh God I’m so sorry.’’ He crouched down next to edge of the pool and held his hand out to me. I smirked up at (c/n) before pulling him in the pool. I laughed as I watched him swim back up and over to me.

‘’I should’ve seen that coming.’’ (C/n) smirked as he trapped me against the wall with his arms on both sides of my head.

‘’Yeah, you should’ve.’’ My mouth hung open, jagged breaths escaping my lips as one of (c/n)’s arms slid around my waist before pulling me into his chest. My heart looped around in my chest as (c/n) leaned down and pressed his lips against mine. It felt as if my heart stopped before it started beating again way faster.

I felt us move in the water but I could focus on was the feel of (c/n) lips against mine. I smiled into the kiss as (c/n) wrapped my legs around his waist and gripped mine with his hands. Suddenly we were out of the water and I pulled back, frowning at (c/n).

‘’What? When did you-‘’

‘’Shh,’’ He chuckled and walked away from the pool with my legs still wrapped around him and our bodies dripping with water. ‘’Just kiss me.’’

I smiled before crashing my lips down on (c/n). My hand travelled up his bare back and into his wet hair. (C/n) groaned lowly when I pulled on his hair before tightening his grip on my waist. I pulled back and kissed my way down his jaw to his neck before leaving wet kisses all over his skin.

(C/n) groaned again and I felt my back hit something hard. My attention was quickly brought back to (c/n) who slid his hands under my wet shirt before gripping my skin tighter. A small moan bubbled up from my throat and I pulled back as I gasped for air.

(C/n)’s forehead fell onto my shoulder and I could feel his chest heaving up and down rapidly.

‘’I’ve wanted to do that for so long.’’ (C/n) said, still breathless. My fingers dig into his hair as I felt his lips kiss their way up my throat.

I pushed myself into him, feeling the desperate need to be closer to him as we kissed again. This time it was, slow, like he was taking his time. I kissed him back just as slow; already feeling my lungs burn as they called for air.

‘’You’ve wanted to kiss me for so long?’’ I asked as (c/n) walked us back to the pool.

He nodded, smiling widely down at me as he sat us down by the pool. (C/n) leaned in again placed a kiss to the side of my mouth. I frowned before pulling him back and kissing him with all my might.

(C/n) pulled back, eyes wide and chest heaving up and down faster than before. ‘’Wow.’’ He chuckled eyes wide and cheeks flushed as he pulled me into his side.

 ‘’So, was it that bad, staying here with me at night?’’ (C/n) poked my side and I squirmed before slapping the back of his hand.

‘’If I get to do this all night,’’ I kissed (c/n) before slowly pulling back with his bottom lip in between my teeth. ‘’I’ll be very happy.’’

‘’So, how did you get locked up anyway?’’ I watched (c/n) Adam’s apple bop up and down slowly as he pulled me closer to him.

‘’I fell asleep.’’ I pouted up at (c/n) who had started laughing right when he heard my answer.

‘’How did you get locked up in here, huh?’’ I raised my eyebrows at (c/n) who stopped laughing before mumbling an incomprehensible answer. ‘’I didn’t get that.’’

‘’ I fell asleep… on the toilet seat.’’ I busted out laughing, so hard I had to clutch my sides.

The next thing I knew, I was pushed into the pool. I gasped as I emerged from the water and found (c/n)’s eyes who were staring down at me as a smile overtook his face.

‘’Sorry about that. Do I still get to kiss you?’’ (C/n) smiled sheepishly down at me as his hands griped the edge of the pool.

I couldn’t help but laugh at how adorable he looked. I slapped a hand over my mouth before nodding up at him.

‘’Good, great,’’ (C/n) shut his eyes for a second before opening them again and sighing loudly. ‘’Do I get to take you out on a date?’’

I nodded at that as well and (c/n) fist-pumped the air before jumping into the pool and pulling me underwater with me. It slowly turned into one of those cliché things where the couple kisses underwater and I couldn’t have been happier as I felt (c/n) hug me closer to his body.

The End

Sooooo, did you guys like it ^_^ I had fun writing it, hope it met your request Anon.

So, I’m off to start a new request, or start season 3 of Teen Wolf. I’ll see.

Anywho, have a great week you guys

-Love, Sarah